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lovecraft country review EXPLAINED Live Q&A

mic check mic check one-two one-two my check my check one what to do when people you know what is Don Tony Teflon and I’m back at you another one and this one is Lovecraft country love crab country that’s what we’re doing here and we are

doing a quick Q&A on Lovecraft country you know I got a lot of questions on Lovecraft country this week so many that I had to do a video on it because I can’t answer all of these questions questions too much less get the camera and everything else working here there we go I cannot answer I didn’t even check my camera to see how I looking at nothing I just put it on so this is what you get if it looks terrible okay it does that’s what it’s going to be for the rest of the show because I got I didn’t check it now have time to do that right now I’m just here doing this thing right now so all right now as I said I got a lot of questions on on after country thousands of them and I just just no way that I can just answer all of these questions just in the comment section I mean it’s too much I keep leaving them keep leaving them you know but it’s a lot of questions so I figure we will answer these questions right now live on the air as as always the thug is in hand thank you thank you thank you I appreciate that I appreciate that but up to everybody I had a chat join us right now and everything else I got all the issues fixed but putting the chat up on the screen I seen that I know exactly how it happens and now I know exactly how to fix it it’s just a silly I guess thing that stream yard does that you have to just you know double-check so now we have no problem doing that and everything else and that’s it we’re doing live just like Bill O’Reilly right that’s right what do it live it like Bill O’Reilly live alright so yeah so if you have any questions to that you want answered please put them in the chat right now and we will answer these questions plus I have a you know a whole bunch of other questions that I have to answer right now and stuff so let’s get this thing started you know the last episode was a really good episode you know start off yeah we we had Emmett Tails look I’m serious series go download it you can see that better that’s better better for you see that you know so we had you know Emma tails murder and we’re going to go through a couple of things that happen in this episode while we ask these questions and everything else would go through it you know what I mean Teflon sips a thug I don’t The Joint that is what it well you will be experience extremely high when this is all going down everything else you know same we do have a question rather that my Mary said what what purpose does actually serve you know so I think there’s a couple of purposes of we can say that that take will actually serve so most more than anything tick serves the purpose I mean obviously he’s the hero of the story supposedly he’s the hero of the story think he’s the hero you know it seems like it’s his show but you know it’s all in the blood and it’s something to do with ticks bloodline now that also brings me up to a point that people keep saying one of my videos I that you know we talked about the sacrifice of Montrose and I think that Montrose most likely will be sacrificed at the end when it’s all said and done and he will take takes place and I said because he has the same blood so here we have a question that goes right into that right here from Val thank you ma’am and I said yes I do believe that Montrose will take the place of ticky with use a drink of the potion and that is exactly how you know mind tries Dinah people say that wouldn’t work because Montrose is not takes real far the world people if we’re going this route with it it wouldn’t matter if George is his father or Montrose because they should have the exact same blood from what I know they have the exact same parents they have the same mother and father that’s what I’m going on and if that’s the case then they have the exact same blood just like I have the exact same blood as mine brother and sister sister right that’s it what is so unless the bloodline comes from ticks mother now if the bloodline line cutting the make sticks special comes from his mother then then that’s a different situation but we go back into these questions in one section let’s talk about this last episode real quick well and which I got some screenshots here to show you and everything so we got the Emmett Till murders here and that’s what we start off at the murder of Emmett Till we always touched on exactly what that was was and we see all are here at the murdered please thumbs up the video at the funeral and tills right and want to show you a couple of things that right here when you look at this picture you see the

Christian I would say Christian one the Catholic guy for the black people getting doing his things for for the murder and then the next scene we see we see him again he’s being interviewed right right but we we see the Muslim people right here doing the thing from Emmett Till’s no one’s interviewing the Muslim people you can look at the Muslim people are far away but when you look at the Christian people you can see there’s a Jewish rabbi standing next to him and they have the cameras next to them but you don’t see that same thing going on with the Muslim people and this shows you especially back then how Muslim people were treated and how they were always left out of being a leader of the black community because they did to perceive them as leaders of the black community because they always thought that these people were too violent two tours and and the Christian guys are always you know oh just get along with everybody and we just March together and hold hands and the people spit on us and punches to the face turn the other cheek and keep marching what a Muslim people were like that they were just like you know oh you go over here you march with us and you hit us we gonna hit you back by any means necessary sorry but it just shows you exactly how they were doing that how the Muslim people have no love right here as you can see only from Love from the people but we have the Jewish rabbi over here being interviewed by the cameras with the Christian dude and you can see the oil of the other reporters the white reporters and everything only around him not even paying any attention to the Muslim Brotherhood right here alright so we’re going to come back here and keep going through that you know what I mean we’re gonna keep going through through all that stuff you know what I mean is it keep talking about this stuff and that’s that is what it is that that is why I’m here Marie so that we could pay it we can break down everything and we can we can come together and and knock all the stuff out because you know when I do the live stream well Mr and stuff when I do that I’ll put it like this when I’m talking more when I do last year when LM I don’t really have a chance to really go through it you know I do it right after it’s a lot of stuff I catch but I don’t catch and I can’t show you because I don’t have the pictures and stuff like that so that is what is make sure you share the video and everything else and that’s what it is it might marry the Muslim people look scary and I thought well they’re upset you know when you and when you’re upset do you have every right to be upset and I think sometimes it takes anger to get what you want in this country unfortunately that’s what it is you know you have to be angry angry to get everything else that exactly Marie Alexander says says that right there and I appreciate what’s he saying it’s not angers cupich a from low Guardian lady birth thank you so much just because Jeff see ya you know I appreciate that you know what I mean and that is what it is and everything else I said Andy Taylor she says I like the black Muslims they should have been the leaders of the black community like how Malcolm X was was was I Malcolm X a lot better than MLK in my opinion and I think a lot of people see that that’s the whole thing that’s when dealing with history that nut that’s what history is always you know it’s not if you it’s not the same as when it really actually went down now in history they want you to remember Martin Luther King Junior in a better light then Malcolm X because they agreed with his approach approach on things they mean when I say they I mean that the white community they’re the ones who agreed with his approach more because he worked with them mostly Malcolm X wasn’t working with them they didn’t want to work of Malcolm X they were afraid of Malcolm if they were afraid Michael metzker start a revolution and Martin Luther King he was just like listen you know I’ll do what you guys want me to do as long as you try to give me what you get he took a different approach it I agree that I also like Malcolm X bet especially his his style I liked his style better and I liked everything that he that he stood for and everything else we got right here Martin Maria house and they both had the same goal different approaches Martin was Radical to he was Radical but he was Radical and different way you know when we look at it you know he was willing to get arrested he was more of the turn the other cheek that’s the biggest difference in them is he was turning the other cheek and and and you know and Malcolm X was like if you hit me going to hit you back you know and that’s just what it is so those were the two different approaches and me personally I’m going the if you hit me I’m gonna hit you back right no one’s spitting on me and no one’s I’m not into that stuff at

all I’m not into all that garbage that’s not happening to me as just not the way I roll I’m not that type of do to get getting spit on it or anything else like that all right let’s go to another question we’re going to take another question here I’m going to pull it up up on my phone because I have so many here oh my phone we’re gonna pull this up and wish I had somebody here with me rocking so much easier when I have someone here rocking with me especially the do questions so they can get their opinions on everything else and like that let’s see who’s the Korean lady right crows read I he leaves a steak cro red eye Crow Redeye good name says the Korean lady May sacrifice herself for Tech but it’s hard to say it Korean lady May sacrifice herself for tick but it’s hard to say I have a picture of her let’s see if we can we can pull a picture of her up now we’ll have to go through a you know it’s possible that she could sacrifice herself for tick I think that you know what I mean I think that when she’s out there there’s no reason for her to have came back the way she came back I could she didn’t really do anything right when Gia came back what did she do she didn’t do a lot so I think she has a bigger role to play so I think that it’s possible that she could say her something that she’s a spirit like she’s not a regular human or anything she’s a spirit so what could she how could she sacrificed herself a tick that that sold it what could she do to sacrifice who’s going to want a hub blood and why is her blood important the sacrifice for tick the importance of tick is so that she is so that she Chris meaning Christina can go and become immortal and she needs ticks blood to do that so how she could sacrifice yourself to save ticks well now now if you saying that she has ticks blood inside of it because she put the technicals on them if that’s the case maybe that is the case you know what I mean I’m not sure if that’s the case if she still does anything like that but I do think she has to do some I’m re-examined says like I mean damn she’s got to do something what was the point of time but yeah it seemed like she just came back to piss off Letty ha ha ha you know that’s what it seems like right there there Garland Byrd lady says on the other hand the woman told the countless death yeah yeah yeah I mean it’s weird you know what I mean let’s go through some of these comments and see it see what has faced a ah Pat listen pugs area what up to you would you little cute little puggy holding up there she put Atticus on blast is no doubt of bad that she did she she probably put a bulb less Whi why would you do that that why would she to do that I don’t understand why she did that I have no idea why she said that Lisa that they said the ladies Journey has just begun in there was gonna be a lot of things in her future true so a lot of things in the future probably means she’s not going to sacrifice yourself right you know I mean that that’s what would probably mean it to me I believe G I will play a role in tick survival hated the way take spoke to it you know he did speak down to to her but he was put in the bad position but he did you know take as we seen in from the from the stuff that happened at the war you know he’s not he’s not at all nice guys not a very you know he’s a great character and stuff so he but he did speak down to her there there’s no doubt about all right let’s let’s go back to some of these pictures and go through what’s going on alright so you see the mass Gathering that we see here at at Tillis funeral for everyone that is there and we see the ladies coming out out and throwing up up inside the bucket because it was Emmett’s mother who decided on having an open casket because she wanted the world to see exactly what happened to her son and he was so brutally murdered and so brutally beat up that is hard they couldn’t even recognize in the only reason she was able to recognize them was because of the ring that he was weary and obviously we know the guys who did kill him they got off on the all-white jury let them go and because of Double Jeopardy they they confessed to the murder and wrote a book got paid off it and was never able to be charged in that murder that goes down now we see here you know when you when you when you when you look here you know it’s a symbolic thing when you see the people behind the fence like behind the bar still

like being caged in and that’s just the way that black people feel at this time that they are like animals like they’re being caged in at the same time that is just a a general thought thought of how black people feel hear about themselves and we get our first look at D now a lot of people said that the looks like she had to dress on from Color Purple now the dress they are referring to is the dress that Nettie was wearing and the dress that Nettie was wearing when she had to run and when she had to run away when she when she was about to get raped by mr. was trying to rape it and I do think it’s a similar dress but it’s not the exact same dress that she she has on that night he hit that Nettie had on so not the laying the main character Whoopi Goldberg played her sister Nettie that’s what they’re saying and I understand exactly why and you look at why she’s got this right or if you look at everyone them I heard costume code say that it’s not common to dress little children in black and that’s why she most likely and white but I think you have a double entendre here with her being white and and her being innocent and at this time innocent child child who was about to face a different type of innocence innocence about to be stolen from her from what happened she’s going to lose her stuff being she’s got to lose herself from being a from being a child with this particular time you know what I mean so I think that yeah I gotta go to school here exactly right exactly right as a life in the color purple if people don’t really know it’s address is do look look amazing the symbol is no doubt about it that they definitely do I think they just quite possible that could have been influenced by it right we see tick and Letty there at the funeral to and you know let me looking good as always you know to see would Avail and she’s got some black on and that all black a little bit black and tick you know Joe I don’t know what tickets he’s clothes from but he does and Montreux CBC Montrose chilling he’s got the peak lapel and and he’s got the double the double notches on both sides of the peak lapel which I don’t see a lot of of nowadays you’ll only see one on one side you don’t really see too on both sides of the peak lapel you don’t usually see only the one-on-one so at least the ones that I have only have one on one side but looks custom it definitely it definitely looks cut custom with my throat is wearing here and I know you know you know what a lot of people they they they they get they give it Montrose a bad bad ribbon right now you know what I mean and stuff like that and I think he does deserve to get of the Badness that he’s getting but I think he’s trying to turn it around I think it could be going on like that Val says right here that white clothing used to be worn by children for funerals where I’m from all right yeah yeah you know I think that you don’t you really truly don’t dress a lot of children in Black at funerals at that particular time and stuff like that we have over here we are Priscilla rights says great analogy you know what I mean there smoking crack and watching as as well L smacking crack for Matt Crafton I’m sorry sorry you committed I’m sorry I’m sorry all right all right everybody we ready for this you know you don’t play you know this Joker Is Right right Montrose at the funeral and the deciding on what to do when we see when we see thee they realized he’s slipped away and went out on the south and again you can see again that this is the Innocence that she’s dealing with you know when you look at her when we see her from the window and looking at the window and the window was between her and the real world right so inside of this window when we look at it you can see what you see toys sighs you see things that children would play with and everything else and she’s on the outside of that looking in so

basically trying to say that like like you know kind of like like innocence is gone her child her being a child those days where she could just be an innocent child walking around in the streets hanging out having a good time you know what I mean those days are over she’s now a you know forced to grow up early and I think that happens to a lot Adam of black children especially they’re forced to grow up earlier than they should they should have more of a childhood with Michael Jackson will tell you that that was the one of the biggest problems in his life is that he was forced to grow up and become an adult so early I had to grow up very early on in my life so I definitely understand exactly why people say that and everything else like that Ellie Nicole he says right right here it’s like she can’t go in like she doesn’t belong there anymore you’re exactly right you know what I mean that that that that’s the that’s the feeling I have he when they show that picture they showing her looking from the outside looking in she wants to be back in when she was a kid but she can’t be a kid anymore she’s just done what up the AK-47 join us right now like she can’t be a kid anymore you know know she’s now realizing what the real world is and you know what let me let me show you something to that that looks kind of crazy here but it is I mean if you get cash a good shot you can see it if you can see in the background they have these crowns right here I don’t know if y’all could see if I’m doing it right I think of doing it you can with the point to see the Crown’s right here the crowns you can see the crown on as is kind of like on ahead kind of like like like the way the Biggie Smalls Crown is picture with the crown it’s kind of tilted to the side with the group with his crown and that would be a good symbolism no one that you know she would be the princess if you look at her mother as the Amazon queen and her as being Princess Diana she would have that crown on her head so it kind of looks like that that crowd is on the head there right there and everything else this this valve I’m sorry sorry I says why is ticking Letty waiting to tell each other why is tick and let me waiting to tell each other about the I don’t know ha ha ha they are going at this see that stuff like that so you can see it yeah I could say yeah you know you can trust me the biggest more pictures definitely is going down like that D is is realizing that grown-ups do not tell all all they know I suppose she is the the zenith of Our Generation that is a great take you could look at a 2 as dizziness of the generation and that’s why they have that in the in the background so I think all those analogies work perfectly fine with this and everything else but up to everybody out here we have 74 people watching us like that a k47 if you I’m going to offer you an invitation to come on if you want to come on right now because I have gotten people have asked me to have other people on and stuff like that so you know if AK can come on I asked you right now we got 70 people watching maybe she wants to come on and say some stuff that you would like to say we can add it to the stream it’s up to her and everything else but she wants to go let’s go it’s right here where those two little girls in front of the shop we have not gotten to that part yet we are still we’re still here on this part right now but we have Co closing in on that part right now while we break taking this down you’re breaking down episode and we’re taking questions so if you have any questions about anything please put the questions up there and their own like good stuff and we will keep moving while we’re going all right let’s go on to the next picture tell we see D again look at it right here and if you have the gumballs down here gumball machine her looking inside of the of the the children’s candy store and you know she’s wishing that she could be a part of that life life but she is not that life anymore she has grown up right now while she is out there well when you see the next scene all right this is when we see the two girls outside sitting outside with the gumballs all the outside of the shop and everything like that I haven’t gotten a all right so hey K is going to join us so and since she’s gonna join us we’re gonna pause it right here on this thing so that way she can come but look at let’s look at what we see right here right we see these two little girls and these two little girls I think what I I like the girls chasing her

