Flight Path 2017: Episode 3

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Flight Path 2017: Episode 3

Hello and welcome to Flight Path. I’m Chris Jones the Chief Marketing Officer at McCarran International Airport. Half or McCarran’s runways were recently renamed Here’s a look at how runways get their numbered designations and what prompted this uncommon change Runways around the world are primarily positioned to take advantage of prevailing winds which makes it easier for aircraft to take off and land. Most can typically be used in either direction which means every runway actually has two names–one displayed on each end Many large airports have multiple runway configurations to accommodate for seasonal changes in wind direction McCarran has four runways and therefore eight unique designations The runways are numbered according to magnetic heading to the nearest ten degrees, so “2-5” five is runway 250 degrees Airport runway designations are not arbitrary like street names. Runways are actually designated based on their magnetic compass bearing. A compass has 360 degrees. Runways get their names by rounding off the compass bearing to the nearest 10 degrees and dropping the zero at the end. That means all runways are numbered from 1 to 36. The opposite end of the runway always differs by 180 degrees and is either 18 numbers higher or lower. Navigating using a magnetic compass is a safe fail-proof method because the magnetic field is generated by the planet itself. That gives pilots direction when the ground is covered in fog or snow or it’s too cloudy to see out the windshield In short, the Earth’s magnetic field is constant–except when it’s not The FAA checks magnetic north because it is constantly changing and they check to make sure that your runway alignment is correct The geomagnetic poles, north and south, are always wandering and must be closely monitored by a network of observatories to keep navigation accurate There’s a variance allowed and when you exceed that variance you’re required to change your runway designation Changing the runway designations at a busy airport like McCarran can be challenging. It took months of planning and careful coordination This change will necessitate the changing of 43 signs for the runways; four big painted numbers– two on each end of each runway–and about 68 painted boxes in front of the runway also For the entire time I’ve been with the airport they’ve been “7-2-5” so it’s gonna be a huge change. When we’re completed with the project the runways will be “8” and “2-6.” So next time you ponder “what’s in a name?” remember that when it comes to runway designations it’s the Earth’s magnetic field McCarran is on track to have one of the busiest years on record. Here’s what’s behind that growth McCarran International Airport welcomed 47.4 four million arriving and departing passengers last year making 2016 the second busiest year in the airport’s 68-year history. If current trends continue, McCarran may top that number by year’s end as thirty airlines offer flights to and from Las Vegas from 150 markets and thirteen countries For the first six months of this year seats are up about two percent over the same time last year. That represents about 596,000 additional seats into the market versus the same time last year July was McCarran’s busiest month ever topping out at a record-breaking 4.2 million arriving and departing passengers, a 3.8 percent increase compared to 2016. Delta, Frontier, and Spirit airlines contributed to recent growth in domestic service Frontier and Spirit airlines have been the two fastest-growing airlines at McCarran over the past year adding a combined total of nine new markets into the destination From December 2015 through December of 2017, about a two-year time frame, Frontier has doubled the amount of markets they fly in to Las Vegas At the end of this year they will fly to 24 different markets. That represents about 75,000 additional seats into the market Year-to-date numbers through July revealed a 2.5 percent increase compared to the same time last year Projections indicate more growth is expected throughout the remainder of 2017 International continues to remain a bright spot for McCarran. The International passenger is so important to the destination because they stay longer and they spend more. Recently we have doubled our international gate capacity from 7 to 14 gates. This is

