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Seeing Beyond Sight

that day that day of his coming if we just lay up our faith before the law believe of what the Word of God tells us that we need the believer and we will endure to the end hallelujah not sure I try to always give it time to the message and this was started out what you looking at you know many times though all the times the way we perceive things that’s the way we see with you whether in with our in size not the way we see them with our eyes but you can look at somebody you can describe them the next person standing by can look at it and describe them to you but when you say but what do you perceive that is what do you feel about that when you look at them what can you see beyond what it looks like what are you perceive about that individual then you get a lot of different understandings of what they’re looking at Alleluia and most of you probably sitting there looking at it old gray-haired it fat me trying to preach hi Louie there’s actually some of you said now pair that extremely blessed of God and see a Holy Ghost anointed Mad Dog people are lucky what is that when you see and we make choices on those things that what we see with her I but more of what we perceive about what we’re seeing so I also thought I might call this seeing beyond sight seeing something beyond what we’re looking at then I thought about what Jesus said watch and pray that you enter not into temptation but folks you gotta watch watch your watch and pray if you watch and pray if you’re watching the wrong things it will lead you into temptation so we’ve got to be careful while we watch and how we’re watching yaller many of your watching me tonight and hopefully we’ll get to the place that you see beyond me to the message that God must instill in our hearts there’s something he wants us to see and you can’t see it by seeing me you’ve got to look beyond me you’ve got to take the word of God and they’re going to see the picture that God would present to act so that you will not enter into temptation but we watch you see that’s why x1 and they told us that we would receive power after the Holy Ghost is come to be witnesses because God wants us to see something nacho I cannot see where we go with it to somebody about the love of God the saving power of God the deliverance of God we’re not talking about something that we have seen with our natural high but we proceeded in the spirit of the Holy Ghost that’s in us hallelujah if you want to really see how God sees you’re going to have to walk in his spirits are you’re not going to see I mean somebody that’s not interested in the Spirit of God they can walk into this dip and set out in one of those shares and feel how hard that terriers and how stupid that preachers acted you can look around and see how we lookin wonder what in the world is just all about and going ways in the days about what are they doing this would you take somebody that’s seeking after God watching and Twitter trying not to fall back into the things that drew min to death but they’ll seek those things of life they begin to look and percy and the Holy Ghost pressing in to the Spirit of God and lonely begin to see things that no one else sees hallelujah read it in the book Acts chapter 2 all those that were born of the Spirit they were born of a testimony of Jesus Christ which is the spirit of prophecy we were born to be Sears although within man a man we were going to be Sears it’s time for us to raise up and do what the children of God the children of God

profits don’t all have to promise I but we all can be part of the school of prophecy what are you talking about I’m telling you that when your eyes to the whole somebody down in the gutter move this forward here then I got verse I’m get too excited yet when you see a man rolling down together down and out and you can see in that look at that site with your eyes and you see the horrible shape but there’s another perception that comes to you it’s perception of what the love of God is going to do the leg you’re not saying our thumb inside in your heart it’s all up opposite to god I’m gonna go with us to live cuz I see something that isn’t there I look inside I’m looking beyond what I see if that cutter that wretched person and the awful they are but I see the love of God beginning to create in there his spirit and raise them up out of that place of despair that comes by perception of a holy ghost hallelujah whether he’s just visiting you or is in possession of your body it only comes my perception of the Holy Ghost hallelujah and I looked invite you tonight anywhere in here you want to come to these altars that you decided you don’t just want to visit from Jesus you wanted to live there Palelei that’s called am feeling is called baptism that’s the Holy Ghost that’s Jesus cry taking up life in your building your temple your Tabernacle your body because he wants you to see what he sees he wants us to see with his eyes hello we begin to look with the eyes of the Holy Ghost my brother when you begin to look with the eyes of the Holy Ghost you won’t see that trouble because you see that what’s the eye on the trouble you will see what God delivered you wil going to deliver you through and on the other side you’ll be Shadrach Meshach and Abednego hallelujah they see something out at the King didn’t see early and proceed to the street of God that they were chilling a God and the king could not make them bad boys and that’s all right you know I’ve been preaching that’s Tris right at 40 years now 39 39 and holding hallelujah and I’ll tell you it’s still amazing grace to me how it’s never got old at a time