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Sight unseen | Spec Ops: The Line

ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another site unseen today we’re taking a look at spec ops little line i’m at it for a while and i have been thinking about playing but Adam I’m sheep this press to start but oh we got the star-spangled banner in the background there and an upside-down mirka flag oh god you should have done this before the video fool 00 on really bad at this how far can i push these okay yeah sure yeah it’s just do it go ahead and press new game combat walk on the beach ya think i’m gonna go for walk on the beach but i’m not gonna have a look it again there’s just oh i was gonna say there’s chopper flying around here somewhere are there subtitles options audio sub 0 so thous alright got subtitles all right I just set up a shop where you guys can stop by and buy some games um it’s over at game fan shop it’s on my channel page in my banner oh we’re starting to shoot already owes some chick there or guy I don’t know what is it with LA I want he’ll wanna know I wanna God the amy is weird um yeah so game fan shop ah it’s just pretty regular price as i’m gonna give you discounts for my subscribers eventually and they have pretty pretty good games there at like saints row 4 battlefield for coming out so yeah uh it’s a little deal i got with my partnership and yes i’m now apparently fully partnered with the creative gamer confinement youtube com the Creator gamer TV I it’s the guy who recently not recent well before he was the youtuber under the name of barbaric mustard leave it was name’s Donny really nice guy ah it was that’s a that’s pretty much why I’m not the wire joinha it was a small network with an nice person leading it so yeah I like being partnered with them it’s pretty cool oh god this game is yeah then put him out some a safe with Korean lately gonna do more of that not sure how I’m gonna name them that’s why I haven’t made thumbnails for it yeah because I don’t know what’s name it I’m not quite happy with the current name I don’t know so I feel like the name i am now the titles and stuff that’s the kind of stuff i would have on a let’s play oh we’re going slow mo mini young can I change no I can’t Oh what’s this so I have no idea what this game is about so bear with me uh it looks like some kind of apocalypse kind of well I it looks like the country’s gonna [ __ ] listen upside down American flag well United States fly even earlier okay so we’re going back now and its shakedown Conrad the greatest man I ever served with the camera guys nervous there was this one time in Kabul when he dragged my bleeding chhankata normal to an evac chopper so maybe I’m biased but the facts don’t lie okay yeah you probably are fixing my headset here thanks um why you’re probably all safe and sound at home watching TV well Conrad was leaving the dance no I don’t remember that goodbye he volunteered his entire battalion to help with the evac for need at all you did was send a check kiss her shits going to hell through the world looks and the 33rd stood with him now the official story still hazy how happened next all we know for sure is that the storms coming he defied an order how can you like him last thing we heard out of the bombs that Conrad was leading a

caravan of survivors on the city [ __ ] a kisser storm two weeks yeah a storm in the bayou would be pretty fun Oh to Brennan name’s Jim town red that’s the way it should have plan my name is junk spec ups the line oh that’s nice but this looks like this looks like a movie now I mean actually it looks like a serious this first day pilot episode okay you’re afraid Kylie has infiltrated the u.s. own designated as my pants sir wait our junk Andhra now are we going in for John comrade trying to find him yep I don’t don’t follow you to be seeing sergeant Oh God goodbye looks like that now [ __ ] desert everywhere nice City you were wow I wasn’t a hardy killing machine design lead Corey Davis Hendrick her neck America special guest it’s festival oh [ __ ] I should have had my sheep Norway they are didn’t tell me it would be like that I’m the special guest in this game yes master Duan it’s an old nickname I just like to always use oh I don’t need to keep it x cover bolts LML one to aim ok let’s try the running again if i press execute home he will just keep running let’s try this again I’m running can I just ok no I have to press X to take cover after running okay though barbed wire is there he’s not going to cover let’s try in here and there we go but can I run into it nope all right yeah yeah why you guys so say it let’s get moving mom let’s get some a rope okay repel rap rap rap well let’s go bruh pedal down okay thought I was gonna get to controlling up and more off oh [ __ ] sorry to do that we are basically switched weapon triangle surprise wait yeah that’s what you get for staying open door stupid door you’re [ __ ] with us what are they talking about skip up there I can’t run anymore could’ve sworn I heard somebody oh my god John Conrad is 30 I thought that was choice terminated what was his name Luigi Oh Lugo Adams I can’t run with X anymore shake saved up our ebay no go on the stand let the ravick stubborn sexy lady dead body Risha loo go paid vacation are you insane course you do you know oh yeah how long these guys can talk Jesus this is very slow who’s who it’s just not on so I’m staying I’m sorry what you’re doing

