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Immigration | The Complete Moderate's Guide

So, what makes you think you’re entitled to citizenship? What have you done to earn it? …This sounds awfully familiar Citizenship is a privilege, we don’t grant it to people because they think they deserve it What have you done for the United States? Join the Mobile Infantry today and save the world Service guarantees citizenship Would you like to know more? This video is brought to you by Brilliant The Constitution gives Congress the power to make rules about who is allowed to become a citizen, in a process known as naturalization The first law to address this was the Naturalization Act of 1790 You had to live in the United States for two years, live in your current state for one year, and… be a free white person of good moral character That’s how we started So when the Constitution says We the People and guarantees them certain rights, they’re talking about free white persons of good moral character Over the centuries that definition has been expanded, but there have always been people who want to keep it restricted And when you’re talking about expanding or restricting, you’re talking about immigration I am a US citizen, I didn’t have to do anything to earn it Were you in the military like my dad and grandfather? Yes… but, luckily for her, we don’t live in a semi-fascist military Starship Troopers republic-dictatorship federation… so that doesn’t matter My parents were citizens and I was born in the United States You only need to meet one of those requirements to be considered a naturally-born citizen Meaning you were naturalized as soon as you were born The Fourteenth Amendment, quite possibly the most important and overlooked amendment, guarantees birth-right citizenship It was part of the Recontructrio, a term I just made up for the three amendments passed after the Civil War that made all recently freed slaves citizens Thirty years later, a landmark Supreme Court case reaffirmed that any child born on US soil to parents who are current residing in the US are citizens This is where the term anchor baby comes from, but we’ll get to that Wong Kim Ark was Chinese, which the US has a very long history of excluding from citizenship and immigration Most notably with the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 Which banned all Chinese immigration in response to white people on the west coast complaining about depressed wages… this story repeats itself several times In 1917 we created the Asian Barred Zone, which also banned immigration from all of these countries But all of these were somewhat rolled together into the Asian Exclusion Act, which was part of the larger Immigration Act of 1924, which is where our story really begins Before 1924, we pretty much had open borders, anyone could come in, which is why there were immigration scares over Chinese people, then the Irish, then Italian… You can project this forward, we’re having the same fears over Mexican and Muslim immigration today The Immigration Act of 1924 created the Border Patrol and the current visa system, including putting quotas on certain countries To oversee all of this, in 1933 they created the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the precursor to ICE Look, you let me in right now or I call the INS, comprende? Back in the day, the INS were the ones who rounded people up and deported them In 2003, the INS was split into three agencies under the Department of Homeland Security: Customs and Border Protection, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, more commonly known as ICE So when you say you want to abolish ICE because it was only created in 2003, you’re technically correct But we had something for decades before that which did the exact same thing We have the most secure border we’ve ever had We all know that’s a complete lie Is it though? We used to have basically no border and now we have three agencies with several tens of thousands of agents overseeing several hundred ports of entry and several hundred miles of rather ineffective fencing She doesn’t say it’s completely 100% secure She says it’s the most secure we’ve ever had, which is objectively true… I don’t think you can have a completely secure- Common sense tells us that securing our borders would help to stem the tide of individuals entering our country illegally China began construction of their Great Wall as early as 600 BC and finished roughly around 1600 AD Which meant, it has secured China’s borders for over 2600 years Here’s just a small list of times China has been invaded over the last 2600 years Including the Mongols which were the primary people they wanted to keep out So unless you’re proposing building something even more- This is America’s Great Wall And it will be fully manned from coast to coast 35 feet high and 20 feet wide and 2000 miles long Along the border wall we’ll have underground sensors that are so sensitive that we could

