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well here we are the final show of our first season of growth room it is going to be a terrific year that we have done a lot already so today we get to close out a series as we look some of the parts that you just miss known as we give you one intersection for the cutting room floor plus I look back into my best moments from this first feet so get ready I’ve walked one and for Roosevelt Island here in midtown Manhattan this is the season finale of road trip hozelock money and you know man the whole work man now I’m ready for another big dirty holding my own show meet our new fun and surprises after all hey yo they’re welcome to the season 1 finale I’ll groans r if I’m wrong thank you so much for joining us all people who are briefing damn well know or may not know our show and it’s a lot of fun doing visit I had great time from New York Philadelphia and with more stuff coming our way we got some warm because our roadtrip never ends the second season premiere this I’ll say more about that but also I want to say thank it’s the fans out there doing rajat of all season long and what would a thousand people think big debate and really engages me the wrong I want to paint the friends of bebe man fake love our show we got more coming up next in addition I don’t want to say thank you people on Twitter on anger again thank everyone I’ll give you one more bit let’s get on celebrate we begin with the cutting in for now some of the most important said you have on a show to the show’s grants someone we got one set out to love green missing pieces marketing and we begin with our very first show that we had our Kurtz the guy holds an angel block parties every weekend and also studio city is also created by his lawn because kerala we have a lot of good times we hear as a test it on the show most of the time announcer at most I’m identical one did the shows at the Grand Slam so high on a jet set down her charisma one of his phone look brochure on we are the finger growth of invisible tyler moore show you had a road trip before in los angeles in south miami well it wasn’t a road trip in fact because of what happened I never actually got on the road but but we all going back and so when this airs me already would have our second trip but basically what happened to me was and this could happen what you doing a road trip or or you’re just not careful is I actually ended up in the hospital because I inadvertently took over the counter or medicine or dare I shouldn’t have one of what i actually did was and what i would actually tell your viewers is first of all don’t use bottles for other medicines you know you know to stuff I and what I actually did use was

a vibrant bottle and now it’s always vibrant is 200 milligrams of caffeine it’s like wow four cups of coffee each what I end what I did was I keep that in the car usually if I’m driving late at night I’ll take one so I’m alert you know you know so I’m not going to fall asleep I don’t you know overdose on caffeine and it wasn’t my intent but I used an empty vibrant bottle on the flash trip and I think it was all over facebook and so for a night out there my my heartbeat was going at 200 per minute I was like really it was like really like drag racing my heart and it probably wasn’t the best ah but two mistakes one I did instead of using supplements which is what i thought i was taking i take supplements yeah china sandwich is a extract from shellfish perfectly harmless I did research at what was your cholesterol yeah and white kidney bean extract which keeps your blood sugar invalid you know I never had white kidney beans right for a long time and I want to drive that these are not but what I did was I didn’t want to take you large bottles that they common with me on my trip so I envy them into what i thought was an empty vibrant bottle now i’m at a restaurant with my family and no gets out looking no you know I’ll these a verbal supplements you have to take quite some you have to take like eight try to San and five of the white kidney bean extract so you know you’re taking several pills all of which are totally harmless but it if it was like we’re a mixed in there that i was taking caffeine I don’t want to know how much caffeine was in there but I know my heart was racing and I want to say that it’s really good that the whole tell new of Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center yeah they were awesome they were great I did have to spend a night they did darul checkups and what I did wasn’t a healthy situation you know but I’m hopeful there’s no lasting effects but the thing I came away from with it was to be really careful and know first of all what you’re taking you know all these things over the counter there it kind of harmless you feel or they’re not prescription medicine is caffeine yeah it’s what’s in coffee we have caffeine all the time mouth and do my fav drink drop but what I ended up you know if you end up overdosing on caffeine your could be in trouble absolutely so you’ll be very careful but it don’t mix bottles and you learn this from the throne cups and the log the loaner phone about the last three minutes over there right now that’s it just be careful and but I’m okay with that despite what people were being on facebook time I’m actually Felix going out and now you’re one hundred percent ready to go I’m one of the more game show up laughing all that I also forgot to take my blood pressure medicine and that’s important to know a lot of people say hey you know what I’m 21 I don’t think lot pressure medicine but if you are to take it and now I’m on five till today yep and I doctor for security decided to and I’m taking each and every one always remember to be careful that you helped and they careful be careful with any kind of medication supplement just know what you’re putting in your mouth yeah now you’ve been Los Angeles but I want to continue doing the game show block party for the next hundred years absolutely that’s gonna be long run that’s really like well I’m glad you’re absolutely now you’re in Los Angeles now you’ve been to so many game shows like you’ve been through the price is right all that was awesome it was great and then let’s make a deal wow that was great let’s make a deal is like a going to a costume party yeah with that fun that’s great I told you with that where that got like going to the Molly broad you know my God look oh yeah okay yes then we had to gesture taxes and that was great i was sawing that i was amazing you see you on TV is great and i’m looking up important Vic you but well we didn’t get kicked it still is a lot of fun it’s great like what I glad Wayne I glad you’re watching this is a good thing you have to see these guys on TV my time all right that was our first course sea waters every Friday epogen by noon and on encore place because sati at 7pm watch the game show block party on Brooklyn covered deck with one check the luggage listings on the streets challenge me alright that was our currents of course from the game show block party to check a show up every Friday afternoon high noon and longer rendition are sad when to 7am on brooklyn club agenda check