God pops up with another miracle I’m excited about how do we have boned as those three Hebrew children work on this side of the furnace as bold as they were standing for God believing for God’s deliverance in the mind knowing that they wouldn’t bow to the ways of the world of their generation they’re already separated themselves there’s sanctified himself under their God they didn’t partake of the Kings me so there’s already involved in separation so it wasn’t a strange thing for them to say no king we won’t bear we won’t go your direction well with the order need to r 1 y’all they had an amazing stain but i’ll tell you when the door the furnace come open and they were being drawn into that fog and the men were slain that was filling in the father and when they gotta the mr that fire I don’t know what it must have been like to be joined by the fourth man in the fall oh yeah but I do know that you and I had the same promise he said he will go with us through the fog and you went with those Hebrews through the fire a man placed on the st. promises to us today we have some fiery trials we had some troubles in LA our line we got some additions we can call it what we want hallelujah jafar of trouble in online and nobody understands plots Jesus why does he understand when nobody else does he lives there where you’re living if you’re living in the crack house Jesus is living in the crack house with you you’re living on Skid Row Jesus is

living on Skid Row with you if you’re living in a palace on the hill Jesus is living in a palace of a heel but where he wants to live is it your heart with your own Skid Row other the palace he wants to be in your heart hallelujah this is about seeing beyond our side seeing the things of God hallelujah now so you don’t understand how the scripture tells us that first comes our natural and then the spiritual we can understand in natural terms how they’ve got to go beyond what we see oh my you know i’m not a big baseball or softball fan that I flake a little bit and I was coached a little bit and always got holiday you gotta follow through you gotta follow through I mean you take all this week if I get a ball I’m not going to have two roads in that so I was interested or not running too fast I don’t know just truck around and waving as I hit the home run hallelujah but I never knew that you had to learn to follow through you could just hit the ball here you have to hit the ball way over there and a follow through with your way we had to look beyond and where we was going to contact we that’s where we’re going to contact them all here on the play we were pushing that ball someone else hallelujah we might get in contact with trouble right where we’re at but if we begin to perceive that God wants us to look beyond that trouble we can push that trouble when the Holy Ghost one sister push it and you take us through that woman begin to look beyond the farm hallelujah jesus said he would don’t do with us through the water whatever is out there he’s going to go through with us he’s not going to leave us on this side of the trouble he’s going to get us through it man we need to understand that as we look at that trouble when he’s God remember when I was in training with the times in hand-to-hand that you never did that but when we was strike that practice done your neighbor was supposed to strike him just to hit him but you suck him to go through him that was following through hallelujah i can hit that too huh that was years ago I hit that 200-pound dummy with my police baton and sitting standing across the 425 feet back sometimes knock it down that was following through I’m talking about following through seeing beyond what we’re looking at send me on that uh-oh if that if the devil can keep your eyes what’s there in front of us and they can keep my eyes and I focus on our sickness will never see our healing we’re gonna look beyond sickness into healing what my talk I’m talking about faith looking beyond it first Corinthians chapter 2 and verse 9 1st Corinthians chapter 2 and verse 9 we need to begin to activate our faith see what we see but then looking beyond what we see activating faith and all right the CBR what God is going to do with packages in front of us he can remove it or he can take us foods hallelujah way he’s gone first Corinthians chapter 2 verse 9 but as it is written I have not seen nor ear heard neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God had prepared for them that love him but God hath Mathale them I do us by his Spirit where he’s gone I know God heals by his Spirit a poor lady sisteron and that six flags had not the spirit to reveal to her that she could have healing instead she drew comfort from sorrows I want to see what the Spirit sees I want to look in the spirit and see my healing of all my infirmities I want to see by the Spirit of God they can reveal to me but I don’t have to live a depression I don’t have to live an oppression I don’t have to live in possession I don’t have to live an addiction that i could be free because the spirit of the Living God is been that perception I can see through this

