Autumn Road Trip | Life Updates, Truck Stop Chicken & Breakfast in an Apple Orchard!

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Autumn Road Trip | Life Updates, Truck Stop Chicken & Breakfast in an Apple Orchard!

Greetings everybody Welcome to an impromptu road trip I’m here with Amy. Want to say hi, Amy? [Amy] Hello Hello We are driving from Phoenix down to Willcox, Arizona Southeast Arizona is where we’re going You’ve seen some past episodes of us down there We are gonna be spending the night down there and doing some adventuring because it’s about a three hour drive from Phoenix It’s a Saturday and Amy and I just needed to really get out of the house and do some exploring But yeah we didn’t want to do a day trip this time It’s a little bit much, but anyway We’re gonna stop and see some things along the way and we thought it might just be fun to just have you tag along on this road trip so let’s see what kind of trouble we can get into You can see downtown Phoenix off to the right over there The little skylines Phoenix isn’t a huge metropolis by any means The downtown area It’s kind of neat. There’s some like corporate stuff down there Some historic stuff too but for the most part it’s really alive during the week when people are working Probably not so much right now Other than that, yeah, Phoenix Not much hopping down there usually. In my opinion Alrighty so we are out of Phoenix proper Interstate 10 south heading towards Tucson The next major city There’s some other stops along the way but anyway Wanted to just chat a little bit Let you guys know what’s been up You guys see us every week so you’re seeing a lot of footage I think around now We’re in my trip up to Utah and Utah was around the last time that I actually filmed if you can believe that Probably about a month and a half to two months ago I got back from that trip and I got really sick I actually got the shingles and it took a while to actually figure out what was going on It manifested itself on my head and my face You can actually see the remnant That crater that’s here That is still almost two months later that is still there I mean it’s healed but I’m wondering if I’m gonna have a scar or something It’s just nasty but anyway I’m not gonna go into all the details there Outside of that… been really busy at work I have a major project that’s kind of started Been working crazy crazy hours Sometimes I’ve been working seven days a week so that’s been really rough Amy and I needed a break We needed to get out That’s part of what we’re doing today Also though it’s the beginning of the Halloween season It’s almost October here so Amy and I wanted to jump on the Halloween and autumn bandwagon here on YouTube and we’re heading to southeast Arizona We’ve got some stuff that’s kind of turned out to be a little bit of a tradition that you’re going to be seeing here soon enough But that’s part of the reason for this trip also and someone happens to be a gigantic Halloween nut Like of epic proportions. You don’t even realize She’s laughing but, yeah, it is… yeah I mean I like it too I must admit but anyway, yeah So that is what we are up to Alright, so Amy and I are making a little bit of a pit stop Our first little side stop of our road trip here This is kind of a quasi tradition I say quasi because we don’t usually do this every time but we’ve made a pit stop in a Casa Grande, Arizona right off of Interstate 10 Or as other people pronounce it, Casa Grand I’m not sure what the preferred pronunciation is To be honest I don’t care Anyway, there’s a little treat that we’re gonna indulge in here so let me show you what I’m talking about Alright, so this is our first little pit stop that I told you about This little place called Eegee’s Amy and I love this place and I never really picked up on this until maybe a few years ago I had a co-worker I think who lived in the Tucson area that always talked about this place We don’t really have these in Phoenix proper I think there might be a couple here and there but usually I think this is more of a Tucson thing Let’s go in and I’ll tell you what an eegees is Alright, so we got our little drinks here What is known as an eegee if I’m not mistaken When I order, I just say I need, like a strawberry eegee or whatever so I think the drinks are actually called eegees and the restaurant is also called Eegee’s It’s kind of like a frozen almost like a hawaiian shaved ice drink type of thing You can kind of mix flavors together I ordered a strawberry lemon mixed together They’ll do that for you. Let’s see how this tastes

