Road Trip to Acapulco Part 3: Detour off the Acapulco Highway

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Road Trip to Acapulco Part 3: Detour off the Acapulco Highway

Meeta Karla’s relaxing all people meet them all happen real a hot date is fruta taking a pit stop I pass a toll booth that everything is detour we can’t go down this highway apparently because massive landslides so we’re going to be taking some back roads apparently main highway here this is all closed this ought to be interesting the trick video games in the sunglass shop my honey shopping for something what are you getting honey get ready to hit the road again construction vehicles through all right look police yeah the night says they got Dooley’s federal police all armed to the hilt – yeah the federales whole convoy of them – yeah volume Aloe Blacc follow local hello blah okay ah nice can we be in I’m noticing the this point those hotels and the arrows pointing down Gerber’s Hotel in the ground or something like a bunker alright we’re hit the road everybody squeeze in like sardines we got the surveying crew I got the federal police to see where we’re going here I mean it’s Karla Gallow understand okay this is an interesting detour see what we’ll see here again build a new thing for littering von trier yellow tubes big cookie the highway down there it better

that’s a good view huh clouds up in the mountains Wow steep cliffs too that’s some serious mountains here nice talking to you landslides here too a lot of them actually there’s a lot of small ones of all the dirt off to the sides here there’s a waterfall Oh double waterfall I’ve never seen that before see it can see it now more debris piled up on the sides here from past landslides that’s a brush let’s play one hand logger coming down to them right there and town is this new vehicles again trip because this highway down or this back road look forward Wow pretty good [ __ ] it was part of the home almost got very got ya a little bit of wow that’s something take it out the drainage well if you get all this up yet and we’ve hit a snag in traffic and we’ve come to a screeching halt here don’t be an adventure huh you okay Carly everybody’s all cramped up and we’re not moving this is a man hopefully will move sometime soon this is the sour what someone I met that boy any Jordan Lee the journey yeah yeah it’s something John this is part of yeah the journey the adventure sardine then we got this idiot that blocked the traffic and the outgoing so now this trap this guy can’t go we’re at a standstill for who knows how long and Carlos got my seat I guess I’ll get around video I mean uh my new my new

pushing cocaine so you say Co he say all out to your friends your amigos it’s like a pillow we got a bunch of pillows in the back they’re all extra fluffy yeah huh yeah they think you’re cute muy bonita huh oh I don’t know there’s a few there’s a few out there so hang in Chile we got 300 meters to go before we can get past this stuff that we’re to stay in still pammi to the adventure adventure action adventure excitement I was trying to get over enough for him to pass but so far it’s a no-go oh we got sirens coming see what this is all about man that’s getting interesting okay there’s no way for him to get by this is going to back up in the ditch we don’t watch what he’s doing still not moving trucks getting by now the police the ministerial telling that car to move I hope you’ll open the road that one’s going by it struck over all right we’re moving we think so we’re gonna get around these trucks here sweet Oh Mina look it’s my new cookie Carlos joined me because she’s too cramped back there they had the bright idea getting around some of these trucks so that’s good we follow suit now let’s see what all the fuss is about up here probably another landslide Oh trucks on the side here but it might be filling us in I don’t know maybe part of the road gave way oh yeah they made a detour part of the road gave way that’s what happened here

we’re going offroad yeah blacktop pavement yeah that’s part of the old route down there traffic blocked on this side too you just got to turn around a nice grant Grand Cherokee – yeah that looks like a 2014 got the low profile shape like the journey we begin so now the adventure continued firefight away from their meals this traffic is going for miles or debris or traffic this is nothing for about two weeks ago when they don’t have to wait three hours with unreal they got a long way to go is always yeah with this traffic that add a few or there’s he oh wow good luck people it’s a pretty good shot over there Civil Protection people they lost a tire front yeah front left wheels gone that’s not good another big landslide here the risk and cumin is that this Authority included yeah that’s true here a Colorado Colorado music okay it was a place where the corrupt the townspeople in tear Colorado took over at the town because the corrupt police and the cartels they were working with the police and then the townspeople took it over yeah that was in the news man several months ago yeah that was a few months back trying to get around this construction equipment here

so their dimensions it’s a light load in other words so they’re gonna go and we’ll go if you want snooze you lose you might want to wait on your load so yeah khari 8 destroy the suspension on that thing who’s cope is that’s fine what happened to this one clear this cars got a tire off man coming up in another small town what is it called all all people Paquito okay but their business has increased with all this additional traffic flow right that stuff for sale the Chiappa solidarity affection Linares we people oh yeah sitting there a while architectural zone pyramids small ants lives here just stop in the middle of the road experience here Colorado Centro not cool it’s pretty safe there finally got the military s US military military zone in place nice restaurant

yeah actually is Chinese oh I’m sure for sure it’s authentic yeah he loves Chinese food dear colorada perfectionist refresh a police monetary policy well maybe they’re not they’re not corrupt ones nice restaurants here yeah Wow the hotel looks pretty safe to me I got good all-terrain tires you eat those here sickening sometimes those are brain to be a food rich those are expensive that’s like that on this one now so there’s an update if anybody was curious stuff here at Colorado actually looks pretty safe to me and we got the traffic here it was a bottle there a solid achievement yeah what the hell all righty then look at that cute pink bug for Carla run a tea Carla No two kilometers to the Acapulco highway suite might be wrapping up the off-road adventure here shortly one kilometer there’s believed three from Atlanta slide all right it’s like we made it to the Acapulco highway awesome you