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Palm Beach Gardens | On The Town in The Palm Beaches

Hey, On The Towners, I’m Frank Licari and today, we’re exploring Palm Beach Gardens We’ll shop til we drop, have the perfect spa day, and learn about a historic tree older than me Join me as we go On The Town in the Palm Beaches [Announcer] This program is brought to you by Discover The Palm Beaches Visit for more information Founded in 1959 by billionaire developer John D. MacArthur, this signature city is much more than a vacation destination It boasts some of the best shopping and golf courses around In fact, it’s even the hometown of the Professional Golfers Association of America So let’s get started with the PGA National Resort and Spa Now, you have five golf courses here, which means, you either drink a lot of coffee, are in a lot of therapy, or you started decaf a while ago How do you do this? Actually, it’s a steady IV drip of Patron Tequila Is that what it is? Yeah, that’s what it is I wanted to know what the secret was Quite honestly, but I’m an early riser, so it’s all good PGA National is actually a sports mecca You know, we’re known for our golf, but we have so many other things to offer Fitness, tennis, you name it, so it’s a very active, active community Welcome, Frank Thank you so much It’s a pleasure to be here I see you’re here today for a 50 minute bamboo massage Oh, I think it’s 75 75? It might even be 90, we should recheck that Sure, I can absolutely accommodate that for you Yeah, your therapist has a 75 minute available Perfect So we will schedule you for a 75 I just need you to date and sign you’re in good health today Oh, well, that’s debatable You’re here with a female That is debatable What’s good health mean, exactly? [Cecelia] That you can get a massage today So, Nicolette, when you get someone who is extremely hairy, what do you do? Do you- Lots and lots of oil Can you shave them? Do you have that? That’s what the estheticians do Okay, got you How many people would you say a day, a week, a month, I don’t know if you have those stats, how many people you bring through here? Yes, the numbers are about 45 hundred a month We have 32 treatment rooms, and within the facility, we can accommodate practically about 320 people an hour But the average- Really? Is about 285 per day, 250 to 285 That’s incredible! So, you’re caddies Yes sir Right, that’s what you do all day, every day, for your entire life God help us, but yes, you are correct What’s the day in the life of a caddie like? Tell me that Well, there’s usually three things that we try to stick to First of all, show up, keep up, shut up Right, so you’re like, you’re like an athletic bartender Right? Yes Right? High end athletic bartender A high end athletic bartender What am I looking here, you’re gonna show me everything that I need to know to make this putt, yes? Okay, yeah What am I doing? Show me your hands on the club Okay, so I normally do this Okay, good, as long as your thumbs are down the shaft, I like that idea You’re okay with that? I do I gotta Gotta get that butt up a little bit Great posture, dude, yeah, you got it Show me a practice stroke I like to do the pendulum Absolutely Right? Here we go [Jimmy] Maybe Man! That’s as close as I’m gonna get to perfect, I think That, I mean The technique was good but sometimes you make it, it just didn’t go in Sometimes it doesn’t happen for you, right? All great putts don’t go in Right The tournament swung into action in 1972 as Jackie Gleason’s Inverrary Classic, and Honda joined the team in 1982 Past winners include the Golden Bear himself, Jack Nicklaus Heck, he even redesigned the course to include what’s known as The Bear Trap, one of the toughest three hole stretches in the world of golf The Honda Classic continues to attract seasoned professionals and golf fanatics from all over the world, and the prize money’s not to shabby, with over one million dollars going to the winner PGA of America began in 1916, so that’s 102 years now and it was January 17th, New York City Really, it was New York City? They had a big luncheon in Wanamaker’s Store, and on April 10 of that year, the constitution is ratified, the bylaws were set in motion, and the first national organization of PGA professionals existed, in the United States Wow, so this is serious, I mean, this really is, this was like a serious meeting of the