looking beyond what we’re seeing in front of us I’ll do it what I see in front of us how there is a town people that don’t know what they’re fighting against don’t know what they’re trying to hold up against because they’re in darkness we the had the perception of Jesus Christ these are they get to pierce the darkness with our site that only comes from the Spirit of God revealing to us then we can see the need for us to be here because they can’t see the read hallelu sometimes they need to use medical doctors for examples but sometimes it can be poor examples you know when we get sick sometimes we go see a doctor and what got mad at my wife the other day but you went to see here and he’s hit down there and he looked at her looked at a chart with Harrison and he said what’s wrong with you and he got mad what she said but I want you to tell me he that’s when I come here for for you to tell me all that their work with Jesus take care of it we begin to look beyond our sickness and sorrow sometimes we can’t find it for you usually you think to yoga doctor that he’s going to see something that you don’t why because of this medical practice you believe that he can perceive something going on in your body and you don’t know what in here so how far stretches it for you in the spirit to understand that the perception of the Holy Ghost in house can they go beyond normal eyesight normal understanding that nobody else has because you are a child of prophecy of the Holy Ghost I mean you can perceive these things I’m talking about you that desire to get behind your troubles behind the turmoil and walk in the power of the Spirit and it’d be a light out there the darkness oh yeah are you mad are you with me do you wanna be like to be the like we have to have the lot of jesus christ in us how Lily I’m not talking about the preachers I’m talking about the out of those witches and everybody else we need to be able to see beyond while we’re looking at the only way to do that is when you’re filled with the Spirit the Lord can can you cite Leon that’s what it looks like but this is what its gonna be amen simple hallelujah anyways god but God have to build them unto us the things that man can’t see how eyes can’t see our ears can hear and we don’t even all go into the heart but the spirits reveal these things hallelujah jesus loves you that’s something the Spirit reveals to your heart you can’t see that God helped us so often you can’t see it in the love of God’s people then treat you all kinda way sometime we’ve got to push on the Spirit of God to perceive yes jesus loves me hallelu he loves me cuz I’m not squashed like a bug I start right there I work my way up how to lose your seat and kiss him how did it all start at the bottom and woke up I don’t care i laughed at the LSD I might not do that for years but I have a perception I could be with Jesus hallelujah how do you fire top life was to wash Jesus feet hallelujah and I don’t need the literal Christ but if it’ll wash the feet of inter minister of God that come along i believed that be awarded worthy profession for me how do because every time one of those men of God would step out hallelujah the Holy Ghost with moving body part of that ministry I can look as i watch the feet hello Guster finger clean clean this alone use the look that miracles and signs and wonders ways I get a little upset I try not to show up when I start to talking people that foot washing and the first thing they want to say Yale that really humbles you I never been humbled foot washing I guess I’ve never been exhausted so I don’t have to get down to wash feet hallelujah dirty feet

need to be washed sins in the preachers live needs to be washed by the blood of cry series in your life need to be washed by the blood of the lair hallelujah it’s not humbling to get in with you and pray it’s not with you and seek God because if it’s with God anytime I’m with God it’s not it doesn’t make me humble it accelerates the spirit my spirit and the Holy Spirit that resides within me for walk with God these things of the Spirit reveals the US it goes on and on and on but those that don’t have the spirit they don’t see these things and you like a crazy man you’re picking up junk and tell them to how great a treasure it is I mean I don’t know why they can’t understand it hey dobe yard sales and pick up some of the weirdest looking stuff and they’re just all excited let me just look at it what is it just look and look at a clone of this come from so-and-so so it’s so business 40 years ago his signatures it’s generally how much you give me for but you have to sleep they understand that because they’re seeing something in that junk that nobody else sees the owners glad for those are under seven so it shouldn’t be too high of a stretch too far of us distress to realize there’s things that God wants to reveal to us about the people that are around us that will make their magnificent children of God in our side so we’ll keep playing until they meet that vision that we had our them walking with God I’ve ambien wait that grand witness for the livin da will hold that side that was given to us behind what we’re seeing and the spirit and the natural were looking at the spirit I’ll turn with me to Hebrews chapter 11 waves God Hebrews chapter 11 Lord Jesus about your spirit or there we’re dumb or blind or deaf or week or defenseless we don’t know which end is up and which way to turn that’s why when your spirit comes upon us the whole world who takes notice they call us crazy unusual weird strange different hallelujah but your word calls me peculiar and I’ll take that it’s a peculiar individual how to do that it come out of the darkness and seek for the line of Jesus Christ it’ll be a seer that comes out they see something worth living for and perceived it in the heart through your spirit Lord touches this thought that we can see beyond ourselves into your kingdom under the reign of you love God where all things are done after your lil on the loo Hebrews 11 and yes first one now faith is the substance of things hoped for this is the next one it says the evidence of things not see faith produces the unseen things before us as evidence when we see somebody sickness and the Lord puts perception in us about health and healing for that body we begin to see by faith help in the healing of that body so our site goes beyond what these eyes are seeing and in fact going beyond that following through and then prayer we will see God begin to manifest in evidence that which we seen that was not seen are you following me hallelujah please no and you don’t understand and don’t feel bad about them those folks are standing by and don’t have the spirit they can’t see nothing going on they don’t see what you see they don’t feel what you feel hallelujah would just pray for them onondaga flower there so they can get begin to proceed and how evidence of this move of God on their lives also where he’s gone hallelujah I’ve done a ropes wet Howard dude you’d leave that

