Train Simulator 2021 – WCML London Euston – Birmingham (Live)

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Train Simulator 2021 – WCML London Euston – Birmingham (Live)

alive ship is now activated it’s just wait for to actually start which I’m doing right now now it should start there we go stream activated and stream is now fully online excellent we are live guys hello everyone welcome back to another live stream how you guys doing today welcome back to a Saturday stream of course on YouTube today you join on transmitter once again I was always because everyone loves Tracy later I mean I know I do and today you join me on the west coast main line and today we are traveling from London Euston to to I think it’s then the what is Burmingham Birmingham that’s where we’re going to today when I want platform six driving a class at 350 this first time I’m actually live streaming this route so it’s a pretty new route for me I think it’s a new route for a lot of people as well really excited be streaming on this route because this is a gonna be a quite a long stream I don’t know how well I do well no I don’t know how long this dream will be but I got got to say that I journey is going to be 100 and twelve Point 95 miles that’s how long our journey is going to be this could this dream could end up being in between an hour and a half to two hours so I’m just letting you guys know that that’s how long the Stream could go on for slow mode is off for today’s live stream because I thought you guys might like it if slow mode was off Luke businesses hello Oliver how are you today I’m feeling better my friends thank you so much for for us again as your best I’ll chew my best but I am feeling a bit better day I’m not a hundred percent but I am feeling a bit better today so and then I’m not going to let that ruin the stream and know my my volume is very low is it let me just check the stream this hello I have a little lesson in better my friends that you so much for oh this is it’s not my microphone my friend I mean my microphone is quite High would you talk about my mic little volume is low would you talk about my friend do you guys think my microphone is bit too low I mean if it is just let me know how many people got watching other movable 161 197 likes 3 dislikes that’s debatable I like long streams as train take gaming thank you transact Thomas Thomas train 1945 says I’m on board good okay let’s good because the fox hello the train kid hello and training fan Stan hello Star Force Mega Man whose name says hello I think dead bull YouTube Hello nice to have you here God there’s so many names going I is very hard to read sep hello knows have your hair welcome to the show my friend I hope you enjoy it I hope you here to stay so how are you here hello my friends have you here we’ll get into the light into this chat in a minute but first of all we need to get a train going so let’s open our doors and our passengers on on and let’s turn the cab light on and when you just our service so at the moment it’s not in service but we want to go to Birmingham New Street platform 0 to Bieber the platform won’t matter which need to choose our service to its get it needs to go into the B section so that’s w this could take a while not by me him International nope we don’t want that let’s see if we can try and find it should be here somewhere my friends doors are closed that’s the God given the beeps hmm don’t seem to be here let’s keep looking at let’s go down nurse Birmingham International see going down it will be here somewhere I ain’t give it up so let’s quickly scroll through and see which one we’re looking for because I trained it around the moment is not in service Northampton know London that’s where we are right now Liverpool that’s cool let’s have a look do to do should be it any second Birmingham News shoe that’s what we want so so it should say Birmingham on the front yes it does that’s good this will be today at the class at 350 I think there’s a as this is that there’s this Livery and he looks really nice for a class 350 in my opinion right okay so that’s settled we want passengers on but will the doors already open well we already that passages on and off

but we could do that against let’s open the doors again let me take this off by Loco in neutral I’m not sure how to do that then the master key off or on whatever don’t stop stop however that was I did not like it okay so now the train is in forward mode with leader open the doors again we will you open the doors good passengers on plays I’ve I’ve all on board those are close them if the doors are closed and we go we’ve got to do the beep well do the bit to the guy the game tell the guard know that we received his message and we are ready to go so put the engine in number one throttle stop very easy and slowly so now we are leaving London Houston platform 6 and we’re on our way to Birmingham I’ll do it I’ll do a proper announcement so so anything there’s a class 90 next to me but I think that’s gone now so no way we go so now we’re pulling out of London Euston good we got 163 people which was live 124 likes and for dislikes thumbs up to you guys make sure you click subscribe Button as well we are doing so well right right now step come on don’t be like that why wouldn’t you around I like that training school it is nice too drunk to be driving a modern train with a do this prop play a hundred and twelve miles Skies let’s do this we’re just properly well I’m gonna do my train announcement now I’m not going to be very good at this but what we’re gonna do do right here we go we’re gonna do my train announcement my passenger announcement might be a bit Rusty ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard the class 390 or service is this anyway oh oh yes or who I’m not eating even Jack ladies General welcome onboard them London London was there the Midland the London Midland service Midland sorry Midland Saw Service I’m not very good at these announcements we hope you’re having a pleasant morning the time right now is it’s 7:20 a.m. this is a Non-Stop service to Brighton New Street not brought not Brighton Birmingham sorry I I was get those to make it was get brightening and Birmingham Birmingham mixed up I do it apologize so I’m not very good at these train announcement so you’re going to answer some very Rusty this is the London Midland service to too I’ve got where it was now is it’s up there Birmingham New Street we’re not going to beat this is an Express service and we will be stopping at any other stations is a 112 mile Journey so sit back relax and enjoy the ride thank you I’m so bad if I was like a train driver or a guard do not make me do any official train announcement because I’m just so bad so I asked him is fully we are doing 21 because we up just a little bit bit so this is if we have a nice relaxing livestream all the way from London to Birmingham fantastic fantastic it’s cost 350 so don’t say 390 mm and it’s a class three this is the cost 350 my friends I do apologize do a quick horn fantastic okay there’s someone right let’s see if we’ve got here go check on my speed spell speed limit is 50 we’re doing 33 so we’ll go doing good LJ L Rail Yards as choo-choo train take game is how was your day been it’s been run has been very common peaceful so far nobody cares about me I’m not happy I am sad one set step I’m sorry that said I’m sorry that you’re feeling very sad today but as always it’s very nice to have you on the stream I hope you feel better better soon you feel good today as well excuse me laser zaps has yay hello my friends have here Uncle Edward Edwards nice to have him a friend it’s just slow down just a little bit because we don’t want to have the static brake system turn on because that’ll be horrendous okay highlights this is James train spotter hello very nice to have you here love the picture by the way was that cost 800 I think okay spill Amir has come up to 55 miles per hour I I nearly and we’re doing 42.5 we spent just a little bit do another of the train horn good so this will be quite a long journey I don’t know how long this journey will be but I’m gonna say this now