all right that that’s what is this put that like that so you know those are like the two girls that start chasing those two girls and I have a point to make about them and I’m going to make this point about them well I’m going to see but but if you do look at them real quick let’s do it real quick you can see that one is red when red and one is wearing blue right red and blue and what do red and blue blue represents especially to black people we know red and blue represents a horror show right it’s hard because when the red and blue come usually red and blue means that’s the police showing that right we all know back then that was the color of the cops lice or red and blue and when they show up it’s not a good thing for black people usually it’s not a good thing that’s supposed to be here to protect you and but they’re not here to protect black people and we’ve seen that in this show countless times over and over they here to protect the black people in the show so not a good thing for black people to see the red and blue and that’s exactly what she’s seeing out here it is red and blue with these two girls and she does not and she protects me does not like it when she sees them you know what I mean and she looks back at them and she sees them joking and again this is the world that she used to be in right she would be like one of these girls sitting at eating ice cream and obviously the eating vanilla ice cream and we know that back then at that time maybe people don’t know but back then at that time time like people weren’t allowed to eat vanilla ice cream every day it was not real only allowed to eat vanilla ice cream certain certain times of the year and I we could eat vanilla ice cream every day black people is illegal to serve a black person vanilla ice cream right which is crazy I know that’s crazy to even think about that that happened in the 40s or whatever or what it was but that’s what America was you could not even serve black person goddamn god damn it es ice cream couldn’t get it you know what I mean and you can see how it these face right here like she’s just fed up and I love I love I love the way the what the way this actress portrayed herself and everything else you know what I mean and people like oh I’m sure he’s like the poe poe for sure you’re correct there’s definitely a great they’re definitely representing the police in the danger of the police and especially when the police come on after all this stuff you know what I mean right here here it did you notice that only one girl actually attaches yes I did you know it was the what other both to dancing but it does that it does it it seem but it seems like a only one actually has that has a things Clause that grow up and start to attack her attack them we didn’t like the popo back that we don’t like the popo now little oh back then you know we don’t really like they have houses vanilla though I like it is the blandest flavor it’s I mean it is I mean that’s why you called vanilla vanilla right I mean you call it vanilla because it’s bland because it’s just this vanilla is nothing special about it but yet we were denied the have the know black people you can’t have vanilla ice cream dear don’t have to have hair like I’m you know I love vanilla ice cream but I would’ve been cool with it I would like give me that but of Pekin a bra we have a soap naughty eat soap nut Kathy look at all these people you have all these new people I think I seen him hopefully yellow subscribe to the Channel please Subscribe this channel we do have another Netflix car gift giveaway when I’m going to announce that on that the laying down podcast we’re going to do that on Sunday after Lovecraft country remember after Lovecraft country is suit immediately over 20 minutes after two do the live review right after so make sure that you definitely join us for that and everything else like that but yeah it is that that’s a that’s like a team America doll right there hopefully subscribe and please hit the thumbs up button on that all right hey K this all right the hold on let me bring an AK let me see if I could do this real quick hold on people people oh let’s see alright that is sent there that should be that so she should be joining us in the

second which does who added to the stream and then we will continue with everything else and stuff like that these are all I’m not new I’m not new I knew a name change I’ve been following you for you for years well well thank you for me for years I appreciate it well I change the name though I haven’t you yeah they go undercover ha ha ha star Abby says is that some weeks it being denied vanilla it sure is you know it’s really just a form of control this the say you can’t have it you know that’s what a lot of these things were a lot of these things will just form a control the say hey you can’t have this and we don’t because we don’t want you to and just just try to keep keep you down you know what I mean just a little things and that’s right keep you down and everything else ha ha ha Peter gersten I haven’t gotten a but I haven’t thought of Team America for admit it t America huh F yeah I love Team America I love ya I love that movie to you back that that movie is hilarious and I’m telling you that those are you going to spoil nothing I’m just going to mega say that those puppets did more than I’ve ever done in my life all right here yeah I’m gonna welcome enjoy the meal and on Teflon TV for this dream and everything else is the one the only Lord commander of the hype cerhype swatches little commander of the community exists a AK-47 ak-47 what then what did my peoples hearty hello to everyone everyone was I said you can’t are you thinking right now all right yeah no one away little staticky let me check my sound chatroom how’s it coming through to y’all now you’re good good now you good all right so yeah absolutely actually KU business you know exactly what we do in on this thing and everything you have thank you appreciate you for coming on and everything else you know what see me after you have any comments or things about that Diana in the scene a little bit leading up to these girls let them fly and I right now she is just fed up I mean and and I can’t blame her you know Dad’s Gone and you know she’s stolen her feelings about that which she has every right to be it really hasn’t been that long and now her mom’s disappeared Woody it is backed by a lady’s house and and now she knows for sure mommy don’t know know guy trip me and she’d like wait saw through the from the beginning you know she really is her mother’s daughter hmm and she’s through with it and she’s acting on those feelings lashing out I can’t blame the girl because I would be very very frustrated as well and also with everything that just happened I’m sorry I know the adults got their things going on but they should still be put in extra effort into taking care of this girl they simply should be they should be bought mud keep it up keep an eye on little bit better like she should have been able to get away there’s no way when that crowd she should have disappeared no we don’t know way she should have been able to get away from you and you should not paying attention enough to wish he’s actually she’s gone you know what I mean exactly examine that that’s what as big as we see right here it says when she’s fed up she starts his Talons you tell them like you know what are you happy about we we why do you have the right to be happy all the the signs in the we see right he is saying that store was closed because the LM and she just is it’s right beside the so it’s like whatever I see it’s it and yeah the dress really does look like look like Nettie’s dress especially when you see it here that’s that’s the first thing I thought when I saw her and I mean even down to the hairstyle yeah he looks so she looks so much like the little girl that played Eddie she’s cute found it interesting that she’s wearing white why most everybody else is is in black or or dark colors colors yeah that that it is ready red and I think piggyback a little bit on what you were saying about those two little girls I think something was definitely up with them because why would anyone any child and that neighborhood right now we walk around eating ice cream why don’t that things and why would that one store be open when every other store is closed why is this one ice cream store open at all that’s why I wish

they were to show the owners of this store yeah that’s that’s that’s that’s where the creepiness actually started I think for me and episode because those little girls they shouldn’t have been there they would have showered I have to agree with you that next weekend huh again looking back at the store with the gumballs in here here we have we just seen the girls and red and blue and now we get the real red and blue we get the real red and blue will pull up water and and all this all this goddamn what do you what’d you think about Lancaster and this man you know I’ve been wanting to see Lancaster good get put away evil the since like two minutes after we were introduced he might be taken care of now but I tend to agree with you what you were saying in the after show I don’t think he’s gone I think there’s going to be some magic tomfoolery and we’ll see him again in one of the next two eps but this whole thing right here when they walked in first of all she that Diane is not a dumb child she’s actually she’s I think has the intelligence of her mom you know she is ahead of the Curve on deducing things why did she go into the alley alley badges basic you it’s like she took herself out of the light we’re and walked into this dark alley so of course the cops are going to capitalize on that I mean I don’t think Lancaster would have cared I think he would have still done it in the middle of the street but it just helped to add even more to what he was doing like she made it easy for him not victim-blaming don’t take it that way I know how that sounds but I just she could have turned and walked the way maybe I mean they would have followed her anyways it just dark alleys when cops are up and they yelling at you out the window yeah yeah he was a she was in danger right there yeah it’s very suspicious that you know they happen to be looking for this one little black girl at all the black girls in the time everyone just happened that quick and they found her as she’s happy to break away they find it that’s all we have e says spies they stopped a long enough for Lancaster to pull over this for that reason I could definitely see how that’s possible and we see like after pulling over over and saying this spell that he puts on her and he puts the same you know markings underneath a feat that took put the market underneath his speeds the same exact markings ID uses the cast this spell and we see the worms and everything else come up from and you know it’s horrific to see her as scared as she was you know she didn’t you know cause she’s the potions that this girl shot ranging it how motions are all over the place you know she’s sad and then she’s angry and then she’d immediately write in for her life yeah all over the place of emotions are and now she got to deal with this exact any time in this is not I can’t even say that I’m surprised because I’ve seen this Bow Down and I’ve been the one to have this go down you know like you were saying earlier yeah went like cops and there’s a reason yeah you know a lot of people they for good reason it’s usually highlighted a lot of times with the brutality that black men face to a police but it goes on women too don’t think black women don’t get her ass if not even more than black men that own the police it usually goes so sideways with black men because they’re so afraid of black men men that they that’s what you hear about it but black women get her just as much as specially bad thing when you from being stopped by the police in absolutely unconscionable things indeed yeah it’s still that that whole thing I’ll I’m thinking about the order right now but I’ll let that wait until we actually catch up to that scene but with Lancaster I I’m wondering first of all how he found her because you know this is the 50s there’s no database he can just pull her name up in the computer and and pull up a file or anything so I would have liked to see the the group meeting that he had to wear he actually even found what this little girl look like like and where he could find her because that again plot hole that seems suspect to me yeah it definitely is suspect is definitely the plot hole or some magic but you know it’s like Game of Thrones you go always say it’s a magic show show all that they pulled out them last exactly say I’m Tamara says she fell just she felled now I can’t just got there fell just like the scene in the Color

Purple yeah she did for like to see the cup this is definitely the you know the daddy she’s definitely rocking that he’s dressed as there’s no doubt I’m going to go with that you know what I mean that it’s that he’s dressed what happened out it’s definitely nice dry and you know this show again again Wally go through this show the cream of wheat thing it have SLI you know this is exactly what we going through right now dealing with what answer my mrs Butterworth’s and and Uncle Ben’s and everything else and they show a couple of these things this season the show you know how black people were depicted and use for first to sell things and use the answer my must symbolism and everything else for us and made symbolism and the made me symbolism and how it was used to to say so Alex I mean there was Whitey toothpaste I remember back in the day when it was a pitch black guy smile and you can see nothing but it’s teeth you they used to do that on a little rascal show all the time and buckwheat will go into a cave and you can you would only be able to see his eyes and his teeth while everybody else would be walking around and you see buckwheat’s teeth and eyes walking around the cave a lot of things that they did like that what how do you have anything to say about these are these pictures that they use throughout the school early in the different episode yeah I can’t stand them but they’re in there for a reason because it needs to be shown you know it’s one of those hard conversations that white America does not always like being reminded of so I appreciate them putting it there in our face but then again at the same time it makes me angrier than I already am about nonsense going on nowadays I have some right here I have one right we’re in the old school school promos I keep it right here I keep it right here I’ll blow this up real quick people to see all right here this is cold the smoking smoking Sam Sam oh smoking Samo is what it’s called I keep around the bar right there and this was used to advertise cigarettes back in the day and stuff but I have that right here on the bar it’s right at the edge of the bar every time I keep him right there but it’s things like this this is the same thing that’s in that Aunt Jemima it’s no different than this right here you see the black hours bread lips little little hat on his head and everything else pin striped pants and all that and that’s what was called a smoking Sam oh ambo Sorry’s smoking and everything else so yeah I keep that right at the edge of the ball it’s always that always I have more to have much many loyal here’s one right here a little black girl they can see it sitting on a bi right and you can see that the things in the hair or just like the girls that I chasing her yeah I have the same exact thing with the old they have this head and it says on the bottom there go away being this your your hive throw away be this age of Hive and you know I keep all this stuff and you see it’s the same thing they have four girls they differ guys same index thing I have all these things I keep them all close and I always keep them because they always want to be reminded you got to have that reminder yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking you have to have that reminder once folks allow themselves to forget we end up relapsing 20 damn years like we have over the past four years we got Mara I’d never seen you I can I’m not going to try to pronounce that last name sweetheart I’m truly not ha ha thank you I don’t think I’ve seen you love people haven’t seen before have you seen it before I knew I have not welcome Madam welcome home your last name but I do like that spelling I know that might sound weird but I have a thing with names so when I see different type names that I don’t see all the time give kudos to that yeah and she says her last name was on the comic it’s not a Long Reach for a family for a family that’s already on their mind for moving into a neighborhood that didn’t that didn’t want them all right like the Freeman’s didn’t move into that neighborhood that was lip yeah what’s up ladies not a Freeman yeah there there there’s no reason that I can think of that we’ve been shown that they would have the Freeman’s on on their radar new diet unless they know slow Samba thank you thank you for your head and hopefully you subscribe to all of you steak stick around everything out how she said she’s new awesome welcome we love meeting the folks thank you thank you hope you subscribe you stick around everything else you got a bunch of people up here in the chat we’re going to go back to uh some of these Stills that

