Road Trip Seattle To Disneyland!

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Road Trip Seattle To Disneyland!

guess what day it is what day is it what are we doing so it is like what it’s almost two o’clock on Thursday the 28th we are about to hit the road so we’re gonna hopefully make it to we’re gonna get past Portland no matter what but we’d like to make it in Medford and then we could possibly even make it to Disneyland tomorrow if we really were feeling crazy but that’s all up to the kids we’re gonna splain it by ear that’s the best part about this trip isn’t it yeah there’s no plans really we’re just kind of living on the edge so this video would just be our road trip and I don’t know how much I’ll feel maybe you have the stops for a little bit but it’s gonna be fun let me go say hi to the kiddos where are we going we’re gonna go on a drive to Disneyland what ride small world ride what other rides do you want to write on and so Lea and Mike and monster scenes yes video guys Monsters Inc ride are you guys ready for a big road trip road trip time and slowly so excited yep okay guys time for the road trip look ahead of us we hit the Seattle traffic this is what it’s like at three o’clock that’s not even rush hour and we’re heading into the city gotta love it that’s why we’re going today though get past all this crap so tomorrow we can get on the open road so that’s what this is a bunch of junk I think I’m gonna jump over here for another half mile and be one of those people because I don’t want to sit here for sixteen hours okay we’re in traffic Rochester Washington kind of close to the Great Wolf Lodge and mr. Carson was kind of grumpy for a minute and were stopped at Starbucks I’m having a Frappuccino s’mores Frappuccino I’m having a s’mores rabbit Chino melissa is having a caramel macchiato but right now she’s feeding the kids I got myself a sandwich at Starbucks but Cooper is eating my sandwich apparently but that’s fine that’ll make them happy look how patient you are that’s what I can’t believe how’s the drive there shouldn’t be we’re like kind of south of Olympia and everything and now the next big city that will actually reach whoa drop the camera the next big city that we’ll reach is Portland so off to Portland we’re getting back on the freeway the next stop will not stop to the next big city is Portland and look who’s driving hopefully we make it here we go hey guys what are you watching Finding

Nemo Cooper it’s like so just dying to get there news flash dude gonna be a little bit yep video you’re right there so fun wow this is fun finally no traffic see the beautiful state of Washington it is 6:30 right now we are just on the road we’re about 80 miles north of Portland Oregon so we just had to stop at this random place here on the side of the road because Carson was being a grumpy Zilla yeah were you hungry boy did you eat a good dinner and look the kid oats are in their jammies yeah say hi guys can you wave they were on our way to now we serve our prayers that they fall asleep night-night kiddos love ya big night kiddos $3.99 guys wave thanks for watching update we are 47 miles from Portland Oregon and we are currently listening to it’s a small world on repeat but it makes them happy by some miracle they will fall asleep right Karson sleeping how is it driving yeah you like it go and turn around go home yeah we just spent four hours through traffic in Seattle Cooper is excited to go to Disneyland look at them toddlers it’s a small after all my beautiful little river here we’re like 40 miles from Portland so it late what might be the Columbia River the Columbia River no you you cross the Columbia River when you’re in Portland we’re like from Vancouver to Portland that’s the port the Washington and Oregon border is the Columbia River but is that also the Columbia River is that the Colima River you know we should’ve rode a train there’s a track right there too to ride ride the choo-choo ride the choo-choo we’re still listening to smallworld at 7:25 the kiddos are finally acting tired so hopefully they’re asleep soon well see you soon here we come to Portland we are heading into Portland right now let’s take a look at what it looks like without wine this is the sketchiest bridge on the planet it’s gonna collapse there’s Portland Oregon the over there pretty nice I’ve never driven through here before I’ve been to the airport before but I’ve never actually really been in Portland we are at the Hampton Inn in Bedford

