UNSEEN Chinese Street Food BREAKFAST TOUR in DEEP Sichuan, China | STREET FOOD Tour through China!

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UNSEEN Chinese Street Food BREAKFAST TOUR in DEEP Sichuan, China | STREET FOOD Tour through China!

– [Trevor] Comin up, we’re goin on a deep backstreet, Sichuan street food breakfast tour Starting out bright and early in the noodle joints and backstreets of Neijiang, Sichuan You can follow along with us on this Sichuan street food series as we travel from Chengdu down south to Yunnan, following the ancient tea horse road And in this episode, we found five amazing Sichuan street foods and some super friendly people Make sure to watch until the end to discover all these unique Sichuan street foods with us Let’s eat Alright to check it out it’s Trevor James We are deep in Sichuan in Neijiang, and today we’re gonna go for a big breakfast and street food tour through the morning markets I can’t wait Let’s go check it out Before the morning market, we made our way to a local noodle joint to get a bowl of the best and spiciest beef noodle soup in Neijiang, at a place named Guǎfù miàn meaning widow’s noodles And as soon as you walk up, you notice the huge amount of garlic and chilies You notice all these chilies and garlic and spices all laid out on the table ready to make spicy bowls of noodles And when you see the locals slurping away, you know it’s gonna be good These are some of the best noodles you can try in Sichuan – [Trevor] Been open 40 years here, we’re gonna have to order one – Yeah there’s just looking at this there’s so many chilies– So many chilies, so many spices, and tons of garlic – Chinese ingredients – Oh that’s the stock right here – [Trevor] Nice Wow that smells amazing – This is the secret right here Not only do you get an intense mixture of garlic and fresh and dried chilies and an amazing homemade pork broth, but they top it with their red braised beef made with over 20 different secret spices that’s incredibly tender and flavorful This here is true noodle heaven Awesome – We found the best beef noodles in the whole province here Neijiang– – Aw the most famous noodles are right from here It’s full of beef, full of that hong jiao beef, and that rich, look how rich and powerful that broth looks We’re just gonna have to go right in – Wow so even people from Chongqing, where the noodles are super spicy and powerful, come here Just gonna add a little cilantro to that Oh yeah here we go, here we go That is delicious That broth – Oh the broth is so flavorful It’s quite spicy, but not overpowering It’s Sichuan red chilies in there are just, there’s just hundreds of Sichuan red chilies in there which flavor it so well, but they’re dried red chilies – I’m not gonna buy a house here – And they put so much garlic in there, just full of dried and fresh chilies and garlic You can just see tons of dried chilies, chunks of dried chilies That is so powerful I think that was definitely one of the top three bowls of noodles I’ve ever eaten So flavorful After those life changing noodles, we’ve made our way to find one of the largest outdoor food markets in Neijiang

If you want an excellent introduction to Sichuan food, come to a local market like this You can find all the ingredients used in Sichuan cuisine, and find some delicious street foods too Looks like we’ve found a market, a Sichuan market (chatter in background) – [Trevor] Look how fatty that looks – [Trevor] Wow look at that That looks extremely fatty Oh – [Trevor] It’s like a fatty pork salad almost – [Trevor] It’s like a fatty pork salad – Oh yeah look it he’s hanging one up over here too Okay – Look at that guys That looks extremely fatty Wow and I can smell the cumin I can smell the chili I can smell the peppercorn and the green onions Oh wow That looks intense I’m gonna get a big mouthful Good – I was really not expecting that Honestly it is very fatty, but somehow it’s so satisfying The chilies, it’s seasoned well It’s quite salty The skin is a little crispy, which is very nice The cumin and the hújiāo are also very pronounced, but that cumin flavor gives it a very deep, deep strong flavor This is so cool coming into the markets So much action Wow So much food Roast duck Awesome – [Trevor] Pickled chilies with chicken feet I think we’re definitely gonna have to get some of those – Oh so it should be a little sour and spicy – Her mom taught her how to do that – Yeah the Sichuan flavors are the best – And we were just walking through this crazy market here and there’s actually a ton of food to try here This looks like it is roast fatty pork over top of salted greens, and there’s actually quite a few other things here It looks like there’s some pig snout and some nice beef jerky,