that we are going to be live for quite a long time because I mean a hundred and twelve miles is a quite as it’s quite a lot so I don’t know if I will be alive for an hour and a half to two hours but but you know today at leisure to do this properly under and be driving in from the cab we’re gonna get a few shots of the outside and also the passage of you as well worry what’s happening today we are driving from London Euston we just left London Euston and we’re on our way to Birmingham New Street and it’s a 110 miles so we’ve got a very long journey we’ve got 178 people just live right now we got a hunch 140 likes and for dislikes it won’t click that like button and make sure you click the Subscribe Button as well we are doing so well on our subs right now it is pretty it is pretty amazing of of how well and how many cells we’ve been getting so much this month you guys are the best I mean we’re I mean right now we’re at 60 1642 Subs could we get to 60 one thousand seven hundred Subs so right now we need about I think we need like 50 I think we need like 58 Subs 58 more subs to get to 6 sixty one thousand seven hundred Subs let’s see if we can try and do that on tonight’s live stream that that would be pretty amazing speed limit is now at 80 so we can speed up just a little bit more do another two of the horn Oliver I’m doing a London Underground Big Blue Line Queens Park to also hurry that’s very nice very nice my Fred I like I like and sobbed and also got the bail on very nice laser zip thank you so much my friend returned make sure you turn the Bell navigator on as well guys always stay notified to the channel can you do to and how to drive trains I suppose I could so right now I speed we’re doing 70 2.5 miles per hour that’s a Class 2 to 1 there get a cool shot from the packaging just side we switch seats oh yeah we can yeah we can switch seeds so I could either be on this side would be on this side doesn’t matter fantastic okay I can I be your what’s that servants at your seventh now I’ve got my burgers I will do fancy a burger I would I would I would like a burger but right now I’ve got a delicious Diet Coke with me that’s all I need I let his are am I late also I’m In First Class very nice first class it’s very peaceful In First Class no more we both know Nomo mobile phones and first class but less if you’re watching this on our live stream then mobile phones are necessary in first class only it for watching this live stream baby was going to get some food and refreshments there in coach know coach coach three and six six that’s not right is it oh you know it is yeah if you go if anyone want to get some refreshments you can find the bar where you can find some food snacks and drinks and Coach three to coach sex coach three and six sorry if you guys want some refreshments 166 people which was live right now fantastic first class is nice it is very nice can I switch places oh I like ants on the other side of the cab oh that’s pretty that is awesome to move up as well so could get like a good shot of my controls and a good shot of the tracks as well that’s beautiful so spill it made ours 200 its height is 120 and we’re doing 102 miles per hour which is good you know this may not be true in some world but it’s still pretty detailed in my opinion it’s good what is this strange top speed a hundred and forty but we are going to be going in between a hundred to a hundred and ten miles per hour I mean that’s plenty fast enough enough I need about guys I’m sorry excuse me if the diet coke is not my phone I try not to do in the microphone ever again don’t know food bars on the class of 350s I wasn’t there safety be partly turn that off another class 350 this is all that is a cool shirt isn’t it it makes it this actually looks like when I was on tornado in December last year year it’s nice though isn’t it good view

that I think that’s a cracking view in my opinion one of my favorite YouTubers wants to quit says says is it food boy plays I’m sorry my friend it’s not nice when a YouTuber quits there’s another class I 350 I think that’s pulling into the station it is but we’re an Express passenger service and we’re doing a nonstop service to Birmingham so we’re not gonna be stopping at any stations may be mimicked maybe we’ll make one stop at the wet on the way Lisa what did you want to ask Sam I was just gonna ask Sam strains if he would like to do a video collaboration or or something but no exams trainings he is he’s a very busy man there’s also I think he’s quite shy as well which I don’t blame him there’s mean I am quite intimidating no I like to have fun but no I mean I have some I have our Sam’s trains a lot of quite a few times if you ever want to do collaborations and he never really got back to me so was that but yeah I just like I think it’s just safe to just assume that maybe some chains is not really the type of guy who wants to do collaborations with just which I think is totally understandable I mean there are a lot of shy people out there I’m not saying Sam he’s shy but it’s just just one thinking but yeah if if you guys are some strains of me and him should do a collaboration of some sort and you you should ask him because I mean I’ve tried loads of times it needs is just never got back to me but that’s okay what can you do you might not want to do a collaboration anyway fooling that’s fine we both have our own channels he’s doing really well I’m doing I’m quite all right can you do a class 390 after well I was thinking which trying to drive out of the class 350 and the class 390 this train is going in the same direction us is as nice as well I’m just not the microphone well done Oliver Okay so speed limit is a hundred twenty five and we’re doing a hundred and twelve good big thumbs up Biggie Biggie thumbs up that this darn the Roblox game won’t work well that’s not good I’m serving food and some food on Coach three are well done was that Michael Murphy its actual name thank you my friend Martin gaming and 90s Elijah please read my chat comment please please please what was it my friend great trains him Channel or I try my best right a 1 Gibson says sorry I’m late again that’s on a friend if that’s your name hello all of our worries your your hecho EST option about this room people say it’s bad I was my opinion sorry what’s my opinion on this route I care I mean some people are saying it’s bad I think the only reason why it’s bad it’s because there’s just there’s just a lot a lot of things there’s a lot of objects added into into this route and I mean I have a very powerful PC I’m not gonna lie my PC is pretty powerful and and I mean it’s running the room it’s running the route okay I mean there are a little bit of frame drops a little bit FPS drops but apart from that I think if I had to rate this right I rate it because I mean I always be I’m always optimistic irate I would rate this in between maybe seven or eight it’s not perfect but it’s still a nice room it’s a nice bit I like Roots when they’re nice and long and this one’s quite a nice long route but the thing is is that a lot of objects a lot of 3D objects are making this route quite hard to run for some people but still this is this is still a great room room i opinion but just wish it wasn’t as laggy and and you know just wish the FBI it was ever thus lose it was running on more FPS but you know it’s a good room it’s a bit a big long route as weak key please can Flying Scotsman open open fawn word oh yeah I forgot about that didn’t I I that’s another that’s another underground train or something or other I don’t know what that is why did the dark get arrested I don’t know because he’s not all what he quack up to be know Alice made that up please subscribe to Sam’s trains his SL D 51 already have some shrooms is it amazing he’s a great guy we did do one collaboration ones minute me and Sam also speak now we are bringing the spin of a little bit might slow down just a smidge

