Whirlwind Girl EP12 | Yang Yang【ENG SUB】Chinese tendy drama | idol drama

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Whirlwind Girl EP12 | Yang Yang【ENG SUB】Chinese tendy drama | idol drama

Lin Feng can overcome her weight disadvantage No matter how strong they are It is really impressive It is impressive Coach Chen Hello brother, We said we would come together Why did you come early by yourself? Since you were resting, I didn’t want to disturb you It’s her again Huh? Oh nothing I think Senior Lin Feng has gotten really good I am looking forward to my match against her You think she is going to win today? Sun Bai Hall has already lost a match This match they are going to lose as well Also, Bai Cao can’t win against Lin Feng When you fought against Lin Feng last time, many people didn’t think you had a chance either Even less people think Bai Cao can win Oh no, it is looking impossible All attacks are rebounding Oh no. Are we actually going to lose? Stop Every hit I land on her, No matter how hard I hit, it doesn’t matter It only rebound back on me What should I do Bai Cao Here Why? Why is it like this? Kick me Use all your strength Do it now Kick me! What? Borrow strength to use strength Remember Lin Feng has lost before. She is not unbeatable That institute’s Ruo Bai is also a good teacher Go! Go! Go! Prepare Start Borrow strength to use This girl has potential Go Bai Cao! Go Bai Cao! She seems stronger than you give her credit for

What use is it? The score gap is so large The only chance would be a KO Cheer on! You’re running out of time I am out of time What should I do? I need Lin Feng’s attack Only with that is winning possible Jump out of your feet and be free Don’t hide, say it if you love it Even though now is full of sweat and tears It’s the future that we hold close to One, two, three Be brave Four, five and cheerful Six, seven, eight, nine Life is short, don’t yearn for the past Ten – Red wins Say Bye-bye to failure Cry like you mean it The earth is still the rotating I dominate my own world How is this possible? Jump out of your feet and be free This is a miracle You are so great Bai Cao! Use Lin Feng’s bounce to kick her in the air, borrowing her strength to use against her That was beautifully done It’s all due to Senior Ruo Bai Where is Senior Ruo Bai? Ruo Bai? This is all due to Ruo Bai’s teaching If it wasn’t for you, I would only fight foolishly It is because you learned fast Yes Yes Yes, it is all because of Senior Ruo Bai Okay Okay stop being modest, both of you One teaches well. One learns well Senior, we are looking to you for the next match Cheer on! Bai Cao you were awesome! Especially that 360 degree kick How come I never seen you use it? That’s right, how many techniques are you hiding? You could be teaching us I only did it because I heard Senior Ruo Bai’s advice Then I suddently did it Next time, I might not be able to do it again Whao! We are in the final 4! It has been so many years since we did so well I will work harder! If I can win the next one, We can enter the finals! Then I can see teacher! Next round? Next round we’re facing Xian Wu Xian Wu is the institute Fing Tang Hao and Fang Ting Yi are from Them against Senior Ruo Bai and Bai Cao… Pffh One who just won National Youth Competition champion The one who just beat Bai Cao Stop talking nonsense! Bai Cao Senior Lin Feng You did really well today I hope you continue to do your best in the competition I hope you became the champion This way I only lost to the champion Thank you Senior Lin Feng! Do well

OK Okay Okay, lets not worry! Lets go celebrate! Let’s celebrate that we made it into the final 4! Yah! – Eh, what is Senior Ruo Bai doing? – Changing clothes Changing clothes? Why don’t you go first? I’ll go find him and meet you there Hahaha, let’s go Try this! This is good too Senior you try it Tonight we are celebrating getting into the final 4 No matter what happens after this Let us remember this moment of happiness And not worry about anything else! Hooray! Let’s do this Isn’t Ruo Bai too serious? We are already in the final 4 He wouldn’t even smile That is right This is the legendary Ice Block Face So cold! Stop it! What does it matter? Forget about ice blocks, even if it is an ice mountain, I want to hit that He is just too handsome I got it! I know what we should play The game we are playing today is really popular It is called Supreme No Competition Cotton Candy There’s a total of 8 cards There’s two Jokers If you pick this, then those two will have to eat this Alright, maybe I’ll end up with Bai Cao. I’ll play Let me shuffle Hope everyone gets lucky Xiao Ying can I not play? Can’t! Everyone must play Aiya! Ah, what trouble. Do this Ah, Ruo Bai Yours Bai Cao Go on, Yi Yi. What did you get? Nope Also no Bai Cao! Don’t be it. Don’t be it Here let me do it! Woah! Let’s see yours Let me see No Not me Then..it’s Every-body Then It’s only Ruo Bai! Wow Get up Ruo Bai Ruo Bai, be a man. It is just a game Come on! Go on Bai Cao, Ruo Bai, eat it Eat it all! Eat it all! Eat it! Oooh Eat it all! Eat it all! Eat! Eat! Eat it! Almost done! Ohhh Ohhh Bai Cao! Ooooo Bai Cao! Your face is all red! Senior Ruo Bai’s face is red too! Really You guys dare to play this game? What if something happens You guys are going to hear about it from me Senior, sorry. We’re wrong

