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hello everyone this is worth once again and for today’s video we’re going to talk about everything about travel I’ve had this request for a few days from one of my subscribers and she asked if I could do some travel tips so that’s what I’m going to do today but before we do that so community party to say anita mui loca motto will be no no honey no mama 3 p.m. at Nanyang i 8 p.m. now so gustavo lollipop you say new we’re test this is the 500 peso makeup challenge Nagina Baja Nina so you on etosha my own whenever you touch is if you can see solid potential problem Allah is silicon super oil even now his own coach is you know metal again problema nom and the corn skin co very oily telegraph also in Dena what a big like the help achieve amana branded phenomena foundation pagina Micajah another oil momenta like a trap this union organizer given due Parmenion window Paul convened the liver so Yan yeah new DIY planetary lights window nah yeah mailing dishes down below but aluminum wanna study new window like that Venetian domain a parabola so again let’s proceed to the travel tips about the travel kissing on Yelp Adam I’m policeman I like before but am I going to take on anyone can travel but some a passport car don’t have a lien passport holder could get to see the end yeah like a fly I mean I’ve even el-gamal going into similar bazaars when I went to Manila Sundance bazaar in the World Trade Center I saw a stall where they do passports personalized passports and KJ’s and everything um when I’m ready for this happen is preparation chevre guys like muscle Yamaha spontaneous Arabs okay I didn’t know my own hop a plane as you travel momma’s Mori Mikasa smoker say Aaron are you ma therapy Sophia mama moon the packet travel dates more next year by Magana Subramanian massive CP your Asia your so your preparation number one know the dates when you wanna travel if you’re traveling alone they must obey Cassie you wanna hide our coordinates it bad but I studied at least capita pop group number KO make sure the mess except Alana even be cooking up I oh wait a hard look and a second beforehand ala Moana UB alum Yoona as a group you can entail a quiet day that was me I would representative number for all of you but I need a haha Leto so castigated I’m gonna go and I’m a couple of community travel maiden long aside mokuba for us credit card needed immediate or credit card and tsunami threat aspire and alchemy sodium vena cava enemies but hindi mo Bowie Kuhne for example I hope market economy sale for myself it was an Emir and Hippolyta moksha near available so let’s advice a boy isn’t an animal book for all of you that pose Mabini engine is subscribe cadence an airline a one by email in our mayor ko dimensional piece affair went along discounted airfare missin by twenty quantified mahogany one top off of Omaha I went on mode on airfare travel tour Expo actually the most abundant able to Expo for four years now if event Shannon Philippe’s travel agents Association members a new mommy ko ko and Gustavo nuke event for three business SMX Convention Center guys you have to go there if you haven’t please go there because when you delegate monkeydeo Nakamura mana travel deals not only with the air fares but also with accommodations Fatima local hotels citizen Manila Mago personal engine put a stake I said it was another mistake he showed me boxing bag and another mom hotel nothing neato you will smell a telecon up to the partners a like a restorative in him the thing LMSs holy area new Solaris or it’s a monopoly to point and KC American than a cold area villa sham pressure preparations in case a medicina identity minimum fighting airfare you know you’ll be back on the fly scenario but uppercutting bounnam hotel no tour been Abbasid Empire Hindi advisable for me you gotta see Bahamas but one a nervous Marilyn illaha appointment Ohio’s is for average well it tastes good Egret even when you offer Neela Mahna Mahna Mahna Mahna online minima in origin napkin totally thousand marijuana hotel me to Ellen Yin

federal estate as a travel agent Palmas in a device with a made of Italian agent Neha Irina come on I didn’t read it for you guys cuz I’m a don’t know how many experienced before name with an having friends become a peanut butter forgetting militant Soho and three well that’s enough hotel velocity like Metallica is the only lab in okay I mean the customer service is not answering when on and like about my travel agent cabanaconde Rachel Matata wagon again boy mommy motel so Salem is my mocha is for you Parishad picanha Hanina manana this is showing a life the past always insurance available on Appa international game with the travel now probably pretty tightly remain open travel insurance to say you won’t know when accidents of help you I mean let’s face it everything anything can happen Seamus mcgoon Domino huh insurance experience personal experience salmon made a village wouldn’t stop me every time the appointed by myself I don’t but some point and I mean when we were at back off your Pinson call he lost his luggage I’d seen the LM boom nice and so while a Shanda metal ashram toiletries monogrammed it when we got there swim insurance VBA bye-bye additional $100 pretty noble I will get now you just have to claim it there although your pocket claim a dramatically better still you can claim something be back you have to read the fight frame of your insurance but I recommend each one’s no crows magazine and Anila insurance policy villa but by the new dean young we need semana travel agents no a second you name package Nemo Huntress of course I am on a visa before you can enter that country so make sure in a hypnotic a moment as a solid night beside me requirements every mention money Mohabbatein communi but it was iodine iron and visa pass a new Yamaha multiplying visa Perry development gratis is okay Lampard of sylvalum my domicile saladna Madeira cassia home but