RARE Street Food Tour of Rural China | Cheap SLOPPY Dumplings and Meat NIRVANA!

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RARE Street Food Tour of Rural China | Cheap SLOPPY Dumplings and Meat NIRVANA!

So check it out It’s Trevor James I just got into Kuqa on our great Silk Road journey west to Kashgar And today, we’re going for a full on Uighur street food eating experience I can’t wait Let’s go check it out As you go deeper into the far reaches of western china A new culture and new people along with new food is waiting to be discovered We stopped in Kuqa for a quick place to rest and to eat on our great journey to Kashgar And what we found was nothing short of amazing First up, we found a local nang master Pumping out delicious nang bread one after another And to my surprise, he invited me up to try to make one Just up here I think there is a famous Uighur nang flatbread place Let’s go try it out So we found another little nang place This is one of the best things we’ve found in Xinjiang so far So they put like an onion mixture on top This is one of the biggest nang’s I’ve ever seen, look at this Huge nang, with a nice sesame crunch to it A little salty, crispy, and the inside is so soft I think you should break it to eat it though I think that’s the proper way It just tears apart so soft Just look at that You can see all of the saffron And all of the sesame It’s a little salty And so crispy And that oven flavor, there is the flavor of the oven in there And look at that Oh that is totally a culinary delight of Xinjiang What happened next was a complete surprise And one of my fondest memories from this Silk Road journey After I asked him to film a closeup He invited me onto the oven to try and make one myself So he’s just invited me to try it out He just invited me here It’s a deep oven This is totally an experience Oh he is going to put it on for me I was not expecting this It’s really heavy, really heavy Oh it’s deep

That is a tiring job This is really hot, a tiring job for sure This is the hottest oven Just putting my hands here burns But I totally got it down there It’s a little high though, let me show you This is mine here Yeah there it is This one is mine I can’t believe I got it It’s not perfect But it’s there I just did it once and I feel like I got a burn Wow I’m totally surprised by the friendliness here And I just got invited to do this After that once in a lifetime experience We made our way out to the Sunday morning market in Kuqa Where thousands of local Uighurs gather and sell everything you can dream of From clothing, sheep, horses, and of course, fresh street food This is such a lively market There is people selling so many different things A lot of crazy things you would never think of seeing Like trucks full of nang bread Like huge pieces of mutton hanging everywhere And a totally different feel from the rest of china There is a few street snacks around But we are looking for a nice meal So we are going to keep walking OK we are going to keep exploring and see what we can find It’s all Uighur people here from Kuqa Lots of spices, herbs, nuts, fruits But we need a meal Let’s see what there is up here Awesome Fresh skewers Liver skewers Oh lamb heads Lamb heads right here Oh now this looks good That looks good, what is that? We’re going to get one of these In Xinjiang, classics like wontons and noodles have a completely different approach And what you can experience is worth the trip alone Wontons are hand pinched and filled with lamb and fat And served with a wholesome broth and garnished with cilantro and mind You can also find hand pulled noodles on literally every street corner With the Xinjiang style noodles being completely different from the Hui style commonly found in Xi’an Here, a long noodle is pulled out from a coil and hand pulled and covered with a homemade tomato sauce Very similar to pasta sauce You’ll fall in love on your first bite Here is the banmian Look at those texture filled chewy noodles from heaven

Look at that This is beautiful Just look at these banmian Xinjiang style That almost looks like a vegetable spaghetti – with meat Oh yeah Just look at these beautiful banmian Those noodles are thick It’s full of veg, green veg, chilies, tomatoes That is soaked! That is just soaked! Look at these, look at these gorgeous wontons They have some herbs I think that is like parsley on top With these mini wontons in a broth with celery and tomatoes and some greens First, we are going to go right in Oh there is yellow lentils in there too It’s like a strong herbal flavor Oh, that’s too much Just mix that in a bit There we go Now we’re going for it Ok I gotta go right in for these That tastes almost identical to spaghetti Except with lamb And the noodles are more chewy Is this the origin of spaghetti right here? Is this where it originated? This tastes almost exactly like spaghetti All the people The smells, the fresh produce, the food Coming to Xinjiang will blow your mind Look at this kid right here So we’re walking through the poultry area There is chickens, hens, there’s everything here And actually right over there We are not going to film it But there is a bird match But we are going to tell you what we are seeing That’s part of the travel experience Look at tall the carpets back here This is a massive market All the color and all the food I’m blown away We’ve been traveling the Silk Road for about two weeks now And this area of China is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been If you’re thinking about coming to China I have to say Xinjiang is an amazing destination This market was just packed with Xinjiang specialties and full of life After walking around, and enjoying the full on energy of a Xinjiang market We found some more snacks Starting off with the delicious kao baozi Look at these We’ve found some gorgeous, big, fatty kao baozi Wow we are deep in the market Alright, let’s try this

