Our Pregnancy Journey Pt. 1 | Tips during Covid-19

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Our Pregnancy Journey Pt. 1 | Tips during Covid-19

seeing what received yeah yeah i’m just pretty much saying that um is the door open okay so so the dog is just so bad yes for sure um hey youtube family what’s up hey guys what’s going on welcome back to growing with the bells i’m cory my name is marjay and we’re here for another video it’s been a little minute it has we gotta get off to a slow start it’s just been a lot of stuff going on but we have a lot of content planned we just want to throw that out there we do have a lot of videos coming up so just make sure before you finish this video that you subscribe that you like it that you share it and comment comment and don’t forget to hit that notification bell because then you’ll get updated on any time we upload a new video yes so let’s hop into it let’s get started so today’s video is going to be a little bit different um we have kind of put a lot of pregnancy stuff out there already like for genderville and stuff like that we’re gonna have some other content coming which we’ll talk about at the end of this video but today’s video is still gonna be kind of pregnancy themed since i will be 32 weeks pregnant on monday oh my gosh she’s flying by yeah um so today’s video is going to be about pregnancy during the pandemic so pretty much our pregnancy journey so far but with the pandemic sprinkled in there so um let’s kind of get started from the beginning so we’ve been together for about 16 years just about yes yeah we met in high school high school sweetheart and uh we’ve been married um this november be nine years nine years so our anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks i guess yes it’s almost october so yeah we’re getting there yeah yeah you know when we first met you know we just kind of wanted to take our time with things you know because we got married very young again we’ll have a whole another video about that situation but we got married very young so we weren’t really in a rush no there was no reason to rush to have kids you know we were still in college yep we had a lot of stuff that we wanted to do travel and kind of just have fun and enjoy each other and so yeah um we were like you know we can kind of hold off we already got married before anybody we knew anyway so we don’t need to be the first people to have kids either you know so there was no rush with that so we did decide that we were ready to kind of like start our family we kind of have more we were more established at this point um what was that i would say probably we can start with 2017 yeah yeah um so in 2018 we um started planning out you know that we wanted a bigger family so we started paying off debt um trying to look for a bigger home we were trying to be responsible yes you know we were like we’re gonna be responsible we’re gonna do everything the right way right everything does not go as planned no no but you know we had this idea in our mind like oh my gosh we have an opportunity to like plan this out so let’s try it yeah yeah but again we’ll get into those details later we really wanted to talk to you guys about our pregnancy journey during the pandemic cory you want to start off a little bit um so i guess the first thing that kind of happened so we finished kind of left the prepping stage like you said we got the car in the house all that stuff kind of lined up and then during that process that was like mid or mid 2019 so then pandemic not really pandemic but coronavirus started like being talked about more toward

like the end of yeah 19 so like america was just like okay there’s something happening over there everyone was kind of saying oh it’s not going to affect us or whatever like that some people were like okay you need to look out for this but there weren’t any cases in the u.s so we were still like full fledged full steam ahead with our plan like okay we’re gonna do this or whatever so that’s kind of just to give you some perspective so during that process we kind of ran into some bumps in the road i guess we found out that we were having like a fertility issue um which again will have there’s made like a whole segment about that because i think that is like another topic that a lot of people a lot of issues a lot of people do have that issue yeah yeah we’ll have another video about that because again we can talk about that for hours yeah but um found out we were pregnant um like mid beginning of 2019 i mean 2020 february february yeah like the end of february beginning of march something like that yeah is when we found out and so at that point it was like things were ramping up in the u.s like people were starting to like shut down things and like our doctor’s office like one week i went to the doctor’s office everything was like okay the next week i literally had an appointment and it was like um before you can come in you need to wash your hands make sure you use this hand sanitizer they took like half the seats out the lobby they’re gonna you know ask you all these questions take your temperature it was getting pretty serious it was like really i remember even like in that appointment the appointment we went to where we found that we were pregnant the doctor was about to go off with somebody he was like oh yeah um don’t let them in there if they have they have a call for fever because apparently somebody came in that it was like coughing or something and she was like no i haven’t i don’t have coronavirus and stuff like that she was like no uh she needs to go but he was not playing those games at all funny that was that’s actually our only appointment that we were allowed to be together yes yeah and then like pretty much after that my first appointment was my primary ob was about maybe four weeks later because even that process was like a lot different because normally they get you in a little bit earlier but because of the pandemic i don’t think i had my first ob appointment tabs like nine weeks pregnant yeah they normally get you in early like normal i think you usually see the doctor when you’re at least six weeks your primary but because of the pandemic they weren’t seeing anybody they weren’t taking any um new ob patients what you they call it until you were nine weeks so that was also different so by that time they had already decided like okay you can’t bring any visitors with you you have to wear masks when you come in stay in your car before like you your car is your waiting area you’re not gonna be waiting in the lobby none of that so yeah they came up like a lot of these places came up like a plan like pretty quickly once things started to get a lot more serious and even though i couldn’t join her in those uh doctor visits i drove her there and saw it and waited in the car that that that felt good but it wasn’t good enough but yeah at least i was able to go for support right yeah it would have been nice for margie to actually come in but i know you have to do what you have to do yeah but how do we tell people wow so we’ve had to come up with something interesting well a lot of people at the time were doing it but we decided to do a zoom meeting um we’re just a close knit of friends and family and uh we actually have uh no we didn’t record it we were supposed to record it somebody who’s supposed to be in charge of the technology i have thought a camera i thought i did it um yeah let me use my zoom account zoom set up you know all this stuff i’m like did you press record on the zoom meeting yes okay don’t go in on me i asked you like a thousand times did you first record because i wanted this to be recorded okay um after the thing is i had a lot of my mind everything is over he’s like oh the team record i was like okay so we do have like some footage i kind of recorded us doing the zoom yeah we did it