lo menos una de Lena US visa on the part of an approval is finally when I was a within 17 years old now upon approval US visa so I have my own fair share of experience of being it’s a visa so I love tapas yo Chuck more than champagne even luggage allowance money on minimum airline Hindi kazama’s airfare Miami luggage for hapa getting when on important cup a mikvah by ed mass mohali Owen so make sure it provoked mana you luggage allowance Mali Cebu Pacific I think that no name pp-please Bachman Apple Ilan kilos for contact lankiness Popeye leg coming usually but pop winter 15 kilos of us public thirteen up and Chevy much a shopping McKenna Canyon ok top cinema prepare so nice Airport canal ready to go panna make sure to arrive at the airport three hours before departure time to be on the safe side hoagie not goin kite domestic or international stability epic domestic two hours before bug international three hours before bed oh honey and vinegar one I mean come on I think I mean I’m an alga pata it was nothing somehow Amelia and I mean you must never see a post gonna pray that anti-immigration back will do my best and been sad forgetting news events and even bag of Amazo and cumin Omaha girls like me your passport in veneto make sure Tangherlini new passport no before initially big I say immigration officer of course happen as a PDF and an immigration my cell phone they say I think precaution 711 up Adam major a facility needed Anila you mom Authority cellphone how about–nah happy I don’t suppose along Connecticut animal friends when Allegheny latina Thanos happen when you don’t be silly Peppa cinnamon sabes any mana uniting the known data made an immigration officer Alan Harper first table Elmo ever international tournament Angela sankaku Puente beretta Pope Quentin Kellen embody Mondamin didn’t I know Chris Nick well I mean one willing you eaten also you know you said what additional when a blabber you see but a mahogany niala syllabus under the mutant a machinist a bit against tobacco when you get to the party that you’re going to be nao appealing at I got a set of new people and cannot submit welcome to San Francisco or welcome to Tokyo or you know welcome to London Airport Canyon and even best feeling can see I didn’t hop on the long flight suppose champagne Italy independence will happen and when Sosa I know or letting up website or blog and I go up when I finally islands gonna there’s a destination move make sure to check the weather of course if it’s cold bring the necessary items up to need like trench coats jackets socks or sometimes to sober me lamech you need thermal inside your clothes cause a nigga hi Edna and along Shylock sleeps at an alum a trenchcoat lab so you’re on the amount of thermal not there no long sleeves in leggings of the rainiest Natalie fifty lamb for big sizes and 300 love for small sizes like me maybe I believe in sham a 10 mile a pinion so there you can get those for cold weather

and for winter season to mop up with tonyamarie Laguna seminar pupunta any regards exchanging money okay it’s very tricky Cosima I mean who experience if I even a man sometimes it’s more advisable to exchange money in the airport sometimes then Casas super super buh-bye the monopolies at airports inside a million airport sila tapas how does that do you know you know bucks I hadn’t eaten um so you know this is my – no major baba by a palette head of a semi Marty Spinella be safe my papa net outside la rioja possibly give Atlantis a baja maraca Nemo Alan mentioned ask your tour guide or Sulabh in a hotel if they exchange money then you know you can email them before you leave and ask them if they exchanged money so your I say I’m in my experience mean I don’t know how me someone to love me back up a little and if you’re on a budget of course okay lemme want to see how Koopman I’m in Delhi double trips Nutella gum Umaga sauce for dipping a toe most of the time we don’t want the view all-inclusive 990 Kasim Al Ghanim tourist uni like boo boo boo time in Jeju Island the my friends for I think we paid seven hundred US dollars for everything as in guys phenomena Bob lemon haha in and Merida humming hotel airfare Marin humming food for five days breakfast lunch dinner abetting elements and on about her shopping namah’ souvenirs don’t buy the airport guys or 707 local 7-eleven Allah or you my family Martina homemade when Dawn ok mobility Mangano animal but I’m convenience for Chicago said mahalik are going to say the experience from Amelia window and doubly oppression a passable suma Chinatown area no mama blueberries anyone or you mama basket viva la misma gonna do one diamond cut it’s a melancholy smile at the woman so UNEP in a harvest of my spec actually kept an amateur shopping APIs on my local markets it’s not just because I can you know I can engage myself in different cultures but also if I buy stuff from them I can help them learn about malama all people eunuch de vente and then this guy safety you had me on on Vanessa Marano Mohammed an okay Logano alum country now when Lomonosov Anita or a magnetic advantage shamanic Buddhist Milligan satin veto well I mean a Kundalini as an experience they personally nama gana big demon among tricksters about what company Kaiser paradise Leonard is hilarious I mean the back you know imagine more Paris France pepper in Hindi and dummy dummy dummy not a like a domino zoko la luna ha but I love me let me be more homicides amy lugar so make sure about my mama shall a casa kite Samuel verify and welcoming evil is a group una Satoru command for continually is a vanilla at whom may groopman game okay vegan a sure to go together don’t explore a low-income a group Kahneman is if you’re aluminium and traveling make sure he kept up with the semi lugar number and modely Papa hahaha vignette couples make sure name bag Mandela Anisha backpack okay Casey I’m backpack militiamen to hold on except Allah if you put it in front of you if you really want to put