Tiny Toon Adventures Buster Busts Loose! (SNES) Review – The 16Bit Hero [CC]

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Tiny Toon Adventures Buster Busts Loose! (SNES) Review – The 16Bit Hero [CC]

What’s up, gamers? This is 16Bit Hero, I’m here today to talk about the games that marked my childhood, and maybe so did with yours! This time we’re gonna talk about a game based off the T.V. series: Tiny Toon Adventures You know, that miniature version of the Looney Toons that were even crazier than them! Those ones! You remember those ones, don’t you? Who doesn’t? It was one of the most recognized series in the whole world! Even now, I imagine you must be thinking I think when I finish this video I’ll look for episodes on Youtube… IT’S SO GREAT! But anyway The game’s called: Tiny Toon Adventures Buster Busts Loose! That was released in 1993 created by Konami! This game came out one year after the series ended, so that means they must’ve had a lot of material to work with, right? Well, don’t delay more and let’s get this thing started! Ok, the story begins in the Looniversity where our main characters: Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny Oh… wait! Well at least they should have had the decency to mention it! Whatever Buster has to pass different stages through the game first in school where Hamton tells him that he has to stop Dizzy that’s destroying the Cafeteria And what’s the best way? Why stuff that a**hole with food! But he’s still breaking the place up, and even when Hamton comes the only thing he says is: “Hey Buster, he ate everything!” You glutton son of a b*tch! Don’t you care about others’ safety!? Then there’s the dessert where Montana Max steals all the treasures from the town and escapes! And when Busters finds him in the end, they have to work together to escape from the runaway train in a railroad And the manage to escape at… 88 Miles per Hour So… they went back to the past of Back to the Future? Then Buster arrives to this Hunted Castle Oh, Oh OH! I get it! He went back to 1897! There Babs tells him that she was playing with her friend but that some crazy scientist kidnaped him and that you gotta save him! “Don’t worry Babs! I’m gonna save your frieeee…nd “Babs, we have to seriously talk about your friendships” But in the end he saves him, by kicking his a** that is! And Babs comes back like: “Oh, Buster, thanks for saving my friend!” “Nah, no worries! It was fun” Then there’s a football match against the rival school Yeah Oh, Look! A worm! Then Buster meets up with Calamity Coyote that tells him that he hid something SOMEWHERE in the sky But now, he can’t remember where it is “Hey, Buster, could you find it for me?” “Oh, sure, why not? I mean it’s not like theres a whole atmosphere where to look for!” “Oh, but don’t worry, I prepared a hot air balloon so you can get there” “Why won’t you go instead?” “You crazy!? I can die if I fall from up there! But Good Luck!” “You big piece of sh*t!” In the end that item in the sky ends up being the script for the next chapter Wow! Not even in the game they stop breaking the fourth wall! And finally, the space! DAMN! Yeah! Do you see that? Those droids, those Storm Troopers, those ships! This must be the Planet of the Apes! Here we have to rescue Princess Babs! Oh, there she is! Well, now we won’t have to rescue her- Eh… hey! Hey! Oh… f*ck! Well, I guess we’ll have to save her! And last, the final battle against… Darth Duck! We have cookies! And in the end Buster will reunite with Babs and have their triumphal kiss! Wait, who, what? What the hell is happening? Oh, OH! It was an escenario? It was all staged? Yeah! The whole story is: What did you expect? It’s Tiny Toons, nothing is serious here Well, the game is a Sidescroller and Wallscroller Yeah! You can run on walls! Buster has to go through 6 levels in total which differ depending on the difficulty you choose And each scenario is completely different and the level design is done according to Buster’s abilities Even though most stages is just going straight forward there are some situations where you have to run, jump Auto-scroller sections, and even running on walls And I’m pretty sure you must remember that! Also, there are some parts where you have to slide while you run to get to some places But you have to be careful while you do it! Oh!