the day actually before easter so it was pretty much like an easter egg hunt that both had like our shirts on i think mine is still like mama bunny and it has a little bunny on the stomach and i said baby bunny it was so cute and then yeah um margie’s shirt said some bunnies keeping a secret so we did like um they could not even we did it it was like a virtual east i don’t even know how we came up this is like a virtual easter egg so we had our camera set up we had our tape we were like in our dining room we had a table with like cards and we told everybody to like um what do you tell them oh who’s going to find the golden egg so it was like cars set up with numbers and then one of them had to go to egg behind it after we like raffled their name out of there yeah that person would have chosen the number and to our surprise it took him a long time long time yeah yeah so it took it was but it was funny though because everybody was like okay i think people think like hey this is like what are we doing i don’t know but we’re getting excited because it was like i was like we got a good prize like oh my gosh yeah you want this prize so we were getting excited about it um but then someone finally got it and then when that happened we brought out um we brought out a bag it’s like okay this is the prize we had like a little we came up like a little real thing and everything was like so cute we came for riddle and then when they couldn’t guess what the riddle was we just told we it was like one bunny two bunny three bunny bunny something like something like that like it was like a little bride we can’t wait and so then we um turn around we took off we had jackets on over our shirts we took off our jackets and then we like revealed what the um shirt said and it was like what what i don’t know they couldn’t so then we took out the pride like what was supposed to be the prize and it was like a little gift bag and we took out the little onesie we have one the onesies yeah yeah yeah in the nursery we’ll put it like a little picture like a link of what the ones it looks like but this is like um for this child we have pray i think it’s like samuel it’s a verse from samuel um it was so adorable and i was like oh my gosh they’re like crying and stuff like oh yeah yeah it was it was like it was fun and hilarious at the same time so that’s how we told people but again it was it was it was fun because at the same time you know we probably if the pandemic wasn’t going on we probably would have had like some type of gather or something at our house or something to tell everybody but it was still fun um to do it so you know you can come up with something different yeah it forces you forces to kind of like be creative i think outside the box so yeah and then at that point too it was kind of fun to do something because everything was shut down yeah and really had nothing to do with so it was like it was kind of fun to kind of do something yeah anything at that point um so of course just ask your question so uh what do you think is you know that we’ve gone through is different than what someone would have usually gone through without the pandemic um well definitely the doctor’s appointments i think that’s one of the kind of biggest things i could be doing this on understand own or you know maybe your significant other is just like not around you it could be job thing or something like that that’s going on but it’s still kind of nice to have somebody to go with you because you’re doing it on your own maybe you have your a parent or a friend who would go with you you know um to those appointments because it’s just nice to share the experience with somebody and maybe you might have something else that’s going on it’s nice to have somebody there for support with you too especially with this being our first child yeah yeah you know it’s exciting and scary and it’s like so many different emotions so it’s just kind of nice to have somebody with you so i think that was one of the biggest things you know especially like the ultrasounds and you know hearing the heartbeat for the first time i really wanted virgin to be there to like experience that um so we have the experience together like something that we shared together but you know i was able to record one of them um like the first heartbeat i was able to record that position they let me do that but um we’ll probably plan you know like a 3d ultrasound i really want to kind of do

