American road trip , we Rent a RV for 1 dollar per day | 美国房车旅行,我们的房车只要一美元一天

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American road trip , we Rent a RV for 1 dollar per day | 美国房车旅行,我们的房车只要一美元一天

Good morning friends Today I want to share my American road trip with RV In May last year Hugo and I had a road trip in the United States from east to west A RV trip across several states in United States I think it is quite unforgettable Because we have seen various landscapes in the United States There are snowy mountains, grasslands, canyon lands I feel that the United States is just a place to see big scenery Then we also experienced spring, summer, autumn and winter It’s amazing The thing I have to mention is that Our RV we paid it for Only 1 dollar a day In the end of this video I will tell you in detail how to rent a RV for 1 dollar per day And, is this one-dollar RV good or not? And our total cost in this trip, Remember to watch until the end of the video Now, let’s go on a trip The first day starts in Chicago What we need to do today is to pick up the RV After the staff’s teaching We got the RV Behind me is our RV This is a large RV that can accommodate 8-10 people The front is the cab Looks much more spacious than a normal car And then above the cab Put the board down and then draw the curtain It becomes a bed This is the kitchen There is a microwave, stove and oven This is the sink, and cabinet Next to the kitchen is a big dining table This table can be pressed down Then it becomes a bed This is the toilet, bathroom There is a small table out of the bathroom Press it down also will turn it into a bed So this RV can sleep 10 people The rear of the car is a place like a bedroom There is a wardrobe with mirror next to it Does it feel like staying in a very nice hotel? The first thing after getting the RV Is to go to the supermarket to purchase all the necessary stuffs Although the RV is well equipped But still need to buy some daily necessities Bed shits, kitchen stuffs, and food everything’s ready With an exciting mood We star our journey The next morning We woke up in the sound of birds beside the Mississippi River Yesterday we drove the car all the way from Chicago to the banks of the Mississippi River in the small town of Hannibal, Missouri That’s right, that Hannibal Hugo planned to drive to the side of river last night Then the car got stuck in a pit and almost couldn’t get out The endless green here is so refreshing Here, I flew my drone for the first time Then, we continued and drove westward towards Kansas Now we have passed through Illinois Now in Missouri However, it seemed we have encountered a tornado Is this hail? I feel the car shaking In the evening we reached Kansas state Hugo parked RV by a lake called Wilson lake To be honest, I was in fear all night

Because of the wind I felt the car is shaking Moreover, I was also worried about whether the lake will overflow or something Another beautiful morning It was windy and rainy last night The car was shaky Now the sun is shining in the morning so cool What’s more cozy than breakfast by the lake But while we were enjoying the lake view breakfast The police came and knocked on the door. It turns out that parking is not allowed by the lake Fortunately, the police did not make us too embarrassed when we were tourists Just warned us Then let us go The fourth day of RV trip We came to Colorado This is the highest state in the United States wow ,snow mountain, so beautiful We hiked casually in buena vista for a while Then I met this little cute During sunset time We passed a small town called Leadvill We didn’t have this town in our original plan It just looks very cool We felt we had to go down and walking around Then we walked into a super cool bar We accidentally walked into a local bar Wow so cool Super chronological bar It is said that this bar has a history of more than 150 years In the fifth day of RV self-driving We came to Utah state which is with many national parks I feel that the trip is finally come to the most important part Arches National Park is the first national park on this trip Arches National Park as the name suggests There are many large and small arches And now i am climbing a very big arch Great view on the arch There is cliffs on the other side Very spectacular Finally I feel the wild and sparsely populated western United States The national park is really big Visiting the national park requires self-driving + hiking This is a 11-kilometer hiking route We are now walking towards a big arch Wild beauty Late afternoon We drove to the next destination in the beautiful sunset Unexpectedly at night We met Blizzard The road is dark We can only follow another car It is safer Waking up in the morning in Monument Valley Everything around is solemn

