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The Town of Palm Beach | On The Town in The Palm Beaches

Hey, I’m Frank Licari and today we’re exploring the Town of Palm Beach – now although it’s home to some of the most exclusive addresses in the world, this island is surprisingly accessible and fun We’ll play the back nine at a place where the golf course is just as spectacular as the view, we’ll ride through a scenic bike trail on a bicycle built for two and we’ll visit a pharmacy that houses an 82-seat classic soda fountain – that’s all on this episode of On the Town in The Palm Beaches This program is brought to you by Discover the Palm Beaches Visit the Palm Beaches dot com for more information Did you know that Henry Flagler was responsible for most of the agriculture and tourism in the Palm Beaches Heck, most of Florida so as we explore the Town of Palm Beach, you’ll see his fingerprints on all of the landscape Our first stop today is Flagler’s grand estate, Whitehall, home of the Flagler Museum Agricultural style as you can see, it’s very grand It’s what we would call Beaux Arts architecture It’s a visual language that people in the Gilded Age would’ve understood and I think many of us understand to this day You have a style that is based on Western culture, history, Greek and Roman at its roots and the American’s during the Gilded Age believed that America was the logical rightful inheritor of the great traditions of western culture And that we were not only picking that up and continuing but we were improving upon those traditions And it wasn’t just a story about Flagler however He and his peers Andrew Carnegie said it best when he said that the homes of some need to express what’s best about our culture and so they really felt of these homes as museums That they were to teach others When I first came in here , I looked up at your clock and I said, that reminds me of a clock I would see in Grand Central and you said, it’s modeled after the one at the original Penn Station in New York that was destroyed Which I hoped impressed you? That I, you know Yes, you were right on the money Although Flagler grand estate is amazing, one of the best ways to explore the town that Flagler built is on foot Let’s talk to historian, Rick Rose, who is known for his walking tours of Palm Beach and he knows a thing or two about classic Palm Beach attire Tell me a little bit about Palm Beach’s history now through the years and how its grown Well, it was a first an agriculture settled area It was a Pioneer area in 1880’s and very quiet and Flagler had heard that there was a paradise down by the south He already had a house up in St. Augustine So he being the adventurer he was he did an expedition down the peninsular and found his way to the Lake Worth region which was what this was originally was called And really wasn’t expecting tropical vegetation You know, he was on that boat, he was looking around discovered oh my goodness, this is really where I need to build a hotel cause I know if there is coconut palms here there’s no frost When he bought all this land back in the early 1890s, he needed a place to live so he bought the nicest house on the island which was also the oldest house on the island That’s the Seagull Cottage built in 1886 by a Denver railroad man and lived here until the completion of Whitehall which of course is his famous house here in Palm Beach Whitehall would not be where it is today if it weren’t for Cap Dimick Cap Dimick was the town’s first mayor and on that very same property in 1880, he opened the Cocoanut Grove House That land was eventually sold to Henry Flagler paving the way for the development of the Flagler Museum My third great, great grandmother, Millie Gildersleeve came here with Cap Dimick She was the town’s first nurse and midwife and many of the pioneer babies she delivered, their descendants still reside here in Palm Beach County today Millie Gildersleeve was married to Jake Gildersleeve in 1878 on the lawn of Cap Demick’s hotel, that’s where the Flagler Museum exists today Cap Dimick’s cocoanut Grove House was the first hotel on the island The second was built in 1896 by Henry Flagler It was called the Palm Beach Inn

People kept asking for, can I get one of those rooms down by the Breakers? Now, the Breakers back then of course meant the beach So then, the Breakers Hotel comes up How does this happen? Yeah, so the Palm Beach Inn burned down in 1902 and had to be rebuilt They gave up trying to call it the Palm Beach Inn They said we’re just gonna call it the Breakers Hotel and the Flagler family, the descendants of Henry Flagler said if we are rebuilding the Breakers, we want to build it so it doesn’t burn down so easily So they used stone, right? And they used stone and now we have the famous Breakers So they hired one of the most important architectural firms in the world, Schultze and Weaver from New York, who had built Grand Central station and the Waldorf Astoria so they rebuilt the Breakers in the Italian Renaissance resort style and it opened in 1927 I go to buy toothpaste and I see people eating and you’re serving drinks What is going on around here? Well, Green’s has been around for this is its eightieth year Eighty years? You look fantastic Yeah, I look great for 80 something years old, right? Wow, unbelievable You started young I’ve been running it since 1993 And apparently doing a really good job of it because we’ve heard a lot of people talk about it then they come in here for everything Lunch, breakfast, dinner, it doesn’t matter We have customers come in here every day, order the same thing every day As they’re walking in, the girls are getting the drinks and putting it out at the table Right Because they always sit in the same spot all the time You’re known for your milkshakes Absolutely! Well, I happen to be known for enjoying a milkshake Okay, what flavor you like? Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, black and white? Oh, wow! Listen, let’s do a coffee Does that sound good? Yes Alright, let’s do it Frank if you would help me Hold this I’ll get this Okay I want you to get the chocolate syrup This one? Yep Oh, okay Pour it on top You selling all the things you would find in the normal pharmacy You’re feeding them for breakfast and lunch, you’re giving them milkshakes, you’re rolling back prices and you’re going green Welcome to the Little Red Schoolhouse This is the first schoolhouse built in southeast Florida It was built in 1886 In 1990 the Preservation Foundation opened it as a living history program for students in all schools throughout Palm Beach, Martin and Broward County Now, if you misbehave and you were one of the little ones And I will Well, sir, if you are six or seven, you will receive this on your hand if you are naughty If you are one of the older students, you would receive this across your backside and if I happen to break it across your backside, I would send you out to cut down another one adding insult to injury I have a very small backside That’s a big stick Yes, it would be quite painful If you were not listening Oh I would take this clip, clip it on your ear Ouch And it would stay on your ear until I felt you have learned your lesson You know people wear those now as accessories May I invite you in, sir I would love to cause it’s so uncomfortable on the stairs Come please Doctor Jodi, you are the schoolmarm I am What does a schoolmarm do? In early history in schools, the teachers were called schoolmarms They were expected to be single women, they did not live in their own homes, they lived with their own students and often shared a bed with one of their female students They did chores around the house as well as work at the schoolhouse What are you talking about? We, that’s what a schoolmarm is Now, I’m going to check your nails I’m going to check behind your ears and the back of your neck I am also going to check for nail biting Please put your hands flat on the desk Hmm Are you a nail biter, sir? I get nervous Tis, tis We do want you to reach your majority No more nail biting In the schoolhouse, the children were taught hygiene, we teach manners That is how to be respectful and address adults We teach penmanship, we teach cyphering and we teach Wait, wait, go back, cyphering? Cyphering, that’s arithmetic Oh, is that what it is?

Mathematics I thought it was like the Davinci Code or something No Okay Children today who come to this schoolhouse, it’s for fourth graders only print They’re not required to write cursive Oh But in the early days of schooling, there was no manuscript It was all cursive from the very beginning Schools come every day that school is open usually open from September through May Wow! A full school year, almost? Look at that, a little sailboat That is lovely sir but that is not part of what we’re practicing Absolutely not One of the best things about the Little Red School house is its location! It sits right on the beach at Phipps Ocean Park So you can put the books away and get ready to play! To the north – beachgoers relax on golden sands… while the south end of the park is all about tennis! There are 6 full courts – all with ocean views! If you need more sand – flip flop your way to the Mid-Town Municipal Beach Here you’ll find million dollar beach views kept seaweed free by the town And if the urge strikes… you’re just steps away from shopping on Worth Avenue This is the most historic part of Worth Avenue A man named Paris Singer, the twenty fifth child of Isaac Singer who invented the Singer sewing machine decided he was going to pick up the tempo here and make Palm Beach America’s Riviera so he decided to build a club to get things going That was the Everglades Club He built the Everglades Club in a mixture of different Mediterranean styles and the Everglades Club is ground zero for Mediterranean revival in the State of Florida So the club was so popular they needed to create a infrastructure and entertainment for the members so they invited some of the world’s top designers to show their clothes but those designers needed to open shops here They couldn’t just be showing clothes during lunch Right, to know where to get them after the fact Exactly, so Paris Singer and Addison Mizner decided to develop some multi-use shopping passage ways right around the club and the first ones were Via Parigi and Via Mizner next door Another strategy of Mizner to create the ambiance of the Mediterranean was he felt like it those villages had an old world character because everything was made by hand, nothing was being made by machines Sure So everything was slightly imperfect and here with the red barrel tiles, he discovered in Cuba that the farmers were making them and of course what determined the size of the red clay barrel tiles was the size of the farmer’s wife thighs That became the mold Was that right? For that farmer They molded tile right on the thighs? Exactly So there’s some big women Obviously, these are big tiles But he carried that through almost everywhere Everywhere you look, you’ll notice that there’s nothing that’s not in keeping with the style of the Mediterranean revival He really designed everything almost as if it was a movie set so that when you look in any direction, you don’t see anything that’s not in keeping so you really have the sense and feel that this is all authentic Worth Avenue is not the only place you can stroll in Palm Beach Here, at the Royal Poinciana Plaza they’ve got great shops and boutiques Two large courtyards where they hold live events and concerts and family days for the family and the kids and you can rent a bile at the Palm Beach Bicycle Trail Shop Our main business is, you know, take servicing people in Palm Beach, it’s a great town to ride a bike around Low speed limits, not a lot of population And of course we have the Palm Beach