because we are doing a hundred and twelve but now we’re just going to do it hundred and ten there we go let’s get like a cool shot from outside I mean in my opinion the sound effects could be better do another shot shot so you can see how like how slow and laggy laggy is but this because this is a very big root that’s why oh look there’s a London to Brighton train but obviously I’m going way more faster than this guy is is and I think he’s actually stopping at the station I think we’ve just gone past what for junction or Watford Watford Watford juncture whatever you call that oh no I’m just like sick I can’t read that is a please notice me Do you have a girlfriend no I don’t have a girlfriend I did have but it turns out that my ex which is not my ex-girlfriend girlfriend Megan what was her name but uh turn that off it turns out she was she didn’t really I mean II mean I was really in love with her but she just didn’t love me so so I ended it with her because it was the right thing to do and I told her we can still be friends if you want to but she was like no I don’t want to be friends with you anymore so it was kind of shocked because we did go to school together and now I haven’t seen her ever since I haven’t seen it since February this year year I was the last time the last time I actually saw my girlfriend in person as when I went on the Flying Scotsman at the Midland Railway how’s the last time I actually saw him him person I mean we stopped after that we facetimed but then turns out she didn’t really love me and I thought you know I’ll just end it then if she didn’t really love me and yeah so let’s get single and I think I’ll probably will be single for the rest of my life now now if if so I like like he’ll cut g’way water we say mate man I hope your sorry I hope you find one new girlfriend well I hope so but the thing is is it’s just not my thing anymore anymore she’s a gold digger well well she did ask me to buy her a lot of presents which was odd hello I don’t worry torrent but talk about that anymore I mean it’s done now we’re over I’m so so to I should subscribe to make it a rich well you can still subscribe button subscribe to like make an OSHA is totally your choice but you know chuckle I’m not saying I don’t how I don’t accept any responsibility of what you do Oliver I’m getting a new gaming PC for my birthday so hurry that is awesome my friend I hope it’s a good one I hope it’s not as cool Lieutenant off I hope your PC is not as good as mine sorry now I hope you you pcs a good one I can agree with you just literally little game out 369 hell is my friend can you do more sorry my friend I can you do me a favor and do of doing a race of the 844 4 4 + 3 9 8 5 I don’t know what 395 is but I’ll have to look that up up what can’t make him breakfast at that I don’t get that but okay I don’t talk about Meghan she’s old news moving on and this train is eastbound and loaded up okay I don’t have time to read that message was just going away so if because so mode is off and we got a hundred and sixty seven people watch was like hundreds no sorry a hundred sixty-nine people choose life that is a lot of people watching me live okay so that off so we’ve got 88 miles to go still still good good oh that off off well there’d be any Freight was it it’s on this route I have no idea I have no idea 390 A5 is Union Pacific Challenger oh I see I see well maybe I’ll say say I’ve done a race in a while oh which reminds me and for those

of you who are an MLP fan like me because know what NLP is it sounds for My Little Pony if you guys are on My Little Pony fan like me today is the 10th of October and I might My Little Pony friendship is Magic got released on October the 10th 2010 so today actually marks the the 10th anniversary your of My Little Pony those of you who are MLB fan but if you’re not there no don’t worry about it but if you are then that’s excellent turn it off Smith sorry why are you ignoring me I’m so sorry mr. Smith can call you mr Smith we were mrs. Smith could be a girl you just don’t know but I suspect sorry I didn’t mean to ignore you welcome stream hope you’re feeling well I hope you are well too and thank you so much for joining and sorry that I missed your message oops we just got so many people watching I mean what can I do do Lisa I love some more than you sorry oh Oh I’m heartbroken now he loves Sam more than me I’m going to go I’m going to get my blanket and just curl up and cry for the rest of the night sad sad sad all over this is a sad all about I just smashed into a wall stop that man absolutely I’m kidding Sam is Sam’s the man I like that’s why like sound like say that Sam is the man does a thumbs up comedy six my webcast so small there you go now to be honest I love Sam more than I love myself I mean I do love myself but I’m not only that but I’m not one of those weird people who like look like keeps looking himself in the mirror just go I’m not one of those people I mean I mean I don’t have any hair to flick around anymore because like I’ve got no hair trailing 5000 is the first person to send a supercharged of five pounds is as high legit could you please watch the train passing through I’ll look that up my friend they’re coming up with a great site so coming up would be great to see if you if that’s okay what’s the name train line 5,000 thank you so much for speaking the first person this week to send a Super Chat and thank you so much for sending a super chat off at at five pounds that is so generous of you my friend that means a lot from you guys it doesn’t mean a lot if you guys donate and I also need to make this little announcement and I might as well do it on the live stream but what I’m turn that off but what I’m actually doing my friends is I’m actually going to be trying to save up money to build and you horn the table and I shoot a whole new hobby layout table so I can just start making some home videos I’m going to be trying to say money as well so I can actually try and make some LaserJet merchandise and they were in order to do that I would need your guy’s help and support because now that I’m living on my own and I’m living in a flat and I need to be paying to cancel tax I’m paying my rent I pay my electricity I’m paying for my internet internet is pretty it’s pretty insane but yeah but when you guys helping support if we goes wanna make a little donation to the channel just to support me in any way you get your car does matter how big or small a little donation is just everyone helps to some some support but yeah we’re gonna be going to be trying to save up money to make some LaserJet t-shirts hoodies hats cups mugs whatever and you name it I’ll do it and hopefully I’ll be making some Home Videos soon once I start saving up money to build build a brand new table as gonna be a custom home be table so it’s going to look at the heck and and yeah that is my that’s my master plan plan if you guys want to be a part of that let me know yeah yeah to a shot from the platform all that’s a good idea let’s see if there’s any stations coming up so let’s have a look and see where we are so we’re here there’s any is there any stations coming up oh look there’s do this I see two trains um going to be posting through one training and overtaking another and there’s a station of a hair do an awesome shot from there can I yeah so there we go let’s get merchandise who who would buy a laser t-shirt mean I know I would I can’t really don’t know because I’m both are listening and you just it’s I’m

