CHESSINGTON WORLD OF ADVENTURES SEPT'20 | Vlog 1 | Our First Day In The Park!!

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CHESSINGTON WORLD OF ADVENTURES SEPT'20 | Vlog 1 | Our First Day In The Park!!

Hi everyone and welcome back to a brand new vlog – Hello So we’re in a little bit of a rush because we’re just running to get the train That doesn’t sound like us [Laughter] I thought you were like, “what?” But we are off to Chessington So this is vlog one of…we don’t really know how many vlogs, we’re gonna see how many we end up filming. But we’re super excited I’ve got my Stitch tee on I’m theme park ready Got our annual passes Let’s go M: So we have made it to Chessington South That’s the train station and so we’re coming out train station and then we’re going right. Apparently it’s a 10 minute walk So we’re here, we are just pulling up now to the hotel and we’re gonna go see if we can drop off our bags so that we can head straight into the parks It’s only, so the park opens at 10 and it’s only 9:40 And the weather is so nice Isn’t the weather nice already? M: Oh yeah, I’m in Stitch tee and shorts and I literally wore this outfit to Epcot in June So it’s that hot. But yeah, I’m really excited now H: I love the entrance to this hotel It is so good Especially on a sunny day, there he is heading in. Drop off our bags So we dropped off our bag, that was easy If you have a car they prefer if you leave it in your car but if you have come on the train or you’ve come without a car then you can leave it in one of the rooms and you said that she locked the room Yeah it’s a luggage storage room yeah It had a key that she could only access Yeah which is good. So we put our annual passes on and we’ve also put on all our badges Slinkehh Dawwgg, Creepy Hyena and New Guy Ralph. Yay! Actually the park hasn’t officially opened So we’re a bit earlier than we thought, we’ve got about 10 minutes but we’re just gonna head there and see if we can get in H: So we’re in, yay! Just sanitised. There’s some hand sanitisers as you come in M: Yeah, we also got these wristbands So hotel guests, allows us to go in and out without getting checked again H: Your Duke Caboom mask looks so good – Does it? H: I love it – Oh yeah. These masks that we’re gonna be around today are from PJay Embroidery We’ll put the link in the description box and there’s a 10 discount if you put in helenaandmartyn10 when you message them H: Yay! and I’ve got a Meg one I love it. It’s so good. Oh I’m so excited We haven’t been here, this is like Thorpe Park. We haven’t been here for about three years, two, three years M: I think the last time I came I was on my own – Yeah H: It’s so hot we’re having to put sun cream on – Always important I feel like we’re in Florida – I know, I’ve brought my gym towel [Laughter] H: We’re all ready for the heat. I think it’s meant to get up to 30 degrees M: Is it? – 28, 29, 30 Get on Vampire with that wind rushing through your hair H: But this is the entrance and this is, I’ll tell you what time it is Oh it’s just literally 10 o’clock and look There’s no one coming in so I really hope this means that it’s going to be a really nice quiet day because this is like optimum time So fingers crossed – I thought it’d be busy coming in H: I did as well Right I better put my sun cream on M: Aww, beyond your wildest dreams This is where we’re staying tonight, the Zafari Hotel H: Do you think we can get that close? – I don’t know. I don’t think that’s the hotel room I think that’s somewhere else – Yeah, no but that’s like the reserve isn’t it M: But you can get yeah, the Aztec rooms, Gruffalo room and then oh they’re in the Giraffe room That’s the one we’re gonna be in We are gonna start off the day with a Vampire ride Yes we want a roller coaster to start the day – Get on an inverted roller coaster Have we ever been on Room on the Broom? I don’t think I have We’ve been in that building before but was it Room on a Broom? It was like a Halloween thing or maybe it was Room on the Broom I don’t know, maybe it’s changed Have to have a look M: This is it so far [Laughter] Plenty of space If it stays like this I might be able to take my mask off wandering around I do like to keep it on H: You have to wear them, I think it’s the same as all the Merlin attractions. On the rides and the queues M: Shops – And inside. And then you don’t have to wear them around the park if it gets busier I will put mine on around the park

