Wrong Side Of Town (2010) | Superhit Action Movie | Rob Van Dam, David Bautista

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Wrong Side Of Town (2010) | Superhit Action Movie | Rob Van Dam, David Bautista

Please please What’s this all about? Oh, I think you know what this is about, Nick Nicky man What up? What up? What up? Surely you knew this was gonna happen, right? – Seth – Shut up What, did you think you could rat out a guy like me to the cops and get away with it? Is that what you thought? Seth, it’s not like that, man – Shut up, rat – I’m telling you – Shut up – I wouldn’t Fuck I busted my ass to get to the top of the food chain for what? To let a little prick like you tear it down? Seth, I would never rat you out, man It’s gotta be some kind of a mistake – A mistake? – A mistake A mistake? Yeah, Nick, it was a mistake Tell me, was this also a mistake? Hey, Briggs, it’s me, Nicky Wilcox Listen, I just heard Seth Bordas took delivery of 200 lbs of China white He had it stashed in his club That’s worth something, right? No no no no, Seth Seth, it’s not like that, man It’s that fucking Briggs He’s a snake, man He’s trying to set you up I was trying to help you Of course you were, Nick Of course you were Of course you were, you stupid prick fuck! I trusted you! I got your sorry ass a job, and this is how you repay me? Nicky, Nicky, Nicky Briggs, you motherfucker! Hey, nothing personal, Nicky Just business Gentlemen Don’t get up Seth, please, man Seth, listen I look up to you, man I look up to you Look, I’ll leave town I got a wife. I got two kids I want to see them grow up I want to see my babies grow up – Just please – Shh shh Shh – Seth – Shh Nick, I read in a newspaper Bull sharks, big bull sharks They swim up the Mississippi from the Gulf searching for food It’s absolutely amazing what an animal will do to survive Please, Seth, one more chance Just please Cement blocks Old school I love it Nicky, you should have taken the hard time Seth, you got it all wrong. Seth Please, Seth It was a mistake Seth, no! No, Seth! Shit

Yah! Bobby, Bobby, it’s Brianna! Oh my God Oh my God, breathe Gotcha Not cool, young lady I was just practicing for my drama class I guess I did pretty good, huh? You scared the crap out of your mother and me You should have seen your faces That little stunt just got you one month grounded, young lady A month? That’s so unreasonable A month is a little long, honey – Fine, two weeks – Deal – Daddy – Honey, quit while you’re ahead Oh my God – It’s your daughter – That’s your daughter Hey Daddy, there’s some guy at the front door Hi there. I’m your new neighbor Clay Freeman I just moved in next door Hi, it’s nice to meet you I’m Dawn Kalinowski This is my husband Bobby Nice to meet you And our drama queen daughter Brianna – Hi, neighbor – Hello Hey, Bri, put some clothes on Hey, welcome to the neighborhood Clay, right? Yes, thanks Hey, could I possibly trouble you for your hammer? I can’t find mine My wife insists that I hang the wedding photos before I do anything else Yeah, I can help you with that, providing you’ve got a driver’s license and a major credit card I don’t understand No, he’s kidding. Bobby Oh This work for you? Oh, yeah Glad I could help Cool I got this great spot that I do business with downtown The best Szechwan in the city Me and the wife are heading there tonight You guys want to come with? I’m really not much for going out, Clay, especially to the city Oh, come on It’ll be fun What do you say? Let me run it by the boss I’ll get back to you We’d love to Remember that one night? Shh So you guys ever been to the Mayan? The ruins? No, silly, the club Haven’t been there The owner’s one of Clay’s biggest clients Mm-hmm, and I kid you not, the Mayan is so happening And we’re going to be there, so we’re happening Oh, awesome Honey, I’m driving Sorry Hey, guys, I’d be happy to take the wheel if you want the back seat Yeah You’re so bad Look at you Cool, huh?

