Amnesia gameplay commentary HD: First sight of "it" EEK!

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Amnesia gameplay commentary HD: First sight of "it" EEK!

his last but not least words that must make any sense i know that’s what makes it so beautiful gaming inspiration welcome gamers and create tours welcome to back to amnesia episode to episode 1 was ok I’ve had some decent feedback from it for me it was well you know it was alright i was looking for stuff nothing too scary nothing too creepy just a little bit of wind gusts and things like that and you know the darkness creepiness but i’m not too bad hope and it’s going to spice it up a bit and it is not nighttime it is daytime how do you feel about that I’m not cheating here I just hey I got free time so let’s load my game as I talk not to bore you to death I made a video talk about the games that i’ll be playing every week and with the playlist of games not playlist hasn’t YouTube playlist but my playlist and you can check it out in our gaming your spiration group it’s kind of cool because the sun’s going down now so I should be getting darker as you watch this video so right now is the brightest my face will be in the veil all right volumes up here it might not be that loud for you but trust me all on here life’s not in here so uh I don’t have that to peer i mean i don’t okay it’s getting really dark by the way guys last time i uploaded this video i upped the light a lot so it was pretty bright I think that’s better for your viewing but for me it’s like right now right here I can barely see the back wall there barely I can’t see what’s there I could barely see the candles now I can’t see the candles at all know that so that you understand how I feel when I play ah oh nice hey ms louder scare me like that scare me with way out actions books are flying off the shelf oh can I make everyone know only if you can fly off oh oh oh see see see that’s why you should always toss all the books whenever you see a bookcase through all the books off because you just you just don’t know which one will open a secret passage uh-huh and this one haha that’s three books really after all the work I put into this video Oh ready come on I was starting to feel smart what happened Oh Oh what’s the order and the key the points are horrible well well well that sounded like something just hit me in the in the back that made the hair on my legs stand up now likes just one leg how about we take the key over the to the door yes our boy sounds like something is following me just go just go man up and move forward right I’ve been here before every night continue on this way those crap oh crap oh did you see that on my face looks all red are there auto-saves oh let me oh man I have to go this way oh [ __ ] get set right here not going anywhere oh alright I’m going in I don’t care I can hear you but I can’t see you so I don’t care okay what the hell’s with that door he’ll set sound behind me let’s go to this room don’t surprise me surprise me shut up hello loud noises I’ll be louder so the

game’s not louder than me that’s how you play surprising stuff like this now don’t sneak up on me I just want to take this okay we got it ok I don’t like this room I’m getting out of here Liberty rare books oh cool I like Rare Brooks I don’t like fall indoors ok big cockroach Claire hey if cockroaches can live here safely so can i I can’t read tread here safely what is this is this a door oh the statues were praying gazing into the dark doing the ceiling is it getting too dark here oh oh that made me shake is it gonna hurt me again well I crossed over crossed over right I’m here again I guess we’re done up here or I just want to be done up here so we’re gonna go downstairs now that’s where all their the excitement is right I think it’s getting too dark in this room now for you to see my stick reactions clearly so how’s their house yeah is that better it’s not so bad right it’s not compare the fake light in the light from the Sun how does that how does that who cares let’s just play up so we’re going down guys wish me luck nice knowing ya we’re going down we’re gonna do this oh it’s it’s locked it’s locked with the red stuff ah rock I don’t think that’ll work of tools that work I don’t think rock will work ready rock that was an embarrassment to the family oh we haven’t gone here yet this looks like a friendly place oh and we can go downstairs ok well let’s stay on this floor first laboratory doesn’t that sound like a very settling on creepy place role play baby we move our head as camera moves are hit like that got it here we go should we get some light in here ok let’s get a little bit like nothing’s sneaking around down there all right I’m just going to walk around here acting as if I have a camera on my shoulder ok it’s ok it is vibrations this game does that a lot this world is that a lot sorry Oh what was it hello hello up cockroach whoa whoa whoa get out for my face get off of my face though ok we’re not going there yet Oh it’s a light am I is this place first my wife is she okay okay okay all right sorry what do you want me to go tell me has to be something oh I looks nice nasty we do it together hello hello okay guys if you’re ever in a situation like this saying hello really loud like that is the last thing you should probably do because whatever is here best if it doesn’t know where you are okay okay okay all right all right I’m little light on light so what’s gonna happen if I stay in the dark too long it’s gonna