M: But at the moment it is not busy So we got the lines on the floor, The yellow arrows telling you to go this way So Vampire’s around by, walk past the Gruffalo and then there we are in there – We should go in there after Vampire Yeah, Gruffalo five minute wait M: This is what I love about Vampire is the fact that it actually goes around the park M: That’s eerie. Blood red waterfall And then here we have Vampire First ride of the day “Turn back” H: No – You’re just reckless And then the social distancing markers are paws. [Laughter] Oh, a gargoyle This queue line’s scary. There’s people whispering to help them Speeding off there [Laughter] Oh it’s your last chance Helena. Last chance [Eerie female singing] M: “Abandon all hope The vampire is about to strike.” H: Oh it’s dark H: The pianist [Organ Music] M: Just in the shop and noticed this Sale £15 You get four mugs, Dragon’s Fury, Chessington, Vampire, Tiger Rock H: I actually quite like them – Yeah M: Some Vampire merch Some hoodies M: How was that? – That was a lot faster than I remember M: I didn’t have enough time to put my stuff away because it was a straight walk on – Literally not even five minutes I was saying to Helena it is such a weird feeling going on a roller coaster after not having been on them for so long H: So long. We went on a few rides at Thorpe Park but they weren’t like roller coasters So yeah, it felt good though It felt faster than last time but it’s just been that long since we went on But they’ve really souped up the theming I’m sure since last time we were here Like the the vampire playing the organ He was actually moving and everything, I don’t think he did last time H: And all the lights on him. And someone told us that their face was Phil Collins That was me – You said that? Yeah it was when I was getting trivia when we did our favourite rides And the original face was based on the waxwork of Phil Collins – I couldn’t really see it and I think he had a mask on. I think they’d put a mask on him M: Oh that’s cool [Laughter] M: So we think we’re going to head round to this Zufari H: Yeah because it gets quite busy so we thought if the queue is not too long we might as well do that – Yeah, but we don’t have a map so which way is it? M: Here’s a map just as we came out of where Vampire was H: I think there’s a lot of preschoolers here so I think like the younger rides are the busiest M: We were going to go on the Gruffalo but that looked like it had a little bit of a line and we’re in no rush M: So where did we where did we just come out? – Oh it says, it only opens at one – Ah the Zufari opens at one M: So we’ve just come out of the Wild Woods – I mean they’re saying all five minutes at the moment – Do you want to go try Tiger Rock? You’ve not been on that. I went on it as a solo rider H: Oh no, that opens from one – All right so they’re saving some of the rides till one, okay Tomb Blasters five minutes – Let’s do it M: Let’s start the competition There’s the Sweet Shop I remember getting the Refresher Bonbons in That was the first ever time we got them They’re these elusive sweets now, you can’t get them anywhere Don’t know if it’s open actually at the minute M: I might go on this as well later It’s a Carousel but it’s all animal themed H: It’s good, it’s good theming – And they’ve got their own version pasta and pizza or pizza and pasta I should say H: So this is the BBQ Bar So we can either eat there or the Vampire one for lunch Is it bad that I want a snack already I knew you were thinking about a snack Is that why you were sad that the Sweet Shop was closed? – No I don’t want sweets, I want a savoury snack M: Okay, we’re going to go on the Rattlesnake and this one is a bit jolty isn’t it H: This one hurts It’s one of those ones that goes right to the edge and it turns, right at the edge and turns and then turns into a roller coaster – But it’s only five minutes M: There it is M: Look at him. Just hanging – Oh my gosh M: He’s stuck in the barrel

Rattlesnake complete – It is jolty There’s one bit where you like you do a drop and then it literally just stops and that’s the bit that really hurts your back M: Yeah if you do have a bad back, would not advise going on it Definitely brace yourselves but it’s good fun Like we were just laughing the whole way around You always think we’re gonna fly off the edge – It really scares me that type of coaster right where you really sort of change direction, I feel like I’m going to tip it over And it waits until the last minute so you’re like coming up to the edge and then it will turn and you’re like it’s not turning, it’s not turning – But no that was good fun Are you ready to start the challenge? – Yeah Right pop in the comments who you think is gonna win. Best of three today? Okay we’re gonna do it by day yeah – Yeah So then two