Once Upon a Time S4 E11 "Shattered Sight" Podcast

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Once Upon a Time S4 E11 "Shattered Sight" Podcast

warning this podcast contains spoilers what’s up everyone and welcome to the N seen on TV podcast for once upon a time he’s season 4 of 7 11 shattered sight I mean as dumb with me is Queen Cleo mm-hmm my answer i call myself in my minecraft world yeah i wrote like I tag my stuff with signs its Queen Cleo down below is only kins AK Nikki what does the Fox a cute little squeaky noises not no no scenario Fox that’s not her fox her [ __ ] does it say that he’s totally says doodlee doodlee golly what a day um and and Rachel okay Savannah how’s it going it’s going pretty good I had to bring him back yay dead bull riding Mileva said it’s gonna happen soon cuz I have to see it we’re doing yet it’s coming that’s the only like Marvel tie-in yeah once upon a time that I will accept I’m gonna laugh if like militia in comes bursting through a house in like transforms as a dragon and like Henry’s dead pool action figure falls on Maleficent gets stuck there and then we’ll be like oh look we predicted it we called it yeah so um would you guys think of this episode shattered sight so glad that this episode tied things in for me was I say it finally I was so angry about last episode but some answered a lot of questions I think this this was the most enjoyable I’ve been watching that’s why Allah wants one time yes this was a really good it was a good episode so I stopped a few questions but but we’ll get there there’s always questions well couple things that just they’re always gonna be questioned more it’s not it’s not more questions as it is um inconsistencies but yeah we’ll get there we get there uh what you guys think of the UH the shattered sight spell itself you guys expecting a little more out of it no well no I see the only connection I made was that at the very end everybody was laughing hysterically so I was like wait the Sharks from the spell were little blue shards of oh gosh this is not good stuff this is this is all like breaking bad going on yes rectly in your eyeballs yeah it does not sound pleasant magic belt and then the fact that you know he mentioned that hook didn’t get because he as heart was in her so that means that Marian wasn’t affected right but she was also sleeping no she wasn’t frozen anymore oh that’s right she just wah like wandered away right probably or she might have had rollin oh no I don’t I know that we said we saw her whether I never was that look yeah I never went back to look but I don’t think they ever addressed that no I think it was kind of implied since the curse at in arendelle defrosted and all the things that were frozen from the ice queen are no longer frozen you know who know really yeah you know what really ticked me off is if that she because because she didn’t have her heart and because she became unfrozen that she had some sort of doing with curing everybody that would have pissed me off I know no stop it Mary needs to leave I don’t know why but I think Marion is still frozen uh-uh nope I don’t think I don’t think I think if she is they they would have actually physically shown it I don’t think they’re gonna leave something like oh my god she’s unthawed to a off-camera seen it would be really silly it like yet I mean if they don’t say something next episode then they’re doing things wrong well I mean we’ve had on ceremoniously characters leave and come back so I’m gonna wear Marion it’s still kind of like I mean for a character to be there and then leave like we knew Cinderella left because of baby well she bandy and it will bit she wants a husband Milan was kind in the world and there’s all that we don’t know

what happened with the curse and we won um yeah but still she was there and then they just dropped her so I don’t I wouldn’t put it past them I mean she was there but Marion was there like you know I know she might be planning something now that she doesn’t have a heart maybe she’s all evil maybe she doesn’t give a [ __ ] about anything goodbye I still think she’s she’s thought and I think we’ll find that out for sure next week I think we’re gonna get a good defensive answer on that yeah um good now but UH the thing that I was most disappointed about I guess with this curse is not only did they have like such a build-up to the curse and it’s resolved in one episode which is kind of like the typical thing you know that they do here is they resolve everything in one episode buzz buzz really no choice view they wouldn’t killed each other that that is my point that is what I’m upset it’s there was zero casualties mm-hmm that is my biggest point this is like this curse that they just got through saying is you’re a white out Storybrooke that people are gonna kill each other in the streets and you are you happy with like a crossbow and it’s like you sure I’m like oh did you stick dopey dopey wasn’t doing anything he was just letting the one who runs it was just like see like I mentioned before they were like hysterically