Senior Ruo Bai, I’ll go check on Bai Cao It was supposed to be mine What is this? How am I suppose to practice with him later? It probably will be okay Senior Ruo Bai would only care if I did well for the competition He probably won’t get mad about this Stupid Xiao Ying Why did we have to play this game?! Bai Cao are you alright? I’m fine. I’ll be out in a sec Hurry up It’s always at some unexpected moment The heart is filled with soft tenderness Whose shoulder does the nostalgic wind blow on Youth is rushing away Slow down the feelings of all the memories I’m afraid to hear someone’s crying Those past sadness are now my most enjoyable possession We wave our hands but forget to hold hands Get up the courage but can only be friends Your silhouette waving in the sunset I can still remember till this day The unspoken words are the most beautiful We both forget the promises Great, really great! Let’s go see a movie Xiao Ying Now? Can I stay? I want to stay with Senior Ruo Bai and Bai Cao Who said they were treating earlier? No, you have to come Senor Ruo Bai, are you really not going? You guys go. Don’t be out too late Come back before curfew Okay, we will leave Bai Cao to you Let’s go No wait Let’s go Then I’ll entrust Bai Cao to you Senior Ruo Bai Bye bye. Ah! You can sleep in such loud place Your sleeping skill is better than your fighting skills From now on I am your master and parent Master once I get into the competition, You have to come and see me Even though I haven’t been here for a long time, the taste is still the same Brother Chu Yuan why did you invite me out to eat today? Next week is your birthday From when you were little, you always come to see me a week before your brithday Don’t you just want a gift from me You still remember?

But you have spend my birthday with for a long time, We’ve all grown You are a Yuan Wu Dao star who travels all over the world It’s been a long time yet you still care about gifts When we were little Sometime I think If our mom didn’t get sick Xuan Wu and Sun Bai’s relationship would be good Our mothers were good friends You were good friends with my brother We would be childhood sweethearts But now we are like enemies I have to sneak around even to eat with you And my brother won’t let me spend time with you He even took me abroad with him when he left to study Don’t say that Tian Hao wants you to have the best when it comes to your studies In the whole world, he is the one who cares most for you – But – Your mother’s illness I have consulted with many experts There was a breakthrough at an American University They are entering clinical trials I applied for your mom Let’s hope for the best I knew you always look out for things I care about Mr. Fang, is there anything I can do for you’? It’s like this. My sister’s birthday is next week She really likes this place I plan to rent out the whole place for her party I understand. You’re a very good brother. Right this way Alright I don’t know why when I came back this time You feel really distant Mr. Fang Ting Yi Brother? Why are you here? I should be asking you that I told you many times not to associate with him Because of his family Our mother has been in the hospital, unconscious for 4 years I am really sorry about Mrs. Fang Enough brother. The things that happened with mother don’t have to do with Brother Chu Yuan Unexpected things can happen at a competition No ones wishes for it Bacause of this, Brother Chu Yuan already left Yuan Wu Dao competitions How can you still act like this? Does his exit change anything? Solve anything? Can it wake our mother up? Come with me Let me go! I don’t want to go! Ting Hao, direct your anger toward me Don’t be angry at Ting Yi This is family stuff. You don’t need to interfere I have been under your thumb for 4 years In the past 4 years, I haven’t seen Chu Yuan once You don’t understand how sad that makes me You made me leave home and now to leave the one I like You also forced Brother Chu Yuan to compete against you every year You didn’t do all of this for our mother You did it for yourself! What did you say? All because Brother Chu Yuan won’t compete with you you’re unhappy with yourself Because you know you can never beat him! Shut up! He isn’t even in my league Chu Yuan. I challenge you now! Alright If this can make you less bitter Then I’m willing Brother Chu Yuan… You It’s nothing. Don’t worry Brother Chu Yuan! Brother Chu Yuan! Yu Chu Yuan, why don’t you fight back! Brother Chu Yuan! Fight back, do you hear me? Do you hear me! Four years If this means you can get over it, go ahead and kick me Are you alright?

