Air Crash Investigation 'Sight Unseen' Worlds Deadliest Mid Air Crash

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Air Crash Investigation 'Sight Unseen' Worlds Deadliest Mid Air Crash

in the world of military aviation one aircraft rule supreme built to put American pilots back in charge of the skies it is the ultimate air fighter able to climb to the height of Mount Everest in just 60 seconds oh the efficacy is an absolute dream to fly it was so exhilarating and so sexy and just incredible it proved its value in both Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom flying thousands of successful missions against Saddam Hussein’s forces this jet was at the front of the strike force its role to sweep enemy aircraft out of the skies I thought it was absolutely magnificent with firepower second to none and the maneuverability to outfly its opponents its track record is astounding over 100 air-to-air kills for no losses not one single aircraft has been lost in air-to-air combat in over 30 years of service whoever controls the f-15 controls the skies it’s the greatest airplane in the world using extraordinary archive film and color reenactments heavy metal flies into battle with the f-15 eagle January sixteenth 1991 Operation Desert Storm american air attacks in iraq are poised to begin flying at the front of a great wave of coalition aircraft or 20 f-15 fighters over 40 miles into Iraq their radar picks up enemy contacts Captain John Kell kalid the flight of f-15s he is the first to hear the radar warning tone in his headset enemy fighters are targeting his plane calc is not sure the aircraft ahead or hostile but as the Jets close in at over 1,400 miles per hour the f15 pilot must decide should he shoot to kill his radar shows a fighter flying aggressively towards him so he prepares for combat closing his eyes to protect his vision from the anticipated explosion he slams the pickle button on his stick launching an air-to-air missile seconds later an orange explosion lights up the night sky calc has become the first American to score an air-to-air kill in the f-15 30 use of planning have finally paid off but the f-15 story begins decades earlier deep in the Cold War years in 1951 the Korean War is raging american f-86 sabre pilots fight pitched battles with Russian MiGs these American pilots first learned their dog fighting skills during the dark days of World War two in Korea they achieve an alleged kill ratio of ten to one against the Soviets ten-to-one kill ratio at the f-86 ad seem to be something that was to be aspired to but would never never be matched which seemed to be the benchmark I mean it was like Babe Ruth hitting 60 home runs in a season I mean who is ever going to break that record once again the papers have proven more than a match for the rest yet while the sabres with by the Vietnam War US Air Force fighter pilots are flying f4 phantoms against a new generation of soviet-built MiG’s USAF planners decide the new aircraft should fight at great distances using guided missiles they believe the age of the dog fight is over but missiles don’t always find their targets in fact only fourteen percent of the first aim seven missiles ever hit anything and when the Phantom’s missiles fail the fighter is left completely defenseless the f4 has no gun a fighter that doesn’t have weapons isn’t a fighter and the issue with the f4 and Vietnam though was that the sparrow the radar guided missile and the side one of the heat-seeking missile that the airplane carried were designed to be shot against large bomber size targets at high altitude when you take a system designed optimized for that and then employ it against small fighter size targets highly maneuvering at lower altitudes the results are not pretty and

they weren’t pretty for us Soviet MiG’s phone by Vietnamese lure F fours in close knowing they are soft targets but the American pilots are not trained to dogfight that knowledge from World War two and Korea has not been passed down to this generation of fighter pilots the training that I had to go to Vietnam was abysmal and new pilots that came into their organizations that were supposed to be there to go fly ear to ear and dogfight with the MiGs the training was not even as good as abysmal it was just in fact non-existent the American f-4s and their pilots are left dangerously exposed if you’re an f4 pilot in the midst of a dogfight you’ve used up your radar missiles they all missed which they always did and then you fired a few of your infrared missiles and by bad luck or because we never good position they missed now you’re out of ideas and out of ammunition and you better go home because you’re in trouble they’re going to get you unless you can get out of there cause you don’t even have a gun to fall back on the f4 had originally been designed to down nuclear bombers when pushed into a dogfight its limitations are all too clear the f4 like like almost all the airplanes that were designed to be electronic radar interceptors had horrible visibility because the designers were totally focused on somebody with his head down in the radar scope even the pilot or the guy behind it doing that and all you needed windows for was to take off and land because the radar was going to be your eyes well that’s a quick way to a quick death in combat because the guy who kills you is never out front he’s always the guy was behind you these mistakes proved costly over 3,000 American aircraft are lost for a good part of the war we didn’t get much better than one the one exchange ratio which all things considered was a disgrace therefore stupid his disgrace and was a disgrace Air Force planners know they need a new aircraft the ultimate dog fighting machine a plane that can achieve air