Way cool There you go No, don’t do it like that I’m tired of you telling me No, I’m not I know how to do it, okay, honey? Let me show you You put it in between I know that. You told me a million times But you look like a tourist You’re nitpicking all the time Forget it I’m out of here No no, wait Look, just sit down Hey, do you think we should say something? Like what “Unhand that woman”? Go on if you want to, Clay, but not me So is there a problem here? Seth, hey, how are you doing? Clay, good to see you Seth is the guy I was telling you about He owns the club Well, me and the banks – Hello, Elise – Hi, Seth – A pleasure to see you – You too Seth, these are my new neighbors… Kalinowskis This is Bobby This is Dawn Kalinowski… that’s a fine Polish name Thanks I got that from my dad Well, listen, I would love to stay and chat Please forgive me, but my empire calls Waiter, this table’s all on the arm, a full comp Thanks, Seth My pleasure Enjoy yourselves I’ll call you on Monday with the wine order, okay? Sure thing Isn’t that great? Totally on the arm, totally free From my experience, Clay, there is no totally free You end up paying one way or another Ethan, good I gotta go do something I need you to watch the joint while I’m gone You think you can handle that? Yeah, man, you know you can count on your little bro Go handle your shit And no screwing around, you hear me? This is a business It is not your own personal dating service Keep your hands off the customers I got you Hands off the customers I got you I can’t help it if I’m a young man with a lot of testosterone Have a little faith, okay? I got this Whatever I love you, you idiot I love you I know I just need to know I can count on you You can Good I’ll see you in an hour See you in an hour Yeah What do you think, huh? This place is not too shabby It has everything Oh, yeah, drunks, loudmouths and assholes What more could you ask for? Come on, you’re like an old fart You’re still young Have some fun Believe me, once we had our daughter, a night without being puked on or changing diapers is a good night Babies puke on you? Oh, yeah You’re gonna love changing diapers I didn’t think about that Are you okay? Oh, God I’m fine

That sushi did a number on my stomach Oh, well, I’ll see you back at the table Okay – Oh, sorry – Oh, my bad Damn, girl, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I’ve seen some honeys up in here, let me tell you Oh, thank you I’m Ethan I own this club It’s nice to meet you, Ethan I just met someone upstairs named Seth He says that he owns the Mayan Yeah, well, that’s my brother We own it together I let him handle the food and I take care of all the hospitality Well, it’s nice meeting you, Ethan Hey, baby, where are you going? You’re in my club, so I know you’re looking to have a good time How about you come check out my office? Actually, I can’t I have to get back to my husband Hey, baby, come on I’m just trying to be friendly Come on You like to slide the ropes? – What? – I got some great shit What? No, I don’t do drugs Baby, come on Fucking asshole! I like it rough, the aggressive ones Get off Argh! Come on, bitch Come on Where’s Dawn? I don’t know. She left the ladies’ room before I did She should have been back by now Come on, baby – Get the fuck off me! – Come on, bitch No! Fucking get off! Dawn Dawn, are you in here? No no no! No! Fucking get off! What the fuck? Oh my God You’re fucking dead, you motherfucker Bobby, look out! Get up, motherfucker Come on, asshole Oh my God Oh, shit We have a big problem He had it coming No, you don’t understand, Bobby That’s Ethan That’s Seth’s brother This is not good This is not good Gentlemen Looks like you had a good day, huh, Briggs? So what do I need to know? Well, everything’s good right now, but you need to screen your boys a little more carefully You got lucky today I was able to intervene You might not be so lucky next time Yeah, right Rat bastards Can’t trust anybody nowadays, can you, Briggs? Jesus fucking Christ, what did he do now? Look, I gotta roll It’s my little brother again Ethan The little bastard can’t keep his prick in his pants Just remember what I said, Seth You can count on it Let’s roll I need you to calm down and tell me what happened

