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APT Europe River Cruise 2014 Call 1800 130 635

welcome everybody to a session on Europe river cruising my name is Susan humbly from apt and I’m going to spend the next half an hour or so talking you through your river cruising what a wonderful way it is to travel give you hopefully lots of information about what a European River cruise is all about and hopefully with your appetites to start doing some planning to jump on board what truly is a magical way to see Europe I’ll just start first with apt we are a company that is family-owned and we’ve been around for 84 years so we’re Melbourne based we started off touring just doing dangerous around Melbourne and since then we’ve really grown into the touring market originally with Australia and New Zealand touring product and more recently doing touring and cruising all over the world your river cruising is now a very big part of what we do and we really truly believe we’re the pioneers of european river cruising out of the austrian in new zealand market and i’m going to tell you a little bit more about that we’re fully inclusive which means from the minute the to purchase your tour with jet-set albany and everything is covered so everything from obviously accommodation on board the ship through to the touring that you’re going to do through to all of your meals to drinks with lunch and dinner and even shipping for the cruise staff as well as the local guides so that’s great peace of mind for you from the minute you pay in full for your trip you really can budget anything else you need is pretty much just what you want to shop for out and about when you’re in Europe and trust me there’s a lot to be shopping in and around those beautiful little German and Austrian towns now in apt as I said we’ve grown into being specialists in European river cruising and we were absolutely thrilled that last year we won Best River cruise ship winner from the cruise passenger magazine awards and also best river cruise operator at the National other NTIA the national tourism industry Awards as well as the cruise passenger awards so we’re thrilled to be acylated and not only with the quality of our ships but also that the service that we run you know up and down the rivers of Europe to ensure you have a fabulous holiday so what is river cruising you’ve probably had friends that have been on a river cruise throughout Europe you’ve probably seen ads you’ve you’ve talked to the Stafford Jets at Albany and it truly is a really great way to be able to travel Europe so this is a new phenomenon because up until 1994 the rivers in Europe didn’t meet which enabled cruising from Amsterdam all the way down to Budapest impossible however through the development of a series of locks and there are 64 locks that our cruisers go through from Budapest to Amsterdam and we are now able to link the Rhine along with the Danube and the main rivers throughout Europe so a fantastic phenomenal so what it means when you’re cruising is when you embark on your apt River cruise vessel you unpack once because your ship will become your home for the next 15 days our ships are all luxurious and they’re what we call a floating five-star hotel and I’m going to talk you through the facilities and the cabins Heights very very shortly now what it means by being onboard a ship as opposed to traveling throughout the motorways of Europe it means that the convenience is fabulous instead of being stuck on a motorway perhaps with traffic without fabulous scenery around you you’re actually being transported from one location to another seeing the sights pass you by sitting having lunch while that scenery is passing you by up on the sundeck with a glass of wine or are perhaps in the fireside library reading a book so the convenience is the ship pretty much dogs right up into the heart of the city in the majority of the towns we visit and you are there ready to explore that particular location and that particular village so incredibly convenient and maximizing your time when you’re on holiday in Europe I’ve already spoken about our fully inclusive pricing which means you can really budget from once you’ve paid your trip the only additional expenses will be shopping so what I’m going to talk you through now is just the two different class of river ships that apt has we have an aria class ship and a concerted class ship and I’m going to show you some various images of there’s two different vessels here and you can see a fabulous image there of one of our ships the armor Dante one of our area class so all of our ships growth area and concerto have fabulous dining room facilities now this is where you’ll spend a lot of your time because breakfast lunch and dinner is included on our magnificent Europe

trip so this is our main dining area where we have free seating so for breakfast lunch and you know you may choose who you wish to sit with which enables you to meet different people you know every day or you may wish to dine with certain friends you’re traveling with it’s the choice is totally up to you at breakfast you may choose from an a la carte menu or the buffet that’s up there depending on exactly what you feel like eating we have a three-course lunch which is our life card as well as a buffet if you prefer for lunch and beer soft drink and wine is included with lunch and then for dinner once again a three-course a la carte menu sometimes a 4 or 5 course I like our menu depending on the evening on the cruise once it’s sent drinks are included and what we really really are proud of is that we typify the local cuisine of the area that we’re cruising through so when you’re cruising through some local German towns on a particular day throughout the cruise we’ll make sure that the local delicacies of that region are on the rest of here I’ve been cooked in the kitchen and on the Allied cup menu for that day because you certainly couldn’t go through Austria without trying some apple strudel some goulash just like the locals do so that’s one of our public dining areas that we have we also have a fabulous lounge area as well if we just move to the next slide you’ll see that now this is our main lounge area so this is the common area for everybody where you can go to sit down have a pre-dinner drink where you may want to wish friends of them you may want to meet friends of mourning when we’re cruising the rivers to sit and play a deck of cards or of an evening this is where cruise director who is onboard will really talk you through what activities are planned for the following day and all the information you need to know a bit of history about the areas that we’re traveling through and this is also where our specialty talks and lectures are held as well now on many evenings throughout our magnificent Europe journey we also have onboard entertainment which is a local local talent from the particular