The Post-European Community, Europe, The Very Idea 9 & 10 May 2014, UWE, Bristol

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The Post-European Community, Europe, The Very Idea 9 & 10 May 2014, UWE, Bristol

so good afternoon to everybody there’s a slight change to the to the program for the afternoon I know that some of you are sadly disappointed that you didn’t get to hear Francesco in the morning so you get to hear him hear him now and afterwards I think we’ll probably just try to have a discussion on some of the themes that have been reoccurring throughout the conference in order to open up in preparation for the final lecture of the day from Professor Novotny um hopefully at this point in a in a conference introductions are no longer necessary but i’ll make them i’ll make them anyway I’m dying Meechum by the way dude so thank you all for being here first of all but it’s my great pleasure to introduce dr. Francesco taba of the University of Milan the pathological archives in Prague and until very recently of Uwe Bristol as well I can’t remember the name of the paper now that’s very embarrassing for me on the possibility of the greatest struggle on the possibility of a European come you changed it anyway so I’m glad I didn’t get the wrong again great so it’s my great my great pleasure to institution it’s my great pleasure to be here to be back here I had a great time a bracelet so it’s always had I’m happy to be back yeah I’ll try to be as quick as i can so so that we can also start the discussion so it’s in order to wake you up let’s see that’s her purpose so let us start in a very concrete way recollecting what recently Alexis tsipras said indicated as one of the key points of his political program in view of the european election campaign this is a sort of a ring composition because you started yesterday the conference you open the conference say that we are so close to this election so we close to the finish and it’s good to remember also something really political political present problem so a super suceder you can find this quotation from is a website with no problem indicated as a key point of his program the necessity to fight against the idea of a fortress Europe I think yesterday a document may be already quoted this idea the fortress of Europe is a bday she’s not here anymore but that’s the idea so fight against the idea of fortress Europe and also to conceive an inclusive idea of community that’s what tsipras say the road well the idea of Europe as a fortress so as a closed the self defending universe as along and also quite bizarre story the Fraser fortress Europe was probably used for the first time during World War two as a propaganda term curiously both the sides of the conflict the conflict record to the same idea meaning with it a very different phenomena of course in the British context of fortress Europe was a battle honor accorded to the Royal Air Force to qualify operations against the Nazi occupied zones in the continent from this outer perspective the fortress was something already existing that was necessary to destroy on the other hand in the same that same period the Nazi propaganda dealt with the idea of a festoon Europa the fortress of Europe referring to Hitler’s project to fortify the whole of occupied Europe in this case the fortress is something missing which is a worth to build up the same ambiguity can be seen also in the present festa muy guapa for example recently became a slogan of the Freedom Party of Austria the idea of fortress said got here a positive projected sense the entire slogan says I hope a moose ina festoons I’m so Europe has to be a fortress the fortress in this case then does not exist yet and must be built by means of the abolition of the Schengen Agreement and the restoration of the state national borders in a totally different sense fortress Europe is also the name of a well-known internet blog devoted to the phenomenon of immigration and its victims namely to people who strive to enter the fortress giving their lives in the tri very recently posted in his post European website as a video is an incredible astonishing video of people trying to overcome a board or trying to enter Europe I think that’s the best description of this very trade you can also complex phenomena for you can I make a comment oh yeah just what was amazing about that video of course is they were in Quetta and malia so those were European end clades outside of Europe you actually you know in Africa

yeah that’s another example so the ambiguity we are seeing of disturbed fortress reveals it’s essentially inadequacy when applied to Europe to the idea of Europe what we mean by Europe is sounding more complex that cannot be conceived neither as I fuelly close the real nor as a wide open space contemporary philosophy often try to handle this complexity trying to give a definition if your lieutenancy referring to this problem stated that Europe is essentially a landscape of countries whose multifarious representations constitute it’s authentic fundament an Italian philosopher Massimo kachari in close confrontation with Nancy and also with Tlakula ba refer to Europe not as a continent but as an archipelago so that’s the word he used some years ago in a book called the large shipping of the archipelago’s so as something which is essentially plural without losing a narrow class a sense of unity as well the difficult to define even geographically the very idea of Europe reveals the fundamental permeability of this region it’s essentially dynamic character the difficulty chol consists here in the remaining which kind of political forum would be capable of organizing the space in the respect of its