Cosmic Journey (1936) movie

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Cosmic Journey (1936) movie

Cosmic Journey a science fiction story Dedicated to the renowned scientist and this film’s consultant K.E.Tsiolkovsky MOSFILM 1935 It took place in Moscow in the summer of 1946 when the famous astro-physicist Sedych decided to fly to the Moon the USSR Tsiolkovskiy All-Union Institute of Interplanetary Communication Victor Orlov- a post-graduate student at the Institute Andriusha- his brother EXPRESS TELEGRAM Staggered at Sedych’s decision to fly to the Moon Lost his mind. Detain him Will bring proof. KARIN Marina- professor Karin’s assistant -Let’s go to the hangar We’ll analyze it over there -You’d be better off going to school! Faster! The Constructor of the First Rocketplane Academician Pavel Ivanovitch Sedych -How many times have I to tell you – no filming until I’m back from the Moon -It’s bad to be so bothersome -I sympathize with you- popularityis awfully tiring!

-I’m also an inventor! -My invention – the catapult with telescopic aim – former simple boy’s catapult -That’s amazing! Let’s go- I’ll show you my invention -Yeah! This is wonderful! The passengers’ cabin- central part of the Rocketplane’s steering -What a lucky man you are! You’ll be the first man on the Moon -The oxygen apparatus is ready for the flight

Director of the Institute’s Experimental Department – Professor Karin EXPRESS TELEGRAM Staggered at Sedych’s decision to fly to the Moon Lost his mind. Detain him Will bring proof. KARIN -So where is your proof? -Here’s the brilliant proof 100 thousand kilometres from the Earth and its heart couldn’t take the strain! -But I’m not a rabbit, my friend! -You’re an old man though! -Until my experimental rockets give a signal from the Moon I won’t allow you to risk your life -We can’t risk the life of such a prominent man -We can’t risk the life of such a prominent man That evening the prof. Karin’s rocket ¹ 128 was setting off to the Moon with the new test object aboard- a pussycat -These experiments can last forever -Victor! Let’s fly ourselves and open the way to Space! It was the night of the space voyage

and the last preparations were under way At the Sedych’s house everyone was preparing for the Voyage -Why are you packing so many things, darling? -Listen to me! I can’t keep quiet anymore! -There’s a whole conspiracy against you -Karin has been plotting with Victor to stop you flying to the Moon! -And Victor? -Mother always called Victor a cry-baby -I’d be ready to go with you anywhere you wanted! Comrade on Duty! Let these young astronauts through to the hangar Sedych -And where are you going? -To the Moon! -You don’t even get through to the starting area -Don’t excite your Mummy,

I’ll bring you a present from the Moon That night Prof. Karin was waiting for the landing flash of the Rocket ¹ 128 -Get ready -a few minutes to go! Comrade on Duty! Let these young astronauts through to the hangar Sedych -The Starting Brigade – take your places! -The rocket ¹ 128 has disappeared! -Pavel Ivanovitch! – We won’t allow you to fly there…! -Crew! Get ready! -Marina! I suggest you fly with me to the Moon -To the Moon!? -I’m ready! -Pavel… you’re insane STOP ! -Andriusha! I’m flying!

-My old man is flying to the Moon The temperature there is -270 degrees but he’s forgotten his warm felt boots! – Forward into Space! ! – And Long Live Youth !!! -Do what you want with me but I’m not leaving Before the start the Crew immersed themselves in special baths to avoid fatal jolts from the blast-off In the 5th minute of the flight Sedych switched off the rocket-fires and at that very moment the austronauts became weightless – Be careful! – Mind you’re weightless! – Bravely!

– What a wonderful feeling it is! -I want to fly to you but fly back! -What a world without weight! -Let’s open the portholes and start observing! -Aim more accurately! -There it is – Our Moon! The landing time was approaching Astronomers were waiting for a flash from the rocketplane as agreed The moon was getting nearer – Get into the baths! – Quick to the porthole!

– The Moon! On 9th August dressed in impenetrable costumes supplied with oxygen apparatus the Austronauts went out onto the airless Moon Radio equipment gave them the possibility to communicate with each other – Where’s the Earth? – We landed on the side of the Moon which can never be seen from the Earth -What’s there to think about? -Let’s start the rockets and fly over to the opposite side -But the oxygen supply is only enough for the way back

– I dont’t want to risk it -Make all the preparations for the signal flash and I’ll go and explore -You know – I haven’t slept for 48 hours! -Then eat smth. and go to bed quickly -It’s hard – going out there -But at least I’ve seen the Earth! -Pavel Ivanovitch! – It seems the oxygen tank is damaged! An unexpected accident – our return is under threat -We have to tell Earth that we have reached the Moon – let’s send the signal straight away! -Let the boy sleep – this journey has been beyond his strenght -Marina! I haven’t slept so well in ages! An unexpected accident – our return is under threat

-Comrades! -We’ve had an accident on board but you conceal it from me! -You’re going to send the signal without me! -Am I a small boy? -The Earth! -And where is Pavel Ivanovitch? -Pavel Ivanovitch! !

-Pavel Ivanovitch! ! -Hold on, Marina! the expedition is not over yet! -Quick to the telescopes – the Moon! USSR -Let’s search – quickly! -Pavel Ivanovitch! ! -Pavel Ivanovitch! ! -What are the flashes over there? -Pavel Ivanovitch! -The rocket ¹ 128 is signaling it means the pussycat is alive! -Pavel Ivanovitch! -Marina! His radio – he is near

-Look – these are my catapult’s balls -We’ve signaled to the Earth! -We’ve got an answer! -What is this white stuff? -Is it snow?! -No – these are frozen remains of the Moon’s atmosphere -They’ll replace our lost oxygen -You collect the atmosphere and I’ll help the pussycat! Many days have passed since the signal from the Moon The rocketplane hasn’t returned The decision has been made to send a second interplanetary giant on a voyage -The first austronauts have paved the way to Space -They reached the Moon but some obstacle won’t allow them to come back home -We’ll reach the Moon and all return together! -Give these flowers to Andriusha! -Look – a rocket is landing with parachutes! -It’s them! ! !

-And where is the 4th passenger? -The pussycat! – Alive! ! -So professor Karin, as you see the Moon has been reached and our hearts still intact -Comrades! The Experimental Space Voyage is complete! -The way to Space has been opened! The end