needed because of the increased demand that we’re seeing continuously on the international side Seven modified gates in the D concourse and a new tunnel provide international travelers direct access to Terminal 3’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility. The upgrades will allow for future growth in this valuable market segment including the recently announced service to Doha and Munich for the summer of 2018. By doubling the number of international gates McCarran is poised to welcome more travelers to the entertainment and convention capital of the world, Las Vegas Terminal 3 opened in the summer of 2012 Its construction was the most comprehensive expansion at McCarran International Airport in more than six decades. Hard to believe but this year marks T3’s fifth anniversary. Here’s look at the importance of Terminal 3 and how it has allowed McCarran to grow and give our customers an excellent Las Vegas experience Terminal 3 provides millions of travelers with their first and last impressions of Southern Nevada It is a first-class facility for people who come to enjoy first-class destination To keep pace with record-breaking growth in the late 80s the Department of Aviation began to examine options for expanding McCarran A terminal planning study was prepared in March 1990 and the solution was the construction of Terminal 3 The terminal was actually planned for in the early 90s as a complete build out for McCarran. Every Airport looks at what their total capacity is and in that capacity you have to determine what infrastructure do you need and then we experienced the phenomenal growth and we knew that it was time to bring it into reality More than 600 housing units covering 200 acres were purchased to make room for the T3 site and the Department of Aviation relocated Russell Road and its underground utilities At its peak, the 2.4 billion dollar construction project employed more than 1,800 skilled laborers. In terms of size and scope the Terminal 3 complex was the largest modern public works project ever in Nevada and the largest capital improvement project in airport history to date Terminal 3 spans nearly 1.9 million square feet over three stories It includes 14 gates, a ticketing check-in area, baggage claim, and a parking garage It also features a variety of retail and dining outlets, TSA security checkpoints, and a Customs and Border Protection facility One of the decision-making points was international, and welcoming the international in a really very nice efficient facility. So a decision point of having a brand-new beautiful international facility came on with the Terminal 3 idea Leading up to the opening of the new facility, the airport hosted several special events The Terminal 3 Fun Run, to benefit at-risk children in Clark County, gave race participants a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to run the airport’s roadway system The airport also hosted a free open house where attendees enjoyed self-guided tours and goodies and giveaways donated by Terminal 3 tenants Since Terminal 3’s debut the facility has welcomed several new international airlines including Copa, Edelweiss, Eurowings, Hainan and Norwegian. And to enhance the overall customer experience, new shopping and dining options have been added McCarran recognizes airports shape visitors first and last impressions of the destinations they visit and influence lasting memories So our goal remains unchanged– to provide a pleasurable seamless travel experience for Clark County residents and its many visitors No other city can compete with the entertainment offered in Las Vegas. But nothing compares to the popularity of major sporting events including boxing and mixed martial arts. Combining these two fan favorites at the much-anticipated Mayweather-McGregor fight has brought thousands of spectators to our community, many of whom arrived by private aircraft Here’s what McCarran did to prepare for that one-two punch As the excitement was building for the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight, airport staff were busy preparing to accommodate the increase in activity When private jets or other non-commercial aircraft land at McCarran they don’t use the gates at Terminal 1 or Terminal 3. Instead they operate on the west side of the field where an authorized organization called a Fixed Base Operator provides the necessary services including parking, hangaring, tie-down, aircraft rental, and fueling There are two FBOs at McCarran–Atlantic Aviation and Signature Flight Support One of the things that we pride ourselves on is expeditious servicing, which would mean that the type of clientele that we deal with, time is money for them so if they have an appointment they don’t have to work around an airline schedule. They literally can work around their own personal schedule Normally these facilities average 90 operations a day. But the fight between the boxing great and UFC superstar resulted in a substantial increase in traffic

We will normally in a big event over a few day period have about 300 or 350 arrivals We’re bringing in nine additional employees that are going to be working in operations and then a few more people that are going to work customer service To help stagger the airport traffic the Department of Aviation worked closely with the FAA to develop an in-house program that allows pilots to make an online reservation for their departure when they arrive at the FBO We work really closely with the FAA and the FBOs to set up a parking plan to figure out what are the anticipated demands for these events When the west side ramp space at McCarran reaches capacity, aircraft are directed to other nearby airports Fortunately, the Department of Aviation operates two general aviation facilities