Alice In The Country Of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz Full Complete Chapter 1 The Country of Clover

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Alice In The Country Of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz Full Complete Chapter 1 The Country of Clover

well I was wandering around the amusement park one day not that wreck it again I found some girl getting tortured by the old man’s music has plane still hasn’t improved in all these years we can stop whatever shows over pop cedis in the pace and you’re killing that poor girl what do you just say you heard me I’m just about to hit the good part you rotten cat I was really feeling my little old art she would have loved it I was feeling too but it was heartburn he thank God so where are you anyway you’re obviously not from around here huh oh I came from another world you’re right he wouldn’t believe me if I told him gosh I don’t believe myself half the time when I say to myself she’s an outsider is not something well seriously whoa I’ve never seen outsider before cool right what he said it’s true that she’s got a face even though she’s not one with duties but it’s not that pretty more cute even hmm ah damn but she smells good it’s weird what what do you think you’re doing when she looks at me I’ll stress like that hmm I changed my mind that face can be cute ass in the country of clovers the treasure casts balls Volume one chapter one excuse me you’re you’re slowing my progress go go back to the amusement park and let me work in peace huh of course I’ll go back but no until I give you some human interaction and I finish this coffee stubborn woman hey Alice you back Hey you just love to do this don’t you am i interrupting something hot no oh wait did you come to see me then I’m sorry to have kept you waiting and thanks for week that is no you didn’t even live you don’t even live here you still it Hardcastle right I guess it’s just I never seem to get them I spent more time counting out shutter shutter but that’s the problem problem everywhere hey I don’t get lost as much as I used to that’s not saying much mm-hmm maybe you’re right get out I’m sickened by your noise pollution oh dear he knocked the door he sounded really mad nice going ace huh Jesus was just a bit embarrassed he’s not used to being around things to talk he’s shy the cutie haha that’s a kind of a weird way to describe is shut in whatever I need a head home anyway for work yeah are you or chanise yep if I leave for the amusement park now will you be okay no worries take care and don’t get lost talk about the pot calling the kettle black this is the country of Hearts oops I didn’t wash my copic my coffee mug after the white rabbit Peter brought me here by force I saw the Mimi’s room Park welcome back where do you go boys oh you smell like gloom hanging out with the clock maker what does it matter it matters to me and I don’t want the clock maker stealing you from me I’m not an object Boris not only objects get taken you’re too popular you know maybe our armies will lock you up that’s a fine leave her alone pinky your puddin moves

on that poor girl goal end I’m just kidding huh just kidding done and it’s not like she’s yours it sure doesn’t sound like it I own this here park taking care of everyone’s my responsibility and she ain’t yours either yeah you’re so important fight me geezer maybe you just want Alice for yourself isn’t that a crime you’re like a million years old what in tarnation and hey I ain’t that old mm-hmm stop arguing about nothing you two you don’t work to do for crying out loud they’re supposed to be adults since I decided to become a part of this place I’ve been stuck in an endless cycle of stupid conversations it will consume Miss addicts hi I’m sorry I’ll get ready to work down to money we’re at the end of the day the park is still my home nice going old fort you made as mad though they needs my bolt don’t think it stick of fighting they act like best friends or worst enemies huh they never change and these people are my family it’s still not a night period too much to hope for I guess they’ve all been daytime or evening they’re all been daytime or evening lately I draw sleep at night mmm I bet I can’t resist the work at the amusement park can be really exhausting I wonder this boy said a child I never seen him work you two work to do well he went somewhere when I yelled at him but he’s doing his hours was something he talked to but it’s a mystery I wonder what he is always up to we’ve been together a long time even if I do consider him family there are so many things I don’t know how those nightmare huh oh how long was I sleeping wait something’s different I can’t share any music but if not closed today are we the amusement park is filled with fairytale buildings and health attraction it’s always loud at all hours and families and lovers and constantly wandering around but behind the scenes it’s all of us one of the three powers locked in my land fight with Hardcastle in the Harris why is it so quiet it’s weird I’m dreaming ha the door to my room is on a tree then my voice a minute ago answer me this isn’t funny I’m alone in this place what kind of voice has doors and signs and messages make sense the way home is this way it’s creepy open who said that die machen open me open the door there it is again the door no one’s here open the door wait are the doors talking to me we’ll take you wherever you wish to the place you’re truly gonna be the place I truly want to be ya can’t cat cat cat yeah wait how what’s going on I just run into me calm down why are you so scared it’s terrible a terrifying thing has come to attack me you better run he’s still coming huh don’t play yikes this is what’s best maybe I should run huh oh hey huh hey we’re not hey sweet face me one of my dreams are you lost again oh honey you have some legs on you Thanks of course not I’m on a journey the land still in stables we move so this is the best time for a journey mm-hmm I already

