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hey what’s up everybody my name is Eric I’m Jason and this is hitbox usually we start our videos with a little bit of a joke or blue / style real but today we just want to let you know that we’re experimenting with a couple different ways to like the room we’re having a little bit of fun with lamps um in our in our previous videos we look very pale very sickly so we’re just gonna try a couple different things see if we can get the quality a little bit better and I hope you enjoyed this episode what’s up everybody my name is Eric I’m Jason and this is hit box just show where we play a game for a little while flip it up and put it on the Internet today we’re gonna be playing Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo we had so much fun with the game boy version that we thought we would just keep on going and play some more Donkey Kong’s so here you go let’s have some fun all right I love this music hey Craig you going down here like you [ __ ] get off my tree already Bulls above I don’t remember that contest or T must be on a team we look like friends down there looked at me with a thumbs up and that’s your new buddy good good now they’re just seeing who’s taller i’m home babe oh my manager more secrets whoa did you learn these from that like old VHS tape like the donkey kong don’t know what those will maybe they do i don’t know whatever else get that how did haha did everybody just get that [ __ ] in the mail one day like even if you’re like in a retirement home with 65 you i get this [ __ ] tape donkey kong already missed a secret [ __ ] off I don’t know all the secrets like you I need to save this barrel is our secret I think it’s right here yo I know the secrets I played this game boy Kenny times I don’t go outside I just played okie girl older hobbies um I think there’s a secret here to [ __ ] that’s right there yes I now to do this Oh bear claw Bobby Bobby I do know there’s a secreteer though let me do it Oh wrong level okay where’s dr. puss [ __ ] you shark go right go right director secret what you get to play the ostrich whoa whoa dude my name is funky car bodacious jumbo bear okay I can’t read that fast walk so far no way i can only I can’t which is a complete and total bummer let me tell you oh wait don’t miss this one on purpose are you [ __ ] with me oh I didn’t trust you not gonna lie yeah just [ __ ] mr. oh yeah okay yeah oh Jesus they’re tricking me hi I can’t go but this is my safe point ha if you want to save your turn I don’t care just like I got bored oh this is what favor box haha you do too kid dude get good grades oh ah [ __ ] your turn no not don’t give you this little clip your turn [ __ ] hate this level the guys I’m gonna get cha get all weird titty oh okay should I try it yes you should okay no it’s not no just good you have to have faith you just got like okay when oh cuz I got faith oh you can’t kill those guys could use that brown right there you missed it should I try to get us where the guys I try sneak in there oh there’s two things down them going for it okay if I get that [ __ ] I get this okay Oh God you need that okay there’s a part we have to jump on like three birds in a row and your momentum

out of the barrel is like ooh you supposed to do that Oh Gator go make it as hard as possible give me those bananas okay I died apparently did that thing get thought I was going up there for a reason what’s up here get that it’s a haystack oh I didn’t know what I was supposed to be jumping in and then go up jump just jump up there why give me the barrel ones i hate the barrel i don’t know what they are i just know where they are hey thank you buddy how do i get that secret you stupid you know i know how to do it you wait you draw this guy back no I see Willie respawn nope ah wait I can use the bird damn it really oh oh I got a different one Anna’s in Elwood hmm that auto bear almost [ __ ] you up wow you’re [ __ ] me Wow the bell it was confused oh wonder what it’s like in one of these barrels dark damn it haha yes okay I don’t care any work the [ __ ] up let me down you just come out of a bonus stage and then the squirrel dies [ __ ] okay thank you I don’t think there were squirrel thing is like a beaver or whatever Oh beavers are stupid oh wow wow it came felt bad for you twice in a row oh not that I drop an alligator on sure I have to do this all over only God do you use reduce overhead so tired look at his phase two is like five we’re not gonna beat this [ __ ] oh yeah Girl fudge no I don’t know patience I have no patience yep this is where I [ __ ] this I remember when I had sex in a barrel yeah visit Funky’s you just got to say yeah yeah I do hey [ __ ] you newsies arrives or some jungle hijinks is the place where [ __ ] is that boys I’ve done get out of here you the loony kind of obstacle course is this be Stickle haha [ __ ] he’s like holy [ __ ] on the room oh we gotta get out her titty Oh for god I get girl just jump Oh DeLeon somebody should make like an x-rated earn r-rated Donkey Kong not excellent i x-rayed it how does he’d ever let me cue yeah I want oh this is the vulture part oh god bro east of altars oh sure this is the one HR you make me look that it’s not that bad I’ll do it what the but the grown-ups do this I’m older than you look we’ll start acting like it hmm look how fast those seconds are they get more attention 12x i order you one ooh look what I found yeah you like be bourbon or you do the marinara and what little we did have we were happy it’s a like rap beat savage oh well I’ve never seen anything like it enjoy this demo while you can it can’t last much longer my Randy Savage has progressively got more evasive great for shades of gray but I don’t want to know what what he is reading this is where it is aha my friend yeah give it to Barracuda this is inter species erotica it’s okay it’s okay just nature I’m pretty sure that’s not just nature have you ever seen a monkey [ __ ] a fish no my no no no you suck weiner dogs trafficked

