SWTOR – Ep 60 – Not A Finer Sight In The Galaxy

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SWTOR – Ep 60 – Not A Finer Sight In The Galaxy

all right this guy’s gonna freakin go ahead and like steel like this thing else Ernie well I get Joey’s house Boop Karan cam helo thank you this or anything else around here again he taken all my kills no pain killing those Oh alright this one just saw there like over there oh alright we can get out of here now ooh I should have walked all this way around though let’s head back then I’ll have to walk with all the people yeah let’s just head backwards all right i’ll meet you guys back outside when we get like two front of the place but mostly really needs another four let’s see if we can find some more of a sneeze invisible mother boob oh really all the way over there

oh those dogs like a boss and see what did I say I knew this guy would want to give me a quest eventually I guess when I finished it oh yes I guess was a given the quest anyway so you’re Tyrus is operative correct good to see you alive majo yes I’m here with your operative he secured the tunnels no I contacted you immediately sir wait what he wants to know what was done there why would I don’t get that like why would telling them that there were weak force sensitive people be a Jedi like the right thing like like a light side path yeah it was a truth hey I guess by maybe uh maybe guess by telling him a lie owes daylight training oh yeah we should make sure to all die because of it cuz they’re all very Jedi it was a room full of force-users I want hazard pay for this did you copy that sir yes sir i’ll pass on the message the major praises you on your stunning victory and service to the empire and says we’ll move a squad in to exterminate any survivors um kind of confused that camping like that like I guess it’s a lie like yeah he likes you know who tell you know what stuff but I guess he doesn’t like lying huh it doesn’t seem overly complicated right now that we know we don’t want the cargo the battalion will move in with gas to flush out the rest of this operation there’s not a finest site in a galaxy than guest rebels running out of a cave into the waiting blasters of your own battalion well perhaps sun rises but for those you have to wake up early whoa like hey I just looking at I’m like I want to stab me with my lightsaber battle thank you let’s just take the thing out over 4,000 experience Barnes yeah buddy all right so we still need to find more of these uh cloaked mother he’ll leave beepers mm-hmm nope of course I want to be in your own here and what about right here we’ll need another six god damn it dark making this difficult I don’t like being like things being easy easy easy as eating pie pie all right now I don’t even know what doesn’t matter and I just realize i’ma have my bus on probably useful for me to have on this not so much girl can head back up the road you have already cleared this area so there are only very specific places I suppose and I haven’t really tried up here Oh Oh see the putnam ave that sounded just like finding the Baron hold the roll crowd those are you to play will

probably know sakky and it made i go dying p last one kill it all right we’re all done here then unless the report back over there no problem let’s go I can probably just uh um right there for three wait for speed all right get this one in and then we cannot do well next we’re gonna do is one of the one that’s uh actually has to do with my no more surprise attacks good captain Rigel is on ho ho he wants a word with you my lord allow me to express my deepest pleasure working with you operation breaking point has been far more successful than I ever could have imagined word is the former bellmore and minister of defense of origin might come down to Balmorra he’s playing right into our hands I hope he does show up I’ll kill him I hope so too now that the wilds are secured we’re ready for the final push Colonel Rayne head of the imperial conquest consolidation call has come to oversee the action he’s at the sand re outpost in striking distance of the resistances main base it’s now or never alright so this lee sedol quest seems to be like oh the bowel for about more kind of thing wait where is that that’s all the way over there so we’re gonna leave that alone extract the raid be too said say hello to the maker aw didn’t kill enough resistance did I let’s just go back out there till one more all right um doesn’t want us quits for what though allows for the Rogues doesn’t even matter right now obviously Skies is okay so we’re gonna lead outlook so extraction in the call travel to nourish element of the calls Lord shadows believe that home so extraction we need to head back that way so where’s my where’s my flight pat mcgee all right i’ll meet you guys back at the next little place and maybe cutting a lot and like these videos from now on just so to say in the whole rise destinations all rights on the room okay what’s up Beck we are here in this new area here that we have in to dispatch position forces and then we’ll head inside into their I suppose what if that is that’s because this is a bonus think so it’s better to kill a lock with a screw Bob his head if I washed up kill all the things as always so else has been going on since besides this game anyway um like run 06 just play that to date she’s pretty awesome for first time oh ok forward to that what else is there that I’ve been doing recently we’ll talk more after the scene I guess but you guys know more about what’s going on I guess oh well I should have known better car wouldn’t let me go without a fight but sending ass it seems a bit like overkill are you here to kill me or are you going to torture me first thanks for reminding me Lord no no

listen listen I won’t be scared into returning I risked my life to come here being an imperial scientist it’s a fate worse than death watching as I make a necklace from your entrails is another I won’t go back to that place you don’t know what it’s like we’re not expected to be men where machines slaving day in and day out no intellectual freedom no creativity and tired of building killing machines I want to do some good for Humanity I can’t go back there what does having a min ago that I shocked you like why you’re so calm right now we’ll see how you feel after this damn [ __ ] oh you’ll have to kill me I’ll never return to the Empire willingly uh I don’t want to kill him though will this actually kill him oh I know just when to stop Oh funny thing is I’ve seen a seen it watch this already online before the scene and I’ve seen like the person being said light five major bessica centers enough to you to collect the scientist i canna injured I was kind of happy to see my other side of it basically tell the major to get him started on the serum right away of course we’ll see you back at sabic alright cool so this guy’s gonna make this serum for me maybe I’ll end up killing him eventually LOL hello communicate all who’s clocking we could probably be the his name vesicare sit yep I’m sorry to interrupt you I’m sure you’re very busy congratulations by the way I heard that you found our scientist yep you know about that serum and get you into that toxic waste pit in no time but there’s a problem and I need your help uh you’ve helped me somewhat I’d be happy to help any way I can it’s my son no I we shall be after you left for the research facility but see nope nope we do uh see I’m sorry to interrupt you I’m sure you’re very busy they’re congratulations by the way I heard that you found our scientist well we’re bout that serum and get you into that toxic waste pit in no time but there’s a problem and I need your help I don’t do this sort of thing look you know I hold you in the highest respect so I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t truly important it’s my son he arrived shortly after you left for the research facility but then he went after some holocron he called it a few minutes ago I got what I think was a distress call from him he’s in trouble he can handle himself look I didn’t want to have to do is but it sounds like I have no choice this is my son we’re talking about and if you want your serum you’ll save him have you forgotten who you’re dealing with really have pull the important circles and my brother is a higher ranking Sith you’ll listen if you know what’s good for you all this time you’ve been running around we’ve been fighting a war I’ve been more than happy to help but not at the expense of my son’s life if you’re going to make me feel guilty I’ll do it sorry it had to come to this I like you I I really do we narrowed the origin of the distress call to an abandoned building near the Republic traitor outpost i’m guessing the Republic scattered in which means a lot of fighting to free him good luck I guess we’ll say this bum uh I’m not expecting to get any like good materials from this place at all considering all the nice stuff got in from garlow so

yeah um alright that looks like it could be too toxic waste I even know where is this if I mean is Republic place okay so it’s this way so we’re gonna do that one next and then we’ll do the disguises maybe I don’t know oh okay sorry about that actually I’m gonna end it off right here and now i think i’ve recorded a bit enough for now so um yeah i hope you guys enjoyed so far we’ve done what I’ve done and yeah they’ll be more definitely more coming up in the future and yeah so as always please like this video leave a rating comment and subscribe if you don’t you guys think see you next time another 40 see you