KSP – Planes? On Duna?!

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KSP – Planes? On Duna?!

hello youtube today I’m in couple space program again with the fourth instance or whatever you want to call it off my new and a serious my Kerbal space program anything and in this one I’m going to try and take a plane all the way to Juna so this is the plane I designed this I just designed this and it should be okay don’t really know theoretically it should be okay but I haven’t tried it because that would require me to do what I’m about to do now which is build a launcher so I’m gonna go ahead and well actually I think I’ll talk you through this one because this is the kind of thing and building launchers to go interplanetary can be interesting actually the first thing I’m going to do is check if I still have that asparagus launcher that we made before and yes I do but the asparagus isn’t set up properly okay I can make do with that actually not while I’ve been in some of those things there we go okay so we’ve got struts at least and let’s see what else we can do that I think I’d prefer to take this off because I don’t really need that at the moment I’ve got it in for time symmetry okay so I’m going to need to set up this bag of staging again so what were these bits doing like I remember and this one went like that oh no it’s just two times isn’t that so this one one like that and then this one goes like that and then we get one more can I’ll click on it and do that okay so let’s have a look we’ve got the four and then it’s just there we go four and then two and two and these are the outer ones so let’s just make sure you get those splat first so that should be okay and actually I think that I’ll probably be able to guess did you know mhm I’m not completely sure it should be able to and I’m also going to put a reaction wheel in here somewhere just so that it is a bit easier to control okay so now we’re ready to launch can just throttle up turn on SAS bring the gear in and go I guess I haven’t really tried doing this before I’ve been to Juno obviously but I’ve never really tried to fly a plane properly there or not well I might have a while ago quite a long time ago I have I can’t really remember what I did if I did do it in fact no I think I tried it once but it didn’t work very well because the atmosphere is so thin so I’m hoping this is gonna work a bit better there we go that’s the first asparagus stage done hopefully this will be able to get us the interplanetary transfer and then we can make some final adjustments with this stage which does actually have a reasonable amount of Delta V as well and more than I thought it would and we should anyway had more than more than you’d think I guess makes more sense than that and here we go let’s picture over the gravity turns a little bit late but it doesn’t really matter we’re going for an interplanetary transfer anyway and let’s bring up the nav ball in that view as well and then we can just keep burning three main cells get this done pretty quickly and it won’t be long before we are in space split those ones off and wait for that I want to get the apoapsis up quite high because if I do that then we can time walk a bit quicker which is useful yeah but I’m probably gonna have to time what from another vessel anyway I’ll just leave it at this this will do yeah that’s just I want weather home bother with a manoeuvre note I generally don’t think they’re worth it most of the time for this kind of thing I can do it sort of off by heart so let’s just wait for this to get oh okay just doing that this thing whereas not sort of realized that it contained more fully and you have to make sure it does here we go just throttle up again only one mainsail now but still it’s very powerful we’re accelerating very very quickly and it wouldn’t surprise me if we can make the transfer boom with this as well we should be able to everything goes to plan there we go we’re secularized still got nearly half the fuel left in that stage so let’s have a look and see where we are in relative to Juna and okay so

