Lego City Cargo Terminal and Cargo Plane Set Number 60022

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Lego City Cargo Terminal and Cargo Plane Set Number 60022

hello everybody my name’s Pete bringing from Alan’s world of Lego reviews today I’m bringing you set number six zero is there a two to the cargo train and terminal just from the look at the box it looks a really good interesting box with lots of things going around you’ve got the plane we’ve got the foregrip we’ve got the baggage truck we’ve got the police or security we’ve got the control tower it looks like it’s going to be really really fun bills let’s have a quick turn the box round and look at the back so from the back again like all the Lego big boxes they have lots of good graphics of betraying different activities we’ve got people and breaking the boss at the top looking at the goal we got the forklift truck with the workers we’ve got the cargo train expanding to put stock in the back but the forklift truck we’ve got the fuel remember the plane flying off is for jet planes we’ve got the lady in returning air controller we’ve got the cargo going in so and lots of overall good things let’s have a quick look inside this box and actually see exactly what we’ve got so I’ve just put this on the site and now we’re going to pour it out and have a quick look inside we’re actually got no the box is quite heavy so that’s a good sign is a lot of Lego in this box and laughs and Lego just put this over there a lot with passenger stations coming up so there’s a lot of stuff we’ve got the wingspan this is very big wingspan so I’ll give you the measurements when I built it we also have the box of instruction seems to be quite a few inside here let’s open it up to see what we’ve got it’s got three lots of stickers says one lot of stickers – lots of stickers we’ve got instruction for instruction booklets so we’ve got instruction booklet one instruction booklet – instruction booklet free and foot for foot four is quite a hefty one it’s got 83 pages it’s quite a big book then we’ve got our packs of parts it’s 5 5 5 1 s 1 goes to be a part of the field insult our right to is one of our vehicles I think it support with trucks we’ve got handle to crate that’s free this must be by a trolley on their back for first part of the plane at five just like the tail end of the plane that’s it Seymour this Virginians that go in there hi then there’s like those six times their foes are gone over to additional you got the fuel off of the plane the big sort of big fish which are probably pretty much ready girl we’ve got your undercarriage of the plane and spring and some longer bits inside the bank so overall I’m going to quite a big haul of Lego bags and boxes on there could be a thumb bill I’ll get back here as soon as we built it hello and welcome back as you see now I’ve now completed the cargo the cargo plane just to recap includes five minifigures with accessories which includes a pilot the controller and three workers yes six hundred and fifty eight pieces it cost around about seventy clown for most UK stalls and that the few little measurements which just be aware because I didn’t realize how big this thing actually was until I built it it’s 57 centimeters long and 44 centimeters wide and 17 centimeters high as he said test a can’t quite a lot of space but I’m overall every bit works really well for me look at it the plane really well built and really well designed with the cargo holds it could do a little bit more cargo space but we’ve got enough room to fit exactly what we can even with a pack we’ve got a nice little mobile sort of conveyor belt to drive up we’ve got small fuel tanker we’ve got heavy heavy industrial forklift truck and that’s very rare that you can see it I bring a little bit forward we have our control tower so we

look at each of these bits in turn we’re going to start off with the smaller bits look at the control tower and then work your way up to the plane and see how it all links together so the control tower itself just pan out a little bit so you can see it a little bit further yeah you can see we’ve got the radar dish on the top with an antenna a radar dish which spins we’ve got a little viewing station platform where the controllers and sitting side coming down we’ve got the tower and then the base itself in the front it looks really good it’s disappointing with me yeah as most of the Lego sort of models it’s flat on the back and there’s actually nothing inside it whatsoever so you’ve got a hollow shells I think it’d be a lot better if they round it off the base part to make it look like the front and then just had the half of tower on the top there’s nothing else as the inside there’s no room to really do anything looking inside you can see the minifigure just take her out we’ll look at a bit more detail and so inside we can see we’ve got our radar dish we’ve got our mug of coffee and we’ve got a rotating chair other than that there’s not much else on the side we have a sticker onto the radar dish it’s just on there and these bits here has a stick here just on that so first bit okay second bit we have our smaller fuel truck a lot of stick is sort of on here we’ve got to stick it on the side there with the octane and the flammable site we’ve got our radio walkie talkie we’ve got a seat for the controller to sit on there on this dashboard he’s got the little display to let them indicate how much fuel he’s got inside there we’re gonna leave her for um probably turning it on and off staying will from the side we’ve got another sticker on there we’ve got a coil we have our hose yes and when we lift it out and fill up the fuel on the front may become a little stick it and we have our seat before our minifig whoops it’s broken it we’re looking at minifigs in a bit more detail as we go through the only thing I can say about this is the size of this compared to the size the plane need to fill in yeah it’s not really to scale this is more I can see this more for small the smaller the planes from the Lego sense not the large industrial type of plane we’ve got for this cargo plane due to that’s all the the whole thing itself is about the same size as one of the engines so how can that small tank for that one of those engines go for those engines so but looks of it really good they follow this the color scheme of the octan sort of colors the red and green on to the sides on the sides on there just to give it a little bit more appealing and looks to it now we look at the four crates of cargo you get issue up you get supplied with with this set so starting on this one over here with individual blocks of Lego gates have got they go truck we’ve got a parcel and we also got some sort of more instructions and mailing each of these blocks can come off and they can be individually placed on onto the plane or has a whole crate let’s go see how it’s used very shortly second month we have is a normal big crate and what you also get as well will get a small crowbar in the set which is attached to the global conveyor belt which you can use this to prise open the crates and inside there you can see we have lots of gold bullion lots of gold bars so this is quite expensive cargo plane we’ve got quite a lot of gold bullion inside there so it’s a typical Latin so we’ve got six attached to the very bottom and you’ve got six loose ones yes so so make sure that when this plane lands you’ve got the police on hand because there are lots of money inside this plane if they’re having the police on hand and cooperate a few more additional things you could play with okay next we have these two crates yeah they get loaded and shipped over correctly all together you can see they’re just by looks of it it’s a mini loco fight it can be used to them things you can either go for the Coast Guard set or you can use it for the Arctic set do – it’s got the color scheme of Ivan or both of them so they