complexity following at sea process example it should be asked if the task of building an inclusive community can be seen as a valid alternative to this idea of fortress defining a community as inclusive can actually sound quite plastic somehow how could ever a community be exclusively mean that is a rigidly closed on itself rejecting the other the same idea of common as a space of being with according to the definition given to it by now see in the operative community but also die by Heidegger of course implies this character of inclusiveness on the other hand as the empathic I noticed already in the 50s the European political project as it was pursued until 20th century can be interpreted as a try to make the community ie an ensemble of alterra T’s who decide to co-exist a unit would on this room seemed this is the phrase that particle pizza in a work from the fifties for example before to solve in a pure rational way any kind of political conflict establishing a perfect homogeneity within society is at the base of what Patricia called the super civilization many will disturb a particular political confirmation originated in modern European history in which every element of difference is excluded from society or even a brutally erased by political power in order to preserve its you neva cult structure the consequence of the elimination of every other of every element of alterity is a sort of addiction to things this is another phrase used by Patricia in this text being incapable of taking a distance from the mere reality in which he leaves the individual seems totally lost in the mechanism he wanted to rule in it’s another phrase by patoka in its a quantifiable meaninglessness the same phenomenon was noticed already in the forties by another philosopher by the Spanish philosopher maria zambrano who dealt with a and I quote an atrocious and chaining to mere facts in order to describe the agony of Europe interactive centering this phrase agron of Europe is also the title of a book zambrana wrote in the forties during the Second World War but Europe is also something more than this atrocious condition it’s unavailable t to be unanimously defined it’s a complex character as we called it allows Europe and the subject who inhabits it to take a distance from this flat and structure even in the earth in the harshest situation and I go to gain from Zambrano’s Booker the genius of Europe is its cap is its capacity to detach itself from reality the agony of Europe consists in the struggle of the individual to maintain the last hint of this detachment that the present condition continuously jeopardizes also patatas idea of posture up can be interpreted in this terms namely as a theoretical effort to outline and attached perspective on Europe in order to preserve its spiritual trades even in a situation of political crisis as he clarifies in a well-known study on the subject written in the 70s the failure of the European philosophical and political project is already an empirical evidence northland this acknowledgment does not entail a simple other coming of Europe on the contrary

the subject who engenders this post European perspective must be capable to address a look back to European history defining the essential relationship that Bond’s the present to the past the only way that to measure the depth of the APIs which divides Europe from exposed consists according to Patricia in the desperate attempt to fill it trying to comprehend Europe’s complex meaning envisioning its history this is what Patricia has in mind when he deals with the necessity of a historical vision I nishiki Heinz it this is the phrase he uses in oil hot but internal hapa historical vision over Europe explicitly recalled linger with disturb the historian notion of ions each according to Patricia and authentic historical vision has nothing to do with the positive knowledge of ideas it is rather and i quote a vision over the fundamental moral relationships between progress and decline between the possibility of freedom and it’s undermining I’m going again from Europe and post Europe the only way to contrast what publisher called addiction to things that characterizes the late-season of Europe consists in detaching from mere facts which can be technically technically measured and ruled addressing attention to the ethical position of the individual in front of the of the events that shatter his existence pataskala termines in these pages and explicit analogy between historical vision on one hand and moral vision on the other hand and I quote again the moral vision is nothing but a sedimentation and a codification of the experience made in history concretely putting into practice it is a historical vision and tales looking back and gathering to an upper level all the elements that characterize human history and prehistory dealing with phenomenon of means that with the birth of language with the report to mortality other schedules in this essay how does a post European perspective means how this post European perspective means overcoming the flatness of the present limits of the immediate looking at its hidden foundation what does this particular moral and historical vision entails for the life of the individual who engenders it this is the basic question I want to make today according to pataskala spreaders birth perspective is all but peaceful it requires indeed to openly questioned what a good life is not a mere existence whose only task would consist in satisfying immediate needs but rather alive in which the subject decides and I could again to bravely behave against the general misery to struggle in the trenches any to invert the force of gravity that affects