Road Trip Challenge Episode Two (2007)

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Road Trip Challenge Episode Two (2007)

hopefully we’ll be able to knock some stuff off this list today cuz we gotta be teaming we’re at Sunday River it’s raining pretty hard Oh God we need to find a ski patroller here at Sunday River that can do a 720 we found a guy says you can do it you just did a little 5 it’s more like a 4 he’s run away she’s gonna go seven hey looks like a seven to me common difference excited he’s looking to knock out most old school tricks Jesus it’s not a scrappy I stood about fifteen old school tricks none of them were really clear so we’re up in Lewiston Maine visiting a Shea Flinn a good friend of mine and who would have known but they happen to have a little miniature train park in their backyard and we just decided to drive the heavy Jeep in their throat and cam up there and just give her there’s some skepticism amongst the the Salomon team that will actually count four points because the Jeep was invisible hopefully the shots come out and you can see a string just doing nice grabs over ground but it’s actually a Jeep I swear they’re in the shot even worse the van jump was sweet except around most fella or you shed but the guys got the tricks floods built as a nice job raining I’m gonna say we killed it except Clark I hit it like three times didn’t want to hike Rivera wants to do a double backflip most flips on our list Hibbert is into it obviously we made the call of the ambulance already ambulance is here we’re like it’s God just let’s just do that let’s just get the points boom double backflip first try ever doing no back clipping on the pipe he stomps it holy [ __ ] you got it we didn’t even need the ambulance that we had come over this one out they did it first shot done I would have gone for a trouble but I just knew the other team wasn’t even go for a double so I’m working on the stupid rail trying to get the stupid 270

on 450 oh and I cannot get it really pissed off she’s just getting worked by this rail it’s pyro mike is over there laughing at me I’m about to go over there and pop him in the eye pretty hungry so we are in the middle of the ghetto looking for random rails to hit and we stumble upon this house in the front yard it was raining I put the camera in the jacket you know I guess he looked a little suspicious bus driver didn’t really know what was going on and reportedly thought that you have to carry a concealed firearm always we got a nice little visit from the police nothing to do with the rail itself just mostly the fact I’m eating Asian with the gun they’re very nervous about around school children had nothing to do with Sun and handrail in the middle of the street but it was great the biggest shotgun from inside his jacket that I have ever seen in my life cops came by the gun happens not white live in a white country no big deal I Pat it down you know whatever it’s just another day in the life this is just a struggle didn’t know I can that’s right cup of milk I get it frustrated man this is not my day he’s been trying all day and just let him go kids pissed I mean I could do this but I just leave it up to him cuz you know he’s supposed to be good on rails and so watch it for a little while and I’m watching him and you know he’s almost got it almost God I’m like well we’re just wasting time here so we’ve got the snowboard so I’m hitting the rail and I look up on the chairlift I see this dude and already looking like Scott hipper except he’s got snowboard I was like holy [ __ ] this guy ever what the hell is he doing this is not gonna be good guys not good at all ever disappears just get a snowboard God knows where he’s got the snowboard from the first kids down till they hear the schizophrenic big mouth spit out and your house telling you to get out got big cloud forehead where Babbitt Aaron why the women another with a sweater underneath when you beat you and you win no justice you ruin those broads with you booing no you suck you ball back lies all you die who’s up next it’s the texture throw your bruised up in the air show me you care about the Braille skills [ __ ] build all in your head nobody can still Jack mark makes your head Bob with off the head talk I pull