still chest hair this one has the four wheels which is just placed on a little tree branch block then we have a little buggy on there and it simply is you just put it together and then the steering wheel sits on the top that we’ve got ourselves a small little buggy just to place inside the cargo plane this is held on by the two little 4×4 2×2 jumpers all right now we have our mobile conveyor belt so from the front you can see they always have a low low profile so keeping up with legged position that match you may keep it low profile and over small little wheels little side steps if we can step on that’s the crowbar I was talking about just placed it back a nice warning light on the top and around the back a cup of sticker on there little backlight just drop the crowbar back on come around and we’ve got the way of to control the conveyor belt over it’s still the variable it’s got the most piston inside there to allow it to raise up and down so we can move it up oh dear roll fingers and thumbs today move it up then we can move it back down again just take the mini figure out the way we’ll talk to him in a bit more detail but one it is up we can then turn the wheel and allows the move a nice fit on ice chests of crates we took which to earlier on so we do is just place it once the conveyor belt and then we can wind them up and then load on to the plane on the top here we go all right one to sort of take them on board I like this bit it’s quite quite unique the bit inside that nice easy sort of piston system to hold it in the conveyor belt was all one unit you don’t actually make the conveyor belt it comes as one complete system all you got to do is put the piles on the top the sticker and the wheel on there but this the Holdaway about itself is one complete system as I said before to feel better but I’m the only one complete system right next bit we have is our industrial forklift truck where the fish have to do two wheels on the back and smaller wheels we can see the electric motor around the back we come around so we’ve got the ballast and the weight aside we’ve got a controller we’ve got attached with fun headlights we’ve got the new star forklift truck system with elastic bands which i’ve done a review on one of these on like cargo train you get a full response and use of one of those itself just check that video out the link below to this one you can have a look at that one as well they’ve slapped them down to allow you to take the minifig out inside not much detail inside we just got the seat unit with a steering wheel and these work quite well we’ve proved the test and then move it forwards and backwards now the only thing about this one is the big wheels if you see there there’s a slight gap on just get stuff and just to show you on there a pair of scissors yep you can see there that it doesn’t actually you can actually put the scissors underneath it so when you’re coming up to the crates if it doesn’t actually go on to the crate it needs to lift it up a little bit to pick it up only downside I’ve got about it it does look good I like this book this truck what the practicality of it the forks don’t go far enough downs pick up the crates you need to physically put them on to yourself okay now we have our five minifigs before we go onto the plane itself so starting from the gentleman here he’s the pilot so we come in a little bit closer you can see it’s got a nice sort of printed faceplate so on there when I first looked at him I’ve actually fought he’s a security guard until attended more detailing of the flying badge it’s on the front because the picture itself on the box portrays him holding the water talkie looking and looking the money yes that confusing me a little bit it’s got his glasses got the pilot glasses and a little cap just on there no prints on the trousers then we had