please God well now my eyes will preach it out cuz I’m already sweating online ways God going on verse 24 by it by this evidence if not seen and senior it says hallelujah for by it the elders obtained a good report louia will all walk around there’s none good know that one not good no not one there’s no good thing about me there’s a holy thing resigned in you and talking the Holy Ghost did use all good they get to proceed a good rapport these may have all received a good report because the spirit that wasn’t on there but the spirit is in you hallelujah got a good report covered if you can continue to walk after the spirit of god how do i claim not to be good but i know the one that is good and is right here hallelujah bout you I know he’s not there you go there’s good in you hallelujah don’t let it just sit there begin to activate that good by your side by seeing the on what you’re seeing how these holy men of all that I obtained a good report these Helders through faith we understand that the world will sweat trained by the Word of God so that things which are seen oh I’m just going to look at this so the things which are seen were not made by the things which do appear I see a broken bone in order to for that bone to be healed has got to be something that does not appear to happen you can’t see it happening can you see a person’s faith can you see their faith activated you can see what they’re doing you can see the laying on of hands you can hear the words being said when we can’t foresee that action of faith that actually is bringing this the past through Jesus Christ because it comes through the other world and the kingdom of God hallelujah and I want to put it there why because in the kingdom of God God is key how do we nothing can hold back the will of God and God really that none should perish the almond come to repentance the devil kings stop it because it’s in the kingdom of God that’s why I want to operate in the spirit because in the spirit is in the kingdom of God and in the spirit that we take the unseen things and put up on the scene things and manifest the evidence of the kingdom of God has come to this world hallelujah plays oh boy hallelujah I know some of your involved and doing these things but you don’t even have any idea what you do that you’re working between two worlds between two kingdoms between two realities the temple reality and the eternal reality hallelujah the terrestrial and the celestial we stand in the middle of it because we have those two parts this body interests you thank you think of us being celestial earlier that Ryan us we have a joining of the two kingdoms so hear us around the kingdom of heaven to have authority they are don’t enroll the terrestrial hustling pain hello yeah what is go my oh my hallelujah I don’t know if this deeper god I don’t care what I care about is you understand what’s going home hallelu you understand what’s in the operation of your life how to learn that you’re a child of two kingdoms now of two worlds you’re in contact with them how to live that’s why the scripture says that you are an ambassador at price you want in this world but you’re not at this world I know you’ve got your citizenship in another Kingdom Alleluia and it’s with the authority of that other Kingdom then we have to pull the kingdom of rain oh come on Louie and no matter how great the authority years on this side hallelujah it is not greater than the authority of our kingdom I don’t know you that we are citizens with you can read it in the Word of God Paul begin to exercise your citizenship as a Roman and they had to stand up and pay attention

and treat him a certain way and I’m telling you when you begin to exercise your authority has a master of Jesus try walking as an investor of Christ I love your dad have to stand up and pay attention when you come in hallelujah not because of you but because of that holy faith residing in you you represent the Christ the Son of the Living God why she would want to keep walking the way we’ve been walking why should they want to keep acting the way we think enacted I’ve got I’m representing the holy war Oh hallelujah that’s my actions that’s my behavior does my look reflect that I belong to the king how they look or do I still look like I belong to this world there’s part of us that always will look that way but for the person that’s looking beyond what you can see they’re going to see you every time for who you are when you walk in the spirit of god hallelujah so those things what you’re seeing we’re not made of things which do appear hallelujah hallelujah for us to continue to grow in the revival that God is saving we don’t have to see nothing but I see nothing here because that’s going to be made out of things that do not appear here how do when it shows up the evidence is gonna be there and I’ll tell you we can see you move on we’ve been seeing