superiority in any theater of action 500 designs are submitted for the FX fighter experimental program but Air Force Chiefs are not impressed the 500 designs that were returned from the first request for proposal were all rejected because they simply did not write them all the Air Force urgently needs to regain the aviation advantage unexpected developments in Russia suggests they are losing the race at the 1967 Moscow air show the Soviets unveiled their next generation fighter the mig-25 foxbat we would have looked to the intelligence analyst as though this was a force to be reckoned that they would certainly have put the fear of God into them because you’ve got an aeroplane that can fly it up to Mach 3 they can climb to sixty seventy thousand feet and that is easily going to be able to chase down and beat any fighter the Americans had to put up against it the race is now on to build an American plane they can outfight the Soviet MIG little does anyone know the result will change military history forever after losing the aviation advantage to the Soviet MIG 25 American aircraft designers go back to the drawing board planners must recruit somebody who really understands fighter planes they need a guy with hands-on experience in aerial combat matched with great technical insight eventually they find their man he has honed his combat skills in Korea but made his name developing air-to-air tactics at Nellis fighter weapons school his name Major John Boyd at that time he was known as the mad major the guy was totally focused on air-to-air combat had dedicated his whole life to first whipping every other fighter pilot in the Air Force and the other services and secondly developing theories on how to do that britton theories that changed the way every air force in the world flies major Boyd is asked to evaluate the existing Fighter X proposals the early plans will eventually become the new Air Force fighter they brought this this uncrewed genius to the Pentagon said here’s what we have for a design you know give us your evaluation and John said well I don’t know much about airplane design they said but I could screw up and do better than this boyd realizes that without a completely fresh start the Air Force could end up with

yet another underperforming plane like the F for maneuverability must top the list of design specifications Boyd needs to get his hands on the most powerful computers of the day the Air Force has rare mainframe machines but bureaucrats denying access always inventive Boyd manages to log unofficial time working after hours for the mad majors erratic behavior makes him enemies inside the Pentagon one hostile Colonel accuses him of stealing 1 million dollars worth of Air Force computer time to some senior officers John Boyd would always be a dangerous maverick in the end even though John caused these upheavals and had like unending complaints from every area of the bureaucracy about his behavior and what he was forcing him to do in the end the chief of staff always supported him and actually arrived he actually arrived at quite a brilliant design john-boy does in fact produce revolutionary design specifications for the new fighter ex3 companies are then invited to compete for the chance to build the FX fighter they have nine months to create a polish design by the 1969 deadline a clear winner emerges the contract for the new fighter is awarded to the mcdonnell-douglas corporation in all 2.5 million man-hours go into the design of the plane finally on jun 26th 1972 the first f-15 is rolled out of the st. Louis factory the following day the Eagle takes its first flight it is immediately clear that this airplane breaks the mold the f-15s climb rate was awesome but it was also an important part of it being an effective interceptor from standstill it could reach high to 30,000 feet which is the same life is everest in a little over 60 students there has also been a revolution in the cockpit equipment is designed to free a pilot from distractions whether attacking or defending a pilot must stay focused on the enemy not the aircraft’s instruments one radical new design is intended to simplify flight displays it’s known as the HUD HUD is a heads-up display and it helps us in so many ways because we don’t need to look down for any information everything that we do everything that we need to see is right there in front of us you got your altitude you got your airspeed we’ve got your Mach number your G’s available the G that you’re actually pulling what mode you’re in whether you’ve got a shot on somebody if you’re trying to see them with a missile whether or not you’re ready for a bomb to come off everything that you need to see is right there in front of you so you don’t have to look anywhere else for it well the hunt projects information onto the canopy the hands-on throttle and stick or hotas system means a pilot should not have to look down to fire weapons something crucial in the heat of battle ho test was designed to make it easier on the pilot to be more efficient in the cockpit the protests being that quick and easy to change from different modes it definitely means a matter of whether you kill your Bennett now or you get killed I think that having the HUD and having ho tests definitely makes it more strapping the fighter on to you become one with the fighter pilots who had flown earlier fighters are immediately impressed with the f-15 I remember for the first two or three years that I flew the f-15 having constantly the thought in the cockpit well we got this right well we got this right they are all for different things and my fellow pilot said the same thoughts while we really fix this we really fix this missile technology is also improving rapidly but even more important is the way these new missiles work together with the f-15s radar you can have good missiles but if you can’t target them with a good ride all that maintains the law that provides accurate ranging information and engagement information and then then a lot of use a powerful radar means that air-to-air missiles will be more effective than ever before if the system works in the heat of battle it will be the key to the f-15s air supremacy the Eagles radar will locate and destroy

