【HERO☆TOYS Live!】Goodbye from Tokyo Bigh Sight :(

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【HERO☆TOYS Live!】Goodbye from Tokyo Bigh Sight :(

alright so thank you very much everyone well time fries and it’s already two minutes after the 4pm and we have to finish that today’s shows a hero toys live very first time outside of the office taking it from Tokyo dig site and we’re very very happy about this one more Union for Tokyo because I’d the rival tyree mandersohn yeah now come o after you money what’s the most ultimate yeah your modem good so yeah you don’t like it I sort of like he mean true ah so that yeah this event will continue also tomorrow also and on three games but unfortunately I cannot be here in the booth because you know something near answer we have so ah we have to finish up the x-rays right he told who is live from Tokyo Big Sight & together with mr. bacca bucci our ghost a move home to me up to you to attend this guy hey the ceremony to the power engine wuhan estas de Graaff time a poco te amo cosita Nicaragua caixa Sunday never are I know automatic session evolved over if you think at all yes I’m single mark with the pollen jock even know what a martina crashing soon so true no frictional immunity myself in the fx100 Sawicki matzo gain control him at Masada vixia Catalina kuvira’s big shoota me back nine there yeah hello they marveled iPads mythic tales in our hood on a model now he pushes what I got pulled over that’s good so you know we have the Goseiger a few years and then go casual figures right there and then I just asked him you know he concludes to you know corrected super sentai towards as well and he says indeed and he continues to correct at least you know least and one as well because he doesn’t want to stop via Corrections and in the history of super sentai or another sphere as well yeah male a matter who knows power in chatham america day after work at estero hey ghost angel god nigga foster just a bootlegger super Megaforce you go police to touch chica yaris importation collateral attack so you are good now can you re another super super cute / z qk that’s all ah so that means you’re either d gonna incorporate available haha cute oh yah oh so no need no longer me or new pony mode Tyga you take the you are cool if a story no tank Isaac of gas nobody Lisa Cooper Cecil Dallas known as mythical killer saw an ethernet oh that’s welcome because he used to something like to the spirit the law how are you it’s very well being famous isn’t easy ah so women are now we put that comes into the way I was younger gonzo here hola a todos condition I III but she doesn’t support the worries of the world everyone I political tactics SOS also comes in chocolate conspiracy when who every we got there she was so honest up to you surrender for the Sudanese resort repeat every solo chick in the apt Iona so no I skipping class sit there to the card table what was gonna like Google’s now I’m opposing card emission yeah you know the goseiger adapted to the American market US market and then become the super megaforce and then go Kaiser of course and after the year-ago say I mean a mega force becomes a super mega right so it’s continuous like that and we heard that you know goga energetic okay chef but the cool busters will be skipped somehow and in the next street next power engine we already learned that you know Dino charge is coming as their closure adaptations and so you know it’s you know we are just talking about that little adapting to the local