– Can’t come in here, sir – The hell I can’t I’m Seth Bordas This is my club Sir, please please – What happened? – Are you Seth Bordas? That’s right What happened? I’m sorry, Mr. Bordas Your brother’s dead Ethan! Ethan! Ethan! Ethan! Get out of here Ethan! Ethan! Who did this? Who did this? You menace! He asked me if I wanted to go to his office and do some coke, and I said no Dawn left the ladies’ room before me And when I got back to the table she wasn’t there Bobby got worried, so he went to look for her – Why stab him? – What are you talking about? I didn’t stab him He came at me with the knife So it was his knife? Yeah, of course it was his knife How did his knife end up in his chest? How did that happen? I stepped to the side He tripped and fell on it, I guess This guy was out of his mind I was just defending myself Can you be a little more specific? What do you want me to say, that he tried to rape me? Suppose I told you I had a witness who says you did stab him? I’d say you and your witness are full of shit So are you charging me with something or am I out of here? Just sit tight Can I get you anything A water, a coffee? My wife I want to see my wife Where is she? You’re gonna see her So what do you think? The stories match He hasn’t lawyered up I think it’s just like he’s saying… self-defense Bordas was a train wreck anyway This was another one Ain’t that the truth? If old Ethan was found dead in a ditch, we wouldn’t have the personnel to interview all the likely suspects Right What about fingerprints? The only fingerprints on that knife belonged to Ethan Bordas Okay, cut him loose Briggs Talk to me What did you find out? It looks like self-defense Look, you know Ethan better than anybody What? I want that rat bastard’s head on a stake You hear me, Briggs? You hold on to him until you fucking hear from me Too late We just released him God damn it! Listen, Seth Don’t do anything stupid If anything happens to this guy, cops will be all over you and there won’t be a damn thing I can do about it Son of a bitch! Seth Fuck Looks like I gotta take care of this myself Want us to go pick him up? It’s too late for that That idiot Briggs let him go All right, I want you to put a word out on the street 100K cash for anyone who brings me Bobby Kalinowski This city is officially on lockdown What about your friend the booze guy? He brought death into my house If he gets in the way, kill him But I want Bobby Kalinowski alive Now get out of here Y’all down?

For 100 grand I’d get Seth Bordas my mom – For 100 grand? – Yeah – Let’s get this paper, man – Let’s do that All right then Y’all down? Sounds good What the hell is going on? Come on, asshole – Oh, shit – Get us out of here, Clay Oh, shit Oh, shit Clay, get us out of here – But I might hit someone – Clay, go now Oh, shit – Clay – Okay Go! Pull into that parking garage – Dawn, call 911 – I’m not getting any service Right there, Clay Back it in by those cars Bobby, what are you doing, man? I’ll distract them Clay, get the girls out of here – Take them to the police station – I’m not gonna leave you – Dawn, please – Forget it Okay, listen, I’ll meet you at 7th and Oak in 10 minutes Don’t wait one second longer Oh my God, Bobby What’s this guy, a freakin’ human spider or what? Aim for the legs Seth wants him alive Cops. Shit! It’s been 10 minutes

We’re not leaving him, Clay Oh my God, Bobby – Oh my God, are you hurt? – It’s nothing Come on, baby, I’ve hurt myself worse shaving Relax relax relax We gotta go – Clay, Elise, out of the car – Okay I’m not leaving my car in this neighborhood They know this car Come on, man I’m sorry Leave it. Let’s go Come on I’m fine I’m fine We gotta go back to the police station So how do you know he was dead if you didn’t check him? He fell off the side of a building and splattered like a bug Briggs, what did you find out? Understood Let me know when you find him Nobody… but nobody could have survived that fall You stupid fucking moron I tell you I want him alive and you try to kill him Now I find out you can’t even do that Apparently, you both don’t know the difference between dead or alive Markus It’s really not that difficult Dead Alive Dead Alive Dead No! We’ll get him, I swear! Alive Say, Chris, let me see that GPS, nigga No, man, I ain’t giving you my GPS I just got this jump-off, man Man, give me the GPS Quit bullshitting, man We don’t need no GPS These motherfuckers is on foot, with some bitches They can’t be no further than a couple of blocks north of Washington Oh, so you’re a compass now? Look, man, let’s do this the “G” way Let’s hit these streets Feel me? Ask a few people That’s straight, boss Let’s bounce, man Damn right, that’s straight Let’s roll, my nigga Shit, still no signal Okay, the police station is two blocks that way I think if we cut through here, we won’t be seen Damn it, Clay, get back here You’ll get spotted I think I’m getting a signal Clay Don’t even think about moving Put your fucking hands up in the air, stupid Hey, D, call T Let him know we got him Make sure he got that cash A.S.A.P Got you, my nigga Make sure we get paid Hey, man, what are you doing out here, black, huh, hanging out with these cats? Don’t you know you could get six feet deep for that? You’re hanging out with “America’s Most Wanted.” You’re a dead man walking, homie D, what’s up with T, man? He got that cheese? Yeah, that’s right Cheese? Money I have money I have $500 cash $500? That man right there is worth 100 grand But since you’re feeling so generous and all, you want to give me $500, as a matter of fact I’ll take that, and your watch and your ring Give me all that shit That’s a polo jacket, huh? Oh, yeah yeah, give me all of that shit Andale andale, nigga Move You two, muscle-man I want your shit too Let’s go The credit cards All of it