Mm Mm So good So why do we stop here? For me, like I said, it’s kind of like a hawaiian shave ice type of concoction and maybe even like an italian ice in a drink form It’s really hard to pull it up through the straw but it’s so good The thing that I like is it’s so flavorful It’s not like your average, like, snow cone or slushy drink that gets really watery The flavor maintains, like, almost the whole time unlike any drink like this that I’ve had They are so so good Okay so it’s time to resume our journey here We still got a long way to go I think Casa Grande is closer to Phoenix than it is Tucson if I’m not mistaken But yeah we just wanted to get that delicious treat So, yeah, like I said, I think this is more of a Tucson thing So if you live in Phoenix and you didn’t know about Eegee’s or even if you don’t live in Phoenix and you’re vacationing or driving on Interstate 10 towards Tucson just keep that in the back of your head Yeah, you really want to check that out It’s something special I think [Amy] How’s it going over there with your straw and your lack of spoon? It’s so good but it’s so much work It’s just… yeah, you just you suck and then you get a little bit but Yeah it’s just having a spoon would be much better but it’s still worth it for the little intermittent rewards but See? [Amy] Suck! Suck! Suck! [laughter] Some pretty scenery out here with those mountains in the background I think these are I think these are pecan trees or some kind of nut just kind of randomly out here in the middle of the desert Pretty sure we looked this up before and I want to say pecans I think pecan trees are pretty large I think they have a lot of those in Texas if I’m not mistaken So the interesting looking mountains kind of off to the right there that’s known as Picacho Peak Did you know that that is the site of the farthest west civil war engagement? 1862. Union calvary skirmished with Confederate pickets that were coming out of Tucson Really neat. I didn’t know that for the longest time So I made a quick pit stop here It’s not open right now and it’s very loud because we’re right off the Interstate right there So Amy and I stopped here at Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch about a year ago We had a really good time here I’ll put a link in the description down below to that video but, yeah, you get to feed lots of interesting animals I can’t talk. My mouth is still cold from drinking the eegees I’m kind of thawing out but anyway Yeah, my favorite thing here you get to feed what they’re called lorikeets. These birds They give you this, like, cup of nectar and you kind of hold your arms out and the birds land on you Lots of fun So if you’re ever driving on Interstate 10 past Picacho Peak that’s Picacho Peak right there, you definitely want to stop here. A lot of fun Alright, yeah so it’s really loud out there Tried to talk to you guys out there Two problems. The eegee. My mouth is numb You got the numbness from the sucking action You’ve got the numbness of the cold and trying to enunciate is challenging right now Plus the sound of the freeway is just It’s amazing how loud that is. I forgot Uh but anyway, yeah This is a cool area and I also wanted to mention at Picacho Peak there’s also a state park You can hike to the top of it and you can also camp there They’ve got hiking trails so that’s something we have not yet visited here on the Cactus Atlas but sometime soon we will promise to make the trip down here We are right outside of downtown Tucson now Can see it out the window here on the left Not a really big downtown but as far as towns in Arizona goes I’d say it’s pretty big Amy and I have spent quite a bit of time around Tucson and the surrounding area Made many videos down around here The Sonora Desert Museum. Old Tucson We’ve got lots of plans for some other things to go check out but we’ve never really explored downtown I know it’s the home of the University of Arizona Outside of that… for any of you guys that are familiar with Tucson, I’d be interested to know if there’s anything

of particular interest in the city area to explore sometime Always up for some recommendations So for those of you that know this area, drop us a comment. Let us know I always love this stretch of Interstate 10 You just keep seeing these signs for The Thing The Thing. The Thing. The Thing It just never ends for the last 20 miles or so It’s just billboard after billboard The Thing. What is it? Alrighty, so Amy and I, as I just mentioned, stopped at The Thing A roadside attraction She thinks we were there for a couple hours I want to say a little bit less but she might be right When we entered the place, what I can tell you for sure, it was still plenty of daylight The shadows were long but it wasn’t really sunset time yet Came out and it is dark. The sun is well set We’re probably… what do you think, Amy, about 15 to 20 minutes away from our hotel? [Amy] Yep. Just about Yeah, so that really exceeded my expectations I think Amy and I were saying, or I was saying, “Should we save it for tomorrow?” You know, I was kind of tired Just wanting to get back to the hotel and just get settled in for the night. Get some food I mean, it’s still early. It’s only 6:30 But I’m glad we went. It