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NO REST FOR THE WICKED | Dead Man's Journey

Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier and welcome to Dead Man’s Journey! Now, you are someone that has done something very bad I don’t know what it is, but you’re stuck in purgatory, and you have evaluate whether you’re going to heaven… or hell “Please adjust the volume until you can very slightly hear a shiting sound.” Is it just dickin’ with me?! I think it might be dickin’ with me, trying to get my volume all the way up! I WON’T BE FOOLED! Even though I always have my volume up anyway You heard the man! Crack up your volume to maximum! I don’t want any excuses! You get out of that comments section! You’re in this with me forever! So let’s do this Together As one! Until I run away, screaming, like a little baby And leave you behind to die by the monster! (Deep in-game voice: You’ve committed a major sin. To that, you stand between the heavens and hell.) (Up ahead, you will be reminded of your worst memories, thoughts, and experiences.) (Only through the final outcome will I be able to decide…) (Are you ready?) NO! Not at all! — Hello! Oh Is that a door? Is this purgatory? Am I in the wasteland of lost sins? oh “When hanging in between life and death, heaven and hell; one can only do but remind himself.” “Over…and over Whaaat? What do I remind myself? Ooh. Uhh Hello? Is it a doorway? No? That’s weird interactive panel for being in purgatory? Oh, hey *Beeping, then thunking sounds* Did something happen? Oh, I can see something in there oooh AHHH, okay! Pull bac—oh ‘Adjust the game brightness through the number keys’? It’s kinda dark Oh! Ouu! Oohhh! Woooo…! I’ll do 5 I’ll go right in the middle Boink! Oh, shit I wouldn’t have been able to see that Okay Well then! I’m ready to be SPOOPED Are you ready to spoop me? Alright I honestly have no idea what the quality of this game– whenever I go into these indie horror games, I really don’t know what to expect, but, it SEEMS– all bright ‘n– cheerful! So it’s probably going to be okay Anybody over here? boink. NOPE “Do not leave the door open or unlocked.” OKAY! What’s gonna happen? Ahh, another gate, okay boink *Beeps, followed by door thunking* Okay? OH NOOO. IT’S GONNA BE A P.T. THING! Coool! I love P.T. thing! Okay, so there’s nothing still over here Am I just gonna keep looping back and forward forever? Is this what purgatory is? *Metallic clanking on the floor* oh no OOOOOOOHOHOHHO OH NO OH NO YOU DON’T! oh no you don’t! uh-uh who did that? did someone knock these over? oh no OHH noo *Distant object falling* HIIII HOW YOU DOIN’? I’M NOT GOING BACK! FUCK OFF WITH YOU! FUCK OFF WITH YO– *Thunk* okay I’m going forward That’s the only thing to do when you’re stuck in purgatory I don’t know if there’s any point to going over here I’m-I’m probably gonna abandon going over here for now on Just continue straight on, because I don’t know what’s expecting me I don’t know if anything’s expecting me Should I be expecting something? Or someone? oh–OoH I COULDN’T INTERACT WITH IT! OOOHH IS THERE SOMETHING I MISSED? IS IT GOING TO BE SOMETHING ELSE? WAITING FOR ME? UH-HUH?! *Loud banging from the right* AAAAHH FUCK YOU ALRIGHTY THEN HUH, YOU WANNA MESS, HUH? BRUH?! OKAY Do I gotta go back? How can I—- OOHHH alright then I gotta turn down the sensitivity on my microphone! I wasn’t prepared for something like this! EH EH EEH Okay, got it! (sigh) Alright urgh I’m gonna try this again Okay! BYEEEE I’m sure there was nothing actually over there and everything’s hunky-dory in my life! In hell *raspy* Yay *raspy* Hurray *raspy* Hurray for me *eeerrrhh* Ohhh, the door is open now! Cool Should I get– ohhh fuck

Well, that answers that question—alright, fine! Oh god uhh okay well then this is a—*gasp* hhhhHHEY IS THAT IN FRONT OR BEHIND? OOH that’s not a good sound okay, I’m gonna leave now! You have a good’un! See you around the bend! See you around this bend goddamn Oh, this is cool It’s terrifying, but cool Oooh I love the way this— AHHHH FFFFFFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF ffuck *sigh* okay alright okay alright OHH! OH GOOD! OH! Great! Uh-huh! aaalright Going down the stairway Where am I going? Where does this lead to me? oooh hello! hii! “press E.” “283 BradleEagle Dr Southwest 2 exits no DOG!! Kill them.” ooouhh? okay That’s a strange note! Wait, what else was on that bed? Something about AMURICA! Great. Good to know *sigh* okay AAAAH–?!?! I APOLOGIZE? THAT WAS NOT THAT SCARY I AM A BIG BITCH AND THAT SHOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED I APOLOGIZE I apologize Hello! “Both mother and son die trategically–” ‘TRATEGICALLY’? “–in the hands of the father. Police arrived at a home on Thursday night, “after a worried neighbor called in to report excessive screaming.” “Upon police forcefully entering the home, both believed to be mother and son were brutally murdered “With the father nowhere to be found, full on investigations have begun to take place.” So is this