hear a mouse dig We’ll also have motion detectors and infrared cameras along the south side of the wall We’ll have guard towers every 25 miles with a border patrol and sheriff’s station with quick response airports Okay, even Trump isn’t proposing having something that over-the-top What he’s actually proposing is just more fencing, like what we already have along several hundred miles of our border What is the problem with the wall anyway? The problem is that a wall, especially one like what they’re proposing, would be crazy expensive and attempt to solve a problem that isn’t really as bad as you think Whenever the economy turns bad, without exception, we blame immigrants Politicians stoke fears of job loss and crime in order get votes Over 94 million Americans not in the work force The number one reason? Illegal aliens Drug and human smuggling, home invasions, murder We’re outmanned of all the illegals in America, more than half come through Arizona Have we got the right plan? Plan’s perfect You bring troops, state, county, and local law enforcement together And complete the danged fence It’ll work this time Hah, sure it will buddy That was 2010, illegal border crossings have gone down, but it’s not because of the still incomplete fence There are a lot of subtle misconceptions in that ad that make the problem seem much worse than it really is The total from 1987 to 2015 is 70 to 120 million illegals crossing our borders in the last 28 years Wow, that’s more than a third of the country then The US Census Bureau counts illegal immigrants, as of last year, there are 325 million people in the United States and of that, there are an estimated 11.5 million “illegals.” Also known as unauthorized or undocumented immigrants, which is the term I will be using from now on That number has been falling since 2007 and only half of them crossed the border illegally They’re suggesting that there’s an additional, phantom 50-100 million people living in the US without anybody noticing You can go to any public school in the United States where you’ll see who is responsible for new baby boom It’s not Americans Holy racism batman! How could we be white supremacists if most of the 2 million that the president wants to give amnesty to are not white? Did she really just play the how can I be racist if I have a black friend card but for… DACA? We’ve since granted six additional amnesties to date With our government pushing for another amnesty called DACA Alright, that we’ve waded through the muck and discussed some of the background, we can start talking about actual policy Here in America, there are citizens and a… second class of citizen… Second class citizens? There is no such thing as a second class citizen, you’re either illegal or a citizen with all the rights and privileges that go along with it Including the right to vote and the right to pay taxes like the rest of us I honestly don’t know how she can say that with a straight face She used to be a judge, she should know that there are citizens who can’t vote and non-citizens who pay taxes There are also legal residents of the United States who are not citizens This is a green card and it’s given to lawful permanent residents and it only lasts ten years, which I guess is… permanent It’s also referred to as a “path to citizenship” since holders are usually going through the process of naturalization Most people who have these, get them from the family-sponsored path rather than the employment-based, but we’ll get to that Amnesty is when we tell a certain group of people who are here illegally that they can apply for a legal permanent residency and get a green card with the assumption that they will eventually become citizens The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, is a kind of amnesty program for a very specific set of undocumented immigrants So you say c’mon, have a heart, the DREAMers were born here, this is the only country they know No, they weren’t, if they were born here they’d be citizens and that would be the end of it They’re sometimes referred to as dreamers because of the DREAM Act, which had the same general purpose and was proposed in 2007 but didn’t pass These are children who were brought here illegally by their parents They have to have entered the United States before their 16th birthday, are currently under the age of 31, and entered the country before June 2007 They also have to prove all of that which is somewhat difficult for someone who arrived as a child illegally The DACA narrative though of young high schoolers about to go to college, in college, or recently graduated looking to contribute to society… when in point of fact, dreamers are not a highly-educated segment of the US population According to a study by Harvard researcher Roberto Gonzales, 21% DACA recipients have dropped out of high school Yeah, there’s something about being an undocumented immigrant who can’t legally work that makes people shy away from government sponsored education But that doesn’t change the requirements for DACA In addition to the age and timeframe requirements, they also have to be currently enrolled in school, have completed high school or a GED, or have been honorably discharged from the

military There’s the answer to that “did you serve” question from earlier If they dropped out before DACA, in order to receive DACA, they have to be enrolled now – but are still counted as that 21% who had previously dropped out This is her source, I didn’t have to jump through many hoops to find this information I hope you’re catching on to the mental gymnastics taking place here DACA supporters say that dreamers are no more likely to commit crimes than US citizens, but according to Crime Prevention Research Center, illegals in Arizona commit crimes double the rate that US citizens Okay, first of all, she’s conflating DACA recipients with all undocumented immigrants Secondly, depending on your source, undocumented immigrants are just as or less likely to commit crimes than citizens The only way for what she said to be true is if you factor in the illegal entry into the