HOI 2 Darkest hour – The Rise of United Europe Part 1

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HOI 2 Darkest hour – The Rise of United Europe Part 1

yay let’s play hearts of iron with your favorite people Yolo flora and whatever laughs God maybe I thought I didn’t have any friends for a second there well then I saw and I had friends but you don’t shut up national Spain nationality actually I have no friends yeah I’ve given your I hate you I do actually oh my god I’ve loved me look I care me we love you yeah what happened so far first Austrian austria-hungary in Germany attacked Russia in order to make them well no way for know we know we formed airline and took over Serbia and Montenegro declared war on us but no reason oh yes that’s right I declared Austria after a gaining in the line for Germany declared war on Serbia and Montenegro we’re guaranteed the independence of each other who were also backed and although not diplomatically by the Soviet Union Russia I mean Russia Russia cuz the Soviet Union will not happen now because due to a three-year war with Russia austria-hungary and Germany managed to almost take Russia’s capital but they force Russia to cave in to the demands of puppetry any other libery the McRae up war austria-hungary feeling very nice and very pleasant and liberated small country of Ukraine it also could already have an army and also gifted to them 12 divisions of power soon after that the invasion of Norway by the Germans which was a very quick and short war they had no chance in hell soon after the invasion of Norway national Spain joined the alliance of these powers and soon the invasion of France began after about well of the to be one year of war France fell it was less than that like a month really was we just destroyed them before this time while national Spain made its biggest advancement in many years it’s United the landmass of Spain also gaining some key territories inside of France limiting france’s small land there were most of its industrial capability for its own soon the austrian hungary came hungarians grew tired of the newfound puppets who had been turned back who had been liberated from them due to a sense of boredom having to control so many provinces after a while of war against it Italia Oz the Austrian Hungarians decided they weren’t going to have it and the quickly under puppet rised and destroyed their formal puppets regaining their land once again they then waged war on Romania in Bulgaria along with Greece and demanding three key territories from the Ottoman Empire receiving all that they got Sweden also fails but even dangerous so they both go to Belgium this is 1930 a world much different than the world has known today what will happen who will win find out now so uh finally yeah damn I was waiting forever play back to the future music cue now I don’t know I didn’t play it huh damn well I’ve done music on available um oh yeah oh yeah I didn’t turn music on for the game no remember at the main menu thing way for the world it’s plainly off I can’t claim easy I am this little quickly tab out and get some background movie all

right George maybe I’m not playing this game without any music again good morning [ __ ] how many [ __ ] family Kurt liked the fact that he did himself but this game gets boring this [ __ ] about any music what’s your play Sherry’s got with the brave hmm what’s up how does my man by John Travolta oh wow that actually worked not never mind back down to one oh it’s the game on pause by chance no normal because it’s stuck at 2,300 October 2nd 1934 me start going now yeah now it started I paused it and I paused it okay that that also fixed my framerate it went up to 30 again where they Wow look at them tied well yeah that’s probably why hey junior tapping you 19th underwent a naval infantry almost done 76 percent of the waiting they’re wonderful the invasion of England can begin soon I want Ireland okay did I get all of Britain oh I don’t know you can have Scotland you can have where James Bond grew up you mean my my ancestors yeah sure whatever don’t [ __ ] it got in it coming up with tend to all your men to all the tolerance isn’t about Africa going on because look at breaking no control over there the Reds aren’t they yeah than the pink there’s a dark oh they are so our pink why why did they have two separate colors oh because when they’re when they’ve been summoned that when you can look at them they have a different name cuz it’s a darker because you can’t see they’re at fog of war oh okay I see okay well then Shh okay I mean look at this time let me turn on the victory points mode see they’re getting valuable down there Oh yep they do we did not no way bro I’m not quitting warn you not here I’ll get used to it just you actually what I’m trying to find is where the [ __ ] my armies are moving into Africa I thought moving them to armed yeah I have men in Africa but the problem this is they’re all very slow so all you got to do is push through to get a Cairo and Steve’s in Alexandria and those are the promises they have an Africa no everything over more German soldiers do a lot of them in Africa have an upgrade to 1930 not good like a 1301 division okay so I don’t actually mean to go south I only need to go to the northeast got it I would love if you could hold your line to the British troops around this area where where do you like the military yeah forth there even like that pick an athlete out all right let’s play darkest hour yeah money devaluation why not have the money to spare no way you are [ __ ] Swiss bank law don’t waste your [ __ ] Myrtle and 6200 just had 10,000 okay it’ll pay let’s see till December 9th of next year just to get to through two areas both the lines how can I hold the lines they’re not even in the area that line right there they’re gonna go down I don’t care just make sure they don’t take over all that for understood I’ll try yeah just make sure they can’t take over my supplies and my German troop should rip through

