ROAD TRIP: Favoritism

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ROAD TRIP: Favoritism

Nagi’s hypno-beam humble fitnah come welcome y’all I am your Creator and once again I am welcoming you to our brand rapid order road trip your guide to life’s best adventure it’s gonna get delayed by all right let’s get straight to the point your and crossroads question for the week not in a tiptoe eating more my favorite is among my Magoo learn more oh my favorite is in up at it more oh all right I know I’m gonna win more young grab a healthy gut I’m adding damping especially doing some AHA feeling the line this is a favorite namaha mcgulager you open a pie oven or pinup over on top of Sekou hindi feeling more unfair Sheila and Aaron feeling like man I don’t have learned about twins among situations now veneto bad move opposite opinion at mag Jonathan’s about in Latvian a tomorrow three persons of social media McKinney’s muna diverse is an abandoned testimony in Joshua say u-turn I’m Joshua libras 20 years old from sample of Manila by governor elastic race is you the boy in Whalum satisfaction and him behind kumbhaka in the word living boy guiding process I was a broken family you mother is in even kaminin mad Rico dial for some summary son buggabugga question in my mind bad Maria at salmon market b9 to Luton and Lord pneumonia near to salmon so jump open external power my pork belly’s wha-ho so your neck straightener Palma sauce a relationship cassette during that time is in and up comb but mama hand in Dina I begin on mother Corona computer during class hours minute – Ronnie son Richard about the stock OEM to Nene so he saw any Jacob and so and same a party posted on boy could not indica meizu meizu anyone come in on either go I say that is the big question in the NASA good time wheeler come back it and come back end up in him to Luton among average a dynamic so during that time in the Kapena patawad I knew forgiveness forgiveness Paris America I defied the record company sober so pretty ugly here apnea parama is your family name in pero I know no matter co-linear poem is a prayer do coupon Massa Bennett elegant pin Harlan Co poem forgiveness couldn’t say I go I am neither go my own Nyquist aura is Parramatta be my life is worth living so family poonam Union and the Papa salamat PO say although indeed anabolic um tarragon family name and the Naboo molecule my Jericho pero and then put into you feeble and improper palynology mean ample in poem kasama ko poem family community Simba Finnegan patron Lord as a Seaway supports our sacrament enemy and unigram a tip over the road as a campus president says sir Kiki become prospective Gilliam sculpin AMI and coming up with an Romans 8:28 now all things work together for good to those who love God the hot Poonam bargaining and reciting that there is a purpose I had pneumonia restarting by okay I be negated pin him to loot and Satan and Lord pilot IMM old parrot I I II really didn’t say thirteen calling the gooseneck buguese Adam Thank You Joshua for sharing your

testimony similar corrode cheaper snot in grabbing tend upon acquainted in me Joshua amazingly Arriba God found him and grace Hardin face that he responded to the call of God amazing and burning Erica family respond to God’s call I didn’t amazing I think my Abu Haider those of you know good story and share on life testimony you this is a road trip you are very much welcome y’all all you need to do is write us an email at its assembly no yes no not if I’m they go in your Munna Paulo but I go I hear it’s aiming your that’s a road trip online network that pH and Howard who will call you ASAP all right as soon as possible so write them down traffic Davina and a sovereign grande you pucara English right uh no salad I and bustling Indian and him where the pooyan when will ship returns but countdown Amanda we will be counting down the top ten hashtag true friends at the book McCallum entire mommy I was seen him on a tuning of I began pouring I began atop a bucket a Yamaha you know I don’t wanna see your Pigman are then don’t three channels your road trip we’ll be right back all right y’all welcome back my rocket well formatting countdown today macaca a llama never seen on tonight my vegan I am speaking out in gone and he throw you my friends my Bella gong to friends for a pizza countdown of the week for goes up and I didn’t stop him hashtag true friends yeah let’s start our countdown right now number 10 10 10 hello coronary vegan young punk lonardo Hindi motto too low a parapet biglan Napa who say Mohammed eat vegan number 999 you the alligator and boyfriend mom booster I got some time to ruin your boyfriend more may have a pointy top me murderer job y’all and occasional a new girlfriend in Yama’s Madhavi finish interfere in a girlfriend a friend I see number eight you cut my car must madam if I Unicaja in Villa Brenda also didn’t SEO best friend you know number 777 you that our Munna back oh you’re a big again okay nothing in to get Oh number six six six was another Papa Tunde Nevada gun order by number five five five unit that I volume damn it more on that map a good can a Soraka Hana Fuda bar Booton Allen in number poor poor poor young a boo-boo yet you’ll crash more video Yahoo’s the wrong window very good very good very good number three three three you must get it for sure sir anymore but my Kawika mm-hmm od gonna young valid one permanent moment M and now number Jew to Jew he Jesus a Samantha and tempering demon Amin Amin Abrams new friend number 1 1 1 through 20 and but Isuzu meal cleanup planet moon picture that was people pose young boy I’m a tuna and began young or divided up among a bagging again I go and I’m gonna to Reina friends within and among tuning of friends hard on don’t be shy us yo because after