people come to God you just have to receive my apologize apology because sometimes we get to one thing would like to see people standing outside everything full inside we like to have the Hat bouncers out there they turn away after 200 I want every position that’s what we’d love to see and people all of the needs receiving the power of God but I don’t have to see that they in this world because we are operating on the things which do not appear but they act on this world hallelu io by faith operate with power from the other world the kingdom of heaven but activate the evidence appears in this world before us the evidence of our faith looks empowered by the kingdom of heaven why do I keep seeing that because I want you to know where the power comes from it does not come any place for planet Earth does not belong to any trust you’ll be no matter what rank he may have in society the power that makes things appear from nothing that was there is a power that comes from the world of the kingdom of God hallelujah that and that power is it is without it Alouettes without here that’s without meds you’re killing the kind of power of God in July hallelujah hallelujah the Bible’s irie tells me if my brother Cena gives me Unforgiven seven times seventy how much more with my god forgive me when I trust pass we should not see it that grace may abound god forbid but I want you to know there’s a blessed assurance of that the HERA can do a lot of stumbling and falling and still I can get ahold of that world of Jesus Christ and he will power me by his blood that my sin will be covered again then he’ll forget forgive and forget and I’ll be able to stand up in here and walk at the power of an other Kingdom that it will appear in the kingdom of this earth hello you know MA there could be no greater example to me than Abraham he was looking for City if you look at that and deliver the pen I believe it Abraham was looking for City the next part is what can she he’s looking for singing that half foundation thousands of years after ever ham the book record that was looking for a city that had it means it presently had a foundation of Louie whose builder and maker is God that’s what ever had was looking for it was searching for in the terrestrial and

it is here in the dress aware that kingdom is here that city that ever was looking for his here officer and it had a foundation and not then lunger on this earth but had been laid in the other world and then established in the other world hallelujah cause I rear elevation of a lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world so there was a foundation thing away before this world was lady so they could be moved from that world to this world that was the foundation of a city that Abraham was looking for when you don’t ever hand I’m looking for a city I’ll know it when I see it Helen oh I know what I see what you’re looking for your long I don’t know but I know if I said it’s a god I don’t know Jesus talked about that foundation that Abraham was looking for that city that hat foundation the vision says it’s the church and has a foundation of the apostles and the prophets and Jesus Christ the chief Cornerstone the law of said that a city what city a city that has a foundation that built upon the rock who’s the rock Jesus Christ that city that has foundation of the apostles and prophets and Jesus Christ feed the chief Cornerstone back city that Saturday here will not be luhya will be prosecuted will be pursued will be cast out but they will not harness those folks that went back and are not with us and a high Kevin they never were with us they’re not built on that foundation a foundation was laid in the other world ah purchased by the blood of our lord and savior jesus christ and established here how do i yes Jesus hey Peter the key to the kingdom helloo and locked it being one of those apostles here and the foundation of this world built from veins that did not appear you’d ask anybody about those fishermen that old tax collector that zeliha and those that were running after that if that Jesus rebellion was coming to not but all the time there was being a transfer of power from the other Kingdom to the kingdom of this world to establish that city that godless Hansen to promise to Abraham that city that ever ever been looking for is not other than you I the church built upon that foundation hallelujah it doesn’t didn’t come it didn’t happen by anybody in this world they know Jesus came from the other world from his kingdom he was king of peace only one key in that kingdom hallelujah and it did not appear in this and tell his birth and to this kingdom the transfer power Halloween the transfer of power for that celestial kingdom of God into this terrestrial Kingdom this planet earth that we see with our eyes but still the source of people the lysosome is coming from where it does not appear it’s coming from the kingdom of God that’s what excuse me they can shut this power off but they can’t shut this camera Alan do ladies goblet just keep on burning hallelujah I don’t know why but we got a couple verses done no license 116 are you getting a hold of this I want you to be searching looking you see something but what you see look beyond what you see in try to see what God sees how am I am so thankful when God look at me he saw something other than what I was and we begin to do something move upon the old play that is my flesh with a power that was not of this world hallelujah I was a stubborn mumbling shot backward of the visual than the holy ghost came hallelujah are you giving the Word of God that you said that you got hold it I let’s get it and