we’re the one okay here we’ve solved just past the transfer window really so this is going to be a a while it’s going to take and so what I’m going to do is switch to the lunar lion which is actually on the ground which means it can time walk but the maximum time speed okay so I’m just out of it doesn’t matter though so now all we have to do is zoom out like this sorry for the scrollwheel noise because you can probably hear it and then we can time off at the full time warp speed and now literally all we can do is wait so I’ll get back to you when we get near a transfer window something like that should do it if this isn’t close enough we’ll just go for it and make the adjustments there and but the more you do this the more you fine-tune this then the less delta v you’re gonna have to spend basically later on so it’s always a good thing to do and for some reason orbit isn’t showing up in the small a me up here we go there we go we’ve got that now so here we are and again let’s take a look so our Suns there so we need to burn something like this that will probably be past joonas orbit just from one Jojo huh okay that was pretty good actually that Junior is the target again and now we just got to adjust that until we get to him till we get that encounter okay and we’re still I’m still a bit behind you know really but that doesn’t matter we can fix that later on so I’m gonna do now is let that maneuver no be as it is point towards where it says to point basically and then I’m actually gonna burn just a little bit and fair no I’m not gonna do that now but I’m gonna wait till we get around so we’re somewhere near where we’re gonna have to start to burn so at least we’re not just wasting fuel and I’m gonna burn just a little bit kind of get an idea of how long this burns going to take because then we’ll get the estimated burn time appearing so we just burn it full throttle for a split second it will give us that number and then we can judge you know how early we need to start burning basically I can’t imagine it would be more than a couple of minutes of burn time okay so it’s only going to be in the second 20 seconds or so so I’ll start burning about now and we’ll see what that does nope no we can give it a little bit later Oh nope not that much later there we go it won’t take a very long time though this burn should be very quick so that’s absolutely fine yeah this is one of the good things about mainsails they just sort of they burn very very very very quickly and there we go that’s that’s that burn pretty much done so I’m gonna close that now and now literally we can just time whap and keep going until we get a bit closer to here basically so here’s where we are at our closest approach and what we can do yeah what we can do now is set up a burn to try and make that closer to where Juneau is closest approach basically we’re just trying to get them as close as we can to each other it’s not really helping that that definitely is helping and that’s another kilometer a second of delta-v but it’s okay we still have probably about that much fuel left in our in our mainsail tank so I’m gonna bring this a bit closer because I’ll make it a bit more efficient there we go that looks about right so if we can make most of this burn at least with the mainsail than the rear then we’re good then we can do the rest another way so I need to have a look find that on the maneuver node so I find that maneuver node on the nav ball know exactly where it is well there is pretty much straight down and then we can make some fine adjustments later on to get the periapsis around you know right down but we’ll do them a bit later on when we were a bit closer so since the estimated burn time is 14 seconds I’m actually just going to make this burn right now because the earlier you make it the better the more efficient it is basically I’m not going to worry about the fact that it’s a bit far away there we go and went over into the manoeuvre node and then keep burning in the same direction okay we’ve run out fuel in that fair enough so let’s split

off and keep going and there’s the closest approach okay so it’s not really helping anymore let’s just see what we have to do okay so that burn will get us it so we’ll just point there okay so we just got a bit too far really bit too far again and there we go so we’ve got a junior encounter now and what we’re going to do is actually get to our descending node which is going to be the most efficient place to make our orbits lineups of make them flat to each other so that’s going to be the best place to do that and actually descending note it’s not too bad some reason isn’t showing an ascending node maybe I might just you because I bet the only girls still there now that doesn’t matter so we can just get there and make that as close to zero as possible so our orbits aren’t inclined with each other and so it’s the descending node which means because I rub it’s a pretty much flat anyway we’re going to have to burn upwards or north sometime walking there we go and now I just have to keep oh no that’s not moth I’ve just screwed up our encounter yeah well just burn the other way getting confused today my brains not quite on it there we go okay so we’re gonna mean to burn north not up or down in that sense 0.0 and let’s just get that to spin round that means it’s very very close to zero okay so now it comes to making the adjustments in other directions so the first thing I’m gonna try is burning this way and see how that affects it and oh yeah that does help that brings it down together down nine seven six five four three two one oh wow okay this is bugging out a little bit okay so that’s down to one oh we can even get it down to like a collision course that’s pretty good I’ll stick with that and our sanding node is not a number which means it is incredibly low so that’s why we’re on a collision course is because we’re pointing you know we’re going directly to Juna we still got plant if you’re left in this tank as well it’s more than enough for little things like that I guess so now let’s see what happens from here oh we’ve got an IKE encounter that’s fine yeah yeah we could I can live with an ake encounter I don’t know okay so here we are we’re in June the sphere of influence now and what I’m going to do is burn so if we think about it North is up that way south and then there’s East West we need to burn East so that’s the 90 it should be to bring this orbit in so that we can air a break at Juna and we just want to air a break as much as we can we want to come down first time around probably I’m just gonna zoom around a little bit and see okay so Junior’s atmosphere starts around 40 40 something kilometers so we go down to maybe 15 that should be absolutely fine I should bring us down first time around and yep I’m just going to time walk from here and we’ll have a lot of energy so we probably will have to Harrow break a lot if that makes any sense oh here we go okay so now we’re a lot closer and it’s just a matter of arrow breaking and I’m going to quick save before we actually hit the atmosphere I think I did that in time so now I’m actually going to turn off SAS and just let the plane and do its thing to a certain extent I’ve got to point it in about the right direction first but there we go and there’s not much point trying to make the plane spin around with SAS when you know it’s aerobraking anyway it’s getting put under a lot of force so we’ll just let it do its thing let it slow itself down and then we’ll try and regain control a bit later on okay and it’s spinning around a bit it’s starting to really hit the atmosphere now and yep that’s the orbit being brought round I can’t see us having to go for another pass on this but actually we are still going up so we might that’s not necessarily a bad thing though because actually we’re coming on to the dark side anyway oh we’ve got an IKE