you’re hacking that computer what is it every computer like some [ __ ] Mouse we don’t use mouse and move it some video games what are we what are we looking at a better come look at this oh my god body music sir even worse sir you’re right sir probably the same people been ghostess it oh he ain’t all right as an answer the question don’t worry Oh God think we’re about to find out Oh God names John Conrad zombies calling it sir Sami [ __ ] all no soldiers listen come in peace who’s talking Oh God [ __ ] MA it’s phil its and what bus oh god oh god poor guys set Jack Bauer huh do we kill them I think so ah i ramble this [ __ ] ah oh you didn’t die oh yeah sprayed you stung commando what’s that I’ll [ __ ] cover let’s get this guy come on yeah oh you died oh [ __ ] shark Scooby tournament press lat right turn double I double taps real i’m so confused right now good to know that over again seriously can see the dust going there ah I’m positively surprised by this because I thought that was another turn okay let’s skip this now come on guys you serious I’m just gonna shoot that right now a didn’t into it if this was the real soldier operation or whatever I just shot them before he was talking to them now my heart [ __ ] you were to bother with you already all right all right all right all right all right all right all right all right let’s take over this trick / e oh [ __ ] that was hitting ah stung commando na jaaye fools see I got this now get the hang of this let’s try and try a good I got an m4a what a little kicks best I don’t want your micro 9 millimeter that was what it was checkpoint reached [ __ ] out with so close to check when just what’s that what’s that hole ah target fire what am I targeting I don’t owe that while holding our to target and I mean then release yeah god no can do it again whoa where are the old [ __ ] some big man no they were just 300 know there is more you better give up some I’m gonna know they have gum yeah I want to go up here with the car it looks like a Mercedes not really don’t think it is much easier this way can I hit him hit you like I can’t I can’t I can’t hit him I can’t die damn it why wouldn’t you give you some quick time events or something so I at least can hit them God hello hello mele that [ __ ] Oh God leaving this will stand up again look down and press to

execute we’re rescuing people up oh I guess you’re not what’s that what’s let’s look it up in the right corner what’s that what is that am i doing zombie I’m picking up distress call patch through ah the resurgence logo distance about a hundred yards away its move sounds like Jack barber maybe I don’t have no sound actually here but I thought I get you out slip out oh alright figure out that oh god no no no no no ok let’s take over let’s change gun let’s reload it oh god I yet I get more of ammo how do that can’t walk along this edge please you think it what the hell is he wearing what the hell is he wearing da boy have I got some grenades let’s get them hey so I have to control these guys is that the general Joe that’s not safe oh [ __ ] okay so what’s here micro what the [ __ ] of that they had some serious smoking issues ah ah okay okay okay guys look at the pattern of the smoke and pattern they have used the same exact pattern on the table and on the floor you see it I see it it’s the exact same animation or whatever it’s called picture the views the exact same on both the floor and here lazy bastards this is alpha patrol no there’s no one out there mark are you hurt is anyone else with you who’s Mars simple okay stay cool we’re almost there what do we got my guys are pinned down the stick coach stayed fresh stay fly got it so much dancer equip silence are they live wait the red I’m an idiot okay so we’re helping our own soldiers now or something marksman rifle on you better give me marksmen on the best right FLIR right rifleman oh [ __ ] not come on get young cover you idiot you’re bleeding in the camera behind you apparently why would he jump what why would he jump over there yeah I like pistol I like them pistols 75 meters it’s a big plane here those my enemies no can I get some ammo from you guys and anyone know oh you hold X to just spring into it all right then we vault and hold X and down here all right all right I got no bullets there we go Dodge yeah the hell was that oh I hit with circle who will be my first victim a physical assault where are you oh you you don’t goof no oh [ __ ] I punched him to China or something oh look at this bra oh that was disappoint you maybe not disappointing please oh [ __ ] did he use a bullet on that I didn’t want to use bullets that’s kind of point [ __ ] I’m