enemy aircraft before they ever know what has hit them to dig and Erick this system was a revelation in my f15 check out I remember flying home and telling my instructor pilot who had been in the other airplane I have over 2000 hours in the f4i have a combat tour in the f4 I have two tours of the fighter weapons school instructor in the f4 I just saw my seventh ride in the f-15 I was never as lethal in the f4 as I am right now after seven flights in the f-15 within three use of its first flight the eagle has broken multiple records it takes back all a time to climb records from the mig-25 the very fighter it had initially been designed to beat with performance levels like these other countries are quick to express interest in acquiring at 15 s Israel is the first foreign power allowed to buy it and the experience of one Israeli pilot soon proves how durable the f-15 can be Katrin sveen adavi experiences a pilot’s worst nightmare when a training exercise goes horribly wrong he is flying a simulated airfield defence mission and is tasked with intercepting hostile aircraft when disaster strikes I saw what in hindsight was the number 3 which is the leader of the second career fair and he was upside down and I i was at around thirteen fourteen thousand feet and i shot a missile even though he was upside down he continued to go up and I was like this so it was stomach to wing we couldn’t see each other and we collided big commotion Big Bang the a4 basically firewalled immediately and I found myself with maybe 30 degrees nose-down attitude and the aircraft was bending right after the crash I told my navigator prepare to eject we’re going to eject I opened after burner which opposite instinct when you’re spinning towards the ground then the roll slowly stopped and slowly I was able to bring the nose back up I told my wingman to come close and to inspect me there was a huge spray of fuel that was being drawn out of the wing and it and it basically camouflaged what was going on there the dahbi survives the mid-air collision he is ten miles out from the nearest airfield and hostess still lands safely but the pilot cannot see what has happened behind the spray of leaking fuel his f15 has been so badly damaged in the collision that he is flying on just one wing after a devastating mid-air collision captain’s d madhavi finds himself flying as seriously damaged f-15 somehow he’s able to regain control over his aircraft and attempt at landing I approach the airfield I crossed the threshold were usually in an f15 you cross at 130 knots I crossed at anywhere between 250 to 260 knots was lending it approximately twice the normal landing speed I put the tailhook down there was a cable at about a third of the runway and we went into that cable but because of the speed of the hook is not built for those speeds and basically pour off the airplane we stop maybe 20 feet short of law the barrier as I was running in the last 50 knots bleeding off the my wingman said you’re not gonna believe what you flew on and I opened the canopy and I reached back to shake the hand of a navigator and as I was reaching back that was the first time that I looked and I saw that I didn’t have a wing on the right-hand

side it’s highly likely that if I would have seen it clearly i would have ejected because was obvious you can really fly an airplane like that I don’t think any other aircraft could have taken that amount of damage or that portion of its bits of flight surfaces remove it and continue to bring us home safely the best estimate was a good friend of mine who was an f-16 pilot and he crossed and he saw that there was no wing and his first words was can I transfer to their 15th it should be aerodynamically impossible for an aircraft to fly with one wing missing McDonnell Douglas sends a team to investigate the incident their first inclination was it was a taxing accident it couldn’t happen in here and the airplane and only when they later went to analyze it and said okay the f-15 has a very wide body and you fly fast enough then you’re like a rocket then you don’t need wings the eagle has done the impossible if a pilot can land an f15 with just one wing the plane should be able to endure unimaginable punishment on the battlefield but nobody can tell at this stage how well the Eagle will perform against the dreaded mig-25 the first good look at them a 25 came when a Russian part Victor Belenko defected in his mix 25 to Japan the Japanese and the Americans hustled over the airplane they dismantled it on the airfield and what they saw and what they found was that it was an aircraft that was far less capable than and they had originally thought mig-25 look weak on paper but the Israeli Air Force is the first to challenge them in a regal air battle since the creation of the modern State of Israel the Middle East has been torn by bitter Wars one such conflict breaks out in the late 70s as Israel and Syria vie for control over Lebanon Syria possesses a modern Air Force with Soviet supplied planes make 25 Fox bats the mig-25 in my opinion was a teaser it was a test I think at that time between the Soviet love and the US as to whose technology was better on jun 27th 1979 a group of Israeli phantoms attacks targets on the Lebanese coast just as the Phantom’s complete their