Oh its hot, really hot Oh yeah It’s pretty good Oh, there is a lot of lamb fat in there It’s quite peppery, and there is a lot of lamb fat There’s more fat than meat But, the flavor is Really fatty This is so – I’m speechless walking through this market Literally right beside this kao baozi joint We found another Xinjiang specialty Steamed pumpkin dumplings These are pure delight Especially as you watch them being made in front of your eyes Steamed, and then served plate by plate as they are still steaming hot It looks, they just look delicious and colorful when they are making them And I’m going to put a little chili on them OK, so we are going to add a little chili Just cause that’s what the locals are doing to the baozi Oh the pumpkin juice is just bursting We’re going to go right in They look really sloppy Let’s try it out WOW! Super sweet pumpkin jiaozi It almost tastes like a pumpkin pie! Or a pumpkin cake It’s super sweet Mixed with a little bit of spice I’m blown away! Oh it’s definitely juicy And you can see there is some herbs in there It tastes like a sweet pumpkin with some herbs and spices and chilies Oh yeah It’s a whole new world, a whole new world That was one of the most lively markets I’ve ever been to We’re going to head back into town And look for a big Uighur feast Let’s go check it out One of the best things to do after you’re full and waiting for your next meal Is to go deep into local areas and get a feel for the local way of life In Kuqa, there was a lot of areas to explore Large mosques, little alleyways, and beautiful homes all throughout Just walking through these old beautiful Uighur neighborhoods is really inspiring To think of the long history that is in this location And to explore and see all of the locals living their lives and to taste the food It’s really a once in a lifetime opportunity This is definitely one of the most beautiful and unique locations I’ve ever been Old neighborhoods and friendly people Once in a lifetime experience After that nice walk through the old part of Kuqa, we hit the street in search of dinner And found a full on Uighur feast So right up here I’ve noticed a spot with lots of smoke And that usually means it’s good Lets see what the have? And look, this is where they cut it all over here Gorgeous, he is putting them on the grill

This is a meat…meat….fest What I find really cool is how it’s all made with firewood That’s great, roasting it with firewood And he just put lots of chilies and cumin on there We have a huge meat feast here today And honestly this is what you’ve gotta eat in Xinjiang This looks really plentiful, colorful, and vibrant Beautiful lamb chops roasted over firewood With cumin and chili And that looks tender That looks so tender And over here, this is the lamb kidney Roasted in those same chili and cumin spices Over here we have some fresh yoghurt Over here, this is the pilaf you get all over Xinjiang This is like a true Xinjiang feast You see this all over the streets All of this food here We have some cucumbers I think that is in a vinaigrette With a little bit of chili oil Over here these are radish, with cilantro cold That looks gorgeous A nice cup o tea It looks like there’s actually fennel and saffron in there Mixed with the green tea I’m going to start off with that I’ve never tasted tea like that The saffron and the fennel flavor is mixed right in there It’s such a clean floral flavor With the fennel It’s a beautiful lobo with the cilantro I’m just going to start off with the lobo That is a perfect way to start off the feast Really clean, almost citrusy, slightly sour flavor And what I really want to get into first is the lamb kidney Let’s go in for the kill I was not expecting that intense flavor It’s perfectly spiced with cumin and salt It’s not very spicy, but the kidney There is no odor to it at all It’s perfectly juicy and it melts in your mouth When you come to Xinjiang, literally everywhere you go You can have large meat and pilaf feasts just like this And I definitely recommend you coming here You’ll be blown away by the local flavors and the local hospitality So we have had a wonderful trip here in Kuqa Some of the most friendly people and delicious food that we’ve had in Xinjiang So please, leave a thumbs up down below Leave me a comment as well And click that subscribe button if you haven’t already Because this Silk Road series is one of the best things I’ve ever done on this channel I’m so happy to come this deep into western China And really discover just how friendly the people are And how delicious the food is And I want you to follow along So click that subscribe button if you haven’t already Thanks so much for watching guys!