not dying now that’s what you’re thinking oh oh [ __ ] no no no no no no no no no no no no no oh ok ok so I got bullets on that and that now let’s just use the AK so they will be extra pissed using the oh god no no no no no no no no no no more shooting [ __ ] you all slow more there [ __ ] you’re gonna have to talk fast bosses food rescue alpha patrol think that one guy died let’s laugh in his face did you forget me they took my mcpherson make her see you guys are truly creative at the names here yeah to the best lugo mark the bodies on TAC Adams check out tell us for the nest there’s a monster than this [ __ ] in know what the hell is going on in this city let’s check outside of God I want to know what the hell is going on the city then we follow him I don’t you know I won’t be a silent one goal uh okay checkpoint rage we’re in the desert again US soldiers butchered okay did all of them died I like it order isn’t what its following this guy’s one badass mofo do that ok so we are looking for Conrad it’s quaint every post up that indeed it is just don’t get cocky ok so i don’t think the world completely is going the [ __ ] is dubai isn’t it oh it’s that one is that sailing thing in dubai kind of broken though hotel the change colors and it’s like super expensive don’t they see us oh there’s the back nice okay I mofu raw get through this fast what was that grenade okay press and hold l2 to throw grenade you can’t supply can chart a bit reload oh you win seven Laguna its acts exactly like you charted actually truly is that can always be a good thing charge awesome i love the uncharted games how do i change cuz now i’m up from the left side of his head hold square for grenades what die all of you please i’m trying to shoot without it oh that’s oh dear you gon bass huh oh he didn’t try to get up before i actually stood over idiot that’s why you failed so these ak-47s are apparently burst fire strange look at this skills skill-shot still shoots cute [ __ ] your aunt swimming the bullets well are you I room ma’am was the UN cutscene this just in newspapers for you I know that office thing Justin Justin Clark Kent this is out of control what the [ __ ] is going on here well whoop whoop reload why my [ __ ] she might not Jesus ow

dammit da board behind cover oh there’s one on the hill there take him down take that guy down first fired out of that guy flip turret what turret what are you kidding me like the mgs is that what they mean get behind cover you idiot oh I’m gonna die now yeah yeah okay I survived that’s alright house close to death they’re just first fire the hell out of them what the hell is that let’s run towards it that’s all I do run towards stupid [ __ ] how he is wearing wearing can we jump this thing no guess we’re dropping down here running run run run run run oh you got them you got them some panels hey ray oh [ __ ] are you you got ropes this place i’ll gie oh let’s technology you’re the bad guys you don’t get that can stuff shotgun Iran where where’s the shotgunner take that guy down please yeah oh [ __ ] so tell how many are we you’re dead you’re dead to your you’re dead too can I just do something go guys kill them or something mark them that’s what I do i marked them you killing awesome and now out out ah whatever [ __ ] all right but I think we’ve gotten enough into this game now so you got the general gist of it is some post-apocalyptic kind of [ __ ] going on and Dubai and we’re trying to find Conrad and I don’t want to splay what’s gonna happen if we find him or whatever so we’re gonna stop it right here I hope you guys enjoy check out my youtube channel for the stuff I talk about I got them Gabe’s got them say throw for if you want that game pretty pretty cheap it’s pretty good ah so yeah got that set up gonna get some amazon stuff on there as well eventually all right but i’m off now and i hope you enjoy every which I copperas cove you did and I’ll see you next time you