Give me that shit What the fuck are you laughing at, man? I bet it won’t be so funny if I put this gun in your mouth, boy So what the fuck are you laughing at? 100 Gs? That’s right, bitch Your ass is worth 100 grand on the streets right now So what you think about that? You guys like working for minimum wage? I should pop your ass right now Shoot me… you lose the 100K and the diamonds Diamonds? What you talking about Diamonds, man? We don’t know nothing about no diamonds, man The diamonds that are stuffed in my sock What do you think this is about? You think we’re stupid? No, you’re a genius Here, see for yourself Hey hey hey, don’t move, boy You almost got shot right now Don’t be moving Chris man, you think he’s serious about these diamonds, man? I mean, that just don’t make no sense to me He’s in this neighborhood at this time with a whole bunch of diamonds? What do you think, dawg? Maybe that’s what Bordas wanted him for The diamonds Diamonds could be a lot more green than Seth’s paying What you think about that? I don’t know Check it out – All right, you got me? – I got you All right Keep your hands up, man Clay, get in the car Let’s go, ladies Where did you learn to fight like that? I watched a lot of Jackie Chan movies Get in the car What are you doing? I’m taking my cheese and my watch We’ve come a long way from slavery to Obama You need to stop using the “N” word It’s disrespectful Excuse me, we need to see someone in charge That’d be me Can I help you? – Yeah, I’m Bobby Kalinowski – Kalinowski? – That’s right – Come with me Wait, we were just attacked Ma’am, please just follow me Okay, you want to tell me what’s going on? Seth Bordas is trying to kill us Trying to kill you? He paid 100,000 to have us killed And you have proof of that? The guys who attacked us said they were hired by Bordas – Attacked you? – We were held at gunpoint Listen, I’m gonna get some detectives in here to take your statements You know what? How about this No more detectives, no more statements – Let’s go home – I cannot help you unless you’re willing to file charges That’s okay I don’t need your help Special Services Why didn’t you say something in the first place? Didn’t think it was necessary Okay, look, I will personally look into your story and I’ll get back to you as soon as I find out something, okay? At least let me get you a ride home Come on – Here you go – A cab? Aren’t you gonna take us home in a police car? Sorry, department policy But don’t worry The city will pick up the tab Cool My cell number’s on the back of this If you need anything, give me a call Thank you, Detective Look at you A rough night, eh? Are you sure you know where you’re going? Yes, ma’am, I know it well Not a lot of people go to the ‘burbs I go over the bridge, take the back road, Sycamore Hey, you mind keeping your eyes on the road? Oh, yes, sir