collectivity and that reminds fundamental determines its flatness this idea of courage of the brave struggle often recurs in this pages another quotation to show this point the fundamental precondition of the beam good is the courage the possibility and the wheel to brave a danger which is essentially a danger of life the presence of a danger of a fatal risk within the moral life of an individual was underlined by particle already in the fifties with reference to the idea of freedom in several fragments about the concept of a negative platonism and I’m very happy that Daniel mentioned is a very important subject so in we should remember that a negative but anism is it’s not just one essay actually it was a project that father sky had to write a much bigger book at the end of the day he finished the Justice League essay which is normally called the negative putinism but there are many other fragments quite not not often translated not often read actually that are the fragments left after he gave up this project of publication so in one of these fragments petrushka argued that freedom cannot be conceived as a simple property but rather as a dangerous experience in which the subject is put in front of a vibe of a detail decision a quotation from this fragmenta whose name is the problem of truth from the perspective of negative what anism freedom rights potaka means the risk incessant possibility of mistake and necessity to decide freedom means harshness of contradictions necessity to take a decision on them as if that we can control them and indicates at the same time the impossibility of this control freedom means therefore ants in

front of the apparent emptiness in which man with his marginal position is settled according to Batoche Kealii through the sacrifice is exposition to his own mortality the human being can experiment his freedom all the reaching also reaching that moral vision we were referring to this courageous behavioral ever also hides a risk if the subject who engenders do not have a clear acknowledgment of the gravity of his situation the posterior p an individual who is willing to engage this brave struggle is not comparable to the figure of a titanic hero who because of the exceptional nature of his process can simply bits can simply detach himself from his world experience in this case according to Patricia the moral action would decrease were sort of cellular racing the vengers trade here consists in the capacity of this individual to take a distance from reality in virtue of the post that characterizes his position but always maintaining his fundamental vision is fundamental ions 8 towards the word that does not allow him to easily abandon it the nature of this vision is hardly suitable only a gifted person says babushka person particularly subtle and perseverant will be able to realize this a hazardous venture is bugging his expedition which consists in envisioned in the world and its history without being simply reduced to its mechanism but escaping his fund quantifiable meaninglessness raising a retrospective folded shatters the homogeneity of European tradition padaca tried in many occasions give a further explanation of this existential position if you are the fragments he wrote on postural he referred to the idea originally conceived by Holly black song of open source often is alien to define these individuals recollecting a concept he already dealt with in 1970 speaking about communities in a seminar he held in 1975 used the phrase spiritual men which also records in Europe and post Europe in both this text paducah particular underline the character of active exposition of the subject also mentioning the political outcome of this praxis in view of the birth of a new common he says an analogy mind or i know–yeah my invasion of a new form of community founded by spiritual man or the platonic principle of the curve for the soul this conception does not correspond to any spiritualistic drift I remember when I defended my doctoral dissertation the first question day now the second question they made me was well but Pato sky is a spiritual in spiritualist eyes has nothing to do with a political real life this is the second question the first one was well did you learn check to translate Patricia Kauai so just to remember in tragic moment you might what you did yeah and stop it don’t let me speak about that moment and what I actually asked for anyway this conception does not correspond to any spiritualistic drift I was saved on the contrary as pataka clarifies Plato never understood the care for the soul as a matter of the isolated individual who keeps aside from the common field on the contrary only taking into account the soul of the community it will become possible to reach the soul of the of the individual who moves in it in a problematic and conflictual way the essence of the Socratic lesson as it emerges both in the apology and in the Republic can be the tactic can be detected occur according to Patricia in this complex analogy between individual soul and common soul and I quote again looking at the common it becomes possible to learn the structure of around soul and to know that our movement it enabled on the other hand the reformation of the community has to follow an orientation of our answer towards the common pool once the necessity to project the curve for the soul to the community is finally recognized it becomes necessary to understand what this relationship between individual and common may entail as we have already seen the kind of saw that particle has in mind is what he calls an open soul the open soul of the spirit world man IES all who openly experiment it’s absolute other pneus the existence of sounds like aa start of something that overcomes it’s limited situation becoming those those aware of its detached existence of the fallacy of human / tension to completely frame a world as if it was put at his own disposal so the question is what kind of impact can this brave exposition have if we conceive it not only as an individual