challenges. So yeah, best of three today and then best of three tomorrow because it’s quiet I think we’ll be able to fit in three Okay but what if it’s a draw after the two? Oh – We might have to have a decider We might have to have an overall decider Aww, look what’s not here anymore Oh rameses You’re happy about that though M: Rameses Revenge – Because you didn’t like Rameses but I loved Rameses, it reminds me of my childhood I used to always go on it with my dad – Yeah it’s one of those ones that takes you up and then like swirls like this – Swirls and then water shoots up in your face as well just you know, an added extra You’re upside down, might as well squirt some water Right. Tomb Blaster He’s confident. How long will that confidence last? M: I’m awful at this one [Laughter] I said to Martyn before, I was like it’s so satisfying walking through a queue, an empty queue I love it Just saying to Martyn, we’re definitely noticing the theming a lot more H: That’s so good isn’t it? – Ahhhhh Snake: Shoot me all you want I am unssssstoppable M: There we are Blasting the mummies M: So this section actually is new from the last time we were here. It’s called the rain forest and it’s got, I think it’s got three rides There’s like a log flume and then there’s a driving one M: So I epically failed again. I got 25,000 and someone got 50,000 That’s crazy – I don’t know why I like that one. It’s all about accuracy. Also I think you don’t want to be shooting something that another red circle’s on M: Oh really? Maybe that’s my mistake – That’s a tip for you I think you want to find your own ones And they change colour when you hit them Yeah. Are they green when they haven’t been hit? Or are they red? – Green when they have been hit But I don’t know actually I just wait until it changes colour from what it was before and then move on – We think that it’s had a proper refresh because it just seemed so much more immersive and like the effects just seemed a lot, I don’t know, just a lot better A lot better and also like the use of light Like it was really dark at points then really light Maybe it’s just because we haven’t been on it. I don’t know, it’s my favourite of the shooting games from all of the Merlin theme parks M: We’re just by Land of the Tigers and here’s one just having a snooze – She’s called Kalinka M: So here’s Tiger Rock but it doesn’t open until one o’clock we believe today So we’ll have to come back and go on that – I’m excited. I haven’t been on it. You have M: I went on it very soon after it had opened I think a couple of days I came for a solo trip M: Yeah I enjoyed it but it’ll be nice to experience it with Helena M: Oh we’re not even touching it – We didn’t touch that. [Laughter] M: So the overhead trails are a European first. Allow the tigers freedom to roam throughout their three enclosures

Choose where to rest, play and whether they spend time together or alone M: Amur, is it Amur tigers? Face two main threats: one, they are hunted by humans Two, their habitat is being destroyed H: They’re nearly extinct – Yeah due to conservation efforts now believed to be between 400 and 500 but that’s still not a lot is it That’s what I was thinking – That’s crazy H: And to think that like a couple are here – Hmmm M: They were previously referred to as Siberian tigers H: I’ve heard like Siberian tigers, I’ve heard of M: And a group of tigers is called a streak or an ambush M: We’re gonna go on Dragon’s Fury H: It’s like Crush’s Coaster – Yeah M: So this is where the dragon is. We mentioned this in one of our videos but you can’t push the button so he won’t come out Just hiding – I remember that from our old old vlog I just realised they’ve got these boards up to separate the line M: That was amazing – Amazing So I remember that being different to how we just rode it I remember being shorter and not as like fast. That was really fun That’s been my favourite so far hands down – The beginning bit, I remember it taking you up slowly and then you go into the first drop but now it like shoots you up and then you go into it And I really like, we were facing backwards and I think that really makes it. I like doing it backwards Well that might be my new favourite at Chessington M: So unfortunately due to the situation the Gruffalo show or any show isn’t on here at the main stage Instead they’ve got the video of all the social distancing measures and all the other measures they’ve got here at Chessington, which is good M: Oh help! Oh no! It’s a gruffalo! – Do you want a pic with him? It’s a gruffalo meet and greet [Laughter] M: It’s time for a snack. We’re here at the Coffee House. Oh