I hope my car is okay Must be the wife You’re not taking the freeway? No. Yes, sir I have to go to a gas station I have to relieve myself real quick You couldn’t have done that before you picked us up? Sir, nature calls when nature calls, okay? Make it quick Yes, sir, I will Just make it fast I will, I promise I’ll be very quick Sure you don’t want to grab a sandwich while you’re at it? No, thank you I already have eaten Oh, we got company Lock the door I’m not a fan of downtown Bobby, what are you doing? Stay in the car Going someplace, buddy? I’m actually just on my way home You guys seem to have accidentally blocked me in Would you mind moving? You’re a real funny guy, huh? But you’re coming with us, man You know, I am really not having a good night tonight Up until now I think I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping my sense of humor But I feel like I’m starting to lose it So how about this? How about you take your gang of goofballs here and you get out of my way before you find out what happens when I lose my sense of humor? Maybe you really need to take that up with Animal over here Yeah? You must be Animal Animal’s a big dude Yeah, real big I bet you can help me get all these fellows out of my way Tell you what, Animal I got another idea Pick a hand Why don’t we just fuck your ass up? Go get him, you big ape Come on Back the fuck up Let him go Back the fuck up Hang on Hey, what are you doing? We gotta separate It’s only me they’re after – Wait, Bobby, no – Clay, I need you to take the wheel I don’t think this is a good idea, Bobby Please don’t leave me Come on, man, listen to your wife You should stay with us What? I don’t Clay, I need you to get in the front seat now Bobby, this is absolutely crazy Honey, listen, I’ll be fine I need you to just go home and wait for me, okay? I’ll see you there shortly Clay, get them out of here Don’t stop for anything Don’t trust anyone – I’m counting on you – What are you gonna do? Call in an old debt Where’s BR?

He’s over there What the fuck is it that you don’t understand? You were short two cases of vodka in my last order I want my booze or I want my fucking money back by Friday Jesus fucking Christ I must look like some asshole that everybody wants to fuck What’s up, BR? Bobby fucking K at my place I know this is gonna be good I need to talk to you, bro, alone Can you believe this guy? I haven’t seen him in 100 years and he comes in here barking orders We’re not in the navy anymore And you’re not in charge here This is my place What’s the matter? Don’t like girls? Ronnie That’s all right, go ahead How about a dance? No, thank you Your loss What are you doing on this side of town anyway, Bobby? I thought you were a family man now I don’t want to be down here A neighbor invited Dawn and I to a club and I got into some trouble What kind of trouble? You know this guy Seth? – Bordas? – Yeah, that’s him He put 100 grand on my head You’re the guy that killed Ethan I didn’t kill him Look, Bobby man, anybody but Seth fucking Bordas I can’t help you, bro I’m sorry BR, maybe you got a short-term memory, but you owe me Look, man, you heard of “Three strikes and you’re out”? I’ve got four I’m sorry Maybe you don’t remember, but you wouldn’t be alive to get those strikes if it wasn’t for me Yeah, I remember You don’t remember Where have you been all these years? You got a wife now, a daughter, right? Have I ever met them? Hell no When was the last time you popped your head in here and said, “Hey, Big Ronnie, want to come over for dinner?” How about never? So don’t walk in here like we’re family You know what? Why don’t you just get the fuck out of here before I collect that bounty myself? Do you want us to come in and wait with you? No no no I’m gonna be all right We’re right next door if you need anything Please let us know the minute you hear from Bobby, okay? Okay, I will Bye You gotta stop tearing up the town, Seth Let it go I can’t let it go I want to know where Bobby Kalinowski lives I’m sorry, Seth, I can’t do that Oh, so what do we got here? A crooked cop with a conscience? Is that what you’re telling me? Look, I have some new information on this Kalinowski He was Department of Defense for 10 years So he served in the military What do I care about that? No, I checked his service records He was a Navy SEAL I don’t give a flying fuck who or what he is He killed my brother, and for that he’s gonna pay