perspective but as the fundament of a renewed community process speaking I be quite direct in order to make it too short a community built on this base will be a community that will give out the same idea of identity conceived as a closed and impermeable unit unable to face the conflicts that characterize any intersubjective space and here can very close to the conclusion of Anya Stoke of course and it’s funny because Anya very correctly quoted Robert response to do and we were as we were saying at lunch actually as positive in the early nineties I think edited a book called beyond the politic about this idea of body and offer the possible overcoming of the classical idea of community as well and among the essays included in this book included also the essay the seminar by partyka from nineteen seventy five eight I just quoted the one about the spiritual man so I think that we are incredibly close in all the things we say until now so it’s a good reason to go on it will be a community this kind of a community without solar without the identity or beyond identity capable of envisioning the other honest to which it say it essentially opens without an intention to reduce it to any sort of unity it is a community essentially influenced by an active tensions another phrase that political often uses in this assay active as well as our soul is influenced by its to moss barska also recalls there’s a platonic idea in this context which according to Plato corresponds to the median part of the soul the space pod touch cases of the conflict in ourselves the component that aggressively defends our same authenticity not closing ourselves up but on the contrary engaging gasps in a dangerous and courreges movement towards the other through the overcoming of the other single and limited existence as particle points out applying the idea of Tomas on a communitarian space involves a harsh contradiction how could something be at the same time an element of safeguard and an element of division an element of defense and an element of conflict as well the essence of this new community according to package consists in maintaining both these elements facing this contradiction as well as the spiritual man must be capable of concealing intellectual distance and courageous involvement detachment and responsibility in order to better understand the nature of this resistant force within the policy as it emerges in these last pages of Europe and post Europe namely as a chance to refer the rise of a new communitarian principle it is useful to recollect that the figure of Antigonus to whom a butta Cheeka dedicated a well known essay in the late 60s in this essay pataskala scribes the rationalistic attitude of men represented by korean as i try to stay on the surface of existence striving to simply float on it this attitude involves an effort to hide around weaknesses to shrink from what a life looks dark ambiguous dangerous in a word the other nests as we understood it before this behavior does not prevent the human being to be exposed to the risks that threaten his existence espite hole is tries to dismiss this obscure and the forces they will always stay down generously closed to his everyday life ready to burst into it the political power aims to avoid this risk and therefore if its fundamental task consists in building more and more safe shields as positives idea of immunity is absolutely accessible in this position according to paducah Antigonus represents a figure who openly openly contrasts this trend undertaking a totally different action directed to the depth that man tries to avoid whose last expression is death I was trying to read again antigonus circus I’m days ago right in this paper and for the whole tragedy the chorus always repeats the same objectives a predicate to integrin it she’s intractable you are intractable deaconess you are intractable so that means that you up because you are not willing to be bring back into normality that’s his ethical position during her a clash against creo nuh represents the inflexible defender of the law of the police we can say also on fortress Europe in this case antigonus continuously records this plan of depth maria zambrano and i’m glad to quote her for the second time in the stoker wrote also a book about antigonus and in order to define this difference between korean

auntie gonna say that if a korean was characterized that because of the fact that he always wanted for his entire life to be the same thing that is the king Antigonus was many things she was sister she was woman she was mother she was a sisters was a direction represented that all these a different and this complex ensemble of characters so anti gonna continuously recalls the span of depth and the parish gap in commanding this position says antigonus fear me replies to him so to korean there these lows does not count there the human existence has no sense the human sense has the human sense stops at the threshold of death and of ninth envisioning this absolute other pneus antigonus reveals to humanity how the world in which it lives is neither autonomous North stuff isn’t his acknowledgment constitute a danger for the boys understood as a community built on a public clue which will inevitably struggle to submit this element of discrepancy bringing it back to normality but Antigua knees despite