XS Big Dot Sights on my Walther PPQ

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XS Big Dot Sights on my Walther PPQ

so I’m gonna do a little review here of the big dot site by a company called excess site systems excess and they are apparently in Fort Worth Texas and I’ve had this thing sitting around for a long time but I’m just getting around to installing it I’ve got the one for the Walther ninety-nine and the P P Q and I’ve got that the P P Q here so that’s what this is gonna go on and this one’s the big dot Express set and the big dot is in reference to the basic idea behind the site which is just a vertical rear bar and you place the big dot on top of that I’ve never used it before so it’ll be interesting to see how it works and this particular one is the twenty four seven which I assume is in reference to the fact that it’s tritium so just like with regular sights you could just get the white in the white for the rear of the front or you could make it tritium and this one’s tritium I think it’s important to have tritium sights because it really does increase your accuracy in low-light so as you can see there’s quite a few things that come with this set so let’s pop it open and see what it all is instruction booklet and it is a crazy huge instruction booklet I’ll look at that later and a little pile of stuff I don’t know if this is like a Loctite or something I’m assuming it is I don’t know what this is let’s see actually looks like a wrench here just for screwing a hex nut or something not sure what that is this is plastic you can’t tell so this is a drift I assume and then the two sites so really is quite an impressive kit comes with all kinds of stuff so there’s the if it’ll focus here that’s the rear vertical bar there you go and there’s the big dot so you’ll line these up just like that when you’re aiming line them up and I assume you’ll just cover cover the target with that dot put that dot right over the bullseye so interesting concept definitely not a real fine set of sites so it’s a very coarse so it should be really quick to line up it’s not target sites you may not be able to have ultra precision but for a defensive gun should give you a nice nice quick alignment that’s the idea anyway so a bunch of stuff here now let’s take a look at the plans for the instructions so it’s quite a complete set of instructions here like I said the Box actually I guess it’s not like the box but it’s this sticker said using instruction numbers 1 3 & 9 so what do we have here we got the exterior of the box sight alignment or sight picture you can see there how it tells you to line them up so the point of impact the closer and put the dot right on top of the target and put your the point where you want impact place it on top of the big dot for 25 yards and out and then you’ve got warranty card limited lifetime warranty some safety stuff here adjusting for windage and elevation excess go string hunting sites so obviously this doesn’t all of this doesn’t apply just to this site maybe this is the same piece of paper they include with all of their site installations or all the other sites so let’s see over that one three and nine so let’s look at one three and nine let’s see this entire side is instructions mostly others make sure it’s unloaded their address everything else on this entire sheet is just instructions so let’s see I think I must have must have missed number one over

here I don’t even see number oh there’s number one okay number one so forget that so three and nine is all it’s telling me screw on front sights strip the pistol remove the front sight oh apply the red thread Locker yep so that red stuff is just a version of Loctite same ideas Loctite install the site using the supplied tool install and tighten the screw so that’s the little aluminum thing with the hex cutout sewer lock is what they call their locked in I guess so remove the excess let it dry for an hour reassemble it and then nine is my other step so that’s easy for the front rear sight Walther 99 and ppq I’m assuming will be the same depress the plunger that secures the rear sight remove the rear sight being sure to capture the spring and plunger remove the adjustment screw from the factory rear sight install that into the new sight make sure the whole thing slides into the gun easily mine are fitting may be required reinstall the plunger and spring assembly depress the plunger and slide in the Express sight that sounds like it so yeah these instructions just they put the same sheet with all their guns I guess I’m guessing that’s cheaper so that’s it that’s the overview of what comes with it and very simple instructions so let’s install them so this is where the front sight was on the ppq slide just a slot although the front of it it’s countersunk I don’t know if you can tell the counter something below the middle no this part of the slide so it’s the top of the slide here is thinner right where this slide alright with the sight mounts and this was tricky to figure out if I put my my hood my magnifying hood on I look to this closer before I tried to take it out it would have been clearer you can see there’s this piece of plastic here that ran ran from the little pointer here from the front near near to the back of this of the site from here all the way here there were two of these thin plastic pieces with a little gap between them and all of that would slide right down in the slot of the slide and then this is an allen head screw so that’s this would fit into the slide and then they would take this allen head screw screw it in and it would push these two pieces of plastic apart you and hold the site in the slide that way I thought that you had to have some special tool to insert here and here because I could see the threads here but I didn’t see the Allen head I thought you had to insert this specialist kind of screwdriver in here and turn this like this so I made made this little tool here I thought you stuck it in here and unscrewed it and I thought that this threaded part was part of the site and then when I got it apart basically once if you apply much pressure from the inside basically just pushes through but then I got my magnifying hood after this fell out and looked at it and could see that it was a hex screw so basically you can probably just shove this out from the inside with a punch or take an allen head screw unscrew the screw and pull the side out and then you can reuse it if you want to keep this as just plastic so I looked on YouTube and didn’t see any videos on this but anyway figured it out myself and I don’t care about the site so I’ll just chuck it but that’s how it works either just punch it out or with an Allen wrench undo the screw and then it should just pull right out the one that comes in the kit has basically a miniature bolt and this tool comes with the kit it’s just unscrew that little bolt with this tool and then they tell you to put a drop of their Loctite