we will watch and keep it keep on movement moving through them all right and here is a common thing that we see use use all right Carmen look so cold right we need many many people getting up the Chokehold being applied to them yeah and there we see the same Chokehold being applied to a little girl let me tell you you little girl little girl and this man spit was nasty that got that one just spit I refuse to believe you know no one’s fit looks like that honestly not I think about it that just shows even more the corruption that whatever magic he’s using has been has been done to his body yeah American itself isn’t really always bad but it’s the person that is using it in the intent that they’re using it with that that’s why they say you know there’s good and bad Magic no magic is just magic these using magic you you end up with globby gross looking body juices on your forehead is the yeah that was a big glob and you know and and it’s symbolic because you know back in the day you know it used to be a big thing like when people but would make deals they would spit in their hands the see ya and then shake hands and then shake hands with the spit in their hand you know you have you ever watch The Dukes of Hazzard Uncle Jesse would always do that with Boss Hogg every time they make a deal and it’s a I’m spittin imma spit I’m a I’m a shake it you know and they would always do that but this was a thing that they did they spit in their hands and shake hands so you get some of that here with with everything else yeah I mean in this also just shows the again highlights the excessive force that’s always use what’s the most she was going to do run away that’s what she tried to do you have to have her up in a Chokehold like that granted you didn’t need to be around her at all but still still excessive it was definitely excessive and I think that was the whole point of it the show exactly how brutal these cops are and they’re willing to be whether you are young child and not now this is a very interesting shot and that’s why I chose this shot right here because when you look you see a Neti just meeting G ha yeah first time and you can see like the way this shot is shot is very interesting because you seen Eddie in the one door and then Jihad and the other door like Jihad come all the way across the world you know what I mean yeah and now they’re across the room they’re right across the room like in a still like in two different worlds and really like the this in the middle of would be like tick right here yeah like the way that they shot that and they put the light a lot of light on Jihad on that and they put the light on lady’s back in the light in the face of G ha you know I think that was done purposely the way they put that out there there but I thought that was a very good use of camera and great and very good lighting yeah i-it’s almost it may be me but it almost looks like in letty’s posture like it automatically has clicked in her head who this woman is oh yeah so I mean I don’t know folks were saying in the after show that tick didn’t tell Larry about Jian know he did he just didn’t go into extreme detail and there was never a reason that came up for him to really go into detail he said I had somebody in Korea it ended really strangely which for him it did my man ran out the damn house but as naked I mean what would you do with it when you land with my and nine random-ass tentacles you can’t tell nobody believed him exactly for what reason would he even want to relive that never planned on seeing her again it’s not his fault that she showed up so I I may have been one of the minority of women that didn’t think lady had anything to be mad about II agree on that what I had doubt we we jump cut to the the tomb with with tick meets up with Christina it’s hard umm and this is where she she uses the dust of the Tomb it does the dirtiness of the Tomb kind of ancient you know by using the old that day that show exactly how the right way to cast a spell in this is see it and in this episode episode like she you given her something if she given you information you know it like you see get something from everybody oh every time I see you know wasn’t winning this episode man you definitely every every scene she was in you know this scene here would take and she kicked it stumper

ticked its dumped her a little bit but like I’ve been saying from the beginning Christina plays Wizards chest you know it shout out to Harry Potter fans that caught that reference she pays she plays wizard chess like two or three moves ahead of everybody else yes she’s been doing some dirty yes she has her own motives yes she’s using everyone around her her but you gotta respect the game a little bit obviously you can express especially you know listen you gotta respect the game for everything she’s willing to achieve she has been very calculated in everything she’s done and quite honestly she hasn’t really lied about anything she’s open to the truth on some things I’ll give you that but she seems like a person she’s one of those girls that likes to hurt people with the truth so when things start coming out she’s very good at it the way she needs to get some are saying she’s playing The Game of Thrones definitely isn’t she came to blame everybody else right now yeah that that that’s the best word I agree with that completely completely yeah yeah Christina was checked met every negotiation is she right right the thing about Christina is she’s she’s a boss you know she may be frail she may look looking around for centuries y’all yeah like she’s a boss and she she ate and she likes that show like she’s not one to be messed with you know what I mean even when she said when she went to tick and take tried to shoot us she was like yo yo don’t go too be smart and you have to be smarter than his could you gotta be snow come on use your head use your head so you gotta shoot a random white girl come on in broad daylight you don’t be a stupid ring no silencer or nothing for that pistol you wouldn’t have been able to just walk away and go to nobody’s train station my dude what are you what are you thinking exactly they would have been hung up boy and strung up and that’s just the bottom line without a shadow of a doubt Bernadette Baker this is not our Bernadette right that’s not Bernie Bernie that is a different burners nothing to affect people that ain’t beefing all right so different Burns I don’t think so all right all right it’s different burned down it says there’s nothing to respect she’s evil she’s a devil I mean you have to respect respect your plan backed the game says she’s not a boss she’s evil she’s evil boss yes she is she still a boss I mean she’s making it do what it do – that’s all I’m saying she is a boy she’s a but listen you is this evil people who are bosses can go through the history at under you know the whether it’s a mastering is ready and everything but all lat lad add the Impaler was a boss he was evil as a Gideon pale people you know what I mean but he was a boss have you did invest room how many kings out there you can consider bosses that that did disgusting horrible things she’s definitely a boss you know what I mean and she puts it out there that she’s the boss and she puts it out there that she’s in control because they all need something from her and she needs something from HUD then but it makes him she makes it seem like you need her more than she needs them and that’s the way it seems that the way the way she’s does it all the time you know what I mean I mean like I said she’s very good at manipulating the situations and almost want to say she’s a good word Smith and when I say that that means like she can take the truth of any situation and make sure she spends that narrative the exact way she needs it to hit mmm what you are tired right here we got TEF guys that’s a new person to write F Taffy I don’t think I’ve seen your now look at these icons in here man we got the beautiful ladies in this shower oh we should do we got if you don’t respect an opponent that strong and you are exactly right right yep never underestimate anybody in life the out or you get defeated you know you can never go in and look at my Tyson and Buster Douglas you can look in boxing matches with and I think boxing matches the best place to look because that’s what you see people get knocked out when they underestimate people you always see people looking and a lot of things in boxing they’ll tell you they look past that opponent to the next opponent like this they have a big fight set up in this is a tune-up fight and they going they’re not even even thinking about the next and they wind up getting knocked out and that’s exactly what happens here and everything thank you for your got another Divine divine angel that that that’s the new name it looks like to me I don’t think I’ve seen that name before welcome yeah Covergirl 44 I’ve been here that is what’s up oh yeah if her plan ever goes off track she’s gonna lose it

beware know that product but right now oh yeah there there there will be hell to pay if something does go wrong and and I think so them big is going to is definitely gonna go wrong this is a little says tick sort of future he is playing Christina so we future that ticks ticks which let’s be clear of what he saw yeah he didn’t look anything because the lady handed him the book and pushed him out he said I’m pushed him right back out the portal yeah so he’s reading what’s in that book and these dissecting but he didn’t see the actual future now the only thing he saw was white people people riding which makes me think he got to 2020 and whoever was there knew he was coming and they knew that they needed to be there to give him that book and get the hell out of there and if you want to say it could be the long game of that person was were it’s possible a person was working for Christina they did it on purpose you need have no idea now that is an angle I did not think about my my first thought after watching the trailer was that it could possibly be Diana the age range would still fit yeah could have some agents in there I mean like I said the trick is a few centuries old don’t let that young face who you yeah well they say that she was able to achieve immortality so she would still be alive at that particular time she was a lot to my brother Finn indices du is T is always a what’s good for us to have the immortality yet she hasn’t invulnerability the book says that she achieved it she yeah yeah that she’s going to achieve it by killing tip I kill him tick so that’s that’s what we know him to the next picture here that we got our see another picture Christian you don’t you look good this episode I think addresses look good a hair look good and I one thing I would say about these things is that they do like black people they do a good job with the light very good on the lighting yeah and you know people may not notice but that is a hard thing to do with melon ated folks is to get the lighting right exactly especially if they don’t want you know a lot of people don’t work or black people don’t you know it’s just like black hair right right it’s can’t go into any beauty you don’t know how to do it then you should not touch it exactly and that’s the way it is with lighting black people you gotta know how to light and that’s how you know you have black people black woman who is told in this showdown you know what I mean directed this episode entry this is our breakfast somebody jump on Google and look that up for me please I do believe I heard that she said that she directed this episode I’m interviewing be sure I’m gonna get her on here here I’m you sure I’m not playing man Billy you know what um I’m gonna get her I don’t know if you’d heard of the payor wait Channel who is this that is run by a girl named uh Sharonda another black YouTuber out here doing all the good things she’s recently started getting interviews with a lot of folks actually I think she has some interviews coming up that she’s gonna be posted soon with the cast all right maybe if you want to reach out to her and try to do that I my kids might help get the hook-up just a thought I think my channel is big enough that I could I could I could pull some people up in here you can do it on your own just just a thought to make it easier oh no no I’m not saying that I will definitely I think that you know I don’t know what they look for to who what they look for to go on right channels that they look at subscriber count of you can’t whether they do it or not and everything else like that but Queen are in says that she did direct thank you Queen appreciate that oh she did she did Queen our answer is yes she did that she directed the best episode of the year I think I’m yeah you know what every episode as I see it becomes my favorite over the over the – yeah this one was definitely a while it creeped me out to no Hill whoo ain’t even really get any sleep Sunday night I can usually deal with horror and creepy when you throw creepy children looking demons around yeah that’s that’s a sleepless night for me and you thank you divine Angel for the Super Chat this is My Chosen how this is how you know getting that Montrose you know what I mean getting that Montrose right to figure out what’s going on and everything else in the next scene is how wiping you know the spit off and you know trying don’t you know it’s you know it’s like that feeling I would say that I see like like like I’m trying to compare it to it but it’s kind of like it’s kind of like when you know when something terrible happens to a woman say something terrible happened to a woman in they just got to wash their body to watch it all away like this prior to get rid of his like say you is what you know something happen with Samantha you didn’t want to happen to this going and you just scrub yourself and just like try to scrub Yourself clean

that’s what it seemed like she was doing in this seemed like she was just trying to really this wide get everything everything out of her all the cars that happened to her day and and the spit on the Ford had was just a last straw yeah I’m going to that watch the way to let’s wash our problems away you know kind of like that commercial back and a cow cowboys and cowgirls to take me away huh you know what I will give a little bit of kudos excuse me to Montrose because he was trying to talk to her you know he said you know that they took my best friend away from me too when I when I was a kid but then he goes off into being Montrose again is your starts yelling like dude if you know what she’s going through like you just said lower your damn tone man baby girl is in serious need of a hug ugh and answers and you don’t you’re one of the main ones that always say to you know don’t tell him nothing that’s not going to work anymore Montrose and this isn’t just some random girl this is this your blood man this is your niece do better yeah I think that Montrose has a doesn’t know how to express himself that way I think you know some people get caught up I’ll say things like my fault love my father and I was with my father you know I love my dad and everything else but I could tell you I was hard for me too Ben remember a time as an adult that I hug my father like I specifically remember a time that you know I went to I was at my grandmother’s house his mother and he was there and I met him and he put his hand out and I shook his hand and I remember her saying in this way not just son you should hug you as son and he was like no we men we shake hands you know and that’s just what he was you know to me at that time in his life that scooter that’s all those words back in the day you know and didn’t I think Montrose is in that in that category thank you for that is T for the stupid chat exactly AK I love how they show different cultures scary those kids were creepy we go get them kid I’ll tell you all the story when we get there damn kids you know but that I think it was a situation like that thing – Russ is a stuck in that you know it know it evolve evolve doesn’t and I don’t I don’t like that and you know I know when him and took were talking you know you was like you know I’ll do what I have to do to protect my son too I think he is coming around and I do think he’s definitely going to play a part and putting a wrench in Christina’s plans but uh it’s just it is it I just can’t with Montrose well it’s like it’s like it’s just like it like like getting whuppings right I got the kicked out of me when I was yeah you know I mean and I’m going to assume that my parents got the same thing you know what I mean well there were young and they get now me I took it like I’m not doing that to my child because I know exactly how that felt but they took it like I’m doing this because this is the way I was raised and I’m continuing it you know I don’t think they got to that a lot like like my generation I think is a generation that stop beating their kids all right right see I think we stopped that whole thing and now kids you don’t get beat but then then you’ll hear people say kids act so bad they should be getting beat that’s why they act the way they act you know I’m not saying and that’s the thing with with at least four for my cousins with the kids that are in our our family if a smack or a few smacks are warranted yes you will absolutely get that especially if you got a smart mouth to mouth we don’t we don’t do smartass churn in my family but if it gets to a point to where you just beaten and swinging at belt just to be swinging the belt if you beating a little Johnny over the head with a frying pan every day no that-that-that’s abuse and you need to not not not saying you shouldn’t discipline your kids definitely but it doesn’t have to be extremely harsh yeah you know and it look it was wrong and everything else it was wrong that is when I got hit and everything else and I remember how it made me feel and everything else and I couldn’t stand it but I you know I was it was just I got whooped always get whooped it wasn’t even like I got hit one ice to get whooped extension cords and everyone extension outside my my grandmother go to the in pull a switch off the tree and hit me with the switch I had to go pick my own switch you know what I mean that I was going to pick the wrong one yeah you don’t know which one to pick because the skinny ones are quick and whip you and the thick ones are smacking heart so heavy as hell yeah yeah I think that’s the biggest torture of the more when they when you have to go out there and tuned instrument go choose the instrument I’m gonna kick your ass back ready man yeah that’s that’s how it was I mean it like just to

think about my family man well you know where West Indian you know my mom my aunt my dad they all grew up in South America I don’t know what the rules are day but when they were growing up there was no such thing as child abuse in Guyana if you up and you call yourself wanting to run away from home whatever friend of your parents find you is going to beat your ass and then they’re gonna take you home and you won’t get another ass whooping I ain’t nobody gonna say that happened to my my other mother call oh Sylvia my other mother I mean when I was little and she hit me and she be in she hit me and everything I was like I’m telling my mother when she gets sick and she was babysitting me and go mad and then I went there my mom came through the door and I ran to and I was like Sylvia hit me but I let my mom hit me by what you do to make what you do yep yep is my mom broke my sister man they were they actually get you with that all right we bought here to Uncle Tom’s Cabin book that that the gets us to the thing and you know everyone knows Uncle Tom’s Cabin has two different meanings also Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a book that was written and it is usually it was used to make people in the north understand exactly how bad slavery was it was while best-selling book book back then him it really helped you know promote the Civil War and make people believe that it was a bad thing for slavery but and then there’s an Uncle Tom who people call Uncle Tom and those are people that that side like the house negro is Uncle Tom so it took on a different meaning in the black community than actually what the book was meant to do and what the book I did did and from the DMV get from this second one we get the we get the Uncle Tom the girl chains to one of the yeah that as soon as I saw that asataro know D is about to be in some serious yeah I mean that damn song started playing the Montrose ass over there legit trying to yell at this little girl and banging on the damn door like my guy yeah do anything but what you always do is push people away and what happened she ran out the window mmm-hmm Didi crafty – what you got to go together it was not she I told she was frustrated and she was done with the she needs some fresh air so she had to go back out yep and everyone knows about escaping through the window back and that’s that was a way here we are and I and this is a very difficult seem but I you know I I break it down the way I feel I don’t know if you feel the same way we see before you pull it out first again we see Letty here that led we see Ruby here she gets a coasted by this white guy and again William is playing the white savior for me and I think that’s what people have problems with his whole situation because let’s see just came from a funeral well young black boy was murdered by two white guys hmm yet she into the arms of a white man yeah so so why would you why would you do that and I think that’s huh biggest frustration and have the biggest thing with in dealing with the situation is that that’s where she wanted to be in the end she wanted to be in the arms of this white man Even though though that she knows exactly what happened to this young boy yeah and and Ruby is also in that same situation that Diana is in she’s frustrated and she is really through over the nonsense she needed some type of else some random version of safety and Security and you know then people might not like it but to stay on the south side with everything that was going on she wasn’t going to get any type of piece there and she knew that but she does still have that guilt to wear this is where I came so instead and you know that you know she didn’t didn’t want to