yeah Chloe good what’s the seat let’s say hi to Chloe and then I want you guys I want you guys to guess what time it is it is currently three o’clock in the morning so we got here about one o’clock and literally Chloe has so much energy has been seen so guess what we’re doing we’re seeing Frick frack it and we’re gonna hit the road right now we’re gonna stop and get some coffee we’re gonna take three hour shifts I have enough energy Melissa’s got enough energy we might as well just get our asses down there rather than sitting in this hotel room with crazy woman who won’t sleep and then being tired all day driving so what do you think bear should we go to Disneyland or bust okay so you are a nut job but you’re awfully cute high five and Knuckles and hopefully our goal is I thought is that she will fall asleep in her car seat and it might actually make for a better Drive having them asleep for the first six hours so Melissa will drive first I’m gonna try to sleep then she will sleep then I’ll Drive it’s gonna be good mommy went to the bathroom and the whole world is ending these ones crying Carson Springs mommy just went to the bathroom guys we’re gonna go get breakfast at Starbucks oh come back mommy say mommy come back over here we’re just south of reading right now and look in ivy good see that or not but gorgeous sunrise at that mountain they don’t I think it’s Mount Shasta I’m not positive which one that is but super beautiful and it’s an open road because it is apparently is 6:40 in the morning we are in California where but maybe like an hour north of Sacramento and just thought I’d show this view in this valley here super nice it’s kind of cool to see like the farmland in California it’s different than Washington’s farmland obviously because they’re growing different crops but it’s more like a hilly in this huge Valley Valley goes kind of like we’ve been driving on it forever it seems it’s very nice pretty exciting moment our lives right now where are we at Dutch Bros we’ve never had Dutch bros coffee I hear good things about it Chloe are you gonna have hot chocolate yeah I’m excited for some coffee since Cooper won’t stop saying Disneyland so can’t sleep Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland 51 isn’t Disney okay so Chloe’s got our hot chocolate look how cool this is look at that cub isn’t that awesome and then I was expecting my medium drink should be like a you know like a 16-ounce that you’d get at most coffee shops no it’s like 782 ounces good lord that’s insane so let’s go give the kiddos there a little sucker diamond Oh welcome to Sacramento Los Angeles please use the left three lanes okay look at these hills how cool they look they’re like just these grassy hills listening to freakin whiny children that won’t stop whining now you’re on video and the whole world’s gonna know that you’ve been whining non-stop meanwhile this angel child hope you can see them this big perfect annoying look at that hill it’s beautiful so I can always end out the audio streaming of whiny two-year-olds in the background but we just finished we stopped its what it’s about it’s almost noon we stopped at this random place I’m not sure where we are but we have about maybe six hours to go depending on traffic to Anaheim we stopped and kind of went on a short little walk with the toddlers to get

their feet stretched and Carson had an explosion so that was fun they’re tired I’m hoping to God that they take a nap because it would make it nice we could just dry it for like four hours with peace and quiet right hey Carson you’re gonna have some lunch right okay well don’t want to film that mm-hmm good the view of the continents that view is good nice view of all the Rolling Hills look for Network about 300 miles from mili but like 70 miles from Los Angeles it looks like we’re about to go through this little mountain range and then be invisible and thank God that was the longest stretch around I’ve ever been really I’m ready to get there and lay down dinner hi Chloe so we are at the Cajun branch rest area we’re about 70 miles from Los Angeles so we should be there within about an hour and a half two hours depending on traffic so this will be our last stop before we get there so we’re stretching our legs we’re going potty the Cooper’s going potty it’s good are you ready to get home get to the hotel there we go swimming so can you say we’re gonna say we’ll see you at the hotel bye video we are about 45 miles from Los Angeles and there’s the smog pit to prove it that was quite a drive pretty boring stretch of road that we’re out there but rome was there now entering the loss leaving the Angeles National Forest and that big cloud there that’s not a cloud how’s the big hill for the big theme park over there I think that’s Magic Mouse Six Flags Magic Mountain maybe as you know comment below it looks like a lot of 2monkeys rollercoasters various research things I think is excited about nowhere from Disneyland it makes sense I think that’s going to trap magic Six Flags Magic Mountain it’s amazing there’s nothing to do well five-thirty this says we have an hour until we get there this is the beauty of a Friday night in LA couldn’t I’m that better it can you guys say hi to the video they were almost there Cooper’s been so happy since we got to Los Angeles unbelievably happy just insane no temper tantrums he didn’t throw fit because the car seat strap came on oh no he was a good boy we’ll see you at the hotel all we made it me guys but we’re going to the hotel to go to bed yes yeah no part tonight right we will go on Sunday tomorrow we’re gonna go firuze around and go to the beach and then I think after that I’ll be done with this video and I will start our Disney video yay we made it to our hotel so this hotel we we originally were planning on not getting to do that until Saturday so we actually booked tonight at the Embassy Suites because the hotel we are staying at would have been almost 400 dollars just for one extra night so we’re staying at the Embassy Suites look at a nice breakfast in the morning and we’ve got a pretty decent view I don’t know how good you can see it in the night time there God can you say that’s

a cool view huh we’re cool you go okay guys so I am going to bed Cooper’s watching frozen and going to bed Khloe’s having some prunes and going to bed mommy’s going to bed tomorrow is pool day and lazy day we were gonna go to the beach but I’m I think we’re all a little bit tired of being in the car I don’t know about you do you feel that way yes tired of being in the car tired traffic’s so tomorrow we’re gonna go to our regular hotel we might you know what we might go to Downtown Disney and do build-a-bear high-five let’s say see you tomorrow bye thanks for watching pissed you get kiss that ass weaker on a hug OH