Uncharted episode 4: Discovery of a Plane

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Uncharted episode 4: Discovery of a Plane

let’s kill some bitches all right get out here and do this huh there’s no one no secret I guess I thought I I spotted a blip Oh get him Oh God jump up here run up here oh oh oh that guy’s an arm that guy has a master chief on he should be dead after that there’s no way drop oh and survives okay come on Wall protect me when do you run out of ammo well he’s finally dead all right let’s finally Oh boys no God yeah oh yeah I like here here we go yeah who is them hello spoke too soon here’s the man give me alone three of you versus me this went from like fair too overwhelming Lee not fair shouldn’t stand next to that oh come on just headshot huh this guy’s got to make his cameo appearance too okay as many Oh Oh screw the bullets can’t see behind that leaf he’s dead he’s dead ah man let’s say three to the fucking chest he has to have been died oh boy you guys ever stop oh my god seriously this bullshit blue couch

that guy didn’t even move what a fucking idiot not save time for me like I got shot in the head by me throw a Pecha safe is it as a save finally that was ridiculous quite a few enemies I won’t lie just keep picking up ammo she named for that but i guess not as I just didn’t see it or something climb he better not be trying to knock me off I will purge you right down there still no one down there I don’t know what the hell that guy was talking about or where he came from ooh okay mo hae nope oh that’s pretty good cover I guess infamous tight cover mr. I got smart and came over here get out of here you jackass think you’re safe up on that wall Scarface your ass just got ska fixed headshot and oh kill couch take all your guns ammo huh kill shot shot him in the face god there’s a lot of these guys so who don’t know God whole bunch of them whole bunch of guys just pulling out weapons and to get him in the face him in the pickup he got maybe that was his uncle is that up he got pissed okay no okay think that’s that’s the rest of

them unless they want to be coming out here with more people more they’re not be any more dicks and go over here first awesome ya know all right get up on here jump Oh God okay I’m just looking up for me again this is good sign this is not a bad omen things are looking good let’s go down here hmm reportedly there’s nothing down here and these guys are not happy to see me I don’t know how many people I’ve killed by now hope will that kill that guy with some pretty sure did Oh what the fuck shotgun and dick freakin shotgun whore the hell do you guys think you are 50 kills my nine mil how’d you like that yeah right in the chest you dick come on come on come on no I shot on the dick like butters all over again I don’t know oh yeah that was hardcore not I want that there’s more a blow in it for an AK so much where should we go there this way which is a dead end let’s play something on top of these pillars nice and important on top of these pillars these this wall no no that couldn’t tell you there’s got to be a way to get up here and come on no you promote climbing in it you don’t

want me to do it yes not care about it all right it looks like we’re going right these people are shooting at me ruining my day ruining it all for me don’t mess this shit up and that’s all got yet see what did I tell you I spoke way to package these guys were gonna show up here as they come to record care they wrecked my day I like the Lycans underworld has come to wreck your day looks like I’d together this way who’s catch the ledge huh alright I guess you just don’t return from that shit and all you’re just dead there’s no way wonder if I can make that yeah I don’t want to try it yeah let’s try this again sit yeah yeah what happened last time I couldn’t see cuz that waterfall but you know crowd tends to fail at certain points what Oh God oh I’m supposed to go down there aren’t I mean it guess it makes sense hugga oh come on oh I guess I’m gonna die a thousand times before this is over skipping part oh that was no no freakin fun at all now people are shooting at me again why you guys have to keep killing me guys I mean six my body squished there’s no coming back from that he got crushed he granted already made him explode but weirder things have happened I shot him and that guy must be fearing for his life cuz i just keep keep shooting around his head he did not look too enthused about that all not at all come on yeah I kind of want to swim this one I

just got swimming all these little rocks hello grenades well as far as I can reload that guy’s conserve some ammo for this part otherwise we are not going to come out of this anytime soon hmm vine to vine like a monkey man find you out there’s as part of the ship or the plane well when we come back I’ll continue after this part see what happens to Nathan Drake hopefully we’ll find Elena and she’s not raped or dead or both then we’ll just uh kill that little fucking asshole All Right see you later