my brutal sin? (You remember this events?) Not at all (Such a scene…such an act…) ah-hah? (Unforgettable.) Unforgettable…♪ That’s what I did. ♪ Apparentlyyy Alright AWAAYY! Is it gonna be the same thing? Is that MY heart I hear thumpin’!? *Audible heartbeat in the background* IS THAT MY HEART?! My big bubble-blowin’ baby heart? They’re going come popping at me again? HA, can’t get away with [incomprehensible] same thing twice alright so *Loud whirring sound* daaAAH fuck you! *Whirring dies down* I–DO–OOH HEY HIIII?! oh shit alright, FINE! YOU KNOW WHAT? I’M BRAVE I’M A BRAVE MAN! I’M WILLING TO GO INTO THE DARKNESS! Wherever that may lea—-uuuhhhh—oh god dammit, I forgot I had a charge okay, I like, acknowledge that I had a charge in my mind, I just never said it out loud Okay! Does anybody not want me to walk on them in the bathroom again? That was awfully rude of me Okay “Upon investigating, police determined that husband of Clair Rin-n-nee “and father of Robert cut Clair up into pieces, “to later, stuff her into the oven alongside her son “while alive… It has been over 20 years “since such a horrific act took place, many neighbors in shock attempt to sell their property with no luck “Police who witnessed the results require therapy.” Well– (Any sane human could obviously tell from right…from wrong.) (You obviously lack this…) Yeah, apparently– (You are smart though… you actually managed to escape…) (Unnoticed…unharmed…) okay (Though, undoubtedly, you won’t escape from this…) Alright “That was so easy, I worried for nothing. That little fucker got my shirt dirty though “Things burn perfectly at 500 degrees.” “7793” I’m assuming that’s important, 7793 So, repeat with me everybody, 7793 7793! 7793! okay, carrying on Oh I’m gonna forget 7793 WHO’S IN HERE? HUH!? *Loud banging* AH FUCK OFF WITH YOU AND DICK EATING fuck you also eat dicks is what I meant to say when I said–AAAHH FUCK YOU AAAAH FUCK OFF You wanna… you wanna fuck with me?! Huh?! okay You want to fuck on me?! no okay, So is this done yet? no? okay alright then boink boink! okay So who else is around here? 7793. Who wants to mess with me? 7793

I’m gonna come charging at the monster screaming “7793!” at the top of my goddamn lungs Somebody out here? ANYBODY AT ALL, HUAH?! HUAH?! can I go— *spoopy whisper noise* yeah, okay 7…7…93! I DID IT! I WAS SMARTY! Okay. BOINK! *Constant beeping* YAY! It sounds like I did it right, but why did it sound so horrible and almost as if a bomb was gonna explode? Ah well, no time to worry about that Gotta keep pressing on! Waiting for the next jumpscare right around the corner! It’s gonna be great—- W-whoa, what was he doing? A dance move there? What was that?! That was–that was, that was lot funnier than it was scary okay! He didn’t want to jumpscare me, he just wanted to show me he was able to have fun too We all have fun here! That’s good times all round, I appreciate it very much, though Alright–ooohh! Red! I LIKE RED! But why is you red? Is there any particular reason? No? Okay Well, now that I don’t need to worry about 7793 anymore *Chainsaw and squishy noise* Eugh! Sorry, I think I shit my pants *Chainsaw sounds* Ahhh, goddammit– Agh, happened again– Alright, down here? Is someone gonna murder me? *More unpleasant chainsaw and squishy sounds* I can’t quite identify those sounds Need to be more specific to me Alright, what have we got? “Father of the murdered family has been sentenced to death after constant cries of innocence “Upon further investigation it is concluded that young Amy Rinne “has stayed at her grandparents over the night of the massacre, “and John Rinne remains missing from 5 years ago “Grandparents say he ran away from his house at 16 years old.” whaaaaat? What does that mean? Who were–who’s Amy and John? What? Who are these people? Okay (You framed that man.) What?! (Made him die for you…) Huh?! (Purely unpleasant.) Yeah, what a naughty person I is “Mom finally brought me my own phone! My phone number is 419-948-7793.” Does that mean.. that’s obviously the phone number that was on the note, But why did it say, “Kill them all” above it? “My brother was born in 1977 and my sister in 1993, those years I would never forgeT!” Is there a reason why that T is capitalised? 1977 and 1993 1977 and 1993! Remember that, 1977 and 1993! 1977–77, 93! 77, 93! 7793! OH. WAIT *3 loud bangs* I GET IT, YOU’RE TAKING A BOOPY! BABOOPY, A BOOPY POOPY You’re boopin’! You’re boopin’ po–nevermind Going upstairs now 1977, 1993 Well, 779–UUUUHHHH OKAYYYY FUCK YOU DUDE What the fuck, man?! alright, so– 1977 and 1993. That’s 77, 93– *CRASH* ARGHH fuck you…! Where’d that fall from? Nothing up there! So 70’s and 90’s– 77, 93– “I’m so sorry! I’ll die tomorrow to be with you. Promise.” Okay, Thanks, I was worried about that one You always come through with your promises for me Okay, so 77 and 93 Oohh, well–OOH we’re are going at it backwards this time! Cool! Me likey this! But why? What is this doing— ALRIGHT I’LL GO DOWN! Why though? okay! fine. everything’s fine then Umm, “I had no idea it was them. I haven’t seen them for 6 years! How could I forgot their faces so soon! “The things I’ve done to them! How I killed them! It’s impossible to live on.