Pyöräretki ulos kaupungista, riippumattoilua järvellä, pari uutta varustetta

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Pyöräretki ulos kaupungista, riippumattoilua järvellä, pari uutta varustetta

Hellooo, today is the 17th of May magnificent summery weather I´m itching to get out, but unlike many others, I´m itching to get out of town, and not toward the center so here I am cycling out of town We´re gonna have some nature time again and summer sure does make it great Let´s cook some food, spend the night in the hammock and we´ll also talk about two new pieces of gear I got We´ll spend the night out, and tomorrow should be very warm and summery too – thanks for joining me! Cycling and camping make a great pair it sure adds to the journey of getting there a concrete feeling of travel and freedom I often just get too lazy and drive, but I´m always happy about choosing the bike instead I stopped by this horse pasture I think both of us were equally curious it just isn´t the same if you simply drive by Nearby was also this stream It might be manmade, but beautiful nonetheless I stayed there for a while just looking On cycling trips I also like to visit gas station cafeterias and restaurants It´s very nice to take a couple of breaks when out on the bike Basic cycling and camping does not require an expensive mountain bike, or the latest fatbike model. A basic bike will work fine the tyre diameter is quite large, and they work well on asphalt and gravel roads, as long as the tyre pattern rolls well This is a cheap second hand bike, so I won´t go nuts if it gets stolen I often leave it for a day or two in some bush while I´m out on the trails A basic bike like this is so comfortable with the wide, suspended saddle you sit on it with your back upright I like this way more than a mountain bike, but it´s a matter of taste obviously There´s the bike out of plain sight, now to the trails I´m slow in the mornings and it´s the evening already But that´s okay, daylight lasts very late It doesn´t get completely dark anymore summer solstice is a month away I almost forgot to wrap up my trouser legs

no reason to let the trousers wear, when I have boots on This is my new pair of Varusteleka paratrooper boots the first ones lasted for two and a half years They were fixed once at the shoemaker the inside of the sole was renewed The boots got wet often, and the soft inside of the sole broke down completely I had the sole fixed, but then the a-sole failed the bottom tore through like a wound and it was a huge gap too, over an inch or so and it was through the sole I didn´t even think of fixing them anymore and didn´t ask the price from a shoemaker Fixing the inside sole was 60 euros already so I rather got a new pair instead, and not have more repairs made It was kinda waste to get the new ones admittedly the leather was still doing very well in the old pair only had some minor wear I wasn´t that eager to care for them, but I did apply some oil and beeswax on them at times the leather was doing pretty great still This is Saarijärvi (´island lake´ literally), a nice place Arctic terns and whooper swans nest here Loons also come here to fish, but they don´t nest here. Too many humans around I´m starving I´ll have somethig to eat, and think about where to camp meanwhile I know this area very well There´s a campsite on this lake, but being such a nice weather and all, there´ll be a lot of people tomorrow for sure I don´t want any part of that This is a nature reserve and camping is allowed only on the designated campsites, but I know some good places to camp just outside of the reserve And outside of the reserve borders, I can camp anywhere due to ´everyman´s right´ but it doesn´t include making a fire Sometimes I wonder about the laws of camping in Finland in Sweden and Norway making a fire is part of ´everyman´s right´ in Finland it is not, and it makes me think why is it different from our Scandinavian neighbors I don´t buy it that they can handle fires better than us! The fire ban just seems stupid at times (you need the land owner´s permission always) our western friends have better camping rules yet we have alot of the same outdoor culture Anyway I´m glad for wood burning stoves, for having a small twig fire even where a campfire is not allowed a stove is fine for cooking, but it´s not enough to stay warm in the winter I´ll just have some bread fast and simple These are good ´frankfurters´ and some new rye bread I haven´t tried before haven´t seen this brand before in stores So I found a good spot and settled down here´s the other new piece of gear I´ve had this underquilt for a while I´ve had it on a couple of trips already

it´s a Hammock Gear Incubator 20 how much is 20F again around -6 Celcius I think a three season quilt anyways I updated the old one because it was a little shorter than me I´m 6″1, and the old quilt was 5″9 I sometimes had cold feet because of the shorter quilt This is full lenght and better for a tall guy it covers my height just right I´ve been very happy with it It´s an expensive quilt, but the quality of the down and the fabrics is good and the down is not Chinese How much was the weight again I have a hard time remembering specs but it´s around 18 ounces anyway This is a great piece of gear I got it straight from the US manufacturer Hammock Gear is a specialist of these, so the details are well thought out there´s a separate cord for tightening the ends and there´s a secondary suspension while this is the main suspension, the secondary is great for adjusting the quilt tightness and position very handy for rigging the quilt just right The fabrics and down are lightweight and good quality modern day materials, light but tough It does sting a bit to get an expensive quilt, but for an active outdoorsman the value will still be good on countless trips a few tens of outings in a year Here´s the other new piece – a dyneema tarp Hammock Gear used to call this ´cuben fibre´ before nowadays they just call it dyneema So it´s made of dyneema a very thin, papery feeling fabric for a while I thought is this a joke the material seems so flimsy at first but it´s a thin yet tough material that equals a more sturdy nylon fabric The greatest benefit is, that it doesn´t slack when it gets wet All nylon tarp users know how it goes, you rig the tarp perfectly and it´s tight After a little rain or wet snowing, the nylon material gets slack and hangs you lose half of the inside space it´s simply a characteristic of nylon The edges of the tarp are folded too, and it´s almost impossible to tighten a wet tarp again it hangs in the middle even if the edges are tight Dyneema does not have that problem it keeps it´s form in rain too I´ve got to experience that already Three out of five nights I´ve used this, it´s been raining and this works magnificently in the rain The weight is another substancial feature this weighs only 180 grams (6,3 ounces) and it´s a 12 foot tarp that´s less than half of a nylon tarp, even of the lighter nylon tarps This is premium priced too, so I wouldn´t recommend it, unless you know you have a lot of use for it For us who spend a lot of time outdoors, the high price can be justified with the heavy use of the gear But if you go out twice a year or so, you´ll do just great with cheaper gear Budget gear has more value for a more random use Here´s the tarp rigged on the hammock The material makes a crinkly sound but it´s not like that when the tarp is rigged