this short break road trip billboard at i/o and I will read your answers to our crossroads question for the week so he hing AHIMA Munna stay tuned your road trip we’ll be right back welcome back welcome back already by subpoena comma saying show on planet earth circling back of a personal comments in your on art topic once I’m gonna die or chambray I’m on a peanut carbon atom on our friend signs even Amanpour go check billboards question for the week I know my band gagawin MO I’m feeling more my favorite t see my mama cooling more some are up I did more oh all right muck it up with Davi get oh all right now about timely I’m less there at the same time it’s a poem by anima but it not it’s a road a road trippers adding social media savvy pony drill well Gabrielle sham prayer at first if I feel like that Misaki you want to Tana Mannion that’s okay I will try my best and do good parama panting dinner one on parents Co but in the eyes of God I know but they Fanta and abukuma howl Paris nothing that I think that’s that’s a very good point hang on kiddo consider Malaga jung-yoon comment the Lord your own idiom parody Machado my saga to know more again they aren’t alright high pony blessed Joyce hmm he seeping gonna long affair see God at Maron having something cafe Hana see Lord an ugly guy now along yah hakuna lung hakuna lung appreciates a shocking shocking thing I know come on Annika appreciate a appreciate me you know when you allow the thoughts of God and to reign in your mind in your heart pattern number line bitterness aluminum unsecured cafe got your side pony pal merciless volumn beating long pal a hey I will confirm Munna come my favoritism talaga your mommy may politician my family Anatolian Magana at Combe Erina mother Susan boom okay Lola very good yelling the lingo pow alright siphoning beautiful glowed up I’ll check my heart first yarn but is it cooling unit AMA or back on le pass along a horn on Bhutan very good very good if yes it’s okay must mama hadn’t gone along parents coach Orihime no increased number one I’m going more invincible glowed of best answer for the week goes to invisible blow davia okay he increased number on very good and also I’ll pray to God to guide my heart your hashtag Vinci glowed of hashtag inspirational humorous okay whatever okay thank you grab a messiah pair on my wisdom your mom has a good night honey it’s a good mix you know with them customer nice when we come back I wanna man I’m gonna be getting up I was in your belong Kuya can you fire a favorite for bio notice Channel small brothers and sisters we will be right back feeling more is feeling more all right take note feeling more mm-hmm feeling

more my favorite is among parents more syrup added more your favorite a layup atmosphere is Neela we know what to do and why you may get down gag away mile can say it happens that again – a it happens a lot in life there are moments there are times like that like a nanny Erika Yohn must read manga pain pero una means a nanny re Putin again so and I’m nothing you and I no longer going cuckoo McGarry say Utah no young in the favorite all right now okay no consider Quyen now you Patterson as a big una master get put a leg up on any asses to move i pero you’re not belong Cristiano belĂ©n ma enough Miller that belong need Jesus Christ at the payment advice and a but nothing go with number one take the love road or a love growth the targa John love road in the hate road in the surplus road in the ingot road take the love road or end up not having and us love I own and a man come favorites a capital over you okay una Sola had papa feeling Milan yen at cooking demon feeling as in knockin fear mo dealin pilaparam de medina feeling it doesn’t change the fact that we are called by God to love ask questions sorry we are called by God to love and to always choose love you and be important a parent I see own and a moon Aryan young say lost Indian gallon Gaylord you in get in the gun killer yeah nyan tompa Hindi rain garden killer Yan don’t let the ill feelings that you have stop you from taking the love road or stop you from fulfilling your calling as a Christian or a follower Christ no yeah and Yamaha Yamaha sir come sir subbu hi a beguiling god but Allah consumed in my up in a Pagani Jesus Aon Jesus said you know you need to love Casillas first Corinthians 13:4 2:8 and on boon attend mmm love is patient you know love is kind it does not envy mm-hmm it does not boast it is not proud it does not dishonor others it is not self-seeking mm-hmm it is not easily angered mm-hmm it keeps no record of wrongs mm-hmm love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth it always protects always trusts always hopes always perseveres verse 8 love never fails I own some instances you know what I feel like a God allows them in our lives to teach us real love mystical anatomy I London at the in love Alan at echo panatela gamma globulin Christian Aparo means any Alavi can assume a situation a grito paramita see you soon 19:00 daehan Munna come on eNOS eNOS a beanie Lorna love so you know take that love road right not the hatred that the ingot road take the love road sorry gonna a union doesn’t change the fact that God called you to love alright number two alright number two what nothing except can don’t make a big deal out of it alright except and don’t make a big deal out of it and sad hakuna another man yeah I’m airborne appearances are a means and familial support Gita por una long CRT CRT CRT are we given a psycho en una mignon instead of complaining and whining about it sorry goes on yeah except it and the people I must leave Richard move on canal they were moved there’s more to life demand and and being the favorite me and look at the big picture God is still your heavenly father and he still has a plan for your life and if we’re not careful Cunha before was cotton saying like a favorite night parents MOBA maxed Optima grow what you know that mama Magali kapamas Caillou knew mommy Gil say oppa Rama accomplished mio peanut Daniel Ochefu I’m oh don’t let that hinder you from growing and going all out for God’s destiny upon your life again understand this life happens right there are many things that we cannot control or must Mariah Maren damaja bugging our we cannot understand well on control we had M ideally an arrow it’s never really about what is happening to us that matters most right it is about how we respond to what happens to us that matters more all right let me say that again it’s not really about what’s happening to us that matters most it is usually about how we respond what happens to us you know you muhanad my