no, it’s called the Coffee Hut So we just went inside the Coffee Hut Look at his little nose – What have you got there? Little Gruffalo. I don’t want to eat him He’s too cute And then we got, what did you get? Just a cooler, mango and passion fruit – And I got an iced latte H: I don’t want to bite into him Shall I eat one of his horns So you don’t want to eat him whole but you’re going to pick away at him [Laughter] How was your Gruffalo treat? – It was good. It was actually really nice M: It was very chocolatey. So we think we are now gonna head to the Scorpion Express M: This scorpion’s got sunglasses on That’s cute – Yeah such a good little family roller coaster It is – It took us around three times The people before he let around four times So he didn’t like us as much Yeah sort of up to the person in charge of it I think he sees how many people’s waiting and stuff – Yeah, maybe And then it reminded me of when we were at Alton Towers and we went on one of the rides and the guy just kept going no, one more time H: We went around so many times M: So we are gonna go for a relaxing ride on the Gruffalo River Ride Adventure It’s time to smell the bromine M: I love the smell

Voiceover: Gruffalooooo! – M: Gruffalooooo! [Gruffalo laughter] H: I got wet – We got wet Voiceover: My favourite food is Gruffalo crumble M: All the Gruffalo merch Oh 3d shaped crayons – Oh they’re cute M: Aw fleece blanket – This is good as well I haven’t seen this anywhere else M: If you’ve picked up or touched an item that you no longer wish to purchase, please keep this in your basket and place it in the quarantine bucket by the tills M: Oh that is good – So they can sanitise them M: Juggling balls M: Some jigsaws – I feel like you need them M: What? Oh Gruffalo slippers [Laughter] M: Gruffalo plush So we finished on the Gruffalo We got a bit wetter than last time – I got very splashed H: When I looked down at my feet as well there was like a pool of water in it. I don’t remember it being that wet M: Yeah we did panic when we got in because there was like water all around the outside and then water on the inside – It was really good though M: There’s a bit where it drops and then there’s a splash but then also that bit, it’s my favourite bit, that bit where you’ve got like a shower of water going over. But it really got you this time Maybe because last time we used to wear like, we used to wear our hoods didn’t we? Oh I wore a rain mac didn’t I? – Yeah M: Maybe that’s why M: We’re gonna dry off with a ride on Vampire before we go and get some lunch – You said we have to go on Vampire before we go and get a Vampire burger – Yeah. [Laughter] M: So it’s saying 10 minutes now M: There’s this cool photo spot in the line If you stand in the centre then you have the Vampire wings – You become a Vampire M: Shrek! Are you saving us Shrek? Save us from the Vampire M: Oh look at him, he’s scary M: So we’ve just been on Vampire So now we’re to go and get a burger from the Vampire Burger Kitchen You can actually order on the app as well Helena’s just fallen over [Laughter] H: Not too busy. They’ve got those self service ones – Touch screens. Good, good M: Some arrows M: Got confused there Because they had roped off the stairs, you’ve got to go a bit further around M: It’s not very busy either I think we waited till a good time Five past one M: Okay, what are you gonna go for? M: Got a veggie as well H: Shall we go for a meal M: Customise – No, I want it all M: # I want it all # M: He’s having a party M: So I got a bacon and cheese burger with some chips. And then Helena’s got, was it chicken burger? – Mhmm M: And then we got a sprite and a coke and we got about £3.18 off because of our annual passes H: Yeah I think we get 20% – Yeah 20% H: 25? 20 I think And we got given lots of ketchup M: I like how they’ve got these for each of the rides, top trumps You could go around playing it couldn’t you If you took pictures of each – Scares, 10 M: Top trumps rating, 13 – That’s more than Dragon’s M: Ooooooeeee – I need my sunglasses M: So we had food. Very nice – Very good It was funny because we sat on these stools and the stools didn’t have any foot rests – No. You know when like, you feel like, we felt like we were on Vampire Felt like we were on a ride – It was good though because we were able to keep keep away from everyone. They only have certain tables in the restaurant – Is that what you dreamed of because last night you went “oh I’m excited for a Vampire burger” Yeah I really liked it. It was good So now we’re gonna head back around towards – Sun’s gone now Dragon’s Fury and then we’re going to go past there we’re going to go back to Tomb Blaster because we’re going to do number two – Which might be the last one It might be the last one for today – It’s best of three. We will see Oh, I’m not going to film just because – You might bring it back just because I really want to concentrate [Laughter] But I think there’s a good bit of theming on the way up here I think there’s also – Is this the Bubbleworks thing? Yeah I think there’s a there’s a tomb or a what do you call it? A headstone for Professor Bubbleworks