laughing so they go from killing each other getting so close to it and then they’re like oh oh oh you tried to kill me I don’t why are you like oh maybe it was the maybe it was the snow it gave him that all sense of utopia or some I don’t know it I didn’t talk for a moment I was like no don’t dance and that’s no Tony that’s no it’s the stuck in some body don’t do that don’t do let’s grow so don’t do that oh yeah i don’t i don’t know i was just this point i want to see some kind of it even if it’s just a minor character I mean the outside of the villains in this story we never really see anyone die right had the fake death of dr. hopper right that whole thing that played out and he’d never done I think the only like character that we’ve had that is not a vellum that died was Gus the mouse Neil oh yeah and you know oh here’s a guy uh no yeah yeah don’t worry about him I mean ok so is too he didn’t die from like evil means he died because of cells Africa sacrifice kind of thing you know yeah what but I mean I was going more for in terms of the the actual storybook characters characters that we know like hmm you know balefire is not like a character that’s um Cinderella you sees a main character of this show but I mean like the storybook characters that it seems like they’re afraid to kill off characters that are written in these novels outside the villains yeah you know like you’re not gonna see cinderella die well I mean I’m not completely convinced that the villains that are dead or dead nothing’s no one no one’s ever really did I wouldn’t okay so this is this side tangible what I would love if every single vellum that has died Hades comes and brings them all back babies oh my god hallelujah how amazing would that be be another curse Oh No Hades himself is a walking curse he doesn’t need anything to you know it’s gotta wait for the planets to align forget it Titans but that could be potentially he’ll get Neil back as well they’ll be cool um you wouldn’t be exactly would after that no we don’t know i’m sorry i don’t want Neil back wow did you don’t want baby Neil back well that’s just heartless um so what did you guys think of the return of beauty McQueen I love her I miss you my god I was like what am i wearing at ya at the end what am I worrying but then she was like the whole like she puts it on she’s like that’s better hey I missed you but yeah did you guys miss her oh yeah a little bit and I miss I miss overly evil Rumplestiltskin to like the dark one damn Rumplestiltskin like mr. crazy I’m like yeah he was like crazy evil it is like certifiably on that borderline jaron he was cunning and magic comes at a price yeah it’s that way i miss actually that’s a voice and this second yeah yeah yeahs character that that dark one character giant eyes yeah / actor no it’s just I thought it was interesting the way Regina they used her hatred to break a curse like like when it worked I was like holy [ __ ] you

know you never see evil like winning yeah well this is evil sort of like evil against evil yeah I guess it’s like that’s a good to the point where it’s sickened it’s one of those sickening goods yeah i guess the ribbons that found them were were forged from love but they’re being used for evil so evil vs evil well I mean it was I mean for everyone else it was evil but for the snow queen it was justified good i mean yeah for her that was love so I mean she didn’t see that she was doing nasty things to other people oh no of course she didn’t she know like that but universe yeah all I recognized it yeah uh the thing I think the most about getting back to Regina though that I was disappointed with is there was absolutely no confrontation with Robin Hood at all yeah really hoping to see a scene between the two of them under the the shattered sight curse I was more hoping for a buen the curse was broken her fine him and him just like staring at her chest voters for that well I love I have to say this I loved wina snow and Regina or fighting and um Charming’s just got the bars like oh god like him just looking like my wife is so hot right now let’s make another baby this is every American countries provided two women fighting come on yeah I don’t know the snow and David dynamic was interesting and everything but I think the best line out of the entire episode was when david says to Christophe he goes uh-uh what are you doing selling ice and arendelle anyway yeah the whole place is frozen which kind of brings up a pretty damn good fight it’s not always for hizon mm-hmm I mean arendelle isn’t have fridges so I need that he does solid ice so there you go keep it it was like was summer when Elsa froze arendelle for the first time so hmm was it it does it is summer there it’s just there is summer yeah like even when the scene were in grid freezes um her sister hell I’ll go go yeah that it’s summer then yeah it’s nice weather yeah with the Duke cool we’s yes right there I want to see him dance for that was [ __ ] hilarious wow that was amazing yeah so was it we have a scene with Mr Gold telling you no hooks go get Henry you