that this week probably okay so we’ll probably do that this week um to get three ultrasound done so that we can go together and then we kind of still get to do something you know together um the other thing i would say is like um just like we have like the different things kind of like what we’re talking about and some of the stuff is probably unnecessary some people don’t even do any of all the different like not necessarily traditional because a lot of stuff is kind of newer than what people were doing like in the past but like you know gender reveals and um you’re announcing announcement and um your baby shower and stuff like that um yeah i would i would say like just like communicating with people about it um at this point you know everyone has left my job um i’m very close to my siblings and you know my brother who works at it in the emergency room a lot of people would have liked to talk a little bit more about it you know face to face not over the phone um just that personal thing you know i think you know other people who weren’t you know in the pandemic you know while pregnant uh they probably had a little bit more opportunity to speak to mom and dad a little bit more closely that’s kind of stuff i would like to have have done you know yeah yeah yeah it’s really normally it’s like something you usually try to tell people face to face like people you’re close with you know if you can but a lot of stuff ended up being like over the phone and like yeah you do video chat or something like that but but you make the best of it make the best yeah we had fun so yes it still was fun um oh birthing classes that’s the thing other thing we wanted to you did mention that yeah i really wanted us to do birthing classes because again like it’s like what you see like oh go to the birthing class you get to learn things you get to meet people other people who are pregnant you get to do like run through a lot of different exercises wait a minute i i really wanted to see corey on that exercise i was waiting for that that that was my extension what i couldn’t wait to go to the birthing classes to see that it would have been fun i liked it okay anyway he’s a very cute pregnant woman oh my gosh okay it was real this let’s really back in but anyway we wanted to do the birthing classes um but all those of course are like counsel my um a lot of them do have like uh virtual courses and stuff that you can take um but it’s still not the same as being in person um like i know our hospital they finally put up some um virtual like um what we call google meetups they were so late on it they were so late this was like other hospitals i was like oh like it’s been months like pretty much like as soon as like the pandemic started other hospitals had their virtual tours they pretty much already had that stuff and like yeah yeah and ours were like i’m like they just pretty much kind of started the virtual classes like last month well maybe because our facility is kind of new it’s a new building but it’s not that new no excuse they should have had it maybe they don’t have like tech people or something i don’t know i don’t know but i feel like they was a little bit late to the game we could have already had this together throw a camera up and do what you normally do in front of the camera i don’t know but anyway um but ours were kind of more like a powerpoint presentation like you were there like it was live and they were like talking to you so you could ask questions and stuff but they just kind of had a condensed version which is what they told us it is kind of condensed they didn’t go through everything that they normally go through in the class but they kind of hit like the main points and you could just ask questions you know during the presentation or whatever but i did find a couple of good actually um resources on youtube yeah so you probably want to check that out um search for like labor delivery classes and we had even fun doing those together yeah some of them was on youtube were like more interactive like you actually got to see them like the other people i do demonstrate like the different exercises and um techniques and stuff like that so like if you have the time you can like go through it so you kind of know some skills and stuff like that and even if your hospital facility or

are your errors having birthing classes that we still recommend because you might pick up new information exactly off of these you know tutorials and videos and classes yeah yeah so let’s talk about a few of our takeaways for it yes so pretty much like what have we learned through this process um i think we kind of learned a lot and we’ve learned a lot i think there’s some stuff that you probably should know like what are the main things we learn like during the process in after fact i guess that we think we should have done or something yeah yeah um so i guess the first one was like kind of like staying safe is like the main thing you want to stay safe right during this um if you want to protect yourself and protect baby um so pretty much just make sure like you’re wearing your mask at all times you are limiting your contact with people um you know not doing anything unnecessary like if you don’t have to go out places don’t do that you know you don’t have to like go out to eat places every day or whatever like that or you know i mean just to to avoid like unnecessary contact with people yeah especially people that you haven’t been around a lot like if it’s somebody and i can’t even say that sometimes but i i feel a little bit more trusting myself like people who i’ve been around like the entire pandemic like i see them on a regular basis i don’t mind being around those people but i haven’t seen you during this whole pandemic i’m not about to see you yeah so over pretty much um so just keeping that in mind another thing um is like shopping and stuff like that so pretty much for that i try not to go out shopping that much you know i do tend to forget like grocery items when we go out grocery shopping so before i was pregnant you know i just went to the store okay stop my walmart and stuff by target and pick this up but for that type of stuff i try to make sure that i just ask my husband to go get it um i mean that leads right into our next topic about you know support systems yeah you know husbands boyfriends or even single mothers try to find you know someone that can support you go shopping for you and gentlemen please try to keep mother safe and the baby save and uh try to go shopping you know find some different avenues of ways of ways that she could uh get the things that she needs yeah not just for that too just for um others different you know general support support in general you know oh yeah yeah you know um even before the pandemic you would want to establish kind of like a support system so you’re still going to need that oh definitely um now i think it’s probably pretty important um especially with a lot of people you know working from home and stuff you can get kind of like oh my gosh i’m at home all day and then i just can’t go out anywhere pretty much so yeah you can have that kind of support system to kind of help you get some type of normalcy i think that would be great kind of just for your own well-being also oh the other thing i didn’t mention also is about staying safe just remember we kind of talked about this before but your baby shower and your um like baby showers and gender bills and all those little fun events that you normally do you know if you feel comfortable having that you got to go off of your comfort level oh yeah um if you feel comfortable having some type sort of gathering by all means do what do you do what you want to do but i would i personally again like i said i’m not trying to be around a lot of different people especially close the closer you get to the end of your pregnancy so i would suggest if you’re going to have a baby shower with a lot like a larger group i would suggest doing it earlier in your pregnancy and not toward the end closer to your um due date yeah that’s what we leave my suggestion because of the fact that if you do end up contracting something your hospital more than likely is going to treat you a little bit differently one a lot differently yeah than they normally would they’re only already treating gonna be kind of more precautious because of the circumstances but if you do come in because i know most hospitals um when you at least our our hospital is i’m pretty sure this is probably a standard procedure but i know how at our hospital you’re going to have to take the