her peculiar detachment is also member of the policy kachali writing about Antigone in his book the archipelago’s showed this point if Antigone just decided to leave the policy he wouldn’t be such a problematic person he is against the law of the police but always part of the palace and here we can see her also a forgivable element she never leaves to the status that same public sphere that she put into question with her behavior her and for be unforgivable element is detectable in though in this wheel to indicate something other from the police sinking at the same time her roots in it in conclusion I think that imagining Ross European a pasta European inclusive community means to think at the community in which Antigonus would not be refused and buried but rather accepted not too despite but because of her scandalous behavior this community should renounce the illusion to create a harmonic coexistence between individual and state between private and public on the contrary it should be able to valorize its inner phenomena of conflict and resistance given voice to this counter currents at the risk of its downfall as well I stopped I think we can already open up to some questions for we’ll just to request for questions and one was about fullest and the end I wondering about it gathers but I leave rent well think of the price for the past have available so we wish p street behind somehow reckon incident is God and what anybody you think what raising the porous is very very simple there somewhere which is it which is active and that’s without emotional that ok the second one and some questions about this idea private public whether how that functions because on a Gabonese route Campbell the private-public blurring precisely is a botanist cool act which is very dangerous many times that’s a great question and it’s clear that you know the italian philosopher maybe better than me so it’s a great thing well actually the two questions are linked so this idea of Polly’s and this idea of private and public i’m not sure i gamble but the kitchari for sure make makes this card is a division this confrontation between paulie’s that represents excel essential the space of public and I coast which is the other word other Greek world very similar that represent the private sphere of the city so and I think that all the conflict attract arise paulie’s is essentially suitable in this complex relationship between this private so there’s a Oracle’s element and this public is a Polish element and the dream of politics was to fix this conflict so to make the private perfectly public that is also pointed i ran for example handled in the human condition the point is according to this interpretation trying to read some points of paducah is that a community who wants to overcome this kind of idea of politics as a sort

of a total control of reality has to conceive not as not to hide or as not to try to fix this conflict but on the other hand it has to valorize this conflict how I don’t know that’s a great question but I think that one big task of political flaws in the future is essentially to deal with this complex link is complex relationship between public and private not destroying not fixing it mad mullah rising it’s a harshness as well yeah interesting because per gallon in the second most active community glory another jelly energy economy Jordan or see how households now become the general we oversee maybe how I Chrisman’s oh yeah of course house or rejecting this win the yellow is arguing about the organization of God’s kingdom or a that’s yeah that can transit somehow descends into bureaucracy management angelology essentially that the validation of the contract to enthuse horse or Gavin Watson told you like maintain their difference somehow I think you’re right this is exactly the problem absolutely a gunman has a big role in this debate of course on you when I was this thing is from me so the feminist really good Butler and I guess I think and one of the things it’s interesting is the explicit reference book is this sake of Socrates and attend their roles in a way as certain representations of what it is that philosophy should be or what it is that the idea and this is not of Europe robbery and I’m just wondering this palatka also somehow bring those two fingers together uh yeah well of course she widely refers to both of them and in in the essay about antigonus I don’t think she she quotes hosts of socrates i’m not sure i can ask other colleagues but in that occasion i think that the focus is all on hunting honest but i think that of course there is a link between these two kind of interpretation because they both are shared is a scandal position maybe if we can also draw kind of difference if Socrates that represents this negative power still in irrational way somehow still up fro served operational dialogue Antigonus that uses a kind of different force I didn’t have the time to make other quotations but paducah in that essay is that one of the best things butters corrode my says that Antigonus follows another kind of low that is not the law of the earth the law of the update but though of the night sort of primeval underground low so it’s very poetic and also unclear way to describe this phenomenon i think but i think it’s useful to better shape this kind of others so i think that’s in this particular way and dignity is even more as scandalous than Socrates with her behavior because again interesting but I just wanted to be clear about here at the end after you introduced this designation and ticket is unforgivable did you say or do you say something but then what the polisher who is except Antigone the police that the Polish would except should not reject anything even accept that dignity was that you were yes yeah that’s a possible conclusion so maybe not accept because accepting her would mean also comprehending her and well depriving her of her a forgivable pneus but at least that I think Polly’s could try could imagine a kind of relationship towards a degree that not hides this a forgivable character but that actually face it it actually tries in a very complex way to handle it my question is if one were to pursue this one person had to be given angle the tangos interpretation and she almost caused a stir discourse and in hegel the prom event DVD is is the political problem because it’s about