know and then hook goes off goat goes to get Henry and Henry just pulled off a kevin mccallister they’re like how much I was like how much time alone has been watching too much as soon as as soon as hook walked in and he went flying I just had flashbacks of the micro machines across the floor I’m not even kidding out loud I said the TV look what you did you little jerk I was like aww poor hook and Henry just bucks in takes off I was waiting for the paint cans yeah then of course you know will that we we totally like blew that out of proportion last last time we talked about we wanted something big and grand and then it was just blank and I will yeah wow this weather it wasn’t what are you trying to do yeah daddy and John you to fisticuffs battle scene the whole scene was mentioned in the the synopsis for the episode so like is over like that is hilarious and I think I think that build up to it is what made that seem that much more special Oh hilarious cuz I’m like oh my god here it is this is the moment that they’ve been building will up to like it’s all of us have watched him from you know once upon a time in wonderland we know what he’s capable right and what we’ve seen out of him and once has not been very spectacular at all because he’s a drunk like ninety percent yes yeah yeah so there’s definitely a little more to him that we’re not getting but used to talk you know I’m trying to look at this from the perspective of people who didn’t watch Wonderland is like what the hell is a big deal with this guy you know yeah a little he’s like a little wimp when you haven’t watched Wonderland you look at him now from a difference per cents per second well you just do it then yes I’m sorry you don’t know the name you look at him like these comic

relief and that’s that’s hideous got face level comic relief yeah that’s why I was so hilarious at sea night I saw it and liked it started happening I was like yes I was excited like dog and then boom and then boom and I’m like oh oh well this is how we’re playing it oh yeah the episode literally ended in I wet wait that was it with well like I was waiting for him to come back or something you like be a part of it and I was like know that that one scene was the entire thing I knew when he hit the ground I’m like you done son he’s done uh and so we were talking about we’re talking about Ingrid before and Ingrid goes to show you know she’s not doing this out of like hatred you know she she’s doing out we knew this but but Emma and Elsa didn’t and she actually restored their memories okay and am I got to experience all the flashbacks that we saw this whole episode which you know they keep things together nicely hmm she respected at the very end sub that wasn’t Emma Reeve Olivia though so it’s just us you know that’s um same but yeah all the flashbacks we saw she got she got that was back at that time yeah so you know she we got to see that Ingrid actually adopted Emma yeah at one point or was you know no I tell me at least going to yeah I think she did yes I thought she did for a brief cuz she did a doctor and then I’m right away and then I guess she says figures the only person that wanted would want to adopt me we’d be crazy so maybe it’s was still in the process I mean she tried to kill Emma to manifest her powers that to do a little girl that step not I mean not even just do a little girl to anybody really that would be so easy no you crying that picture of her in the eye screws up she did know her yeah he did recognize her yeah and that was when she took her memories away yeah said that last episode I’m just curious though out of the amount of times that they’ve mentioned Harry Potter did Disney actually acquire harry potter that i didn’t know about hi yeah no no it’s Warner Brothers it came up like four times in the episode and I was like uh yeah that’s not a Disney well there she did sure like diablo 3 gameplay from playstation while they were playing with xbox controller so I mean um they can throw things like that int there and not have any yeah problems I mean they’re just mentioning Harry Potter is literature literature before it was a movie so great yeah and by the time uh Emma god damn it Emma on Elsa keep like having to pause and pick the right name before I say it Emma by the time she was dead the movies would have been out not all obvious no no you know try would have read the books yeah yeah I would assume she read them but yeah um but alright so here’s where things get wonky for me right we we see Ingrid traveled to Storybrooke in 2001 but she arrived in what 1983 82 yes so that’s 30 years went by 29-28 no 17 18 18 years yeah mmm still looks like she has an age today like they tried to be like oh yeah she came in Storybrooke that says she didn’t age but 18 years went by and doesn’t look like she aged a day doesn’t that doesn’t realize she was she was probably still pretty young when she got put in the urn don’t you know maybe it was just limitations of we physically can’t make you look any younger than this yeah well they did try to make her look older um by