Bicycle Trail, which the Lake Trail they call it Right It’s like the oldest road in Palm Beach It was where the pioneers would go up and down on the island to avoid the wash out from the beach This is where the Pioneers came? And this is where they were traveling They would go up and down the island Most of the first post office, the church were all located on the bike trail That’s how they would go up and down And you could take this trail almost the length of the island? Almost the length of the island from the south to the north Which is really unique for any city to have that type of trail You’re a bike shop, how many bikes do got in there? We have well over two hundred Two hundred bikes? Yeah At most average times During the season, we have one hundred and fifty rental bikes that we’ll have in stock that we rent out either for people who do the bike trail for an hour or two or we do have people who have family members come stay with them for extended periods of time, from a week or more So this is a great way to see the entire sort of (it is) view, also you’re looking over at West Palm Beach over there too Yeah Yeah You see, that’s the skyline This is good You’re making people happy Exactly Being here as long as I have been, I’ve seen kids, I’ve taught kids how to ride bikes Now, they’re coming with their kids and it’s really rewarding

What you’ll do is, you’ll greet your guests with sincerity and you’ll say, Good Evening, welcome to Café L’Europe Restaurant, it’s an honor to have you here this evening If you’d like to follow me, we’ll go right to the table Well, that’s a lot to memorize I couldn’t just say, hey, thanks you for coming Come on in No, you need more? You need more from me Yeah More service orientated Sure, sure Welcome to Café L’Europe Thanks so much for being here this evening Let me escort you to your table Very good Not bad Very good A partner here What’s the food like here at Café L’Europe? We like to call it current international cuisine We have pastas, we have meats from veal chops to filet mignon to dover sole and many different soups, salads Oh my goodness Alright So here we have the Potato Galette with a smoked salmon and American caviar garnished with egg whites, egg yolks, onions and parsley Wow I lost my caviar You can’t lose your caviar It’s such an interesting taste I’ve never tasted this type of dish before so this is We also do this an hors d’oeuvre for during cocktail party We’ll serve this as an hors d’oeuvre but only a bite size That makes sense Yeah One piece Do you want to try the lobster salad now? You know, now that you’re asking I’ll get a little bit of this I should probably have an orange with that Wow, that’s fantastic too Wow These are things that I would never think to order You are all together? We are How are you? Hello, hello You’re eating with her? Yeah Yes Met her earlier Wonderful lady Yeah she was angry at the people that were late I’m sure that wasn’t anything personal Craving Art? Let’s head Down the Street to West Palm Beach This city has amazing murals on walls throughout downtown and in the historic Northwood District This lively dining and arts district… has a monthly Art Walk the second Saturday of every month And you’ll find a ton of galleries and gourmet restaurants – like Malakor Thai Café and Table 427, to name a few If you’re looking for adventure – check out Shark Wake Park Located at Okeeheelee Park – it’s the largest inflatable Aqua Park in South Florida with an obstacle course featuring slides, ramps, trampolines and more Just be prepared to get wet! If you’re looking for something a little more zen – try a relaxing afternoon at Mounts Botanical Gardens It’s the oldest and largest botanical garden in the Palm Beaches Located behind the Palm Beach International Airport, this hidden gem houses over 2,000 species of tropical and subtropical plants And for the kids… there’s the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium has exhibits where kids can use their imaginations, learning about wonders of the world and discovering lots of new and fun things! There’s even a mini golf course that’s been named one of the best courses across the country by the Travel Channel Right now, let’s get back to Palm Beach I hear the Deputy Town Manager has a surprise for me If I’m coming here and I’m visiting with my family, give me a little rundown if there’s a few spots I have to hit when I come to Palm Beach like what are there? You know the name of this community is Palm Beach so of course we have beautiful beaches We have two really incredible public beaches Palm Beach has great restaurants and a diverse mix of styles You could spend a month here and have a lot of different things that to try out The thing that really makes Palm Beach really special in my humble opinion is its people Palm Beach has always been known a place know for captains of industry That’s how it started and that’s how it is today The citizenry here in Palm Beach as compared to other communities is very active They’re very involved They’re very approachable Right And they contribute a great deal to the specialness of this community So I got a question for you Tell me You play golf? I have been known to hit the links every once in a while Yeah Okay, we have a special surprise for you Let’s head down to the Palm Beach Par 3 I’m with you What makes the Palm Beach Par 3 such a special place, well it’s on the ocean We have six holes right along the Atlantic Ocean We have six holes on the intracoastal And it’s breathtaking views We built this fabulous clubhouse in 2014 and now it’s one of the most iconic places to go to play golf in Florida We’ve had celebrities from all over the world play here And even junior phenom Allan Kournikova started playing golf here when he was two years old And he’s the number one thirteen year old in the world