area or country wherein they’ll actually come on board and perform for you all in the comfort of convenience of our spacious main lounge area now in this fan lounge area we also have a bar facility as well so throughout the course of the day you can certainly purchase drinks the coffee station is twenty-four hours and that’s free of charge for tea and coffee and biscuits but once again a very relaxed environment or your friendly bartender can make your favorite cocktail or pour your favorite wine outside of us meal times when drinks are all included it’s a very social area and also of an evening we have a piano player as well he’ll play some tunes as we’re cruising through the various locations now on our Aria class of ships we have an intimate rear lounge so this is an opportunity if you wanted to go somewhere quiet just to read a book and you you didn’t want to be in the main lounge area then we have this lounge at the rear of the ship that you may wish to sit in and you can see there’s fabulous glass windows so you’re never going to miss any beautiful scenery if we are cruising of a day and you choose to ivy in that rear lounge area and you can also order drinks from the bar from this lounge there’s a phone you can just pick it on up and bring through to the bar and that’s it we bring down your drinks order for you so once again a very relaxed convenient area and something a bit different to the big main lounge area now what we also have onboard all of our ships as part of our public areas is an observatory lounge now this is at the front of the ship and this once again gives you a fantastic panoramic views to sit and relax and watch the world go by as we’re cruising through the waterways of Europe now for your convenience all of our it’s both area and concerto class have a 24-hour reception so what this means is if you have any queries at any time of the day there is somebody always on hand there for you it also means on particular evenings we may be docked in a city or a little town and the ship might leave until later on or they might be docked there overnight so you then have the convenience if you wish I’ve after-dinner being able to go and explore but I not go for an evening straw and stroll grab yourself a coffee in the local Piazza in the local town center and really explore at your own leisure coming back to the ship which is open in the 24-hour reception is there along with the outer peace of mind of twenty-four hours security of course as well now the next shot we’re going to show you is one of the most underutilized rooms in all of the ship it is our fitness center how I say that because normally our guests are so busy exploring Europe and eating the fabulous five-star cuisine that we have onboard

that sometimes our fitness center doesn’t get the workout that it should but it is there should you wish you can see we have a solarium there and we have treadmills and we also have exercise bikes should you wish to – I want to do some exercise to get rid of the excess food you may have been eating or to get you geared up to go exploring those European towns one of the most utilized areas on our all of our ships is up at the top of the ship and that’s what we call the Sun Deck now this particular area here is extremely popular with our guests because it allows 360 degree views of the beautiful scenery as we cruise down the European waterways so most of the time when we are cruising if the weather is fine we’ll notice that the majority of our guests are up on board with their cameras so they can make sure they’re getting the shots of all the beautiful Ryan castles which you know some of the ruins date back over a thousand years and the commentary when the cruise director is talking through the history of the area and what everybody is seen on their left and right this commentary comes through on speakers up on the sundeck so you can be up there taking photos and hearing all about there’s beautiful attractions and also the beautiful scenery and also day-to-day life for that particular country that we’re traveling through you’ll notice there in the rear of this shot there’s also bicycles on there we provide free and included in in your tour our bikes so should you wish when you’re in a small town or in big cities you might want to take off on a couple of bikes and explore at your own leisure that’s certainly something for you to do there’s a wonderful stretch of river between between milk and durnstein and that’s a fantastic little stretch it’s back 30 kilometers a fantastic stretch to be able to cycle along the river as well and most of the time the cyclists sometimes get there before the ship particularly if they’ve been in the fitness center riding along the river but once again a beautiful way to explore the back out valley at that particular part of austria now we’ve also got various areas of our ships here other public areas and that is of course the massage hair and beauty shop salon which is onboard all of our ships should you wish to wanna get your hair done every couple of days should you wish to want to have a manicure pedicure or a massage or even your makeup done that’s all on board there and you can just book in there without beauty salon reward now we have two classes of ships as I’ve mentioned the Aria class and the concerto class so we really do pride ourselves on the fact that we have choice and that we have something for every one of our clients so I can show those ships have all of the features I’ve currently talked about plus more so the first of those is the exclusive twin balcony concept which I’ll show you some images all very very shortly they also have the larger Suites on Europe rivers and we have a few more dining experiences available on these ships because they’re larger and 135 metres we’ve been able to truly maximize the public area spaces so I’ll talk you through these additional benefits of the concerto class ship now so the first is the fireside live now this particular area here is just once again a small intimate area should you want to sit down with a coffee with a drink with a book with your itinerary a very relaxed area they’re sort of away from the main public meeting area so that’s there for you and that’s available on the concerto class of ship also on our concern our class ships is the wine bar area now this once again is a very informal area which some of our clients choose every now and then to have lunch there as well rather than sitting in the formal main dining area so once again it’s all about choice and we have different areas to choose from depending what out this would like we also have on our consider class of ships a fine dining experience called the 11s restaurant now this is where up to 24 guests can dine of an evening and every guests on board are concerto ships can book into this restaurant at least twice throughout their answer down to Budapest 15 day cruise with apt now it’s a dica station menu and our guests get to try various different preparations from the chef also while the chefs are preparing the meal behind glass so it’s very interactive and the guests can see the chef’s preparing the Magnificent degustation menu that they’re going to enjoy that evening so that’s our alertness restaurant included in the price for up to two times throughout your journey and once again exclusive to apt and it’s also our Concerto style classes of ships now with our concerted