good try to form a frog where the [ __ ] the Frog is about 10 easy it’s one of the middle hey it’s three I can watch it again many of the three this one I don’t know that’s my guess what do you think oh no the progress horrible debris on the [ __ ] bus da died all the frogs in the world once we go when you buy from the animals why did they give me an option to shin to the be [ __ ] [ __ ] haha i know i’ll go hey why you picked the fastest barrel i was born a gambling man it’s Riblet a the rambling well he’s ram be so kind of scared your shoot down [ __ ] but now i only have one man and it’s me I almost just [ __ ] jumped over that [ __ ] just don’t mess up oh thank you there’s so much snow in my way [ __ ] I don’t like it would you show quickly footsie with your dog get out here jeez the foods you like it okay go straight donkey there’s ever been a time in your life where I need you to go straight it’s now I did it but I did it wrong it’s all up to okay oh my god this guy’s admin TV now we’re not gonna beat it never it’s impossible okay we got 30 [ __ ] lives cuz that’s the grit VHS tape breathe okay not get out of that barrel I’d like to see a try I’d like to see me try to wouldn’t that [ __ ] be just like freeze what about in this ha ha ha yeah good luck I don’t want to get to do it all over why never never gonna beat it I’m actually a way to skip I’m so cranky right now does the VHS a [ __ ] okay that wasn’t good bye I saw my life flash before my eyes that vulture was how did you see um my life what did you see me I would you see life God you didn’t I do it so smart yet as yeah oh my god yes now get to spell your strong point but uh put that up another g go run errands Phil oh well come back friend no he’s not coming back just dick he’s not coming back no I’m gonna miss that ostrich of mine he was good ostrich always do his homework is austere drum work don’t don’t don’t I’m just so curious that’s way to safer just walk in English no I don’t want to beat the whole level over again just because you died trying to get him look at him an anise is that’s the correct choice no okay I tricked him he’s gonna come back and get you that’s his whole is it I didn’t know which direction he was gonna cut it was the scariest thing I’m glad I wasn’t playing ok bye cancer I did feel iPads poop them I’ll save save go right go make out at that babe yeah that’s just me no diddy anymore oh yeah she still thinks you’re plural people dodged it hahaha I’m not here to make a look ha ha ha ha here to makes I’m here to save well ok i’m not even using it what the [ __ ] was that damn it I don’t care oh no damn it no new didn’t

move cool I really like this music to oh this is really good I turned that I kind of just want to crank it and not even like play the game let’s crank them tunes okay well not this one this one’s stupid oh [ __ ] get me the barrel Bob Athey Babu finger bang me mean Bombay been meeting bring mommy anymore hey you ready for this sure am well that’s a cool def melody yes melody that’s gonna be the name of my band I just fell it’s time to spell Oh careful there’s gonna be a rang a tank [ __ ] nevermind I was so scared I’m like downward slope that means orangutang at the top look there what’s up there donkey shut up he’s a center of attention useful not even playing yeah I’m not in the other games the only 10 vectra Super Nintendo what the [ __ ] is dirty car uh-oh oh [ __ ] I’m talking crap him this jelly chances [ __ ] [ __ ] out of him I thought I can roll it no you go snake feel like yeah I don’t know maybe you want to think about it some more no I’m booked wednesday Diddy I hear you I know who you are I’m down the b-hole down the behold what da [ __ ] Oh get out of here good evacuate where are you going splinter cell’s guy [ __ ] cliff what’s this level called a nutso Hawaii jump on the I don’t care I don’t need you I don’t need anybody guess I’ll go we were what oh that’s nobody likes me nevermind i guess i’ll go eat worms I don’t need any hey I’m worms [ __ ] i hate this part this part gives me the gondola bonsly’s yeah i know i know that feeling that’s the same noise i mean when i saw jellyfish in florida i was stepped on one dude it was scary daddy i was like what [ __ ] i hope yeah your free time [ __ ] oops oh oh I will play whatever I fogul i dig bond what I diggy bang I just I’m not following I dig bond all over the wing wong i did eat it well that’s that we that you did eat well that’s my character yes i did eat gross really your question me about diddy when you’re like I qingdao no wait why am I get sees nothing that even means not making me laugh you rang like a Native Americans doorbell or something and I King Kong your wigwam he’s like snickering mimic are too busy like sure dad beaver look me out of here this place is weird Joe just don’t know okay haha there’s a banana well bananas meet secrets cuz k rules night it’s da it’s what a dick you can’t even do secret levels clothes on what [ __ ] bit yeah those are good lear haha still better than miley cyrus right it just write it write it in the dark ok i’m so scared you got what are you gonna run to do I don’t know it’s a sterile oh boy jumping are you oh and I found a secret there’s an arrow there I never noticed that oh are you sick like a balloon house last boss you go those bananas is that a tree or bananas it’s