test for covid when you come in for labor and delivery and if you do test positive they have a whole completely different procedure of how your experience is going to be so a whole different wing of the hospital yeah you’re pretty much going to be with covet patients yeah and i don’t know the nurse that deals with other covet patients is going to be with you and yeah i mean i mean if your husband or boyfriend don’t have covet then you’re going to be at risk of getting it so i don’t think actually if you test positive i don’t think you even get a support person think that you’re super super support person yes yes stay safe guys yeah so again like i said if you do want to do that i would suggest definitely doing it early not closer to the end of your pregnancy so that way you’re out of the way if you’re doing the catching something unfortunately then you kind of have a little bit longer time to kind of get it all cleared up or whatever um that would be my suggestion otherwise i would definitely suggest still just play it safe do like a drive baby shower you know do like a keep it small you know to people you know um that you’re really close with you know if you do want to kind of have some people over you can still have fun people i’m sure would be more than happy to send you something um if you tell them the same people who would come to your shower in the beginning i’m pretty sure they’d be more than happy to just mail you your gift and then you can open it and like record something and send it sends to people you know what i mean so that they can kind of share the experience with you um that’s just my suggestion yeah yeah so third um you got to get in contact with your hospital yes um our our facility they’re not doing any virtual i’m sorry they’re not doing any uh tours so we had to call up there ask many questions you know what we need to bring for you know when it’s time to deliver because some hospitals offer different things you want to make sure that you carry the right stuff with you yeah can you comment on that cory yeah and also um that you wanna um ask those questions early like you said you know what to bring yeah and because i know like at our hospital you’re not going to be able to go back and forth like i heard somebody who was saying like oh yeah if i forget something and i’ll just have so and so run out and get it for me i don’t our hospital that’s not going to be the case once you’re in you’re in you’re not leaving to discharge so if you leave you’re not coming back inside pretty much because they don’t know where you went so you need to bring all your snacks everything you need if you can’t bring a suitcase full of stuff do so i like i know me myself i i tend to eat a lot um bring a cup of extra underwear you know you were gonna bring shirts wait you’re gonna bring that stuff anyway but like any sort of thing i think you don’t wanna forget anything yeah because like he’s like like you just said you can’t go in and out the hospital so either bring lots of snacks or and probably like lots of quarters so you can use video machine yeah um to get something but yeah you just wanna make sure you’re comfortable i wouldn’t suggest like over packing but just bring as much stuff that you think you’re gonna need to be comfortable during your visit i know some places are trying to discharge you like a lot sooner so if you’re good to go they’re probably gonna discharge you early um but you never know you just kind of want to bring just bring bring what you think you need to to be comfortable whether it’s a lot or a little cause like i know even with us you have to bring the car seat in we when you get admitted so you need to bring your car seat you bring your bags all of that all at once because you’re not leaving again right right and find out if you can take people with you or not yeah because sometimes they were saying that the spouse could not come the spouse could come during the delivery so confirm that with your hospital yeah it’s different from between hospitals and between states also so yeah you just want to ask that question early and just call them as you don’t want to wait till last minute to find that information out so guys we’re going to wrap this up but we want to let you guys know this is even though the pandemic is going on be creative have fun enjoy make the best of it so i mean uh don’t be down you know if you just find out you’re pregnant you know this is actually fun this is actually fun i mean you know we got to spend a little more time at home together yeah so

it’s going to be great yeah you know just like he said just have fun try to make the best of the experience when they give you lemons make lemonade that’s all i really have to say about that um in the comment section and let us know what you think about this video what other ideas you may be thinking about um maybe we can help you plan a little event or something you know let us know but again like you said make sure you like this video comment share subscribe most importantly subscribe hit the subscribe button and don’t forget to hit the notification bell so until next time we’ll catch you guys later wow peace