Pokémon Red Randomizer Nuzlocke Part 23: Safari Sight Seeing

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Pokémon Red Randomizer Nuzlocke Part 23: Safari Sight Seeing

what’s up clock alarm claridon welcome to episode 23 of our pokemon red randomizer nuzlocke in the last episode we went down this cycling Road and made energy fuchsia city so to go over a team look quick excuse me we have majora a level 46 with confusion psychic tana wave and Swift okay yep that’s right we got more hm stuff gets his level 48 with cut fly quick attack and to make a drain yes he has like 10 Finland is level 46 with dig earthquake water gun and rock slide and then finally gold is level 45 with Roland gust Fire Blast and fly so with fly we are looking a little bit better now we are looking a little bit better now with our move sets and everything but now we can go ahead and explore fuchsia safari zones warden is old but still active all his teeth are false though bill files his own pokemon data on his pc did he show you a little bit you’ve met bill you’re my grandson he always liked collecting things even as a child all right now I know we can get the good rod now Omer if it’s uh and gets on this side is it down here I think where’s a little Hut uh oh okay no it’s not down here no of course I know where it’s at er what am i doing I don’t words I just right over here wrong ledge it’s one of these two houses piff he five foo ha ha ha Fifi hot feet what you you make perfect sense man needs his teeth this dude right here on the fishing crews older brother I still love fishing do you like to fish it to do like your style take this in fish young one there we ago you know what that means we can get more things in who toots this way Oh what perfect placing I’ll cook at 23 great balls so so here we all see fuchsia City encounter not even a nibble okay not even a nibble come on now come on now up up you should City encounter what’s it gonna be do we have already we don’t do we restore your star me ah I don’t think so I don’t think so you alright so we can’t really attack you at all sleeping catch you all right there we go we got the star you goldfish its tail fin billows like an elegant ballroom dress giving it the nickname of the water queen you yeah that’s gonna call you let’s go with this even though i didnae matter achi that an hour glazed but i can’t think of too much other names at the moment let’s go ahead and deposit you into the pc heal up real quick I deposit starfy I don’t remember I think it holds 20 Pokemon 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 all right there are three more slots in that pc that we can put pokemon in what do you say sir safari zone has a zoo in front of the entrance outback is a safari game for catching pokemon and we will see if we can get through the so far as it in this episode hopefully we can catch whatever we get in there it actually shows his name okay where’s Sarah I said I’d meet her here I don’t know where is Sarah but item ball in there is really a Pokemon Voltorb yep that’s a nice Voltorb actually I want to look at these now Chancey catching one

is all up to chance I like that chance you that chance he’s my favorite slowpoke friendly and very slow-moving okay is there any more thought there was like one more maybe not I’m wrong I’m wrong no no no no not there’s this one Lapras aka the king of the Seas apparently hitmonlee is the king of disease now all right did you try the safari game some put one can only be caught there I’m getting there sir hope there’s another one up here ammonite a potent one that was resurrected from a fossil this king is gone yep a maternal Pokemon that raises its young in a pouch on its belly okay I think that’s it now a little bug flying around little gnat or something snowing all right this is a put them on you catch pokemon you catch All Right see if we can catch them to even catch some pokemon in here there’s 500 you can catch all the put one you want in the park would you like to join the hunt all right I’m nervous wait that’s dupes because we have Golduck no I didn’t mean to do that we’re releasing that thats dupes claws were not keeping that we’re not keeping that no that was dupes claws we’re releasing that that does not count towards our encounter here because that was the claws did not mean to catch this I deck all right no stop throwing stuff I don’t even know if this is the right way I think it is actually now I think we go up this way it’s been a while since I’ve done this all right no psychic please that Stoops as well because we had a we had redbull max potion that’s where we didn’t even move tauros go away hope is an item down here TM 37 which is egg bomb ooh a hitmonchan we’re not able to catch it are we let’s try to bait it here’s some food you we miss really it’s throw rock what the goods are in cash oh shoot a full restore I’m erectus never used one of those before executors learn have been bad however we already have a grass-type oh shoot which way is it from here I don’t remember it’s the wrong way I should have pulled up a map I knew I should have pulled out the map but we go down here no I think we need to go down the other side oh I would love to catch that Oh goomy team 40 me leave 95 steps left I don’t think we gotta be able to get through here skull bash protein we’re not gonna make it we’re not gonna make it are we took that wrong turn compete why goomy we have 29 steps left