went to the tower something’s wrong what move Oh move in tell me stupid ass we’re the ones the move huh what’s that supposed to mean you mean people in the heart castle moved you’re not listening that’s right I forgot you’re not sorry this must be your first time listen this isn’t the country of hearts anymore this is the country of clovers I don’t belong moved from castles to clovers the country of cobras but I’m just dreaming dreaming I just woke up when I left my room an amusement park I slipped into a rare forest and there were doors on the trees and they were talking to me and so Hankins suddenly changing here my feet that’s too crazy even for ones alone this has to be a dream no you were just expelled from the amusement park no no this isn’t happening is what you mean expelled where’s the amusement park where did he go he’s still in the amusement park it just turned into a forest the amusement park doesn’t exist in the country of clovers and neither does the clock tower what are you saying though they just disappear like that what I’m two people in the park and Tower calm down it’s not like bigger race or anything okay they just exist somewhere else now and from our perspective they move from their perspective we’ve moved we’ve and how do I get to the park okay plucked her now might be impossible you shouldn’t you already lost no but that means I might never see them again no I can’t yell erase this isn’t his fault whoa what’s wrong are you trying I’m not trying ah you’re lonely huh of course I am I fit in this rule because the admission park wasn’t pointing to me all right wait but I it’s obviously your last want to join me if you got nowhere to go you might as well enjoy the trip no I don’t want to trip me what makes to push them now I just say you just stay in this world happy at the amusement park so did you secure all of a sudden huh hey big sis tell you came to the country’s closest big says he gone no people we lost a lot of people in the mood we glad you came be done did I make it to the hat as natural a weird question that’s totally different I think sis gets the country clovis anyway well we here at Lee Mason Parker right yeah that’s gone now did you get felt or did you just because it sucks house tell us I don’t actually know huh huh if Alice Eliot bud huh see me recover didn’t thank you you would you were staying at the amusement park right yeah that’s nice your first time experience move yeah when I woke up everything was gone how you don’t know what to do that’s all right you should rest before you make any decisions you look well you’re very flushed I’ll have a room prepared if we move again you may find the amusement park don’t assume you never see them again this way I’ll show you the guest room you brats need to get back to work he’s being so sweet it’s weird I’m sorry about this I didn’t mean to barge in on your hugs don’t worry about it we plenty of rooms open make yourself comfortable thank you whoa hey blood what are you doing you almost literally pull out from under your feet of course you’re upset you can stay here until you feel better and you’re welcome to stay indefinitely I might add whatever you need you’re being so gentle but you’re not yourself at all and neither are you so maybe you’ll stay if I make you huh what funny you creep yeah where you going anywhere else things get clean just me sweetheart you can’t get out that way