cultures or local you know ethics and you know it’s very important you know I had to be totally understand that we are just in general decoding we just remember that you know till tomorrow actually the Oscar voice the animation you know exported to the US market long time ago and we learned that it was actually the cancelled our middle of the shops middle cities they cancelled it because not not because of the you know they are too was not popular but because of the idea the concept of the idea you know the robot you know actually destroying the other robots is kind of violent ideas actually it totally understand that right but here in Japan we can Joe really enjoy that you know the all the good powers beats that the bad guys and that’s a very very you know common idea they know well you know well except that here in Japan too but still you know since then you know a Japanese superhero ideas you know feeding the bad guys and you know sometimes yes maybe a Byrant but slowly adapted to the are you know other countries and now we see that you know we we have been witnessing that many many people loves that these Japanese superhero shows and I hope that will continue they will continue to import the LEDs superhero ideas it’ll stay here we have the are you two coming tomorrow a estar more that’s correct for general hood ama that castle of Internet possible shooters tomorrow is the last day of this special event and unfortunately we cannot be here but the it’s going to be a very very successful one it’s already successful right hey so and in here but I love my QX US version of the goal kaiser go judging a boobs aren’t there without his name hey for the comment equipment assess each other for mental side they’re on the scale oh uh no Coke I Johnny making my star who’s using the robot so Jonathan is Ned cute exterior my look at a homicide and he’s joining the kini people yeah so we have the wheelchair too Wow good to see you guys wheelchair 21 thank you very much the cart aqua cool scepter has become the one dimensional but yet decently it seems to be improving not okay I agree even as they accidentally wheelchair something whoever boku mo jokes at that model gets down there and chris garneau you know look good way to look at Gotham ok I know you can I took some or maybe you took out the surname would you get so many more than Cambodia’s on the product alright so we were chair thank you very much hey Kali goddess named hey token of town cooks that’s the concept of the moment Lisa no I’ll go each again think utama a cougar and i quote houston picking on it somehow my katamari mosquito demo solomo every Santa Monica unico Anne waters yeah hi josh reddick the same time on a more relaxing home their DVD cover the tension is high high digital even overkill they don’t have a cigarette I’m swinkle Tuesday so can i retake attempt at Horizonte key to you won’t leave you even helping each other get a walk another 30 bunny mas how much do you mark on Jeanette Lee oh sorry she did it a caramel sauce oh yeah you don’t know so no I know approach if you go yeah he liked that story he don’t got it to you come back like you said I say sir come to select cocktail in total imitating human dr. Kuzma bacon so kick food naruhodo nay yes and no wheelchair thank you very much more you were you know opinion and our comments and we were just talking about that in one-dimensional stories and becoming very you know improving very much and now changing the story speaking of changing stories he mentioned that because of that little generation new generation of the creator of the idea of super senses or common liners or other toxins related programs these you know creators are when they are watching they assured when they were small they felt that as something to be better you know

they felt something to improve in the shelves so that’s why they are doing it and now these days you know they are 30 minutes stories it used to be l just one 30-minute stories nervously you know continue for the next x pixel right but and also it’s very you know so exact an actor that you saw in the first episode becomes the bad guy all good guys all on their various very end of the cities so you never know what’s going to happen that makes that you know stories exciting and I not just on one dimensional you know so I love that and so is that ok literally use daily God so today I’m no political something they project the high their project Artyom thank you very very much joining a projectile dm7 snare armasight window a novella bar Lida they say Arabic Allah let a guy Vinny hasta que todas kiddo thank you tonight ok I’m Nerissa no by q los santos in tonight go to excel in school yeah yeah that’s true it’s just another two you know once i divide or more comment like that all right boom or criminal now kokomo get started chemical Johannes gotcha to co-parent synthetic division you know so oh yeah that’s true projectile the amino Mamie maybe I know not too many bikes than motorcycle stunt scenes are not not much these days I believe but and also you know what we know what we learn about the information of the next coming lighters next comment lighters will be the common lighter drive and are many people kind of been witnessing the leaking picture of the Machine the car right and so we didn’t know you know baby because the other coming light is becoming rich picture not a motorcycle but going for the affair RA or was something okay with your mouse cursor love but to love you baby boss and I know don’t like the other girls unite and oh yeah you never know maybe you know that those come in like the drive car will become the motorcycles or something something like a bad Mans right yeah ah suka wheelchairs and Ohana co co says yo Devon there are no sono cabinet a driving trip you cuda mama all the worktop Thank You solution either a transpose there nauru hodo soy yo hana hana saske wheelchair cardiac stem cell who’s your fault hi indigo Johan right the wheelchair you got you out the Garza fun too in each case I’m going tiny students at the highest volatilized my mind on the same time complexity me trying about taking like that whole Kiku not her again it’s like I’ve been killed over the end that’s like the last time yeah yeah you know these days and many broadcasting centers including an hour national ones struggling to make that you know good stories like you know all that year story the UN stories you know like a throughout the years you have a special programs like a year in Japan we have what we call NHK you know also kyoka that’s the national TV broadcasting centers they have that a very favors you know long cities long ceased its called I got drama and you know almost years to end that the stories and they have that no distracting that you know get a very you know good lakes of the watching that there are programs but you know when it comes to the accommodator them super sentai series their story is not just only the one shitty so they you know they represent all the entire episode entire series of last 40 years and it’s growing amazing solid record of course we posit the camera no sister missoni tiger drama the object of honor whatever us were in each games coming out don’t you guys go see oh no that it ok ok all right so thick ma Tony kaku are no call no man so no not big enough I know super sentai to come on Ida to connect hey moon oh god oh god oh no