styling her hair different oh yeah using different makeup my kinda did the same thing for the virgina flashbacks yeah yeah yeah yeah you know when she was young riding the horse and having exactly yeah you know relationship there’s only so much naked yeah um but the the big the big flaw to me is how in the hell did she remove Emma’s memories the time that Emma came into the ice cream shop was pre breaking the first curse which means there was no magic in Storybrooke and we already saw when Snow Queen first arrived she had no magic it was the rocks the Rosa magic see Magic patrol magic is it overcomes any of that stuff she had that I’m just brought it in yeah that magic was hurled viable yeah she wasn’t part of the curse but I thought magic didn’t work until they activated the curse like Rumple had all these magical artifacts and none of them did anything there’s a chance that

it might not be magic and it might be a just a troll skill I don’t know something like that I think about it like Tolkien’s elves things they do are considered magic but elves don’t consider a magic it’s just their craft it’s literally just how they make things hmm alright i don’t know i don’t i don’t buy it but if you guys buy it and then i’ll drop it i’m eating that ice cream down a clown rocky road rocky road mom [ __ ] chris the best damn rocky road damn right here are you ever had that she hid the stones and like it was a carrot well would you say they did to the sorceress scroll 0 is what allowed her to enter said Brandis the first place and you know I guess the the Sorcerer’s magic works there mmm so there’s got to be some restrictions to that but I don’t know I thought I thought magic didn’t exist in Storybrooke till i’m a broke the curse so I’m I I can’t buy it yes I just think that the people that got caught in the curse couldn’t use their magic I mean before she was like I mean before she broke the curse the town didn’t age and I mean that itself is magic well that’s just it was it was yeah I do JJ’s for magic before the curse was broken she was trying to meet you back uh she was trying to compel the wasn’t that one boy that she wanted to take on like yeah somebody tried to use magic to ya don’t remember dobson season two um the little boy that was Greg Mendell uh as a child that was season two um it was a flashback well Regina was kind of in charge so I yeah she would still have some right you know that does make sense I know that the Mad Hatter was introduced in season one and I remember he was trying to get the hat to work but I don’t think they got the hat to work until season two don’t they never got the hat to work in Storybrooke yeah they did a hack the hat was destroyed no they got the had to work that’s how the they got sucked into the Enchanted Forest that’s how am I ended up there member she had the jack and the beanstalk adventure ease they got the hat to work but yeah I’m pretty sure there was absolutely no magic even their magical items that they had just did not function so I guess outside the the troll Magic and the the Sorcerer’s I think it’s just like thee it was connected to the enchanted forest that p but anything that was people the people the things from the enchanted forest were affected arendelle although kind of on the same kind of plane is out of the enchanted forest same with like Oz and wonderland if I’m thinking if any of those magical items came in they would have been able to work yeah hmm alright um we finally got to see what the letter was from in the first episode we forgot to talk about the letter carrying over we saw the letter in the bottle you know came over with um with honor and Kristoff but uh we actually i’ma founded this episode she read it no she whacked her stuff in the head with a bottle that was how it is it was so funny and then she’s like don’t wake up your unconsciousness of your back Rebecca oh you’re not moving it when so I’m not I don’t you just leave the man unconscious on a beach in the middle of the winter and he’ll be fine he’s a mountain man he’s perfectly he’s fine don’t worry about Chris luck okay ah but you know the the letter instead of being something that we thought was gonna be like you know what woody speculate it was gonna be some way for Emma or Elsa rather to remove her powers you know we speculated all sorts of things with one of them was definitely not an apology letter you know well I knew that it would probably the truth something what they are you doing not necessarily taking take her prowlers way but they were really after yeah yeah no idea it would have the memory stone yeah the memory stone for all of the people of our window which was very small yeah teeny tiny so maybe it’s just like this little tiny stone it doesn’t matter the size it can just consume every memory I mean it doesn’t need to be just depends if it’s on the sides of their pockets at the day you know what kind of both sides rock they had at the time so they don’t have any pockets oh you don’t think my pockets I