but we’re gonna go in for the chicken foot ’cause I’ve never tried this – [Trevor] Look at those chicken feet Honestly they feel soggy from the pickled chili sauce, but I’m keeping an open mind here Okay Let’s try it out – It actually is not very sour, it’s quite salty, very salty The chili kick on there is intense – And you just sort of suck the skin off – I can see it’s somehow satisfying, but I don’t think it’s for me And this here is why I moved to Sichuan because the food is delicious, the people are good, and it’s so lively and full of action Coming to the morning markets you get a real feel for what it’s all about here This is a lot of fun in Sichuan Look at that guys This is why you come to markets because you can see exactly the core behind the cuisine that you’re visiting And this is a tian jiao, a really important part of Sichuan cuisine, and that’ll burn your lips right off – We’re gonna keep exploring Bye bye Bye bye Whoa – This is gonna take a whole day – That’s a lot of fresh chilies These are so spicy – Oh you get spicy hands doing that I know that feeling – You gotta do it fast ’cause there’s a ton of chilies Cut it here, and throw them into the assorted basket Nice People are so friendly They just let me help and have fun Part of the market experience right? I’m so sure now that if you want the full Sichuan experience, you have to leave Chengdu or Congquing, the main cities, and come ut to smaller cities and towns into the markets here, and you get the real full on experience – There’s so much food here in the markets I decided to buy one of the red bean sticky rice snacks, but they told me not to eat it until going home to warm it up But before I knew it, they were behind the scenes making us a sticky rice ball covered in sugar and sesame – So it’s like a sticky rice blob – That is oh that is really nice That sticky rice, it’s like a sticky rice, it’s like a gooey sticky rice ball with granular sugar on there and a slight sesame paste, slight sesame flavor This market is crazy, and there’s the sticky rice they’re pulling out Oh and that’s how they make it there They put it over top of the sugar Oh So they’re using the sticky rice, they scoop out a big blob of sticky rice, and they put it into this pan full of– – Sesame and white sugar,

and then it turns into this blob That is amazing – These markets are awesome – [Trevor] It’s like a big blob covered in granular sugar and sesame It has a bit of a nutty flavor to it They are the sticky rice masters You like that thing? It’s really good right? – Pretty sweet – Yeah it’s really sweet, really nice Crunchy, soft from the sticky rice, amazing This is like an endless market You come here, you’re gonna fall in love with Sichuan For our final stop on the breakfast tour, we stopped by to have an early lunch at a classic douhua and red-braised beef joint Here you can taste classic Sichuan red-braised dishes Kind of like spicy Sichuan stews Made spicy and fragrant from chili bean paste and dry Sichuan chilies, and packed with spices like star anise, cinnamon, and ginger When you explore Sichuan, you see these all over the place, but you rarely see one this photogenic and this colorful in a deep back market like this So we knew we had to order some dishes and try out the flavors This is amazing This is so amazing in here It’s like food everywhere Whoa look at all the woks – [Trevor] Carrot with spare ribs Wow that looks so flavorful – [Trevor] Amazing Wow look at this, and over here is the douhua, silken tofu Right on the side of the street This is crazy Oh wow Nice, silken tofu This is really amazing (people chatter) – [Trevor] Oh that is intestines with– – Intestine with soybeans This is just crazy here guys Right on the side of the street we found a gem We had to order the red braised pig intestine with soybeans Look at those big chunks of intestine That looks intense Over here we got douhua, which is silken tofu It comes with a chili paste mixed with broad bean paste and green onions That is gonna be flavorful So you dip that in We also got red-braised beef ribs with lots of carrots Oh yeah and those carrots, they might actually be a little sweet And then some classic (mumbles) Sichuan fish root This one actually tastes a bit like pungent cilantro slash fish, and it’s covered in a chili oil Oh yeah looks like there’s some greens, maybe some celery in there First thing I’m gonna try is the red-braised intestines with soybeans Red-braised usually includes cinnamon and star anise, lots of chilies, and it’s very, very smooth and fragrant, not too spicy

Oh Oh it’s potent I don’t know if I like that That intestine flavor is really No, no, no, no That is nasty That’s nasty The background flavor behind that is actually kind of nice but Oh I don’t know if I can handle that The thing about intestines is I’ve learned my lesson the hard way a few too many times Sometimes they’re good, and sometimes they’re bad, and these ones are just so fatty And the odor I’m not sure how you do it, but there is a way to remove that intestine stench In this one, it has not been removed So I’m just gonna have to go on to some other dishes here That’s too much Okay so we’re gonna go for the yú gēn here Sichuan fish root covered in chili oil I wanna get that flavor out right away That is still pungent Oh it tastes like a stenchy cilantro with chilies Okay I need something delicious now How about some beef? That’s a little better The carrots are so soft, and actually a little sweet, and the beef chunks are very soft, they melt in your mouth And this dish is very light It had a home-cooked clean flavor, not too spicy Just a bit of that cinnamon fragrance Oh and it’s, this is probably the best dish right here I would love to know what you thought about this food and travel video in the comments below Please click that little subscribe button and little bell button beside it ’cause we are going on a deep Sichuan food journey over the next month, and you’re not gonna wanna miss these street food tours Thanks so much for watching guys This is crazy