on here and screw it together so let’s do that so the instructions say to apply the lock tight by the way this is sealed in there so you cut the tip of it off it says apply the lock tight to all mating surfaces throw it on there and that mates to the top of the slide it’s a little gooey so that’s good it stays on it says put it in place and it says align it to the slide but it’s actually a pretty nice fit and pretty snug fit and let’s put a little bit on this screw and so we used like two drops of this and there’s probably 50 drops in there so let’s see here I think you know I’ll get a little on my fingers but I’m not sure you could avoid it I have some paper towels handy because they do tell you to wipe off the excess once you’re done and it seems like it threaded in there nicely try not to cross thread it it feels like there’s resistance maybe take another whack at it and I just got a moderately finger tight so it’s red Walker off of here there’s some excess in there but I’m not gonna worry about that wipe it off of there wipe it off that side even if you just left it there you probably you probably never see it so that is super easy by the way make sure after you’ve mined this make sure you test it in your holster make sure well go in there easily but more importantly make sure you can unholster the gun quickly and smoothly without this snagging cuz that’s a pretty big fat site and it’s definitely let’s see if I can line it up yeah I’m trying to line it up so you can see I think that’s a pretty fair representation you can see this is definitely taller than the stock site all right there’s the front super easy once I figured out how the front sight could be removed now let’s look at the rear all right now to remove the rear sight let’s assume if I can explain how this works right there is a plunger there’s a spring-loaded plunger and it’s got a groove in it this screw is a square screw and it’s rim fits into the groove of that plunger so the site is adjusted for windage based on this screw so you can turn the screw either direction and it’ll move the site left or right because of how it fits into this plunger so to remove the site turns out it’s pretty easy this one was kind of gunked-up so it took a little effort but if you have to push hard on it just put it on a table and push down on it with a screwdriver or something and it’ll should pop loose and let me see if I can show it to you see that when you push that down you should just be able to move the site off to the side now you can see that plunger and the head of it the groove there that the site fits into and that just slides out so you could if my camera will focus turn that screw one way or the other and that edge the square edge of it will just fit into that plunger and that’s where the site will remain left or right based on where that screw fits into the plunger so I’m going to clean this up a little bit and the instructions say to remove this screw from this site you can see here’s the new site and there’s I guess maybe the threaded end of the screw just needs a room to come here if

you need to adjust it extremely let’s the screw poked out there yes so I’ll just unscrew this screw from the old site / to the new site and this appears to be plastic as well just like the front site if I’ll do that and then I’m guessing it’ll just slide right in and pop it in place very very easily you can see that it’s a long screw and it’s pretty stiff at this point and it’s a the slot doesn’t go all the way through you can see it doesn’t come out the ends it’s not open on the ends it’s actually a curved slot like this so if you were to take if you have a screwdriver that you don’t care about you could grind a curve onto it and you could grind a curve off that end and off this end so it fits this a little better but a small screwdriver works okay then what I’ll do at this point is probably just grab the pliers and on by the way this is a left-handed thread so it’s opposite the way you’re used to turning things so normally to screw this out you’d screw it to the left base Chris from to the right so left-handed threads so there’s the original in the garbage can I don’t care about that there maybe I’ll keep it the front ones ruined but I make it hang onto the back one and they had some Loctite I could tell on here so I’ll put some Loctite on it and get this screwed in here it might go a little easier since this is metal instead of plastic anyway I’ll clean this up and get it in there put some Loctite on it although yeah you probably don’t even need a lock tight this one has locked it on it it looks like but you probably don’t even need it because it should walk into that plunger and not move any maybe the lock type just keeps it from jiggling around so at least initially I did not put any Loctite on here I’ll see how it works see if I need to make any adjustments at the gun range and maybe I’ll put locked on a later but honestly because it’s got that square screw that falls into the slot I don’t even think it’s necessary so this just slides right in real easily and one of the tricks here as you can see that slots not lined up parallel to the slide so that’s a little tricky so try to get it lined up parallel out of the slide then depress it with whatever slide the side over you may have to jiggle this back and forth initially it’s I experimented with it before I recorded this right now and I had to jiggle this back and forth to get the screw to fall into that slot so you may need to fiddle with it and jiggle it back and forth a little bit once this is in here you can actually adjust the rear sight just by turning that screw even though it’s square it just pushes the plunger down and out of the way and go ahead and give it a little turn after you’ve installed it to make sure that the screw is square with the slide that one of the sides is parallel with the slide otherwise it could could pop up pop out pop loose so just give it a little turn until the tension relaxes then you know that you’ve got one of the square sides of the screw lying all the way into the slot of the plunger and I turned this a couple turns to line that side up with the center of the slide as well as I could and so I’ll just have to go to the range and shoot it and see see how it works let’s see can you see that’s a little bit bright yeah that helps a little bit I guess you can see that big dot down there mmm and there’s this guy and you kind of see there the dot on top of that vertical bar the depth of field is too shallow but you get the idea about how those line up so it’s actually super easy to install these and you know I would say you don’t need a single tool that you don’t already have screwdriver back here you could use a nail to pop this out and make a nail as a punch it comes with the tool to tighten that again all you need is a screwdriver for this so super easy install except it didn’t tell how to get out that original front sight so that was strange but there you go installing excess big dot sights on your

Walther PPQ