Seth, I don’t think you understand the level of training and skill that it takes to be a SEAL As far as killers go, this guy is the elite of the elite I’ve handled trained killers before No, not like this, you haven’t Look, I’m not gonna go back and forth with you on this, all right? I want you to give me his address, or I’m gonna go public with your second income You understand me? You do that You go down with me So be it 6808 Sycamore Now you stay out of my way Deacon, change of plans Nowhere to run now, huh? You’re not gonna be able to fight your way out of this one, Mr. Badass This does not look good for me, does it? Who are you kidding, man? You don’t know how to shoot that thing What did you say, motherfucker? All right Hold him up What the fuck, man? That’s enough Bordas wants him alive Sorry, Bobby 100 grand is a lot of money The club ain’t doing too good these days Are you fucking kidding me? You set me up? Hey, guys, hold him down He may not look like much, but this guy is a trained killer You piece of shit, I took a bullet for you Whatever, hero Look, this ain’t personal, man, just business You fucking piece of shit I should have let you die out there You know, you really need to stop living in the past See you, Bobby Hey, what happened to “No man left behind”? Over here, tough guy I took a bullet for you! Stop making this hard on yourself This ain’t nothing compared to what Seth will do to you Let him go What? I changed my mind Let him go What the fuck is wrong with you, man? I said, I changed my mind Let him go Let him go – Go fuck yourself – Go fuck myself? – Yeah, I’m taking him in – You’re taking him in? – I’m fucking taking him in – You’re taking him in? He’s worth $100 fucking thousand I’m taking him in – Am I not speaking English? – I don’t give a fuck what you’re speaking, you big goofy motherfucker I said I’m taking him Telling me to go fuck myself? I thought we were friends What? What? You’re sorry? Apology not fucking accepted Fucking piece of shit All right

Who wants to die first? Just like old times, huh? Go ahead, man Get out of here These guys aren’t going anywhere Thanks, man Hey, this wasn’t a favor We’re even Honey, I’m worried about Bobby out there all alone I should have done more to help him Damn it Baby, Clay, try and get some sleep, okay? I feel like a coward I didn’t do anything to help Baby, yes, you did You got us home safely Did you see the way he took on some of those guys? There’s more to him than what it appears to be What do you mean? He’s no landscape architect That guy is a trained killer Bobby, Bobby, I’m so glad to see you What happened, man? Hey, man, how’s Dawn? She’s inside. She’s fine I got us here okay Thank you, buddy Where did you get the bike, man? Go back to bed, all right, buddy? I promise I’ll tell you all about it in the morning, okay? Okay, we’ll catch up in the morning I want to know everything, the whole story Good night, man Wow, you’re the man Dawn?

Dawn Oh my God Bobby, thank God – They took Brianna – Who did? – Those two guys from the Mayan – Bordas’s men? They said that they were gonna kill her – if you didn’t come and rescue her – Where did they go? The abandoned pier by the bridge Bobby, please I’m gonna kill that motherfucker No, wait, Bobby, wait No no, just wait a minute Bobby, wait Bobby, what are you doing? No, Bobby, I’m begging you, please don’t do this Bobby, just call the police Why don’t you call Detective Briggs, see if he can help? Honey, I need you to go back in the house – I know what I’m doing – You know what, Bobby? I don’t think that you do know what you’re doing Dawn, I’m not asking you I’m telling you Go back in the house – Briggs – Detective Briggs, Seth Bordas’s men broke into our house and took our daughter Mrs. Kalinowski? All right, listen, calm down Tell me everything you know When my dad gets here, he’s gonna kick your ass, meatheads Not likely It’s not nice to talk to people like that, kid Didn’t your daddy teach you anything? And I’m not a meathead I went to community college Did you graduate? No Put that down Watch out Hello, sweetheart My name is Seth I’m a friend of your father’s I gotta pee I’m sorry, dear, that just isn’t gonna happen Fine, then I’ll just go right here Deacon, take her This way Move it Is everybody in position? Yes, sir Perfect Right here Thanks Hey, look over there Yeah, right – Oh my gosh – What? That’s something my dad taught me