ships we also have buckle service which is available and this is on our twin balcony and above cabins and our owners suites this is where included in the price we also have a butler available for clients to be able to have on hand to do some ironing for them should they wish to be able to bring in drinks to the cabin should they wish or anything at all that they may wish to to have they have their own personal Butler also on board I can share a ship’s involved the Sun Deck we have a fabulous swimming pool so the area classes have hot tub onboard the sundeck and the concerns iCLASS have this swimming pool particularly throughout the summer months after touring in the little town such a visiting fantastic to take a dip as you can see there with the beautiful European houses and just in the distance there I’ll tell you what that’s what you call a holiday fantastic all right so what I’m going to do now is I’m going to talk you through the various different suite categories because as I said we have a really large choice to truly ensure what needs our clients want we have them all covered so with all of our Suites we have greater interior floor space we have a choice of both armored private balconies which I’ll show you a shot of in a moment as well as the twin balcony concept we also have sitting areas with tables and chairs none of our Suites located above the engine will use fantastic linen on all of our beds Egyptian linen and duvets we call them dreamed it says so comfortable in all of our Suites we have an infotainment system and it’s allows free internet access from the privacy and convenience of your room and we also have all the english-speaking news channels as well like CNN and BBC so you can always keep up to date with what’s happening elsewhere in the world and we have a selection of movies as well should you wish to just want to relax one night or one afternoon while we’re cruising from the comfort of your own room all of that once we’d have deluxe toiletries we even have a pillow menu all our Suites had hair dryers fantastic fluffy bathrobes and slippers and also a personalized climate control for the air conditioning and the heating in your room as well so it really is your own private hotel room so I’m going to show you a shot of the interior of all of our cabin categories so starting with our leading cabin so this is our twin windows suite so this is located on the lower level we have three levels on our ship this is located on the lower level of our ship and you could see here there’s the the rooms are all the same size as the higher categories but it is a leading cabin you have the two windows rather than having about an external balcony or an armored private balcony with a sliding door but a really fantastic cabin still the same size as those other categories but I’m fantastically priced and a question I get a lot of is are you underwater so if you imagine if you’re standing in the cabin and you’re standing next to the window the water would really be at most people’s weight waist height so the water does not come anywhere above those windows it really is waist height so you’re not underwater but certainly the first half is underwater but certainly the windows so a great option should you wish to look at eluding cabin categories then we move up to armored private balcony suite which is the next category that we have here where you can see the room size is the same but the difference is that we have an armored private balcony now this means instead of putting an external balcony on the cabin which is going to minimize the internal floor space we’ve put the balcony on the inside so we’ve maximized the space you can see but we’ve still got this fantastic sliding doors that open up so it’s likely what the balcony has come into you and you can still watch Europe glide on past the Europe waterway is very restrictive on widths the cost of the 64 locks that have been built that I spoke about earlier and you can physically only build a ship so wide because otherwise they’re not going to fit into the locks so the armored private balconies suites really maximize the space by still having this armored private balcony rather than having an external balcony which minimizes the room space and that’s on all of our category C and B cabins on all of our ships now on the concerto class of ships we also have another category this is what’s called our twin balconies suite now this is a unique design too apt you can see here the rooms are larger so what that has enabled us to do because we’re still only have

one week that we are allowed to build to because of the restrictions we’ve got an armored private balcony so the French balcony concept on the left-hand side that you can see which maximizes the space of the room but then we’ve also have an external balcony as well so the best of both worlds and the Suites are larger than your typical European river cruising the Suites so a fantastic new addition a couple of years ago to the apt fleet and certain very popular options now depending on your budget and depending on your choice we then also have owners suites which are once again two twin balcony concept but you can see they’re extremely large so our owners suites go up to 350 square feet and I should mention that our cabins range from that first shot that I showed you with the twin window concept at 170 square feet through to the twin balcony suites of 235 and then going up to those owners Suites the 350 square feet so lots of choices for you to research to talk to your consultants about and to decide what’s really right for you to not only fit in with your pricing guidelines but also to fit in with exactly the experience that you personally would like from your European River cruise experience and with our owner’s suite is also a larger ensuite all about cabins have private ensuite and you can see there just the size of the owner’s suite ensuite there with a full bath as well I think that’s bigger than my bathroom at home that’s a fabulous fabulous ensuite all right so that’s all the cabin categories and the various different types and lots of choice there we also have choice in our dining experiences now I showed you the wine bar earlier so that’s a choice for a casual evenings dinner with our main dining room and that’s split into two it’s the ver day fine dining restaurant and then there’s also the option of