minds here And at no point in time did these guys all get together and go, you know what, maybe we should make this game a little easier Nobody thought to do that? Well, yes Make the hole a little larger? But that’s been a struggle for quite some time, and I think today’s PGA professional is light years ahead in that struggle It has become easier, technology has improved, and basically, you find more young people involved in it and the women’s game has exploded again, too As you roll into the city of Palm Beach Gardens, you’ll find this 80 year old banyan tree that has become the city’s signature City founder John D. MacArthur imagined a garden-like community with winding streets named after flowers, trees and lush foliage, and this tree in particular was key to his plan Let’s head to the Palm Beach Gardens Historical Society to find out more It used to be all the snowbirds that come to Florida and would have to come all the way down to Jupiter, and then have to get off the train, take a boat across the Jupiter Inlet, get on what was called an oxcart train down to the top of the intercostal waterway That sounds like a trek I’m surprised anybody made it here It sounds like an oxcart, who would want to get on that? Well, that’s what happened, is that, in the 1880s, they got a little bit smarter What they decided to do is get the people that were coming over from the other side, they built the Celestial railroad It ran from Jupiter all the way down to Juno It had two stops at Mars and Venus That’s how it got its name, Celestial Railroad, and so, at that time, General Sarnoff, the guy with RCA, came down here with computers and they were, they decided that they were gonna build a plant in Georgia We’re right now sitting in the plant This is where it was? This is the original RCA plant Wow! Radio Corporation of America, they built computers That’s why it’s such a complex building I was gonna say And it brought that nucleus of people and where Palm Beach Gardens is unique in that there are no automobile agencies here There are no strip malls here We have a very strict signage code This is, quote, a nice place to live We got a couple tickets here We’re in the middle of the weeds already We just started We got a couple things to make What are we making? We’re going to start off with, now, we’ve got a burrito It’s a chicken burrito with guacamole on the side, so I’ll give you the honor Sure You can then place that over there I’m doing it here Make sure it gets, you know, hot and toasty Sure, sure, sure You got the entire family, and they all work together all the time, all day? Yes Wow! Pretty much That’s impressive, that’s actually more impressive than the actual restaurant itself, the fact that you’re under one roof and you’re still smiling at the end of the day [Dahiana] Yeah We use a Mexican yellow rice Okay, makes sense Give you one full scoop and then a half of another one That’s gonna be the first one Some fresh hot beans, just like Abuela used to make, you know? Yes, absolutely All right We grew up here, and we wanted the community to know what they were missing out on, especially if they’ve never been to Mexico or the west coast So we decided to bring that over here So what we’re gonna do now is You do this part Yes sir We’re gonna mix it in, make sure you get a little bit of everything on every bite You’re gonna tuck everything in, and then Look at you Boom You are a professional Look at that, like a little baby’s bottom Like a little baby, look at it Look at that, beautiful And then we’re gonna place that on the grill Make sure it gets nice and toasty Order 59, where’s 59? [Peter] All right, so we’ll find the number Is that you? That is me! I just made this for you A burrito Pretty good! Thank you! Thank you! [Fran] The common bond is craft beer and we have a great product, we have a great staff, and everybody’s kind of like-minded You’re gonna walk me through this process Yeah, I’d love to! Am I gonna brew something? I think so All right, let’s do it A lot of flavor comes from the barley and also the color of the beer comes from the barley itself The next part of the process is to put the warm water in, through the second ingredient in beer, so it’s about 2000 pounds of malted barley When we’re brewing like we are today, you can actually smell it, see it, hear it, be part of the experience, and that’s what people are looking for They come in, not only to have a great beer and get great service, they want to see it So we wanted a casual, a place that we wanted to hang out So the screens keep the barley kernels on it and the sugar extract which now is called wort All these recipes, are you coming up with these? All the guys, between all of us, the guys in the back, and they’re all brewers, so we all, we just bounce ideas off each other That’s very cool! So we’ll try a beer somewhere, say, hey, I had this beer with this in it and like the Terrapins we’re working with right now which we, the guy brought them in, we sampled them, we said, let’s put them to work [Frank] So that’s cool, so it’s a creative process for you That’s the funnest part As you’ll see, there’s a lot of work to it Some people think, so you come in and you just sit around and you drink beer all day Oh, god, if that was it So once it comes in here, as you can see, we can hold at about 30 degrees in here