shoot all we got the gold teeth but I thought we I thought we needed to get something else there’s fly in there isn’t there or surf I have to go back in all right archeops is in here that would have been duped as well though I sure we got a really sets i duck we should be able to get through here completely now and then we gotta go take the warden his gold teeth go this way I’m like I’m like super concentrating right now and go down you go down we go down we go down okay we don’t take that but we go this way and go up and then we got to go back up after this I think and it goes this way keep going up ah I think we’re good this time I think we’re good man there’s some good pokemon in here I just wanted that goomy I just wanted that GU Meo know if it would evolve because I know they have it set so trade evolutions you’ve all had a certain level Island rift that would still follow under that or if we could just have to keep a sliggoo forever I don’t know so we went down that let’s go over here there should be a building yep just building right over there TM 32 which is double team and then in here should be the HM to surf or does it fly I have no room for this fabulous prize um protein increases attack finland shirt hm3 i’m pretty sure that is surf and everyone can learn surf as expected your water gun all right I’m gonna keep on Finland for now but I believe now we can get out of here can we surf yet nope we still gotta get that badge so let’s just waste our steps actually can we just exit that might actually be in the only the newer ones such as waste our steps there we go all right now I got to go release this a Psyduck you sorry psyduck and can we get it in katerine than this in another encounter in this episode hmm we had to put it in the Box first okay deposits I doc release Psyduck there we go all right I’ll remember we have gone this way haven’t we before have we oh shoot we all the top we don’t battle her oh I guess we haven’t been this way yet a Marshtomp okay I’m just I kick you manda buzz a potential member to our team Fire Blast hoot-hoot take this rock slide to the face let me double check my town map go this way actually this is at saffron

route 13 about 14 we’re out 15 right now we are in route 15 right now and that’s vermilion I don’t think we’ve been this way or else we would have battled her right if you guys remember me catching something here then let me know if not we’re gonna go ahead and grab something out of here Oh a diggers be interesting we can’t Thunder way if you came Lee your ground well we can’t do much to you at all I wanted to throw a great lower going on my speed falls there we go there we go your fairy it’s magical and cute appeal has many admirers it is rare and found only in certain areas I’m just gonna call you bugs I suppose there we go all right what do you have what do you have bulldoze quick attack take down a double kick Wow not sure if we’re gonna add you to the party yet though but uh we’ll see oh why do you do this to me why do you do this to me why do you do this to me Lissy no get out filling goes a little 47 and Dunsparce limbs to come out this guy wants to battle a heliolisk well we’re going to psychic giratina earthquake so wattle I should switch but I guess it doesn’t matter too much she was part grass why is it so many people so many people to battle let me try out the my just got in a trade oh it did very well the leg had an itch and you gotta talonflame as well but guess what there are no abilities so you’re pretty much do do in here there’s a bunch of trainers along this route you’ve got a Wartortle and a Turtwig Fire Blast by made shriners are there he wants me to fork it all over you talking about you get for your money over get this thing out of here drover hold this surf it’s nice having surf on here now wow there are so many trainers silcoon fly turtwig fly Ralts fly Ninjask fly there we go there’s so many trainers what else could we caught here swellow oh we’re out of sidekicks what confusion still takes him out here comes hoopla again who was everywhere hoopla is literally everywhere earthquake alright swellow what else besides well all dragonair that would have been nice let’s go heal up I’m sorry if you don’t like me the speed up button this much but others just so many trainers and i’m not sure what level kogas

pokemon are going to be mean Sabrina’s were 50s it’s a little scary oh you’re a little cutie how about and how are you shut up levan e your levan e such creepy face did I value already Oh ponyta like ponytails first gen sprite Castform is back what’s up here what’s up here just gonna take a pass everyone what school trading pokemon oh really you gotta zubat i’m going to confusion that’s it help there’s an item where’s our Oh where’s our old rod you’re not already deposited it oh we should give the guys gold teeth back double team I’m going to toss that I didn’t see we picked up with speeding up way too much I’m sorry rage let’s finish the trainers in the trout and then give the old guys teeth back actually another route we can go to but uh carving I don’t know if I’m gonna go there in this in this episode because i’m pretty sure shoot pretty sure this is a new area we’re in now so let’s yeah let’s just head back i think i got everyone down here yeah let’s head back and give the word in his teeth so he’ll be all happy and be able to talk and I guess would call that an episode hey cloud gave the cheese with the gold teeth through the warding popped in his teeth thanks kid no one could understand a word that I said I couldn’t work that way let me give you something for your trouble that should give us is that strength yep and everyone can learn strength of course I’m gonna give it to majora majora has a really high attack stat and I’m just gonna get rid of Swift so can we move this I forgot you get to do it this way Oh what is this I’m so done with this this is rage let’s get rid of it I don’t want it a rare candy I’ll hold on to that for now let’s go ahead and back to the Pokemon Center it kind of bothers me I have to go all the way around think it’s but once it is why don’t they just have the ledges removed or something I don’t know so I deposit diggersby into the pc alright so good call it an episode there if you did enjoy today’s episode of our pokémon red randomizer nuzlocke please remember the light comment maybe even subscribe if you haven’t already to become part of the cloud clan that greatly appreciated and I will see you next time