How to cross Europe in car. Part 36. Millau – Perpignan. Viaje de vuelta al Mediterráneo

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How to cross Europe in car. Part 36. Millau – Perpignan. Viaje de vuelta al Mediterráneo

Part 36 – 134 miles NOTE: The lens got dirty on the last stop and wasn’t spotted. Due to that the image quality is reduced compared to the other videos. Even so, for maintain the continuity and integrity of the ride, this video is published. The next one looks good, really 🙂 Rest area next to the Viaduct of Millau, Massif Central, France Continue the way through La Meridienne, heading to the Mediterranean Starting by passing the spectacular viaduct Viaduct of Millau VERY FUZZY 🙁 1.53 miles long – 820 feet high over the center part of the valley Continue on the plateau, we are in the Natural Park of Grandes Causses, on the southern part of the Massif Central Still on La Meridienne towards the Mediterranean Sea, but to arrive there we have to descend from these plateaus So we will follow on the plain until reach L’Escalette Pass Due to our altitude theres a descend in the vegetation density Before start to descend we are going to make a brief stop Continue We are aprroachig to L’Escalette Pass. The descent begins Tunnel of L’Escalette Valley of River Lerge Tunnel of Rocher de la Vierge We have practically desced everything. Once passed the mountains we can say that have crossed the Massif Central of France

Now we arrive at a new environment: The coastal platform of the GULF OF LION Basically this geographic region is the coastal platform that extends between the Alps and the Pyrenees Come back to the mediterranean climate. AFTER BEING IN POLAND WE MISSED IT xD L’Escalette Pass left us in the middle of the bay, but far from the sea yet Progressively we will be approaching both the sea and the Pyrenees, back to the Iberian Peninsula On this region we find enormous crop fields and an extensive network of irrigation channels, taking part of the waters that falls from the Massif Central We will follow La Meridienne until its end, in Béziers From there will continue through secondary roads to Perpignan, located at the south of the bay and next to the Pyrenees As we are headed to the south will get the sun on the front, which doesn’t favor the image quality. My pardons Approaching Béziers End of La Meridienne Viguier Avenue (eastern access to Béziers (pop. 75,000) Jean Foucault Avenue (eastern industrial area) Deveuze Avenue Railway area at the south of Béziers (the city is an important railway junction) We avoid the center and go to the river Cross over River Orb

Le Fabourg neighborhood Leave Béziers through Road D6009, will follow until our destination We are on an area of wetlands between Béziers and Narbonne, related to the rivers Orb and Aude. Stands out the lagoons and marshlands of Véndres, Lespignan and Capestang from this road we cannot watch them, because it runs through the driest and accesible places Industrial area of Viarges and Cantegal Bypass of Nissan-lez-Enserunne (pop. 4,000) The small and gentle hills on our left are known as Puech Pouchat Coursan, on the River Aude (pop. 5,500) Bridge over River Aude Coursan town centre THe mediterranean landscape is totally obvious again, it makes a perfect temperature Start of the beltway of Narbonne This stretch of road, along its roundabouts, surrounds the city by its western side Narbonne (pop. 51,000) is located next to the Natural Park of La Narbonnaise. It’s a wide environment of marshlands next to the coast We will pass the city through this beltway, and continue near the natural park until Perpignan Continue, finish of the beltway Industrial area of Coupe Prat de Cest Tecnically we are inside the Natural Park of La Narbonnaise. To our left, behind the hills, are the marshlands

Bypass of Sigean (pop. 5,500) Hills of Grand Marras Les Cabanes de Fitou, next to the salt lake of Leucate Just to our left, behind the railway line, starts the lagoon Bypass of Salses-le-Château (pop. 3,500) The mountains that are starting to be distinguished at background are THE PYRENEES The road has become an expressway, we are now near Perpignan Perpignan (pop. 125,000) our last stop before coming back to Spain Crossing La Têt River Edmond Michelet Boulevard Center of Perpignan, here we stay today. In the next a BETTER QUALITY VIDEO and… to cross the Pyreneees again! 🙂 Part 36 – 134 miles