be in her own skin a white man I totally understand where her head space was it’s that Catch 22 like you need to be away from the you need a break you need to be able to forget this extremely traumatic thing that just happened but the way you have to go about doing that is it it it isn’t right but she also wasn’t wrong if that makes sense yeah you can’t you can never judge someone else’s opinion unless you’re living in that person’s shoes and you don’t know it’s she obviously she has feelings for you know and that not that’s that’s different that that we can definitely go into that who this she truly have feelings people said she has feelings for William you know but you know she never met William know no it’s both I mean first of all Chris ilium is just one person they have you know two different bodies but it is still that same person hmm it’s still Christina Ruby knows this and she still there and that’s another thing that’s playing in her in her subconscious subconscious you know but I told y’all you know if your watch my videos route Chris ilium is a thing you know and it’s going to be it while it’s already messy but it like in every sense of the word it’s already messy moving forward it’s going to be even more Messier and I don’t I’m a strange individual I find watching their train wreck of relationship be fascinating and I ship it so I am here to see all of the random drama that I know is going to happen and I want to see how they’re actually going to deal with that because I genuinely think Kristina has some she has some feelings for Ruby I don’t think it’s just in her William Persona I think that’s her like she said the words came out of Williams mouth but they were mine she owned that no doubt about and Susan little says the phrase growed like Topsy later grew like topsy passed into the English language originally with the specific meaning of unplan Ting growth ET Les that latter sometimes just to meaning of enormous growth you know I feel like you know it’s it’s it’s it’s a catch-22 Ruby yeah more honest with yourself than any the character on the show I can see how people see that but I could see why people would say why would she run into the arms of this person at the dealing with what she’s doing without someone just said that Ruby wanted to escape Escape the troubles going on in the other side one to get away from it all and it could just be that she just wanted to get away from it all but it and and when you see and she says and she’s like you know she’s like you know I didn’t want to be a a black woman I’m sleeping with a white man well it obviously you know sleeping with a white man yeah sleeping with a glamoured white woman and you know that’s exactly what you’re doing the is messy but I’m here for it I don’t know why it just seems fitting for me I don’t know yeah I think that’s what you have to really look at it to that that you know that’s what is meant to because it’s meant to be you know how she felt about what she was doing there was dirty she felt dirty she felt felt bad about doing it but you still want to and there’s a lot of things out you may feel bad about doing that in your life and you still do them anyway and I it’s the same type of situation going on here was dirty what she was doing she didn’t feel like she didn’t want to be herself she didn’t it’s like this kind of explains it’s like you know how like you go out to a club or so to a club and then some you meet some chick and everything else and you sleep with the chick and then some of your friends will see hey you slept with that chick my man I was drunk when I did that I wasn’t you know but you knew what you was doing but he had to have something to blame it on that that’s basically what you use the white skin for and everything else but yeah that’s why you’ve been you see how come out of a skin she could pretend that it was someone else doing it but in the end we see this is what you wanted to do do this is who you are and this is what you would wear you really wanted to be and I think that she she she got mad at herself for feeling the way she feels and if you you know back to when she first was given that potion at the end of her workday day she wouldn’t let Chris ilium kiss her in that skin because she wanted to know that

that Christian name was we feeling her for being herself but now here we have the opposite and it’s interesting to watch and when you say I’m like I said like I said like she’s the boss Christina here’s another Boss moves she did you know not only this you this one all right but then this lady goes and tells it like yo you stand her for Filth yeah she’s like she’s like you should feel bad about what what was going on you should feel terrible that this boy died you said she’s like listen I don’t feel nothing yeah and you just feel bad because you came your ass over here to me straight checked it in her face that’s all I’m saying Christina likes to hurt people with the truth and that’s it and she told her listen it is she and she’s right she has never lied to Ruby about anything she sold her exactly what she was about from Jump Street the only secret she ever had was that she was William but that’s out the bag now and Ruby still there exactly exactly Ruby is okay with our own actions she can reflect on our own Christine has a fool she thinks Ruby needs a little Susan lentils hate it it’s a hit Christian Heda this is put that happen happen Chris is a villain you know don’t don’t get it wrong she is a villain and I do not want her to win I’m just saying the way she’s going about doing things it’s extremely interesting to watch and Tamra I think you might be right Ruby and um is developing an addiction you know she wants that power still to be able to go and do what she wants when she wants mmm-hmm there’s no doubt about now whether they actually drink drink this he’s taking is addicting I don’t know but she could just be for the power of maybe it’s addicting maybe it’s some type of thing and it could be like some situation like that John had make us us at the truth the truth hurts you know sometimes you know you see you see a lot of people who who don’t live that truth and leave it throughout the show Montrose right he it’s the same it’s the same thing going on they were Montrose his whole life now we get a definition we’ll talk about that that when we get there but same thing going on with Montrose that’s going on with her but her and I think that Christina checked her like a boss right in her face she did she read her for Filth and again she told nothing but the truth and and Ruby and you can tell by the look on Ruby’s face she knows she’s being hit with with the one + KO okay oh yeah and there’s nothing you can say about it she has to be able to deal with that herself and that’s what her it is she’s pissed at herself for being there so she’s trying to project some of that anger on Christina you know that both of them are using each other for something but at the same time there are still feelings there that they’re going to have to really do with coming up very soon all right I’m going to say this one time I have not read the books so do not put any spoilers from the books in this chat please yeah not read the book either I had people have it we don’t want to read the book and I don’t want to have to put you on timeout I appreciate that you have read the book listen I was I did Game of Thrones right and I read all the books so I know how tempting it is to tell people the show let’s go what’s different yeah I know I know how it is but I respectfully ask if you did read the books please do not put anything from the books in here because we just want to try to figure this us out on our own that’s that’s what this that’s what we like about all right so I did downloaded the audio book the other day but I didn’t allow myself to go past the second chapter because all of that happened already in the show actually download the book myself because I was going to lose a credit and I needed to use the credit so I can download the book but I have no intention on a reading it or listening to it at all I stick all right we got you guys GI and listen when you deal with GI and this is went it comes through the door and he comes through the door he knows it’s her because he sees his shoes outside and the culture you know in Chinese culture you know I myself personally that you know that that that’s what you had to do when you go inside the crib and everything and he knew the culture that the Chinese people with the shoes

off and everything else he knew exactly what was going on and what he was walking into into and again she is she’s a beautiful woman you know that’s your neck not so upset because lady like this chick chick okay new name here to view the rum I you you are my what happened where to you think welcome culture but tie all of them usually take their shoes off before you know it I cannot believe it’s just it’s not just Asian culture Korean culture and you could you can see that it Miss do everyone let’s all say mr. Miyagi if you want to look at that and you look at that and then your son and all them they always will take your shoes off every time they entered the dojo and everything else this is what it was this is the second it’s more of an Asian thing more than just a straight Korean thing have a lot of Korean friends I grew up with especially in Queens New York anyone knows Queens New York knows it’s loaded with Korean people and everything else but all the Asian things and just or one religion thing for Korean people and not just a very beautiful woman as as we can see here my eyes are gorgeous as she should and and this chick is ugly adding Lenny Lenny and I will play Let me let me go yeah she doesn’t really come off with come off with anything like she’s know she tells who she is he does all this she’s very calm telling the story she is but she doesn’t do anything she doesn’t help in any way yeah then that’s what I’m saying like Okay you’re there there love him I get it you were worried however what made you think this was a good idea if this is the angle that they’re going to be on now I went after the hole nine tailed fox episode I did kind of want her to go to Chicago because you know magical creature or against you know these with magic and people that are just now learning magic she could help kitschy I don’t even know if she didn’t want to see the the you know the three-way three-way angry love triangle and that’s kind of what they’re setting up and I we have enough drama in the show we didn’t need that and and I can’t believe that they will bring her back for just this what 10 minutes worth of a scene no they didn’t give her something else they gave her a full episode yeah well for her for a reason yeah for reason they made see is that the alien that he sees in the first episodes there company company they’re not going to give you you a full episode and make you one of the first people that he sees in the show begins just for that there’s something else is going to happen with her Susan little again Susan I love you all right I love you that’s and that’s true that’s facts you know I was not mad at Tec when he said you don’t have any new information to give me what why are you here I wasn’t saying that and yeah that might have broke her heart a little baby y’all ladies the one that called it out because she loves you okay I get that but you can’t fault this man’s being upset he didn’t tell his ex-girlfriend to come here mmm-hmm whatever that whole conversation and all of the random anger just then they didn’t need to have that in there I think they could have done that a lot smoother but this is the road they chose to take a shot of Nelson how we got bunch of people up in here chilling with as we go forward I feel like I’ve seen your name before but I don’t remember where I don’t think it was in his effluent stream well I’m glad everybody’s here makes you hit the thumbs up Button make sure you subscribe to the channel everything and that’s how we keep it poppin and so we keep people going on in here and stuff Letty no don’t Let Me Go grab another beer real quick please all right I’ll go do it all right if people y’all got any questions you know I’m here that’s what this really is the key word a I have a bunch of questions I can pull them up on a chat and everything else you know that Susan little little she says as they said 100 so I’m I’m confused and I put 100 men that she killed she’s supposedly killed one see the show that’s very confusing to because you think that when she killed 100 people that the girl would be released

at of and she would go back she said that she did fulfill that prophecy so why is she the spirit still in that girl’s body how come the girl didn’t come back that would be my issue with it white white will happen because she’s supposed to the hundred men and then she’s supposed to leave the by the fox and then the girls supposed to come back but the girl didn’t come back it’s still the fox inside that body and she said she killed a hundred person so maybe it has something to do with the mother maybe she killed the mother instead of the hundred-person maybe that’s a hundred person was the mother it’s so it will get a case too so it’s on it and I not this Soul Susan Susan because she was killing men but I’m sorry because she was killing men you know so she specifically was killing the men so it wasn’t like she was out there killing killing women so you know what I mean so it could have been something different cause if that was the case why didn’t she just reduce a couple of women to bring the woman back there the mother of G I specifically said you have to bring men back here you need to bring men right so so it wasn’t just so was man men’s Souls that she had to bring back there and she needed a hundred men so man Souls are say men’s Souls you need a hundred Souls to fulfill the prophecy right so so that that’s what we’re we’re hanging up here that’s so it does seem a little bit weird exactly what’s going on everything else or or what all that stuff listen we have over 118 people here I’ve truly appreciate you know I did this Midstream to see you know have people how this would go I didn’t know how many people I would get here or anything else like that but I wanted to see if people into Lovecraft that much of they wanted to talk about it midweek not just on Sunday because I want to talk about it speaking of that on the real line right when you were a you sent out the invite I was actually getting ready to listen to another podcast podcast do their down he usually streams on Thursdays oh yeah who’s that what else I know nah I’m gonna go hang on my boys home Isuzu you go thank you we are here Thursday night so I had to see you no I use it was it was just a trial to see if it flew you know the see if people would actually show up and they did and pull force young young man have you met you I’m just saying you Teflon start streaming you think folks ain’t gonna show up stop that cut it out right now well this is this is this is a new crowd I love this crap yeah that’s true that’s true we do got a lot of new folks that keep coming in because of our love practice sessions and I appreciate y’all keep on coming well drink after work Costco Jones what are y’all are saying that she still had to kill yes oh my might say they were sent what they were saying was saying it’s about the souls and I said that it seemed like it had to be a hundred men so man so I believe it has to be a hundred men so she claims that she killed all those people but yeah she said that she had to do it to a hundred people and I’m wondering why why the girls body didn’t leave the fox didn’t leave and the girl come back if that was the case I don’t see I don’t know from what I remember is she was at 99 and tick was supposed to be the last one mmm and if you had if she did already get that last one before coming to Chicago she wouldn’t be a who me Hall anymore and it seems like she still is so I don’t think he has that one unless you killed the mother I think she says in episode she killed a hundred Maybe someone did tell her that she was going have to see a whole lot more bloodshed before she’s through so maybe we had nothing new name him I can’t pronounce it is it says they were rounding up to a hundred it could have been or maybe it was I don’t know if it was around yeah well we don’t know I only remember them saying the number 100 yeah I remember hearing 100 so it could be around the book she could have did it all right we got Letty right here all upset upset at tick and this is something that every guy has gone through what a chick especially when another chick is involved that look on the ladies faces actress she did she going to get dampness before she she she had been in this way because that good huh face I don’t see

that that so many many times of my life and this one right here tick I’ve been in this position right here right here let me check let me tell you let me say okay my brother bridge for and everything if you could highlight Thomas the last comment that he put up there I will look for it real quick I do agree siren because you know her mom basically her over twice okay I’m the only comment I see him Simon is what kind of beer you drinking it’s closer to the end of the chat like right around where Bridge came in issue is name it says anyone want to talk about the poor girl’s mom was letting her husband raped her and yeah she knew what was going on not on my own see I don’t see it I’m sorry sir I would highlight it but I really don’t see it hold on let me let me see if I can grab it okay look for my name and I will copy and paste it all right but yeah this triangle that you put on your hand as a man when chicks is this is this I done been like this is the it’s like the prayer is like surely it’s that exasperation like are you done and I please speak my words right now are you put myself a KF here real quick so so can see exactly what I’m talking about when you do this when you see this like that when you like and you take that breath and you like I’ve made not believe in God but I’ll tell you right now girl you got to leave me alone do do not listen to me you’d have attention you are doing that this when you see this right here and girls ladies when you see a man do this right that’s what this time to slow down all right what’s that come up to the four years like this and that’s it it’s time down to his phone was saying I was saying yeah she allowed that man to do that to Gia all through her childhood for how many ever years she it lasted and then she called herself wanting to get revenge and she summoned this damn spirit into her daughter making her again put the leg work in she’s got to be the one to deal with with the you know having her body defiled even more now now I did all the time if you are really that self-righteous and you actually cared like you say you did one the ship wouldn’t happen in the first place and to you would have summoned that damn Spirit into yourself yeah it’s it’s a it’s a difficult thing because she says that she felt like the husband cared about her her right it’s yeah it’s weird so did did the husband that’s the whole thing did the husband actually was it obviously is it’s creepy but it wasn’t a Woody Allen situation and that’s what the mother was so mad about when it’s not that actually that that happened to her but that this guy cared more about her than the mom and that’s why she wanted revenge on a husband because he cared more about the door than herself you know that how I took it it sounds that sounds like a precious situation you did you see that movie when it came out yes I see yeah my Monique played the mom and she was pissed because her daughter had two kids by the daddy who was her husband and she only had one like what what what what what the hell is wrong with you how does that logic in your brain like uh she was she was so into wanting to you know save face and be a part of the community and not be shunned and whatnot and you put all of that on your daughter instead of Being the adult and handling it yourself yourself exactly now people say listen she specifically said in the show that when she searched this guy’s memories hmm that she felt that the guy loved her yeah and and then was the one that taught her that song