saying this now the donation is only there if you want to make a donation so don’t worry about it it shut up stupid thing okay I have to go now bye sis SL D 51 that’s what I’m afraid that your son for joining the stream thank you so much for watching and have a good one my friend could you please watch the train passing through this station which is next yes I’m doing that right now my friend don’t worry about that Till I’m going to me get ready I’ll fly all the way up to the station what country is this oh it’s another class 350 also also well I think we should be on this platform I think so there we go turn your headset volume up my friends because this is going to be a lad and it’s going to be epic so turn your volume is up volume down your headset volume up don’t know what paste this is if I hear a train cut them this is is multiplying our station No I don’t actually maybe I don’t know as you know I think now he’s stopping at the station I’m not stopping all right here I come that was an epic epic horn but we are moving at tremendous speed right now so this guy stopped at the station we just zoomed past now there was a good shot I I think that was a good shot I did I did I was all right and it was all right wasn’t it I did use the whole man don’t worry was it we did all right with that one one yeah yeah yes indeed indeed nobody likes me now susceptor come on be positive man hey below that line f as well Scott interesting suggestion there’s don’t know how much you don’t like Roblox but there’s a good train game group called scr wherever that is Sanford country railroad or well wherever you are I’m not interested there’s robots they’re not interested however when is the next fire me I’m going to be no idea idea I have no idea my friend no idea flashed some real fan my nana and Granddad living living okay that’s that’s awesome a friend from Wisconsin fan great picture as well the last also named play is thank you so much for seeing us superset of two pounds you’re the second person the second person to send us to preach at this week my friend on this live stream thank you so much do appreciate their love the support becomes up to you my friend love you so much awesome okay we got 73 miles to go and our speed is a hundred and twelve and speed limit will be asked for doing it well spit it is a hundred twenty-five bill will change 210 so we can slow down a little bit bit like so and we are going uphill to the little bit which is good good shot thanks man I mean I don’t think I did my best do you want do you want to hang out after the Stream maybe I’m not sure I mean I’ve got my twin brother coming out of the Stream I’ve invited my twin brother round for dinner tonight I’m gonna cook him some dinner tonight don’t know why I’m cooking but we’ll we’ll figure out together me and my twin brother our Footwear fantastic as a team Oliver to have a Discord yes I have a disk called server absolutely say bye are you going now I’ll warm you leaving all by my friend that you so much for coming on the stream I do appreciate it and wish you well bye don’t we like saying goodbye a little game of says on top of the fifth was the 45th anniversary of 1225 when it was fired up for the first time whoo that’s awesome I am here to steal your fans so stick em up up it’s no lie nice is it well if I can you drive the Halloween boot next stream please well yeah it’s Halloween this month is an air I don’t think anyone’s going to be trick-or-treating because you know self-isolation the whole covid thing in my opinion I don’t think anyone will beat you I’ll be surprised if people are trick-or-treating goes a ghost so you got a whole mask over your face but your whole body as well so you’ll not alone think that’s just my opinion but you know II just I don’t think any will be chuckle treat them just my opinion can you send the link to disco server I can’t right now because I’ve actually close my Discord down and I’m in a bit of driving a train so I can’t do that if I can then is there anyone in the livestream chose in my discourse a if you are can you if you are

in my sister Sophie can you send the link out on the live stream chat chat if so who drink was here she could help me and my nose is feeling very runny of right now than it was them out of me can you please can I play Minecraft please please please I don’t play Minecraft anymore marks mark Mark I think it’s a leather land and land made of completely out of lever awesome but yeah Mark I’m not gonna be playing Minecraft and even if I did I wasn’t I won’t live stream are I mean I like Minecraft but yeah yeah not really gonna be live streaming Minecraft minecraft any time I’m not quitting how I ladies I’m your biggest fan wow I think it’s ting XU in fact Renee if I got a name I’m sorry kind of ice isn’t that bad important which is near where you live so you’re don’t have to social distance that much I think just because we’re closer to the ocean ocean maybe a dies near the ocean I thought I don’t have this cocoa crying a virus work I don’t know how it works please talk my local station in was it rug rugby where’s that it’s ever can see where rugby is that’s even a real like if that’s a real place and if that suppose I’m going to know it’s not there we actually big were actually passing a big station 720 get like another epic shot for you guys shall I oh wow look at this see the scenery isn’t even loaded in yet and we go that was what was already dying press it was that he spit up a little bit have a look and see if on a session called rugby or maybe I’m off my might I might be pronouncing it it wrong civil trying to find it that’s all look was it Rock by Rock by is it rocked by a rugby nobody wants to subscribe to me some sap oh no oh God not everyone has to subscribe you know speaking of subscribers I asked if we could try to get this 60 sixty one thousand seven hundred subscribers right now on 1642 Let me refresh the page and see how much we’ve gone up by two subscribers been the 911 City city 1644 not showing it to seven hours 16 1700 substance live stream but hey I’m gonna give it a try let’s have a look oh turn that off off isn’t rugby also a sport that’s why I’ve been thinking and that’s exactly why I’ve been thinking she tells me should we stop him my friends should we should we stop here as like halfway point rug by or rugby whatever whatever that station is I think we should stop there yeah I’ve got a wall to go though and we’re not not too far off but but that’s you know rib with got a little while while to go look can you drive the Union Pacific Challenger I’ll see what I can do do it’s called rugby because rugby was invented that oh is it if that if that’s actually true – that’s awesome but if that’s not true then good joke there’s a stop at the next station Milton keys I’ll do me just go past milk is it Milton it was in Chi Chi keys not Keys its key knees Kenny’s I don’t know what I’m dyslexic I can’t read neighs but I think we’ve just gone past that that station okay we’ll just about rugby guys if that’s what what’s he be called I have to do at the train announcement ladies you’re going to be stopping we’ll try that again because I just choked coming idiot so again ladies and gentleman this show drivers because we’re gonna have a short stop at or rugby so you guys can get out and stretch your legs and then I’ll be a straightforward drive to bhumika okay thank you so much for traveling on London Midland service and we hope you have a pleasant day thank you you that’s terrible as a terrible announcement laser can you try try well it’s because I really do need a guard don’t I okay we