because that used to be the Gruffalo M: So I’ve said this before in a previous Chessington vlog but this is Dennis Death by banana, frightful premise, all it took was the skin left by a menace This is because there used to be a Dennis the Menace land H: Which I actually remember from coming here as a child M: Yeah, and when’s that? So MM, is that 2000? Is that 2000 to 2009? Have to double check that. I’m not very good with my roman numerals M: There it is. Professor Burp, this is Bubbleworks Gone with the wind, 1990-2006 Your dad used to bring you here didn’t he? Yeah like if my mum wanted a bit of peace and quiet my dad would take me here So if my mum was like looking after my brother then my dad would take me here But I remember we used to come a lot and we’d just come for like the morning or like the afternoon. My dad loves rides We’d go on the rides Not a bad place to come Just checked that professor burp thing and it said Bubbleworks closed in 2016 – But that gravestone said 2006 Unless that gravestone was there anyway before they closed the ride as like a funny thing Might have to do some more digging M: We’re walking through here, this is below Dragon’s Fury It looks like it’s for the children to play A little walkway M: I think I have seen it. Is this the treetop walkway or something H: Oh yeah, so we’re gonna come up by what used to be Dennis the Menace M: We just walked past a sign, it’s called Canopy Capers Also good little spot to sit it’s really quiet Yeah, Dragon’s Playhouse M: So we’ll do Tomb Blaster and then we’re going to see what Tiger Rock is like. It’s saying 25 minutes at the minute [Laughter] M: 25 minutes at the minute Tomb Blaster, 15 M: Okay, I’m gonna put you away now H: So you’ll see who’ll be smiling when we pick the camera back up So I tried my hardest – He did really well That sounds really patronising but you did do really well My score did drastically improve, it was all about accuracy I helped him out with some tips They worked I got 68,000 – Yeah and I got 78. I think I got 10,000 more So Helena is the overall winner for today – Winner That’s okay, that’s okay. I feel better about myself because I got a bigger and better score than last time – And I feel like you’re gonna be more confident tomorrow – Yeah, so I’ll come back fighting M: This little log flume, so cool Look at the elephants M: We saw somebody on it and they got drenched H: They got splashed, like quite splashed – No they were soaked H: I don’t think they got, what’s the one in Lego where you get drenched M: Her hair was wet – Was it? M: Yeah. It went all over her [Laughter] M: So it’s like crocodiles lying down and then you get in them H: That’s like a little car thing M: And then yeah, this is a bit like, oh what’s that one we’ve been on before where you go around in the car? – Is that in Chessington or Alton Towers? M: I can’t remember but we’ve been on something similar to that before M: It says 25 minutes but we’re gonna go for it because that Tomb Blaster though it said 15 minutes it was a walk on So we’re in the Land of the Tigers now M: I’ve said to Helena that I don’t think you get that wet but I can’t remember – Looks like it goes out more than over So we’ve just come into Wild Asia, we’re actually still in where the Explorer Glamping is but they’re not doing that at the moment obviously because of Covid – That would be cool though But we are actually going to finish this vlog here because we’ve done so much today – I think we’ve got like over 120 clips Yeah, so we’re gonna we’re gonna pick it back up uh from Wild Asia in the next vlog and then we’ll also be having our time at the hotel tonight I’ve been having the best day – Oh it’s been amazing The weather, the crowds and the rides are better than I remember I’ve really enjoyed them That Tiger Rock one was really good – Really good. We got a little bit wet Yeah but it was nice because I was right at the front as well so I really enjoyed that like drop down. It was really good – But yeah, we will see you in the next vlog, thanks for watching Bye – Toodlepipski [Music: Dreams by DJ Quads] SUBTITLES BY MARTYN BELL