These are all our beers that are going up to the bar, so right now, we’ve got 12 beers on tap Every time you hear that click, that means a beer is getting poured, getting pushed with nitrogen and CO2 So we keep it cold, 30, 32 degrees every step of the way so when you get it in your glass, you’re right there at 35, 36 degrees and that’s what we’re shooting for Oh, yeah, very cool, man, pleasure Pleasure, Frank, thank you Awesome, you bet Sorry, ladies You look beautiful! I apologize for what’s about to happen Have you ever had a student come into your class, who is so bad that it made you question your life choices, as a teacher? No Well, then, welcome to me Because this is what’s gonna happen today This might be the last time you ever teach [Colleen] Okay, good, okay Nine minutes of therapy? I need so much more therapy All right, okay So tell me a little bit about how you got started in this dance world Well, when I was a little girl, my, I watched American Bandstand Oh, yeah, okay Yeah So, I was, you know, dancing out to the tunes and my mom was like, wow, this kid can really move So she took me over to Silvia’s house, that was the next door neighbor, and she said, “Silvia, why don’t you check this out?” So I danced for Silvia, and Silvia goes, “Mary,” that’s my mom, “you’d better put this girl in ballet.” And that was it That’s how you started That’s right Impressive Good, that’s I think I’m pretty, I think I’m pretty good, right? [Colleen] Great, you did great Now it’s time for class Oh, now class starts? Yes Oh, good, all right Ages of the students are from what to what? Three until, I don’t think, I think our oldest student’s 70 something Amazing [Colleen] You know, right now we have about 150 students Sometimes the school gets up to almost 200 and just does that, but if you thought 25 years times 150 students, that’s a lot of students That’s a lot of students The Frenchman’s Forest Natural Area is tucked right behind the Gardens Mall This 172 acre nature preserve boasts some 500 species of animals, including the red bellied woodpecker and wading birds, to name a few Old Frenchy has four hiking trails and an observation platform overlooking a tidal pool near the intracostal waterway A stroll through these trails is a great way to wind down after a tough day of shopping If it’s the great outdoors you’re seeking, then come with me as we head down the street to the town of Juno Beach We’ll start at the Juno Dunes, where you can trek to the highest natural point in Palm Beach County, 44 feet above sea level, or about the height of a three story building The Juno Dunes boasts 569 acres of natural scrub, hiking trails, and floating docks, and, if you want to learn more about local wildlife, the Loggerhead Marine Life Center has you covered With one of the most active nesting beaches in the world, the center has spent the past 30 years rescuing sea turtles and nurturing the public’s love of these gentle animals through aquariums and hands-on exhibits Whether it’s a day at the Loggerhead Marine Life Center or a walk along the coast, Juno Beach Park has some of the best views in town You can even grab a bite at the Juno Beach Pier snack bar, or, if you want a bit more, check out the Juno Beach Cafe Just blocks from the beach, this family-owned restaurant has been serving up the freshest breakfast and lunch plates since 1998 Uncle Eddie’s pancakes are a must With our bellies full, let’s get back to Palm Beach Gardens I’ve got a date with the mayor I like markets and I like the color green Tell me about it Well, the Green Market, we have over 100 vendors, vendors that come back year after year after year, and it’s growing more and more and more As Mayor Marino mentioned, Sundays are made for the Gardens Green Market, and it’s a family affair You’ll find a lot more than just fruits and veggies There’s entertainment, items for you home and garden, and a host of food options, from Caribbean to Italian cuisine And if you have a sweet tooth, grab some blueberry cider donuts for the road I’m living, I’m working, I’m playing, what am I doing? Oh, my heavens, okay, well, you drive down PJ Boulevard I do You have over 90 restaurants to choose from Unbelievable, 90! Over 90 Wow And you have the Gardens Mall, and you have Downtown At The Gardens and you have Legacy Place and you have The Commons and you have Midtown, so, you have any opportunity you

want [Frank] At Bamboo here, I’m looking at sort of casual, sophisticated clothing, yes? Yes, this is very casual and sophisticated, and this is pretty much how people dress down here in South Florida Bamboo is specifically a women’s store, so they have clothing and accessories, among other different things, but the basis is clothing and accessories This Yeah A little less personality than I would like in a woman, but, we start with this Right, we start with this? Yes And, okay This is our blank canvas Yes, are we gonna layer the woman from the, from the inside out? Of course So we have a lot of prints down here that people love to wear I’m more of a solid color type of person Yeah, you’re all in, I mean, very chic black Very black, but I love seeing people in prints I wish I could pull it off, I do You have accessories? Accessories, yes This is one