capricho yoga tell em i said i’d wait na we r us a nice or I sites again do you know k a buddy watch it cute i mean i know a game knock knock so already smoked sausage then I oh boy how people yeah same direful occasion i got i’ll be that your GV she got a vessel buku tareas de I tonight I assume the woof everywhere can you do know about the same a boston-area to the boat ready so we can you can you can I high zoom with chuckles from Oregon it azo pasarica so no hookah costa coffee cups in which is very good for us right so any fatigue you I to pinky surveillance all right not a job that’s also a great gardener so I know what you know we’re very proud of the attacks at su and I because that are continuing the legend their legacies you know you know something like that you know I believe that like a Japanese nose and a traditional arts stage arts like a kabuki or no and just like that you know but they don’t have much the videos archives okay from the back back inna I know like a long time ago and they don’t have that but the Super Centers and took such an uncommon lighters or Gaussian into the Garcias we have a long history more than like a 50 or 60 years of the history and archived you know everybody enjoys and continue to enjoy in a DVD internet live streams and an oil on demand you know the future i will continue and this is via talk sucks and we love that hi and then i’ll show you google talk that’s not a snare for about the same awesome us know Hot Tamale evening I never Annie vannie component of that is ok come by yeah I don’t Mac I don’t know what I garbage collection got so irate a society good shoot yeah who are you know the home one of the hell no man some time ago they say about guys and right okay so this man all right although she to give us cut off of a man but the heat talks you can take this is where the key legacy is our selected we were actually finding it impossible to choice both i have to serve a little live so close up till I’ve got a tapestry so oh this is me the way i minus you know what I know to the one piece no more yoga I’m today timing aspergillus and now you know the wagon first collection will be a part of the talk stats cultures and from now on and you know in you know introducing and making a big influence on the world market and we believe that mr. bacca bucci and his staff and his correction has a part of the item spreading our Japanese culture at oakridge cultures and we just totally support that okay but also also he mentioned that you know Joey and you know other you know companies included to correct productions and they they are very very good companies and they know what the changes of the tow business tied now our marketing always changes and they are so ready to catch that in our new waves and they continues to grow and an hour they can be continues to entertain ourselves the fan of the toxic world around the world right yep and so uh you know we just have to be with the time okay so thank you very much guys and I think it’s we have the time to say goodbye now and i like to say the people in the chat rooms we appreciated your being here let me mention that your name I always sat on a sound we would cheer 20 fun a prime X 07 project RDM and enough thank you we appreciated your be here and especially like this thanks to the aprender 07 in our second son being a long time in a chapter for today thank you very much and also wheelchair project RDM good to see you guys there again as a movie right and also viewers we have six people boobs on sorry GC 9 8 136 k j foster and an hour Kyoichi shy

son thank you very much okay and also are like roots on and guess of the four people alright we have to say goodbye from here the he reports live from the Tokyo Big Sight today and I kind of Miss that this atmosphere but it’s time to go now thank you guys very happy thank you we are very happy to the killer always a WR high a hole during a time machine chica up to you man stupid y que cada facades come so three hours just went fast like that ok not you agree oh my gosh gonna smell so good did you lie behind happy ok guys and take care saying goodbye from the Tokyo big side you