the reconciliation of the law and the individual universality and we particular and then the whole prop of tragedy is the inability to reconcile this for which politicians the answer in subsidies so sort of the basis of the political is the Toronto but 4444 pagal the political solution to try to be as the attempt to somehow integrate the individual kwok individual into it so this is tight now what’s interesting is that it would seem on what you just said that Peppa trust still remains within the alien shadow if the desi drop is to somehow conceptualize and understand the acceptability the hospitality how we want of entity hasn’t that might be a less radical and l’homme who develops an interpretation posing as a medium perhaps 1960 say us ethics of psychoanalysis who says actually the true way to think about identity and this is the whole masochistic Gustav anyone else is that ethics a genuine moment of the underworld requires social death and what is social death social that is precisely the ability to accept the total renunciation of my determination by the Somali border and that’s the true moment of rupture and liberation which is unforgivable yep and so it would seem that the meccanian reading of Antigone seems to sort of be more consequent almost to the intent of guitar cover then touch pad yourself I agree actually I mean oh that’s the truly unforgivable yeah I mean that’s why ethics is ultimately psychoanalysis actually petrushka puts it in a much better way than i did here so should be useful to make many other quotations from the test but I think yeah I totally agree I think that maybe package guy is still influenced by the Hager interpretation in that case but I think that lekan batushka somehow followed to power bats in this can interpret question of Europe on your point of view in Europe will always be a kind of signifies that has to be stitched buttonhole into a discourse of the imaginary I mean there’s no I mean you cannot escape that because to escape that would be the genuine ethical moment that breaks this fantasy of this discourse so in a sentence you cannot be ethical and European right for left on the same time and you can be poss syrupy and maybe so that’s the paradox also the positive European position that’s what bad has been very complicated and also confuse ways and that is trying to say so Europe is finished that’s clear that so you can see that but we are still envisioning its history and we cannot avoid to do that it’s a very strange situation so we are after something but not outside outside of something so it’s I think that the difficulty to understand what he means by post Europe is exactly in this point to conceive this very strange and fragile position and also in this case I think I I don’t I should read careful that part and thanks for the suggestion to lock on but yeah I think that they absolutely are going to be same direction cherokee i’m just curious about why and taking these involved in this debate about what futures to this is about Europe because as far as I read the play you know Creon is wrong simply because he tries to extend the laws of living to the dead I mean I’m thinking he just wants to bury her brothers and her brothers of course the rebels against the state but they are no longer citizens you know they belong to a different realm but she is she still as it isn’t it but and the sister well that may be but she is involved i’m just hauling her sock sophocles accessories basic think softly that is based on is that you know you don’t take the loss of living employment that and Antigone does not take the laws you should not take the loss of the dead and screw up the posts ok in other words of nuts I think it is a cautionary tale now but the question is you know is that the bottle or a Socrates the bottle for the kind of citizen that you want I don’t see any way in which people I can’t take any can’t be brought together because they are just not political mhm I can’t see a way with people like Socrates you know who are genuinely political can be brought together and that’s through dialogue and conversation yeah and the dialogues show how that kind of community gets established like in