at least we’ll stop at rugby well we will stop at work we don’t worry guys do the class 2 to 1 all the class to 90 will do it probably do a cost to it 90 soon sit rugby right right rugby rugby so Doug by oh I can’t say it guys if I know if I’m saying it wrong I’m saying it wrong wrong that’s how I put up all doing who I’ll go to Google Translate and see if she can help me Google translator what is this station I’m stopping at help me out Google translation rugby is rugby rugby there you go then thanks Google translation translation thank you Thomas the Tank Engine says hello hello hello that’s good then well how far away from rugby so we’re all out here and we’re in it’s up there so so obviously we’re getting closer but we have still got a while to go before we stuck to stop at Rugby turn-offs of could look at the outside view see how we’re doing and I’ll said that begin in the lodging that this is actually a really nice Livery for a train don’t worry you guys think but I’m at this I like this late I like the silver and I like the silver doors and the gray body and the green and the lime green I think it’s great it’s cool it’s cool it’s called called Pendergraft I think that has a cool feature everything that is you’re the best thanks Thanks I’m going to be on board at than at the start okay excellent so we’re going to talk about rugby it’s called rugby guys read my roommate and I just read it my friend you should have driven the the yeah I was gonna drop the cost to 90 but I decided I’ll drive a car I 350 I mean what’s wrong with what the cost me 50 I think either that’s all right I think it’s nice then the countryside now YOLO I got a cool few epic shots by the way you’re on the table you should be on the table it’s dangerous can you raise the volume is the volume a bit too quiet the fears I do apologize well we got to have a lag Spike here okey-dokey right I’m going to get on a app on a rubric to you’re going to get on a track day fantastic car driver cost 700 don’t know what that is I have to look that up up Smith is I’m gonna have to go got a massive migraine enjoyed the first bit by by I’m sorry that you want that my friend but thank you so much for coming on the live stream stream we’ve got 54 miles to go in till we get to Birmingham Birmingham but we are now at the halfway point thumbs up my friends because we just reached the halfway point for him is fine for me okay that’s good that’s good get a shot from the inside Reid I have sent you this many times high on about how are you big fans I’m sorry my friend what should I do it Johnny Vlog to this day with his rock and roll is here to stay in will never die it’s not like that you’ll see you you are super cool his Jets like gaming thanks thanks I’ve never really seen myself as a another train I’ve never really seen myself as a cool person I mean I like to think of myself as an answer more right but I don’t really see myself as a cool person the thank you I appreciate that some of them up see where we are okay so we’re here here and rugby is over there so so still gore so we’ve got a while to go go oh wow wow that was a God and there was a class 390 it is it’s the costume that we’ve seen on the live stream stream hey yeah that’s awesome to be honest I should

have given that to be honest that looks better I’m a bit disappointed now now hmm a live live I live near the class 360 and at the trend looks very similar do transporting interest in 2041 at rugby so I’ll see what I can try and do but no promises I just got a message from Sam Sam who’s got a message from Sam Sam’s trains would you be I’m going to messaging back sorry guys I’m going to say it would stop that wrong would you be up for doing a video video ciao ciao for a collab video video if so shall we we a day day late it wasn’t a date as go now is in day as in like typing date time time and date date it’s in that message as 6 56 minutes ago no so if you were to apply but if he does then you know that’s fantastic and if I get a yes or a no that’s fine at least he replied do I know Knight Rider not really no know what is your favorite train Flying Scotsman that’s my favorite train what is your favorite rain fly is customers my favorite trainer great traits him Channel ptg whale that means means there’s a please our Google google I know what that is the big train guy oh God why does that keep going off I don’t like that well it sounds like a see where we are so we’re here here we should be coming up to I’ll be getting closer they ain’t close to rugby fellas don’t know what platform going to be on though but one of the wait and see we are getting very close to rugby rugby or on to your hats if you’re if you’re wearing honey my diet coke wow how far away rugby we are I thought I just did that we’re around but about him like be is just up there so right there so don’t we are going to panic the other point is coming out on train symbol world to on Thursday the 15th of October hmm that’s awesome my to review on that because I’ve been to the Isle of Wight why so many times it’s like one of my favorite places to go apart from the main house real world sleep I got bored last night so I I do you have the exciting Express awesome there’s a was my email my email is all of our – Market at – I’ll put in the chat this is my email please not spam it because I only use it for that important stuff so all of our hypothermia at there we go that’s my email use it wisely and try not to like you know spam message me or something because I don’t like spamming that I don’t like no no one likes us no one likes Pam’s your favorite train I do not drink that Flying Scotsman Castle to 911 one one says best YouTuber ever whoa an honor for you to read my chat message my real name is Jonathan a theist name but that’s my YouTube channel it was named Jonathan I love a chance to read our friend but sorry how long is the video going to be a longer or shorter I confused well at the moment we’ve been life of for nearly an hour and we’re only halfway way to our destination destination so this long as Jim could go on for the next half an hour or it could go up to two hours this lotion could be an hour and a half or