strikes they spot Syrian MiG’s approaching fast the enemy fighters will be on top of them in seconds a flight of Israeli f15 eagle Zyzz protecting the Phantom’s patrolling the skies above them they immediately hit their afterburners and streaked down towards the hostel makes each f15 pilot picks a target and locks on with Sidewinder air-to-air missiles seconds later the Sidewinders ripped into the MiGs instantly vaporizing them for the first time American technology is pitted against Russian MiGs the result is a great victory for the f-15 with the ego scoring five air-to-air kills on its first day in battle the f-15 goes on to dominate the skies above the Middle East and Lebanon War the Israeli Air Force basically shot down over Lebanon close to 80 aircraft and as far as I recollect there was no air to the air losses on the Israeli side American pilots can only watch this encounter they still have not had their chance to fly the f-15 in a real conflict 10 more years must elapse before American fighter planes are called upon once again August second 1990 Saddam Hussein’s troops march into Kuwait City looting and pillaging as they advance there is also a clear possibility he may order his troops to advance on Saudi Arabia the US response is Swift Saddam cannot be allowed to threaten Middle Eastern oil supplies Operation Desert Shield is initiated and one of the first directives is to deploy 166 f-15s to Saudi Arabia their job protect the northern Saudi oil fields from Saddam Hussein’s advancing troops as I report to you air attacks are underway against military targets in Iraq the f-15 will be critical to the success of the Desert Storm air war but American f15 pilots have not yet flown

in combat this is their chance to prove they possess the right stuff it is 1991 and f-15s of the first plane sent to the Gulf region for Desert Storm their job Holt Saddam Hussein’s advance and helped liberate the people of Kuwait ranked against American f-15s as the biggest air force in the Middle East Saddam controls 550 combat aircraft including mig-29 fulcrums the latest high-tech russian-built fighters in this air war there is no room for error or confusion dacc the US Tactical Air Control Center draws up a 600-page air tasking order this document is general chuck corners map for the air campaign it lists every sortie every target every munitions to be used and every supporting aircraft general Horner he was the designer of the air war and he worked there in the pacc he was there every night for you know probably 15 20 hours a day practically and he or one of his other generals would come to me sometime and ask me f-15e specific questions for example can your airplane hit this target and they show me a satellite photo or a map and a target description and then I’d give them an answer yes or no and most the time I look at and go sure you know that that thing’s going to return rengar we’ve got good coordinates where it is we can hit it the goals in the air campaign were first get control of the air because that enabled all other operations then the second goal was debilitate year racking army so they could not resist our ground forces when they went in to liberate Kuwait the third thing we did which was sort of a side mission was attacked his weapons of mass destruction program nuclear biological chemical ednas good systems that could deliver them general hohner assigns to primary roles to the f-15 f15 sees the pure air to air fighters will ensure air superiority the f-15 ease their strike eagle cousins will bomb heavily defended high-value targets on January 17 1991 president george bush senior orders a strike against iraq Mike Smith was working in the tactical control center he communicates with the f-15 squadrons passing on their target information the first few nights the big concentration was the fix cut sites we want to knock out all the fixed good sites in western Iraq I believe that Israel threatened use nuclear weapons in retaliation to a Scud attack say that carried biological chemical warhead and as a result of that I could see why the immense pressure was put on us about the Scud missiles a wall of metal a wave of f-15 fighters is called upon to sanitize Iraqi airspace ahead of the strike force the Eagles will be kept busy through the night fighting at the leading edge of the desert storm air battle we went in as part of the first wave of 2415 es to go in and strike targets and our targets were fixed good sites along the western border rich Hurons flight speeds towards Iraqi airspace before they can cross a difficult operation must be completed one of the scariest things was just every fueling it was very dark moonless night and there are a couple people I close calls with just potential mirrors with the tanker and each other as we’re doing this careful flying saves the mission from near disaster but the Eagles still have 200 miles to go before reaching the Scud sites they now fly very low over the desert and began targeting long before the Iraqis can even see them Iran is a weapon systems officer responsible for picking out a missile launch site we’re about 12 miles out from the target and the conversation is this isn’t so bad these guys are asleep and about that time all hell breaks loose and what all hell happens to be is number ones bombs have gone off and the Iraqi anti-aircraft Gunners reacted to the bombs going off in the sky is filled with triple-a it is the most impressive fireworks display I’ve ever seen which is somewhat the conversation I’m having with the gab flying with and then the realization that really what I’m looking at is every third to fifth bullet is the tracer and it dawns on me the reality of the situation and then back then they mean

