Techy Talk – E2 Visa vs EB5 Visa How Franchising Helps

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Techy Talk – E2 Visa vs EB5 Visa How Franchising Helps

another good week in the books uh yeah sales were up uh thank you we got another eight stores coming uh you know hopefully we get these open within the next couple weeks yeah a lot of them are visas so uh we’re gonna bring in what um two immigration attorneys and uh attorneys that we’ve been just talking to and using uh they’ll be meeting us here shortly yeah we could go we actually different personally no one of them um so we we got a lot of trust with them too as well so that which is nice so yeah yeah family friend and we’ve known her forever so yeah definitely excited about uh introducing both our programs they’re you know them being the immigration attorneys and us giving them uh you know our side of things as a franchisor yeah stating you know we’ve done 20 of them ready that got approved and there’s no issues and they could tell us more of the legal side of things that’s going to really help people that want to come to america uh join our company and join america and i think going through them and talking to them is going to really open our eyes on the process you know another thing is uh who’s not techy uh you know anywhere in the world you know you got techy people out there exactly and they don’t need to learn you know they don’t need to know anything we’re going to train them from a to z but let’s go talk to the attorneys and see what they got to say yeah so tim what are we doing here stop to set up the studio we’re gonna do some podcasts we’re gonna do um just a bunch of interviews here as well so we’re gonna paint the walls put up our tv put up our techie logo uh get some tables and chairs real simple real clean roll tacky like if you will maximize that hey everyone i’m bill from techie and i’m tim fertecki and these are attorneys we’re going to sit here and talk about the visa programs that are available to many people out there that are not aware of it yeah we just want to discuss a little bit more but i want to introduce the two friends that we have here that again are immigration attorneys and go ahead hi guys liani smorgan here managing partner of lno immigration services and i’m here for all your legal needs uh we have a great team we have a great support staff and uh not only am i an attorney but we also have specialists for immigration and all your financial needs hi guys osmani perez lno immigration services we’re part of a big team this team is here for you for all your immigration needs toralianis and myself have done this for quite a while now myself i’m a specialist in immigration i’m also a specialist in finances we could help you through your investor visas your heart ep5s that lead to residency and any other immigration services that you would need l know immigration services um so thanks for coming guys and we just kind of wanted to discuss and see what some of the services you guys offer and which countries do you guys uh protect you know we’re not that familiar with it yeah techie has uh you know we already have about 20 franchisees that have been approved and received their visas so if we know a little bit more about it we could actually take our program to another level and the same with you guys exactly yeah of course and and the best part is that we’re going to explain to you guys there’s what’s called an e2 and an eb5 so you can you can broaden that what you’re doing already and broaden it to access a bunch more more people who need this help who want to come to the united states and to get techie out there and continue doing what you guys do so just to give you guys an example and i know some of us are visual learners um i take this with me everywhere so i’m glad we’re having this conversation now awesome um and i basically just highlight i mean this is something that i can search up but i like to be you know the visual learner so right now we have clients with chile and argentina and colombia but we also have clients from venezuela venezuela is not part of the e2 treaty but these are people who have dual citizenship and they’re nationals of european like they have european descent okay so they’ll we can serve countries like italy spain france the united kingdom and and so on you know we’ll get in more details as a need base but pretty much that’s what those are the clienteles that we have and we can continue and that’s for e2 yeah it’s interesting because we’ve only had mainly some brazilians and venezuelans so we’re thinking maybe those were the only ones that actually were approved or can’t apply for the uh the visa program but when in venezuela when everyone started leaving we’re not going to get into the politics of why but when everyone started leaving venezuela they started going to spain italy and they became nationals of that country once they become nationals of that country if they are in that treaty country and the united states has that treaty with them they could actually apply to an e2 so

not because they were born in venezuela they’re restricted however they have to be nationals from a country that is actually in the treaty for them to be able to apply for it okay but the good thing is that the eb5s which we’re going to get into as well there’s no treaty it can be from anywhere so those countries examples when you say treaty what do you mean by you know some of the viewers might not even know what that is you know what i mean so what do you mean by treaty i actually don’t even know what a treaty is yeah um the united states for a long time now they enter what is called the treaty which is a nice name to say a contract with a country okay where they say all right if you invest here we’ll allow you to migrate to the united states as an investor so however there are some countries that i don’t have ties with or contracts or they have a treaty with and that’s why they can’t migrate to the united states or do anything with an e2 but like lianes was saying eb fires it’s a great way because unfortunately the truth is they care about the investment the united states cares about of course and what uh jobs is gonna you know provide jobs sure for sure and so okay so it’s very interesting so with the eb5 it could be