up two hours I’ve no idea sometimes who are Ruby rugby so it up Ruby rugby so we’re right here here and Rugby’s there so we are we are very close fellas sorry I’m late just found out I’m going on The Flying Scotsman and tornado rail tour in September mmm awesome I wish I can go on flies cotton and tornado haven’t I haven’t been on a flying Scot some rail tool but I have been on Flying Scotsman at the mid hands Railway twice twice one of the cabin one when it was going along that was the last time I saw Megan my girlfriend well my ex-girlfriend now and who will be in single isn’t so bad yeah no be a freedom she never really gave me Freedom anyway anyway September 20 21 or September 20 20 because it’s October and Saul says shall I donate $100 if someone donates $100 on tonight’s live show doesn’t matter who it is if someone donates $100 on times like shape I will subscribe to you and I and that’s not a joke I seriously world so sorry it’s personal combat is his name shot shed I’m sorry compound surname it’s weird I’m sorry but if someone donates $100 or hundred pounds or whatever whatever country you’re from if someone donates that much I will subscribe to you you my diet coke lovely lovely do you think trisomy 21 is better than traceable to well in my opinion train simulator is better than trains the world to in my opinion because you get to do a lot more stuff on it like route building re skins Jones scenarios like you get to mess around more on train simulator then translate well to in my opinion that’s why I think training simulator is better and you’ve got steam engines traceable to doesn’t like change it as as about steam engines where is rugby I’m seeing tornado oh very nice all right so we’re here we rugby is there so so we’re nearly there my my friends then we can actually start thinking about slowing down soon soon really a hundred pounds just for an extra subscriber bit of a rip off like well how about this then if someone’s if someone turned off if someone donates a hundred pounds or dollars whether your country you’re from I’ll subscribe to you put your my featured channel list and send you my discordant link link on the live stream stream and if you want we could do do like a voice chat and voice chat or something on my Discord server or something I don’t know I just I’m just I’m just trying to show how much I appreciate if someone would actually do that mean someone did donate that that once that was only when I was only a one-time thing thing I hope someday I can turn it out a thousand wow it’s a it’s a what if you donated a one thousand US Dollars I’ll do a I would do it home be train set Starter Set giveaway that’s what I would do okay we’re getting close some fans we are actually do the and that is that as a big station OMG highlights I love you says it is knobs or new Loops are cool I think that’s what I did I browser I’m a very good at is that most of you hit my friend when will I Narrow Gauge Railways come I haven’t actually started a narrow-gauge race yet but I will soon soon much better much better deal well I do this I do the best I can can I haven’t started making a narrow-gauge rail share but I will soon can you check where was that Coventry is laser I love a look and see if that if we’re that is true a spotter spotter 390 says hi hello all right let’s see where we are to try and find Coventry don’t know what that is though although it is it’s literally the next station hey you’re the best YouTube what’s that it’s a million out of a million that’s that’s what it is that’s fantastic where do I live I live in Hampshire Winchester that’s where I live UK Hampshire Winchester he’s a Barbican guys I’m sorry I don’t know what’s wrong baby

it’s your boy blue I’ll Blue Monkey hello Blue nice nice everywhere whoa this you my friend but slow down just a little bit bit it’s weird rugby is operated by West Coast okay can I just like this video if you want to dislike this video you can do that if you want I can’t stop you I love switch to I licked the stream I think supposed to our like the Stream yeah like it’s the coke it is the Coca-Cola don’t know what they put in it it just makes me burp any other quick question what is your favorite train mines either the 3-0 sorry 5:07 or class 91 I like the class 91 but my favorites tray never is Flying Scotsman if that counts because the engine next favorite is the Merchant Navy and then the WIA for then the black 5 and below I need to make a list so the slowing it down the next station is a rugby rugby and I think we should if you guys want me to we can stop at Coventry as well if you guys want me to we’re at 202 likes right we’re at 202 like Skies no 203 likes right you guys are the best sorry ladies get my little brother is stubborn so Sonic gamer it’s all right the wrong with having a sudden brother I mean there’s always that one person in the family member who’s the stubborn one see you on trial I get a good shot of stopping at rugby and string name for a station they have called be honest so we will slow it down to the lower bit here we go 210 likes guys you are the best now we go to pull in here safe and sound sound perfect yeah he go there’s young welcome to rugby a sudden the doors look you know a bad-looking station station my do some fancy doing some exploring it’s very highly detailed I mean I’m gonna be honest this station is actually quite it’s quite highly detailed and we’ve got some scenery got some says but a car park or some buildings got Road bad bad but by looking station I think fantastic did you hear about the new SL are coming to America made by I haven’t haven’t heard about it no no sorry do a little bell right where do you download this the root where did you downloaded this the root you buy on Steam should really add the links to everything really don’t I write should we get a move on then next station Coventry I I think fantastic that was a good stuff is a good that was a good pickup so let’s look and see where Coventry is is oh I think I might have gone past it think Coventry is the next station it is as well we actually haven’t got far to go to Coventry it’s literally the next Asia but it’s a fast we did you get that that but first where did you get that anime animation texture pack I don’t actually remember remember all of their are abandoned stations in Hampshire you can visit visit oh Madam look at about that so so Harry

how long have you had this room not long at all actually I mean I only had this for about a month I missed it says warship gaming all of my friend welcome to the Stream good to have your head okay please check my video system and gaming are you late says so a core is that Coraline aligned with the core aligned with Russia name was it passes Caroline most book Palace as Caroline Burt so we build get confusing that she say it score Coraline thank you so much for what I don’t do anything I’ll see if I can trust the universe if each challenger but I can’t promise you anything my friend Okay so do not lag all subscribe thank you oh well look there’s another class class 390 that’s awesome it’s a look and see where we are good and we’re nearly at the end of the line we’ve only been live for one hour and one minute minute sepsis hello feel SuperDuper terrific oh good stick-up stick up high there’s a Juma may I suggested you to do this rum on a live stream I don’t remember your name I don’t actually remember you personally but if you suggested this run and thank you so much Isabel is Birmingham News New Street next stop not not Coventry no I next stop is Coventry been are we stopping at Coventry my friends that’s what we gonna be to be Birmingham as well but going to but was gonna be stopping at Coventry on the way LJ l was that one that one billion dollars wow Wow I don’t think PayPal or YouTube but accept that someone sanitization of 1 billion dollars dollars the best YouTuber of truly the best YouTuber of trade stimulator yeah is name is Matt something or who else is a good choice about about youtuber no man no not monads a good one how do you read my chart with so how do you read my message with the chat being on the screen well I’ve got three monitors I’ve got one with YouTube one with OBS and one with the game so I’m actually looking at the live stream chat the same as you guys try and take out it says do more Red Dead videos please oh I wish I could we now getting closer to Coventry I will subscribe thank you my friend for subscribing I do appreciate it show your friends show you if we all vote we’re getting closer to 70,000 subscribers and then hopefully one day we were here We will one day have my dream girl which is 100,000 Subs what a what an amazing dream that would be the best YouTuber for Tracy made to is me who’s Alan Thompson Sutherland look Alan Thompson is it is is that the real Alan Thompson is that is that a jet like is that there’s just a Min him was it someone else else she’s got you cannot be too careful and he’s got is what twelve thousand and five hundred Serbs Alan Thompson Tom’s isn’t actually you like legitimately because if I click on your name in this message message is that actually like guys can you check and see if that Alan Thompson is like legitimate his legitimate Lee him because because I actually know this dude but I don’t know him personally but I do watch this is livestreams and videos now and then turns if I get on time hello all of us is a hi Max was a hit through here here imagine 16.7 K Subs I was on that one time I still remember when I hit 20 20k subs such a long time ago ago Hurley’s jet hello my friend I’ll save you a confidential names I’m an idiot I’m sorry Ken railfan you have asked me that question a few times I will try and drive the engine traffic challenger but you know I can’t promise anything well let’s see where we are should be coming close to Coventry oh yeah we are coming out we’re actually come up quite close and quite