really energized me It was really exciting so I can’t wait to share that video with you guys here Definitely worthy of the Halloween season just how because that’s kind of kooky and wacky so I suspect we’re gonna have that one released here in a few weeks. So keep an eye out Alright, we’ve arrived at the Holiday Inn Express in Willcox, Arizona Let’s go see if this place is okay or not Look at how many charge stations they have here I mean that’s pretty crazy I guess it’s right off of Interstate 10 Yeah if you’re driving an electric vehicle, they more than have you covered here The lady that checked us in said they’re actually sold out tonight So a pretty popular hotel I suppose They do have a little snack bar here That’s pretty nice Dude, this is awesome And here is our room at the Holiday Inn Express in Willcox, Arizona Let’s check ‘er out So you got storage stuff here And if you’re going out for a big night on the town you got a mirror here on the way out so you can make sure you’re keeping it fresh Yeah, I mean this is kind of like what was advertised What I was expecting I mean it’s very clean We got the two queen bed room Very small dinky tv but they do have a microwave And as I showed you downstairs you also have some stuff you can buy to make in the microwave and no body parts in the fridge so that’s always a good sign Let me do a quick comfort check here I can tell you right off the bat if it’s gonna be good or not Alright, so this mattress… not the best ever I mean it’s a little definitely sinks in a little bit A little springy I guess. Yeah The pillows are decent but my initial check of the mattress is I think it’s had some use but it’ll do Let’s check out the restrooms So cleanliness factor… Very clean Modern factor… not bad Could be a lot more outdated but it’s clean Plenty of towels and stuff Shower… I kind of dig this What they did here I mean it’s not the most expensive marble I’m sure it’s not even marble It’s probably some imitation thing But yeah, I mean it’s you get what you pay for So Amy and I were starving We were going to go to a Mexican restaurant in downtown Willcox but we decided not to because the lady up front here kept mentioning over and over that they’ve sold out here tonight and I think she was kind of insinuating that we may be out of luck for a parking spot if we’re not careful So Amy and I were afraid to drift too far away from the hotel so we decided to just go to the truck stop right next to here and they have a Popeye’s fried chicken joint She and I have never had Popeye’s, I don’t think Right? You’ve never had in your entire life and nor have I I don’t know how I’ve never had it so this is actually a first

so I feel like it’s film worthy so let’s dig in So here’s what I’m dealing with here I got, like, their Amy and I got a three piece chicken and a five piece and then we kind of split it so we each have four pieces So you get your… they’re chicken tenders, by the way, and a biscuit Got some barbecue sauce and mashed potatoes Was gonna have french fries but they didn’t have fries there I guess this is a historic occasion Truck stop Popeye’s. Take one So there’s my chicken It’s actually nice and crispy you can see If it looks crisp on camera right there, it’s because it is Listen to this crunch. [crunching] Mm. Mm Actually that is quite good. I think I don’t know, Amy Amy’s over there eating or she’s about to start but that actually exceeds my expectations to be honest with you [crunch] Mm. Mm mm Okay, so as I mentioned I wanted to get fries but they didn’t have fries so I got their mashed potatoes Mm Actually once again better than I would have thought Alright, so the only last thing I have now is the biscuit I would say the biscuit’s pretty important, right? So Amy says hers is good too so far I think I love that chicken from Popeye’s You know, one other thing that I feel like I need to readdress maybe or restate because now I’m all paranoid I kind of was looking in the viewfinder This thing just looks nasty, doesn’t it? You should have seen what it looked like a month or so ago In fact, it’s funny just a quick [Amy] Insert photo Yeah, insert photo here Basically I got back from Goblin Valley State Park camping there The Utah video Some of you may have seen the campground episode with the brown water. That whole thing I’ll put a link in the description down below if you haven’t seen that yet But I came back. This thing was, like, all pus-y. I just had this, like, open sore It looked like a staph infection In fact, it looked so much like a staph infection that urgent care diagnosed me as having impetigo and gave me antibiotics We actually put on a previous video kind of a criticism about, you know couldn’t say for sure if I got that from the campground or not but, you know, I was like hmm but then we removed it because that wouldn’t be fair because it ended up being shingles as I mentioned earlier