bananas i Leah Kincaid rule yes we are um are you [ __ ] kidding me I don’t remember this one I don’t remember this oh dang get the fuel it’s Christmas time yeah the city ring under ok Bing dong bling be wrong get the fuel animal place will hear the fuel you still need that I hope [ __ ] that I hope Arkansas uh-uh that’ll kill you’re gonna get off oh no oh why would you leave me with this did you get this huh I don’t know hey now stop it’s going faster why well [ __ ] I water that [ __ ] you know I’m on running on empty running on empty oh my god that’s full haha no bees snow beast Oh sister and his please go faster your piece of [ __ ] like Oh dead ok Oh gone forever oh those works why for endangered I’m so much trouble oh wow just wanted to ride the Rhino you feel like a big gorilla jump into a rhino tank you’re riding around 10 gonna kill me love [ __ ] yeah good luck is their ass barrel there can you see what you’re doing I think you’ve gotta run a job oh love you see I was leaning forward he’s a dick no I need this house [ __ ] no oh oh good luck all that i’m going back to turn the lights on yeah it’s gonna just run out oh you son of a [ __ ] I cheated uh what the [ __ ] you made him come up there by Jim I know but I wish I hadn’t what is he doing ah please turn those back on ah oh come on you see this I know I had my eyes closed maybe you should open your eyes Jake well not getting it I just like to keep him close feels better I don’t have to look at your good yo me to be haha oh my god it’s so good left go left more think I’d oh ok wow that’s tricky dude ah what do I throw this at this is easier with Donkey Kong I think cuz you have high earth it is easier whoa I hate this this is not fun this is not fun who dis time this blog a missing english i’m so mad this part is so hard with diddy kong parts just hard general oh you son of a [ __ ] I don’t even want to play it oh please okay oh okay oh okay widen the B kill my barrel I won’t die I’m done believe in myself we need our key when he will happy and everyone will be happy smart you should write soundtrack with some things yeah I can’t point galleon what is happening oh yeah good luck with this [ __ ] Ben he’s just gonna fall on you Oh butter the moon can’t see Superman unity do

Shelley nillili landing lame a little awaiting a little a meanie when will you stupid monkey come back here so I can [ __ ] you wow that’s an occasion a [ __ ] thanks a pretty cajon i like i like their chicken patty and i know is it i’ll slap this I got this chef faith in me Jake I don’t feel your faith that’s not faith that’s the snake sound I’m often hahaha I thought I see in here I don’t know oh Jesus he’s ovarian no I wasn’t ready god I have to get in the zone don’t let me get in my zone I wanna get nas own you’ll a preemptive a zone this down zone zone jump me please cramp ASEAN chucking in just get under him there then he’s gonna do short time Oh God short up to ops this time left foot writes down Brown footrest out words I can’t say Oh God come on come on come on come on come on come on dude it oh yeah dude I I felt so sad that banana fatality bananas happening finality real nun donkey boys thank you but I wish it did being a bunch of no-good from a new man more man problem dang ol dang ol watch us play boom they’re gonna go look at home for me hey Dad angono gnomedom Donkey Kong mine hey guys thank you so much for watching that was Donkey Kong Country for the super nintendo i hope you enjoyed it and also thanks for putting up with us sort of experimenting you know we want to try to bring a better quality show to you guys we’re not sure if this is gonna quite work with our green screen but you know we thought we’d give it a try see if it’s worth it just next time bye you