every time your mom was like why I told you that song to comfort you are some other right and she was like I know no I have his memories not yours exactly so maybe y’all seen what are y’all talking maybe I don’t know watch it my lady Alomar wish you were here I can want us to agree with you I wish you could be a hugely it’s hard for her to do things during the with these yeah but she’s I was lucky not to have been hit spanked as a kid Allah I remember one spanking as a kid I always held it in as my memory and never forgave for it was to for it cause to this day I still think think it as warranted in ain’t no I think that comes with the generations you know Amanda said as I said when when when I think that I think that my grandfather got hit I think that he hit my father and I think my father passed it on to me and I stopped it and I think my generation is a generation that stop the beating of the kids I think that’s when it stopped in my generation I think that’s when it really got put on hold and like yell this was wrong that it happened to us and everybody think All Before Time time it kept getting and everything up it’s a vicious is a vicious circle they’re very generational trauma and you know like if you watched a Watchman with Regina King last year the season they had on HBO they touched on that generational trauma and it’s a thing there’s no doubt about it is this I said the exact same thing when he would say half the he got beat and he like God please kill them kill them I said those exact same words him and the fact that he said that and he in the thing is when you make a joke all right about something that means it has to happen at to so many people that they understanding exactly and that’s why they laugh with you exactly that that’s the way it was maybe one got it because they all said it because they all got beaten and they all said gun kill him that’s just what it is random off top seriously we should do a watch party for freaking delirious we should have you remains one of like my top three stand up I can I will do it and I don’t care about monetizing and I would do non-monetized but if I could do without getting kicked off of YouTube or anything no we wouldn’t do it on YouTube no there’s there’s ways to do it and we can just like give people the address and if we did stream anything on YouTube it will just stream our reactions not the actual movie all right well yeah you could you could let me know we did I’ll check into it wind and touch base with you all right next we got exactly like that this is the look that women give you after you give them the triangle like this this is the look that women give you when they say like oh you gonna leave You can’t leave I’m a file UT a job that’s it look like like that that’s the look you get that is the look you get for for wearing when after you do the triangle they still ain’t having it and then you have to give him this look back like sure you serious mind you I used to feel right she packed his bag yo she packed his bag and then when he grabbed it and put a couple more things in and started walking away where you going then you get this that’s when you get this right here here that’s what you get 200 you go unpack my my brother you just told me to leave but then as soon as you leave where you going we were here told me to go what do you care where I’m going you just pack my bag come on let’s been my hero hero all season though don’t do this please oh women do it every woman do it they want you to leave but they don’t want you to go that’s basically the best way to say it they tell you to leave but they don’t tell you to go I’m saying and yes Val I know she didn’t mean it she was just mad but come on man don’t say it I have been ticks shoes is what I’m saying I did this is what tone saying he has been in addiction she was annoying to have to deal with he wasn’t going to leave or go anywhere at first he wanted to just sit and talk it out she’s the one that threw the bag at him mmm you can’t be mad at my dude man I’ve been through that too

many times to many times but see me I’m that Tuesday and I know hormones are going off but come on man she ain’t I’m out when this happened to me I’m gone you gonna have to think about that that you know I’m you know even if I don’t want to go even if I just sit around the corner and just sit there are going my car and drive around the block and just sit there I got to go just to prove the point that that’s it you know like I’m you want me going this this is what’s going to be like around and chat talking about hormones she’s pregnant make it okay The Devil’s Advocate advocate come on if those roles were reversed which I really still be thinking the same thing yeah it’ll be yeah hormones you know home she ain’t that far along the way to hormones are affecting her that easily exactly he took what look at when you see this face right here on him this is look at his face look at his face he’s like are you serious that’s the lady can we just talk Manner and do we have to do this do we really have to do this that’s the are you you serious surely really all right I’m done with this I’m done I gotta go I’m done I tried and this is what you get right this is this is the this is the reason I’m trying to reason with you I’m trying to reason what you should listen to me focus on my brain my brain I’m trying to get within my brain to come across with you and this was that I don’t give a 287 oh I then you get that fighter like are you goddamn serious shorty bad to a set right here I hate you and then they end and you’re just sitting there looking at them and then they start yelling at you again answer me you just told me to shut up like five times times thanks I don’t know what the hell to tell you well I like it please ask this question in a little bit when we come back to the child we going to get to that part I want you to come back to that well freeze bring bring bring this question back up and everything else because we definitely but yeah I need information on that question for sure you know with that that’s what it is that’s it is like you get out but you better not leave stammering Yes actually I think a folks may have skipped over that line number you know in that hole mishmash of a conversation lady did say you know everyone has died since you came back but you exactly the fat that’s a fact and that’s that’s definitely symbolic that went to fact she said that to him everyone has died but you you know and that means some that he sees foreshadowing his death and this is that that that he’s going to die I’m going to do a video is ticking to die but ticking that I don’t know sorry Joanna just putting a check I meant leave the room I don’t want your right now but I don’t want nobody else to have it because I don’t want minutes from now I’ll be looking for your ass you better not be at that bitch’s house you know what I mean exactly like you know to be just like yo you best not go put that in nobody else but I don’t want it too big and you know that’s the way women are in that that’s the problem that’s the whole thing in that that’s that’s why women don’t rule the world because they too emotional they decide I legit had an excellent really know any time she got to reel shooting out that some argument would randomly Beast started and you know we had to backstab like 20 freaking paces and you know after a while you you be done with that so it happened now just like no one week later well what you did with this dp3 300 you are another no-name welcome name DP hopefully scribe 2D P 3L we appreciate you being there let’s get these lights on we

got looks like we got 114 watching yes good E5 like shout-out to the hater that came through to give us that one dislike of course they always say everyone I’ve been I’ve been doing since I’ve been doing Game of Thrones stuff is always people hating on me hating on any type of success that I get they don’t they want me to fail but they I just can’t so that’s just what it is and that’s the bottom line you know you strong in here so make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit them found out now let’s keep this going sort of hey this know that we rocked it so this is all so let’s remember take knows that lady’s pregnant belletti still I said nothing to take exactly and by that same token tick still has not has not said anything to Letty like I only know I know we need to talk but yeah sitting here talking about what he didn’t say to her but she did something important is that she don’t want to say to him you know so it’s not we got it we got it out there you know we all know we all never tell nothing but the truth that’s two women that’s women for you Saudi right here this is the the strength of these she’s going through searching for the Lancaster you know what I mean jeez like and she puts on the the the hat from the Negro League right here’s the Negro League hat from the Negro League rakia and you know we’ve seen Jackie Robinson and we see it come back into play when she’s fighting these girls later because we see Jackie Jackie Robinson be eat up in the beginning you know went and ticks dream it’s Jackie Robinson that hits the Home Run and smashes the monster and we kind of see that with d hybl here on the subway train this is when the creepiness Starts Here We Go we see these two and let me tell you something about these next it did a hell of a job hell of a job I got to say that they did a hell of a job portraying these these monsters that they portray them them ahead is there no I know their names too know I’m over here at can’t remember their names of the look at them up the other day I forget what their names are but though while they are filmed in frame to be look as children they’re actually two adults and they’re both professional dancers yeah I mean I know I know the names of the what of the characters that plane they were Topsy and babsi babsi and biopsy as that plane yeah oh yeah and and listen they they they they they the job that they were given to do and they did it it because after this episode boy look you know you and you en el mar went live after the episode and me and my cousin watching you all for a bit and she went ahead and went to bed so by the time you guys are done is about like 11:30 I’m like okay let me go see if maybe my mom still up and I walked in the kitchen the whole back of the house was dark so I turn right around and said nope because I’m not going to go stumble and try to find anybody’s life switch right now and then about one Thirty one of my aunts got up I was like yeah so can I use like the other half of your bed real quick cause I’m not feeling being in the room by myself after watching this damn episode and and ya still didn’t get no sleep no they did it now and you’re not telling me we hit the like you know because this is there some creepers who don’t you know don’t come in and chat and we know they’re never gonna hit the like but if you can you know what I mean listen it really helps out and it’s it’s free don’t cost you nothing all you got to do it it take one second not even the same Loop you click it and it’s done deal that’s not a lot to ask for I’m all that’s there anything in here you know and that’s all I’m asking for is just a this to hit the like button that’s really not a lot that’s right when you look at the big scheme of things in life that’s not a lot you know know at all no I it’s always right through there so you know they chase it on the train and then the next thing we see would have tries to tell Christina actly what happened Letty Letty Letty I’m sorry she tried this holy lady were happening but she can’t because the spell that was placed in her won’t allow her to talk yeah I like exactly the spell that was placed on them when they forgot everything that happened to them inside the mansion hmm so like two things with this whole scene 1 when she did start trying to tell letting you know she was able to get out the words you know behind you but then when she was about to explain what lady was not singing she you know her throat started closing up and she said I can’t breathe so that was a 2020 moment so to speak then she runs she finds Woody and you know the the creepy twins almost get her but she runs away my question is maybe if Letty would have been paying attention and was able to take care of the

baby who needs to be taken care of at the moment if letting letting water got into the house day one the gutter because remember it’s house is Warden now yeah they couldn’t probably got in there so so probably what might have been the safest place for her but again the adults who are all wrapped up in their feelings and they forgot to take care of the baby exactly and we see that in man and real life all the time actually where were they should be taking care of the kids and they more concerned about this situation and what’s going on with that life and not taking the care of the kids and stuff like that but you know she does that and then we go to she finds the car you know I wish freakin heartbreaking is that for her to walk walk up in that she didn’t expect to see that car that’s not where she was going and she was just trying to to get away from the things chasing her and then she sees her mom’s car and all she’s been told as her mom is on a guy trip yeah and after you find out and she’s still like that yep and now the car says such a realizes truly that that was truly a lie and you know and the car represents a father and the represent poor mother it’s a family it’s a family gift all right you know that that’s what those cards back in the day they were you know he’s going to be look at the station wagons and things like that that those are car why’s that that family cars and that’s where that’s where the man Virgo says some of my stop that knocking at the door yeah so that is the the moment that was a Minstrel show songs songs and these were people connected oh yes oh that is the meant that was a Minstrel show songs and these were people who pretended to be black and sung these songs and that’s when you would hear that lyrics they would do their voices like like they thought how a black person would sound or do a big talker like this and say here how you doing there brother stopped out knocking at their door because I’m black and this is how black people say they would do that and then sing like that also so that’s the with that that would that’s how they did that like like some of the folks are saying in the chat I forget her last name but I do believe her first name is Jada or maybe it’s Giada I’m not sure how she pronounces it but that’s the the little girl that plays D and she’s doing a damn thing like II feel like you know stranger things needs to hit her up for the next season because they have a uncanny gift of casting extremely great child actors for that show I think I think loading is joining the cast with a shadow that now this is the best symbolism that we get throughout the whole this whole episode I think happens right here so you can look and you can see tick and mrs. when taking my intros talk and you can see right here taking my intros and you look right here right behind them right in front of them you see the prescriptions all right and what prescriptions do when you get a prescription that’s supposed to represent represent healing hmm that heals you when you get a prescription and then when you look at that is that good good catch on that I didn’t I didn’t piece that together oh and then when you look behind them right here behind them is Earl’s garage molded tuna what’s that good fix bring your car here to fix and you can see that they’re behind them they have to fix a problem that could be behind them but in front of them if they heal each other they can be they can be down each other so so that mean that’s how that represent they have a problem that’s behind them right now they can get it behind them and they can actually turn into fixing that problem get the prescription to fix that and that’s how they naturally could move forward and I think that’s what happens in this episode and in this actual scene when I to each other and see and that’s the thing with Montrose and honestly with a lot of different families sometimes they don’t know how to properly communicate communicate with each other there when there’s a crisis or some you know trauma that’s happened if Montrose would have simply just talked to tick when he first came through their relationship could have been a lot better I mean they hadn’t spoken in five years at the beginning of this but Montrose was still always asking George how take was doing you know over in Korea Korea mmm-hmm and when they first saw each other at the freakin Village he’s saying you know you I think I spoke to you in five years and you fight me on everything you didn’t need to yell at the man but he after all that and all the abuse he still tried to come rescue your dusty ass because he’s your son and you’re his dad and he loves you but you keep barking at this man you know and that part with Sammy in the last episode one there when when they were in the hallway episode or was it yeah

but anyway it was its if Montrose would have kept his cool they easily could have had this conversation conversation that but Montrose is Montrose and you know he takes his shirt off and you know I’m still your daddy bro bro this man just whooped your ass 20 ways to Sunday just a couple days ago he’s not that little boy anymore come correct talk to this man as an adult man to man sitting actually talk yep yeah it’s hard sometimes do that finally though we get this scene and it was a little bit heartwarming you know it was cool but yeah I’m just still has a long ago Heidi my lady what’s going on always see you thank you for hiding with I would say that I will be on this month and a couple of weeks how he would be on Teflon TV her we’re doing a breakdown of the interview with the Vampire so stay tuned for that our Halloween special will be on that and that’s what it is but yet if people saying they didn’t catch that and it’s good cash well thank you very much I appreciate this is Teflon TV this is what I but you know you know yeah that’s exactly what I think that this symbolizes this scene here is that I’m healing each other and tuning up fixing their relationship tuning it up and then healing each other and being able to move forward with that and I think that’s why that is right there in front of them but and you see here obviously we got the we got the you got the book that’s from the future behind him I got a question yep so you know and chat room you you let me know what you think also also do y’all think it’s a possibility that the George Freeman that wrote that book isn’t the child that Letty is carrying right now you know some folks have speculating that maybe she has a kid back in Korea that she didn’t bring and she hasn’t told take about yet yet really black wine the kid definitely looked really black and on the cover and the back of the book yeah it is beautiful to see the tiger wouldn’t you know I mean true enough but that’s the thing you never really know how genetics is are gonna fall that’s true and and you know know if this is his first child or his you know if this child he has with it he could have another child it could be child you don’t know visited the is exact child hmm no no so we got Val says could be it could be the sun could media I’m Val believe that it could money funny Gia name because typically small for me the kid would have to be born already if she does if she does have it so what Gia even know to name six child George that would be that situation to which he did well unless he talked about George like George’s the one who actually got him the the movie he did he did mention George and he said you know that that same setup as first date you know so and it is possible but I feel like that’s that’s almost a Dan and Dave move with with them making John’s name aegon and I don’t I just I don’t see how that with it well it could be you know it could be you happen to fit to tick I think lady would absolutely no that he would have wanted to name his son George yeah there’s anybody I don’t know no I really don’t know that she would do that yeah I could definitely see that Letty name the kid Georgia whatever I just don’t know if GI would do that it’s it goes both ways but as we say you have the brand-new book written by George supposedly behind him and he brings it to the Forefront when they heal each other when he showed when he shows it to him and he could see it right here on the boat we got a good shot of the book cover right here journey into Two Worlds Within worlds worlds worlds within Within worlds isn’t that a lotta is right now yep so it’s one world to world three different worlds we got here multiple months diverse all right so it’s worlds Within worlds with into his journey into Two Worlds within worlds within worlds so 3 that is full world’s all together that’s the world they were in and the three that they go into you know and then you got the guy right here on the cover with like a light golden flashlight told me last night away and I could be mistaken but that symbol under George’s name right there looks similar too the protection spell symbol mmm you know what you write about the people that look similar is no doubt about it Tamara says she thinks is D who

