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happy Thursday and a happy road trip morning to you we me and this one where’s the end there see you he’s right there are taking off we’re heading to Missouri this morning it is 530 been up since four five thirty it’s 530 to leave at five yeah well I tell her five because I was really planning on six and we might make it we still have a little packing to do we’re getting ready it’s early it’s weird though and I feel like I talked about this last time we were on a road trip like during the week I have to wake up I still got up like two and a half hours earlier than I normally do on a weekday and usually those mornings I’m like no I’m too tired this is not happening but this morning i woke up at four and it took me like a minute or so I’m like all right let’s do this okay it’s just all about what you’re getting up for seems to be the difference anyway I’ve got to go pack and this one looks lost like she’s trying to get a bunch of stuff ready or something I don’t know and this guy starting to freak out cuz he knows we’re going somewhere but he doesn’t know he’s going with us so he thinks we’re leaving him so he tends to get real whiny whenever we start loading up the car which is usually why we kind of save it for the last minute the least whining cuz he gets super excited when you realizes he gets to go you’re going with us man you’re going with us but you never know that I can tell you that and you won’t believe me until we take you out there I can’t see this I can’t say the caar work as he knows and then he’ll get excited and a mad that we’re not leaving so anyway a lot of stuff to do see you in the car and we’re off in the car packed up ready to go vazi is lucas’s copilot and it’s pretty cute what did you see the time no six o’clock we wait for it look look six o’clock we are in the car technically we’re still in the parking lot because I’m I gotta get the GPS going and everything and we had to do a little car swapping in our parking spot but we’re in the car like we’ve moved and in a six o’clock the trip has officially begun and we did it good job babe high-five proud of you okay well onward we go but we are four and a half five hours into our trip now we are in lake havasu city arizona we’ve left California this is technically our second stop but our first one although it was supposed to be a short one we accidentally spent 40 minutes to me 40 minutes out of loves that was my bad I don’t I just every time I come into one of these places the word yes he were there we go yeah see where we’re at another truck stop I just can’t help but like looking around and having fun and you know that’s half the fun of a road trip is getting off the road and messing around and having fun these two have been in the back seat the whole time they have more room yeah he’s been sleeping as has she but anyway all right well gassing up walk the dog its back on the road well we are stopped on the side of the road nothing like terrible happens like our tires or anything like that but we did get stopped by a cop I don’t know if you can see what’s going on back but not not because of speeding or anything like that which I’m kind of surprised about it’s because apparently in the state of Arizona you’re not allowed to have anything on your windshield and we had a GPS and Luke’s had his phone up on the windshield and apparently that’s legal here we had no idea and he knows were from out of town so he knew we didn’t have any idea and he said it’s not a new thing he would give a ticket for just so we are aware of what the laws here which obviously we want to follow the laws wherever we are so he actually made Lucas get out of the car to sign paperwork which I’m surprised about I didn’t think they usually let people get out of their cars back talking tech huh signing paperwork oh poor lucas though i think he thought he was like in trouble for speeding or something and the cop let us go actually a really long waist like we drove by and you saw the cop that got out on the road and really go no and then um like we would have really long ways but I mean we saw the cop he was there you know just following us for a long time and then then finally he pulled us over but

crazy stuff crazy stuff it seems like we always the last time we made this trip we got stopped in Arizona to Arizona just doesn’t like like it oh goodness all right back on the road mr. rule breaker lawbreaker telling you man Arizona does not like me last time coming home on that on that was at the Christmas trip yeah I got pulled over in Arizona at that time I was going over the speed limit but both times i’ve got in the morning so thank goodness well there’s another cop is that a club yeah careful I know you pulled over gas so Tom going to none Vanessa are you were you shaking oh whoa i was getting some like the shaky like I mean yes and no I mean obviously I did something wrong even though I didn’t realize I did something wrong yeah I mean even when you see a cop on the side of the road I get shaky everybody does right and I’m not the only one who liked their legs start to feel like jello and they’re like oh man it’s always hard to drive from me after you’re pulled over not that I get pulled over a lot it’s always one of those things are like I can’t drive hey I tell my you’ve gotten pulled over for like a moving violation like speedy or or switching planes recklessly or something like that then I would be a little like uneasy about driving because I basically got told you’re driving