Africa I can’t believe you just start singing that car dentist my grandmother thing get behind me leave me alone Gibraltar by the way by the way I’m right here okay I’m right there I’m Toronto like maybe a leg right there if you want to get specific oh yeah we have nothing for you wait why is that Hamilton it used to be Windsor okay I’m trying to figure out my production okay well whatever reason I can’t max it out I I’m making factories and I’ve put down several factories in a lot of places well no I’m making enough production but not enough supplies what I’m so [ __ ] confused oh whoa screw it but thank you you just actually helped a lot on my factories hey great war improved war have you feel alert aha are you guys ready for this what I’m losing one hundred and eighteen point three two supplies a day boo boo grade what 1,200 strong and they have 39 cannons I think they will crush you install a story by the way you right-click on it and you cook claim province and then you demand territory from them I had a 50/50 percent from the Ottomans and they gave it to me and I was so happy oh by the way does anyone have product standardization process reengineering do I have to give that to you listen me hungry I’m already picking it hey guys I already have I read Ă˝stanbul and you see the province across from that I just got them to give me that now we have a beachhead you know I just want to know if I can get anything so I asked them for that and they’re like oh yeah sure I gotta keep every chapter get these two territories from Denmark which I’ve been annoying they refused oh thank goodness Jesus Christ sorry I had a furball there um think you can give me some supplies you need to blow yeah it surprised me something you know what to give me I’ll give you five thousands of lies thank you I didn’t increase our relationship whatsoever but it’s really fine with me okay I can’t influence you anymore I used to be able to what the hell is going on man man when I give you that five thousand supplies I gave you like I gave you I gave like you guys you put me

when I gave you that you put me on the green for supplies because I was over loading my stockpile well no you can just load it on time because I’ll always need supplies I know on November 22nd is when I’m gonna get my or energy I’ll be more than happy to get energy to I only have nine very rangy because I need you to trade it say what I’ve been giving you and you get I thought you don’t be training them away wait wait till the 24 not give you some all right I’m trying to get in the positive for energy so I have play certain things check for a Barbie tip if you like they’re on the Upper East Coast one all and hold up they didn’t put me in the green that put me in the green where are we invading from look up a birthday and be whole and holy [ __ ] no beach they’re all reinvade in Manchester oh no beating on wrong we can invade Manchester at a beach and it’s in the biz big I don’t know that actually has a beach a lot so I can scout and I just have shift got it yeah like this I need your money I’m gonna need your minds a deal-breaker yeah take London fast on over yeah that’s cool but we will find a shitload to play in it don’t you think yeah all right [ __ ] I’m gonna need I’m gonna need a place to put my troop like to actually get my boat unless it takes trips I’ll probably have to play tricks I’ll probably need you talking about my field war artillery it’s just getting upgraded everyone I’m gonna wait till in the machine and until my 1931 infantry are done oh cool I mean 1931 naval infantry because I’m working at all I don’t need like really good we have to be really helpful your are morning’s will give me amazing Oh father your main areas on the you see even is French for right next to Dover or there’s a John Ford they’re all happy to hold the line and make sure we heal in Austria or whatever the [ __ ] those people okay thank god there’s no actual islands that are knowns that are like major that

you need to capture to be annoying awful or remote gone wobbly or I am also is pretty easy to capture in dirt good realtor gibraltars three and multiply and make sure who did rocky hold good point book him so we need we need mmm twin I need you take your bolted pretty quickly to cut off the British from inter ending no training I asked them for at nine holes in challenge yeah and they gave it to me for now actually oh my [ __ ] god do you want I can ask them to do it thing I can ask them for Gerber Alton look look look look up at that mark I got them to see those new territory oh you got them yeah and they’re like I bought it like more like okay there’s about 40 divisions right there the transport vehicle that drives back and forth I think there might be building up an army see when you become such a big country people start giving you stuff for free because they don’t want to feel your wrath weird like a big alliance oh boy wait all my divisions are arriving in flat aquifer for a lot more stress 15 will leave off of you I wasn’t main goal now against you arms hold line and take out jamocha well I can try but like I said my troops won’t get there until the war is over what oh here Flint on a right-click on your altar and Robin it’s clean and it would claim province and then right click on begin and click democracy and demand that problem hold up where the hell is Gibraltar because I’m looking forward to I’m just not ready below it’s a regular Spain mmm-hmm Wow oh that one okay [ __ ] so claim that and then right click on it click democracy and demand the Terry and maybe they’ll give it to you democracy I only see diplomacy what’s the same about giving me ya know right-click on me he demanded okay I got it open there’s there’s I already got it I asked them for the unit ID damn it get okay okay what do them give him so vocal I demand it from you right click on it and then you know diplomacy and demand it for me and I’ll say yeah okay thank you what are you I’m it’s a declined bargain before gear up you can I give it to you g-g-gee your altar here you go have it lovely thank you it wouldn’t give me anything now your empire looks a lot like mine oh my god can we ask the French provinces all the key provinces well listen will it be this easy do you want to ask them for those doing it to go away

I might not doing it normally I’m looking around looking at exactly that no way own go to the Kubek and don’t demand at all to keep obviously watching Ranma profit for you that’s awesome can’t believe we did that I think not only once but twice wall I also got a territory from the Ottoman Empire but then you get a lower percent chance to like male I only have 30 percent with this are we not at war with Britain okay what a shame we look around see if there’s any more character that normally holds in random areas yeah important yeah I think I got them all in Pacific they do oh wow god Dan Guadeloupe and Martinique that belong to Germany were had partisans in them oh but you still control Saint Perry oh I can demand Guantanamo Bay from the states and have a really good chance of getting it there we go I can rent the devil at beginning of those two territories wrong I think I want to move now to take the capital real quickly all the only sad part about clamming territories is that you get I got partisans in one of mine I got I got partisan Cibola awful yeah over there look past problems and keep it there to make sure the waffle well they take monsters well at least they have so last chance I can ask England for all their main provinces in Africa and probably get them on and no no they’re african we have three important provinces in Africa let’s see what my chances no 30 I saw a 30 god damn it they gave it to me and I meant to click cancel we now outside main provinces because I accidentally clicked ok and they gave it to me hey don’t Cairo I have colors guys give it’s like you don’t have you don’t have elf are whoever and all those awesome