it won’t open when she look it that’s too bad you’re trapped in you with me what what please you know what kind of man I am don’t glare at me like that I’ll make you feel much better just relax and I’ll do all the work No Oh thing please huh I’m joking he reactions entertain me hit open easy what’s wrong with you damn it I don’t know what kind of tricks he used but it’s all to me isn’t a joke what if it isn’t a joke I could play the straight and go slow as you need we have all the time in the world stop doing that killjoy the room is yours to use it I see well thank you she’s not even listening what am I even doing this isn’t saying the line moves in this place and only drags some things with it and I could have spelled whatever that means no I’m stuck in the house management which is technically enemy territory come ashore fated Meenu it’s just so cruel to him I’m an outsider which is the only reason I can cross enemy lines I could stay here especially since the park is gone but solution park especially me it’s not so not again do I have to show all this away I think he’s excited seeing the country of house I even watch my older sister behind I hate this I made the decision why does it smell – state I seem to be there notice I wasn’t allowed to say I missed them goand them at the part and Boris you think I fell asleep by accident huh why I’m majoring again or was to move a dream but you should mention if I’m dreaming I don’t want to wake up boys came back what do i do no what were they trained to do whoa did you just kiss me come back and go for it seriously I wasn’t what are you doing in your bars emissions are disappearing I am awake sound like I’m not welcome here you mad at me or something maybe a Gladstone I was really it’s not really really hey I got expelled during the roof you too it makes sense I don’t care where you live I was probably established I want to be with you if I have to yes but how did you sneak in here drew in the house central if somebody finds you yeah they’d probably be pissed to see me Myron even if I’m friends with the twins but don’t worry it’s more like I was walking around the mansion that’s a different kind of game – how well that was easy just show you huh see this um the door yep irregular door you can find anywhere and we just the door lead um the hallway boys that’s where your room check it out what that’s right I don’t make my brain Eastern back flips what happened this is my Paris the treasure cat with the best kind of catch super kibble and finest al whose oh we can care pockets and space and stick them back together face see you mean huh yeah I’m insane and weirder hey I’m the only one who can do that smooth and it’s cool right I baby when I adopt an amazing treasure tell like me no but in such a catch way to suck Alice that was cold

boy she never changes good shine the left I was worried about you when I found you you were crying in your sleep did you have a bad dream not exactly I was just lonely yeah oh I get it you thought you lost me and it bleeds your heart I thought I lost everyone admin easement park okay you saw yourself mm-hmm so if you want to make you miss me what are you doing do you miss the old man give the Hawks fan maybe that’s why you were crying what are you cried I never said I had the hots for going now I like him and I like that you then who are you crashing on the hatch and maybe after the park just bare you that straight here pretty fast huh I don’t think you were that upset you don’t really care that the power disappeared with me and that that’s not well screw that I don’t want you to disappear I was looking for you to know I didn’t know if you made it a covert but if there was a chance I looked everywhere for you and then I found in the Hatters bad all right can you just plant a voice assume the hair is bad it’s a guest room don’t make it so messy actually in the woods bed whatever I don’t like that you’re here but now that the clockmaker and the old man are gone that means I have less competition for you gotta think positive he’s sad I’m not gonna do anything to you yeah Danny porush would you sacrifice to you so I can say something first of all Oh without flap about me not caring of course I can when I when I woke up the amusement Prout was gone everyone tried to tell me no we must get over it but the park is my home I thought she loved us or alone if I never see everyone again Golan and all the people in the park and you boys I thought I’d lost you things really so much I sorry Alice my dears read the moved or yeah that bad a cold sauce are doing in this was crazy I’m sorry just don’t try to kick me off you’re not alone I’m here okay hey you said you wouldn’t do anything but that was like a Hello huge totally a mess and I swear it’s not when you do it oh come on really really so it’s not the case dami the mixbus let’s know what I meant I think it is Boris you keep making that huge face and I’m gonna get carried away hmm the return of Julius they have a lot in common now I feel stupid for being depressed we both need it back but everyone else the amusement park is still gone you stayed here because the park isn’t plenty to me is that all right I am thinking about it I don’t think you were that upset – that’s not really why I stayed in Wonderland if that’s true why did I stay