anywhere outside of uh anywhere in the world yeah you can have a russian migrant so is that the biggest difference between an ev ev5 and an e2 that’s one of the major differences another major difference is the end result and eb5 will lead you to a residency versus and e2 will not there’s no bridge to residency permanent residency therefore if you don’t get the permanent residency there’s no bridge to citizenship after that which is what a lot of people would like but that’s another realm that techie can can help others in which is if you have a family that’s coming in and investing in your franchise as an uh an e2 then we can do more with those families uh those that the rest and like the spouse that’s not investing yes we can also have what’s called labor certifications for the other family member who’s not part of the investment okay with techie yeah there’s no there’s a couple realms and a couple things we could do once they’re here and that’s one great thing that lianes and i talk about is all right so they come in let’s say with tech they build a franchise here they buy a franchise and then they do their e2 that’s perfect because although they’re not gonna get their residency right away there’s other things that you could do because you came legal to the country and now they’re here with their visa for say five years what is an average uh e2 visa it’s five years it’s five years and you’ve got to renew it okay and so it’s renewable and that comes with work permits for the the spouses like for everyone who’s coming this is not just the individual they could bring their families yes can they be friends or it has to be all the same last name it has to be uh spouses okay and then children under 21. the eb-5 same thing yeah okay now though eb fives and as uh liani’s mentioned it’s great however the investments we’ll talk about a little bit later has to be a lot bigger yeah yeah you got to create jobs within two years you got to create at least 10 jobs okay um and uh you get residency so it’s so it’s a tougher visa too for sure but in the end result yeah now you’re a resident of the united states absolutely it’s what i think uh most of these people are looking at and right and i think out of the 20 like v2 visas that we have right now if we would have told them hey you signed up for an eb5 you’ll get residency here they would have probably thought about going that route for sure you know correct cause we didn’t even know that really when we talked when we talked to a lot of clients we’re like how much money are we talking about yeah exactly usually that’s my first question because i don’t i don’t want to funnel their vision into what visa they should apply tell me how much money you’re willing to invest how much money you have let’s look at numbers and then we could talk about an e2 an l1 an eb5 there’s so many investor visas that they don’t know about but it all depends on that initially let’s just run by the basics so we understand more when we have people come to us too saying they have half a million dollars they want to open up five stores and how that actual process works where noah just me and my wife my two kids we just want to come over here uh get away from our country uh so what is the price differences between the e2 and the eb5 that’s a hard question very broad yeah but a good question it’s an amazing question because that’s the first question there’s bare minimums but there’s obviously a lot of other specifications and criteria you got to hit and yeah for sure um we’re seeing that if you’re in the six digits 100 000 plus the probability of you obtaining an e2 it’s pretty good it’s pretty good now if you’re below that now we’re talking about we gotta do a business plan we gotta make sure we see what type of business you’re gonna invest in it becomes a little more so it is possible correct yeah actually we’ve done one with seventy thousand dollars yeah restaurant with inventory and inventory i put it as a revolting inventory yeah it’s money

coming in money coming out so we were able to with future contracts we were able to show that it was going to be substantial and that’s the word substantial well you say business plan i mean we’re a franchise so i mean do we need to put together a business plan for them i mean we already have yeah plus location franchisor we have a franchise disclosure document that has 300 pages plus a franchise agreement that they have to go by uh in opera operations manual so do they have to go out of their way to produce a business plan that takes a lot of time and money well the business plan it’s just a name because you already have the business plan because you already have this operating agreements you have all the agreements set so that’s the business plan business plan just means that they want to see how the business is doing if you’re going to buy our businesses already on going like a french fries yeah how are they doing what’s going on yes and then if you don’t if you’re gonna buy a new franchise or if you’re gonna buy a new business what are you gonna do how are you gonna turn this business into money for us the united states of america how are you to create jobs and that’s what they’re talking about when they’re talking about a business plan but you guys already have it though because if you have 20 in the last couple of years e2s yeah there’s a good business plan there yeah that’s for sure no yeah they never once got actually we could actually say that they never got denied yeah uh everyone that comes in that wants to do the uh e2 program ends up getting it approved so something that we’re giving them is working exactly and i don’t see why they wouldn’t you guys are an established corporation which that’s one of the requirements that they look at yeah and you guys have done this before and you guys are literally everywhere you have so many locations and like osmani was saying if you’re a franchise you already have that business plan it’s already thriving when you uh wanna and the best part is because you guys are a franchise you can have the option to give to your potential franchisees either the e2s or the eb5s just depending on how much of an investment they want to make or need to make yeah for sure and i mean like what’s the normal time frame once they you know for us what