Who’s the meathead now? Come on What the hell happened to you? The little bitch kicked me in the balls, and then she took off running Idiot Let me tell you something, Deacon You let her get away again, and you’re gonna be wearing your balls for earrings You get me? You big moron Stop. Ow You’re hurting me Stop Shut up Would you do something about her? Let her go Ah, Officer Briggs Welcome to the party I said let the kid go I don’t take orders from you It’s none of your business Why don’t you do what you do best Look the other way? Are you out of your fucking mind Grabbing a kid, kidnapping? What the fuck are you thinking? Would you look at this? A crooked cop with a conscience How heroic Seth, looking the other way on a drug deal is one thing Grabbing a kid You’re over the line Oh, am l? Because of that kid’s father, Ethan’s dead The universe has to balance That girl’s father is a war hero Your brother’s a world-class asshole Where’s the balance in that? Don’t you fucking call my brother an asshole Oh, come on, man Your brother’s a smartass coke freak that pisses people off for a living, you included Stop it Who do you think told Nicky Wilcox what’s on that tape, huh? I’ll tell you who It was Ethan Ethan’s popping off to Nicky and, dumb luck for you, the junkie calls me You shut the fuck up now, Briggs Ethan Bordas always wanted to be big brother Seth, always wanted to be you, resenting the fact that he would never be anything than your little brother Truth is, that kid was so sick of being in your shadow that he had to get himself killed to craw out from under it Seth, your brother Shut up! Ethan wasn’t my brother What? He wasn’t my brother He was my son My son You hear me? My son When I was 16 I was fooling around with the girl upstairs and she got pregnant Her parents wanted her to get rid of the kid, but my mother wouldn’t have it So when Ethan was born we took him in and she told everybody that he was hers So you see, Briggs, me grabbing the kid of the guy that killed my kid makes perfect sense Seth, it’s not gonna bring your son back Now I can fix this It’s not too late if you just give me the girl And we go back to doing what we do best Making money Okay All right All right Take her It’s okay, sweetie It’s over You’ll be home soon I lied, cop I never like that piece-of-shit cop anyway Bordas, if my daughter isn’t released in five seconds,

this next shot goes through your head Don’t move, Kalinowski, or I’ll kill your daughter Go ahead What? I said go ahead Then I’m gonna shoot your boss right between his eyes Let her go, Deacon Do what he says I knew you’d come and save me – You okay, Bri? – I am now So what now, war hero? Are you gonna shoot me? Well, that’s up to you I don’t want to, but if you keep coming after me, what choice do I have? You win Call your men off It’s over Bobby Kalinowski’s free to go Let’s go, baby Go after them Come here Bri, listen to me We need to hide you for a little while – Oh – I know, baby. I’m sorry You’ll be safe in here – I love you, baby – I love you too, Daddy Go kick their asses All I want to know is, did you get him yet? Almost. We got him cornered down at the new pier No sign of the girl, though Almost? What if I almost put my foot up your ass? Yes, sir Move Come on, Kalinowski, get up Daddy? Not really Hello again, sweetheart – Big Ronnie – Hey I’m glad to see you What took you so long? A strong current Hey, go get your daughter, man I got this Yeah? Are you sure? What do you think he weighs, about a buck fifty?

Yeah, you got him You really need that? I was thinking the same thing Come here Shut up Trouble! Oh, yeah, big trouble Let her go, Seth – No – Let her go No, you took my child I’m gonna take yours What? No, Bordas, Ethan took his own life when he decided to attack my wife Shut up, shut up All right, your move, big man What are you gonna do now, kill us both? No Just you Daddy You okay, baby? Wow Brianna, meet Big Ronnie Ronnie, Brianna It’s a pleasure to meet you finally Hey, man, thank you All right I guess this makes us even, huh? No, we’re not even I saved your ass, like, three times You only saved me once Even? I saved you in the park I saved you from those two fat guys I saved you from ninja boy Save me, like two more times before we’re even Wait, the park? You set me up in the park Yeah yeah yeah You still owe me Who’s he? An old war buddy, baby Well, he’s cool Yeah, he’s cool But you’re cooler But his tattoos were awesome I want one – No, no tattoos – Please, Daddy, come on We’re not gonna talk about this, Bri