Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Episode 18: What a sight

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Episode 18: What a sight

oh look at this we I’m back at it again with some more pokemon mystery dungeon explores the sky the last time we did this well we almost got into a fight with team school and we continued exploring in I don’t even know all the steam cave if we continue our exploration there to find the treasure and it turns out that there’s a great Pokemon up ahead that we may get into a fight with could it be growled on could it be you see who knows who it could be but whatever it is we are ready we’re gonna hit hard and we’re gonna hit strong alright so let’s get e this pokemon mystery dungeon explores the sky on your else triple star and i think bilac a wants to go to war alright let’s get it I hope you get that reference balog eh eh eh Ron cruel oh oh she’s and crackers Batman I wasn’t ready for this did you hear that so I didn’t imagine that sound after all it was like some sort of roar but I wonder what it could be who knows what’s ahead but let’s be brave and let’s keep going on we’re nearly there let’s go yes we are nearly there and when we reach the top we may meet ook CLS it mean it may answer my big question Who am I that is who was i before I lost my memory that reminds me I still haven’t said a word about this do don’t worry yes what is it um you have something to tell me what is it and I tell them everything you you what ever since we reached base camp you have a feeling that you somehow know this place and you also learned about the fog and you also learned about the pokémon that lives at fog-bound like and that’s oops here right so the legends has it erases a visitor’s memories use excuses so you suspect you’ve been here before you think you encounter rootsy who then took your memory I see so that’s what’s been on your mind hmm trouble well now we just now we have just one more reason to get to the top we’d have to meet youxian find out what really happened I wonder what you were like before you lost your memory I was a real straight up g-man I was all about the dog life perhaps oops he can provide the answers let’s go let’s make our way to the top yeah let’s do this upper part not bad and all right how are you all doing how we doing amazingly well and you’re starting we call us on a great note and that monday was a grand old time for you as you can see or continuing on a little journey here so nothing too much that’s different from the last time where that fun stuff nonetheless oh my god it’s a grand bowl we’re gonna get our keisters kicked why do people still say keister oh it’s a far-fetched oh I actually want farfetch to join my team or not it’s cool farfetch it’s cool i’m not a hater I’m not a hater my hood win let me be either look at that ruto handling business the stunts I’m actually going to take that stitches Barry restores each oh I’m actually gonna eat this plane seed I want that stun seat I feel like that’s when I come in handy because you know we’re going to be getting into a boss fight up ahead I’m gonna heal up mucho for a little bit i really wish i didn’t do that yes i really wish i didn’t do that because i was trying that ok chuckle no no no no i messing with you shackle exactly why why why I’m not gonna be able to do anything to this guy ok good chuckle doesn’t really you to you you wanna fight me to you know what I got some worry I got some worry where am i

where we’re at yeah I went there how much damage 10 ok so worth it I love hope good no new moves no no moves disappointing but like I said these items are worth it the Geo pebbles and all of that just wanted to get some HP back alone just a little bit least because we were right by the stairs gonna eat this gummy off the ground I just give it to toe his attack one up that’s powerful just seems like he’s gonna be mostly physical tiger anyway wait what happened to me oh look stairs right there which all your good non-hp is walking all right let’s go I’m thinking that we are gonna be all rights hopefully what type of C is I’m gonna risk it sleep now we’re good proceed just if we run into a monster another monster but you know the mob house I’m gonna cry you think I’m kidding but I’m not I’m gonna tear up get crawl into a ball and just get very sad critical hits now we’re good I’m gonna get the blowback work because that knocks back enemies so screen coming you know you love that because you’re a grass type and green is grass right there you go tell your defense one up so Lisa know that the gummy is do more than just affect IQ your sleep why I does eat that yeah it fills up my belly somewhat so that’s better than nothing you you want a piece of me don’t you well you can have a piece I just don’t think you’re going to want it and I don’t miss again doesn’t matter that made a difference that’s seriously mucho leveled up that’s good does he learn any move nope okay that’s ah that’s annoying see what I mean missing on here makes a huge difference in whether you live or die hey I got a human myself oh god I’m not ready for this I should spot the alumni’s or whatever it was we’ve climbed far up this place it feels feels strange somehow the very air is charged with tension it’s making my skin crawl all over I feel like I’m being crushed by a terrible sense of danger girl grow Oh God it’s a sound heard earlier just as I thought it was the sound of roaring growl okey odd I will know how now now now it’s coming yo Corphish help us out hey hey hey check this out everyone wears Guildmaster this is it the grout on statue oh but there’s no one else here are you really short that you saw the Guildmaster Corphish sure I’m sure I saw him when I was going back to base camp the Guildmaster dash pass all willy-nilly na pursuit of a perfect Apple I gave him a shout in a wave well he seemed too occupied to haul her back but I guess that triples team went ahead so I bet the guild master Wong up after him don’t you think yeah mmm the ground