we’ve seen is what six months give or take i mean everybody’s different i don’t want to give exact number but i mean well it’s our knowledge i think the the one of the things that delayed the most is actually them needing a uh and execute a fully executed assignment through the landlord and the good thing with us is that we actually own a lot of locations and we actually sub leases so at the day of closing they get their sublease through and everything they need to close that document that up and give it to immigration and you know but what is the actual so at closing if they get all the documents needed their sublease and everything else it’s full package how long is that process yeah the audience out there is going to want to know this is that’s a yeah a great question right it’s another very important question because they asked us that for any process that we’re going to do all the time they want to know the time now we’re going to take the pandemic away from everything we’re not going to talk about this year that’s been completely crazy you could do a premium processing for an e2 or an eb5 which means that immigration has to give you an answer within 15 days they have to give you an answer albeit the answer could be we need more documents and that’s that was their answer yeah however after that after you submit whatever other documents they need two or three months so once you submit the application that includes obviously the e2 visa application the lease everything they need in there within 15 days they got to give you a response if you do the premium processing which yeah at this point is that an additional fee yeah yeah and that’s what i was gonna do this morning it’s not going to be an issue because they’re investing so much money that 1400 as a fee for immigration for for an answer in 15 days it’s nothing it’s yeah you know it’s worth it interesting well that’s another interesting fact that you bring up because uh the great thing with this program is not you know now you’re getting a visa to united states but you’re also getting an ongoing business and you’re making income as well so really a no-brainer saying i could get a visa plus i’m making money so you’re going to get that investment back of course because a lot of people are uh who need to move their money from whatever country they’re at or just want to come to the us you’re you’re literally starting from scratch yeah so this way you’re not starting from scratch you already got an ongoing they do it with techie you guys are it’s already an ongoing corporation the foundation’s there the foundation is there the money is gonna keep flowing so you’re not starting from scratch and that’s one of the most important things that we could provide for our clients and and for you guys as well yeah because it’s it’s a it’s a it’s a franchise that’s already been established and like you guys were we were talking about the other day now we’re in walmart with techy i mean once you sell that to one of our clients what are they going to say i mean they are for real because no one is going to give a lease to someone to come into walmart and start putting all their stores inside you know it takes about two years to get approved exactly and now that we’re there we could open up in any walmart that’s actually you know they have vacancies but uh yeah and you know we give them a lease and they’re you know they’re ready to go and if anyone is a numbers person like myself you start looking at numbers how many people walk into a walmart everything

yeah well i’m off the top of my head i actually wrote that song before there you go the minimum from 5 000 to about 15 000 on the average walmart daily dating yeah that’s crazy and you guys are in several several yeah so you’re getting a lot what um you know i’ve heard this before like some people are scared about getting involved into the franchise side of things and uh and i don’t know if you guys have heard this as well um you know what what’s your thoughts about that i mean do people ever say look i don’t want to get involved in a franchise i want to just buy an existing bread company or you know what what’s your mom’s pop star there’s a misconception with franchise yeah they think that because you’re a franchise you have to sign a contract for x amount of years yeah and you can’t sell you can do anything you got to be with you got to do everything techy tells you to do yeah um and that’s a misconception because i was talking that’s the part that you guys taught us um what is it two years you could sell yeah um two years you can turn around and sell your business if it’s not working for you if it’s not right there at the moment for you something happens or whatever it may be but it’s also the support that techie always gives its franchisee owners which is really like not very well known with other franchises and that’s that’s the best part that you guys have taught us about techie and the best thing that we can tell our clients which is that support that’s so hard to find uh with the franchises so like osmani was saying it’s really a myth at that point so one of the best uh things about being a franchise is that we’ve learned everything you know we’ve learned whereas mama pop they go through their struggles their downfalls and that’s what we’re here to teach franchisees is that we’ve been here we’ve done it so we’re going to show you from a to z how it is you can come into this uh franchise and not even know anything about repairs uh being techy at all you know so we train you from a to z we build out your store so when you get in there you’re ready to go you you know everything we train you in your store for a couple weeks even a couple months whatever makes you feel more comfortable so that’s the the main uh feature of a franchise to where we’re there to help you support you and you know as a mom and pop store if you fall there’s no one to pick you back up and you know one of the you know that’s what we love about our company we’re a family owned so we’re always here we’re you know with our franchisees talking to them all the time what can we do different and that’s very important particularly with an e2 visa and i say that to most of our clients when i need to e2 is just not buying a franchise for example or buying a business e2 within