of my favorite ways to build an outfit up Now, you know, especially me, because I am very solid color and so are you, this is a great way for us to show our personal style Right, so if you were to take, let’s say this, right? Take it and then just sort of You can wrap it around Oh, I mean! Yes, and throw on a big pair of sunglasses Right? And hit the town, like Bonnie and Clyde That’s it, I like that I like that I just dressed you You just dressed me Not bad So we left Sally Mae here by herself She did not make any friends No, unfortunately She’s still alone, but, okay, she’s still naked We need to put something on her Excuse me, we don’t know each other that well There we go Oh, I like this Something like this is amazing This is a dress where you can have a little bit more play as far as accessorizing goes, because it is so simple that you can just rock out with accessories, fistful of bangles, rings on every finger, lots of necklaces, layering, and then this, even though the cut of the dress is very sophisticated, it does have a cutout right here with the bow, so it makes a little cold shoulder Oh, oh, yeah! Yes, which is very popular This is the only part of a woman that doesn’t age Is that right? Yes, that’s why they’re so popular Look at that, how about that knowledge? I did not know that, shoulders don’t age Have you ever seen someone with an old shoulder? You’re right! I’ve never even thought, I’ve never seen a wrinkly shoulder before Exactly, so that’s why something like this would be perfect You have done really well with the ladies Good job, but now, I want something for me Let’s do it So could you do that? Yeah, let’s do it Awesome So I feel like we’re a little more my speed now A little more into my world So, you’re looking at, at this guy What would you, what would you put me in? Well luckily you have a really nice skin tone, very olive So you could- Well, thank you so much Okay, so you can wear a lot of different things But today, I want to put you in white I want to accentuate the olive skin But I want to kind of give it a little bit of a punch with an opera collar, something like this, but let’s try it on Okay, great, let’s do it [Collin] Let’s do it Huh? You look amazing All right I love this I feel good This is the nicest shirt I think I’ve ever put on Isn’t it comfortable? Yeah, the fabric is fantastic Because it is very plain, even though you do have that punch with the boning and the opera collar, is, maybe even like a patterned type of pocket square Oh, yeah It adds a little bit of a dimension to the outfit Okay And then, I was gonna have Miss Susan come over here, because we have to dress you up Sure, come on in, Miss Susan With a little bit of a bow tie action And I love how you’re styling him with a real bow tie Don’t you love it? It’s the only way to go It is the only way What’s the trick to the bow tie? Is there, like, a, let me see what you do here Can I learn to do this myself, or not really? You can You need to be well fed, hydrated Is that right? And rested, to learn how to do this, because it is a lost art for a reason Yes Gotcha Yes There you are Wow See, and that just gives it that added punch of sophistication Which I need I need an added punch of sophistication It’s what I’ve been looking for all my life Are you the person that goes to somebody’s house and secretly goes,I wouldn’t have, that’s not what I would have done Sometimes Yeah Just sometimes Are you the annoying friend that nobody wants to invite over now, they’re like No, but I have had that occasion of, you know, I can’t have you over I don’t set my tables like you do Right, so I’m gonna layer this together, yes? And I’m gonna, can we walk around- Yes, we can walk around and see what you have? [Michele] We’ve got a bucket bib so it catches their food You know, I could put food here and save it for later You probably could Right, like a little trough Okay, I’m gonna go with, one place mat Sure, okay, place mat, sure I’d like to eat that, can I eat out of that? That’s, bring that? You can All right You can I’m gonna, can I pick that up? I’m gonna go with this one because it looks like It’s very cool

It’s very interesting Wow, look at that, wow! So this is our stoneware collection, and this is more used for every day because it’s really considered oven to table It’s microwave, dishwasher safe, so Are these perfume bottles? What are they doing here? They are not Those are room diffusers to make your house smell good while you have company over Gotcha, because you want to make sure the room is diffused Absolutely Right, and spread You want it to smell good Right, all right, I’m just gonna go simple here because I feel like I’m, yeah This is like a little Faberge bottle There you go Okay Oh, they’re little, oh, I see, that’s what it is I like these Okay Yeah, because I can, it’s substantial in my hand Nice, it’s textured, right I like that And I’m gonna, I’m probably gonna have soup That’s all right Is that okay? Yeah Okay I feel like I