I’m stuck! Buster has basically two metods of attack The first one is when you fall while you’re running in mid-air and you can beat many enemies, if you calculate well And the other method is a kick But Oh! Not like any other kick! Buster jumps in mid-air and does a backflip and attacks them with all the weight of his body! YEAH! He doesn’t just kick ’em! And each time you defeat an enemy, you’ll get a star collect 100 and… what else? An extra life! There are also minigames like the football match where you have to score a Touch-Down to beat the stage Well… I’m no football expert or something so I’ll explain as simple as possible! You have to options, Run or Pass! If you run you go straight right away, but you can get tackled easily! And besides, I don’t know why those motherf*ckers from the other team can jump higher than you! And if you choose Pass, Plucky will throw you the Ball and you’ll have a great advantage distance But be careful, ’cause if you don’t catch it when it falls you’ll waste your time And if you waste a lot of time, or if you lose it you’re f*cked up, and you’ll have to start ALL over again! To run you’ll use the upper bar that refills little by little If you start in Children Mode you’ll start with 3 hearts, enemies will be slower and there’ll be less sections in the stages Not to mention that there’ll be no bosses, and besides the sky level is not included Maybe they thought that kids wouldn’t be able to jump enough And in the football match you’ll have 15 minutes to win In Normal Mode you also start with 3 hearts all sections but still is not the true ending And in the football match you’ll have 7 minutes to score! It’s in Challenge Mode where sh*t just get serious! You start up with just 1 heart! Enemies are way faster and stronger and to top it all of, there are no passwords for this mode! This may be a kids’ game, but it still gave a tought time to beat Specially in the Sky Stage! Ah, and not to mention that you’ll have only 3 minutes to score a Touch Down! (Well, actually 4) You can find 6 different kind of power-ups, the first one is a silver carrot that recovers a heart Then there’s the golden one that recovers all your hearts and then there’s a… phosphorescent carrot… ? That gives you an extra heart, but you can only add 2 hearts per level… that’s right! In Challenge Mode you’ll only have a maximun of 3 hearts per level, even if inside the castle there are 3, it won’t work! D*ckheads! Then there’s a Dodo Gogo statue that fully recovers the speed bar And a Phosphorescent Dodo Gogo statue that destroy all enemies on the screen, but it’s really rare! There are only like… two in the game! And also there’s a golden Dodo Gogo that makes you invincible but there’s only one in the whole game! There! And finally, a Mini Buster That’s… your extra life But there’s only one per stage There are some cool things that you can find in the stages like jumping the rope to continue the level Be careful! Those b*tches play hard! In the train, when you start running and jump on a ramp you end up in space! Videogame and cartoon logics combine! Wait a minute, a cartoon’s logic inside a videogame logic…? There are also these nets that catch you if you don’t run! These trampolines that you operate with basketballs this part where you have to get all the spheres to continue Even though I always end up playing with this Bumper! LAWL YEAH! And in the last level there are these walls that you have to climb to continue You can choose between two roads, but the route you choose won’t change what lies ahead, so Hmmm.. Yeah! Whatever! In these roads you can find switches that on the walls that activate traps or power-ups If you activate a trap a giant barrel will fall and have to avoid it Or else it’ll take you down and some “Droids” will beat the sh*t out of you There’s also Dodo Gogo that helps you to keep running and this star that gives you… 3 stars! In the easy course there are fewer switches and also there’s a middle point where you can land if you fall But in the Hard course you have to go from beginning to end and there’s a lot of switches Most of them traps! Ah, and besides there’s this goddamn backwards jump when you get hit I HATE when games have that! If you don’t plan very well how are you going to fall or something you’ll end up dead! At the end of every level there’ll be some minigames to get some extra lives, some are cool… others First there’s “Squash” where you play as Furrball where you have to hit the ball 15 times to get an extra life Each time you get an extra life the ball will go much faster! Meanwhile, passing through the hall will be Calamity that when you hit him will stop time briefly Concord that will make the ball go slower, and lastly there’s Little Beeper that gives you an extra life But he passes precisely when you can’t hit the ball! Then there’s “Junction” where you have to shift the road so Hamton can get as many apples as possible Each apple is an extra life When you move the hole, you make the space where you are move to the space where you were before