us bodily harm but her n stays focused on his radar successfully identifying this gud launch site what I saw was fixed site and as we turn in on the Fleer our Ford infrared scope you can actually see a tail with a missile on it that that our designation is on we drop our bombs and come off target as they come off target a mighty explosion rocks the Scud site Iran and his pilot now rejoined the other f-15s all 24 have made it safely through the target area but they are still deep with an Iraqi territory suddenly a new threat appears on Hurons radar could this be one of the feared mig-29s and you can see it flying parallel offset by several miles to our string of airplanes and then you see it when is obviously him running an intercept our aircraft lock him up to let him for his radar warning receiver let him know that he is being looked at and sort of point at him hoping to get a reaction or to potential employer rm9 missile and then he essentially turns away the Iraqi pilot seems reluctant to attack a large flight of f-15s or is he just waiting for the best opportunity to strike at night I never said I’d be looking behind me but I was practically unstrapped standing on the back of the seat looking to think this guy was gonna run an intercept on us and probably about a minute or so later there was a gigantic fireball and which I believe is his aircraft it’s actually hit the ground lacking the f-15s night flying abilities Iraqi pilot probably lost control and flew into the desert it is a decisive night for the American f-15s a strike eagles fought their way in and destroyed their targets while the air-to-air f-15c models bloodied their talons shooting down six or rocky aircraft the f15 pilots scored the first air-to-air kills from an american eagle with the opening rounds of Desert Storm many Iraqi pilots realize they cannot win and attempt to escape with their planes to Iran it is a short hop to the safety of the Iranian border but coalition forces are always vigilant on one patrol lieutenant colonel thomas deets spots several Iraqi aircraft making a break for Iran we were given a heads up by the AWACS controller that some Iraqi aircraft had taken off from an airfield north of Baghdad we got within range to shoot at them we shot before we got into visual range the initial missiles that we fired were unsuccessful so we wound up essentially rolling in behind these four Iraqi aircraft about a mile and a half behind them shot them with heat seeking missiles this new generation of missiles has a very high accuracy rate and Deetz is astonished when he sees his shots missed the Iraqi planes I could see the warheads detonate from the missiles and then the Iraqi aircraft continued to fly there and I was figuring maybe I was snakebit here that got into such a position of the missiles didn’t seem to work well I probably had temporal distortion because just a few seconds later a little flames started trickling out the back of the aircraft on the left and then flame trickling out the back her craft on the right in just a few seconds later huge fireball followed by the second aircraft doing the same thing at that point I was just about to pronounce myself the world’s greatest fighter pilot at least in my own mind when I thought maybe I ought to look around and see if there are other Iraqi aircraft flying around I remember as I started looking to the left right there not far from me within a half mile was an Iraqi aircraft that had his nose pointed out in front of me which made me initially think this guy could shoot me with a gun captain deets is now dangerously exposed could this Iraqi fighter blast him out of the sky having shot down one a rocky fighter Thomas Dietz then spots another flying straight towards him he needs to react fast the enemy might open up with his gun at any second so in my mind began going over the maneuver I’d have to do to defeat this this thread is when I realized that this was just the front half of an Iraqi aircraft there was a bunch of flame streaming out the back the canopy was gone indicating the pilot had ejected and I looked over and there’s my wingman behind that aircraft he had shot that down this pattern of successful shoot downs repeats itself throughout the Gulf War

and the Iraqi Air Force I think they were finished in the first two or three nights the f-15 was very effective as sweeping them out of the sky and if they had any airplanes they weren’t flying them only two f-15s are lost during Desert Storm a testament to the skill and training of the Eagle pilots they fly an amazing 2,400 missions and ensure that the Iraqi Air Force is largely confined to the ground 15 definitely proved itself in the Gulf War I think it had a reputation before the Gulf War of being a force you did not want to reckon with coming out of the Gulf War that reputation was clearing everyone’s mind worldwide Kuwait is liberated in Saddam subdued but the power struggle in the Gulf region is far from over the united states air force continues to fly over iraqi airspace an operations northern and southern watch for 12 years they keep a careful eye on Iraq’s military activities then suddenly on September 11 2001 everything changes freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward and freedom will be defended make no mistake the United States will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts it was relatively obvious to me as a combat pilot that we were going to play some role in and whatever happened at that point obviously we didn’t know where the attacks had come from or who was at fault or even what we were going to do about it but I was relatively confident that if we were going to take any kind of military action that if 15 years were going to be part of it and I was hoping that I’d be able to be part of it as