having an Italian meal in the Bella Kachina located in the main dining room we have the 11 s chef’s restaurant which was the degustation menu and that very intimate up to 24 guests being able to be served in that area we have casual dining available in the lounge if you just feel one munch or one dinner that I really don’t want a full sit-down meal with you know three or four course meal then there is casual options available as well and then weather permitting throughout summer a fantastic new idea that we introduced a couple of years ago with alfresco dining on the Sun lamb chop on the Sun Deck so when the weather’s lovely sometimes we’ll have a barbecue up there and we’ll have al fresco dining as well we cruise down Europe’s waterways there is also room service for breakfast and dinner available on certain room categories and cabin categories as well so once again the choice is yours one thing that is for certain is you certainly won’t go hungry the food on board the ships is absolutely magnificent all five-star dining and a wonderful range of choice for you and I must mention all dietary requirements and diets are covered for as well all right so let’s just get into a little bit about inclusions I mentioned that apt River Cruises are all included and it’s what we call guaranteed inclusions so we make sure whatever you choose to do that is available to you and this is all included in your tour price so the first of these which is included is of course at mealtimes is all of your meals are included as well as complimentary wine BR and soft drink with your lunch and with your dinner and we also have champagne available at breakfast as well should you wish to have a glass of sparkling with either your eggs benedict or with your omelets or with your bacon and eggs or our perhaps with your Rushdie a typical European potato dish that a lot of Europeans have a breakfast so that’s all included with your tulip rice and your crews price now many Australians get a little confused when their travel about tipping tipping is a part of life throughout many many countries of the world and that’s how people who work in the service industries actually earn their wage so that’s quite a unique concept for us is that compulsory tipping so what we do at apt is we ensure we include all tipping for not only crew staff but also local guides and we include that in your tour price so what that means is you don’t have to worry when you’re over there all about who to tip and how much to tip and what’s appropriate we take care of all of that for you so that’s a pretty much peace of mind for you now on all of our sailings all of our apt platinum series sailings we have an apt cruise director on board now they’re there for you to make sure you have all the relevant information you need to know about what’s happening throughout

the course of the cruise they’re also there to provide history lectures culture lectures of what happens in the countries we’re traveling through commentary on what we might be cruising past and they’re also there to ensure the smooth running of your cruise and your tour so they’re there for any questions at all and they’re very very experienced and they truly are the best of the best it’s for a lot of our clients the highlight of their cruise or one of the highlights is certainly the service that they’re a phd cruise director board and how the cruise director enhance their holiday and their cruise for them because no question is there the to bigger question if our cruise directors don’t know they’ll certainly find out the answer for you so very very important to us to ensure that the ninety eight percent customer satisfaction that we have on all of our European river cruises stays that way so what we do include as well is airport transfers so if you’re flying in on the first and the last day that a cruise leaves and then arrives into a port then we’ll make sure that we include and organize for you transfers from the airport to the ship and then at the end of your cruise from the ship out to your Airport and the apt cruise director takes care of all of those details all we need to know which we’ll know at the time of your booking is exactly what flights you’re on and we’ll organize all of that for you now a petty pride themselves on being the best of the best and truly providing five-star fully inclusive cruising and cheering options for our clients so when we have our Europe River cruise experience we have our fantastic five-star floating hotel on our and then we also have the opportunity to extend in various cities or to do some small group land touring with us at the beginning or the end of your cruise so we make sure any hotels that we stay in on the land component of that tours the best hotels in the best locations for that particular town you can see here the beautiful hotel there is the Fairmont in Monte Carlo so an absolutely iconic destination there it’s located right next to the famous Grand Casino and Laos casino and located only a hop skip and a jump from the famous Monaco Palace I’ve had the pleasure of being able to stay in that hotel and it truly felt like lifestyles of the rich and famous beautiful hotel in a fabulous location with truly wonderful service and staff and that’s just typical of one of many many hotels that I paid to cherry-pick for their land program in conjunction with a European river cruise what opt also ensure that we include as well as fantastic hotels on pre and post touring is we have a concept that’s called a freedom of choice concept and a freedom of choice cheering so we understand that these days clients really want to tailor make their own cruising and holiday experience for themselves although they’re part of a group to earth they really want to have the choice to be able to do a range of options that are fully included in their to a price so this is the freedom of choice touring concept so no extra cost no optionals or any need to put your hand in your pocket once you get over to Europe but our cruise director will advise you in various cities or towns what touring options are available for you and then you can determine exactly what you would like to do in that particular town so once again all included in your price of your cruise and your tour and truly tailor makes your experience just for you now food which I’ve mentioned as well we have all meals included as well as drinks with lunch and with dinner in addition on our European River cruise we also include in Vienna on our two night stay a dine around dinner now this concept is like the freedom of choice Turing is where we will give you a range of options for restaurants for dining that night you get to choose which one you may wish to go to you might want to do something casual something fine dining something really typical to the local region or to Vienna in this case on the cruise so it’s all included in your prize we pick up the tab for you so once again just making your experience truly individual for you so that’s our dine around in a concept and that is also incorporated on many of our European Touring both before and after your magnificent cruise now in Europe there are some things that you just must have to do the must-sees so we don’t give you an option on those because you have to see them it would be nothing to go to Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower and there’s iconic destinations to go to Budapest and not see the famous Budapest Opera House so this is what we call signature experiences that we make sure