Republic but as I saying my difficulty is you know I think I think as a citizen or political actor that’s very fine to heard apology of Korean by JS thank you with electric what I think is that antigona is absolutely political not in the same way of Antigone is if Antigone wasn’t political she could just burberry has brought her brother and leave the city he was not forced to make this quarrel there’s a clash against the Korean she could just do what she wanted following her heart she sexy body and she just spread a little girl yeah and then she started to argue against Korean in a public space in the square about this point about her reaction so she wants to be political and she also wants to follow another load which is absolutely in political of course that’s the difficulty is to bring people like that together the format will decide director a shaken yeah yeah yeah I still have to understand what kind of community that could clean but is it around the I’m sorry tomorrow you had your how’d you end up for a long time in on the land here how to counteract this accusation in this context if Antigone alimento vision I’m not sure I got that sorry can you rephrase it you have an argument understand yeah yeahs podruga say is that a person who is able to engender this kind of vision is that gifted and also a per several person but yeah I think that kind of matter concerns this capacity of the subject to be courreges so it is a reserve bravery of the subject to engender the difficult position but I don’t see the problem of this did you see a problem in this particular why that’s a question that I gap salutes you cannot tell us for you know that the real tragedy is Hans he caught between Korea and figured hmm and there’s that’s to failure of the community maybe of the community has we major I absolutely cannot understand the saying cannot just say what exactly this community if a kind of community like this could exist of course so how this community could be I think that this is the task so trying to conceive that this is a very particular and also paradoxical kind of community which is a maybe in political maybe beyond politics I don’t know but I think that there is a need of this community somehow in the sense of another coming of what we intended for community Angela Theresa would it be helpful to put together or to compare a posh guy I’d your community as you expose it and all the debate that was originated by blood sure it’s safe absolutely yeah yeah there is kind of our game what the unavailable command and and Nazi and if we can make that connection actually the book by Basha was an answer to the one by the scene if I’m not you know that we run Nazis google and I’m not sure no no I don’t think so quite sure it’s blood sure who asked for Tennessee I like any but that’s all right reserved a bit if you agree with me on the children and a way to make this northern free for me and to relate it to Europe with me buddy bar because Valley barring many articles and books it refers to that debate UNC and if refers that debate with Europe and is also is that we have to think a community without or without identity in a relational sense

absolutely yeah and that’s a kind of thing that I should study actually so I I don’t know very good boy bar but yeah what you say confirms what i was thinking that actually it’s a very valuable path thank you i will do it maybe next conference then discuss part thank you hun Francesca you started with a quote from Alexis speedos who is in the middle of a campaign of course for the European Parliament you ended by saying that you have no idea of what kind of community we should be we should be talking about I want to put forward to you for different quotations yeah that hopefully will provoke a little bit they’re a bit coarse as well and I want to just get an idea where we stand where you think we stand in terms of these four different for different quotations the first is from who stroll yeah from from the Vienna lecture he’s speaking of of Europeans he says I mean that we feel in spite of all the obscurity this feeling is probably legitimate and what is the feeling the feeling that in until he is born in our European civilization is inborn in our European civilization which holds sway throughout all the changing shapes of Europe and accords to them the sense of a development toward an ideal shape of life as being in eternal poll this is who stroll on Europe in the general ledger and who throw on what he says he’s a feeling that almost all Europeans seem to seem to share yeah the next quote I want to give to some sod from the preface to finance wretched of the of the earth Sartre says when a Frenchman for example stays to another were done for which to my knowledge has happened every day since 1930 it’s a passionate discourse burning with rage and love where the speaker puts himself in the same boat as his countrymen and then as a rule adds unless everybody gets the message that’s from sorry Sarge contrast this to phenom quoting fan on fannin says let us not lose time in useless laments and sickening mimicry let us leave this Europe which never stops talking of man yet massacres him at every one of its street corners at every corner of the world for centuries it has stifled virtually the whole of humanity in the name of a so-called spiritual adventure let’s sign on and finally something very recent from last week’s newspaper in fact guest and from the man of the hour Thomas Piketty the right he’s a economy French economist gap his book is sold out that you have we have to wait for the second the second printing now he says this was in a manifesto written by him and a number of other economists and published last week says debate over Europe’s political institutions had all too often been pushed aside as technical or secondary but refusing to discuss the organization of democracy ultimately means accepting the omnipotence of market forces and competition and abandoning all hope that democracy can regain control of 20th century capitalism yeah it’s a it’s a lot of thing goes well this last one yeah it’s about jobs requiring is what he said again debate over Europe’s political institutions has all too often been pushed aside as technical or secondary but refusing to address the organization of democracy ultimately means accepting the omnipotence of market forces and competition and abandoning all hope that bakra see can regain control of 20th century capitalism I mean the reason why I included that is the last of these as the last chance