wrote the book this protecting herself best possible authors have a different pen names all the time like um what’s his name Jonah Hill who wrote A lock-and-key that’s Stephen King’s son and I do believe he’s actually Stephen King jr. but he writes under Jonah Hill so he knows that his fans are given him love on his own his dad’s mmm so that’s interesting and D is an author so I could see that happening I could see that happening happening I did like that the you know the plot that tick described was the actual book in our world yes I did appreciate that that nod it’s a Also may not be his son one generation like in his son son it could be as fun son it could be his grants grandson oh it’s great great grandson grandson you know it could it could be a we don’t know how far cause all we know is that he said that the woman had a mechanical arm so it has to be far no you know it is right came to 2020 yeah it’s hard to say because what was what does that mean mechanical arm does that mean no back then what would be technology back then if they seen technology in 2020 it would be like like space-age to them so is it truly space-age like like we seen the be with the afro like that like what with like that when we see in hippolyta with the with the with the things in her arm like that space-age that far ahead in time or would it just be a mechanical arm that actually just moves because it has some type of you know that it’s not a hook like it would be back then and he’s just saying no it’s freaky technology that he never thought of and everything else yeah and I think that that’s what it is that’s why I think think you know white folks writing is it’s a lot of white white folks and allies that are you know protesting and I know not everyone’s writing you know don’t get into it there’s a lot of folks that are protesting because of the Injustice is on you know black black citizens you know so I think it’s very plausible that he saw that and if he sees a woman with a mechanical arm you know this is the 50s that were in right now so let’s say you know because we see these these arms all messed up trailer let’s say that on gets shuffled chopped off and then once the technology becomes available she gets that robotic arm and he knows tick is going to be there’s any I don’t know how but you know again Magic and she makes sure to get there to give him that book to maybe try to change something I don’t know goodbye hello Camille TV says the mechanical arm lady was hippolyta it could be it could be be Apple ID I think that if it was she would maybe recognize her I just think that if it was if it was D grew up he wished he had a hood on she had a console so I don’t think he saw her face yeah it was D grew up I don’t think he would recognize even if it were so I don’t think he would know what’s up it’s if D gets her arm chopped off next episode it’s D that I think that’s the best way to know you know it’s her if it doesn’t get chopped off then we can go with the hippolyta situation or so we’re not but but if these arm gets chopped off this definitely D I mean and maybe that’s why right now hip A lotta isn’t back yet so maybe you know before the last thing we heard her say was D needs me what if maybe she had one more misadventure after that and she saw some was like oh okay my baby girl Nene but I cannot go back just yet and she knows it well she thinks that she left her kid in very responsible hands and technically she did Ruby is in a responsible individual but she didn’t know any of this was going to happen to Emmett and she didn’t plan for going so haywire now the Alamo and you know I wish you were here and that’s yeah I don’t think that’s that’s without words me saying that you know that without him would care about you being covered in paint I mean and you could always just leave the camera off just saying yeah right all right purple purple I would love a 77 I almost certain it be right right if I would say about Sam yes listen I’ve seen a lot of need new names in hand just in case you know I’ve never seen him before please if you can to subscribe to the channel so you can be notified every time we go live with this love crash that you hit the Bell y’all so you get the notifications because that’s a

mess even though we only have two episodes left even when the season’s over week always and we gonna talk about we’re going to do a whole review on everything we’re going to break it all down I’m gonna get predictions for upcoming season what we thinks going to happen so it’s definitely that we you know we all about them through so we here we see we see which had have forgetting her name kind she letting in here in the church and praying and the funny thing is that she she call Christina yeah she called that’s how Christianity honey have Christina’s number yeah that’s what I’m saying how did you contact Christina how did that work out that’s what I want to say but she can’t have to Christina to come there with with her the come they were not since Heidi’s he I’m going to try to come I’m gonna try I’m gonna I’m gonna try to do my analysis of the the costumes yeah I don’t Heidi So Christine has got some some some old some new old school to me you know banging earrings on going on here right and you can see it poking through ahead ahead saying enough I don’t know if women back in the day and be what earrings that big back then you know what I mean but she got them knockers I’m doing knockers hanging up in the air the more round the way girl earrings in her ears hanging up in the air and stuff you know that’s what I’m looking at here let me looking like letting you know what a Letty Letty always have the sit you know she has that same look but you know it’s like she called her to get here but like she’s like you know she doesn’t want to like like I called you here but I don’t want you here look on her face yeah I like you can’t blame her I’m sorry that that’s something that’s a very appropriate look to be having like you know she again she’s pulling a tick now you know she’s going past everybody else instead of communicating properly like they should be she’s making her own deal with the devil pretty much because she came there with the negatives for the pages so she knew what was up up give a shadow said we will give a shout-out to purple lover 77 new up in the chat shall we right now and everything else is with thank you for being in purple lover 770 you subscribe and you chill and everything else like that we want you to be up in his community it’s a family and that’s the way hopefully you stick around how do I reply back or tag you ha ha I’m a bad at YouTube so how you tag somebody or reply back as you put the act in front of the names right is that what is AK yeah you put in front of their names and usually by the time you’ve typed like the fourth letter in their name a little pop-up will come up with their icon and full name you just click enter on that and it won’t highlight on your screen but it’ll highlight on the person you’re tagging screen so they’ll see it that is what it is so that’s how you do that and hopefully you know you do you do that it’s just tag me a couple times I like that this old old nobody talking to to nobody Trope yeah II have a big issue you know when it comes to communication I think that you know in any relationship whether it be romantic or tonic family friends there has to be proper communication between everyone and for what’s been going down for this whole season I don’t understand how these folks have not figured that out out yet every time y’all keep something from from the other some more happens and then you find out it yeah end up like lady and Ruby arguing because Ruby did really only has one side of the story lady didn’t even try to interject interject what her tick and Uncle George went through exactly that’s why Ruby is still you know allowing herself to be in the position that she’s in like in the trailer I had to laugh because they show that scene where you know let Ian Ruby are talking but then they show Christina driving off with Ruby in the car and maybe it’s just me but it Christina has that little look on her face like yeah I got your sister what you going to do so like I said Ruby and Christine are definitely using each other but it doesn’t mean that there are feelings there something something is gonna happen happen and that brings and the are so before we get into it so I’m going to do my costume cobras break them these look like some it pants I would say semi high-waisted Knit pants and I would I would have to assume that there’s a zipper

in the back is that is that I have these pants would be shaped is zipper in the back of the pants because it doesn’t seem to be anything in the front and you would think that somehow we have to keep them tightened up so I would think that would be a zipper going right there to crack of my ass or or it’s just just form-fitting if it’s if it’s made to be you know form-fitting for someone in Letty shape then it wouldn’t need a zipper because if you look at the waistband there it looks like there might be some elastic in there oh so she might not necessarily you would think that if for to since that tight you would have to have some type of zipper going down the back I mean I know women I’ve no pants like that and I think they used to those early 90s late 80s it’s and I love those pants it’s a side zipper oh I love those pants so yeah that might be that might be it to like I have a pair of form fitting pants like that but instead of zippers have two Ties that are on the sides that lace up so that oh I used to love seeing girls in those pants when I’m with the school oh my God oh with the zipper right in the back all right so this is loved it so much much oh I love it so much I love you so much then we get you know right here we get the the mark of Cain yes and I’m wondering why it’s the Mark of Cain I mean if you’re up on your biblical knowledge then you know Kane was supposedly the bad brother and you know he’s the one that committed like the first it was one of the first you know great sins he can slate he killed his brother because his brother was more favored in God’s eyes than him so how is it that his Mark is what gives protection exactly and how is his Mark the one that heals yes I am need to know what books in spells Chris ilium is is tapping into so initially and she was the first one to figure out that this healed so this was a spell that most likely was already that she used on Mighty to he’ll let me that that that was used it to bring lady back to life and now she has it marked on the to the point where it’s he’s invulnerable see and that also that it kind of reminds me of Charmed I know you didn’t watch the show but for folks in chat room if you remember when Piper was pregnant with Wyatt Piper was invulnerable to harm the whole time because Wyatt how did the strength of his magic he was always able to protect her in the womb every time I hear I don’t know know if I think of orange New Black why do you think Orange is the New Black case Piper is the lead keratin oh that’s her name not the same person the same actress Piper was a Holly Marie Combs Combs that’s true it is all right there I just I question how that’s going to work out and and that’s like this Mark right here on letting honestly is why I think that the George Freeman that wrote that book is her son because with him growing inside her I would have to think that he’s also protected while that Mark is on her I would think so all right so let’s get this thing so did it kill the child I don’t think it killed a child and we got thrown the said that I think a case that the child could be protected also because it’s a part of her and you know and Bill Goldberg protection I don’t think it’s a Luke Cage thing where it just made her skin and vulnerable I think it’s our whole body so I think it’s a good chance that that the child is 100% of the AK hold it down I’ll be right back I mean also you know the thought I have one day y’all is the that that child that load he’s carrying you know it’s ticks kid so it has the blood of of Titus Braithwaite and he was also you know very big on invulnerability and protection spells and whatnot so now I don’t think the baby is dead at all I do think that it’s going to end up being that and we saw the bullets bouncing off a lady so so that we already know it works for her I think it’s going to continue working all the way up until you know the baby’s born however we don’t know if it’s going to be a boy or a girl so I’m not completely tossing out the kid that could possibly have been had with Gia and tick I don’t know it could it could go both ways we don’t know if like he’s going to have a son or not we’re just speculating

because of the book we saw so that’s its have says a child is protected because it has 6 but I think so too I think it has its own in front of our ability but having The Mark of Cain adds to that and that’s also what’s going to help protect Letty throughout the rest of the season at least so it how do we know how do we know it’s a boy purple of them scold me because I I’m here for all foil y’all I love talking theories why do you think we already know it’s a boy exactly there’s no bears no proof she’s not even showing it mmm-hmm there’s no proof that this is that this is the actual thing going to be a boy see because we take that his son is in the future I get that but what I was saying is we don’t know whether G I might have a child or not so I need to I need to see that play out first and and there isn’t a second child then yeah absolutely I think it could be ladies we have this is the most I’ve ever had in Lovecraft stream hundred and forty people rocking with her tonight we won that like folks hit that like button see that’s what happens the more you hit the like button the more that people can come and go YouTube makes it visible you know what I mean so definitely hit that like button and and do that so we move on from from from talking about that you know we see we see Diana doing her thing listen she hunting down Lancaster oh she is on a mission see like oh yeah son you want to curse me me I’m coming for you you now now I’m coming for you she is being Wonder Woman right here and you know if you’ve seen the Wonder Woman movies you know Diana don’t take no I mean if you read the comics especially she ain’t on that oh you want to come at me worm okay we can do this you can catch all of these these hands exactly and this is a 40/40 thing what that’s the new name 40 things with Ali okay Leslie hopefully you subscribe to can GI hi I think yesterday the I but you have a child though I don’t know if the fox can have a job I’m not sure it depends it’s hard it’s hard to say it’s is is the fox what what would Ruby is it that would like to just the facts of this is wearing in the skin of this woman like Ruby where’s our skin white women or is it into you know a part of the puppet I well it said that it’s a spirit that was summoned into Gia so I don’t think there’s just a regular Skin Potion change it that-that-that’s higher magic than just drinking a potion change your skin color or change your sex if she’s in hose Soul so that you know it she’s a part of her so I would think then that means she could have a child that yeah I mean it doesn’t say that you know her body wouldn’t function the way it was supposed to when it comes to reproduction I don’t know yeah I would say that that’s what it is and I think I agree with that but yeah I think she can’t have a child if she was the actual fox that we’ve seen and it was a skin-changer situation that I’d say no but it’s his soul it’s zero it’s just spirit of this thing that’s being something that’s inside of the actual person than the person is still a person they just have this they just don’t have their soul anymore the soul is taken over by this fox but they’re all the body parts are the same well you told you was 99 climaxes and no pregnancy I question that myself well this well this cuz you clot who the guys clot is that’s when she has right when the guys climbing yeah that’s when the Ninetails take like their last bit of life force is right when they orgasm yeah yeah yeah you know that is little something-something he may be the one of them listen them Tales came out of every hole in her body maybe that hole has a tail that that’s not allowed to get practice I counted all of the you know holes that things could have came out of and I only came up with eight unless I include a specific part you know it’s sorry it’s very easy to see that maybe whatever juices may have flowed would have been easily