Oh what it’s irking car damn are we gonna die right whatever could that be what an uproar is it may be something is going on up there let’s head up hurry I hmm hey dad did you hear something right over there like moaning and groaning oh you just imagined it military yep um com he uses her growling so what the hell out Wow I’ll get deflate it again I can move her how did dad happen how’d it work like a shrug off her nuts gasps masako’s nothing I how the width of sick back at us it’s unbelievable we’re going tough coming through straight power you already know and do you did it while you do you know going on holy cheese and crackers Batman I’m useless here whoa what is that it looks like that statue that that Pokemon really exists yo um you know you can talk to us Garlin you have you come to desecrate this place the part now but but only one is to go to man link what bout like I am the guardian fog-bound lake I am growlin you will never leave here alive intruders yo SE garland tell me do you remember getting your ass kicked by a key while in a Bulbasaur I’m just saying not to be rude or anything what hey hey there’s the way in we can go up through here Laurie yeah hey hey juts out can I ask you something while we’re running shuts up Dean hold on a pokemon called ghrelin well of course just what do you take me for I’m only the head of intelligence for our guilt squat groudon is a little a Pokemon spoken of in myths passed down generations a legendary Pokemon correct the myth said that he raised lands from the sea and he built up the continents who point that sounds like a castle pokémon whatever you were to face crowd on the battle what would happen battle out of the question squawk if anyone fooling foolish enough to face growling a battle well it would be like throwing your life away he is that strong like all legendary Pokemon no backup got them back up if we get popped oh this is scary but we need to be brave and I need to face up to this there’s no giving up now prepare for my wrath to Reviver seeds two of us um he’s on front of me Yuto um turning on leasing oh okay okay you stole over there that’s good that’s good I just want to get a free head off wait what we thrown something Adam ok I’ll just use the knock-back or when he gets close welcome back throw some stuff so yeah I’m gonna throw an iron Thor another good gonna knock him back no no not escape gonna use this Oh what oh what oh oh my god I’m gonna die I am going to die I can’t use my stupid that’s all reason they use these orbs on

okay luto don’t use take down any more yo I thought that okay let’s devise a strategy I feel like I’m losing my voice okay first things first this gives us a free opportunity for elite seed I want you to just set that up so you can get some healing off I’m gonna see can I still Tunder shock here oh okay well Lisa Muto got the leap see it up turn that off tackle and vine whip you know what screw it just fine with them because he’s actually peer ground I keep thinking growl taunts fire he there’s something fire about them what else do I have he’ll see nope I’m out of my head I’m with graveler rakhna way I’m gravel trucks too nice dad did nothing oh he’s boosting his defense and his holy holy cow batman yo mucho um eat this where is it yeah he tell you Joe there you go I died mmm oh man okay I’m just gonna quick attack him this is all you told you can’t let me die don’t let me die Yuto I I swear yes he missed a bunch and he got knocked back how do you get that back I’m just gonna growl I’m just gonna growl like crazy he cared as if I growl see he can’t hurt us I’m just I’m actually glad I have growl on me right now um where’s the citrus barry i have here you to eat that I’m just gonna keep growling out for you buh-bye growled on we did it we defeated growled on but is it really waha huh growling disappeared that was that was not grown on that girl long was nothing more than an illusion that I conjured are you serious we fought an illusion that his poop I don’t even feel like I should be proud like one of all the trouble I have in that fight who said that like I said earlier I am the guardian here and I can’t allow you and I cannot allow you to pass wait please we’re not here to cause trouble we came only for information information you say yes that’s the honest truth well we omit that we’re an exploration team and we like to leave a treasure after all our effort but we’ll leave without any of you have a problem with that will be happy to say that we just made it this far please please believe us hmm well okay I believe you oh shoot zouk see let me welcome you then I am uke see the Guardian have fog bound lake what did you say looxcie yes truly I send guard over something special that lies in fog by lake now let me explore you to by like please come this way are you sure I mean well if you insist like I said my good ear I said I mean if you don’t want us to have treasure we won’t be for treasure we will respect your wishes because I don’t want you to something like 50 Groudon and Kyogre and it requires a hologram side i guy as much as I like the EXP I just can’t deal with it wow it’s become dark outside it may be a little difficult to see at night but behold

