Whirlwind Girl EP8 | Yang Yang【ENG SUB】Chinese tendy drama | idol drama

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Whirlwind Girl EP8 | Yang Yang【ENG SUB】Chinese tendy drama | idol drama

So, you should stop any thoughts of going through the ‘backdoor’ Relax I will not interfere with your decisions this time But, there is one matter which you need to change We did well today. Two fights, two wins We didn’t lose today I can see the hope of going into the top eight You are thinking too much. We still have more fights coming up Ruo Bai Long time no see Second Senior Sister, go first Let’s go – Why are you here? – What? Are you unhappy to see me? Did you go and challenge Chu Yuan again? I can’t expect less from a good brother who had been training with me since little You’re right. I came to see Chu Yuan He’s just like before, gutless as ever He has already quit martial arts. Don’t go and bother him I remember you were quite sad when he first quit You even refused to talk to him So, you have already forgiven him? What else do you want? I came to find you Here This tablet includes the analysis of all the athletes. I hope it helps Woah! All the athletes’ analysis? When did you become so kind? I have always been kind Okay, I don’t know why you’re doing this. But, thank you for the information You’re welcome. Bye! Ruo Bai, I still don’t believe he’s helping us You don’t have to suspect him He‘s too proud to trick us with the information Lets go Are they late? They still haven’t arrived Are they late? Can’t you go faster. Coach Shen Ling will arrive soon We won’t make it in time if you don’t hurry Quick. We won’t see Coach Shen if we are late Coach Shen Ling will definitely pick you after seeing your fight today Right, I had a dream last night I dreamt that all three athletes from Song Bai got chosen Terrific! Hey, what’s wrong? I’ve noticed that since Senior Chu Yuan talked to you last time, you have been down lately Not really, stop talking nonsense – Really nothing? – No Be a good cheerleader today This competition is important Smile. Please, smile Hi, everyone I have to say hi to Coach Shen Ning Wait for us Coach Shen Be careful! Be careful! Hey! Are you okay? Luckily, the speed of the car was not fast. You won’t suffer from permanent damage But, you have a fracture on your right leg You’ll be able to walk after resting for a month and a half One and a half months? Doctor, I have a competition Competition? Do you want to become disabled? To be honest, not only will you be unable to compete, you should refrain from even walking

You all should look after her. If anything goes wrong, it will be with her for the rest of her life Thank you, Doctor This isn’t okay. I can’t just watch. I want to compete This competition is really important to Song Bai. I have to go! – Sister – Senior, please don’t Let go of me! Let go of me! Senior Xiu Qin I’m sorry I couldn’t save you on time Please, don’t hurt your body like this They just put out a notice, today’s match has been rescheduled to this weekend During the break, you have to quickly decide on who to place for the matches Let’s make sure Xiu Qin is okay first Sure, no problem Listen to the doctor and rest well Recovery is the most important thing right now It is not worth having permanent damage because of this competition That’s right, you’ll have more chances later on Seniors are right, you should rest One of you stay and take care of her, the rest can go home I’ll stay Me too I’ll stay with her. I’ll stay here. I’ll stay with her We’ll all stay You and Xiu Da can say. Everyone else should go back I’ve taken care of patients before, I have experience. Let me stay You can’t Go back and practice For the rest of the competitions, you need to take First Senior Sister’s place in the competition Replace Senior’s place? Eh, Senior Ruo Bai really put Bai Cao in the competition? To be honest, I am a little worried Even if Bai Cao defeated everyone in the Martial Arts Hall Challenge Matches, But, after she was defeated by Senior Ting Yi, she seemed to be so upset Ever since then, she has only been hit She doesn’t take offense How will Xiao Cao be able to compete under this condition? We were in such good momentum before this What are we supposed to do? Let’s not talk about it today From today on, Bai Cao will practice with me and Yi Feng to get ready for the next competition Senior Ruo Bai I can’t compete in the competition Bai Cao, what’s wrong? Haven’t you always wanted to compete in the Martial Arts Hall Challenge Matches? Continue. For what reason? Because… because I am still not good enough I am afraid I won’t be able to win Raise your head Enough Prepare Bai Cao, you were able to dodge Senior’s roundhouse kick! How did you do it? – Do you understand now? – What? Your strength You weren’t able to dodge my kicks before, now you can. This proves that you have improved Work on your strength and you can compete in the competition Bring back that energy you had before Your Master is waiting for your performance Master Bai Cao, Senior is showing his devil coaching style You should bring up your energy and practice hard Harder Harder Mei Ling. 19 years old

She has been in two Yuan Wu Dao World Championships She’s experienced with competitions Her specialty is a speedy attack Her best move is the side kick She’s so strong She’s equally strong as Senior Xiu Qin That’s wrong She’s stronger than Xiu Qin Will I embarrass Song Bai tomorrow? Chang Hai Center Why did they feel Kim Min Joo can challenge people? He’s just a little child If he loses, it’s not embarrassing. But if he wins, he’ll be very impressive Actually, Song Bai and you are in the same situation You have never been in a competition, nor has anyone heard of you before You don’t need any form of pressure Next, continue to do foot pressure training. Don’t forget the basics of martial arts Senior is working so hard to train Bai Cao He has never been like this Senior Ruo Bai must consider Bai Cao to be have great potential in Yuan Wu Dao Senior Ruo Bai only has eyes for Yuan Wu Dao How could it be any other way? Ah, it could also be because this is Bai Cao’s first time competing in such a competition This must be why Senior Ruo Bai is working so hard for Bai Cai Why would it be anything else? Senior Ruo Bai is so dense. He only cares about Yuan Wu Dao When will he look at me? Maybe the next life? Hey, how can you eavesdrop? Why are you so sensitive? I was sleeping, but someone’s touching confession woke me up That confession was like a sword, it cut right through my heart Are you threatening me? Why are you so mean to a girl? Right, you are more fierce than a man when you fight Why are you pretending now, it’s too late Will you really tell Senior Ruo Bai that I like him? – Are there negotiations? – No I was joking I promise I won’t tell Ruo Bai, don’t cry No, you have to tell him I failed so many times whenever I try to confess Tell him that I really really like him Wake up Senior Yi Feng, please. Help me I am going back to sleep Stop We’ll stop here The cometition is tomorrow Go back and get some rest I want to continue If you practice the whole night, you’ll not only have muscle fatigue, but it will not help your competition at all You think I will lose tomorrow, don’t you? Do you think you will lose tomorrow? No way! I will not lose. I will try my best I will not lose. I will try my best Bai Cao! How are you still cleaning? You have a competition coming up Just leave it to me. Don’t worry about it I’ll make it spotless