pushed out that’s terrible I’m just I mean I know it’s horrible to think about but we on the subject and me we got to speak it hey kid give me a wet willy adults in this they don’t children everything right right that’s it she has nine you okay count them out to ears two eyes two nostrils that’s six now 7 for the mouth 8 for the buttocks it only one other place for for the ninth one to come out it’s all I’m saying I’m just saying this is what it is it definitely is you know when this happened here it seemed like to me like like like she was ignoring them like she didn’t care oh yeah but you know I don’t even care that y’all behind me I don’t care about you getting me out I’m doing what I’m doing and it made me think of like if I you know like the East but not he’s by you the movie with a Goldie Hawn’s daughter Skeleton Key I like my gift huh yeah you know and and then you know what she was like when you were believe in it it don’t affect you Q which I don’t think it’s true but you know I wasn’t in the writers room for that one yeah that’s the way they did the movie it started making me think of that like like she stopped like she stopped caring about that and the way that this chick in the back this her head position move oh my word is this because of this most creepy how do you get your head you know no she’s gonna head off let me see that you know what that is you know that is okay that that is a testament to the two young ladies crap grapple my head snow dances and if you put my head goes look at what looks but you ain’t used to move him like that I know but I’m saying this is far as my head going myself that you could see where is this is no I got I got I can’t go any further dancers are extra Edge ahead is like Mike Jackson leaning forward you know what I mean when Michael Jackson do the forward lean you know the Smooth Criminal that’s the way ahead is like the I can’t go no further but I had his always some people can do that right I don’t know how you do it how much more creepy or it could have been though if they were double jointed in multiple places and when I say double jointed I mean that’s like let’s say you two hands you know when you shake someone’s hand it’s usually you know class like this or you know other way around vice versa depending if you’re right or left-handed I know a couple guys that can bend their fingers on one hand back so far that they literally can shake their own hand – discussed that that being double-jointed so I’m saying that with these ladies being dancers I don’t find it strange that they can move like that at all yeah I know chicks who Could Touch the the tungsten and knows I was always like amazing when it’s cool I’ll write my tongue can’t yeah that’s that’s that’s that’s the comparison you have is what you come with that’s what these textures are doing school I touch my tongue to my nose I like to always try but I can’t I can is the only way of my lips are double Joyce all is that I can do with my that wo here we go right here I just do this in ice do listen and in kindergarten everyone you said laughs and I did it so I ladies they go here we go here’s my lip action here here we go how is it that that was my thing when I was little that that made me famous in kindergarten that I was able to do that that that people that people couldn’t do it that’s all I could do do so always good to see otdr a purple how you look double jointed ain’t got no choice don’t worry about it you just seen it all right you just see what you see you just see how they are bra is she was so popular in

in in kindergarten this because I could do that no one else could know everybody should try if you like what they let no one could do it I was only one who could do kind of twist your hands in that position where my both you can well I wiggle both of your middle fingers at the same time I don’t know why can’t kids are dumb y’all Behavior as the management that we thought was cool when we were kids exactly there’s no doubt about it all right we’re gonna go back to the other screen and we’re going to go to the next picture here here of love and it shows this is a this is a good close-up picture of these of these chicks and this chicken with the makeup look like and everything I got the Joker The Joker going on there yeah a lot of Joka going on in there and and and the teeth Prosthetics is beautiful they did a really good job on it and everything else and you can see there’s like this is how they really look when they put a different tint on them there when they when they filmed to get them as a different tinting for the whole scene to make them look like that and then it’s just a truly good job of what how they made and is that is that clothes hanging up right here I think so clothes hanging up and away away the good job when the makeup and a lighting again they did a really good job on the lining and everything everything right there you know all right so we get this is when we get the spell casting going home with Montrose and tick and a lot of people said that you know Montrose comes out and he tells you that he’s dyslexic you know what I mean in his so do you think that mine shows mess the spell up and that’s why it happened the way he said cuz he’s dyslexic did he say it right well I mean I think there’s a possibility that that he did but whatever he messed up up it’s up working because take was able to summon a while I can’t even say that tick someone protection the thing really just showed up take was just standing there with his hands up in danger and and maybe you know that that monster was just clued into it and it got there lickety-split to save him I feel like it wasn’t the spell that protected him but if there’s a chance that that it could could be Christina because she needs him for her her immortality spell so it would behoove her to keep him alive but there is a very big difference between the show loss that we saw in the forest to this shark off that came to protect me don’t talk about this damn shower well I don’t think the spell Montrose said came through the way it should but something else happened and they just weren’t aware of what that side effect was going to be mmm-hmm the Tifa very very good that the Joker The Joker smile is amazing yeah on both of them you know it’s a yeah he did yeah I think I think he probably messed it up to I mean that that’s what happens when you have someone that’s dyslexic reading honestly you know it for for this spell obviously Why didn’t it say the spell himself with that against the rules well I don’t know he Montreux said you know he wanted to do it like he took it like like he said it like like heater took I’m so spec because Mantra it might not even been Montrose has dyslexia Mantra has been Shady from the very start he might have just did it on purpose there’s something going on going on going on with my check it just don’t it just don’t seem seem completely right something’s off I don’t trust Montrose hey Tony talking about compound counter-intel you you this is not a I will get into my tongue the dark sea this is not the after dark queen RX if you come on the after dark I will talk to you about all that stuff this is a regular see I was going to leave that day day everything up hello Marcia is dyslexic can be so annoying very annoying I have it yeah yeah I am dyslexic to and you know and I’m also

author and it is very annoying it is the from what I’ve found a lot of times a lot of people that I know that that right you know myself included we have different forms of dyslexia yeah it’s definitely as annoying as though a lot of times I can write words that seem backwards or I can look at a word that I look at it and we held up drinks and nose is yeah who’s this where is this I’m Joanna was just saying drinks and nose or they might be talking about something else oh yeah you know a lot of stuff Tamara asks when is at the dog I do ask the doc usually Saturday night and o’clock at night and I say so much craziness I have to delete the Stream it’s going and it’s over but it when it’s with listen ask anyone who’s been there and the Dog stream its this it’s The nightcaps tree yeah after dark is a very much like ginger ale chats and for you know for your new folks that don’t know what after dark or ginger ale chats are well that’s when we just happen to be the drunk adults that we are because nine times out of 10 were always drinking and the conversation just goes wherever the conversation goes easiest way to explain it the cosmic oh husband has dyslexia lot of people do you know and that that’s what it is and I’ll let know it all its money is that she said some money is is that the word see you smiling is it oh okay yes yes Heidi thank you we good work to use yes yes it hurts we we do talk about this months I’ve talked about I haven’t you heard that word smutty in the don’t know what I can’t remember that that that’s why we’re showing our age right here that’s what to drink the Heidi for that one it’s a great word I haven’t hurt a person it’s it’s beyond smutty let’s put it like that yeah it’s it’s it’s damn right honoree it’s it’s what it is all right Val says real pass the quits over the bias and you know Lancaster this can’t take the fact that look already looking all good in there and we seen the article being written we see in her getting interviewed for the article hmm so I like the way that they paid that off like people usually and shows when we see in her doing the interview you know and then it went to a people would think oh because after that they’ve gotten to elevating the show the downward look of the and the show where the bodies were down there that oh that’s the reason why they did that but the fact that they did that in also paid it off shows you what type of show it is and show you that you have to pay attention to everything that they’re not just doing things to do it they pay these things off later on in that facility only like thoughts I have on this is It’s been a few weeks now you know and on the show timeline it’s probably only been what like me weeks for us but it’s been a bit longer on the show timeline and this article is just now coming out and I think the phrasing just is it kind of bugs me a bit you know colored woman crosses the housing light well let you know colored buttons it’s what we call it is what we call back then yeah true enough Jonah no ma’am actual name is mentioned in the article itself itself but it is little things like that bug me all right so all right so I’ll tell you a story about my family real quickly I always got my aunt Pauline who are married and she married my uncle Who is the who’s the first Justice for New York he was the first High Court Justice for the state of New York nice and when she was man she’s very educated Woman and my aunt Pauline if I showed you a picture of you would think that she was white like it’s it’s very hard that she’s black if you seen how you look at it you might didn’t she’s black

trust me but you wouldn’t think so but know how genetics are gonna come out so what happened was when Marcy Projects the same project at Jay-Z grew up in a lot of my family grew up in in those products that’s why I know a lot of people who knew Jay Z when he was younger but when she was in there what happened was they thought she was white and what she would do is she would go down there and get Apartments she got one for my and mother which is her sister and everyone else in my family she was the one she would go down there and show her face to the Housing Authority and say she need an apartment and because she was so good-looking they kept giving her Apartments and that’s how all my family got into Marcy Projects if it wasn’t father would never got in that’s what’s up they thought that she was wife and they never questioned why you know they thought oh she’s like I need yeah it was all we need lady yep who white lady yep beautiful white lady yep will give you another one will give you another one bring all your family in and she was brittle how fabulous all-black that she was pregnant hit it hit it real that’s why Marcy Projects started you know truly becoming Marcy Projects mmm-hmm yeah because you know a lot of those old public housing buildings even though they say they built them for poorer folks it it usually meant poor white folks folks so even even then you know we had to finagle your way in some kind of how and that’s what’s up yeah like my great-grandmother you know look like that she basically look like you know she was a white woman with the prettiest gray eyes I’ve ever seen and because we have a bit of cooling Indian and us you know she had that that nice good hair as they say so yeah and I totally see how all that could work come on on Pauline she spoke is Will English and French and Spanish is very easy on you would not know like if you say you didn’t know that she was she was a black woman you never see I hear it’s got to be extra hmm we always the go five more moves ahead of white folks to get anything the Pink Houses who talked about the pig has to yeah I know about the been yeah I’m from New York I’m from Queens New York Susan let on from Queens my family my mother he joined the electrical union and my mom’s from North Carolina my dad grew up in Marcy Projects with that knee joint electric you and he moved to Queens and then I’m from Queens I grew up in Queens and all that that’s where I’m from and everything yeah my mom from Guyana South America but we all grew up in Brooklyn like my generation we make we mainly grew up in Brooklyn no dad about I so then we see Diana she walk and listen this is not the normal police station that you see are just a lot Christina right chief she came she found them she got him analyzed right here and you know Lancaster with his half black body and I think that’s going to come back into play how does that dude shirts are way too tight they’re very tight like like the like they they look bigger because we can’t see the outline for a pissed yeah no that’s his little brother’s shirt they definitely young that’s definitely the a but I ain’t gonna hold I ain’t gonna hold them on it you know what I mean cause he flexing sir he got that black man upper body trying to flex that yeah pretty much because he definitely got that going on and everything else like that you know but this is this is this chick a afraid look at it rolled up on him was not for the it no more nah she was done with it yeah she was away from her family and she’s certain wasn’t taking it from him no she was definitely done with it this point and she’s like yeah listen pigs pigs its name is hippolyta is grief yeah where you going to drive it trace of my good looks learn your history he did that straight up you know and that and then she walks out there and all that and all all that good stuff love that but this is the final scene with her up with she just don’t care no more you know what I mean like like like you could see it like building up to it like she already had the fire in them because M it and everything else and she got and then he broke it down and got her scared a little bit and then these people got her didn’t and then and they gotta skip it and that she at this point like you know what what right okay y’all want to go fisticuffs okay let’s let’s go and do that that ya like like you know what track a little bit though because before we got to the scene before she left you know Lancaster was saying that you know it I can take that curse off of you if you go and bring me the Ori so two things with that

that have my mind you know going tick did not take the Ori with him when he came out of his portal he grabbed him a lot his notebook he grabbed the key and then he got the out of Dodge or he was still there and we know those two cops that were there were his men we know that at least one of them came to investigate because he got Diana’s name from that comic why doesn’t he have the Ori is the Orion really important there’s it wasn’t but I’m saying is it the key that’s important in the or yours is the orange self he and I don’t know which one is more important but he specifically ax D to bring him the Ori he should already have it because his people found her comic book how to hell they didn’t find the Ori hmm have to look back at that and see how that how that played out and then also the you know she kind of the old did the reverse on him she made it seem like she was thinking about it for a high but then she spit on him and I was like I ain’t telling you you pig and she wrote the out that’s it and then he said she’s dead already let her go yeah yeah I think I think honestly I don’t think he was actually planning on doing what he did at the end but because he got the attitude he did from Diana he was like okay I’ve already done took care of his let’s just let me just go to the house and get the the damn Orion myself but the Oreo at the Winthrop house no more it hasn’t been there for quite some time yeah and that makes me think that he doesn’t know you know it’s hard he is know everything because the bottom line he’s used to this precious gift thank you for stopping by I hope you subscribe says my grand Auntie was the first to so-called black woman with a husband to move into a all-white neighborhood a few blocks away from the White House hey hey hey Pennsylvania Avenue I’ll see ya big big up big up big upright their precious gift that is the thank you for that Niles we surely appreciate that I did that yeah that’s what did you have to integrate these neighborhoods that you got to do it is that we have to have this journey because at least 2020 in the is still happening man exactly my friend Lori who’s a white woman like she moved to Florida with a husband and stuff and she went down and she was like and he was talking about moving this neighborhood and she goes goes is there black people there and he was like why she’s like I don’t want to live in no neighborhood without black people she said I he said I grew up in Queens I need to have my kids around me I need to have some fun to This Barn just being a white neighborhood I don’t want to be in that right right girl so said that it’s our her first time he or she disses what I’m alright Kudos precious that’s what this thank you for watching I appreciate it and I appreciate you rocking with us man I truly am and I don’t mean ma’am I’m saying I’m you know I’m just saying afterwards don’t take the subscription away all right if this Q so this is the actual spell that we see them casting again right here it would take in Montrose and everything and he’s you know why you cut the inside of your hand and get it you know what I mean that’s a bad spot to cut cut your finger and drop it down so I’m you know why you gotta be the inside of your palm you know it’s stuff you got to do with the inside of your pain what do people do that all the time they always show people when they whether it’s look kosher Nostra Nostra or whatever it’s always the inside of the Palm like it’s cut I wonder why dear listen cut my pinkie finger because I don’t use it that much that’s not take that long to heal real quick in the chat Joan Smith said the or he’s actually still at hippolyta’s house and I forgot about that hippolyta took the key with her but there was already a mechanism there that she put the key in that wasn’t actually the Ori thank you Joan appreciate that yes sir is actually just looking for the key on the to order is important I think that what’s important is the key not he know he asked Diana specifically for the or yeah he wants to or because he knows there’s something to do with it no she figured out how to get the key so yeah you can give him the Oreo you at the key ain’t in there useless right ahead that you know what I mean everything else purple lover says the blood flow they I can understand the blood folk come from the palm of the hand but I’m saying I see squeeze my pinky and get you the blood I see some pinky fingers drips and blood man like me every day obviously I wouldn’t do it because it makes no sense that that’s just a big thing let’s go through the who get on three hours so we got to get okay little bit of ready if he if he got it right we come to the last seen here one of the last scenes of dealing with her and Christina