Go away! You selfish bastard! You only think about yourself What happened between our seniors, what does that have to do with Chu Yuan Brother? Are you happy now?! Brother Chu Yuan, let’s go Chu Yuan Why can you steal away everyone important to me? I believe One day I will beat you fair and square Are you alright? No I am okay! I am worried about you. Getting kicked so many times Do you think you are hurt inside? I am fine. You are more important If we don’t treat this properly, it will impact your future competitions Ting Yi, why are you so stupid You know how strong your brother is Why did you run over? When saw you getting hurt, I couldn’t think of anything else I just want to make sure you are okay I promised your mother to take care of you How could I let you get hurt because of me? If I can only get this close to you, Only when I get hurt, I would rather get hurt every day Chu Yuan brother For every day I have known you I have liked you Although I don’t know what you think But I know what I feel My heart is filled with you Ting Yi, you are still young You have a lot of options Yes I have tons of options But I don’t want them When my mom first got sick My dad spend all his time working My brother spend all his time competing My grandfather only tells me to practice No one cared about me Only you Only you send time everyday with me – Ting Yi, it’s only because – No, let me finish When I was gone, ever day, I think about you a lot Although I never got your calls But I know it was becase of my brother You care about me right? If not, how do you remember, Every year on my birthday you’d give me a present This must be the gift Chu Yuan wants to give me I remember my promise to your mother On my sister’s birthday, as a brother I have to give you a present Brother Chu Yuan I know say that because you worry too much After I came back, I worried you might have changed But now I know you haven’t changed So, from now I will follow you always

Tian Yi, it is getting late You should go back Or Tian Hao will get worried Chu Yuan, I know you are saying this because you know my brother is against us No worries. I can wait Wait until we can overcame all the objections Eati it all! Eat it all! What are you doing here? Tomorrow you are facing Xian Wu You should go in and practice Why are you starting at Ruo Bai? Oh, you are not remember the cotton candy from last night? No, No! You’re not. You’re not. You’re not. Come on, let’s go in Ruo Bai Prepare Why are you wasting time Get ready! Yes Ready Tomorrow is the match against Xian Wu Hall Could we actually win? Don’t be silly Xian Wu Hall is sending Fang Ting Yi and Fang Ting Hao Fang Ting Yi is a national champion Fang Ting Hao is a world champion Ting Yi has only lost to Korean Champion Li An Xiu Ting Hao hasn’t ever lost So scary I didn’t want to admit this But we are not going to win against Xian Wu It is like hitting an egg against a rock And a really big rock! I see Senior Ruo Bai practice so hard I am really concerned Also Bai Cao try to hard so she can enter the finals and see her coach But this isn’t the finals We are only at the semifinals She is so close What are you doing? I am praying to Coah Qu that he will protect Bai Cao What are you saying? Coach Qu is still around! Oh you can’t pray to him then? Okay I will pray to the Goddess of Mercy Please protect Bai Cao and help her win [Beloved Wife] Honey see I brought your favorite sweets and fruit I haven’t’ been here for a while I hope you are not mad I just found a job As a delivery man The hours are flexible This way, I can come by more often Ah right, I also have good news about Guang Ya and Bai Cao This year they officially entered the competition Guang Ya won 1 match. Bai Cao won several

These news I got from the newspapers And also TV I brought some for you See this? I will read to you First time newcomer Bai Cao Won against Second Place competitor Lin Feng Also, Xiao Ning became the coach for the national team She said she will recruit at An Yang’s competition for the her training center I believe Guang Ya and Bai Cao, Both have a good chance I knew only by leaving them, could they grew stronger Xiao Ning How are you here? Xiao Ning I came to see my sister Xiao Ning You don’t have the right to call me that Only my sister can call me that Also, stop coming here You only make her more angry I know you hate me It was all my fault No, it wasn’t your fault it was her fault If she didn’t make the wrong choice how could she married a bastard like you! If you didn’t use stimulant made my sister so sad How could she end up here? We lost our mother when we were young I know it was all my fault Also, these years even though you were stripped of the right How could you still have disciples? She is called Qi Bai Cao You want her to finished your dream of being a champion? Let me tell you She doesn’t have the ability Just like you Just a loser It’s not like that. You don’t understand. Bai Cao is a nice girl You can’t punish her for my crimes She really has what it takes. Your sister back in the day I said stop talking about my sister! Listen to me For Guang Ya I hope you stay away from Yuan Wu Dao Far far away I hope you disappear forever Only this way, Guang Ya can get out from under the shadow you cast Mom, tomorrow I have a competition But the other team is so weak it is not interesting at all Also, Chu Yuan says there might be treatments overseas We’ll go together He said if he doesn’t find a way then he won’t come back Don’t you think that’s great? Either way, we will help cure you together Ting Yi How is your injury? I don’t need you to worry about me I left some medicine for you in your room I have to prepare for the competition tomorrow. I’ll leave first Ting Yi Did you know that your opponent tomorrow is Bai Cao? What of Qi Bai Cao? Are you going to ask me to be easy on her? I don’t understand. What’s so good about this girl?