ideally suited to handle this increase in demand. Online ads encourage pilots to avoid delays by reserving space in advance at Henderson executive or North Las Vegas Airport So while most eyes were focused on the fight in the ring, there was plenty of action on the ramp as airport staff worked to provide first-class customer service for visitors who flew to and from Las Vegas for yet another once-in-a-lifetime experience McCarran hosted a behind-the-scenes tour for a group of high school students participating in the University of Nevada Las Vegas’s Summer Transportation Institute program. The visit emphasized the importance of aviation to the local economy and enlightened students about the variety of potential careers within the aviation industry The airport tour was part of a program headed up by UNLV professor Dr. Joanna Jezierska They come from private and public schools across the state. This is the only way they can actually see people at work, so they do have direct contact with professionals and experts. They need to see how people work, what they do, and what kind of careers The tour began at Terminal 3 where Department of Aviation staff discussed how the five-year old facility operates and what makes it an integral part of the airport’s ability to keep pace with growth You can tell that the signs the digital signs up there can be moved. You can see how we could shift those– we can take them down, add them in Students were then treated to a once-in-a-lifetime bus tour of McCarran’s busy airfield Points of interest included the new FAA air traffic control tower, the air cargo center and west side general aviation facilities Out the front of the bus here is Atlantic Aviation. It’s called an FBO is what we call them–a Fixed Based Operator We have two of them here at McCarran McCarran is an integral part of the community it serves and airport staff were pleased to discuss the careers they love while encouraging students to pursue their own dreams by getting a good education I never knew that that the airport ran like this. Everything is so organized This terminal I think it’s very nice and organized It’s very clean. There’s a lot of open space. I mean it’s just the atmosphere looks really comfortable and gives me a good feeling of Las Vegas It was a really unique experience and definitely something I never knew I was going to experience To reach out to our growing number of Hispanic customers, each episode of Flight Path features a segment in Spanish with English subtitles Here’s Gabriela Mero to tell us more about the airport’s designated areas were travelers flying with service dogs, emotional support animals, or pets can take their four-legged friends to relieve themselves Las áreas de alivio de animal doméstico han estado en el Aeropuerto McCarran desde 2009 Las áreas son encerradas y están antes de las áreas de seguridad. Se encuentran fuera del Terminal 1 y el Terminal 3 y proporcionan a las mascotas de servicio y animales de apoyo emocional un lugar para aliviarse Estas áreas que están al aire libre tienen grava, una cerca de cadena, y dispensadores de bolsas de basura. El terminal 1 tiene dos ubicaciones – uno en el mostrador de boletos norte y la otra cerca del mostrador de boletos sur Afuera de el Terminal 3, hay dos ubicaciones – una afuera de la recogida de equipaje cerca a la Puerta #51 y el otro está cerca a la salida that one eye protection de fronteira circle Aperta cincuenta y ocho It makes it much more convenient instead of going outside to the outdoor facilities. On top of it we’re seeing a large increase in the number of companion care dogs and emotional support dogs and a lot of family pets are coming along as well Para cumplir con los mandatos federales y proporcionar a los dueños una ubicación conveniente para que sus mascotas se alivien sin tener que salir de la terminal-una vez que han entrado en la zona segura, McCarran agregó baños para las mascotas en las zonas designadas “al interior” de los terminales We have three post-security pet relief areas–two are in Terminal 1. One is in the C Annex connecting the A/B sky bridge which is

servicing the A, B and C gates. We have one at the D Gates by the children’s play area and one in Terminal 3 on the west end by Gate E-11 Los baños de mascotas posteriores a la seguridad son accesibles por sillas de ruedas y están cerca de las puertas de la aerolínea para facilitar el acceso. Cada área de alivio cuenta con césped sintético especial para mascotas y una boca de incendio ornamental. También hay bolsas desechables para que los dueños puedan limpiar los desechos de sus mascotas y un fregadero para lavarse las manos. La instalación está equipada con un sistema automatizado que enjuaga con agua y solución de limpieza por debajo del césped durante todo el día. Además, el personal de custodia limpia estas áreas diariamente Los nuevos inodoros de mascotas ayudarán a gente que viaje con compañeros animales que tengan una experiencia más agradable y menos estresante en el aeropuerto Para más información visite Zonas de Socorro para mascotas en mccarran.com In keeping