not even when the wind blows on it, it´s just if you twiddle it like this Rain does sound a little noisier on this, when compared to a nylon tarp but it´s not a huge difference by any means This tarp is not rectangular, but hexagonal the ridge is longer than the sides the side narrows down away from the centerline I always had my tarp in the diamond shape a square tarp fixed from the corners with just two corners to the ground I´ve had that for very long So this tarp is different with six corners, but it´s not that big of a deal really I´m sure a square tarp could´ve been custom made, but it didn´t matter that much to me Now I need some coffee even if it´s late I got these pine twigs straight off the ground Let´s see if they catch fire it´s not very dry now it´s only been one warm day It does look pretty promising it seems to light up There´s a huge amount of pollen in the lake water I didn´t get it at first what it was The first thought was, is that algae? Can´t be, this early towards the end of summer the algae start to appear basically on any lake Finally I realised the green mess in the water is pollen it sure had me thinking for a while yes, it´s starting to burn well I don´t have to look for better tinder Oh yeah, I was supposed to mention, that the gear I just showed, I´ve paid full price on them with my own money some people are sensitive to ads and such but there´s none of that here I paid full price on the Hammock Gear stuff OMG! So I spilled my first coffee water the second one I handled better, and got my late night coffee So I lifted the pot off of the stove with my knife it was metal on metal, and I was too careless the pot bail just slid off of the knife and the boiling water spilled Luckily it spilled to the ground and not on me boiling water makes a painful wound, and there was half a litre of it it might´ve been bad if it spilled on my legs But it didn´t, I had good luck there´s no need to be dramatic bad luck will come if you expect it so I don´t dwell on what could have happened The summer night is pretty damn awesome and it´s a perfectly calm night – not even a breeze of wind the moon is full, or almost – it certainly is bright

looming behind the trees it is silent – even the terns are quiet now they make a lot of noise, and I´m sure they´ll be back at 4am or so it´s 1.30 now I guess I´ll lay down now Morning! There´s eggs, tomato, cucumber and bell pepper for breakfast a little different food, better in the summer fresh vegetables are great outdoor food in the summer The night was good I woke up both hot and cold during the night that´s Finnish summer 🙂 I fell asleep at around 3am or so and slept late in the day of course So it was around 2.30am and I was still awake The morning light was already starting to show The horizon was lighting up for the dawn and it almost kept me awake I felt compelled to stay up all night to see the first sunrise, but I did fall asleep after some time the summer night is magical after some time, the morning cold came the coldest time of the day after a couple of hours of sleep, I woke up to the cold the air was raw and chilly I zipped my sleeping bag all the way quickly I got warm again after that and in the morning I woke up being too hot Well this isn´t from the lake, but from a local store that is about 200g of salmon cooking there I´ll make a salad with salmon before heading out Didn´t get anything from the lake it was a good spot to fish though I saw some fish feeding off of the insects on the water and I saw some perches following my lure they didn´t bite though They were very small, it´s better they didn´t bite I would´ve brought our cats a fish – they love fish but I guess I´m not patient enough now I only fish for a few moments at a time maybe 30-45 minutes or so but that´s pretty much the maximum I actually don´t have a passion for fishing but fishing is an old school ´citizen skill´, and I feel an outdoorsman should have some fishing skills even if it is not used often Here´s the lunch Cucumber, bell pepper, green salad, salmon I don´t even put any salt on the fish I like the taste of the fish as it is And since it´s grilled, it´s tastier than an oven-cooked salmon That was another 24 hours of life well spent!

time to go on to other life stuff Soon we´ll head to a wilderness hike We´ll head up north to Lemmenjoki national park it is a vast forest wilderness, and it is a lot quieter than UKK I´ve been to Lemmenjoki twice this time we´ll head deeper into the wild the park has a tourist section and a wilderness section I got some great advice from another hiker Timo Hämäläinen it´s good to head out knowing some good places suggested by a more experienced hiker Timo, if you´re watching this, thanks for the tips I´m waiting eagerly for this one! But, this little trip is done, and perhaps we´ll make a small trip like this before this summer´s first wilderness hike, but a weeklong wilderness trip is definitely on the radar! For now, thank you for the company and See you in the next one! Bye now!