let’s get stir then let’s get fed by the Word of God how do you will you want me to stop just if you can find a plug to pull I all by Halloween what I’m trying to behave tonight I’m gonna live with this feeling pretty good and you’re receiving I say Colossians 1 16 we’re still talking about the same subject I want to make sure I want to establish this in your heart then we need to be seeing things that other people can see because we are all in the spirit of how do we are born in the spirit of prophecy prophecy we have the testimony of jesus christ in us how do I tell people all this turn I try to school them a little bit in prophecy I said now come on now cuz I know these folks they say you don’t know and I’ve seen about witnessing for Jesus Christ I’ve seen them take a a sinner aside and tell them how Jesus loves them and tell them how if they will repent but Jesus is faithful and just to forgive their sin that’s prophecy man muya and while you’re wasting your time if you doubt that Jesus is going to do it you don’t doubt it you believe in that word you believe that the Word of God brings lie so you take it to those that are in depth I don’t know yet you raise them fly because they were dead and their sin but through the power of the Spirit we brought life not just life but everlasting life how Lazarus was going to have to die again holla Louisville what we’re bringing to you tonight is from everlasting to everlasting have a Lumia please God oh my gosh it’s 116 for my him were all mainstream of course we’re talking about Jesus we can read the verses before everything and I don’t mind staying here into a three o’clock but i try to be courteous because my wife makes how you don’t believe me just asking if you look sweet to you how long she’s a sweet loving kind considerate parts of TR i love the door closes you listen real close you get a whip crack and i don’t know where you live thank God for her loving mercy that she showed toward me roketa be enough Whitner hallelu for by him we’re all things created that in heaven and that in earth visible and invisible wait a minute God created yet visible things those other things around here that I need sin but God later how can that be if they’re that I shouldn’t see them hallelujah if I had the perception of God I can see that hallelujah what he’s gone many of you do I started on this particular journey now five years ago but six years ago there was some of those invisible things that appeared in my bedroom while I was just waking up from sleep laying in bed two of those appeared to me of what Kailash is talking about whether they be Thrones or dominions or principalities or powers there was a couple of powers that appeared to me it was no doubt in my mind that I was looking at a couple of agents and if you have been there and seeing what I seen you would be questioning down at me I have no doubt mama and then when they was rude to be like God usually is rude to me I do they were sent to God my life don’t like to talk about this but this is what they said the hair is time for you to get off your butt yeah plain and simple was a message later on us almost surely to take to you big bruisers to tell you that I would have took all of me not suppose they wanted to make sure God believed them when they got back when I was still sitting on my doom nothing there is one that be witnessed he’s just yes God we were told him but he’s still sitting there well it didn’t quite happen that way with that body the money was two of them so they could witness against if I

didn’t move why tell he was so vividly so then i will tell tell you a lot about it but it was so vivid to me that in my vision as these guys left then left that goes a little curved little hallway in the house it comes from my bedroom and goes back to the office into the outside door that’s the way that went out at my vision and they never touched the door the emphasize might need to get out by his hands with like this and the same lock that front door would not glue all those hinges and landed 30 40 yards out the yard and they just kept on going hello how vivid wasn’t to me I quit shaking a little bit that Greg blood could put about me to hide as it could and I sniff around to the corner that hallway now keep them out of the world to see if it was as I had seen because I was thinking as I could build it up the nerve and going around that’s it I don’t know that no one’s really off I don’t want mom’s books put it over god I would have I don’t know what I’m going to do yes it could have got one of those hair machines of all I heard am making ergo I don’t know what but I was concerned not if that doors go what am I going to do how can I secure the house but it wasn’t I was going around that corner I find that rate but those went around and eyeballs follow and there was the door was still there there’s gone how the movie high fees no it wasn’t d division hallelujah but it was plain to me what the Lord point I Louie so now when i read that the Lord will second open normal force that we will not shut i know i will need because he flat blew it off the hinges hey Sharon doesn’t win way out yonder not even attached to the edges anymore they’re gonna have to work hard to close the door they opened up for me to go through and that I was commanded by God to go for are loose on commission of god on the receiving end no body and do nothing but there’s a power of God that dwells in me that come from by the world that’s a power to raise the set raise the dead the heel to sit the cast out Devils already live and I got a rare and thats a power resides in you you need the drugs are loose in your life hallelujah hallelujah as powerful as God may make me