It’s no problem. I can do it myself How can you feel that way? Hand it over – Xiao Cao – Bai Cao Bai Cao, Bai Cao, Bai Cao, Bai Cao! Bai Cao! Leave it to us! What are you doing? Xiao Ying, you should go eat with Bai Cao Take care of her and leave the rest to us – But – Ha, terrific! I thought you guys would disapprove Bai Cao to replace Senior Xiu Qin in the competitions Uh We were a little worried before, but we didn’t disapprove Bai Cai Also we believe in Senior Ruo Bai We also believe that Bai Cao will try her very best. Bai Cao, do your best! That’s right, you’re the best We all believe in you Bai Cao, don’t be like what we did in training Remember to not only do the defense stance, but don’t neglect the attack stance. I will be watching! Bring out same spirit you defeated Kim Min-Joo with You might just become the Mei Ling of Jiang Bei Fighting (courage)! I wonder if Coach Shen will be there tomorrow? If she’s coming, remember to try even harder to show off you talents If you can represent Song Bai and get into the training camp, then I’ll take the bill and take all of us out to dinner Bai Cao! Enough talking and let’s start cleaning Okay, let’s go Go, Song Bai! Go, Yi Feng! Go, Song Bai! Victory for Jiang Bei! Attention. Bow Ready Wang Ting Ping Hu Yi Feng Wang Ting Ping VS Hu Yi Feng Start! Go, Song Bai! Go, Yi Feng! Senior Yi Feng is so skilled Today is the last day of the preliminaries The red team is Song Bai Martial Arts Hall and the blue team is Jiang Bei Martial Arts Hall Song Bai Martial Arts Hall? Isn’t that the one with the injured female athlete? That’s right I heard they changed their representative to an inexperienced girl I think this time, they are at a disadvantage Why is she here? Look, he’s getting tired You will have no problem if you keep it up Jiang Bei will win! Jiang Bei will win! Go, Yi Feng! Go, Yi Feng! Jiang Bei will win! Jiang Bei will win! – Go, Yi Feng! – Jiang Bei will win! Jiang Bei will win! Jiang Bei will win! – Go, Yi Feng! – Jiang Bei will win! Two Three Four I…Is it going to be my turn soon? Seven Eight Nine Ten Red wins! That Yi Feng performed quite well He has potential, I might consider him You did quite well It was thanks to your advice The next round is between Song Bai’s Qi Bai Cao and Jiang Bei’s Mei Ling This girl should be the new representative, right? You’re right I wonder how she’ll do

Bai Cao, you still have 10 minutes before your match. Get ready Okay She’s actually a white belt? Guys look! Song Bai’s representative is actually a white belt! I heard Song Bai’s original representative was injured No matter what, they shouldn’t have let a white belt represent them Is Song Bai really that lousy? Exactly. Senior Mei Ling, you’ll win with a couple of moves What should we do? Bai Cao is a white belt Mei Ling is a black belt, no matter how you look at it, we’ll lose Nothing can be done. Bai Cao kept staying with Teacher Qu and didn’t receive any formal training. Let alone go for gradings Even if she had the chance to go for grading, she thought that it was too expensive Hold this for me How are you feeling? Are you alright? Don’t be nervous. Senior Yi Feng already won a match earlier We still have Senior Ruo Bai in the second half Just do well like you usually do I…I am not nervous! It’s good that you’re not That’s enough, Xiao Ying. Look at yourself, you’re so nervous yourself Stop massaging her. Her bones are about to break Oh no, it’s red! Look! See who’s here Guys, look who’s here! Senior XIu Qin Bai Cao, good luck! Bai Cao, you can do this. Good luck! Go! Go! Go! Go! Mei Ling, she isn’t your opponent Believe in yourself and perform like you usually do and you’ll win Go, Song Bai! Go, Song Bai! Senior Ruo Bai It’s fine even if you lose She’s about to go on You are not even willing to say a word of encouragement No matter what, she practiced a long time Aren’t you scared that she’ll lose because of a lack of confidence? Blue. Red Attention. Bow! She doesn’t know where to put her feet and the match hasn’t even started yet You’re right, she’s so nervous. How is it that she’s up there? Mei Ling Qi Bai Cao Mei Ling VS Qi Bai Cao Begin! I can’t lose the first competition I can’t let everyone down. I have to calm down I must calm down Go! Go, Bai Cao! One, two, three, stop! Out. Warning She doesn’t even know how to attack She should be better than this Go, Bai Cao! Go, Bai Cao! – Begin! – Go, Bai Cao! Go! Go, Bai Cao! Bai Cao, attack! Get into predictive attack stance!

Jia You! Jia You! Jia You! (Add Oil) Stop! Deduction! Why? Why did she lose a point? She didn’t hit me Bai Cao There’s a penalty for only taking a defense stance without attacking