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! WHO AM I, WHO MURDERED THESE PEOPLE- AM I THE FATHER?! AND WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? “HAVEN’T SEEN THEM FOR 6 YEARS”?! “I have no idea it was them”–what does that mean? (You didn’t realize that was your family you killed, didn’t you?…) I don’t know (Your mother…Your brother, and even your father. Luckily your little sister was spared….) ooohh (In the end, you shot yourself…Hmm, how typical.) okay I get it now Is anyone still in there? okay I gotta go, eventually so you gotta get out of there, but don’t worry about it too much Ooh, bright up here Okay, that makes more—- AHHH aaaaaaalright Okay, I’ll go back down I guess it’s finally my turn to go to the bathroom Anybody down here? Anybody? Anybody? OOH BOY *Loud bang* Oh! okay

Hi friend Ouh *Door creaking* Oh okay Wha–wha–no, don’t leave me in here with him! Not him! Okay What do I do? Do I just OOOH HEEYYY! GOOD MORN– OH OH BOY OOH, OKAY Woah! Woah!! That’s so cool! (Your mother, brother, and father. Dead by your own hands.) Yeah, I get that now (And now you’re here…) (…On edge of both Heaven, and Hell.) Uh-huh (Still trying to figure out where you belong.) Okay?? But, you know I mean (You cut your mom up in front of your brother,) (Then placed them both in the oven.) (And watch them burn…burn!…BURN!) Ahh…? OKAY? Yeah, I…it seems pretty cut and dry, not to make pun out of it, but– *BOOM* Fuck off with you! Hello Ah Lovely, that Lovely okay So I get what I did now Feel free to continually punish me, I don’t mind anymore This is a really cool game, by the way I actually really like this, there’s something about it— (You then shoot yourself at your own work place, on the toilet…drunk.) Mmhm I really admire this by the way, because you know, obviously there’s some things that seem hokey on the surface, but that’s just because, you know, this probably was made by one person or small team (You see…the thing is…you knew from the start that was your family…didn’t you?) Well I didn’t know anything. See, I wasn’t there (Your hunger for money! Your over excessive greed took over you! Assuming with them all dead, you would be left a will…) (Wake up John! They all thought you were dead 6 years ago! So why in the hell would they leave you a will?) (Poor bastard ended up shooting himself when he finds out. You took everything from them to receive nothing.) ahh, okay The motive there’s a little convoluted– (To this I ask you…which do you deserve?) “Press 1 for Heaven, press 2 for Hell”? WELL, IF I HAD TO GO BASED ON WHAT THIS SEEMS TO BE, I PRETTY MUCH DOUBT THAT I’M GONNA GO WITH OPTION NUMBER ONE So let’s see what’s behind… DOOOR NUMBER TWOOO! (Hell? It’s not everyday someone is willingly choosing their fate among Hell.) I mean, just judging by the papers (I supposed you truly do believe that you’ve done wrong. Heh.) (You surprise me, John, you truly are a unique individual.) A murderous individual?! (Truth be told, I can’t simply let you off. Indeed, you will be going to Hell, no doubt, though, not for eternity.) (You will spend a large portion of time,) Oh jeez (constantly looping through your memories as you had already done.) okay (Though, this time, your deeper emotions will be accessed and presented upon you.) (Once you have gone through what you deserve, I will then judge once more) (to decide whether an eternal stay at heaven…) (Or hell will be best suited for you.) (With that said…this is the last time I will be speaking to you for quite some time.) (I wish you luck, John.) *Melancholy piano music plays* Is that the end-? (Until we meet again.) YEAH, THAT WAS GOOD! THAT WAS GOOD! THAT WAS REALLY GOOD! I mean, it was good because, obviously, it was made by one person. THAT WAS GOOD! The story was convoluted, and it had a lot of plot holes, and you know I couldn’t tell it was trying to get me to feel sorry for this guy, for being seemingly unapologetically murdered his whole family, cut them up, and burn them alive So I don’t think I was supposed to be in any way agreeable to that outcome, but I had fun! I mean, the looping mechanic is kind of like, you know, uh, I– I lo–I love it, you know, I don’t care how many times it’s done Not that has been done as many times as other horror tropes, but I love it Love it, love it, love it, I liked that, that was FUN, GREAT STUFF. I appreciate it, this was cool I enjoyed it, it got me a couple times, it made me laugh a few other times, because it was just a little hokey, but even so, so, I liked it So, I hope you liked it too, let me know what you thought in the comments below, and check out the other scary games that I played and you can check the link in the descrmmimn–in the description below. I can’t talk but Thank you everybody again, and as always I willl see YOU in the next video! BUH-BYE!