with McCarran’s tradition of including student art on the airport campus, the new FAA air traffic control tower features a canvas work in its lobby designed by students of the world-renowned Las Vegas Academy of the Arts The students attended an event in their honor and were recognized for their outstanding achievement with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque near their showpiece On behalf of the over 200 people who work in this facility, I want to welcome you. This piece of artwork is big, its bold, and it’s beautiful. It adds sunshine to an already very sunny place for us as we walk in. It’s a truly fantastic depiction of aviation here at McCarran and in the Las Vegas area and we really appreciate it We know that when building such a great facility you have the opportunity to commission art from anywhere and to bring in local high school students and allow them this opportunity is really a gift to us and we appreciate that And they learned a lot through this project They had to study the aviation history at Clark County and McCarran International Airport, study the famous figures that had a part in that It’s been our custom and our priority to bring the community into our facility and we’ve been doing that at McCarran terminals. And now to have our partners, FAA, to incorporate it into their new facility shows that we do prioritize our community. At the end of the day, we’re all part of this community and so to have our children represented in each and every new facility is just a thrill and an honor I think it’s like interesting. It kind of feels a little surreal. I just thought it was kind of like a little cool thing that we were doing especially for just school thing and it turned out to be a whole lot more than just a school thing I kind of like how we all kind of put a little bit of ourselves in it, with our own terrariums because we all had our own thing to do so it was like a nice collaborative thing It was pretty interesting having to figure out how to combine all of the pictures that we were given together to create something cohesive. There was a lot of retrying and going through and asking each other for help. It’s pretty exciting It’s something that I know that I will certainly brag for years to come Each year, McCarran participates in national travel and tourism week. As part of the celebration, two Department of Aviation employees were recognized for going above and beyond to provide outstanding customer service As gateway to Las Vegas, delivering the best experience possible as one of our top priorities. And that’s why these hospitality heroes are, “At Your Service.” The impact of travel and tourism in Southern Nevada was bigger than ever before in 2016 Las Vegas welcomed a record-breaking 42.9 million visitors including 6.3 million meetings and convention delegates. Last year the travel and tourism industry supported more than 400,000 jobs in Southern Nevada and generated 16.9 billion in local wages and salaries which resulted in an estimated 60 billion in local economic impact Las Vegas is a destination city. People choose to come to Las Vegas and we take that very seriously at the airport We’re the first and last look. So what we want them to see is that smiling face, that welcoming face and the face that says “hope you had a good time and please return soon.” Each year the US Travel Association dedicates a week in May for communities and travel organizations across the nation to recognize the importance of the industry to the local and national economy The theme of this year’s National Travel and Tourism Week was “Faces of Travel.” Two Department of Aviation employees were recognized for their outstanding customer service by former mayor Oscar Goodman as part of

the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s Hospitality Heroes program Hi. It’s good seeing both you guys. This is a really very very special. The two of you are Hospitality Heroes. You’re the unsung heroes of the tourism industry and we’re celebrating you today because you’re so important to our economy This is a good place to be. Opportunities, the customer service We love to be here. So I’m so excited to see. That was a big surprise for me This is like a second home, you know, and so it’s just like when you have somebody come to your house you want to treat them and like how you want to be treated in their house. So, to me it’s important just to treat everybody with respect and if I can help them out, to me, that goes a long way McCarran International Airport depends on all of our dedicated employees whose outstanding service keeps visitors coming back to our community and that’s why this year’s Hospitality Heroes are, “At Your Service.” To keep up with current shopping and dining trends McCarran has new or updated concessions available in the airport McCarran has something for everyone, from passengers on the go to those with time to relax between flights Here at McCarran, we’re dedicated to providing the best customer service for our passengers We have a variety of shopping and dining options here at McCarran to