country, in which case they all start off with one, she’s putting her thumb on the scale a bit But that doesn’t matter, because in order to be a DACA recipient, you also cannot have committed any felonies or serious misdemeanors The standards for DACA along with the $495 application fee, are fairly high, which is why there are currently only 600,000 people in the program Here we have President Trump willing to give almost 2 million illegals amnesty in exchange for a border wall, an end to chain migration, and the end to the visa lottery Yet instead of being grateful, they’re indignant That 2 million number is an estimate of how many people might be eligible for DACA, but she’s still inflating things a bit This was her opening monologue after Congress and the White House failed to make a deal on immigration reform and the budget in January 2018 Note that I said Congress there, not just Democrats – Republicans control every branch of government, they could have done it if they had the votes Trump was offered $25 billion for his border wall in exchange for DACA, but then he wanted those two other pieces, which caused the deal to fall apart Federal courts have ordered that current DACA recipients be allowed to continue under the program because you can’t go back on deals made by previous admini… get out of here Iran! They were offered a legal status, you can’t just take it back One of the things Trump wanted to eliminate that caused the deal to fall apart was the visa lottery, officially known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program It was started by Bush Senior in 1990 and grants lawful permanent residency to 50,000 people each year In order to be eligible, your country cannot have sent more than 50,000 immigrants in the last five years Here is a list of all the countries ineligible for the visa lottery… there should be one or two that stand out to you It’s designed to promote diversity by saying we have enough immigrants from those places, so let’s mix it up a bit I hate to draw this comparison, but you know how whenever someone suggests banning assault weapons again and the common response is that assault weapons only account for some small percentage of all gun deaths each year? The Visa Lottery only accounts for 4% of all legal immigration The next smallest piece of the immigration pie comes from refugees at 13% Remember the Travel Ban from last year? Does the ban have anything to do with religion? How did the president decide the seven countries? I understand the permanent ban on the refugees- Okay Okay talk to me I’ll tell you the whole history of it When he first announced it he said Muslim Ban, he called me up, he said put a commission together, show me the right way to do it legally I don’t want to get into whether it was a Muslim Ban or not, that’s what he called it, and it was definitely targeted at specific people from specific countries But yeah, it didn’t ban all Muslims from everywhere… even though that’s what he wanted Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States What he did accomplish, after a few court rulings and executive orders, was to stop all immigration from seven countries, halted the refugee program for 120 days, and reduced the number of refugees we would accept into the country to 50,000 A refugee is someone who is displaced due to an ongoing war or violence or is fleeing political persecution Do you at this time have any fear of returning to your own country? No Establishing fear of return in the first step in obtaining refugee status The second requirement in the US is that you belong to one of five protected groups: race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or a particular social group That last one is a bit of a catch-call as you might imagine Gender or sexual orientation don’t appear on this list and historically fall into that last category And third, the government must be involved in or unable to control that persecution Refugees are probably the most vetted group of people on the planet A refugee is someone who has already been determined to have ticked all three boxes by either the UNHCR, which oversees refugees around the world, or the receiving country, in this case the US An asylum seeker is someone who flees to a country first and then requests refugee status Once someone has been accepted as a refugee or asylum seeker, they cannot be forced to go home, but they do have the choice to go home if they wish

That’s part of international law that the United States has ratified and agreed to, you can’t send them back By far the largest portion of the immigration pie comes from Chain Migration, officially called family-sponsored immigration, accounting for 67% of all legal immigration If you are a citizen and you go to another country and marry someone, they get to come back with you If you have a kid with that person first, and then come back, that kid is automatically a US citizen, because you are But if you divorce your spouse, your spouse can stay because of their relationship to that citizen So now we’re back to talking about anchor babies If you come to the United States illegally and have a child, that child is a US citizen, and by your relationship to that US citizen, you can stay Two thirds of all family-sponsored immigration is due to a direct, immediate family relationship to a US citizen When people complain about Chain Migration, they make it sound like aunts and uncles and cousins all get to come over too, which just isn’t the case There are a few rare exceptions, but