everybody on board the cruise that we ensure that you see that attraction or you experience that must-do experience in that particular town and the city instrumental to the fantastic running of our cruises and tours and not only our cruise directors but also our local guides so on at our magnificent Europe cruise when we pull up to perhaps Doon Stein perhaps Regensburg they had smelled any of the fantastic little towns or bigger cities like Amsterdam Budapest or Vienna that we make sure we have a local from that area there we have many locals because we break up into about groups of no more than 20 so we have a number of local guides there who take up to 20 of our guests each and then really show them around their own backyard because nobody knows a town a village or a city of course like a local so they can tell you the history of that area what you’re looking at what’s famous to eat there what the locals do on their weekend what the school systems like what the standard of living is and they’re truly able to answer any other question that you may have about that particular part of Europe so it’s not just seeing Europe it’s really immersing yourself in the day-to-day life and the day-to-day running our so that all of these excursions are all included and tipping for there’s local guides is all included and the feedback we get about our local guides is absolutely phenomenal and they’ll really enhance your touring and cruising experience now I mentioned earlier with the main lounge area but quite often in certain towns or cities we’ll bring the entertainment to you so included on the cruise is we’ll have onboard entertainment some nights and you can see here this is some locals in Vienna playing the violin and the guitars singing all of the local folklore shows we have dancing concerts we have cooking lessons you name it one of the cruises I went on we had beer tasting when we were going through certain parts of Germany that were famous for their their hops and their beer we do wine tasting all of this is done onboard and it truly is a way to immerse yourself in the local culture we also have a lot of guest lecturers come on board as well and really to give an insight into the history or about their country or the politics or the economic situation various different topics which I guess can go along too free of charge and listen to this particular guest lecturers and this once again really enhances your experience that immersing yourself in in what Europe is all about I mentioned the bicycles and this shot this next shot here is a couple of our guests deciding to see the particular town of Regensburg by themselves so they’ve grabbed a couple of the bikes that are included and and their self exploring there so that’s an option for you particularly those who feel they might want a bit of exercise don’t want to hit the gym but might want to get out and about and explore those back streets they’re all on board for you as well now everything that I’ve just spoken about the freedom of choice during the bikes the meals the chipping the drinks with lunch and dinner these signature experiences everything I’ve gone through and presentation is all part of our apt platinum series now these are our Platinum cruisers which make up the bulk of all of our answer dam to Budapest cruising throughout the year a cruising season in Europe all the main departure so we started March we cruised through much there’s a few other patches in April but we work around the locks closing so we certainly don’t run tours when the clocks are closed the locks are closed for maintenance then we gear up again in May and the season goes right through to December to include all of the fabulous Christmas markets that start at the end of November and through December so it’s almost a 12 month cruising pretty much for March all the way through to December and our Platinum Series fully inclusive cruising run all throughout those seasons so just to give you an indication I’ve spoken a lot about the 15 day magnificent Europe cruise so here is a map of this particular cruise so we do both directions so you’ll see out the top in the left here that we fly into Amsterdam there is an opportunity to do a Paris city stay first for three nights and then train up to Amsterdam we then do our 15 day or 14 night cruise and you can see there we head down from Amsterdam through Cologne to do some pass düsseldorf to then all the fabulous little German and Austrian towns of rudesheim vert I’m rothenburg verts but bamberd Nuremberg Regensburg each of this town has their own charm many of them are medieval towns cobblestone streets you can smell chestnuts roasting throughout the cooler

months you can see the locals in summer sitting out enjoying a nice spritzer wine or enjoying one of the local beers throughout the summer each of them all have their own unique feel about them and all are just incredibly quaint and charming to go explore and the beauty of those little towns is for the majority of them as ships arrival to dock right in the center of town because these towns are all located on the fabulous rivers of Europe we then head down through the bigger cities of Nuremberg we make our way through Austria and the great cities of Passau rents and milk the little towns there we visit melk abbey as part of the signature inclusion we head down to the grape grape growing region that was difficult to say of the vac our Valley in durnstein and then we head down to the bustling cities of Vienna Bratislava and finishing a Budapest now that’s the core itinerary and our most popular 15 day magnificent Europe so you can add Paris to that you can also add Prague after the end of the cruise after going to put a pest and we include 3 nights it is same pride and you can also do the reverse direction as well now an apt highlight for this year for 2012 is we are now staying two nights in Vienna and I mentioned about add dine around dinner option earlier there’s truly a lot of time to really get out and explore Vienna not only the city sites but of course the fabulous Versailles Palace that Maria Theresia of the Habsburg Empire was famous for with all of its wonderful grounds if you’ve seen sorry I said besides you’ve seen Versailles we head out to schönbrunn Palace which is located in