X-Plane 10 set up volo IFR MauTutorial 2 ITA/ENG

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X-Plane 10 set up volo IFR MauTutorial 2 ITA/ENG

Welcome to this new tutorial in which i’ll show you how to set up the aircraft for the take off and the first routing procedures In this case we start with the plane on the runway and the engines already turned on So…let’s start by loading our flight plan going to the FMC display in this case i’ve already saved my route that i’m going to load To load i have to push this low button on the left or right and chose for example this one: TNCM-KSFO, Sint Maarten, my actual airport, to San Francisco So i clik on and as you can see the flight plan appears in the radar display Ok…once do that we need to look at the navigation charts which you can find on the web, google search by writing the ICAO code of the airport then chose “charts”, and find the one that deals with “SIDS”…or the Standard Initial Departure procedure Usually the SID is the first fix that we find in the flight plan, which in this case the fix “JUICE” so watching the airport’s chart we have to find the indications for the sid JUICE As you can see, the chart says to right turn heading 166° after the departure until 4000 feet and only at 12 DME (12 miles from the airport or VOR 113.00 vhf) make a right turn heading 325°, then left turn heading 292° to finally reach the sid JUICE Now…once took notice of these informations, let’s set the autopilot up So…we know that we have to turn to 166°. So let’s go to the heading knob setting it to 166 degrees Ah…before that we have to switch the F/D on. Then set 166° and push “HOLD” button…so once the A/P will be working, the plane will reach that heading

Another info that the chart tell us is that we have to reach 4000 feet So…set 4000 feet and then the vertical speed or how many feet per minute the plane will climb Finally set the speed to 240 knots which is the max speed under 10,000 feet This will be activate even before the A/P, by pushing “THR” button We have set the A/P up now we must look to the airport’s VOR frequence (PJM 113.00 vhf), and move to the radio transmitter and in the section “standby” I show you set 113.00 vhf, then switch it on cliking this button. So you’ll see this green sign of the PJM vor and its distance which now is 0.1 because we are next to it This is because we have to right turn to 325° at 12 DME, after the initial turn to 166° After that we set this knob to “FMC” that will let the plane follow the flight plan after the A/P and the “L NAV” button activaton (the red line); and no more the heading (the purple line) Now we can set the flight controls following the standard take off procedures Set autobrakes “armed”…then flaps to 10

Ah…one most important thing is to set the fuel quantity which in this case is 2.5 hours (my mistake…it’s about 7 hours!!!) I show you…(set 7 hours not 3.2!!!) Once do that…we are rady for the take off, knowing that a Boeing 747-400 takes off at 170 knots. If you have a cloche, ok…otherwise you can pull up with the mouse, as you know When we take off we must pay attention to the wind (opposite or cross), because it moves the plane from the centre line when accelarating, so we have to do some little corrections to keep the plane straight on the runway’s centre As we know, in this case the wind comes slightly from the right, so the plane will move to the left…(are you sure??? The plane will move to the right…strange but true!!!) Ok, we’re ready to go!!! Ah…if we wanna have some fun, here we can find and activate the “seatbelts” and “no smoking” signals. Then we are really ok! Accelerate slowly with the breaks on. Release them and power at maximum Sorry…the plane will move to the right, not to the left!

Infact it’s hard to keep the plane on the centre…140 knots…165…170 rotate Gear up and let’s make a manual turn to 166°. Auto-throttle ON and veering As we reach the selected speed we can retract the flaps Now we can turn the A/P on and finish our turn to 166° at 4000 ft We are still at about 2700 ft and retract all the flaps and finally turn the taxi and landing lights off This is the acoustic signal of the reached selected altitude…so we have to wait for the 12 DME We are still at 8. At 12 DME we will turn to 325°. Autobreaks OFF All these procedures you can find them on the checklist which you can find on the WEB as well writing the plane’s name and serial you will find some pdf files We are about to reach 12 DME so now we can right turn to 325° Bla…bla…bla Bla…bla…bla

If we take a look to our flight plan…our SID stays more or less…here If we are flying with the default ATC, surely it will tell us that we are off-course. To solve the problem we have to go to the FMC display…(the fix JUICE is still active, which means that it’s not already reached)…and push the “EXECUTE” and “L NAV” or lateral navigator, so the plane leaves the 325° heading, toward JUICE directly So we can increase the cruise altitude to the selected one which can be 33,000 ft…35,000…38,000…or so Bla..bla…bla…B747-400 cruise speed at mach 0.85 (850 km/h) Ok…with this beautiful view i let you do your flight and see you to another tutorial