Had like all these like really painful sores on this side of my head, this sore and then I got this eye infection to boot and it took a week to figure it out but an ophthalmologist finally said I walked in, he took one look at me he’s like, “Oh yeah. You got shingles.” I’m like, “what?” And you know, I’m not 50 yet so I still got a little ways to go Haven’t gotten the vaccine Learned that even if you want to get the vaccine before 50 your insurance probably won’t cover it so you’re probably going to spend $300-400 out of pocket No need for me to get it right now because having just had it one of my doctors said I’m very unlikely I have enough antibodies now to fend it off for now but my psa for you guys out there is if you’re over 50 and you haven’t gotten a shingle shot Seriously, you know, don’t mess around I got, like I said, I got it on my face You can get it on your body and your ear and all sorts of different places But wherever you get it you don’t want to mess with it, man It was horrible horrible horrible So you could still see this two months later, like, I still have this crater that’s healing and I’m wondering, is it gonna ever fill back in? I don’t know. Starting to get really paranoid Good morning, everyone I didn’t realize but the pool was right below us this whole time And across the street over there is that truck stop where we had Popeye’s fried chicken last night Okay, so we’re about to continue the road trip We’ve spent the night now Not a bad sleep for me I mean Amy and I don’t sleep so well in general anymore We’re adults. We’re old now but we got through the night. We survived We’re about to hit the car and head to our next destination So come along with us I always wanted to do this Okay so we are heading off to our destination I don’t think we’ve revealed what that is yet You guys should know by now if you’ve been watching the channel for any time We are going to Apple Annie’s today We’re actually going to make a couple stops though We’re heading off to their apple orchard first where I hear a rumor that they have a pancake breakfast and all i had to hear was cider syrup I’m really looking forward to that

Then we’re gonna be heading to the pumpkin patch but not on this episode That’s going to be a different episode but you’re going to get a little taste of some Apple Annie’s freshness today Alright, we have arrived at Apple Annie’s Orchard We’re here to seek out pancakes They better have them or I’m gonna be really grumpy We got some apples on display here but Yeah, we have cider donuts here too They make them fresh on the premises Here’s where the orchards start They have apples primarily I think they also have some kind of pear that you could pick right now They got little picnic tables set up in there to eat your pancake breakfast I think the pancake breakfast is right over here Alrighty, so Amy got You had your choice of pumpkin pancakes or buttermilk, right? I got buttermilk. Amy got pumpkin So we’ll sample each thing Then you get your choice of apple Was it apple cider syrup? [Amy] I think so, yeah or maple syrup I got the cider syrup and I think Amy did too Then you get a coffee or juice also So we’ll we’ll go look at our stash here in a second Alright, so here’s what we’re dealing with this morning This is why Amy and I got up early and came down here It was to have this little pancake breakfast before we head over to the pumpkin patch We believe those are the pumpkin pancakes and I think these are the buttermilk They didn’t mark them but those look darker so we’re making an assumption You get a little bit of sausage here with that and a couple butters and they put the syrup on there for you already So Amy is saying shut up, Glenn, let’s eat Alright, I prepared the first bite Let’s taste this This would be the buttermilk pancake with cider syrup Going in for the kill That syrup is wonderful actually I mean what do you think, Amy? Do you taste that syrup? [Amy] Uh. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. Really good Yeah, I would say this exceeds our expectations Just like Popeye’s last night. Two for two so far Alright, pumpkin I could eat that. I’m not as huge of a pumpkin fan as Amy Amy is a pumpkin fanatic but that is really good You really can taste the pumpkin I would say, right It’s really prominent So if you like pumpkin, I mean definitely… I yeah I mean if you like any pancakes then this is the place to come but the pumpkin is delicious too but I like my buttermilk Alright, I’m gonna kind of dip the sausage here in the syrup A little tough I would say at first glance The spork was kind of bending so I just stabbed it with a knife So let’s go in for the bite Mm Actually way way better than I thought it was gonna be Almost tastes like Jimmy Dean sausage at first but it’s kind of got a char-grilled flavor to it I think they probably cook it on that same grill where they barbecue hot dogs and