it’s not as prevalent as you might think Spouses and children are a given, we all understand that part and that’s the vast majority Parents make sense if you’re under 20 or they’re elderly dependents But these people don’t automatically become citizens, they get a green card and can go through the process if they choose That process is not easy, by the way Among many requirements, they have to have had a green card for five years and they have to be able to read, write, and speak English This is a country where we speak English, not Spanish This is Alabama, we speak English If you wanna live here, learn it English, mother f**ker, do you speak it?! It’s already a requirement that if you want to be a citizen, you have to know English, I don’t know why this myth persists They also have to take a test in US History and Government, which includes this question… which one third of US citizens cannot answer… What the f- 12% of our immigration comes from temporary nonimmigrant visas This is also where the other half of our illegal immigration comes from, people who entered the country legally, went through passport control and customs and everything, and then just stayed No border wall is going to stop them If you’re coming from one of these countries, you don’t need a visa at all if you’re only staying for less than 90 days But if you do need a visa, there are currently 88 different kinds For just about every letter of the alphabet and several combinations of letters A is for diplomats; A1 being the diplomat, A2 is their family, and A3 is anyone who works for them B is for temporary travel for business or pleasure… I’m not going to through all of them, but the ones you probably care about most are student visas, which are F class, and temporary workers who are H class The most popular of which is the H-1B visa, which allows US employers to hire foreign workers in specialty occupations These aren’t temporary migrant farm workers, that’s a different visa There are about 250,000 approved each year, and by far the most people who receive them, more than all other countries combined, are from India Most of these people work in the tech industry But there’s another class that you may have heard of, the O class, for people with exceptional ability in the sciences, education, business, or athletics; OR the arts, motion picture, or television industry Olympic athletes, musicians, actors and actresses, all classify as having extraordinary ability Along with scientists and Nobel prize winners How can you increase your chances of getting an extraordinary ability visa? By going to Brilliant has a number of courses in math and science that could help you understand these concepts and increase your chances at getting that genius visa Knowing Better is not an immigration lawyer… but it couldn’t hurt Want to know how solar energy works? That’s a growing field that could use a few more brilliant minds, heh get it? Or maybe you’re a politician who needs to be swayed on the idea They also have courses in computer science if you want to get one of those H1-B visas, or maybe you’re already a citizen who doesn’t want your job to be outsourced What have you done to earn it? So go to to get started, the first 200 people to use this link will get 20% off, and you’ll be supporting the channel when you do Knowledge guarantees citizenship Again, Knowing Better is not an immigration lawyer… but it couldn’t hurt Immigration is a rather hot button issue in America and around the world And it has a lot of racist undertones and dogwhistles We’ve all heard the quotes by our current president, so I won’t repeat them here, but when he talks about ending chain migration or the visa lottery, the people listening to him have a specific skin tone in mind Despite the fact that family sponsored migration mostly only applies to US citizens and no country in Central America is eligible for the lottery Only 74% of DACA recipients are from Mexico or Central America, which about the same percentage of the total undocumented immigrants I somehow doubt he wants to expel the 26% that come from other countries Despite what you may have heard, illegal immigration has been on the decline over the last ten years, especially when it comes to crossing the border Unless you believe in some sort of conspiracy… Engaged in a campaign to mislead the American people into believing that our borders were secure and manipulated the data on the border patrol apprehension chart from 2000 to 2016 Instead of arresting 1.6 million illegal aliens per year, they have only been arresting 333,000 per year Yeah, it’s definitely not because after 9/11 we changed things and created several

new agencies or anything… The requirements and costs of legal immigration, along with the fact that people from several countries can’t even apply, should help you understand why some people choose to take the more dangerous, illegal path Regardless of what you think of these people, they are still people So let’s have this debate with a little more understanding of what these programs, their limitations, and their numbers actually are, because now, you know better I’m not going to ask what program or issues you think we should end because I know you’re going to tell me already, along with reassuring yourself that you’re not racist I’d like to give a shout out to my newest legendary patron, Joseph If you’d like to be on this list, head over to, and don’t forget to naturalize that subscribe button, follow me on twitter and facebook, and join us on the subreddit