you know it seems like Ruby got to to a little bit seam 8 okay reenact the the Emmett Till’s death how did you take this I know I know there were like that I watched you know different people’s reactions and some reviews yeah I I from from the moment she did it once one sale that guy L was saying I don’t understand why anybody would want to die like that and he was asking Christina questions and Christina was like you know blah blah blah blah ha you’ve been paid and I was like oh wait a minute you know it is this what I think it is and they started going on her and she wasn’t fighting back so I said okay she actually took what ruby said to heart and she’s trying to see what’s what and she she knows she paid those those men to do that specifically with the barbed wire and the cotton gin fan and yeah that that happened you know and immediately just watching it I said okay she is actually not trying to really prove anything to herself but she wants to try to you know do be a solid you know to put it simply she wants to try to do Ruby a solid and understand the passion that she feels and like Christina she you know she’s again been around for a bunch of a few centuries I would say at least two centuries she’s older and she’s pretty much dead inside right now you know but and I think that’s her biggest attraction to Ruby because Ruby is so passionate about everything she feels and she wants wants to know have something like that she doesn’t want to lose Ruby because of that passion so she put herself through this and when she came out she was crying but after a minute we’re like the The Mark of Cain activated we saw when it you know started turning red on her skin it seemed like she might have started laughing so she was like cried laughing and for her I think that’s a fitting response because because again she doesn’t really feel but now because of Ruby she is feeling something so it’s it’s worth like you know like I said their whole relationship is Warped and twisted and it’s weird and I’m here to see the whole train wreck that it’s going to be all right I’ll give my take on this whole situation real quick heads up Susan little said was a mockery alright so this is what I feel about it it’s who I think about it what wait why the why the showrunners did it and why it was done for the show all right the whole thing is rouse Till’s and I told people the the previous video I did that they were not going to show Emmett Till’s death they were going to even though they had the character they were not going to show it would have been disrespectful to the to the family I said exactly they’re going to show the aftermath the funeral the not going to show the body and not going to do I think that they have too much respect for the family it tells the actually show him in that condition and show exactly what happened to him so what I think the show Runners wanted to do do it was there would happen to a black person they wanted to show what happened to him to a white person so that when people who watch the show could actually visualize that being a to them so so when you have something happened to black people in your white person at home watching the show you may not be able to say hey how would this be if it happened to me but when you see it happened to him skinny petite white woman woman it shows exactly actually have devastating how deadly and how disgusting that they did this to a young child and I think that’s why they did this and they had her go through this to show Runners had that Google had to go through it this is show the people at how disgusting and barbaric it really was that happen now her reaction if you want to go back to the show itself and why they did it but why it happened was what was you know was crazy it’s it was kind of like these action when she had a thing she is was was crying and then laughing and she was all over the place where the and everything else like that but I think that that’s what the way the reason why it went down and the white the reason why the showrunners did it like that but I did see a lotta of bad reaction on Twitter of why they said oh it shouldn’t have done everything up but I think that’s the reason why they truly did did it yeah I feel you on that

definitely and all that and we see I get out and then that’s it so then we get to be get to the part of the sisters relighted reuniting in the red light right and I think the red lights very important to even though that they’re inside of where she’s doing a photos yes you have red light isn’t going to mess up the negatives exactly but I think the first have red lights in their rooms I think it’s also something to do do with it be crossing over to the bad side that she’s saying telling her at the same time that she wants to learn she’s going to learn magic and I think the red is saying that that’s a bad thing of her thinking that way it’s evil way overthinking and everything else know what I mean but that’s why they put her in a red light you know what I mean because showing that you know something’s wrong with you Shawty why are you thinking that you’re getting involved with this woman that you want to learn magic and she’s telling hey I’m gonna learn this magic I’m gonna do this and I’m going to learn it and I think that’s why they put her in the red light to show that you know it’s evil there what she’s trying to learn that not that she’s evil but that that she’s going on the wrong path yeah I would agree with that and you know you got to think back to to Ruby’s outlook on the world you know like when they were having them the housewarming party and she was you know breaking down her thoughts on employment and what not to it was letting in a few other people around and she was like you know if most about black folks thought like me then you know we wouldn’t be in half the that were in so you put that up against what room he’s doing now and this conversation they had Ruby’s views are a bit skewed mmm-hmm and you can see why I can totally see why they are and where she is but you know might only you know really big problem with this conversation they had is Ruby did spill the Beans pretty much you know she said you know I know all about artem and how George actually died and Letty did not Q in and tell her her the other side of the story you know like like like sale folks always say there’s three sides to every story his side his side in the truth in the middle hmm so and like I said Christine is a great word Smith I’m very sure she spun that narrative when she said it has to do with you know magic and your family she was totally talking about letting and everything that happened at our time and let he should have told her the version of the story as she lived it instead of just saying you know you can’t trust her she’s using you no she doesn’t just want to give you Magic you need to give Ruby context Ruby is one of those folks that you have to absolutely break everything down to the nitty-gritty for her to see the whole picture mmm-hmm crashing crocheting Ruby’s name means red Vanessa says or your lady wears a lot of red especially red lipstick you know it and I think it all has the symbolisms that we definitely see in this conversation with them because you could see in this picture the joy that she she feels in her that she feels that I’m going to learn magic like ha ha ha thanks thinks she is the one that’s completely in control and she isn’t but by that same token Chris ilium when it comes to their relationship isn’t the one that’s in control either like I said it’s a toxic relationship between them and it’s gonna blow up in both of their faces mmm without a shadow of a doubt my think her Joy would turn to sadness in the end very much what but right then you see Ruby is the one who goes to the all she’s like listen I don’t want no one to go to jail let me let me go you want to have your baby in jail yeah let me let me take the door let me take that and that just shows you know who she is she’s perfect she you know she still at she’s just–she’s misguided in some ways but you know she still she’s there for her sisters and they come to the door we know what happens when she gets there you know because they want to search and they use them the elders Muslim people here hiding out my life making up the excuse but he can’t get he can’t he can’t get through the door and everything else and that’s when the shots get five and everything else would be for the shots gets five they do go into the scene of of I’m Christina I’m Diana hanging out he with the bat and you know and I said she’s got the black she’s got the Negro League hat on and she holds that list like Jackie Robinson in the first episode was beating up the demons we see how go through that same exact situation and you know she set this trap herself that that that’s that’s what that’s you know that how much they cost me the car she said listen y’all coming for me I’m coming for you now I’m locking this door I’m this door

door you only go come through this door it’s kind of like like like Bronx Tale if you have anyone seen Bronx Tale biker when the bikers go inside the bar in the guy asked him to ask him to leave and they won’t leave and they start acting up and he goes and he locks the door and goes you know what now you can’t leave mmm-hmm now you can tell based on a true story if y’all didn’t know that was actually like Chaz Palminteri story do that plate sunny mmm-hmm he wrote that whole thing but what I was thinking like like she we pulled the Kevin McCallister on without the extra booby traps she got to the house she knew they were coming and she set it up to where she is in one room with a weapon y’all can’t come in no other way but this door and I’m a see you coming when you get here enjoy it’s all of these hands you catch you and that’s the bottom line she’s like listen I got the pipe she was getting it granted eventually though because that that pipe was not stop them they were still going to get her but it’s sped the process along because Montrose is podcast came in yeah and he couldn’t see what she was seeing but I question like why couldn’t he see the blood starting to Splatter everywhere yeah that that that that was that that’s that was a weird situation but you know it could sue the point sometimes in life when you just like you know I I’m going out I’m going out on my terms facts and that’s what it seemed like it was like her like listen I may not be be able to beat them but if I’m gonna go out I’m not going out and running yeah I’m not doing anything like that I’m just sitting like that purple love it there’s Tony I love the fact that she confronts him directly and that was that was so freaking amazing to me no doubt about it because she is like listen if I’m going I’m going out on my terms and that’s it and that’s when we see a good the scars on the arm it’s just the one chick who grew a Nails who hits God the other one didn’t do it it was just these skin skin see and that’s the that’s the thing with that like first of all like the creepiest and part of that scene was when the the second Twin was going in and she turned around look right at the camera and stuck her tongue out you know basically looking at us saying yeah like like she was like yeah that’s it that’s what it was nothing you ain’t got to look at us like that no thank you no No that’s it was nuts and you know I just I commend the really for everything that she put into that scene and I really think you know that actress for how young she was she really you know came through in that scene you know she sold this whole episode she definitely you definitely carried the episode you definitely a great job right never so without a doubt all right we gonna get to these last because it’s yeah and we all got working let’s wrap up know that so listen we seen taking this situation and tickets in the situation that we see every black man in this day he puts his hands up to the police and even though he dead even though he does it he still get they still shoot him down it’s still shooting that I think that’s why they show the dog tags on them dog tags represent dead goes with my bro look I fought for this country country can’t get that does not does that not with me any cool points at all my man straight spent spent the whole of the housewarming party in his uniform on purpose try to let them know yo we’re not that different I’ll for your people thought I’m sure I fought with them leave us alone but no Gary comes up a little bit late and you know he sees the bullets have me going on and also I got to give a shout out cuz just a little bit before this scene we saw a lady sitting on the floor and when she noticed that the invulnerability Mark was working her resting face in that scene was everything because she was just again also done with the hmm and she was just sitting there like well Lancaster said you know we don’t know how much magic they know that’s attack them he’s like that we don’t know what they know and then he went out and did all of this which was really surprising you know not that he’s one of the smartest folks in the world but you legit just saw that you can’t enter This Woman’s house you you know that she has protections up she knows about magic so why then would you put your whole team in danger if you don’t know what else she can do blocking from coming in the house exactly and

that’s missing right you see letting looking through she’s like that the oil that beef and she’s like not my man no know not banging not my baby here I come she’s like oh no oh no you ain’t taking my man for me and she goes out there and and listen you know people got to know man people don’t know if you look at it like we talked about Chess before we know all that it’s the queen that protects the king and that’s the bottom line it’s the queen and the chess board that can meet any which way you want to go she can go as far as as she want to go so you can do anything it’s hot she is the one who protects the king can’t do now he got he can move one way this way one way to the side that’s it going to where she want anywhere she wants that’s just the bottom line and and without a queen in your corner you can’t make it as a man and that’s just the bottom I don’t care anymore so what I would I would have someone who loves you like that who what you like who was it who was it that did didn’t want a James Brown that pull that up for on this is a man’s world but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman ain’t nothing more logo logo you know you gotta have your queen of this you know right off the rip had that hit tick he might have died but later came through but then lo and behold it’s not even let it at save them hmm I thought that would be I think to be I thought I’d be lady’s body the block the bullet but I was thinking too that’s that that’s what they send up until you got you got they own monster monster and now they got the – in the monsters black every other one she will be mine has more limbs than the other ones mmm-hmm it has two extra and I don’t know if their feet or arms but it has two extra limbs so where the hell did this shot off come from exactly we know if you get bit by a struggle you turn into one one yeah know why they were using cows as incubators for these things but that baby struggle of look like the other adult ones we saw in the forest now this is the the make this one this is the super-powered one right here yeah the one that shrinking powers without us out that you know what I mean this is what I’ve beefing burning I can’t talk about that this is not a paradox dream beef and burn you can’t go into all that that ha ha ha but these DJ shark this initial I got takeout every kind everybody shook everybody out they draws man and Lancaster good taking it I don’t think like has gone though the I don’t think Lancaster is dead I think that that’s why we have the body parts or think he’ll be able to take his body parts were put other black people’s body parts or whatever on his body I think that’s why he doesn’t any time he gets harmed in any place he’s got some ability because of working yeah whatever work with some signs that she could just change his body parts so I don’t think Lancaster is dead and you know obviously get the last seen what tick and realizing that this this works for him yeah that this works is shout-out to my Lola loves you sit let he’s a keeper yeah I agree I agree seriously from episode one you know Letty is about that life you you put him in and Asian ah she coming for you yeah yeah la Letty Letty is a rather die Dominique show see you Riley died she riding when she does she’s like the ultimate round the way girl right now name of that bad battle but my biggest question though tone and I want to know how you feel about it they gonna explain all these bodies yeah that’s what I was thinking too there’s a lot of bodies out there they know neighbors out there watching it again see and I questioned that to one nobody looking out their Windows nobody is looking out out they doors nobody across the street was on their front Lawns how do you hear a hail of bullets and see police lights outside your home and you ain’t looking to see what’s going on mmm-hmm no there’s something definitely going on in all of this tomfoolery how is this going to get covered up chat room what do y’all think how is this going to get covered up you know someone told me they think the buyers you’ll get taken into the basement down the elevator that’s what bodies to be moving though that is a lot of bodies but when things get get quiet let’s say everybody was just scared and they were hiding now that all the noise has stopped they’re going to be looking out the windows and what they gonna say tick and letting

in some of the residents of the house moving bodies into the crib yes I’m gonna work that’s not gonna work for nobody you know with that a I don’t even know if it would be brought up maybe it will this show has brought up a lot of other things so I could see them bringing this up to again it could be a situation like that but we’ll see we’ll see how it goes and everything else and all all that wood definitely would definitely say I think that is the that is the last patient last money glennister Sturdevant says it’s a spell that’s another new name welcome thank you for joining us no Polly and reset it reset that’s a new name right here hopefully you are and everything and come through and everything and and chill with us listen next time you’re gonna see me live is Sunday with elomar laying down podcast right after episode 9 is I will be live with Alomar and we will break that give our initial reactions and breakdown down the episode and all that so I’m going to have to you know cut this listen we’ve been up three hours over three hours that means only people watching this one one last thought just ticked all the BBC on clean up your mess but that still isn’t going to take care of the cars mmm unless the shark called has you know can eat through metal exactly maybe the shark eats everyone that that will be the easiest way maybe maybe just utter chaos yep and hopefully you hopefully subscribe to what we get someone describes and all that good stuff listen AKA thank you for joining me thank you for having me on brother always a pleasure you know what I mean put the big cameras if you could see us right here let the people know where they can find you I do surprisingly have a channel I have been working on some Theory bids got a few more than going to put out before the season finale comes up check me out at least you Kingston on on the YouTubes I don’t don’t always post Twitter but I am there frequently enough aka underscored the so9 but 0 9 and I always say you’ll find me on my friends channels quicker than you’ll find me on my own so that’s not it’s a Teflon because I do hand with him a lot of x sub 2 mineiro BTD because you know we meet her always be doing some different breakdowns of drinks and knows who’s now drawbridge media go check them out and you know just and hence up to the family y’all cousin no y’all know what we do most of y’all know it’s from Game of Thrones y’all know we all run in the same circles and we support each other so that’s what we’re going to continue to do know that about it in costume closer if you got a hundred fifty people here watching us the most we have a having a Lovecraft thank y’all all kinds especially not even on the Sunday night we got exactly exactly I’ll be back on a live stream on Sunday after Lovecraft country is over about 10 15 eastern time with Alomar to give my reaction to the video and then we’re going to come back again we’re going to keep this going to be like two episodes left make sure you subscribe to my channel subscribe the AK-47 Channel make sure you hit that notification Bell so that you are alerted every time I go Liza listen case case you yeah you know you wandering and and hit you up and left you know subscribe and then when you hit that Bell you got to hit everything so everything more specifically my channel so that you know when I get the subscription thank you all for having enough if you like the way I do this please thumbs up this piece spread this across the realm and please subscribe