We continue to drive to today’s destination Grand Canyon National Park When we got to the park, it started to snow It’s snowing, it’s snowing Then we are in the Grand Canyon National Park It’s cold now Just snowed Here is now the clouds and mist Feels like a wonderland The weather here has also changed a lot It snows for a while and the sun shines Now the fog is gone The entire Grand Canyon looks more beautiful The Grand Canyon is really big You must drive a car to visit When we wake up this morning The outside world stunned us Silver dress Then we discovered that this RV actually broke somehow One part is broken There is a stand that can open the parasol We once forgot to retract the bracket completely before driving And hit a branch on the side of the road The bracket shifted a bit Distorted When we extend the car at night RV can be extended Make the space inside more spacious The bracket broke when it was extended Then we had to tie the broken bracket with my belt first Then continue our journey Leaving the Grand Canyon We finally came to a warm place A small town called Cameron I can finally take a break to wash and dry my clothes Today our plan is to the legendary Antelope Canyon I have seen countless beautiful photos and videos about Antelope Canyon on the Internet However, I did not expect the actual tour process to be so touristic $50 an hour A bunch of tourists lined up, Go inside one by one and make a circle It’s hard to take a picture without other people in it And it is said that this Antelope Canyon is private Every day, so many tourists spend 50 dollars each How much money is the guy making? This is Horseshoe Bay, ready to take a sunset shot Next day We plan to experience Antelope Canyon in another way So we rented a kayak to the canyon lands I feel this way is cheaper and more comfortable Look we find a little cute Hey cutty duck ,come here come here Take a kayak to a canyon The landform here is similar to Antelope Canyon But it’s free Moreover, there are no tourists Today, we visited another national park in Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park Then, I found a little cute Come here come here He is eating my seeds Wow so cute He is looking at me I found that I was really a person who couldn’t help exiting when see little animals If it wasn’t Hugo forcing me away I can probably play with the little squirrel all afternoon But later I heard that the squirrels here cannot be fed To keep wild animal wild Inside the park there is shuttle bus It is also very convenient, not need to drive ourselves The eleventh day of self-driving We come to Las Vegas We slept for two hours in the afternoon Then at night we can enjoy night life Las Vegas is known as the gambling city If you Come here, of course you have to go to the casino to gamble We just come to a casino There are even casinos in the hotels here It’s almost like it’s to make it easier for people to keep gambling day and night If you want to gamble, you need to exchange cash for gambling coins How much do you want to spend? 100 dollar Sure enough, Hugo’s $100 quickly evaporated In my point of view Las Vegas is an illusory city rising in the desert Imitation Eiffel Tower Imitation of Osaka cherry blossoms Imitation of Venice Even golf balls are fake. In thirteen days of RV trip We came to the last stop of this trip Death canyon The average temperature in Death Canyon is 41 degrees Death Valley is a paradise of birds and beasts But it is the hell of human refining

It is said that many gold prospectors lost their lives because they entered this place by mistake After leaving the Grand Canyon We drive all the way to los angeles Ended this RV tour I think in America, RV self-driving is still quite popular Because America is so big The first benefit of a RV is to save money With a RV you can sleep in the car You don’t need to stay in a hotel Save hotel costs first Hotels in American are still relatively expensive, Then the RV is like an apartment There is a kitchen with a refrigerator Then you can buy food from the supermarket and cook by yourself It will be very cheap Restaurants in American are actually quite expensive Then I can satisfy my Chinese stomach by cooking by myself Cook whatever i want to eat Also pretty good Another advantage of RV self-driving is convenience U.S. is sparsely populated Even in the city of Los Angeles It is very inconvenient without a car That is, their public transportation is not as developed as our Shanghai Another example, when in a national park There needs to be transportation between attractions It’s very convenient to go by car You can shuttle between various attractions Then we can even drive the car to the edge of the Grand Canyon Have lunch and a cup of coffee Then Go sight seeing casually Now I want to tell you about my one-dollar-a-day RV Is one dollar a day Does it feel like a pie is falling from the sky, Looks like it’s free but! ! ! but! ! The point is but First of all, this RV company needs to move a lot of RVs from one city to another But they don’t want to hire anyone to do this This is labor intensive and fuel-consuming American salary is still quite expensive So this company rents these cars to customers for free Let us drive these cars from one city to another During the period we can use it for free But we have to pay for the gas ourselves Although we are just two people Then the RV they gave us is a large RV that can accommodate 8-10 people We felt so happy, so cool and comfortable at first However, gas is also very expensive We have to pay about US$100-200 for gas every day At least 100 dollars Usually 100-200 USD Sometimes more And because we need to drive from Chicago to Los Angeles In the first two or three days, we were pure driving Because there is nothing to see on that part of the road We just feel like being a pure driver I feel like a waste of time It consumes fuel and wastes money And this car has many restrictions For example, he has a mileage limit You can only drive 2500 miles for free If it exceeds, it is 0.3 dollars a mile In the end we seemed to drive 800 more extra miles, We overpaid 250 dollars Then it has a limit of days We can only open for free for 14 days You’ll have to pay a few hundred dollars for a few more days 100 USD/day rent And the RV is quite risky The staff told us before we set off If we get to a very cold place We must remember to turn on the heating Otherwise the piping system of the entire RV will freeze All broken Then we have to accompany a lot of money So we gave up Yellowstone Park Because it’s too cold in Yellowstone Park It’s freezing and rain We are afraid of what will happen to the car Because this car is big It’s not easy to drive on mountain roads Then finally we had some small accidents Because of some improper use (mentioned before) Finally accompanied 700 dollars So expensive

I think everything is expensive in America I am poor Finally, I want to talk about our total cost this time I kept an dairy for that before But i don’t bring it with me now So i don’t know very specific We spend 100-200 dollars in gas bills a day We basically buy and cook in the supermarket But there are also fish, meat and fruit The food is pretty good We also spent more than 500 RMB to buy a park ticket Which we can use in many national parks Mainly fuel costs, tolls, supermarket shopping costs, and tickets These four add up We had the calculation before About 100 dollars per person per day Because I didn’t bring it with my account book I can’t calculate in detail So it’s probably the price Seems quite expensive But it’s America after all The grand scenery of the US West is pretty good But it’s really expensive And I don’t think there is anything delicious in America Just hamburger sandwich Then it seems like California and where I was driving Not have many local culture So I don’t like it very much Okay, that is all If you like my video Please pay attention and like, see you next time