iRacing – The Journey #5 | Global Mazda MX5 @ Okayama | Replay of race, carnage, mistakes were made

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iRacing – The Journey #5 | Global Mazda MX5 @ Okayama | Replay of race, carnage, mistakes were made

everyone welcome back to the channel again I hope you’ve all been doing well since the last video so for this one we’re gonna do something just a little bit different just to mix things up er a tad and also because I really messed up a bit of a comedy of errors this one this race was ridiculous forgot to hit record on the GoPro chose the wrong gear on the start line when the lights went green I picked second so we got bogged down and overtook by pretty much maybe three or four cars then sort of slotted into the groove and then stupidly the corner that you know very well she’s never got on the throw too early on cold tires turn number four thought it’d be good to sort of you know do exactly what you shouldn’t do and spin out went backwards into the wall as you’ll see and then we had a rather interesting rather interesting race from that point on we sort of made our way back up through the field I won’t say too much because it’s a bit of a fun video but um yeah we sort of cut through the pack there was lots of people killing each other we sort of dodged a few rolling cars and we made it all the way back up to well I’ll let you watch the video and and see where we finish but it was it was quite enjoyable and I suppose it gives us good opportunity to have a look at the the new trading paint scheme on the Mazda mx-5 as well nice little cheeky number there so um yeah we’re just gonna sort of run this replay through I’ll comment on various stages but on the whole log keep generally quiet and just let the audio play out so enjoy guys so there we go we’ve got a 2×4 that there’s the first at the moment of stupidity well actually the second moment stability the first one being the select the second gear at the start and then back before horn isn’t so how not to start an eye race so plenty of work to be done but with 15 laps to go or 14 laps to go still plenty of time we had quite good pace think I was lapping about 101.7 so I was catching the guys in front and of course things happen in a race you know people were through careless bad decisions will always wreck others and people just spin out so still plenty of opportunity to come back [Applause] oh and just as I was saying there’s the first freebie so there’s there we’ve moved up to level fair and we’re definitely catching the guys in front I think we were about 0.4 seconds a lap quicker at this point I’ve got nice little run on this guy here so that was quite a straightforward

pass can say that GoPro paint is quite nice really like that your first done really well on that one [Applause] so we’re getting up close to this guy now getting quite big in his mirrors so maybe we can force this guy into a mistake was the thought anyway just keep the pressure on maybe just move around in his mirror a little bit build wide come in size just make him think about going deep or whatever and there it is forced them into a little mistake there got a little bit sideways and then here yeah forgot to look in his mirrors and just chopped me off there so that was that was nice of it side and to make sure stayed clear of this guy because the yeah it didn’t seem to aware there so decided to give him a little faint down the inside there wasn’t ever really 100% you know serious on taking it down the inside there was a little way back but I just wanted to stick my nose in there just the let him door was still pressuring him there obviously you know mistaken the in the air and the previous lap so hoping there was gonna be another

one in him and there he goes same as last lap yeah got the power to early and then he sent that why himself was close to actually hitting him there but I managed to just sort of move out around the back of it so he was already losing that one so that’s another place so with a little bit of pressure than just them quite an easy pass [Applause] and another freebie that corner catches a lot of people out where you got this kind of put a light little bit pressure on people there and incidents do occur there quite often so that was up one more place and have a freebie thank you very much yeah and then we had this little it’s not where I was we’re driving the car a little bit at this point because I knew the race I had to me was sort of splitting it was I’m getting a little bit spread out so I’m trying to overdrive trying to trying to catch up to on a force issue a little bit there so that quickly scared us out of that

and at this point I could see a couple cars battling just in front of us they would get a little bit close up there so I was hoping someone was gonna happen between those two or all three at this point so I was keeping a close eye on that just staying behind this number 10 car I had a feeling this guy was gonna make a mistake I don’t know why baby started to get a little bit rattled that I was gaining on him so I was hoping someone was gonna happen at this point and there it was yeah little slip there little mistake and another freebie just by getting in his mirror then coming down the straight here we had a lot of weaving going on down the bottom to turn one so yeah this was looking like so it was gonna happen here and then as we turn the corner oh my goodness did something happened they’re wrecking absolutely killed that poor guy Bullard so yeah that was a nice freebie there so we dodged that rolling rack this guy here that was involved in the accident he was obviously you know all out of shape yeah his lines all messed up so he was feeling pressure loses a place there cuts back in the inside quite nicely guy in the yellow net chopped across the front of me there so I just sort of break quickly he was quite slow in that point so I had to come off the throttle and oh there it goes Punta Reno out you go my boy there’s another freebie and to be honest with you I felt like going through at this point if I was a little bit more aggressive I probably could have had this car as well and that would have moved us up into third if we took him there but I backed out of it a little bit because it was getting a little bit hairy back there and I thought you know what let’s not tempt fate by pushing this too much we’re up into force at this point so I was hoping we could maybe just put a little bit of pressure on this guy here cuz he did have damage so he might have been slow so we’re just gonna stay nice and close to it all the way through these corners a little mistake didn’t happen at this point I thought about going up the inside and jinked to the outside on that one just trying to get him on the undercut there well that didn’t happen II had nice defensive line through there quite tight into this corner as well I still had a little bit of pace coming through here but realizing either you come up to the last two corners you can’t really over tape on these last two so you know that you’re starting to realize the chance is gone now unless he makes a mistake on the last corner here which is not gonna happen so yeah we just had to slot in there just in behind him for a fourth place finish and what was a blinking eventful race so we qualified third screwed up the start spun on turn four and then gradually made our way right up through the pack through all of the wrecks and some mistakes and that’s where you got to keep going and I racing you gotta love it absolutely brilliant so yeah I just thought I’d record that one and stick that one up that was quite a fun race so let’s look at the breakdowns so we split on that one we’re qualified down there and third there’s a qualification time so not too bad a lot actually could be better but got to take a third place up in amongst it of course that wouldn’t I did those no screw up my yeah my gearing on this spot and yeah there we go we finished in fourth we gained a rating and we gained safety ratings so for all of that we only have three incident points and yeah finish fourth so we retained the hundred percent top-five record for 2020 so far still not got that win that’s still elusive but let’s just have a look at the the lap graph there so there we go we started three look at that yellow there spin out fast lap and then gradually made our way through the field where we finished fourth so congratulations to Jonathan there on a nice win and and commiserations to all of those out there that suffered the absolute carnage in that race so yeah apologies for not getting the point of view on that race we’re gonna be back to the normal format for the next video for sure blame me for that that was only my fault for not pressing the button properly on the GoPro but anyway it gave us an opportunity to maybe have a look at the

air the replay of the races it was quite a fun race very eventful and to check out that beautiful GoPro paint scheme as well on the car which is very fitting for the sort of content that we’re going to be doing with a GoPro footage at the point of view so once again guys thank you for tuning in I hope you made it this far through the video take it easy and I’ll see you on the next one bye bye