meet our customer needs. Over at Terminal 3 we have a new store called America It has a 25-year track record as a leading destination themed specialty retailer with retail pop culture and current events Over at the C Gates the popular Alex and Ani opened a second location where passengers can purchase products that are during the body and benefit the environment including accessories and jewelry made from recycled material We’re also excited about several new vending options For tech-dependant travelers, vending machines located throughout McCarran offer everything from ear plugs and SIM cards to mobile chargers and phone cables. Starbucks and the Farmers Market were added to the lobby of the McCarran rent-a-car centers so passengers can grab a quick snack specialty drink or coffee. Passengers can easily find shop and restaurant locations by using interactive displays at various locations throughout the airport or use McCarran’s free Wi-Fi on any mobile device to find more information online at McCarran.com Airlines, concessions and other airport tenants joined the Department of Aviation at the fifth annual Paper Plane Palooza. With help from airport mentors, youth from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada created paper airplanes and competed in distance and accuracy throws. Food and fun were had by everyone and each child went home with much-needed school supplies This is our fifth year in a row that we’re celebrating the opening of Terminal 3 with a celebration. So what we hope is you get to know the airport . . . you get to know our airlines . . and our generous concessionaires And they are going to teach you how to make paper plane airplanes and see who can throw it the furthest and who can be more accurate This is the best airplane ever because I threw it and it went so far This is a great opportunity for our kids to see how the community comes together. The airport is such a key component to our community and the sooner our kids can understand how the community comes together and how it how it functions as an economy is very important I don’t know if you notice the new aircraft nowadays that they all come with these little winglets Yeah. I think it makes it fly farther If it keeps going to the left side, you need tweak it downwards a little so it can’t go a little more straight I think I’m gonna have fun today because today is my first time being at the airport We’re having a great time. We were looking forward to doing stuff with the kids I think the Boys and Girls Club is doing a great job and we want to add to that and we also want to show our support for McCarran Airport The boys and girls that we got this year are awesome. They’re so grateful to be here. They’re having a blast We’re having a blast. I think our maintenance workers are having more fun than the kids And then our overall champion team . . . The winner and new champion Team Hudson with 79 points

For the second year in a row, local youth from the Enterprise Library’s DJ Learning Lab performed in the D gates as part of McCarran’s Voices of Vegas program. The performance was a great way to welcome revelers coming in Las Vegas from one of the most popular electronic music festivals, The Electric Daisy Carnival Let’s take a listen The Enterprise Library has a state-of-the-art DJ Learning Lab where youth can learn DJ skills. The program provides participants hands-on experience with equipment, software, lighting and sound that are unique to this performance art We try to teach a lot of literacies using DJ technology. If you notice, don’t we become better public speakers? A lot of things are going to be learned. We are using DJ equipment to help in the learning process Youth that master the DJ hardware and software are then able to perform at public venues or community events No matter how big or small the crowd is, I love playing. It’s just fun to me no matter what The aspiring DJs were a great addition to the airport’s Voices of Vegas program which helps welcome customers to the airport through music The program helps the youth with more than just their musicianship. It also strengthens their abilities in other important areas including cognitive skills, critical thinking public speaking, and etiquette I learned how to communicate with other people like where they’re from. And I know like music is like the only language everybody understand. Like if they hear this music, like everybody jumps and everybody dance The performance pleased passengers and passers-by especially those attending EDC Well, I’m a dancer. So whenever I hear music and there’s a chance there’s a dance floor open then I’m going to go for it As part of ongoing efforts to enrich the customer experience at the airport, McCarran will continue to showcase local talent during future Voices of Vegas performances Now you’re ready to pack your bags and fly the skies so have a great trip. Remember to check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and use all the resources of our newly designed website McCarran.com Thanks for joining us. We’ll see you next time on Flight Path