Vienna that’s the Viennese equivalent to to Versailles and so lots to see into in Vienna a truly truly fabulous fabulous city somewhere called spend two nights there to give you the opportunity to really explore a signature experience that we do when we were in Germany is we also do beer tasting as well we go to the bamberg beer house and you can see there it looks like a large beer but trust me in Germany that’s what all the locals dream that’s called a stein and it’s one liter of beer now the beer in Germany doesn’t have as much artificial additives as it does here so the locals proclaim it’s a lot easier to drink I might let you be the test of that that still looks like what it be to me another signature experience that we do so these other must-see the must-see experiences in a particular town is when wearing kids Ingram so up in Germany this is where the wine tasting comes in and we do event has like wine tasting of the local produce that’s all included with the locals up there in kids Ingham another signature experience that we do is vert I’m castle so we’ve just got a shot coming up off the fabulous vert I’m castle will take you through there you can see they’re steeped in history over a thousand years old and local guides will take you through all the stories and the history and how that castle came to be and I’m sure that castle and the inhabitants over the years have seen see lots of them interesting things happen along the Rhine River and the main river and we include a glass of sect which is the local drink invar time whilst you’re touring that castle something else be include is to put a pest state opera house and this is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever been into I mean is absolutely all night is this particular Opera House we’re not only – with the Opera House and have a guided tour well then have a private recital whilst we have a glass of sparkling and it really is you can see a performer up the top of the steps there a really unique and memorable experience so once again something very special and something that’s included on every one of our cruises the freedom of choices concept that I spoke to you about with touring I’ll just run you through a couple of examples here on freedom of choice so for example the time that we’re cruising through pass our and Leeds which is when we in Austria this is where we give you the choice we won’t say we’re going to take you to cells bird mr. day well we appreciate that our guests have different you know likes and dislikes and also something that one guests may want to do another may not want to so we give you the choice to choose between going to the Czech Republic for a full day – up at cesky krumlov the wonderful medieval town national listed really beautiful and an opportunity to experience the countryside of the Czech Republic as well so that’s an option there’s also a guided bicycle tour between pasar and loons through the back our valley so that might be an option for those that outdoorsy and want to get a bit of exercise and see the local scenery

firsthand all we also offer a to accrues an apple strudel demonstration so you can cruise from Posche Outer Limits and also learn how to make fabulous apple strudels so for those that may just wish to kick back and take it easy for the day that’s a great option for them and then another full day to art that we offer is to head down to Salzburg which is like had about three hour drive from where the ship is docked inland and this is of course made famous so not only by Mozart but also by The Sound of Music which was filmed in and around Salzburg so truly truly spectacular little town nestled in amongst the Austrian Alps little cobblestone streets fantastic shopping and the mirabell gardens and steeped with some great history and stories of Mozart’s life so that could be that might be an option you get to choose all included in your tour price as a freedom of choice option now I mentioned before we went through the main cruise Amsterdam to put a pest here’s a little map of those city-state options so Paris and Prague three nights either way you might wanna start in Paris for three nights train up to an stir damn do the mag you’re a cruise for fifteen days and then two or three nights to do the same Prague or the other way around this is our most popular cruise and we have more departures on this particular itinerary than anybody else at all so this is our most popular if you’re going to go all the way over there a lot of our clients think what I’d love to see paradise I’ve obviously Prague so let’s just extend before or after now speaking of the Train if you do decide to do a Paris city option either before or after your cruise we’re thrilled that for this year 2012 we’re able to op to offer not to coach from Paris to Amsterdam because that’s a full day and the scenery it’s not that exciting what we do is we’ll train you up on the Telus train now what this means it gives you approximately an extra six hours in Amsterdam to explore so the trip up there is only three hours as opposed to a day trip it all your luggage is taken care of from when you leave it outside your room in Paris we’ll make sure that it then gets transported up to Amsterdam and will then be in your cabin or your suite when you arrive on board the ship so that’s a fantastic addition for us this year’s something that we’re thrilled with and we know that our guests will be as well because making sure you get an extra six hours announced today so there we are three hours and 18 minutes from Paris to Amsterdam and there’s it’s no checking no waiting and we make sure we get you up two words today which is absolutely fantastic and you get to experience and one of the fast trains throughout Europe that Europe is famous for the Telus train all right so as far as signature experiences go we just have a couple I just want to move through for you on and some examples on these cities days is in Paris we do a fantastic River cruise on the Seine River and we also do a night tour and illuminations two up all included so of course you see all of the icons that you need to be seen the Eiffel Tower the shomsul is there the other three off to head up the same and Sinatra down always up by night Paris is one of the most magnificent and beautiful cities in the world and it really comes alive of a light with all of the fabulous lights on it so we’ll make sure we do a tour for you that includes all of those highlights also when we’re in Paris if you choose to do a city today we have freedom of choice touring once again where you can choose between a city sightseeing tour so this is during the day in addition to the illuminations to it or you may have been to Paris a few times seeing all the main sights and you might think I’d love to do something specialized and culinary so we offer a French cooling past because a French of course are known for their gastronomical delights or you might be right into your photography or want to be this is particularly popular at the beginning of the cruise if you’re doing Paris first up because you’ll get some fantastic hints on what not what true and what not to be doing when you’re taking your photos throughout the rest of the cruise all for those who you know may have not have interesting cooking Photography you’ve been to Paris a few times we’ve got an a day excursion out to javonni so adding to the French countryside to see the beautiful gardens that are located at it rejuvenate so once again lots of choices and up to you to choose what exactly suits your taste fests and then the last signature experience that I just wanted to talk through it was just fun we’re in Prague so for those of you that think I’m going to go to Paris I would like to do this cruise I would love to finish the magnificent Europe cruise with a three