a year immigration is going to want to look at your books to make sure that you guys are doing well yeah um and that’s why every time i speak to lyanna’s about a franchise and particularly a techie franchise well they’re already established and that’s what we were talking about earlier you guys already have a business plan you guys have already done it you guys already have franchisees that could speak on behalf of how the process would go and that’s very important particularly for us in the part of immigration because one year comes up they want to see how the franchise is doing or the business if the business are doing well then they know whatever you did was just for a benefit of immigration and now all of a sudden everything starts turning very very awkward with immigration with you guys it won’t be like that because it’s a franchise yeah and having 20 approved uh already you know done and still with us you know says a lot for for immigration on even new you know leads i want to do the program no of course and and it’s going to continue to grow um because you guys are literally located everywhere so because of that you guys can open up the doors to other immigrants who may not have the these nationalities that we you know that are part of that treaty that we explained earlier yeah but those eb-5s now the eb-5s are going to have uh two requirements it’s either you’re going to invest in a rural area in a suburban area yeah and and the amount that you have to invest is going to change in the location that’s the best part about techie yeah you know and not only that it’s also providing that confidence that stability that support for our clients as well because that’s what they’re going to look into they want they want to see where that support is coming from they want to know where their investment is going to go and if it’s uh if it’s a long term if it’s something that’s really going to continue to grow and and with techie you could do that so the eb5 would you could it could be in a rural area or suburban area i mean it doesn’t matter or is it is it more high uh higher on one side than the other i mean do they well honestly it just depends on the amount that you’re going to invest if you’re in a rural area or was it it was uh now well now it’s it went up unfortunately now it’s 900 000 okay correct and then if you’re in a suburban area which is like metropolitan miami new york city atlanta like smack in the middle of everything you’re looking at 1.8 million yeah at least 1.8 million yeah which is the good part about that is that techie is in either or yeah so and then also the best part is it’s not just one franchise that you’re gonna buy if you’re gonna make that type of investment correct we can make them in

multiple locations where the client feels more comfortable being at yeah you know or traveling too also business wise we train them we help when we hot you know we help them hire so there’s really no stress needed uh they come over here they train we teach them how to own multiple stores uh so there’s really oh uh you know have i you know i’ve never owned a business before but we train you on everything there’s no need for that and we have structures and guidelines to make sure if you fall out a little bit we pick you back up and bring it back in yeah because the important part of an eb5 albeit the money everyone talks about the money how much you have to invest yeah it’s creating jobs that’s what’s really important for immigration it’s really important it’s going to give you what’s the minimum like job creation that they’re looking for within two years you have to create 10 jobs okay so it doesn’t need to be 10 jobs right off the bat no thankfully it doesn’t okay but that’s where the business plan comes in okay and since you guys know and it’s i’m sure it’s written in in your bylaws within each store you need at least x amount of employees correct for it to run correctly correct uh once they see that they’ll be like all right so if i buy three four stores i know that i need four four four that’s more than ten yeah so i’m good i’m golden there are there he goes that requirement check you know because it’s not only the money that’s what a lot of misconception comes in with most of our clients all right so it’s 900 and we go to one of those estimated areas where i could do it or is it 1.8 million and then how many jobs i got to create once they start doing numbers they’re like whoa that’s a lot of money yeah um now darren granted you’re going to get a residency at the end um so how much is it but only that that’s the thing they’re not just spending the 1.8 or even the 900 000 it’s an uh an investment that’s getting a return on their money as well of course and not it’s not just the investments the type of support they’re gonna get yeah that that’s really the most that’s that’s very cute for uh immigrant clients because they’re coming to a whole new country you know uh whether they speak the language or not so they’re already gonna have their own barriers to face and with techie being able to just ease into that process and like i said they’re not starting from scratch from zero yeah you’re coming in with it’s an investment there’s a return on it so we will give like sometimes we’ll get people that call and say hey you know i want a visa and so what are we gonna from that point what would we do reach out to you guys and say okay obviously we’re gonna teach them all our business tell them what we do and then we’re gonna hand that over to you and what are the next steps for that particular person and the audience that’s out there that’s going to want you know want to know what are the next steps oh i want to join techy but now do i go from there you know what we do is that we do a consultation with them because we need to see their funds how much money are you going to invest and we need a proof of such to get them approved on your end as well of course of course because we talk to so many clients they have an idea on how they want to do things but they don’t have the amount of funds needed to do so so why are we going to waste their time or why are we going to talk about an e2 and eb5 we might have to talk about something else okay so that’s the first thing that we do we want to talk to them to see all right what’s