wild clubs but I lose it like the Red Sox the Christ time I got punchlines like time vlogs 35 foot jump he does a 360 with a so we had the radio request alright thanks for sending some magazines if you’re wrong fine Jesse and a rather strange request this one coming from that one of our listeners are you doing soon no I’m pretty good when you’re selling right now I’m traveling around New England with you Magazine and the Solomon GT with doing a road trip challenge and you have a kind of odd request for you okay one of our challenges was to request a song specifically from cos and we were wondering if you could play POV alive and dedicated Andrew happily and Mike Clark yeah top three worst songs I’ve ever heard in my life and we were singing to it it’s so good it’s just got so much it’s got so much power to it’s got so much so I got so much faith when you when you listen to it you’re like I might be Jewish but I’m gonna I’m gonna become a Christian Hibbert screwed up the van’s situation we’re supposed to have the vocal team van but instead we have there’s a rental car anyway Scott’s like don’t worry vocal says they got a van for us we just gotta go get it I’m all excited about it so we go get it Harvey and Hibbert are about to take off on a seven-hour journey neither can I get our seven I guess crispy number seven crispy attacker diet coke and barbecue sauce barbecue sauce is a complicated request I’m not done yet do you plum sauce for I’ll have a number six crispy with coke with coke uh no that’s everything thank you do people in Manor she’s just twelve that’s why she’s wonder if she has braces one of the challenges we have is a bomb drop get this little wall they’d be good to get one right off the bat not very big at all but twelve year olds and thirteen year olds they can’t take big drops with ease so I’m guessing the biggest I’ll have is five feet ruch trying to stop the major speeding trying to get trying to get and I got patted down by some cops earlier we’re not doing so well with the law today did we get extra points for this like if we get most coffin counters get a Louis and strip searches yes

it’s off hundred eighty five points pretty stoked rad and have made up tonight yeah – commentary hi there it’s two hours later you can probably see it’s dark being Scott what’s up and now we’re going back to the dogs that’s all so we got our flurries here imagine drinking a milkshake and this is from last time and let’s sit here yeah the time before killing it it’s now 904 and coming up on another McDonald’s so this will be six or seven times today how are we going they’re trying to find the rental car place right now or something yeah one of the challenges on the list is dual rail without a setup as you can see there’s no setup to this rail and it’s a Sunday River parking lot 2 & 3 around so killing two birds no setup cuz they had a little flat top on the on the top of it just stepped on got it done got two things done at one time figured they wouldn’t be able to do that because I know Clark can’t slide rails I don’t think halfway can either so we got it done pound it out that’s easy we are now dudes pinch I get on our way back from hitting that rel over there so in my home town of Norwich Vermont we have the natural Museum of Science somewhere in Vermont wherever hathwell is some hick place you know this and we went there because I heard that they had some really nice rails so we’re at the we’re at the down flat down curving to the left me myself I hadn’t slid in the urban rail before so this was pretty nervous time for me but I had a great time sliding the stubble thinking see rail curve kink of sweet separated Hall generators like all the way down this huge row because apparently the gate about a quarter mile from trail but on that especially well you know got some tricks done got some photos you know switch it up at the king switch it up right after the king really a really excellent performance from and you’re halfway there that rail driving about 300 miles out of the way to return the Jeep and this is actually a first look into our new Volkl the anis little dart can’t see any but let’s just say it’s probably to give pretty good gas mileage for the first time in the entire trip Hibbert’s sleeps while the vehicle moves I’m driving I Drive the holy eight hours back while Hibbert’s pass out I’m not gonna lie I sleep a lot I’m a fan of sleep but at this particular instance he was a sleeper and it worked out very well

rather middle left field Maine or wherever the hell we are we found this tubing hill it’s like 150 points or honor points to ski this baby switch we get here it’s close we dropped a little brown guy off the top got the shot I bought this ski down this tubing hill I’m pretty sure I’m on top of a landfill because it stinks like garbage out here that again it could be this crappy little Maine town we’re in but I here we go he’s skewed switch poorly and we’re out it was great times until my good friend Michael Clarke fell hit his elbow and then all of a sudden it decided to small out to about the size of a golf cart elbows smell that mysterious I’ve never seen herpes that big on an arm before I get that hey things didn’t go too well blew my elbow lots the size of golf ball right I’m in the backseat hanging out and a man pulls out my camera and he sets it down in the in the dashboard starts shooting a music video morning sunshine through the window open the window bluebirds