hamburgers at lunch So quite delicious actually What do you think of the sausage, Amy? [Amy] It s good Yeah, it really is [Amy] It has a lot of flavor Yeah, it does have a lot of flavor [Amy] It’s a little on the tough side but, yeah, the flavor makes up for it It really does. So excellent everything all around… really good So I mean score high points for the food Absolutely delicious But the ambience I’m just eating here in the orchard itself I didn’t know that you could do that And they’ve got like multiple rows set up with lots of tables Really beautiful morning light, kind of, on the tops of the trees here Really nice and quiet Man, like, this is a 10 out of 10 I would say This is… this is awesome So you can see, you know, that you have these little signs on there and when you’re finished… Amy, do the honors We didn’t really come today to pick apples or anything It’s just Amy and I so you know picking apples You’re gonna end up with like a whole bag of them but for now we’re just gonna go poke our heads in some of those rows over there Take a look and then maybe jump into the store I’m looking for trees that have apples in them That’s all I want to see is a tree with apples in them Alright, so lots of apples on the ground I’m gonna guess a lot of these are just picked clean Probably have to go deeper in here to find more There’s Rome Beauties If you ever wonder what an apple tree looks like, here you go Now I’m just exploring for the first time back here, granted, so I’ve never been here

I mean the orchard goes way down that way and there’s still more rows that I haven’t explored but it seems like the deeper you go the more apples you find Makes sense Less distance you have to haul them Oh yeah. Here we go I don’t know if those look ready They’re tiny apples I’m assuming those are probably Granny Smith also Those look nice actually Those look really nice up there So we’re inside the Bakery and Fudge Kitchen Smells good in here too You got apple cider Amish style butter Summer sausage. Ghost pepper cheese Look at these pies What is a hot peach? So Amy and I find ourselves now at Apple Annie’s Produce and Pumpkin Farm About six to even miles away from where we had that wonderful breakfast We’re here picking our 2020 pumpkins out We actually did an entire video on this if you already have not seen it yet I’ll put a link in the description down below We’ve already went ahead and released that one just because Halloween’s sneaking up on us but definitely don’t miss out on that one Yeah, this is one of our favorite places to come each year Amy is taking our pumpkins for 2020 She’s actually paying for them Gonna haul them back to the car Yeah, I’m making her do all the hard work But, yeah, this road trip has been amazing What a better way to burn off that breakfast, right, than coming out here We went in that corn maze right behind me We were in there for almost an hour Then went out and picked some pumpkins out in this warm desert sun Definitely, I think, more than burned off those calories Hopefully. Probably not But, man, that was fun Alright, I gotta go find Amy now Yeah I’m kind of, like, bummed because I would say the road trip’s not over yet because we have to drive three hours back to Phoenix So don’t go anywhere just yet We’re not calling it Not sure what we’re gonna do for the rest of the day but yeah I’m just hanging out in the shade now Just loving that landscape before I have to go back to the work week which I’m dreading Man, am I dreading that We’re still stuffed from breakfast The kettle corn smells amazing Yeah, I really would like some but, man I couldn’t imagine eating anything else after that breakfast for a very long time and it’s lunch time and I’m still not hungry Alright, so we are heading back home to Phoenix Got a three hour drive ahead of us here So we’re probably gonna part ways with you but really quick It was a great little overnight road trip The highlights… Amy and I just discussed it I think our highlights were The Thing which we’re actually just passing right now That was really fun and the updated version of that was fantastic You’ll see a video of that coming out here soon Then the breakfast this morning out in that apple orchard in the shade The food was phenomenal, and it was just a perfect moment Just one of those things that you didn’t really expect to turn out as good as it did 10 out of 10 there And Apple Annie’s Produce and Pumpkin Farm Always just so much fun Love this year’s corn maze More challenging than last year’s But um that’s always that’s a no-brainer That’s always fun So yeah, we really really enjoyed having you guys join along with us and we look forward to another road trip sometime here in the future So thanks a lot and see you next time As always if you enjoyed this video, please like share and subscribe and find us on social media at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram