San Bernardino In Plain Sight

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San Bernardino In Plain Sight

okay the reason I have made this YouTube video is just to point out some discrepancies that I’ve noticed in the photographs that we have been shown by the mainstream media I’m not offering any solutions or pramod any conclusions about the discrepancies that I have seen I’m open to any suggestions or opinions on this I’m very open to that maybe to help me and others to understand what we’re seeing here this image is the one that were perhaps most familiar with we have seen it over and over again and the media showing the scene of the shootout in the aftermath of the shootings you can see the vehicle the black Ford SUV there with the hood open the doors are open and the windows paired have been shot out and an active crime scene there are little yellow and orange markers on the grind presumably showing where the bullets have landed and just above the vehicle you can see the richardson street sign and this is supposed to be at the richardson and san bernardino avenue intersection here this photograph is perhaps less familiar to most of you I find this in the internet and it’s viewing from behind the scene so you have your FBI agents in the foreground and the distance you can see what looks like the time you can see high rise tall buildings an array and traffic lights looks quite busy down there just to the left you can see a CSI agent female with blond hair tied up and at first I wasn’t sure that this was perhaps the same scene but i find this photograph looking back up again and it clearly is the same that’s your black ford SUV with the guitar plates and just to the right there’s your CSI agent with the blond hair looks very similar all your markers and debris strewn around what should you tell place the intersection itself seems to be quite busy there you can see in various photographs lorries cars or quite close to this high-profile crime scene which I find a little unusual or more than a little unusual actually and an interview just at the time of the incident police chief Jared Berggren said that the eventual should I took place in east san bernardino avenue between mind and view avenue and richardson street and also in an interview lieutenant richard lawhead as stated that there was a SWAT team training exercise taking place in the area so they were all culturally suited and ready to rule unquote antilla very quickly on the scene personally I find this standing really that just coincidence perhaps it just raises ? over my head I decided to do my own little and Google Earth search and I discovered that this is the richardson street and San Bernardino and intersection here and it’s quite clear Richardson straight and I’m Bernardino I’m surprised now you see this because it looks very different than the scenario in the first and second photographs it looks more rural and we don’t have the same tree growth and you know it just looks at quieter so I did a straight through looking ahead in the distance I you can see for quite a quite a distance and there’s no intersection there which is visible and there’s no walk tall buildings so I looked in the other direction and again no street lights no tall buildings no intersection and as you can see on the road it’s clearly says east san bernardino avenue so this you know raise questions in my mind again using the strength you looking up towards the intersection which is to the right there you can see the road to the right on the traffic

lights and the signpost for Richardson straight just a bit closer there it is quite clear and you could argue that this is an old Google Earth image yep I agree that that’s quite possible except for one thing that google earth came into play and around 2004 and that wouldn’t allow for the mature trees that we saw in the area it’s just vastly different so I’m not sure when the update for this was done but this does not look to me like the same intersection that we have seen in the first two photographs it was reported that the SUV that was driven by the alleged terrorists had Utah license clips and was rented locally in California and so you can see from this close-up image of the Ford SUV but yes indeed there’s new templates as some figures are fairly clear I I’ve two possibly three possibly or why I’m not quite sure but the first three figures are certainly quite clear and this next image was when I took off the television set I was watching a newsreel video and at an aerial shot and I paused to zoom in and photograph this and i live to registration and I took another photograph this is the same car black with the hair is and you can see numerous bullet with bullet holes in the window you can see the little markers on the roof and some on the ground also you notice that there are in the top left the shadow of railings fencing this again is a photograph take an hour late and you can see a lot of debris straight and you can see the markers you can see to the left of the photograph there is a blue bin which is off to the passenger side of the vehicle from higher up you can see the positioning of the vehicle next to the blue bin you can see white picket fencing which has unusual shape in that it’s not perfectly straight so it makes it easily identifiable you can see the SWAT team have moved in here contrast that with this scene there’s no SWAT team and there’s no white picket fencing there’s no trees there’s no traffic lights there’s no mopping very different and again in this photograph you can see in the center of the photograph what looks like a poplar tree and this popera tree along with the fencing makes a very good guideline marker if you wanting to do some of your own research and the tip of the tree you can see what looks like a body and it looks like it’s dressed in black with an arm across the body and at the very tip of the poplar tree what looks like white soles on shoes and then a huge blood stain off to the top of the body you will notice that there are no apparent bloodstains on the road and yet they’re probably smart to blood at the side of this body this is a similar photograph and i’m not sure why the system blurred ight and i just find this one on the internet and here this image I find particularly disturbing this is allegedly syed farook lange bist ein you can see profuse amounts of blood beside him you can see that he is wearing dark clothing and white sole shoes and his arms are behind crosses body what I find particularly disturbing was the fact that he was handcuffed and that was what originally drew me to this whole scenario and caused me to ask questions the first question I asked myself was was he cuffed and then shot was he shot and then cuffed because either didn’t make sense to me and if he shot dead why does he need to be cuffed my it was pointed