don’t think I don’t think Rock trolls have pockets in that pouches if they have pockets they’re definitely not carrying more rocks in the rock pouches but it this just goes to like this is every single villain then that gets introduced do they all need like a redemption story like is that a necessity can’t we just have a villain that is a villain because it’s fun to be a villain and not because there’s this big ulterior motive I don’t know we’re gonna be pretty bleep old are you coming up so yeah I don’t know I mean was Rumple story arc and the neverland seer like part was that ever Redemption he always had some other reason for doing what he was doing oh they sell fish Rumple over having the redemption story it all his Redemption stories are fake because he just keeps on lying yeah they’re all fake your face so I mean I’m so tired of him right now like him in this episode I was just like stop talking please no mate yes because I’m like you I’m sick of it I’m sick of everything that comes out of his mouth he he still wants to free himself of the dagger he ones at the dart you know the dark powers but everybody wants the freedoms of the dagger he wants Bell and Henry did to come with him so he’s still maintaining this whole family thing like if he was really out for himself he’d leave Bell and he’d leave Henry behind I don’t care okay now there’s some other reasons why I mean other than family I mean yes that’s a big deal but I mean for him to want like seriously go out of his way and really really want to bring them along he’s got to have other plans for them he’s deluding himself they make him feel less like a bad guy person there you want to come that second just that a second shot but he never had with a file by far with Neil me once he gets out he’s gonna try to take over the world there’s no second chances Rumple he she’s gonna go ass and over evil I mean hook just begged and pleaded with them to leave Emma and everyone alone in Storybrooke this you know if he’s leaving he should be able to leave and not having to look back and he goes okay I won’t touch him but I can’t promise about what’s outside of Storybrooke yeah and the rest of the world so he’s definitely got bigger better plans yeah so there is no redemption I don’t know if I’m alone on this one though I want Belle to look him in the eye and call him a monster yeah it’s gonna happen I don’t know if I’m alone on this one but I actually I actually don’t like Hulk right now I I don’t either he’s wimpy because he has to listen to everything ruppel say he can’t know it’s not just that though even even before that I was yelling at him I’m like you’re dumb you don’t need to make a deal with him you’re dumb stop it all that mean I’ve been doing against Rumple before even before his heart was taken it’s just like rush you guys put your differences aside you you went after Peter Pan you did the thing with the Wicked Witch like ever like you put that whole thing aside we resolved this already why are we going back to it it’s just it seems completely unnecessary at this point obviously they had they had to do the whole going back as he was the last person to actually know him before he was there yeah I understand that necessity on on rumple’s behalf but if Rumble was the one that did that and reignited that feud that would be a different story but hook is the one that instigated this he wanted to get something for free out of um out of rumple I means week I would help yeah exactly if you would’ve walked in and asked maybe possibly before he said well I have this on you you have to do this for me he probably would have gotten what he asked for it if he was nice about it you know you know he wanted that hand because you want I’d rather just see like hook and Emma get married and have like Rumple uh Gibbons give the hand back is like a wedding gift oh god I love the fact that Henry was all pissed off that they’re seen yeah that was good I never liked you anyway like you know like you less now that you’re dating my mom he’s like your dirty part is hey I Phaedra surely know sure goodness I was really worried though I thought that this episode was the season finale I thought that all the way through this episode and I think I even mentioned last week this was going to be the season yeah so yeah definitely said Mickey some are that’s Izzy miss see the original plan now was the way I was going off of his when when the season started we were told episode 11 was going to be the mid-season valley and then they snuck in that one episode in the middle of a 9 or whatever it was yeah and it really pushed all the the episode titles back so in the number