fast let’s slow it down down go down slow down slow down what is the beeping sound oh it’s to let the driver know that it’s a little beeper that goes off just to know the driver still it’s a safety feature guys guys have you seen Thomas the Magic Railroad plenty of times used to watch it all the time when I was a kid I chose to watch now ouch I’m your greatest transfer laughs as as Maxwell thanks max what was everywhere right as I loved your Brighton London Victoria class 47 I was pretty out so I just asked me are you a virgin that’s it person wasn’t it I mean so it’s a relative it’s relative isn’t to him but if you guys really want to know the and in and in this case yes yes I suppose I am am what is your specs I have no idea this is have no idea I mean my computer is pretty powerful it’s quite a good computer it’s just this this route is pretty big and pretty insane but but yes it’s I don’t know the specs on my computer but my computer was actually pretty good and pretty powerful and put your amazing but anyway anyway kind of sort of follows you on Twitch oh thank you that’s very kind of you you apply the brakes are slow it down so I’ll just around the best huh Thanks no I haven’t ever heard of warrior can’t sorry well there sure are you driving London Midland I’m driving the London Midland class 350 as I am am it’s called AWS there you go it’s called AWS that’s what the beeping is I love this room I love this was actually quite nice it’s very long I do like the long rooms they say you’re the best choice for our YouTube ever thanks man doodle-do doodle doo Sonic games we can be friends we could be friends if you want on a mind we’re now arriving at Coventry Coventry Coventry sighs you’re saying you lost your VR camera I’m going to read that it’s not inappropriate at 14 14 I’m 21 and okay wow okay so as I will try I will try donate a hundred k K what what if that happens and I’m going to America let’s open the doors so below look at Coventry xiaowei so like oh wow wow wow this actually looks better than than then rugby who construction oh wow you’re diggers your construction side I love a good auction site is this a quite a interesting looking station station well they’re how much I will cause supposed to get up there and Park when there’s stairs stairs I just don’t get up over the doors stores opening our doors close in wait for the beep okay okay good hi am I late um a bit but that’s okay welcome to shoot my friend all right so picking up passengers at Coventry now that stop Birmingham let’s get moving shall we please say hello to me please you are the best as DJ ja A SF hello my friend about speed and power and I shall we what is my local trades my local trades is cast trimming fours and class 450s both type of trains there’s my local trains can we be friends yeah we could be friends guys I love it I love making new friends can you make more videos of transient World I’ll try when I go to sleep I think about about oh okay okay Alan Thompson how are you anyway Alan

his name is that your name Alan Alan Thompson I’m think I’m pronouncing it right on my from northern I you must be on The Biggest Loser in the world how are you today my friend I think you’re like the special guest of the stream in fairness welcome to the stream I look and he’s made a video of the West Coast main line as well you don’t know that three weeks ago is what nineteen thousand views mmm very nice that’s more views than me me please do a daily routine video on these jet en el J vlogs yeah I need to upload on LJ Vlogs again don’t I college is Scott long time no see hello Scott I’ll do it donating a hundred K is not possible possible that’s all right try donating $100 or hundred pounds just a hunt or maybe 500 I won’t complain but if you do I will give you the biggest challenge ever well I’m good my grandmother recently passed away her name was oh I am very sorry I learned I had very sorry please read this out out okay it should that out Ken I will try and drive the Union Pacific challenge are gay I will try I borrow can’t promise you anything okay okay now stop being a little Noggin Agra because you’ve asked me that question not your billion times now faith faith oh we we are spinning a little bit slow down just a little bit we we got 15 miles to go in till we reach our at our destination you would by the Union Pacific 844 nice choice choice can do you like Canadian well I don’t even know what they look like to be honest so I can’t really say say speed up just a little bit bit the last stop is Birmingham News New Street I think on UST I think s t stands for Street I don’t know but I have to go I’ll be back in half an hour all right my friend come on noses has is hurting like hell hell I think I’m allergic to this microphone microphone now how are you ladies Jer I’m all right thank you so much much thanks so much for asking I really liked racing World LJ also of try make some content for that can’t promise anything though though you the bet but you never read my comment I think I suppose that’s most a bet or supposed to be best I’m not sure because your electric vs. team I think I did that once before all of our do you like the Bluebell Railway I don’t even I don’t I don’t know I’ve never been there before but my dad and I I think are making us are trying make plans to actually maybe go to the Bluebell Railway in the future you are the best you are the best friend I love the best friend thing best friend Tom love the best friend we are 226 lights or 105 people watching us live along 11 dislikes that’s fine long live live Virgin Trains but vegetation exists now and I think they’ve stopped now someone just a donation come on sniff see heo Jun jie jie just an addition of 1 pound and forty nine Pence it’s very small Super chat but remember doesn’t matter how big or small were Super Chat is that’s the show how much support just by making a little donation because show that you like that’s it the time and effort I wasn’t make a soup chat so again thank you so much for September friend I do appreciate it and I love you you got your are amazing I love when people just take the time and effort just to send a little supercharged because it goes down much support I get from you guys and and it’s amazing that’s magnificent isn’t it oh no other be turned off and were speeding again moved moved here I can’t raise all my trains because then the game will crash