your local listings in time town vol II regard four three two and don’t get the watch on this channel tomorrow night this video’s a date that is created by rubber Beatrice very nice when we come back we go from game shows to the ice cream oh why is that because I agenda Bruce better as we take a look some color road for a moment to talk with Max immediate I think what say about that after the ring there are many arguments against the death penalty it’s not a deterrent against the crimes that it punishes society who used the death penalty don’t have lower crime rates than those that do when a country abolish is the death penalty they are not plunged into criminal chaos but even if the death penalty did reduce crime rates would it then be acceptable totally would hurt wouldn’t take long Oh you hey bolts on the back to Rose with Ron Ron Ron ed Valentin now is going to talk about some great ice cream I had a chance to visit max to me as I screaming Queens New York watching and I a chance to talk with Becca now who’s veteran is the one I see far that has five places I had a chance to talk to them drop Joe and we have extra in a favor on it so the cutting room floor it’s my interview where [ __ ] yoga papyrus a roommate doesnae without samack abundant the five thousand places so stroke way along the home and [ __ ] your home don’t assess this at home thank you ok so here on the place okay but um you know how old I Activia women okay oh you like that though all right you look like a killer okay how bout we pick up something how bout to come son why you know I mean he does try anything you know you know what life is all about you know it’s if you got back she’d read about me boy oh very interesting you know it’s like why not moving to the flute okay maybe I find one video and maybe it’ll be cool okay okay ah there’s one we don’t get I like I don’t rub him I

like hell Yoruba cow he’s not that taste is not okay Liz just you know it’s okay for me please but i would rate it if i had pasta La Place Ville Valo my hotel customers cage where someone can be worth it for the story ok Medusa gel and all my teeth all right what’s gonna happen ok what about us monogram Tanya if you have on you look like I’ve been making for somebody’s chocolate entre rĂ­os minion chocolate base with the marinade with cocoa and the other grantees and really [ __ ] head expression dub fx office to evoke before whatever oh yeah the am you got the coke right now you’re gone couches absolue Thomas right everyone does i want to play opposite reporting portal how about freaky Yeah Yeah Yeah right now the uncle so anything I think we see powder like a cleaning powder substance at all those workmen will we don’t use powder Shirley are out there the device in one on one of our show because I thought this morning on your way murder they have to be like it’s really could keep them to me after you break it well I’ll you or maybe from ourselves how we feeling metal or take up and the cordless need to in it Adam soaking lucky there it’s checks into thicknesses and that’s all the property of the entry actually forever maybe is very big very big every week we have fun with huge flavors our photographer civilization customers just a flavor we were not but now it’s all different you know case of dysentery shut up tomorrow okay this one is overdue carrot casually may marry and now we’ve got a real character Eric you’ve wound it up three okay this one this could be a tricky one so think about this how about an honor of the printer blue Hawaii love us what is this is what yeah what my god pretoria boys club enough how do you clean with coconut wonderful young I’m gonna go to Hawaii that’s not what me as broaden so they’re ready cool oh my and God that is it you heard right here for and something we not worth it a chance but super to finish I don’t be surprised on what it says in focus and I see this one people one record in it oh let’s do it really miss my ex we if the NBA the box I don’t wanna do I think I’m and I’m glad you’re wearing a pink one like came over but you know what for my own eyes well I don’t think don’t get one on one out of the game okay sorry and the last one we want make this one in this one how about booty grenade like all group of Exodia what’s a long time I see them in one eye most labels are in just one idea I feel we have very it was a [ __ ] coffee why very well that is five thousand of flavors

and we also make an account one but a twisted remember he still remembers he’s challenged to try the blue Hawaii one ladies nothing and is a death happy please let me know want to get back to go over a few the final product disaster we never a twin visor really wanted it back there is one looking let’s tell you my best one with the year studying about that and say thank you for racism the floor just like moons and like sons with the certainty of tide just like hopes bringing high still I rise out of the huts of history’s shame I rise up from a past rooted in pain I rise I’m a black ocean leaping and wide Welling and swelling I bear in the time leaving behind nights of terror and fear I rise into a daybreak miraculously clear I rise bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave I am the hope and the dream of the slave and soul i rise please support the united negro college fund wow these are really good you act surprised practice makes perfect you don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent there are thousands of teens in foster care who don’t need perfection they need you all right folks this has been a terrific season number hope you had a lot of fun as Nations I did our first 20 to show that they can thank you everybody but I want to thank the multi one people first of all my upper right-hand man all right side of my phone second give me anything else with him his wife the phone second producer Arlene reconciler thank you for everything you’ve done are we want to say if we shout out for the people at the corner America which Larry’s doing he will disappointed and I have some special tools with him via etsy don’t miss them also two archers fill matters the people at the Brooklyn Public Record for making my decision of very welcome and being welcomed to be part of the family thank you the most important act like and the most important person I want to thank my family for this bama and running down the field can’t do our continued LaVon and yell me the show thank you for watching with the both farmers on one today is my love right why not because they may next season to Arkansas show next year and you also be served as our phone second future Rachel and of course again thanks to everybody Facebook Twitter all of our social media because we can’t do the show without you thank you see you all again see the two rocks over there again thank you everybody I have one more best night it was very special for me i charged with my mother special and we had a lot of talk show best moment but of course of the song winner diseases here are ladies better you guys stay where we are jennifer day is w up next I can you make shout out to get over maybe till we do it again on

tonight I’m long-running take care of yourselves good night bye bye and bye running down the finish that means a new height at most before power in first place hey so how could I what it took us to win a medal today so what it’s over to win your mettle all right that’s really and this is your first yeah what and you and you having a great time already here in New York yes I’m here good friend and sing very well as well tell me the time I why what’s the best for you enjoying it that’s right and what were your emotions your breath event alright dissever I was it then you have a good time together seven boys I’m very proud and what are you are you going to throw afternoon was a lot of fun congratulations to all these incredible athletes who give it all and be heroes and for making a great time road trip is a RonRon dog video production stay tuned for the game show block party next on most studies be cat stations you