need candles Are we gonna get romantic? Sure, why not? I think you did great on the place mat, in terms of layering, and I think you did great on the flatware, and we might move it over a little bit The grays match, but I feel like the centerpiece that we’ve got going is a little formal for this Well, here’s the thing I didn’t know what my centerpiece was Okay, we’re gonna move the Faberge Lamp Bergere We’re gonna layer this mat again with this floral charger, and then we’re adding just some glass, a glass charger plate on top of that Everybody always needs a place card so they know where to sit at Because we have this fabulous Italian stemware, with lots of color Yeah, I didn’t see those Because it’s all about color I would have picked that if I’d saw it over there I know you would have I’m gonna remove your bowl and I’m gonna change your napkin out for one that’s a little bit more, has a little bit more pattern This cheetah pattern picks up the yellow in the tablecloth I was gonna say that It’s unexpected, so it makes it fun No one expects a cheetah at the table, right? That’s right! A duck, maybe, but not a cheetah And then a An aqua coral napkin ring, just to pick up the aqua and the coral in the Right And are these duck eggs? Are these the eggs of the duck? I really don’t know Okay, okay, well, this is great You know, we try to stay trendy but not overly trendy, you know I like to say we cook approachable food So we- Approachable food Approachable food culture So like, when you see it, it’s not intimidating, you can, you don’t have to skirt around the plate? Something like that Unlike me, right? Not as approachable, yeah, good, that’s good Am I gonna try something? What am I trying? 100 percent General Tso’s cauliflower and the Cooper sundae Let’s do it Oh my god! The Cooper sundae Holy cow! Is this one, is this a serving of one? [Adam] Depends how hungry you are That’s like a centerpiece You should bronze that and that should be the table piece, table centerpiece for the restaurant There’s your General Tso’s cauliflower, so it’s inspired by General Tso’s chicken Sure, for the vegetarians It actually just tastes like I would get it at an Asian restaurant, but it’s, like, it’s a completely different payoff at the end there Okay, so I want to dig down deep to where the ice cream meets the fudge Oh, gosh, this is, oh boy You can do it Oh my god And then you get a spiced pecan, and a cherry I did, I got one Okay, so first you’re gonna take your tin and we’re gonna measure out, we’re gonna do two ounces of rum, and then we have a passion fruit syrup and we thin that out, so- Put that in the egg holder The jigger The jigger Yeah, yeah, good Vanilla, and a simple syrup Five or six dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters, a little bit of rum, a little tiki We’re in South Florida, so we need a little bit of that With the season ending, we’re moving into summer All the way to the top, perfect Got it Let’s start with this, so make sure that’s on tight And then I’ll let you shake away Sure, what do I You want to shake like you mean it Oh Is that how you mean it? Can I give you a little bit of that? Yeah, it’s all in the hips, is that what it is? Is it the hips? All, everything Everything starts from the hips with me Frank-tini, everyone When you think of yachting in the Palm Beaches, these are the images that come to mind, but on Wednesdays and Sundays at Lake Catherine Park, you’ll find their fractional counterparts Meet the Palm Beach Gardens Model Yacht Club Squadron We’ve got sailors, commodores, yacht captains, and more It’s the same rules that monitor full sized boat sailing, the racing rules of sailing They say once, if you do it two or three times, pretty soon, you’re hooked and you’re, you’re here forever Here on the water at the Sabra Marina on PGA, you’ll find lots of great restaurants, wonderful places for shopping, and even a place to grab a quick drink Let’s check out one of the best Would you de-bone a Dover sole for me?

I would love to, Frank, but not only for you I do it for every guest that orders Dover sole in this place Let me see you de-bone a sole So, what’s the proper way, what do I do here? You just sit back and enjoy [Frank] Look at this Check this out, right here Whoa, whoa, all right And the Dover doesn’t feel a thing, right? No Okay Want to make sure It’s more de-spining, right? Yes You just de-spined the fish It’s fascinating to look, oh Wow, you’re making a little starfish You’re making a fish out of a fish [Peng] And you can help yourself to the rest of the sauce I’ve never had Dover sole Oh Mm, wow I would have never thought to order this Well, now I will One thing I can assure you, there is no MSG in this dish, okay? [Frank] Whether you’re exploring the back nine at the PGA National, having spa day, or checking out world class shopping, this signature city has it all I’m Frank Licari We hope you enjoyed discovering Palm Beach Gardens and that you’ll join us the next time we go On The Town