the control of the female of the set she’s got a nice combat on bit like the air stewardesses they all have the sort of uniforms nice printed front torso no detail on the trousers long wavy hair we see quite regularly on different sets and the face itself do believe we’ve seen this one a couple of times in different sets then we’ve got our free workers to work is wearing the same uniforms just different faces and one slightly different uniform just on the front sort of jacket again we’ve got the new star hats the Frenzel star hats so got hardhats Pete Pete cats with the holes on the top to allow us to put our air defenders on I’ll just take one off yes got a hole on the top little pin and we just place it on place that back on your head look at the back of them no prints on all of them except the pilot is a little bit of his collars yes or epaulets are saying – nope he’s a pilot onto his shoulders only one face again the female only has one face as well no detail anywhere else – the figures down say is most planes have two pilots – piloting where you only get one into this set so I’ve looked around a leg of shops and that’s something to try to find this have a torso sort of in now haven’t so I’m glad to come across and get two different type parts and all the sets actually put two pilots into my plane for using on my lego city so now we bring the last bit of this set is the cargo plane itself I do if I’m lugging it all in because I want to get some sort of detail shots and it’s such a big thing that you can’t if you see it often the plan angle if you try to give them what free 360 so we see we’ve got a rotating wheel on the front and around no cargo doors onto the side but we do have a hinge mechanism which are explained very shortly turning all around in the back just see exactly how long it actually looks sort of coming wide keep paying round and we come around to the front where we have our two cargo hatches windows and the front of the I think so we start the front so we’ve got a nice sort of view and the front I’ll just try and get angle it down put the pilots in and out I just lift up the top and we can now see there and there Oh triangle it round to give a bit better angle so from the front we can see I’ve got a control play with the speed of the wings of wings with the fossils moving up and down but do displace you’ve got the main pilot sits there and you’ve got the Navigator sort of sides cut the cockpit see and we’ve also got an entrance coming into the doorway itself and fortunately it’s not too many food scale the doorway so you can’t actually get your characters in and out of plane I said it only comes with one minifig but you can see him just from the windows onto there itself people to the side we’ve got are just the same the other side are two jet engines holding on the only downside see about this is on my children like to play of it and even myself I just pick them up they’re very very easy to actually knock off not now I want to try and record but but I’m usually some of these sort of things can fall off quite easily they’re not hard to put back on again just push them back up so when we’ve got a to cargo side doors just lifts up a little stun on there you got one on the side there and you’ve got one over there again this is it just a space there and it’s tucked in there a little bit more just to put the second bit of cargo again on the back splash on the side there and it sucks in a little bit more onto the back we’ve got a couple of stickers onto the wings and stick it on the back tail fin and on the front palm plane which is just there but good feature about the back that allows you to do reloading just take off little 2 by 2 plate on the top and then articulates on there allowing you to get access into the back of plane you got a little red clip or clips on to the other clip it allows the forklift truck to push some cargo onto the rear of the plane so we’re going to bring in the

forklift truck and bring in the mobile conveyor belt just you can see how it works with this set so they support the truck is good up back loading it can either bring the forklift truck as we come from here onto the side and drop the cargo in this way but when it does that you’ve anything how to physically turn it around and lift it into place it’s good but unrealistic sometimes the matter weight from the cargo could be holding as long as you bring into the correct audit you can actually place both of the bits of the 4×4 quad bike into the back of the thing so the first cradle goes in is the wheels and that just slides in and then we can come and pick up our next crate and then as that comes in that then pushes the next bit in this make sure it goes in just the right angle and then you could then turn the back of magnets now I come to the side yes so once it’s in you just lower that down and now if we bring in our mobile conveyor belt lift truck to load up our second two crates so the first crate can be loaded up via the forklift truck which is our money that sort of comes in and puts itself in place so with this one you do need to turn it around to slide it in place I don’t sorry I keep it like that and slide it in place there so the forklift truck will push it in place you don’t have a choice you can either put the forklift truck in but it will not go in that way it’s got to go in that way so with this crate so anything you can really do is bring this forklift truck up to the system on here bring that in place bring the forklift truck down load it down and then individually put the crates into the plane into the cargo hold and just do one just for showing yeah that goes in there you can see that all six of them will go in because this crate is designed to fit in there as well and it shuts itself up and you can do it individually or not remember to put the back of the tail back on there to hold it in place if not when you’re playing with it’s going to just flow over nor you just drop all your cargo over all set I like this set got lots of different things in there lots of things to play with we’ve got the fuel truck to bring it inside you can’t see it I’ve got that much in there you’ve got the fuel truck put that around the back you’ve got the look at Tower you’ve got your five minifigs let’s stand them on the whitby stand on the wing yet you stand on the top there it’s nice big set for the price you’re paying seventy pounds and what you’re actually getting it I think is really good a lots of playability fun sense a few little minor things sometimes the engines might fall off to employment you can’t pick up the crate properly with the forklift truck but then minor things the fuel trucks probably not to scale to fill up the size of tankers as I just mentioned earlier on and just get there and just look at the comparison sort of on there you can just see there’s a big comparison on the fly itself but check out the rest of my videos I’m enjoyed doing this one joy building it enjoy showing you and I’m letting you write your own comments on there save tell me what you think you like it you don’t like it think you might change if you had to redesign it yourself but quick right subscribe get the latest updates on the new video study ones listed very very shortly of course another 15 to produce over the next few days so lots going to be going onto the site if you liked it click like if you don’t play say no feel free to add a comment keep them nice and clean sensible because lots of children do like looking at my sites sort of on there itself thank you very much and body you