night stay in Prague so what we do is we include a private tour of our mugs very very famous Art Nouveau municipal house so the architecture in here is absolutely mind-blowing a really interesting place to go through and visit so we make sure that we include it on all of our part extensions so the next itinerary that we have here we’re just going to flick through to now and this is a new cruise for us for apt for 2012 so I’ve talked a lot about the Amsterdam to Budapest magnificent Europe cruise we’re thrilled to be able to offer a new itinerary so for a lot of our clients that have already done that magnificent Europe loved the concept of river cruising would like to see something a bit different or for those first time travelers that France may be right up their alley and they’ve got to cruise their own first so we’re thrilled with this itinerary so this is a three night city stay in Paris or you may just wish to join the cruise in Amsterdam so it’s a seventh night cruise from ads to them all the way down to Basel in Switzerland or in Switzerland we then coach you so we use two ships on this itinerary we cruise seven nights on the Armagh cello which is an aria class ship we’ll then coach through Switzerland for a few hours to get to through to France and to go to loses on and then we will board another area class ship the arm Adagio and we’ll sail from Leon all the way down to are in the South of France so through Provence made famous by Vincent van Gogh and the impressionist artists and a truly really magical part of the world and then we finish with a three-night Cities day in either Monte Carlo at that beautiful Fairmont Hotel we just saw a image of or in Barcelona your choice so that’s new for this year seven night Amsterdam through two through the Netherlands through Germany down to Switzerland and then another seven night crews from Leon in France all the way through Provence and all the way through Vincent van Gogh country and Avignon and all those gorgeous medieval hilltop towns in France down to ours with Monte Carlo Barcelona artillery we’re very very excited about which has been selling exceptionally well for 2012 we’re just going to move on now to some other options obviously the Rhine Rhone and Moselle rivers this is that cruise I just spoke you through and you can see there there’s some of the three most beautiful rivers and that’s a new itinerary that’s out and then we also have some other options around as well with this particular itinerary in Monaco if you’re doing a city stay on the Rhine in the Rhone and what we include is a private tour of the Prince of Monaco Prince Albert’s private car collection so we include city tours stay at the Fairmont as well as this fantastic new signature experience and you can see the accommodation as I’ve already mentioned a couple of times at the Fairmont is absolutely outstanding it’s lifestyles of the rich and famous it is where the rich go to play it’s nothing to walk out the front of the hotel and see Lamborghinis and to see Maseratis and and money just for ripping not only from the locals but a lot of the visitors being a tax haven of course Monte Carlo certainly attracts you know a lot of very affluent Shiell people great people watching The Fairmont I should say it’s also located right on the Grand Prix track which in May every year the famous Montecarlo Grand Prix so the hairpin Bend the Fairmont went to Carlo is located right opposite the hairpin Bend of the bond Prix alright so another itinerary here I mentioned a Barcelona City stay so in we once again stated fantastic five-star properties and we do a three-night so this is where you can start or end in Barcelona go up to owls do the Rhine and road from Cruz is seven nights and seven nights finish in Amsterdam and then head down to Paris so are lots of options there with lots of choices for you as well in Barcelona we include city tours of course you see all the famous Gaudi structures that an architecture that Barcelona’s famous for we head up to module kill you see the image just here and that’s where the 1992 Barcelona Olympics were held so I know I remember that that’s showing that’s showing my age but those Olympics really put Barcelona on the neck and the swimming complex is up there of course the main auditorium the Barcelona Olympic parks located up there and you also get majestic views of Barcelona from at the top and what’s your cue accommodation as I mentioned like everywhere else is we choose the best hotels in the best location and in Barcelona we stay at the

fabulous five-star in the Meridian hotel extremely centrally located right near La Robles which is the main hub and like it’s the shots Alizee of Barcelona so fantastic city with a definite vibe to it Barcelona is a wonderful place to visit now as well as the cruising options that we have gone through we also have a lot of different land journeys now you can add these to your cruise component should you wish to go further afield perhaps to you know the countries that don’t have rivers we can’t cruise down we certainly make sure that we have options there for you should you wish to explore a little further inland all of our land journeys are small groups the average grid size is around the 25 to 30 mark we say 5-star hotels and we include all of the concepts that makes our cruising so popular the signature experiences the freedom of choice touring and the diner and dinners so some examples that the land journeys that we do is we do Turkey and in particular we do Anzac and that they will do a dawn service incorporating Turkey as well so you can do the map your cruise and then head down to truly see but it’s a really memorable part of Turkey and Anzac Cove and you see there Turkey that’s a fabulous Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and we offer some great options in and around Istanbul and around Turkey we also offer french extensions as well so if you just didn’t want to do a pair of cities today you really wanted to