Yeah, makes sense! You can even move Hamton But be careful, ’cause if you can’t create the road in time, or just leave the hole in front of Hamton, you’ll lose instantly But you still keep all the lives you get And the complexity depends on the Mode you’re playing Bye Bye Hamton! Then there’s “Maze” where you control Babs moving around a labyrinth to save your friends For each one you save you get an extra life, but be careful ’cause Elvira, Dizzy and ArDog Swatchzeneger will be there to stop you! Then there’s “Bingo” where you You know what? It’s pure luck! JUST-PLAIN-LUCK! You’ll get 2 or 3 lives top, but nothing else! You dissapoint me, Plucky! And finally there’s “Seesaw” where you have to choose the order of your character so they can compete weight with the others Each time you win it’s an extra life, but this one is just simple luck as well You’ll end up getting like 2 or 3 lives maximun! Ok, now let’s go with the enemies! We have rats from the other school Frogs, Lobsters and In the beginning Babs said that there were many escaped animals on the loose, but I just found There’s Barky Marky, this guy that always throws tomatoes at us, Wile E. Coyote We have the Coyote itself! as an enemy But He seems smarter on T.V There are these annoying condors! GOD! I hate these modaf*ckas! These Mafia guys, Abraham Lincoln with a magic wand… ? Caspers, these meat-eating balls… yuck! Frankenstein’s monster with… 2 heads Dracula… Wow! look at that! We’ve also got Mr D. itself! But there’s a problem: You can’t kill him! Doesn’t matter how many kicks to deal, how much time you spend, he’ll never die! A nice stake would be convenient! Then there’s Droids, Storm Troopers, Big Brain Ducks And these spheres that you can kick so now they can kill enemies Sincerely, there isn’t a large variety of enemies as I expected Yeah, there are some exclusive enemies per level Like… uh! An anvil! But… that’s not saying much, right? In regard to the bosses… well, pretty much there’s none In the first level you only have to feed Dizzy, but you can’t attack him ’cause it doesn’t work! About the train… well, if you consider beating the crap out of a train a boss, well… be my guest! In the castle, you don’t directly attack the machine, you just throw back the screws that the enemy throws at you I think that MAY be considered a boss, right? In the sky level, they replace any possible boss with just running to the top Yeah, it’s kinda complicated, but nothing out of this world And that final battle, well THAT should’ve been a real boss! But yet again, you don’t attack him directly, instead you take his laser and attack him with it! Kicking won’t do anything, so… yet again, I think that there should be a large variety of bosses! Where it’s convenient to kick your enemies or something like in many other games! Sometimes I feel like I’m playing a Sidescroller Puzzle! Maybe it was because it’s based of a cartoon, but c’mon! There are a lot of cartoon videogames with great bosses! Why didn’t they make it like those ones? Now, about the music… there’s no much variety some themes are just variations of the main theme Just adding the western theme or making it more moving but nothing else! I know the theme is happy and stuff, but I really think they should add more incredible music like Or THAT… would be AWESOME! Besides, there’s pretty much no Boss Theme, just the final one… which… also sounds like the tiny toons theme In regards the Sound Effects, you can say they’re fine there isn’t that many, but there’s no need for it Considering that the game’s not that big But to me, one of the best S.E. is this one: Sounds exciting! The controls are really good, Jump with B, Attack with either Y or X and Run with L or R When you’re running, if you press down you can slide and beat some enemies But you can also modify the buttons if you want In general there’s no much trouble, but sometimes when you’re running, you can lose control and end up jumping anywhere! And sometimes weird glitches can happen! Wait! But that’s for later!