sequence and everything so when they a finale as episode 11 got shoved that made it 12 so I got super confused and I apologize for that but how dare you sir but now that we’ve we’ve established that the the curse is broken you know the villain is handled you know um well let me ask you guys real quick with it what do you guys think of Ingrid heard Redemption it was cute um was the so much Redemption as she it was like a realization of what you realize what the hell she did and what and everything she thought she did for one reason Oh was basically not there and did just feel bad for it and I guess what I did it because I my name just gonna see her sisters again it’s what she had to do to fix it yeah she gonna be back with her sisters again so she thinks know that we even saw the flashback they were the would ever seen the three of them were skipping around yeah so and that was kind of weird cuz that it’s kind of like the first time they’ve touched on like a and afterlife so to speak I just saw those flashbacks yeah I don’t watch back to when they were skipping around when they were children I mean that’s when their service yeah but I mean I guess it’s not the first tease of an afterlight I mean we did have ghosts Cora coming back from a seance so oh yeah you know Gus car I do love when she said I apologize for killing her I really didn’t mean it mm-hmm what would you guys think of uh Regina and Emmas little banter back and forth their forgot to mention that before um I mean Emma was just trying to light a fuse under the fire no she was trying to have wood to it yeah she was actually taken to Jerry can just throwing it into the fire she was like oh let’s of gas for this right yes a little bit more everyone I’ve ever said about me is true yeah hey did on purpose I know who she was I brought her back intentionally mmm-hmm oh yeah i mean if everybody remember i mean i’m pretty sure everybody remembers yeah well Regina has a few questions for Emma she might but then again she might just realize that it was I mean even if you even if you like realize she was doing it just to get you revved up wouldn’t you still kind of have that little seed of doubt in the back of your head like maybe she didn’t know what she was doing just no I don’t think she doesn’t think Emma’s that smart but how salacious obviously she’s not yeah she’s not completely over it so that seed of doubt would you know cause a little bit of concern be I don’t think that cedar doubt would know I don’t think she doesn’t give him a that much credit she might know we know I don’t think so I don’t think that’s right so she’s I just don’t think she would like there’s no way Emma when known that’s who that was but I think because Robin Hood is with her enough sort of that it’s not that big of a deal yeah I’m just thinking of ways for Emma to get off so I mean he’s the main character and this a junk Davis is a Disney show let’s let’s focus on often Marion okay let’s focus on balloons offing anybody damn it down with Marion um that’s gonna be our picket sign next year yeah you guys better come to the protest Marion edition of our podcast next week I don’t mind Marion I don’t I just like to see Clea riled up um but uh ok so the curse the curse is broken Ingrid’s dealt with you know Gold’s starting to begin his quest for whatever the hell he’s going to do how do you guys think out they’re gonna they’re gonna close out this frozen story arc they already showed it in a preview they open up adorned with them walk through that’s it no it’s just like here the doors open goodbye see you later that’s it yep that’s they’re not gonna show it arendelle getting their memories back or anything like that I wasn’t on how Rumple is gonna get Henry to go with him and how he’s gonna get his son my two dads my two moms he’s agreed to this he’s not Regina and Emma are not gonna let Rumple taken no no there’s no freaking way and then there’s gonna be a big boom and then okay three special ladies come into play and then there’s a holy [ __ ] storm polaner yeah but I mean I don’t think Henry’s gonna

want to leave either no it’s not no don’t know what magic Rumple does you could just pull the anand just crack a bottle over his head love that cave minute I’m sorry she’s so she she was so flighty she makes me laugh ooh on Ahana yeah she stood just flighty and like I think she says good good I mean oh you’re all conscious but everyone’s kind of clamoring over the you know potential once upon a time in arendelle spinoff I really just I don’t want to see it I’m the only one and you wanna know why I say it it’s because it pisses you off I think that’s the whole thing that happens with each one of us we always pick on somebody see them get pissed off then we laugh about it later on um as far as I don’t see an errand and there’s I mean they could make story for it but then you know there’s a whole frozen to thing and they probably if they’re gonna do a spin-off there might want to wait for frozen to to come out probably gonna wait yeah ok then i’m not sure if they do wait they wait if they don’t all i can see is be spin-off of how they’re how after getting everyone’s memory back how they kind of take back from Hans hey I mean there’s not enough content there I mean honda’s one death that’s one season that’s my office I he got just one guy him and his 12 brothers but you know hauling in Gators Arizona do you think him in frozen too they’re gonna address that there was a 30 year gap between the movies I doubt it no it’s gonna go straight into Ana’s wedding there’s not gonna be this gap