go further afield before or after your cruise then we have some fantastic options to travel throughout France into some of those wonderful little French villages and really explore the wonderful countryside so like sent my law Chartres is Versailles JaVale and all in and around Paris so great options there for you as well other land journeys and other opportunities that you may wish to have a look at is of course Spain and Portugal so once again you might not just want to do Barcelona you might want to go really inland and see exactly what Spain and Portugal Spain is for so we offer that as well for you heading right through to Madrid all the way to Marbella Grenada and Barcelona and if you choose port school we’ve got some great news about options or Italy might be more your style I know it certainly is mine there’s a great shot there of the Cinque Terre a which is located just on the western coast of Florence up from between Florence and Genoa all of these fabulous little towns perched on a cliff there’s five towns that’s it’s called Cinque Terre and it really is a beautiful beautiful part of the world so we offer Italy we offer Cinque Terre and of course and the fabulous cities of Rome of Florence or Venice all the highlights and we even head right down to the Amalfi Coast down to Sorrento as well so lots of options there for you to possibly have a look at that’s not all we also offer fabulous wits islands this is becoming more and more popular and cities we include here is you never more through the net and the view for Lake Como and st. Moritz Lucerne Munich and glass and then we head up to join our magnificent Europe cruise it’s a great options there she’ll be able to have a look into as well – the beautiful scenery that is Switzerland and that shot there is is just one of many that you’ll see of the beautiful landscape of Switzerland but that’s not all another land journey that’s been really popular the last probably about the last four years now is Eastern Europe so Eastern Europe land extension includes all those wonderful cities like Berlin steeped in history particularly in our modern history since the fall of the Berlin Wall not only just over 20 years ago now this whole areas really opened up a crowd favorite for our clients so we go to Berlin we go to Warsaw Krakow and we also include two nights in Prague there as well and this can be added on prior to do any magnificent Europe cruise so certainly one I’m one of many that I’d certainly suggest that you have a look in and talk to your consultant about and then just before we finish there are special events as well so I’ve spoken it out all about you know throughout the year cruising and land touring that we option we offer but sometimes there’s certain events that we create cruising around as well Andrzej Brewer live in Vienna it’s been very popular if you’re an Andre fan we release each year cruisers that are in town in Vienna and also in Maastricht which is Andres hometown to be able to go and see an Andre Royo concert and so watch out for those if you’re a golfing enthusiast we

run a golfing program each year as well which not only incorporates the magnificent Europe cruise about what it does is ensures that visits and key golf clubs and golf courses in Europe as well and include some rounds of golf in there so watch out for that wasn’t enquire about that and as I mentioned earlier from late November Europe comes alive with the fabulous famous Christmas markets so even if you’ve experienced European summer going back to experience your River cruise in winter is a truly different experience there’s not as many people so that’s fabulous but then you’re also go into there’s wonderful markets with the Christmas lights Christmas decorations smelling chestnuts you know drinking glühwein wine and I had a friend just come back last month from doing a winter cruise and she’s done a couple of summer and just could not believe the difference and what the different experience doing the same cruise she truly loved it being seeing all those Christmas lights and I know myself the new embed market to the famous my favorite they’re very famous markets and they’ve seen nothing like it they’re absolutely beautiful so you need to take your shopping money that day because you’ll certainly be if you’re on a Christmas market cruise there’s certainly lots of little trinkets and and souvenirs and also Christmas presents you can buy all right look just before we wrap up I know there’s probably many of you that may have traveled with apte before and thank you very much for sitting through a presentation it probably brought back a lot of memories for you if you’ve done over the cruise or you may have done Canada with us you may have done them some of our newer product like Vietnam or South America or you may have done New Zealand or Australia with us every time you or the minute you do an apt cruise that you booked through your consultant you automatically become an au pair tech club member now what this means is that you’re entitled to benefits because you’re traveled with us before so it means when you next book with your consultant for your next cruise oil next to earth you’ll automatically get free home to airport transfers if you live within 40 minutes of the airport now I know many of you in Wi that’s not the case so what we do is we give you $100 credit per person towards your booking if you’re not going to be able to you know have that 40 kilometer transfer to the airport so that’s a benefit there also have certain exclusive offers through the year that are available just to our members so as a consultant when you’re next inquiring all about that and you also have the ability on certain itineraries to be earning travel cash that can be redeemed for discounts on future trips so lots of benefits as a thank you to coming back to apt once again for your next cruising holiday so that pretty much wraps up our presentation today thank you very much for listening I just like to finish up by saying that river cruising has become incredibly popular this year a PhD will have a fleet of ten ships on Europe’s waterways cruising pretty solidly from March all the way through to December so this is testament of how popular the phenomenon has become so I think it’s an area you really need to look into if you really like the option of unpacking once if you like five-star all-inclusive that you really like the luxuries on a holiday but you also want a bit of freedom to not just be on a group tool but want to be able to do your own thing River cruising is for you a floating hotel through exotic and beautiful locations with the opportunity to be able to tailor make various touring and cruising options exactly to what you need so I recommend you look into it thank you so much for listening and any questions please make sure you refer them to your consultant prior to making your decision thank you