out to me unofficially that it’s done in the case of suspected terrorists and I was told it’s the law I have no idea if that’s true or not that may not be I haven’t even tried to verify that and so I don’t know but it’s quite clear you can save yourself they costs on his risks and the large amount of blood would indicate that the man is no longer alive and one thing to note is that the blood is to the right of his body whereas in this image it’s to the left so either he has moved or he has been moved you can see the white soles just at the tip of the poplar so I believe that to be the same image right across the road from the SUV and here we have the SWAT teams moved in and again they’re surrounding the vehicle you can see just beyond the white picket fence that it’s rough grind quite spares there’s no trees no bushes nothing and again completely surrounded I believe this is the point at which they were about to remove science wife from the vehicle you can see they’re armed and alert and ready contrast it to this completely different and I know I keep coming back between the two but I just think it’s important enough to highlight the differences the intersection here the mature trees it just looks like a different scenario no SWAT teams you know I yeah one thing just to notice here in the center lower part of the photograph you’ll see the markings on the road appear to be little white squares and yet here the markings are long lines there are no white squares even when you zoom in there are no white squares so why are there two vehicles both black both bored both SUV both your tablets we could both beginning I 52 both hood open doors open window shot eight markers on the grind day bruh string what was supposed to be Richardson San Bernardino it clearly different why this image just shows Mr Heric and his position on the road he is close to the driveway of this house or the house next door actually and you can see it’s quite distinctive there’s a chain link fencing with a little rectangular sign on there’s a distinctive tree and a porch in the background again I just keep coming back to this scenario and the other even the road surfaces are different the whole surrounding is different you know here we have officers at a crime scene and no one is wearing forensic clothing no one is wearing the white suits no one is wearing or shoes or possibly not even wearing gloves this is a high-profile incident and yet it looks to me to my entry and I that this world scene is being contaminated here and none of the photographs have I seen any forensic gear worn and perhaps someone could point me in the direction of some but I haven’t seen them in either of these things and again I’m just going back and forth between the two just to show the differences the settings are just totally different why is no one asking these questions why is the media and silent on this that blows my mind and this is an interesting photograph you have what appears to be say its wife lying on the grind and her clothing is disheveled her arm is outstretched you can see what looks like a bra up near his shoulders and a black mark on her back not quite sure what that is and she’s just lying here Stein and she is in the vicinity of for personnel who

looked quite relaxed weapons our Lord everybody’s just standing byte nyte why is she not caught it’s like it’s the law of its necessity for suspected terrorists as she less of a threat you know there’s no blood there he clearly had a lot of blood which indicated that he was more and severely wounded so I you know this was one of the areas of concern for me that there was a discrepancy there in high both were treated I like you know I find it more than the little bizarre and if you do your own google street search you can see this picket fence off to the left and you can see the irregular shape and also to the far left you can see the tall popular tree the map shows just above with the daughters which is where the incident took place which is exactly where at cheap brought one said it was in between Richards street on the left and mountain view avenue on the right nowhere near that intersection up to the left it’s right in the middle right close to shed and dry and in this google and satellite image you can see here it’s clearly a quiet residential area contrast to this which is not a quiet residential area and this nobody’s in forensic suits it looks like to me there contaminating the same there’s traffic moving the intersection very close to the same and again so different very different for anyone who hasn’t noticed this before you you can’t feel to see the difference here I find this photograph interesting this is the vehicle to the right and to the left of it as a blue bin just like then the other scenario got the blue bin with the lid open and I originally you couldn’t see that because there were some vehicles parked just in front of it which appeared have been moved so there we have two black SUVs so similar as I pointed out and I we have this bin on the little white fence but it’s not the same you’ve got your posts there and with the yellow stripes on them which don’t appear in the other scene no posts no yellow stripes just regular quiet street in this photograph you can see just to the officers right which is to the left of the photograph there is a yellow water hydrant and again looking back that is in none of those other photographs the yellow water hydrant there is also a meal box and you can see it 07 there in other photographs you do see a one before the yet so this incident has happened outside 1807 san bernardino avenue east san bernardino avenue this is allegedly where this is in this photograph and I’m just really showing the position of the body of mr Brooke to the left would have been the white picket fence and the vehicle to the right in the second driveway up and the photograph would have been the body so it’s really just to give an indication of the layout of the area actually it’s the first his body would be sorry at that first driveway that you can see there with the gardening behind the chain-link fence which I’ll zoom in on another photographs so there are use and that’s an image street image so obviously the body isn’t there this was taken prior to the incident but you can see where the cursor is little

rectangular sign on the fence there’s the tree and the porch and again it’s much clearer there and it’s quite distinctive and that house is just a couple of doors down from the corner of shed and drive that’s not very clear let’s shed and drive so that’s the area that’s where the shoot I took place that’s where police chief bhagwan said it took place right in between 1 2 view avenue and richardson street and in this photograph you can see there’s the corner in the right with a white car is and there’s the body and there’s the vehicle and interestingly if you google search 1807 East San Bernardino Avenue you find this this house was sold in November and there we have a blue house and again and your google street search you can find that blue house to the right of the photograph and there on the very far right you can see it and then just up to the left two doors up is the white picket fencing in the poplar tree so you can see that both incidences have occurred outside 1807 east san bernardino avenue and yet the bus different they’re both in plain sight a lot of questions need to be asked a lot of pieces are missing the jigsaw thank you for listening