the best step is understanding their funds available to treat them or you know show them in the right path of uh which program they’re best suited for how many people they want to bring over correct it’s it’s a team effort because um they need to understand what techie does and that’s that’s where you guys have to come in and really explain what techie does how they’re going to support them what are the regulations or you know in the contracts and then with us it’s really knowing like how are they going to move with this which way are they going to go and for them to realize on their own which step they want to take yeah one of the questions that we get a lot is all right for these visas we have to do an investment which is true before they get the visa and there’s a lot of ways around that so they don’t lose their money that’s another thing that we talked to because it’s not only all right let’s do this and we’ll invest under that’s a guaranteed visa however that’s when businesses are like what you mentioned mom and pop so you don’t know what’s going to happen with your business with a franchise like yours that business is pretty much guaranteed how much you make on it it’s up to how you do things right but it’s guaranteed yeah i mean you could tell them listen this is all we’ve had all we’ve done you could show them books and don’t know um okay so i i invest in this franchise it’s almost a guaranteed visa that’s why when you say 20 visas and they’ve all been successful of course they have yeah they have a good plan a good plan a good platform a good business plan for them to follow and that’s very important for someone that’s coming particularly with our south american clients they don’t trust anyone they look at their shadow they don’t trust their shot of course so now i’m going to invest with america yeah yeah and it’s a good amount of an investment and they want to be more you know sure we can’t guarantee what they do past that boat you know there’s no guarantees of the visa but with their track record it’s there you know so that makes them feel a lot more comfortable that you know there’s nothing really uh you know outside the box that could happen

and that’s why i keep mentioning the the walmart um the walmart uh things that you guys have done that that association that you guys have with with walmart because everyone knows walmart is doing pretty well i mean if you look at the stock market or if you look at whatever you want to look into walmart is doing very well so for them to allow a franchise into their business yeah it has to be substantial and these clients from south america and even the ones from europe yeah they have to know that and that’s another good thing about us being a walmart is they have so many opportunities to open up throughout the country you know it doesn’t just have to be south florida or uh or central florida or anywhere uh we have so many possible locations available you know if they have family in texas they want to go over there we could find that location yeah we can even put the link below and uh and you can open that link and see all the locations we can open up inside of walmart so yeah um and the same for you guys you know uh put the link below so you they can learn a little bit about you guys and what you offer and um you know obviously it’s so much more than just south america right oh yeah i mean look look at this guys i mean we’re looking at this very colorful map so you got blue so the colors don’t really mean it much it was just to separate you know the color yeah it’s not a big blue blob exactly and and it was just more for us to uh to really see it now you’re gonna get most of your latin americans that are from chile argentina paraguay colombia they’re always going to have that majority of them will have that dual citizenship now you’re looking at countries like bolivia in order to be in bolivia they don’t they no longer have this treaty they had it and it’s going to expire um in 2022 yeah and in order to even be applicable they had to have invested uh in 2012 yeah previously so with someone like that bolivia has a huge population with german descent germany is part of it yeah you know so these are things that can help a lot a lot of venezuelans do have arabic descents that are uh or jewish descent so they’ll have israelis part of it turkey’s a part of it so these are things that it won’t limit us now one major thing that um we always talk about with everyone who’s interested in these type of visas with e2s they have to have that nationality so it’s not just having that descendant so if someone is uh bolivian and they have that german descent they have to have that german nationality what if i just i live in europe and i wanted to come over here i mean is it the same process well that’s the thing if they’re confused you know call us reach out to us we’re always here we have plenty of staff to help them with their questions uh to speak spanish portuguese whatever it is even during the training process you know we have people that you know if they’re more afraid because oh we don’t speak english we have people you know on staff that speak all these languages so and i’m glad you mentioned portuguese because portugal just got added so we’re very excited about that and that was just recently within like the last month the last two weeks oh that’s two weeks yeah so that’s going to be a a big target for the some of the listeners that are out there that are gonna yeah that opens up the door for brazil and a lot of other and venezuelans have a lot of portuguese uh nationalities as well gotcha all right well yeah i mean guys this has been great i mean anything that you want to add or i mean we’ve talked about so much and i’m sure you guys are like just want to probably watch it a couple times because it’s a lot of information but like like bill said um if you click the link below you can find out more information about techie and you can also find out more information about the immigration attorney side of things and uh and what the company name was again lno immigration services yeah so um yeah don’t be afraid reach out to us with any questions uh i remember growing up no question is a dumb question that’s true ask us but uh thanks for being on and uh till we continue yeah thanks guys