thing yeah yeah um so you guys have anything else for this week nope it’s good it’s all chief think we pretty much hit on everything alright well well next week next week gets a little exciting a little exciting and yeah we have the queens of darkness we know we were getting Ursula we’re getting Maleficent and we are getting Cruella De Vil woody what were you guys opinions on seeing that movie you for next week uh eligibles only one want no magic yeah I mean I was gonna say like the queens of darkness makes me think of magic and evil but krula she’s she’s evil she’s crazy but she’s not metal and I mean that’s what she may be she acquired something i don’t know but she’s magic fashion designer powers may be absorbing all the powers of the animals that she pelts oh my god oh that’s horrible I want her to wear like just scar let’s go don’t wear scar do not do not know that scar is my favorite villain in the Disney Universe yes but you have mentioned that you very very much like him and many times and like so many episodes a girl I mean last episode you mentioned it i think the episode before that is she could just hollow out his head and use as a hat yeah yeah here whew and then she gives Claus as a tie yeah I did when building a Native American wearing a wolf pelt she does not get to wear scar on her head around her neck it’s your cape Oh anyway next week is called heroes and villains in the ass aftermath of The Snow Queen spell our heroes try to pick up the pieces and Regina has to make a difficult choice hooks fate hangs in the balance as Gold’s quest for power threatens everything he holds dear and in the Enchanted Forest flashback an intrusion during bells stay at Rumplestiltskin’s dark castle will wreak havoc in both the past and the future hmm yeah so I don’t know if this is gonna be some kind of time travel spell again I’m going to be very disappointed depending on what this wreak havoc in both the past and the future is going to be because when time-travel happened at the beginning of the season or last season end of last season what was it was at the end of the line mid mid last season um then we were told that was the first time time travel had ever been used so I don’t want them to wreck on that I’m sick of the show Rhett counting things I really am like I don’t want it reckoned just don’t ever give us time

travel in the past don’t do it I’m I’m Matt I got what happens is a latent thing so she does something in the past and that it comes up in the future again okay oh hey I did this thing that’s not coming back to bite me in the ass yeah something like that but one this is all bell right yeah I mean that’s kind of a reoccurring theme with her I mean she did something in the past for it with air Adele and I came back to bite her in the ass and now again I don’t I don’t know there’s something up with bell yeah uh I had mentioned the wreck on thing the the thing griping a little bit about was uh we had talked in pre-show about them recasting Robin Hood and I don’t like when they recast things unfortunately Ursula is being recast she was originally voiced by yvette nicole brown however you vet is having some personal family issues her father’s is really ill and um I do believe that if she was available that they would have used her yeah um because I know that she pretty much covers all the comic con panels and you know all that for them and they’re really on good terms with her I just feel like you know they had things were set in motion the story was already completed and then things happened and they they had to recast the role it’s not as big of a deal because we only had her voice prior and like an illusion showed up to talk to regina so yeah it’s not the biggest deal so she’s been recast by Meryn junge i think is how you pronounce that I i I’m gonna butcher names I really AM I’m the worst name pronounced her ever so Kristin Kristin Bauer is cushioned Bauer van straaten a rather is coming returning back as Maleficent yeah and and I really liked that they the kind of Angelina Jolie der up a little you know I me in that preview she looked ripped right out of the new maleficent movie like yeah it good stylized that more than it she had in the past when they based it off of you know the cartoon i had to play and then rewind and pause and play and rewind upon to make sure it was kristen cuz i was like she just looked a little bit so looks so different to me like I barely could recognize her cuz let me the last time I saw her for reals was on true blood and you know I’m last time we actually saw hers when she went uh what Regina got the curse I mean yeah in this show but like the last time I’ve seen her anything wasn’t true blood and so I really really had to look closely to make sure it was her and when I confirmed I was very very excited yeah um I think physically she’s only been in two episodes she was in the very very first episode and then she was in another episode when David had to go and steal the Eric make Maleficent swallow the love potion remember that gold hood we got religion yeah then we got