Even you speak for her You think I didn’t hear about you chasing her? If I didn’t know you are always passionate for the first 3 minutes I would have ignored you a long time ago Ting Yi You’re my sister Tomorrow is Xuan Wu Hall against Song Bai Hall Of course I want you to win I just thought I’d tell you Don’t underestimate Qi Bai Cao I won’t underestimate her Because she isn’t worth thinking about at all Wait Also I don’t agree that you see Chu Yuan Stop chasing after him You are not allowed to see him either Why? Why do you get to do whatever you what? Same rules apply You stay out of my business! Enough We are done for the day Senior Ruo Bai What is it? Is… Is that enough? We haven’t discussed strategy for tomorrow Try your best is enough What is wrong with Senior Ruo Bai? Before, we always analyze the opponent before the competition And discuss strategy No matter how we fight, Xian Wu Hall can match it Our abilities, Senior Ruo Bai knows the best But Fang Ting Hao He is Ruo Bai’s nemesis Don’t worry about it Just try your best tomorrow I can’t sleep I will go practice some more Will it be like last time? Where I loss so pathetically? Are you afraid? Who is it?! Senior Ruo Bai You are afraid right? What are you afraid about? Last time, I got beaten really bad

I couldn’t even see how she was kicking me That match, I was so weak in front of her I couldn’t even breath Is being scared useful? Being this scared even before a competition You should just withdrawl now I am just a little worried Tomorrow I will do my best! Even if you do your very best Tomorrow you will still lose to her Relatively to her, you ability is several levels lower You are not her opponent at all You think by defeating Lin Feng You can compete with Ting Yi? But Senior Ruo Bai Even if we lose tomorrow really badly But we have to do our best If doing our all, and still lose From today on, Song Bai’s winning streak is over I am never letting you guys win again In this world there are two kind of people The first kind if gifted, like Chu Yuan, Ting Hao, Ting Yi They can win easily The second kind, no matter how hard they work, can’t win against them Heaven only love those who are gifted A match where we will lose for sure, Why are you still participating? But I still won against Lin Feng Before the competition, no one thought it was possible But I did win It wasn’t just lucky I won fair and square In order to win, I got beaten black and blue every day Everyone said it was useless But in every single match, my practice paid off Effort and attention are useful! Senior Ruo Bai Even if your ability is limited, You still need to compete with everything you have right? Even if you lose, you will emerge strong right? Even if you lose, you will come out stronger Yes, even if you lose, you will come out stronger Ladies and gentlemen! Member of the audience, we are at the An Yang auditorium The semifinal for the Martial Arts Hall Challenge Matches is about the start Xian Wu Hall, being the last champions, has done very well this year Let us use our applause to welcome the blue team members to the stage The blue team members are Fang Ting Hao, Fang Ting Yi, and Sheng Buo The Fang siblings are considered called Celebrity Siblings in China Recently they have been mainly competing overseas Their sudden return to local competition Is causing a lot of anticipation among audience members Next, let us welcome the red team to the stage The red team’s

competitors are Ruo Bai, Yi Feng and Qi Bai Cao What is going on? Why is no one cheering for them? Is it because we are too strong? Xian Wu Number One! Xian Wu Number One! Xian Wu Number One! Xian Wu Will Win! The first match is between Xian Wu Hall’s Sheng Bo against Song Bai Hall’s Yi Feng Blue, red [Hu Yi Feng] [Sheng Bo] [Hu Yi Feng vs. Sheng Bo] Stand. Bow Prepare Begin I need to go somewhere now, Can you help deliver these for me? – Thank you so much! – You need to pay me double! No problem, I’ll invite you out to eat too. Thank you! Go Song Bai! Go Song Bai! Go Sheng Bo! Go Sheng Bo! Senior Yi Feng Do your best! Go Song Bai! Go Song Bai! Go Yi Feng! Go Yi Feng! There are only a few seconds left Song Bai is behind by 2 points Senior Yi Feng! You have to land the kick! Please god! Stand. Bow Blue wins! You did your best It was a good fight Get ready Are you crying? Is it for real? Didn’t you said you would rather lose So you can go home and sleep? Who said I am crying? I am only yawning Okay Okay, don’t pretend I was only teasing Here, wipe your tear… sweat