Alright Frank, there he is Good luck to you Oh he’s not gonna know what hit him I’m probably gonna play three yards downhill Three yards downhill We’re gonna play between ninety eight and ninety six You’re gonna regulate that swing to ninety six to ninety eight? And that’s what you’re gonna do? I’m gonna try Okay Alright While you’re gone, I’ll just give the club a little whirl Okay, I’m gonna put that ball right there What do you think? Looks good Let’s get a little closer to it Okay How’s that? There you go Here we go Everybody be quiet I don’t even know where it went Where did it do? Lush golf course setting Check Scenic beach views Check Golfball sized meatballs Check Looks like I found the perfect place for lunch We’ve been expecting you, Mr. Licari Welcome to Al Fresco You’re darn right Along with this beautiful view and everything, what separates Al Fresco, what makes it the special destination that it is? Well It starts everything with the golf course, the view, we have obviously you know there’s nobody with the beautiful view of the restaurant, second I think you know is the great ownership that we have Why thank you Oh my, this is good Yeah, yeah, yeah We have to honor the time that we spend at a table You know, time at a table is where we share with our family, that we make new friends, that we share the most special experiences of our life right in between all the busyness and all the work and everything else You think of the whole experience Of course the food has to be good Of course the service has to be good But when you can create something in a venue like this and really take the experience to another level, that’s what makes this place so special Thank you What I like to do when I serve food I know you like to leave the table, I like to wait The best cappuccino (Oh, right) I have ever had Yeah (Music) We’re gonna cruise around the world on this big yacht We’re gonna cruise around the world on this big yacht The original docks has been since here for almost eighty nine years Whoa The original docks The docks you see here today They were done in 1945 The Brazilian Dock, the Australian dock and the Peruvian dock was put in 1961 Now, these are obviously named for those of us who know the area a little bit These were named after the streets, right? That’s correct And what is the master, like a dock master, what is that? Are you just like the guy if I park my boat here, I’m the master What do you do? As far as the dock master, We’re in charge of the marina as far as making the lease agreements, the transient dockage arrangements, billing the customers out and making sure that they’re billed for electric, that the docks are kept clean at all times and just making sure that everyone is happy Right now we’re in the middle of a green foliage Yes Tell me where we are This is our botanical gardens or we like to call demonstration garden So not only is it a demonstration space and an educational opportunity but it’s also a quiet, calm Pretty tranquil Yeah Absolutely, away from the busy society of seasonal life Being here since 1936, we’ve had a great opportunity to grow over the years Sure The gardens and the historic King Library that was built in 1938 as well And that was by architect Maurice Fazio It was our oldest building where all of our programs took place We’ve grown and now we have a seven hundred seat auditorium and art exhibition space This is our Fitz Eugene Dixon Education Building That’s a lot of words Long name Fitz Eugene Dixon Fitz Eugene Dixon Education Building and basically that all means this is where the learning happens Here is all of our classes, lectures, workshops and our buyer artist and residence program so anyone can come no matter your artistic skill level or if you want to come learn how to paint or how to sculpt I do This is the place for you And history classes, art appreciation, opera appreciation Now, I have been in a lot of schools I’ve been in a lot of classroom None as pretty as where we are right now Yeah We’re very, very, very lucky Age ranges of your classes? Everything, mostly adults here We do have a children’s library and all of our children’s library programs are free So we have teen education programs and things like that That happens in a separate building This is what we call our center for lifelong learning so these are more adults I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard people come to us and say thank you

so much for being here because without something to do every day, I don’t know what I would do Sure I’d sit at home Yeah This is a place where people can come, be inspired and hopefully like I said, make some friends Here is the sculpture gardens I am seeing beautiful sculptures I’m seeing very creative I’m seeing whimsical Absolutely I’m also seeing creepy Tell me a little bit about what’re we are talking about Sure Absolutely We have a variety of sculptures here on our campus In face we have twenty seven different sculptures sprinkled throughout so you’re going to see a little bit of everything Absolutely I could spend the day here? Oh, absolutely! Right? Oh, yeah Yeah Come visit the gardens, maybe have a nice picnic, take the kids to the children’s museum, maybe even catch a show in our auditorium with one of our many concerts, maybe a lecture that inspires you All things I like Whether you’re taking in the town’s breathtaking architecture, shopping on famed Worth Avenue or having lunch on the back nine, Palm Beach has a way of making any visitor feel privileged This island town is known for its glitzy mansions and gorgeous sandy beaches but is inviting and accessible to everyone I’m Frank Licari, we hope you enjoyed discovering Palm Beach and that you’ll join us the next time we go On The Town So Winston, Franklin, it is gorgeous out here You guys come here a lot? You guys like to come out here and hang out? We’ll talk later Alright? This program was brought to you by Discover the Palm Beaches Visit The Palm Beaches dot com for more information