wrong right what I did in do I sound funny can you guys hear the vibrations and my voice I get it sound like a robot hi my name is Chelsea I would be a personal robot what can I help you with you’re such a nerd I am using this little back pillow thing that has a vibrator on it because my back of XOR but the good news is we are more than halfway there yeah yes than halfway he will not halfway there but halfway to where we’re stopping which is halfway to where we are going because we are I don’t know if Lucas told you we’re making this trip into two days or breaking it up so it’s not so crazy and long and crazy that’s just crazy guy so far has driven the mall time and I will probably drive today or even tomorrow probably even tomorrow I’m so spoiled I just sleep this morning in the car just leave yet I’m spoiled but he does it for his own safety as well it’s true because nobody wants me to drive nobody and if even if she did drive I wouldn’t rest I would just be too nervous scared I’m not that bad just not that good snow there’s snow on the ground haven’t seen that all winter for us at least crazy we must be in the mountains forget about Flagstaff Arizona well we made it to Flagstaff and we’re taking bazi to playing some snow maybe he looks like he just wants to play in the parking lot he’s a walk yeah there’s a lot of snow around here but it actually feels really good at least in the Sun it’s probably I mean it’s like what 60 here but it feels really good I kind of want to just stand here and take a nap but that probably won’t go over well so I guess we’ll let this guy do his business oh he’s doing it oh sorry about that and then back in the car we’ve got like probably one more stop halfway between here in our destination for the evening so we’re making pretty good time making pretty good time I’m getting tired i think i can make it though challenging myself I can do it Oh

gross so I was gonna get him playing in the snow and then he poops man I don’t have very good baazi filming timing every time I put the camera on him he goes to the bathroom maybe he like gets stage fright soils himself any time a camera gets pointed at him but at least he played in the snow congratulations Bobby so fast you just jumped into Lucas’s lap because this always let’s buzz sit on his lap and he rolls down the window where I don’t always draw on the window because it’s kind of annoying and plus we’re on a highway driving really fast are you going to do it if we wants to you with one of them buddy yeah road trip road trip 62 Angie’s done couldn’t take it anymore nobody did pretty good you take you lasted a lot longer than I thought he would yeah it usually gives up pretty fast when we hit the freeway now you’re gonna come back to me is that which one day one of driving is over we are at our hotel the sky drove the whole time did a great job although you got pulled over I did and you drove us to the wrong hotel I did it wrong hotel but in my defense when we were looking it up uh it showed the address of the hotel yeah and then we clicked on and on the phone to like check the details and it showed the address so i put that address in our GPS then we booked it but apparently it booked us at the other hotel that is this hotel which I’ve never heard of this hotel have you heard of this hotel yeah it’s nice I just didn’t know it was a chain but anyway yeah I drove to the wrong one and the lady well the weirdest part though was that the lady like at the front desk I came out of the back room and like she sees me she gives me this look like who are you and I’m just thinking to myself like I’m just some random dude checking in like do you look at everyone who comes to stay at your hotel like that like what do you think people are coming here to do but then coming to find out I wasn’t even supposed to be there so how did she know that I wasn’t supposed to be there she that good she knows every single one of her guests and what they like I guess it was crazy and then I realized oh man I’m at the wrong hotel so we had to go drive to it is all right it’s an actually I think this one’s nicer than the one I accidentally went to so it worked out anyway I gotta go to bed this guy’s gotta go to becks he’s get all whiny and his defense he’s been up in the car all day all way to go now what do you do hmm oh no girl you’re the one who knocked it over there it’s your own fault get it alright I’ll get it goodness gracious ready it’s too high for old bones he’s not old he’s a youngster nope this is probably pretty loud I don’t think we’re on the second floor someone’s probably gonna be mad at us people underneath us yeah anyway i’m going to bed well it’s day two of our traveling adventure and we are at the hotel about to go get some breakfast it’s about six ish and the breakfast opened at six I don’t think I’ve ever been at a hotel breakfast when it first opened I’m kind of excited because i feel like when i get there it’s always like at the very end and then putting stuff away and everything’s all like picked over and stuff you know learning but that’s because usually we’re at a hotel like on vacation why the Laurel are you getting up at six in the morning on vacation of course we’re on vacation at a hotel and we’re getting a bit sick son morning gotta get to choose to start the morning that’s just the cutest little cup it’s me hey fuzzy let’s he can hear us let’s go bathroom for buzzy around these participate on rocks because there’s no grass and we’re a friend to you ready women yeah I think I might drive you today let me check