her then we just got her voice when um yeah the merry men went and strummed our castle yeah we get her voice we had to her in dragon form we had her in Wraith form you know so so she’s the characters been in a few different episodes but the actress has only been in two so uh and then finally we have Victoria Smurfit as uh grilled the bill a Miss smurfette smurfette mmm sm you RF IT smurfit yeah I’m probably butchering that name as well but karela definitely seemed the more interesting of the three to me it did show Pongo yeah but it looked like they recast Pongo oh god no I did go spots in the wrong spot I have never watched the show again it looked like he had too many spots on his face oh man sweat unless that wasn’t pongo that they showed and maybe that’s what is it a beautiful marina maybe that’s y am one of the mayor 101 Dalmatians I don’t know it looks like a puppy to me didn’t look like a whole own Dalmatian hmm you also don’t have to see we haven’t seen perdida happily oh yeah just Pongo yup so queens of darkness I can’t wait to see them oh yeah looks exciting yep this this episode is the one that I’ve been into anticipating the whole season like yeah the frozen story was cool and all but you know I’m done

let it go that’s it mm-hmm ah you’re so clever we had made that joke at least once a podcast to the last 12 50 yeah hopefully I thought we were done you better believe it mmm one more one more day of frozen one more next week is frozen last episode of frozen I know when we covered last last season you wanted Cruella this year you were saying that she would be an amazing addition and now that they have you’re probably feeling so proud of yourself right now I am parolees was definitely because I want to see you know I want to see a villain without magic if they go and get me and give Cruella magic I’m gonna be upset I just want yeah yeah okay using magical artifacts no I don’t want that like if she uses one you know here and there like maybe one or two through the whole arc that’s fine but if she relies on them it becomes a crutch and that’s like her gimmick like at no or me I just want to do this conniving Lord magic like she could she has a defense against magic she doesn’t wield it she has puppy powers I mean if it actually if it goes down to something in the animal pelts like I said if that becomes part of the story I’m fine with that I could deal with that lesson unless she has the skin of scar on her yes know if she ever wears scars main or anything like that i’m done i was lack of one of her cape when it first looks like a lion spell i will laugh so hard if it’s Mufasa that’s fine haha she would wear Mufasa though yeah there are no worse than right Ian came out in 1991 the fairies are in the hot the fairies are in the other in the head there’s no there’s tanker Bella but she’s freaking gone where did she go but all the rest of the fairies are inside that hat what are you talking about fairies in the chat chat oh I was only going to do skin worms and fairies dude the munchkins know she’s gonna want the puppies hmm but they’re all about these we’ve always had one dog that’s it we’ve only seen Pongo Pongo in a long time he could’ve ran off found pretty babies in the woods who knows Brooke we haven’t seen him in a watch it’s so we have been exploring for Shanghai defeat me later man honey with red riding hood how many donations are there um pardon me technically there was there was 99 puppies and then perdia and pongo made 101 but dude wasn’t there a sequel at some point didn’t they have like 102 Dalmatians it so that’s why I’m saying are there 102 right now is that what we’re up to who knows what they’re gonna go with maybe they’re only have fifteen puppies we don’t know it’s Cruella she’s probably gonna you know skin everything she can could be I don’t know she’s completely for you oh sorry yeah she’s not no scrappy is not part of this universe hi guys like we’ll wait scrappy well I don’t know because you can hear my my cat in the other room but I’m about to invite gorilla over here to Mackenzie shits num that would be mckaela but no that’s Chelsea um damn it yeah I’ve been watching this room so I think that about wraps it up guys thank you guys for watching and lisas Lisa versus turn and turn them into a coat yeah that’s our show Claire could the people find you tomorrow excellent Nicki we’re gonna move on you I can find me on Twitter at lady that I’m 24 la tu y ven om 24 Rachel where can people find you they can find me at twitter at savannah 17 and this needs to happen writing melissa is confirmed for episode 12 you let me down below its phenomenon eh ano of Edom nom nom you can also find us on Facebook Gmail g+ twitter myspace and right here on youtube at / ASO TV podcast there’s more podcast for some of your favorite TV shows until next week mid-season finale we will see you Cruella Maleficent and Ursula later mm-hmm I mean without chimichangas know

what are those now I want a chimichanga I have no idea what those are I’m not kidding oh I just I’ll just stick with churros chickens doctors