some time and sometimes it I wouldn’t want any more cuz it nearly fractures me and want you down but I’m telling you that it will never be so great as all of us going forth instead why do you think those 144,000 are going to be so powerful those are all watching instead they’re sold out two more down nobody else that’s why the virgins they only live one down they don’t serve anyone with this world but they go wherever the Lord direction when we march in step like that and go all the work God tells us to go holla Louie will become a force and will be a witness to this world hallelujah and if I had a direction and I’ve got one that’s where I’m headed hallelujah my oh my I don’t want to mess with anybody’s theology but I’ll tell you I was I look down at church during prayer service one time see my she was at thi very simple thing what are you gonna do you don’t want to break your neck and if you get this old is difficult to heal up so it’s all of Thomas you simple dodges praise and worship on new down our time machine was down there trying my shoe I heard this big powder and just so much she was kind of difficult or maybe getting over this too much she was pretty difficult but it took me a little bit but I was doing that a lot wall the past to do something about those kids making all that noise back there I can’t hear the grace and finally but that’s not kids powder that’s rhythm there’s a rhythm to that and that effing each time I begin to smell dust and now you know I started complaining about the mechana tur but it wasn’t none of that I looked over to my

ride and I’ve seen just a long road that was endless a sandaled feet that was watching in time and the dust was coming from the marching in place there’s waiting for this dumb preaching to get his kidding shoot I so it could get up and go with them hallelujah that mighty army of God is waiting on each of us to join me and instead to be a witness to this world that they cannot speak against they made persecutors they may destroy us but they will not deny the power of God they will see it in our eyes as we lay them down for our Lord and Savior with gladness and joy as they march on into victory from this kingdom to the next evening a visible and invisible those powers and things that I’m talking about God made that he created the Angels hello Ian I thought y’all get crazy like me hallelujah and so much fun to bridge the two worlds however I love them pound a little bit but my god brother the other day finally walking out here with my staff the only seen was me however I’ll never walk alone hallelujah but the thing is you never walk alone it’s your perception that’s life you never know anywhere without angels guarding over God’s heritage but you belong to God and the devil can have you and not destroy you unless God pulls his hand back to do some kind of work on you you are under the ownership of Jesus Christ and he’s got bodyguards for you that’s not of his well hallelujah where’s job my sister had been going to cherish him she was walking away home that’s the way we got the church him back the church was only about a mile down the road so we walked with no two other transportation she is walking home late after service some of the guys in the decided it was good picking she was a nice-looking young girl and they was just gonna have her and that time they started be jumper they felt that there was a couple other guys with the duck they hadn’t seen before Alleluia and they ran away quicker than they ran in and it went away Friedman and holler like they have been attacked that’s the report was my sister didn’t see anything she didn’t even see them they come by later they were so concerned about it they want to know who those big bruisers were that was walking with her you really don’t send me your bodyguard just keep those angels around y’all belong to Jesus hallelujah Jesus don’t want me protected no matter who you send is my god then we’ll be able to do it how is the enemy will come in like a flip holla Louisville that God is on my side he raised up a stand of the distant hallelujah we need not fear the things of this world our possessions are not in this world when the government comes by and catch everything we had will be who and cry and think where we’re going to die but remember that stuff is this world where we belong to another world Jesus has some stuff for us in the world that is to come and that’s why we rejoice over not disturbed in this world but the stuff in the world hooyah what is now if we could just walk by the sides of time of some of these new converts to Christianity inventing one of the third world countries and wonder why are you turning to Christ you know they’re going to take everything your head your family is going to throw you out you’re probably going to go to prison and eventually you’re going to be killed but still you want Jesus I am persuaded enough that they’ve got better eyesight than I do that they’re seeing something the Harry hasn’t seen you I get glimpses over there times and sometimes I feel real spiritual and I can see that Marty got in mind walking by my side but I oughta tell you I don’t see it the way they see it so I got some floor time I teach it some Bible but