today yeah yeah there’s a really boring open stretch of road like I’ve been like kind of between New Mexico and Texas where it’s like straight for 200 miles I mean I’m exaggerating but it seems like it so I think you could handle that I get the boring part God getting gas good good guess okay in some man think he’s wearing the same outfit he wore yesterday Hey look at these two playing with each other where you go I see pretty cool pretty cool bus oh there he is oh no oh no where’s he going where’s he going oh no are you gonna follow him he’s over there that’s amazing yeah uh oh no where’s he going Oh buzz he’s like no I want you in here there is the time has come for me to pass the driving torch is this one as you can tell she’s super exciting you don’t want to dry Oh next babe you’ll do great there’s nothing out here except cows cars and roads and grass clouds yep there are there are those things so are you getting some driving fuel we already gassed up the cars the car has fuel now Chelsea needs fuel what are you going to get there’s so much to choose and I love truck stops do you need a cord do you need a phone mounting thing for your dash burritos yeah Doritos Cheetos know how come all those chips out of Oz is that a thing that’s not a marketing idea then one ruffle ah what is your work or who and everything man alright get some food we gotta go have you made your selection what do you got that’s that’s the beauty of truck stops cuz you can just get I guess you could get that out of regular gas station that’s what’s awesome my truck stops might even just get the most random stuff but you know what this is gonna be my snack yeah do you need some beef jerky I used to chew this stuff all the time because when I thought like chewing tobacco was cool I would like it I put it in my pocket it was always funny I was an idiot yeah it has begun meaning the dude backseat Chelsea up at the front seat she’s getting her cockpit ready to go yeah why are we being surrounded by cars what’s going on with this let’s get out of here before these Texans take us over are you ready you prepared for this you should be excited it’s gonna be a lot of fun mozzies excited for you yeah all right well I’m gonna nap and hopefully I wake up later in the car is still in one piece well we made it she’s finally done driving how did it go good you did really good you drove her like how long like take three hours three hours like straight no stop was the traffic bad no and mom I did not drive a saucy in my lab just so you know cuz she will ask no he just crawled up here it’s true he was fighting me the whole time he was he was laying like right here and he kept trying to walk here and go over there and I’d like no you can’t go up there she’s driving and he finally he finally broke through and got up front all right well pit stop time then it’s back behind the wheel look what we found quick tread this is my favorite gas station of all time not this particular one but quick trips hello love quick tricks well that was super exciting i got some decaf coffee and just some eminence i really wanted to get a rooster booster it’s my

favorite energy drink of all time and they only sell met quick trip and that’s wonders is why i like quick trips so much but i cannot partake in an energy drink right now because I’m pregnant but being pregnant is better than energy drinks so it’s okay by quiktrip I love you I’ll see you again hopefully sometime soon hi we made it to Missouri faked you out so yeah we’re not home yet we still got about three hours left but we’re making ok time it’s about what i figured i knew it was going to take forever and I knew it we’re going to have to stop a lot except at this last stop we’re at our very last loves of the trip but I always always always miss the entrance on these things and I have to either slam the brakes or turn real sharp I don’t know they have big signs say cars this way and I miss it every time so again I had it and Chelsea we got Sonic at the last one so Chelsea had like most of her cherry limeade just slow just sitting like right here and as I do my normal loves entrance and I Batman like it just flies across and spills all over the floor oh so this this stop took a little longer than expected because we were cleaning up cherry limeade oh well but we’re done we’re all gassed up so now there should be no more stops barring potty breaks and then we’ll be home also don’t tell Arizona but I did this I put my phone back up and we will Chelsea has been watching The Hunger Games yeah me too a little bit i’m mostly listening i’m driving safe I promise I’m not being reckless it was Chelsea’s idea right yes it was tell him I was it was her idea anyway all right like I said don’t tell Arizona though they’ll get mad at me and I do feel a little guilty I’m sorry nice officer in Arizona but it’s got to entertain me on the ride home all right homeward bound we made it its pitch black and it’s kind of cold but we made it with home i’m home at my parents house rob i hear people i hear family it’s family we made it byesies excited wow I’m excited look who I found yay good you’re still standing no maybe not yeah I’m not dating fast but we made it why you tired oh yeah we’re sick to drive today how many hours did we drive we were trying to figure it out we left it seven o’clock mountain time so eight o’clock you and it’s basically midnight 16 hours is that right yeah 16 hours on the road and she drove like two and a half of them haha 33 sorry bedtime yeah yep goodnight