for us because we’ve had a discussion over the past two days about the idea of the Europe of course and then but the sense of Europe and for the most part that discussion has taken a tone having to do with Europe in relation to what is not Europe Europe in relation to what is outside of Europe or Europe in relation to itself in a sort of self reflected almost minister in a sense it Sarge sorry mentions here yeah what values do does the European body what cultures do with cultural traits do we share etc etc I think pic actually gives a sort of wake-up call but it’s a sort of wake up call it i think we find in papo chica as well actually and it’s a wake of color button unless we start to talk very concretely let’s and perhaps unless philosopher and that’s the question whether we’re capable as philosophers to contribute something to that whether we start to talk very concretely about the structure of

institutions and about the nature of our democracy then in ask in a sense the battle is already the battle for Europe shall we say has already been lost okay yeah I share it as a diss feedings of course I can just think of this last quotation which is a quite incredible is the idea of democracy can regain control of 21st century capitalism isn’t it incredible rhetoric so it’s a I try to think at Patoka he the older things I quoted today well the super civilization and the other text about negative person is but the reason were written in the fifties in particular personalization was ended around 1955 in that year the warsaw pact was signed and in prague the construction of the biggest monument styling was just started so it was maybe the harshest moment of the Czechoslovakian history after Second World War the other texts from the seventies so were written in German by pathos castle in the try to be understandable wanted to write all the things about to post here in Germany because he had this pressure to be read and under then from the biggest public but big possible public but in that situation he was incredibly alone and isolated he was first out from the University in 1972 and he could never have a more contact with people than this private seminars with five or six people so and we’re speaking speaking about a guy who is waiting for a second edition of his bestseller so I’m I have it’s very problematic for me to create an interaction between this kind of guy who actually a puppet can represent themselves but yeah as we already stayed in other occasion we should also have the strength and the courage as well this is a brave struggle to use concepts conceived such a different political and ethical situation also for problems who are our problems at the moment so the paper you wrote recently about the concept of applecare I think goes in that direction so using a concept that partyka dealt with without too many concerns about the situation in which particle wrote it but using that particular category in front of the biggest problems that the present time present to us so in this sense yes I think that’s a debate and these problems is absolutely urgent also in a rhetoric sense if we can’t avoid it but yeah and maybe this conference is this do you think that you think that the philosophical discourse and particularly the discourse around patata the little better to a large extent dominate what we’ve done here does that contribute something you think or well I think so yeah the interest for his philosophy and also in this very last year’s for his political philosophy as well can be interpreted in that way I had a big argument last week during the presentation of my book in Milan this is the last thing I say because I was speaking about this professor from the University of Milan who ran my book she’s very very great philosopher right my lover and but she harshly criticized me she’s loud abuela I can say the name no problem she harshly criticized me because I according to hurt my book I sketched in a too easy way this link from the ethical to the political impetus gun she said she said okay padaca was a classical European philosopher like hosur like heiliger so maybe highly different bicycle film I cursor let’s say and he represented in this guy in his way not the politician who actually wanted to make his hands dirty to actually change the things at least they can represent an example for us for the people for the politicians as well but there is always a rift between what he was and what he said and the real political action and a person from the public we were in the cheque centre of Milan a person of the public was checked and was also an historian and was also a witness he lived in Prague during the seventies I think say in a very correct way well but Papish crap trying to conceive what the parasia is what telling the truth is them in that situation was already a politician so what are we intend for an absolute abstract philosophical thing so for example speaking about the concept of truth in that particular historical and political situation was already political action so there is no absolutely no risk to make this too easy

comm link from ethical to political in that case it already existed maybe we should go back to consider sort of a tight bond fun yeah but two things want us to connect to your clothes I think that you’re not connecting that I would like and also just your last point about the troops when at foster speaks German it becomes political I mean it makes me from a different best a true the whole it’s not an addict of close early say philosophers don’t follow the polis unless the polis is so destroyed that it needs philosopher to come early so please be intrusive to wake me below all right let’s thank can chesko