encounter again what is like doing you know what I’m gonna intervene with this since we have plenty of fuel and do something which should in theory help there we go that would be fine then they had to burn off a little bit of fuel er and it’s not really done anything bad so there we go and this the Wow that looks really nice I really like what they’ve done with the planets they look really really good and now yeah we can start to time walk normally again so where do we want to bring ourselves down I’d like to do it on the day side to be honest but I don’t know if that’s really gonna happen now and go survive burn rest now maybe this kind of direction that’s gonna bring the periapsis up and lower the apoapsis there we go so now we can time walk all the way around here normally although it’s only at ten times speed and in fact now I’m just gonna burn retrograde and make sure we land on the light side cuz as long as you’ve got half a tank of fuel when we’re there that’s more than enough to take off and land a few times and which is all this plane is really gonna have to do so it’s not an issue at all really yeah but let’s just see where we put this periapsis just make sure it’s on the light side there we go I can deal with that and actually I’m gonna burn retrograde a little bit more just to make sure we come down fairly quickly there we go so we’re on a collision course now which means we are gonna have to land and I can quick save again just in case anything goes wrong but Jeb looks pretty happy I think this should be good I’m also going to stop time warping taking SAS off and now we’re just about to hit the atmosphere it’s 41.5 kilometers and there okay so we’re starting to really get towards the point where the atmosphere actually you know we can control where we go with it and and I did increase our periapsis a little bit obviously is being brought back down again by by the atmosphere now and we’re basically just trying to find a place that’s as low as possible to land because the lower we are when we land the the more our parachutes we’ll be able to help us we may even have to use the engine to help us land junuh is that the atmosphere was that thin here we go this is a sort of lowlands area below us really we’re just going over now you can see on the map there we are but we’ll probably be able to go all the way over here if we try we could probably get into this valley which would be really nice to land in because that’s probably one of the lowest places on junuh but we’ll see there we go the atmosphere is so thin that you can glide for a very long time no I’m just gonna burn a little bit because I think yeah if we can get all the way to this Valley and that’ll make landing a lot easier and I think if you were going to set up a base on Juno this would definitely be the place to do it in one of the valleys or one of these big craters somewhere even down here but obviously this valley is the only is the deepest place on the side that we’re actually close to so let’s just try turning a little bit as well and burn a little bit I basically want to make landing as easy as I can for myself the easier I make it the better oh let’s not do that okay I’ll stop time warping now as well I’ll go to two times to make it a bit easier to control okay so here we are we’re just gliding at the moment as I said I’ll put a bit more fuel into this because we do really want to get over this lip here down okay so go zoom out it’s gonna be hard but you can see there valley over here now so I may do a little bit of a u-turn and come back