well well after nine eleven obviously being the first time that we as a country have been attacked on our own soil in quite some time every country is going to respond once something like that occurs to him however I think it’s because of the makeup of our country the fact that we fight for freedom and 9-11 was an attack against that freedom it did bring us together and it brought us together in a very good way before long f-15s are at the forefront of president george w bush’s war on terror helping to hunt down al-qaeda in Afghanistan the role f-15e in afghanistan was mostly close air support they were working in close proximity of of ground forces and they relied on either those guys to define al-qaeda and beer determine if determine if there’s the good guy bad guy it is the exceptional range of the f-15e that proves invaluable in the Afghani conflict rehidden targets the well beyond the reaches of Dharma we’re gonna be the long arm of the law f-15s also work closely with ground troops precision bombing targets identified by their army colleagues Afghanistan is soon liberated from the repressive Taliban regime but trouble is brewing elsewhere the US Air Force has remained active in the Gulf region since Desert Storm but by 2003 it is clear that Saddam Hussein and President Bush will not reach an agreement over weapons of mass destruction war breaks out again in early March in the weeks leading up to the war iraqi air force increases its activities but once hostilities break out they seem to lack the will to fight we thought that there might be a little bit of opposition in the first day or two of the world so during the first two days three days of the war we parked ourselves right off their airfields just waiting for them to fly hoping that they might get airborne and being able to take them down realizing that there if they did get airborne they were going to be dying right off their own airfield because we were right there ready to ready to shoot them down as soon as they took off I certainly like to think that after the iraqi air force experienced during Desert Storm that they’d know better than to take off and fight the needle I think it’s the first time in warfare that there’s been an enemy Air Force that didn’t turn a wheel and obviously he who hesitates is lost because once he decided not to fly and they stayed on the ground the Bombers

went in and then basically picked them off one by one only the Iraqi pilots can tell us why they did not fly against the coalition forces perhaps they hope to preserve their Air Force for future use under a new regime one of the things that they were doing which we weren’t quite sure why they started burying aircraft in the sand maybe they’re trying to send a message that they didn’t plan on flying but as they were burying their aircraft in the sand we we continued to take those aircraft out as well after assuming air superiority the f-15s then turned their attention to helping out their army colleagues on the ground and we were merely a support asset for the guys on the ground that were going to march from Kuwait to Baghdad and our job was to move the Iraqi armor out of the way it is the strike eagles ability to drop precision laser-guided bombs that will now prove vital we encircle baghdad on a day to day basis 24 hours a day and rained gbu-12 for the most part on two tanks armor armored personnel carriers and even a couple of their airborne assets when we could find them and effectively made it easy hopefully for our army bros on the ground to march into baghdad this high-tech combination of air and ground forces proves deadly American troops reached the outskirts of Baghdad just 14 days after the start of the war after the past 12 years of doing operation northern watch an operation southern watch we wanted to take care of business and while this was not an excuse to go in and and liberate a country us that almost a truly evil man and and what he did to that country he did need to be taken taken out of the equation so I’m glad that we had the tools in the leadership to make that happen the f-15 played a major part in the defeat of Saddam but in an unstable world new conflicts could soon break out American f-15s are ready to deploy anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice we want to make sure that we can deter any threat we’re continually making sure that when we go out and train that we will be the best on the block that nobody can challenge us and that every time we go out we will have air supremacy that we will own the sky and on the battlefield today the eagle reigns supreme but new fighters are being developed that may one day surpassed the f-15s capabilities meanwhile new technology and continuous training will help the Eagles stay at the top of their game I want to go out and I want to be able to totally dominate the enemy if we’re going to have a fight I don’t want it to be a fair fight we want to go out and we want to dominate and that’s why we train as hard as we do to make sure that we can maintain that perfect record of 104 to nothing as a fighter pilot you’ll never admit that there’s anybody better and as an American fighter pilot right now I don’t think there’s anyone that can say they are but our whole thing is when we go out we expect to win the record of the f-15 air-to-air kills for not a single loss is unrivaled it seems no other Air Force can challenge the Eagles today the kill ratio of the f-15 is beyond the kind of thing you would ever think possible I mean surely someone would make a mistake or someone would just blunder out in front of another airplane and get shot down just because it wasn’t his day but the experience of the Israeli Air Force in the US air force of the f-15 in combat is magnificent you