matter now kujan attitude so make the right response all right look one fear more now feel Brit Bella had to put in time on response response Nong isn’t doing a Christian oh the little oi I would still honor my parents I was to love them I will still love my siblings my brothers and sisters and I will go all out in pursuing God’s dreams for my life you know you and Tom on attitude Philippines to 14 to 15 shall be Pony Apostle Paul do everything without grumbling or arguing all right in one translation I mean I do everything without complaining yeah so that you may become blameless and pure children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation then you will shine among them like stars in the sky proverbs 17:22 saipan a Bible a cheerful heart is good medicine but a crush spirit dries up the bones very good last alum born last alone if you’re going through that kind of situation remember the three don’t forget guard your heart Yandy Hatton but by an and your puto proverbs 4:23 type on a Bible guard your heart above all else for it determines the course of your life don’t let bitterness rule your heart don’t let hate rule your heart don’t let anger rule your heart above all else guard your heart the enemy wants to destroy you but my advice is this be smarter choose love have faith always remember that has a beautiful beautiful plan for your life never ever forget that yeah and what about gun tag and gentleman at accession and Saladin Amana do mad Dan I’m gonna do glass impossible don’t forget fix your eyes on God he loves you he is your father and opinion that matters most is the opinion of our Heavenly Father by ahead closer I shine on let’s pray father right now we thank you for reminding us of your love for reminding us to be secured in your love God and the day Lord I pray that as we experience your love I pray Lord that you bless us with so much love that we will learn to love others as well our brothers and sisters our parents our friends Lord in and Lord as we fix our eyes on you Lord we learn how to be secured in life and we learn to prioritize what matters most lord thank you for your love we give you honor we give you praise in Jesus name Amen and amen alright right now just in case you want to surrender your life to Jesus Christ all you need to do is once again bow has closed your eyes and then pray this pray with all your heart to be in more dear Jesus right now I ask for forgiveness for all my sins I’m opening my heart and I am welcoming you into my life I am making you my Lord and my Savior I pray that you cleanse me you heal me and that you use it for your glory from this day on I will hate sin and I will love you more and more this I say in your name amen and amen I’m finishing a book all right right now let’s move on to our last and final segment stretching y’all God in 60 seconds timer begins right now go chairman chairman number Moshe Lord no one else next Egypt and Egypt police alert in on eeschema people of God from Egypt and say Lord I’m Lexi alright next planet planet grab a you earth-like planet better partner in universe better case of the universe’s guys they’re like my universe my mom planets powerful thanks see son she’s gonna be way more my glancing when I’m blessing don’t stop rain don’t stop praising the Lord give thanks in everything thanks holiday but I believe assembly unrest there was nothing kalamata and a butler holiday they lured with Sabean lad lodging a dress I say and I must say Lord I in control of your life next my games games being at against Kissimmee manga you might believe tell me mama someone speeded yet so you guard your heart what was on dad next alright grace God do you have questions comments or suggestions for our show please send them to Pam grouchy powerline network pH you can also like us on Facebook I think we say I thought nobody doubles at slash roadtrip TV and you could follow us over at Twitter and Instagram I think won’t handle 800 at roadtrip underscore TV you can follow me or I just guess you want to see my tweets and my pictures follow me at BAM a true dilatory and I will follow you back I hope in every episodes no road trip

ain’t no de lujan boo naming her that’s my prayer every we have a show simply praying I mean now you know that speaks to you through the show thank you so much for grabbing for your support and for the love and grab a salamat PO saying your Pug support us a road trip this coming February made by ometimes lot na good news you catch us every Saturday but this time 4 to 5 p.m at IO grab a sonorous now remember 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. every Saturday and yes one hour nap attire so spread the word spread news boom mess Pinellas must be knockin down road chips and upon Ganon time slot at clean hey bong times credit not to your friends okay thank you guys and see you next week only here on road trip always remember let go and let God be the driver of your life peace your God bless