happen something gotta eat lay somebody walk around here ha maybe whatever has been following me just fell in that water huh the surprises come on don’t touch my ears like this there should be more Cooper eyes number suit 22 minutes and going one ball aku horse okay come on make it brighter come on give me some leeway here all right throw some stuff around oh stop with 5 ratings fighting anyway thing here now okay okay don’t push it don’t push it I’ll poop him up my boxers and the safe return raytown from what for home where I don’t know needed to continue for different chemicals are needed to continue got it alright I see many chemicals but I can’t seem to set a baby that I just hear a freaking baby in this place that’s the last thing I want to hear come on get in there yes shut up I’m trying my best no not this again what was that hissing noise has never hurt anyone add this way yes let’s go down there mmm dance okay you want to go down it use the key ok let’s go into the wine cellar should be a happier place place full of wine one house oh why you know what movie reference that is let me know how’s the wine something like that but movie buffs you should know stop talking to myself like Lisa tomorrow told you to happier place great exploring the wine cellar esquina if an enemy is near steer the hell something’s near stay out of sight and hide and darkness make sure to turn off your Lantern if possible what the hell so if I stay in the darkness I start to lose my mind but if something crazy is near me I have to turn off the light how do I win all right there nay I don’t that hair somebody up there I’m not gonna say hello like an idiot where should I holla holla anybody that I need some help I don’t know get in the light get out of the light I don’t know anymore by the way you gotta think my best friend for supporting me with some extra games those will be coming up my friend don’t worry don’t worry nothing is forgotten not here not now to my best friend and sponsor but I can’t respond in a way yes a sponsor I have a sponsor I feel like a

million dollars ah the water the drops of water I haven’t seen those in a while great can I use my lantern yes I feel like a superhero with this Lantern I think I found one yes I found it a potion a chemical all right minds off sweet Thank You water for pointing that out to me grace everyone finally one I like red but but there’s just too much red we need to redecorate ok York where you start to imagine you’re seeing things I like that the game doesn’t even have to add that in so I guess nothing happens to you here in the dark huh it just gets spookier but nothing happens that’s so silly your sanity is now dangerously low make sure you stay in light what the hell really now I’m all drunk stupid barrels okay okay I’ve been there okay let’s explore this side now so what if I lose my mind I’m gonna make it easier for me in this world there we go that’s a tall dark a rope I can’t take the rope what are the most useful things in places like this is rope never get enough rope and I can’t even take the rope this place is unforgiving does that work ah well that’s nice I could oh look at that oh just sliding like that oh yeah oh yeah slat it just just just kind of slide it out of the way just kind of grab and slide it away split it away it just pushed through that it away and these two sled on the way to sliding away slip-sliding away subsided away oh hey you come oh oh oh look at that one it’s dancing out of the way yes I am out I think this is the mass term we need to discover okay okay come on bring it on I got my lantern barrels what are you doing here you’re bleeding the bleeding barrels oh crap alright this is getting batter batter batter it’s getting better it’s getting worse I can use my hand to do what I don’t know continuing on these stupid barrels up to no good okay this place is freaking up we’re gonna get some light in here whoo a brain is that the pan mama is that the brain it’s a brand it’s a brain my son oh that was stupid like his voice sounds are kind of Spanish and as ana alexander danny alexander okay relax my face look I’ll call blue I’m are blue I’m a blue boy okay more guts a lot of guts make my shoes really dirty but I don’t think it matters whether my shoes are dirty or not I think my wife would be very happy to see me now after being missing for so long but more water drops yes the final chemical we have received we have found that gua an idea and the net will homes last words his last but not least words that doesn’t make any sense i know that’s what makes it so beautiful alright guys I think this is our

stopping point we’re going to go on from here to be Oh dark outside it’s getting on and we’re going to head over to our the alchemy laboratory we’re going to put those potions in we’re going to see what happens i mean the chemicals in to make the potion or whatever and see what happens after that so stay tuned hope you enjoyed this episode hope I me edited enough for you to keep it entertaining as well as easy enough follow the story that’s always my goal for you guys thanks for watching hope you enjoy the lighting hope you enjoy the show until next time Micron’s well take it well yeah make you a better person yeah long to walk among the spies