a lot so bad for getting a house Shabnam in the mobile Allah Casey anti-military no boo boo boo toward him Ilhabela disappear penis a nice new mega haru sub-sahara a laptop was in the nila an important I mean back Mila planning have opulent cell phone love to find another my pal Naraku would look silly or violently drifted it to somewhere and what is I know I know how when violent guys if I don’t become sandy Pasadena aluminum er a kind of whom the link that mahogany when I paint a car but ever in hahaha do we wanna language barrier no man guys champagne remember us and put us on 390 people delicacy speaking language – I’m praying in Latin language a lot more pero megundal allow me human a basic cell especially Kappa you for possible studies in Malawi majolica like you my basic words like where where is this or left right give mind electrodes apparatus or you belong or how much can you opposition babies up a bunch of sharp a consumer to mom without understand a bargain then on so you know I suggest now Google has a smartphone more Mountains network but I mean I’m a man apps yen actually to I know my dongsaeng to mention and Telugu language translator the built-in possibly human samosa be in English Kappa Sabina back

say Oh young to palace of Bohemians a language happen even Japanese manana good morning my konichiwa whatever’s going on it’s a pop along safe guys logical Magdalene on business card you tell where you see in Pacific Nevada at market at Zika at Champlain is an imam attacks the Jerry version in a member of English just show your hotel card and then the new address at in commendable hahaha Nutella getting cell phone until Google Maps guys super super gardenia pass a vitamin E research doing Busan Kazakh colleague the game will inform a Sanka for example Canyon example luminescent you’re coming to miss Franco its hola my name is Cooper I mahapanthaka Mesa high time if it gets you definitely brings a super animal I got unfair and only master Steve’s got me but you wanted to explore New York so the little super super thick for the whole game thank you so much hand and love you so much never bring about Quentin New York my airfare Jahi Airbnb na mean so so beautiful into my next a major Delicato area better ones in the man when we were there open the man didn’t come in a taco to move in and Gaby aluminum and titanium I’ve seen the size a new Google Maps so Brandon Bella Mia the network along for example Kunis and kami Brooklyn Heights cannon whatever address going to for example Statue of Liberty the Stella game would be new we Pendleton with the new my passion a draw-game is a benign commute yella given an entree necessity and allow minutes that I think Sanka bah-bah-bah so all you have to do is follow you know palak is speaking of social media and then we cannot get an echo for Sam operating personnel I made up a name number please don’t do that I’m gonna be sad that except Minako brain in the world movie Sam and I’m afraid a companion tapas encounter 15 visa moon with IVA motohama haha so openly opposed to me some element in Manila no maybe some photography knows when men think this is a very narrow so it wasn’t a typical post on boarding pass it’s not danger on a visa especially you passport them I don’t know we had a passport that is a Papillon tip guys communication lamprey Anatomy he wasn’t at MIT when you go back home when Joe ah woman young or or my friend small or software pump element follow-up or applicant was kanaeva come on the container when you come on a plane and roomy Casa Mohammed takes about pedo male sure baby mama Piper now my light my what’s up at aniconic monthly messenger in academic meeting fellowship it still means internet connection and hindi naman at nominal guard the lighten up or full-time mom look at ma Internet Nellie break now wasn’t my Eva this is a point on our Wi-Fi samaveda if I not need us a Filipina spend behind all friend enigma did some blow just Martello suppose speed users non-union ma 599 surfing the whole day so when he come except the pictures and even about FaceTime the old a guy doesn’t come on loop i’ll open window for 599 Pacers lamb compose Pitka hide in a man but I think when the Sofitel sham place I’m gonna know Hotel me a mini bring Wi-Fi my animal Silicon Valley papaya kappa so young by the uptick mana silica cumin and a hotel this man and a predicament green thumb pocket Wi-Fi mera cuz it can be known message upon to me to pick some gold when opening pocket Wi-Fi any mommy never anything over 2000 pesos for five days unlimited internet coming the whole time we were there so ask your travel agent or other thing about some hotel you can ask them if they offer that I know any maha you only modified among shares of perfect Wi-Fi so two thousand pesos spending in a happy ending Napa has been talking I’m done that I got will feeling and feeling kappa now i think when you somewhere in your parents up and a gimmick Williams I imagine an appointment a new feeling but I don’t work it’s like we’re done moving it backward and Musa trabajo mallet Sydney Pismo but uh maja pocket when Cal for the travel but I’m worth it that on you want can’t a person Disney not in your mama keeps naman a stolen as a safety but I envy Mysterio moment most travel body bag so you wanna guess in a young guys I think I give all other tips that I can and you’re on you can follow all of it or some of it but I guess I’m gonna knock you Tina sobbing valid points not telecom important if I’m ecstatic I’ve been traveling for quite a while now and my travel agency think I’m a attendee mamacita’s have been immense emollient Edina mean so young guys Santana hot alumina traveler

Staphylococcus mi new new traveler spell on out there’s Anna I helped you out with the tips that I gave out thank you so much for watching to all of you and follow me on my social media hounds combat anemia and the NSA babara at nestling venture down below and guys god bless you all in Cuba bye