5 EASY Steps to Connect with Your Spirit Guide

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5 EASY Steps to Connect with Your Spirit Guide

Hi this is sexy Mermaid, Christina’s Spirit guide, and I’m going to show you how to connect with your spirit guide today! I love messing with you! No, this isn’t really my Spirit Guide but I do have lots of them and get this: so do you! You may not feel this or believe this, but right now, you’re surrounded by spirit guides who are constantly trying to guide you in life You just can’t hear them But in this video, I’m going to teach you how to connect with your spirit guides and allow them to help you so you never feel lost in life again There’s this belief out there that Spirit Guides are only reserved for gurus or psychics But that’s baloney We’re all loved and assisted by so many guides We just need to learn how exactly to communicate with them So me and Sexy mermaid will see you in a bit! [sexy mermaid: roll trailer!] Hello Beautiful soul! It’s so good to see you! This is Christina Lopes, the Heart Alchemist, here to help you open your heart, heal your past, and live with purpose If you’re new to my videos, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss any of my weekly content I get a lot of questions from people asking me if they have spirit guides and why if they do, how can they connect with them There’s this idea out there that spirit guides are available only for some people and not for others People reach out to me and feel completely discouraged because they can’t seem to connect with their guides and have no idea how to do this And that’s why I shot this video for you today I’ve divided the video in 4 parts and here’s what you’ll learn: First, I’ll give a behind the scenes look at your spiritual guidance we’ll learn why it’s so hard for the majority of us to hear our spirit guides I’ll share the 2 levels of spirit perception that we use to connect with our guides I’ll share my 5 step process to connecting with spirit guides Let’s get to it! Part 1: Who are our Spirit Guides? Spirit guides come in many forms: angels, archangels, ascended masters like Jesus or Buddha, nature guides, spirit animal guides, starseeds, departed loved ones, light beings, and the list goes on and on It’s less important to know the specifics of each type of guides and more important to know that they exist everywhere and work with you in teams So, you have some guides that are lifelong guides For example, you’ll have one main guide that is with you your whole life Generally, your lifelong guide is going to be an experienced soul or light being But you also have a lifelong spirit animal and a guardian angel But these lifelong guides aren’t the only ones that work with you Throughout your life, you’ll have rotating guides that come in when you need their particular energy or wisdom They’ll stay with you for a while and then depart when that specific phase of your life is over As your energy ascends, your vibration changes and so you’ll keep attracting different types of spirit guides, depending on what you need and the assistance you ask for Part 2: Why is it hard to hear our Spirit Guides? There are 2 main reasons why it’s hard for so many of us to hear our guidance: The Spirit world is subtle, it speaks to you often in stillness and silence Sometimes they can make a scene like poltergeist type of things but for the most part, the world of spirit is subtle The mind is too active And this goes hand in hand with the 1st reason The mind is the major filterer or blocker of the spirit realm Your mind is designed to interpret and imagine the world “out there” And it often has a life of its own The more active your mind, the more your thoughts whirl around, the harder it’ll be to hear your guidance because again, spirit is subtle So that means ideally, your mind should be almost silent or still in order for you to listen to the spirit world Part 3: The 2 levels of spirit perception This is rarely talked about but you don’t always hear or see your guides in the same way The way they communicate with you will change, depending on what level of consciousness you’re at And here are the 2 levels of consciousness: 1 Separation consciousness This is the level of the mind or ego This is the level where you see yourself as separate from the other or the world In this level, you experience the world from the subject/object split In this level of consciousness, you call out an angel or spirit guide that is out there, they’re separate from you So you call on a Jesus or buddha or Archangel In this level of consciousness, you and the spirit guide are two different things When you receive guidance here, you’re seeing it as “coming in” from the outside This is the most common type of guidance because we’re all mostly in separation consciousness most of the time The mind tends to dominate our experience and the veil of separation is a pretty dominant feature of this reality 2 Unity consciousness This is the level of the heart This is the level where you experience yourself as One with the Universe You sort of fold in on yourself The subject/object split dissolves and you experience your oneness with all of life This is a level of consciousness that very few people can sustain 100% of the time in

this reality Maybe some mystics or gurus but for the most part, this level of consciousness is experienced in spurts Usually when we’re deep in meditation or looking at someone we love When you receive guidance here, you’re feeling the guidance as a part of you, of your heart It feels like something coming from within you, not from the outside Because the subject/object is gone, you become one with the guide who is connecting to you So you are Jesus or Buddha or and archangel You and the guide are one We spend all our lives toggling between these 2 levels of consciousness So it’s important to understand what the guidance feels like in these 2 levels because it feels completely different I remember when this happened to me for the first time I was in deep meditation and I remember that I had not felt or heard my guides for days at this point And I was getting worried that my antennas had stopped working! So I asked for my guides to please help me understand And that’s when I saw a silhouette of light coming toward me but I didn’t recognize it It was faint and I couldn’t make a form It was my guide but she looked totally different than she had ever presented herself to me So I asked why she was looking different and she said: “I’m not different, you’re just in a different level of consciousness so you see me closer to the way I really am” And from that moment on, I started to receive my guidance more from within It was like my guides all resided in my heart now, instead of somewhere out there Part 4: How to connect with your guides 5-step process: Conscious intention Give permission Quiet your mind Ask for reinforcement of message in 3d reality Stay present Now I wanna hear from you! How do you connect with your spirit guides?

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