they can teach me some spirit water Alleluia some of you have walked through such troubles that you did each other how to walk in the spirit with the power of God in your life that you have nothing when you living like you own everything because your treasure is not in this world the enemy the enemy are happy can never affect us if we keep our treasures laying over there the other world now we start suspecting us if we begin to build the kingdom over here there’s many men of God pastors ministers in the Fallen because it builds the kingdom on this side the enemy content attack and it’s on garden lefton for our stuff her treasures are laid over on the other King died so if the enemy comes in and trounces over everything we have destroys and tension remember our real treasures they can’t touch move and we can steal with Joyce it alone come on over I read a passage of Scripture and I had a couple last chapter 2 brother that was all broken up today and I i got that morgue i go there often lord i’m going to get their habitat was talking about in all this happens I don’t have basically he didn’t have nothing know anything that that would have produced life on this earth he speaks in there was wrong the olive trees the herds all that was gone but you know what he says it again he says I’m will still rejoice then oh man can’t think of his name founded the Salvation Army I believe that scripture was his last message that he couldn’t deliver that come to he was supposed to preach he couldn’t make it was dying there and gave him that passage of Scripture 12 verses and they just how many leads powerful stuff when you’re not attached to the things of this worm hallelujah but you attach to the things of God hallelu second Corinthians 4 18 while we look not at the things what you’re seeing up or like to get there come on and says why we look at the things with week that’s why we look not at the things which are seen well if we ever got them we wouldn’t be depressed we wouldn’t feel defeated but we look at those things we see and we dwell there we look at the lack of attendance the lack of faithfulness we look at all the things that the never wants us to see because he’s in control he’s the power in this world that’s why we can’t get anything done in this world by this world’s power because he’s the power of this world so we’re going to get some down we have to bring that power and authority from the kingdom of God Zach swirl parallel authority lines as in Gonski we look not at the things which are seen but at the things which are not seeing you don’t look at the negative it seen the look that the pains which are not seen why says why it says for the things what you’re singing or temporal but the things which are not seen or you tired of them so you’ll pardon me if I still have my dreams and still have my visions and still have my for side hallelujah I find pleasure in the kingdom of God all the days of my life Michael run over hallelujah where he’s done when my family stood with me outside of the rooms of our new home that had burnt down with only been in a few years my son’s and finally got their own room apiece and it burnt with everything in we stood there huddled and crying crying and weeping for thanksgiving cuz we the four of us were standing there looking at the rooms of this world but what god had given us through His grace and power

our family our love our been together was still strong god I kept that to the destruction of the enemy and through the despair that follow the Lord kept us because our treasures were laid up in the world of God not in this world why did God allow that to happen hide the hip and they care about is he worked all things together for my good cuz i call the party to his purpose and you forgive me if I hurt anybody I’ll tell you I was standing out the church i pastored had a fellowship truck I mean it was good except for a bathroom this was open how was when we moved to my boys that it once had a bedroom the nice new bedroom of peace was now sleeping in bunk beds thank God their brother their bought both this form hallelujah we put a curtain across the hall to separate them from the rest of the rest of the openness of the trailer you know the amazing thing those two teenage boys never once complained never once bright seem like they hug big party hallelu how do we because the car Google wanted to destroy anything empowered by the kingdom of God and he could not touch that bottle of God hallelu I stood in the yard of the church all people are actually not enough to give me stuff when the scripture says is more blessing to give them to receive I didn’t know the fullness of that scripture till that day I didn’t have toothpaste toothbrush underwear in heaven toilet paper didn’t have nothing when people wanted to ask for what should we bring whatever you I ain’t got nothing nothing you know thi ng some of you been there some of you are there but God has it all we have a resource and God put it in the hearts of these people that just lined up bringing stuff I had a dear brother I brought me up a recliner he said I just got this i had an old one that I God was able to get this one but that one out in the shed you put this in my house but he didn’t bring me as overcoming her he brought me the one that was his better the fire out of his house well I got to tell you that thing had a spray it just worked on the whole time it was the best best thing I ever had in the house I could settle down oh the client Jake back that spring start poking in oxygen bless god for his [ __ ] blessing and his wonderful love towards me hallelujah hallelujah I won’t kick against the pricks I’ll take all the pretty nu yaad wants to give me I would appreciate what God has blessed and giving me I was that poor man took the best out of this house of game to me who was I to say this French they can be throw this thing out I was going to miss tour that hallelujah until I’m going to appreciate the love and that brother’s heart towards me hello Liam so we can learn from some of the strangest things God is providing a better stock so we’re here but I want to talk to you