bound lake Wow that is that’s an amazing sight that’s incredible who would expect to see such a big lake on a plateau so high up and those floating volbeat an illumise illumise I don’t know this heroin so beautiful water constantly walls up from far below this place it flows up so heavily that it has long formulas enormous lake now cast your eyes the glowing area at the lake center yes I see it it’s radiating from below that blue green radiance right step forward for a closer look hey haven’t you wiped my memory what could that be I can’t figure it out but it’s making my heart race but why why should stir me up so much why is my Pole speeding all of a sudden that’s fantastic but what is that it has such a mystical quality that is I’ll time gear what what that’s a time year yes i guard to time gear it’s the sole reason I’m here others before you have tried to trespass here but I used my gravel illusion to chase most of them off growl on how’d you do that gather something I can create using my psychic abilities like so oh god oh god oh god there’s there is no need to be startled as I’ve said it’s just an illusion you thought it was know what you thought was no more than that while it sure as hell hurt there every others before who defeated my ground on illusion they managed to make their way to this spot but they were trespassers select Kuwaiti memories and thus protected the lake to quit her memories oh that’s right we hope to ask you something looxcie meet my partner at present a Pokemon at one time a human oh really a human yes but Chapel has lost all memory of being a human so we’re wondering have you maybe metropol year before Luke see and did you take away triples memory has that ever happened to the human never come here do you remember anything like that ever happening Luke see the answer is no no human has ever come here I should explain further i erase only memories of Mountain Lake I cannot fully erased all memories from living beings I had nothing to do with your friends memory loss nor anything to do with your friend strength transformation into a pokemon to cause lies elsewhere oh well that’s okay so it doesn’t seem like you’ve been here after all you see we hope to meet you to learn more about my partner um what’s that a time here at I’m here well too bad what we can’t take it i’m here Wigglytuff Wow fantastic and who might this be that’s our guild master glad to meet you friend friend friend friend click to meet you friend for an amazing friend katie’s upon this amazing view I’m just like a we came laddie laddie laddie yeah we see this amazing view yet again and look at the rest child laying along we you we are last no time to catch her breath we’ve got to hurry hey hey someone’s over there let’s go you guys just go squawk girl girl girl it’s growling spit out to King I don’t know

why that’s funny was it just is I’m goodness don’t eat me I’m not tasty hang on to want to know so it’s wrong cook a girl master oh never mind that everyone look out there it’s spelling pretty pretty oh that I don’t know why that’s funny it just really made me laugh he’s just like the Doty me I guess cuz he’s a shrimp and shrimp Gideon I I don’t know oh my so shimmery you poop some kind of pretty yes the lake guys are erupts every now and then it sends a bother just like a fountain and the time garrisons of elimination from below while many aluminized volbeat go upon the fountain of water and harmony they are in a very vision of beauty the treasure the treasure must be the view of fog bound link hey good enough I like it that is just amazing girl and the window is obviously not the best as you can see you have the bottom of the left and the top on the right it’s supposed to be obviously vertical on portrait I have it landscaped so it can fit so I apologize that you’re not giving the full amazingness at the view but ever have but if I was to change it it wouldn’t truly fit honestly doing again I could just rotate the outline to go that way but now I prefer like this are you taking in this view triple this is so magical it’s really too bad that we didn’t learn anything about your past but I’m glad we came I’m happy like I see such a beautiful scene with everyone I’m truly happy I’m glad I came to sure is true he never learned who I am hang on a minute uxie said Lucy said he didn’t know me but that’s true how did I know about this place and that time gear is it just me or does it look like it’s not moving when I see that time gear why doesn’t my post race when I see it and there’s unease I feel what does it mean so sorry to have disturbed you had a fantastic time friend friend friend I then I shall not take away your memories of this place you have arranged my trust blame ourselves that you keep this place a secret surely thank you we all know what we need to do you know another time gear has been stolen this one must stay safe we will never say a word about this place I squared in the name of Willie tough killed please hold sure to that promise okay let’s be on our way shuts out watch out if you will all up to it go bastard everyone we’re going back to the guild smiles go for miles and so the Guild’s long and challenging expedition finally came to an end I better get a promotion after this with Wigglytuff in the members safely returned to the guild for triple and the apprentices going to the guild meant taking up the standard training schedule it was life as usual back at the guild no promotion for me obviously I’m saddened by that the clouds lifted from fog round lake and its surrounding areas exploration team Federation has sent the message triples team was rewarded we have a bigger bag yay and we have a special episode a lot okay hey there goes no I meant to save whatever I’ll see you later chapter ten dust floor the next morning already went them and then wrap things up here I hope you all enjoyed and be short at that like button cuz that’s support I love that support it makes me feel special and just you know I I just love it and there’s words can express just how much I appreciate you guys sticking true sticking through to the end and watching this on a day-in day-out type of thing you know and also subscribe if you want

more comment discussion I’m tell me another movie videogame or even a book or TV show and for the book i mean like imagine what I’m gonna ask this question but a view that you’ve seen that you thought was amazing and the fantasy world whether it’s a TV show video game movie or even a book that made you just imagine it tell me one that just comes to mind and with that I bid you all adieu then your heart come are good