round and land here if I can just down here somewhere that sounds a bit it sounds decent as a plan still maybe a kilometre two kilometers off the ground at the moment so this should be really quite low this ground we’ll see though we’ll see burn a little bit more and now yeah we’re definitely gonna make it over this lip now which is good so I can time up a bit more as well and there we go that is the valley and this actually looks like a really nice landing spot so I’m not even gonna bother doing anything else so now I’m just literally gonna glide until I get to the bottom of the valley where the altitude is the lowest and the atmosphere is therefore the thickest and then I can try and deploy these parachutes and use them to use them to land so ourselves down a lot I’m pretty sure we will still need some kind of assistance from engines but I’m not a hundred percent sure on that here we go this is where the valley starts to get really low and the altitude is only a couple of kilometers above like what is essentially sea level the lowest points on the planet in Joonas case so I think now is probably about the right time to actually deploy these shoots just go for that see what happens there we go that’s not too bad and let’s point ourselves like this and I’m gonna deploy the gear as well even though we may not actually end up landing on it and yeah you can see so our surface velocity is 11 meters a second or so we’ve got plenty of control in the sense that we’ve got the engine to help us with this so I’m just gonna point myself like this and wait till we get right down to change the camera a little bit oh yeah we can see the shadow we’re very very close now to landing on Juna for the first time in this sort of series yes I’m going to start burning a little bit and there we go that’s a pretty good landing they don’t say so myself so I’m going to put the brakes on make sure we don’t flip over or something put in those on and then I’m going to quick save before we do anything else and but now I’m actually going to have to find a way of taking those shoots back and repacking them can i repack them from here yes I can there we go problem solved so let’s go and plant a flag before we do anything else Jeb is going to be stranded here for a while but I think in the next episode we might be able to send some something else here maybe a base of some kind we could probably actually get this thing all the way into orbit because the atmosphere is so thin so I may try that as well I’m going to set up some kind of Juna relations in the next couple of episodes I guess so let’s plant the flag don’t know what we’re gonna write on it really it’s just you know it’s a plane on Juna there we go that should be okay so now I’m gonna yeah no oh my no no no don’t do this to me right I think the safest made way to get back maybe to serve oh wow okay forgot about the low gravity there and can can you like yeah you can do that Andreea okay I could have just done that yeah we can walk on top of the plane grab and get back in so let’s put the gear up and take this thing for another little flight I guess and see how it handles when we actually want to fly it not land it Oh got the brakes on no always a good idea let’s kick up to 50 meters a second and see how this thing wants to fly maybe need a bit more speed than this not sure but there’s some even lower lands here where we can land again if we need to repack the chutes so we’re able to land again hopefully wow this looks nice let’s have a look from Jeb’s perspective I know if we do this and we can see even more and that looks really cool okay not good

okay so let’s take it for under the flight before we plant a flag or anything and we have I still got the brakes on how many of you sometimes right here we go take the gear up get up to a decent speed actually it looks like the land is lowered down here somewhere then it was over there so landing should be a little bit easier as well so we’ll try that again oh we’ve forgotten to repack the chutes this this could be fun Khan jab repack repack and F was grabbed come on F get in for the chutes oh my goodness what have I just done I think we’ll be okay actually Wow okay only on Doudna could you have done that that was very sketchy nope that’s deploy the gear again and land again there we go it’s not too difficult I think we can probably actually get this thing all the way into orbit if we try as well so Jeb is not stranded don’t worry we’ll send something out for him sometime in the future but kerbals don’t even need air apparently so they’ll be okay and he seems pretty happy here so that’s pretty much it for this episode I guess all we can really do is plant a flag to commemorate this moment and then get back in plane and wait for somebody to come and save us yeah so there we go that’ll do and then let’s jump back in anyway guys thanks for watching the video hope you liked it and I hope there you found it interesting and or maybe learnt something so while Jeb tries to do front flips getting back into his his plane I’ll see you guys in the next video and have a nice day