because I could though it it now well every single year Pacific I did for my translator very nice because it’s best friends forever and ever online and staying away from each other as because coronavirus that’s very true laser zip do you like trains oh yeah it’s a bit of an interesting question is there oh no I just make a loads of Trace simulated videos but now I don’t like trains BFDI bfdi fiery a teacher named just said I love you you I love you too I just sent a simple chat of three US Dollars that’s the first one of US dollars obviously we chat thank you so much I love you too look at to Birmingham International Airport platform 3 we’re very close to the end of the line my friends were actually nearly there there to better train start spotting a Birmingham International Airport go speed limit is now a hundred so I can’t really go that fast fast anymore how much do you like trains him world as there are are 10 I would get there sex I mean it’s good the detailing the game is fantastic no doubt about that that but it’s just that you can’t really do much intreaty symbol that’s the problem so on just put a message on to say his name because he just wants to get notified but but Sarge said and message saying laser you suck suck thanks oh thank you my friend were sitting in the end of the super cut over 1 pound thank you my friend I do appreciate it when people said some chats there’s a can you do translator 2021 with Mexican trains Mexican trains Danube no Mexicans had trains have to look that up well I love the train horn the trainings not that bad then I think that horn is better better in my opinion well it’s a look on the map to see where we are oh we are close very close we’re nearly that A Lot 1 2 3 more stations to go and then we’ll be at Birmingham New Street fantastic we’re nearly there my friends oh we’ve been loitering for one hour and 18 minutes minutes actually one hour 90 minutes now defend King Oliver Oliver so I just had laser you’re the worst thank you you turn that off you’re a b word an ultrasound on the livestream obviously that’s not very nice is it song called Zach says laser is good thank you my friend Oliver you don’t suck I know I don’t suck but this this this person’s been very rude you saying I’m a be were so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna put him in timeout we go let’s sit let’s let’s go to his name put user in timeout I’ve put me in timeout for 300 seconds that’s fair enough isn’t it it be Aja Aja up here box Force sorry 742 we’re just SSO 23 that’s my PO box can that’s my that’s my our fan mail PO at PO Box excuse me in line as if you lose one sent me some fan mail I could do some fan mail videos again just write a letter and just send it to me be nice do some fan mail once again oh oh and we got a slow down because beam is coming up to 65 so we gotta slow down quite a lot oh we are we are very close when it guys we’re nearly there then I wear time fly but we’re nearly there fellows fellows there’s in German this your driver speaking we hope

you enjoyed your amazing trip on the London Midland service service final start will be Birmingham New Street again make sure you take all your personal belongings with you hat shoes coats jumpers luggage but again thank you so much for joining us on our trip when we hope you enjoyed your journey and thank you so much for choosing London Midland service thank you next station is Birmingham New Street train ticket says Oliver you’re my best friend thank you Trent attack you’re my best friend too Adam and a loyal fan wow we’re so close yes yes what is your most busiest station you’ve been to either London Waterloo or Kings Cross station or York those are those are the those are the stations that I’ve been to in our the busiest wow it’s bit was a bit of a bit of a bounce wasn’t it don’t quit as ever be bad it’s not nice is that we’re all well happy more friendly in this chant way would Wood trains has on the fan yeah a home is come in okay so slowly and gently does it it we nearly there fellas well look how big this construction site is it’s huge I guess big cities like London are always under construction aren’t they always I’m gonna go headphones well thanks I like them too they’re very expensive expensive okay we’re nearly at the station my friends speed limit is 45 then I’ll go down to to 20 yeah the never mind guys I time them out so it’s fine I just go ahead what did I miss dude you just got here what have you missed basically you just missed it the whole stream because we’re nearly at the end we’ve been live for one hour and 23 minutes so I’m sorry to say you’ve basically missed the whole string cause we’re nearly at the ends up the end of our journey oh no I don’t feel bad for him now now some of the comments they just amazing thank you you so it down get under 20 please please jump you know I have a scale of one to ten I’d reckon I’ve been a very responsible driver this show it is very rare that I’m a responsible driver driver but I think I’ve done really well in my opinion let’s bit of is now 10 miles per hour wow look at this place place space is pretty insane isn’t it it Go 10 miles per hour is that she really slow isn’t it it just gonna gently Crews it in in there’s no welcome to Birmingham New Street Street where do I live I live in Winchester in Hampshire Hampshire Winchester mmm will you just stop at station 0 to be be so this is to a we need to stop at station two to be which is right here there it is station to be be so we’re going to stop it right here here and open the doors there we go doors open Bosh Bosch there we go my friends we have reached our destination destination that was a pretty long journey and a pretty as much success

successful one one fantastic fantastic but as I have a nice week thank you J train spotter these how much going on the stream if the doors are closed perfect there we go this is a very big so it is a very big little size of this stage it is a very big one he’s bigger than York maybe I’m not sure but anyway my friends that concludes our livestream that for this week week bad timing as always oh that is a horrible that’s horrible beeping isn’t it and my friends that was fun I’m really much enjoyed their so hope you guys did enjoy watching the live stream as well I might switch it to this Camp so you guys can actually see me better oh hello the guys thank you so much for watching this amazing lotion me you guys did enjoy they actually occur subscribe button follow him on Twitter Instagram and Twitter all these are in the description I wish I had some serious fun doing this and I just I’m proud of actually just like perfect for once like now derailing or crashing or I think for other than other was a master driver today and it was fantastic and my friends thanks so much for watching have a good weekend and 11 my friends is all about the game and I’ll see you guys again next week for another live stream I might not be live on Twitch tomorow but we’ll have to wait and see if I am then have a look on Twitter see if I’m not even if I’m not then I won’t be tomorrow might be might not but I don’t want to make I don’t want to promise you then break that Promise by might be live on Twitch tomorow over them then again I might not what I just wait and say but dies I love you so much you guys have been amazing for to me and I just feel so lucky to have you guys in my life it’s incredible really incredible I just I just feel so lucky hello guys take care see you next time and have a good one bye bye guys just finish off the wave bye-bye bye-bye oh I’m just in Charlie’s trains name there hello Choice Rings where have you been you’ve missed those stream 8 oh well never mind bye everyone bye bye