But a big problem is when you hit an enemy, that kick sends you back And basically you can’t move, unless you run And if you don’t react quickly The game of course looks pretty bright, the colors are all lively and also the quality is almost like the cartoon itself! And I really love how the Enchanted Castle looks with the candles and those pictures on the background! Nice choise of colors, Konami! There’s even Mode 7! YEAH! Mode Seven And also Buster has a lot of expressions when he moves, attacks, and even more when he dies! He might just get dizzy, or jump in the air and land on this garbage tank! And where the hell did that tank come from? Oh, well… nevermind! Everything looks really good! the stages, the characters The Laser! THE F*CKING LAZAH! Just like in the series! Ok, first of all, here are the passwords for each level! And this is the password to freely play any minigame you want! And now a couple of glitches! First, when you go up a pillar or a wall, when you jump to the other side you can skip the whole distance Like in Dracula’s Castle, or even the last level! And if in the first level, you go up here, and keep walking to the right, you’ll see that the background moves! And when you get to the end it’ll move again! How weird! And now an even better glitch! When you’re running and you climb a wall or something I mean, when you change directions If you press back and jump when you’re just turning Buster will jump backwards and keep running until your running bar runs out and then will keep walking Oh! But not walking like any other! He’ll do the And also, if you stand against a wall for a few seconds Buster will eat a carrot Then, if you press the other direction in that moment, he’ll also do the Moonwalk! Oh, and here’s a curiosity! If in the beggining you take off L or R as running buttons and instead you use another one… like A There will be an error in the game in the second stage Just in the part where he jumps to space, the game doesn’t recognize L or R as running buttons Then Buster will walk straight forward and jump to the gap and die and you can’t continue playing Hmmm… how strange! And at least… the best glitch in the game! THE SUPER JUMP! Ok, this glitch is REALLY hard to do, so pay close attention! When you jump and press L to run, Buster will be momentarily still Here you have the chance to press the opposite side so he stops This is where the play comes! When you press to run, you have to press backwards and RIGHT THERE press jump! Neither before, nor at the same time just a fraction of a second after! If you do it correctly you can jump as much as you want! It takes A LOT of practice, but once you dominate it you can go to many places you couldn’t before! Enjoy it! This game gives you a great experience! As a Sidescroller and Cartoon videogame There’s a good variety between stages and minigames and that maintains the gamer stuck to the game itself! Not to mention that you can kick Dizzy’s butt as much as you want! And it also does a great job recreating the funny stuff from the series With those cartoonish images and we can also watch our favorite characters! Specially Fifi Le Fume! She was my favorite! So… game totally recommended! Well… to tell you the truth, when I was a kid the only thing I thought was play as Buster and run around the stages But when I grew up I found out that there was another game for the Nes That… was pretty much bigger! I mean, yeah! there were 6 stages as well! But you could not only play as Buster, but also choose a parter with unique abilities! And that makes me think WHY THE F*CK KONAMI DIDN’T EXPAND THAT CONCEPT!? I mean, there’s a lot more characters who we can play with give each one their special abilities And based on that design the stages And don’t tell me you couldn’t ’cause the SNES was capable of a lot of things! They could also make a larger quantity of levels each one with its awesome boss and stuff! Ah, and that’s the other thing, that the bosses weren’t so simple to say the least! C’mon, Konami! You were one of the kings of that age you could expand more! Now, I’m not saying the game’s bad, not at all! I LOVE this game! One of the best cartoon games! I just think that they could’ve add more, but the way it is, it’s too great! Besides, they’re the: WHO DIDN’T LIKE THEM!?

Man, I miss my childhood! Each time I see this game it makes me think again about those incredible crazy things that these guys did to make us laugh a lot! And even though they followed the legacy of the classic Toons I personally think that they surpassed them! And this game is proof of that! For all that, I’ll give this game Seven and a half Dodo Gogos out of Ten! I hope you liked the thirteenth episode of a series of videos of snes games! Subscribe if you liked and for next time We’re going to the Olympics! Have a great time with your friends and see ya! Hey, everyone! Thanks a lot for watching the video! I’m glad that you made it this far! Do you see those logos on top and on the sides and stuff? Why don’t you just subscribe? That’ll help me a lot! And if you also want to check out more news you can follow my facebook page! The link’s right there! Yeah… Well… Later!